Steiny and Guru – 2 – Marc Spears joins, Loch Ness Monster, Scandinavia

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 2. Ray Ratto fills in for Guru. Steiny and Ratto are joined by Marc Spears (The Undefeated) to talk Dwight Howard to the Warriors, Mark’s take on Jacob Evans, and his take on Lonnie Walker. Things get a little weird this hour … we talk geography, Switzerland vs Scandinavia, and Sasquatch.

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There necessarily locker room attribute I think and on Iraq and we demanded. And imagine it's probably eagle but it words. Recent being read I don't know what the way our I wouldn't like me because that until they give it made it pretty clear and employers and made it pretty clear that. That we're gonna probably expect from growing pains this year with the center position. I think it definitely I'm pretty they needed to basically but it sparks you know. They're in they're gonna battle this year it torn down payment down the lever there is basically get a ballot will be better center by committee anymore I don't know the battle of the boards. A lot. But I will tell it it's going to be Longo and I think it's I think it it did it and it's in their wrong aren't going to be if these guys can get really joke. Prior to our future is Orion. And the only way I would take like hours. Abdicated any admitted to be here and hindering their wrote it at the ability to each. I don't think you have the ability to teach them anything really put attitude not a lot to do it. Actually teach you know I don't know that are sure but it just based on what I think. His character and let you know comic inspectors but even really necessarily spend time with you directly go to the physical attributes you know to do the job and do well. I don't think it would help these guys in the way that they need and make it that would benefit from him if you want it. Appreciate. And I appreciate the call Miguel like I I think your. Speak for a lot of of the wars by the way we are supposed to have. An interview with ice cube and Clyde Drexler. Right now they rescheduled. They've rescheduled. They're gonna do it Monday and some have a chance to talk to. Ice cube and Clyde Drexler case you don't know ray ice cube his form the three on three league. And Clyde Drexler the commissioner. About he did know those things okay. Do you know. Who is on trilogy. I know eight I do not have any roster okay well we help you out. Who took my Big Three roster to a four point sure I didn't know that. And that's something that who has a Popovich or or. A Pat Riley who said and let's make a four point shot. Then both even made may have said it. So there you go shot clock is fourteen seconds in the and three at the choice in the evenings. To be servings a coach but yeah. OK I put this one Nancy Lieberman. Put her name on this realty Gary Payton I'm sure you've had a lot of time the over the past in who's yelling patent just telling who's okay here many give you some names member Chris the bird man Anderson oh yeah. He says detected is fascia. That's a reason to tune it I would think. Who else we got here we get Marcus Banks remember him I'm really was UNLV player here as soon as Derek byers. Of course he was a running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes in the in the Philadelphia Eagles right. Kidding and news. The other line tag team tonight. Bob two holes. Bus Welles is played in this league mark of one of the great names and he struck mood of dual Wright who a dual roof is than Mike Bibby. Mike did he's taken pretty seriously I don't actually know. After him the other day yeah. I cannot imagine him having any fluidity of moves anymore based on what he's done to a spot. He's basically become these gigantic muscle went head attachment. I see him as a solid four in the three on three Lee. Mean you total dollar post for sure yet. I don't know that he'll be he'll be a scary I agree you'll set a screen on your past. Tell you something you're not gonna believe me but I must say it anyway. If you told me I could snap my fingers right now. And have my baby's body I'd say no thanks. Have a deal. The concept of me having his body. Or even really human shaped body at this point my life it's. Simply now I've just never liked the muscle bound look ray. That's and that's one of the reasons that I wasn't. I didn't continue my weightlifting career which started. While back in the end you know what yesterday afternoon. Insulin when you have to the club's East Jerusalem where that. Paul in Berkeley what's up Paul you don't meant welcomed the show. I mean except in the way and are never seen on the team to go to Chile in retard toward your way. I believe that is if you're in the lead their may be at the rust spot where he's being able to Brown's teammates. But I believe that you know. Yeah with the encouragement of people major Mark Green in branding in of people that noble warrior way. And click option and stepped courage they can teach him. And even a real response letter and I Gmail would eat the other day how are he's grown. Gaining weight should become attack or rewarding. Do we the other big do they gain PGM JaVale McGee had an exchange to quit before. Ironically work and accepting your about peace she'd obviously. Grant or away. Any place so so well that he had just started in Atlanta are seeing that alternate to be glad to let our. It shouldn't be out of their way to go. She's still young and only state to go Andy and I PC at last night you are trying prospect. And we are bad apple are any big deal and the engines. These four are in Macy and leg weary rattled get on it felt about it. Who I draw opportunity appreciated Paul. Paul in Berkeley there aren't I mean I look I'd I don't think Dwight Howard is a bad human being. I don't think he fits on this team I think he'd there's a place for him in the league still. That's our time I'm not saying he's no longer a he NBA quality player. But most of the most of that. That talk that supports him. Basically talks about the kind of player he was five years right. And I think you know we tend to ignored time we're talking about me it's. I mean and I just I don't see. A way that the warriors find him a compelling at all. I just don't yet know I'm list and it's not I and I'm not trying to dog Dwight Howard I'm simply saying it doesn't make sense. For him to be. You know on this team and I think that's how they. Let's go to Tim in Walnut Creek Tim what's going on man. There are any any due to take this Howard concept and run away. Perhaps you possibly can't. First collar used the same term. Or. And he has been a cancer and and being after he left the Orlando Magic in every single pane has moved to get away from him as fast as they possibly can't. He doesn't have the guilt trip to play the warriors away anymore he doesn't have the mindset to be a positive influence. In between a locker room and eat eat about one person and that's Dwight Howard. In what was supposed to be is brand when he left Orlando so. I'm not in the warriors fan and I don't want them to see you pay twenty dollars well below what billion. There's somebody that is gonna guarantee this thing goes backwards and don't win much they might as well pursue. A Carmelo Anthony. Thanks a lot for the call Tim won't will shock you up for who tore it Halard. Do you think you saw after his subtle argument to conclude that he was not a proponent I'd. Okay I'll be honest I mean I don't wanna hear you either Al-Maliki Fritz I don't like is personality. All I'm saying is. We got an owner of the Golden State Warriors whose different the UN may. And nothing he doesn't feel anything's outside his reach. And if if if for whatever reason let's say they met 34 years ago lake have been and Dwight Howard and lake it was smitten with a man. Howard sold them a bill of goods and I'm just saying it's it's something that I guarantee you is being revisited in the war your front office right now or even if that's a short conversation. I think it was revisited it was a short while I don't know I mean maybe maybe they do sign. I mean I would be stupid fight if they did but if Cilic who was that captivated with them when they talked five years ago if they talked. Why didn't it why why was why was it's so easy to talk him out of many clearly wasn't that committed to the idea event ranked so what is there about Dwight Howard five years later. That makes him more compelling. I don't mean I'm I'm not even talking about. What my opinion is I'm talking about what their opinions. And their opinion would seem to me two point almost. Unanimously. In the way of not getting involved. It's not because. He's a bad guy in the locker well I I don't get clear eyed I guess and I'd I know you did but either caller seemed to think that. That's our hurdle. I don't think it's our hurdle I think there hurdle is they don't think he place. The way eight he used to and be the way that the warriors would find helpful that's it. We got a few people using the phrase rate the warriors way. How do you feel about that how to what would how would you define the warriors way ray and it's amazing how the warriors way. It's now well and got an identity of its so you find it well define what they like the patriots on the floor aren't. Off the floor they'll like the patriots now like the patriot of the patriot they say they aren't like the pay is there phrase the patriots way. Yes okay what this is the NBA's version the war when is not is diamond close. Call red thriller OK where years. It's not about wins and losses if you're talking and away your tuchman culture. The warriors culture is as opposed to the patriot culture as the areas. The patriots currently having a power struggle between their best player in their head coach with the owner involved. There any power structure struggles that you know have been at Golden State well you know what there may have been one with Jerry West I think there's an untold story I was there so they're not it's not it's an untold story to told story. The told stories he wanted a lot more money. And Jolie have been wanna paint that wasn't a power struggle. 889579570. Yes or no Dwight Howard. I'm blown. When I did. And I can. Now that stuff and gets into room 1957. Thinking about one. Mass unrest along with ray rather sitting in for Darryl would who grew Johnson today and they'll also be in here Monday but. All three days stand for you re wrong on my under. To my show consolidate your he's not here of course Patricia. Mean I'm sure you before him all the time. Apparently. Now I don't think so I've I give new life. Let's ask a neutral I can I give him an audio. Thanks great thing where you go there there that he's here everyday and they and it. I'm gonna ask this again yet. This tiny it would go. And you can go to health relying as well as you can for stealing them and give you one last chance. I'm here every day it. OK so it is basically your guide here at all. And I and a well she know your judgment is just an invalid if I'm not asking you anything ever again. I don't need to know anything with if you could say that without your tongue falling down then. There. I know it. And. I just done a real good put out. There by the way ray do you believe in south squat. Try again. Why or why would you OK of the locking this monster abominable snowman. As so ask watch which is the one you believe in most. Because I'll tell you want mine and it's not in close up please do tell the Loch Ness Monster. Okay. There's no doubt there's a Loch Ness Monster no doubt. Have you seen the footage. The footage yeah you can't actor film you're actually right this is from this film was from. 45 years ago naked nobody year old Phil go or not you certainly can't dog I saw the original King Kong was a documentary. Ray. The reason the Loch Ness Monster isn't. A fact is because that late. Is so deep. That they can't even really go dead and it's so dark they can't really even go down there and look for. Did you know that I know that's a lie that's how high they can't go down not an oh it's it's very deep. Oh what is it did you go to the Earth's core I don't know but there's something about. The depth of that that makes this really that's a wise we've got a team and the story it makes it not worth it. I don't know. Fascinating Loch Ness Monster. Here are due to the top swatch I mean the abominable snow not a little I think that wounds that one's a little bit. That was a little bit too. I think that's a long shot so I actually don't. Please talk about something else. Is this that's that matter. I imagine you shred every person on the planet yes nobody would want to hear this I disagree completely. If I had a little more knowledge about it. I I don't sort talking about something that nobody wants to hear that you know nothing about Nixon and dinner no the stopwatch. These has been seen. I believe up in the Yukon Territory. Not of course southern Canada because it's a little too populated but what she did. In two of the Yukon Territory array and closer to the Arctic Circle. I'm telling you right. I'm telling you this is what at all IQ you're writing a piece of paper it's unfortunate do you I've heard every word. But you've wandered off the reservation age who occasionally do. I just. This is not just answer the question you think there's a Loch Ness Monster now. What to do is assess collection noteworthy there's an abominable snowman no move on. Publicly insured or are you tell a summary of please I don't wanna hear this and this is from a listeners I'm gonna move on. But it's because I won removal I'm not because you told him that I don't care how the motivation important to me just do it. You can you can you could bullied Cora your apple in many odd under an obstacle that I'm gonna noon now let's say Monday. That's a no no word here we don't use that we don't bully. At all. We trying to arm. Pistol whip. When he wanted to stop with the speak it well coach. Let's get its. You talk about well coached. I think people who have been on hold should be afforded the opportunity to see whatever they wanna set fair enough let's go to Mo in west Oakland. What's Amal. What propeller corridors are. All bought all the ball well. Well. It is here. Well ultimately. Make a good defense is greater right to elite it was right up you can have the White House. We can't win it. The second period. And you got him at that it would rip over to repeat this or we will greatly. It will be your secret apprentice. And it will mean it's important. To affect our. Our our. Of course it Hurt Locker. Remember that you care it codec. They care for Kobe Bryant wherever they're called it. I gotta. Agree. If you really care and we're. Go wrong but so what is in it is not regular. That's Marco. Actual Como appreciate it's gonna idiots and I was able to move here. What's up. Yeah well well. What's going on many. Yeah it sign it right and I agree with my old 100%. About delighted. It's the money is right it's a no brainer and all the chatter and talk about character and poise in the locker room complete nonsense. Olympus kooky. At problem in the past. People change and I mean look what look at what they said about JaVale. But it never succeeded never amount to anything. And look what not. And he had a column but the reality is that envelope from grameen if the money is right. Thanks a lot for the call appreciate you letting. Greg I don't know how you make the money right. You want it's not an issue the money is an issue for all he's going to be paid mostly by the nets. Mean being bought out so maybe he'll play for the veteran's minimum with the warriors. Well first load that's not established. Secondly I can't imagine Dwight Howard he's playing that little amount of money. You're late thirdly I just wanna make sure that everybody understands I have not. Discussed whatever. Issues he might have in the locker I don't think those are relevant to this discussion. I think it's a question of playing style. And willingness to change at age 32. For a guy who was once a great player change does not come. Easily when it comes at all and it comes along rarely. I don't think he has that rare exception. I just think date when you give him the ball down low on the block it stays there. The warriors don't function that way. When they thought went when Kevin Correia who is a great isolation player did debt they had trouble. Isolation basketball is his dead in its sad dated certainly die. Dwight Howard is an isolation play year. I mean he's like Carmelo Anthony he did he hurt you more in any help shoe on the floor. That's my issue. About this. You know who else is kind of us. And isolation player. Nancy. Nancy that's cute nicknames for the Loch Ness Monster. Greg it. At its deepest point gap. Lucknow a slate is 230. Meters. The it's the second deepest lock in Scott. That's why they're having trouble Mallon this thing down they've sent after spheres down to near the bottom of the marianas trench witches. Twenty times ST but it's much clearer. They have lights. This is you know this is murky. Block miss lately or working its murky here leisure park. Manuel in Dublin you know a man well. Hey guys hey ray I. Cockpit at all you a lot now. Not only cricket that your your. Think it's comforting to know that your not a stalker. Come out of pocket Julia. What you have that he would be a bit but not over the years. Alright enough let's go get to the question. I worked in his or well I think Eric and paper market where I think part of equity or piano or documentary a more in urban. After creature features. They had a Iraq Biden was picked but what they're not at the start and a thank you the epic. Oddly cross the border here. I must get past wasn't stopped. I don't like one hour coming here. I Akron now we got pretty expert at it here now armed with re read it where I don't think it's gonna pick up that but I want it in America. And railroad act it would not a question. And you Pellicano met you gotta be all but what that portrait and career development of a good story about the word that there are up two point. Where we're at now. Art today Gloria actually it it it might. You can a couple of minutes about that we. I don't think you can tell any story about the warriors low days in three it now. It's it it it really is a set piece of bad news bears book he's waited this. Mean she swear I mean like I think you know what though rare the you have to start with the spree well choke. I think that that was an impressive day I mean that Webber trade differently was it was a obviously pivot point. I would put multi Blalock skipping practice in San Antonio to golf that would be. That would be one. We're real broad Mike Dunleavy rip the shirt off and fruit and the crowd after Bill Spooner rejected him remember that. Yeah but that was a matter of cotton competitive zeal true. True a guy blowing up practiced played golf that's not competitive zeal. Oh that's right we had we did have some. My had an incident with a two by four involving Byron Houston I believe in old Saint Mary's the old Saint Mary's gym here. That was one of traffic so mothers. Of course the Sam Jacobson Europe you probably remember that our guys who can forget. Let's go to Charlie in New York this is Charlie Greg says hi Charlie. Oh. And it what's what's up close you know and I'm. According to a I'm not I think I think you can lose compared to when Randy Paulson. Corey Dylan both Q you know malcontent. Want to patriots in the sort of fell on line I. I know already said it's less about. Who's supposed to cancer and awkward situation but I think. My my initial reaction saint got cancer that would touch. Every candidate then on up until this point Sunni and not assuming but if you want to awards the number one and number two you could argue obviously beat beat a number five and you can argue. It would follow you put at a ten in terms of importance. I'd. Go up in our pick wire I would at a certain dimensions to this IP and and this is the exact move that late would do I would not be surprised the way it's just brisk enough to end the gambler the so like I said many times Steinbrenner of the NBA. Ricky quick take a flyer on anyway let's go to that's all I got banks back. Still that's really why we're talking about it because. Did Greg would you or would you acknowledge the possibility exists that. Late to might do something like this. I mean I think the chances of that are so Menem. That there are almost not bringing worth bringing up because and I said this a couple of times now. He had a chance to get him. And at a much when he was much closer to the zenith of his powers and he was talked out of it. He's now five years past that it. What makes him more appealing now to Joseph lake of then then. A lot to cost far less money he's basically did it cost twenty million dollar we don't know that. Singer we don't know that he we he's been bought. I'm sure he can get the mid level somewhere that's where we'll go right. The warriors have all the leopard shear. Which the leopard what do you tournament the original leveraging. Year. Based on based on. Based on based on common sense now why I. And in a minute and a us you don't have any evidence that he wants to come here rather than make the mid level exception. Or more he's quoted yesterday saying he wants to play for a winner wants to be part of a winning team I'll tell you we can ask about this. Marc spears is brought to you by Alameda County fair horse racing say hello this summer get back to the track race read racing returns June 15. Through July 8 with more days in big prize money more in Alameda fair dot com. Alameda fair that I count. Dwight Howard do you think Joseph wait it will have any interest in Dwight Howard mark. Thank should. Alone you don't know about it gonna give you eighteen and slow night so. Of this stuff about. Weird in the locker rule our. The guys don't like you know while it is that ability to you know accept them. And I guarantee you there. Dwight Howard is better than you know he's he's better than just up to hurt anybody or in a position on the roster. I think he strongly improved team. If they were to get wired power and a think it would be an excellent move. Let me ask you this and there's a nut it's just the simple question why has she not worked out. In LA Atlanta and now Charlotte. Arnold gave Houston Houston to. Yes. But the good it's a really good question. Guess his personality of some peoples state bird but it the only. Like him I don't know what I'll look at is that this is. He will though all star candidate. So. Then I think he's these pretty critical contract. So what you have me that there are perhaps some character issues. Yep but when you're championship being liked orders. Like why not when it come in impeded Dominic a lot rural. But he would have to come here and fit in so. You know on young locker room than in Charlotte and Atlanta. Perhaps he was too dominant a force there in the world. James Parton is kind of a quieter. Nicole we just. I was a different situation but I don't Mike Brown knows him well coached him in Los Angeles. And under the circumstances under monochrome monitor where we're giving him. I think could be a great move. OK it let's let's take away the character shifted I don't think those who the issue. What about the fact that when you when you when you take a put the ball down low block which is where he wants to be it's not coming back out again so he doesn't play. At least on the offensive end the way the warriors need him to play. What. But also gave Campbell over the walker who all spoke for the first time a lot of very good role. So for you would spend twenty million dollars and a guy who can set a pick or don't want. Because if he takes the mid level exception with the center with a luxury tax. Every dollar is worth three point 71. No but I mean that you're giving away twenty million dollars to bring him in. They're gonna give me eighteen point in the antenna twelve rebounds again. It's going to give you eighteen at the if he unless he told army also much it. Coming up what he's been going. But. He'd nominate you name it better and it it hit that better. Doesn't think Dominic airport code. Aren't I did so I'd see it to me it it's. I think it's more playing style and anything that would that would be the reason why I think they would balk. Comment which you talked about a it's gonna play like. 120 prime minister paying heed he's somebody that. You know you you pick you use based on the evening and maybe he doesn't need to slow in the fourth quarter of whether I. Our our program that is economic unhappy bit obviously to note that. Comet like it if you know I mean like public that game. And continue. Let the candidate for all star team. He it does sort of been that. You can't deny he rebounds and blocks the physical presence. And you don't need to give a lot of such as he electric city he would have to event. And when you come into this kind of place where you're not you know it'd it'd great days of prep them. You know you bring although I don't cramped apartment so Coleman talked Allman. Here is what he wants to do and particularly here to it than if you can. I think it guarantees him a title. Marc spears of the undefeated joining mats Imus and ray rattle on 957. The game. What would you what stuck out most about last night's draft to you mark. Arm you know it exactly and you know Oprah's book. Mike port story to wrote by the treated. Just just seen in the security here go man that. Quote dominant in Portland. A pretty much go every year at the top teams in the in US and internationally and it cheated that your goal. Unquestionably the number one it. In the draft he would have been a number one particular shoot draft edit the notes political. And they've been a couple of years. 611. In shoot threes can bring the ball or rebound went oh really not been. That you can and can't do. There's certainly hadn't them. Maturity issues but he's a teenager you know have to be expected. But he seemed to me was like a special. Hoping talent and to be somebody that good at the back injury that he had in this. Fall from grace the way he did. We just an incredible story you know I got to know him that pretty well. Talked it was debt for the threat that debt here. Just talking about. To drop that it and went through the nose. So excruciating that correspondent note that he could have been a number one pick here grower so he'd now been throughout the fourteenth. But but I do think if not it's gonna be patient bottom. And it's it's certainly a risk with the injuries but the content. That's going to be one of the greatest gamble obviously. Got to ask that you would correlate that to date. Well I I'm hoping for another winning year. A sigh as I wrap up this thing you also I believe. You talked a lot he walker didn't. Yeah yeah how will what do you think Gilani walker he's from. He's from what's called God's country Redding Pennsylvania. He brought riding high school their first state championship in history last. Two years ago. If you like your a lot of when he spoke of moderate and that's right that's true. You hit you and they'll let. You like it. And only comes from a very very tough place. Been through a lot of adversity but in the go back home and do a lot of those people there. But he he's been really intriguing guy PP so mean and re elected. But the world these that he hit that the world does an allusion. Thought he'd like what an Animal Planet. He has fear that is described as a pineapple. On. So you're you're definitely gonna have him pop. Well certainly have some interesting conversations. Spurs. But at the basketball player he he could play three positions long. Big prize guard a point and the small or very very personal. As improving shot. It is another world spurs' sixth man and a great great pickup by then music I've ever. Being considered in and the late. Top the only part of the top. It thanks a lot more brigade. Yeah yeah he went eighteen to the to spur toward the food. I've been involved. Five market has a leg Dylan. Good. That's. Great news mental to bumping this summer and walked in war. Yet that's tough to do. It. I'm mark have a good one man there aren't accurate Marc spears of the undefeated. Yeah Lonnie walker raised from. From my hometown. Yes you made it. Painfully clear. You made it very keen to. So you wanna check tell you about where this kids come from. You gonna tell me about your hometown or his home. I know very well about his hometown Redding Pennsylvania yet but I mean I I suspect there are different. Levels of breeding pairs are you saying I lived in the suburbs and maybe that's an excellent that's an excellent gas. Ray let me tell you something. To go into. Fifth in chestnut. Northwest trending. With my basketball place and pick up with the best players in in Redding at that time and you know what rank. When I left that playground I still had my same basketball. So don't question my toughness do not question my toughness is she wouldn't say they're. You haven't had fabulous fantasy world I wonder how much time you've spent constructing fears. It's well. Not constructing. Fiction but my life is actually the way I describe it. I'd I'm sure everybody thinks that they had a big party for Lonnie walker at at Redding municipal stadium where. Thousands and thousands of people showed up Lonnie walker. I'm sure he's incredibly popular young kid you do you really is gonna I'm not trying to be facetious I mean. You know. You bring a town like that a state championship. Europe Europe. Pro level player. I mean you know it it's rare reminiscent of Jason cute. You know that town you're from is always going to be your favorite place. A couple things about why walker before we wrap up with him my dad read my dad said he's the best player he's ever seen come out ready. Couple players that came out Redding Donyell Marshall. Stu Jackson was the player came out Redding. Bright Indian Nikko went to a North Carolina State long build Jenkins. Member him. Long bill drink it Stevie resin and only. Yet these names he used yeah they're they're bringing back memories that I'd never like told you that Redding has a phrase where basketball is beautiful it's worked it's worked Pete Correll. Started his career. See Greg you're very Smart man. You usually have the knowledge but now I'm giving you some stuff that you just didn't know. You did not know what word Pete Correll start his coaching career. I presume it must be Reading, Pennsylvania given the fact major thumping the tub fort. It was actually Allentown he coached knelt up for one year then came to reading they went to Lafayette the leopard drag. And then he went and establish himself in in Princeton. All right let's go to fill in San Jose what's up real life Dillon read. Hi I admire your willingness to her I. Let your money. On our money's. Not good in general orders. Saw it 55 years isn't all the organizer. And nothing to do it but I don't believe that Dwight Howard. Would comment. On what player. That would secede it ego to ten under Wannstedt curry great out burger mongering. Have been instead it. I believe that he had outlawed them to be capable played at a basketball that it would and it would get very well in the second tier like players. So if you want to win a title this would be your donation. And I do believe that you do if she put it more into it and I think the motives. I actually get there are no money issue. Which her lake but probably not an issue. Then he can beat a guy that put some won't talk to win this coming they definitely need. A senator to be able you know opposition figure to Atlantic about I'd say geez. Still that want to be able to do it. So it's all gonna be about whether he didn't rappers were wearing. A different brand about Obama played I think the Eagles they expect an ability. To make Kobe Bryant they have nothing to do that they should get completely. Bickering so awkward issue and the workers to find out immediately. The first day of practice whether he's going to be able that. You are not so I eat ice it's a no brainer to at least give him a chance if it's bad chicken available. Thanks a lot Phil appreciate the call Phil from San Jose says. Why not pay ray got some breaking news. Shoot the 49ers have signed left guard late in Tomlinson to a three year extension for eighteen million. Of course not all that guaranteed in the NFL ten million case what can Tomlinson does it move the Neel for you. Particularly but I mean it's in moves the needle for I'm sure for France which is sort of a point to bring in capital. OK and so we brought it up yes pay I think we'd been on the appealing to be a little series here while I'm that's yours for Stoops talked about sports right Greg. And our. We're working on over there doesn't matter well I'm listening it's a little bit extra I know it's not distracting it is it is not. I outlets talking I want you to listen. Two mentally Serbia's leading in Switzerland one dale. Head toward the end toward this number root for Switzerland there. And you'll die okay here's a question for you. Is Switzerland part of Norway. I'm sorry not Hassan and no no no no no. Let me answer that for you let that let me clear this at this second hundred no prob for Icahn has clearly bothered I've. No Switzerland is a separate place from Norway okay is Switzerland part of Scandinavia. No. Okay east Germany part of its skin and I I happen to agree with you. I think there's only three countries and Scandinavia. Finland Norway and Sweden. There are meant most people believe that Denmark is part of that as well. Some people think Switzerland as I guess as a matter of not known and nobody thinks it is. Ray you know again there are people there are people named main to. Then. Can you say you thought Switzerland was part of Scandinavia. I did it not 579570. It's our party candidate I admire you will like this to try listen I. I don't was insane I don't. It's not insane and no no clinically insane. It's actually not even close that it's what let me tell you what it is it's it's. It's expanding our sports talk it's age gibberish is it maybe we go there when that. By let's let's you let's take torturing mini stock it's a mother and sports welcome you wanna talk about. But to pick so let's talk about the differences between Sweden and scanned and I mean Sweden Switzerland and got me a go at the market overall Camille Clark chuckle and their act I don't know how MB ram it. Marco it's something that I don't really in New Mexico. All I am not into his Dwight Howard Simon is in a slow down McCain put that little. Packard but why you don't anytime you're gonna happen turn again I don't want to. DiMarco real question for. You still have. Yet or are are you really in New Mexico. Well you know not go Albuquerque. You're not gonna believe this. So I was in Vegas once and had like three or four days to kill. And I was thinking I had never been to New Mexico. And so. I was thinking and drive and Albuquerque Connecticut about six hours right. About yet that while you know what. You're right because I changed my mind. And I never did make that drive to Albuquerque but I was thinking about it. And you know what everybody who was talking about it said don't go to Albuquerque go to C in effect. Now what they say that. They have more culture that more electability only being in the next goal is meant. Is why it. You'd say met added you never break. Yes I saw breaking bad answer your sin will one of an Albuquerque then. Walk the man have I work. I work for dish and I delivered a local and indeed stolen and I got transferred over here. Very well thanks for call Marco appreciate it. And thanks to listen and also. For the math and you know what right. There was a problem here as a problem with a trip. I drove to Vegas stayed a night in Vegas it was all set to drive that. Albuquerque you know reportedly. I don't sit in the car for other sports. I torture and as it turns out yet. But you know what really do like a long drive I really do you like a long drive. I can doom men drove him back and forth the organ coach. Innumerable times. Right. I call it fun to drive a loner with notes somebody who is probably not a big failures. EMI wife. By the way I was wrong. Sox watched while. He has spent time in the Yukon territories but actually read you should know this if you go up Dorgan. Cost much is really big in the Pacific northwest. The Pacific northwest. What they get the traveler schline. But now he ran out of time because. We. Oh got a new call Faber you don't look here's another thing about the show. We've got a lot of women listeners and it's because we respect women on the issue. And you think I'm joked yeah I don't know what I'm tired idea that let's respect her and let her speak. Citi insists Elmo I sandy. Dynamite. And going on in please do. I would price set at what I would part in noted analysts say is. Is it. And the answers well apparently that way and never way it's his I didn't wanna be wrong. So Switzerland's obviously and know. What Denmark. Absolutely apart and it got violently now you throw in my son I'd naymick and gain. Cool after day after Denmark Denmark it's 100% part Scandinavia. So there's four countries and Scandinavia. Apparent that it would be Sweden. Norway. Finland Denmark. And the northern most ray and sandy the northern most Scandinavian country is in Norway. Norway north where seat that's why it's called Norway because it's the northernmost. And by the way they have an incredible incredible. Boyd they re use energy up there. See Andy do you regret making this call. Ray I do not anything about Scandinavia and game also thank you that the court after the bout. Sandy I'm not kidney when I say that's that is on my bucket list skin and it also wants it'd be bucket list if you look at. Sandy anything else. Oh then Nat. You're cal grad rate. Now Mike my daughter's working on it now I'm I go to school back east. Okay. Are we are count. Compared to say go bears designer daughter cal is cal grad over he's not actually you know know when nevermind. Yeah and on the. Now well anyway we let you guys get a great job and where where it looks Annie were also written making sure that you got well in any in history. Question re not real sure what's called a what all the kingdom in the world. The animal kingdom. Good answer a market. You know that. I did not know that what's capital Denmark Copenhagen. All right I said you were up against the but but you so much for all and yet call me on tobacco and call me call in any. Any time and have always been fascinated with Scandinavia.