Steiny and Guru - 2 - Joined by Jim Barnett, Warriors take Game 3, Guru's Gripes

Steinmetz and Guru
Monday, May 21st
Hour 2. Steiny and Guru are joined by Warriors analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, Jim Barnett, continue to break down the Warriors blow out win in Game 3, and a Monday edition of Guru's Gripes. 

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Billiton and I'm 57 the game they GM CFM an HD one KGMC San Francisco the radio home for. Every Golden State Warriors play off game. I just. I don't like you all the warriors plays a team. And the rockets don't well. It's easy to play as a team when he got four. Great players. Jim Barnett he's the Golden State Warriors. Analyst Jim how you doing great to talk to you is always. Under very well thank you match. By senior last night after the game by the way. Out of luck continue to thumb. Ball I don't even know where to start here it's let me just start right here do you think there's. There can be momentum in a playoff series your do you think that essentially every game is a new chapter. No I think that you can get momentum. Obviously it's more difficult than a regular season. And you're playing a team again and again and again. And and nowhere the other I think in the playoffs. Home court advantages. A big thing particularly for elite teams and I'll call Houston an elite team they're particularly good. They played much better for their home crowd and I think part of that is they haven't been there before this is the first conference finals. For Chris Paul and the warriors you know if it would not surprise me. And I am expecting by the way the warriors I think they've learned or less got started game two. They weren't ready to play it either into the war. But last night I was I was very concerned that first chapter writers don't take anything for credit. And even eleven point lead to me was a little slam because I knew Houston have missed a lot of shots they had turned the ball over. And I just think that there if things got the wrong way. All the sudden they get the momentum but the worst probably in that third quarter they came out would have you know run. Immediately that that keep on national IQ points lead time. So. I've expected to lawyers to come out and take game four I've I've I really fully and confident that they will do that they'll bring what is necessary due to. And then it would not surprise me. Would not surprise me if they went down to Houston and and won game five finish here now that may not transpired may take game six and they would come back and course you know regardless surprises but I just I just dove at the warriors go up 31 it's not going to be like Cleveland in 2016 bit of a wintry games are all. And and and come back and beat the warriors so. It's an interesting series. Houston is dangerous they've got they've they have many more shooters that particular from three point range in the warriors do they got a plethora. Shooters they can get hot and those are all the allies I mean Cheryl Green. I think this year when he first cyber him hit 54 by threes and didn't against the war back in January. You know little or no. You know you yeah you know what I did you just said that it put the thought in my mind they do the rockets probably do a more shooters. The warriors have more players it feels like you know what I mean. Apps absolutely. Yes and enable played together some other guy may be an aberration. On the other people but the warriors. Now that Stefan curry found his groove and I hope he keeps that up. You know clay Thompson was good in game one. Both he and curry were absent in game two. Clay was a little quiet last site because of what. I stepped in curry did. So now what happens when they both get on target and got Durant as well auditor they are great out of their great scores they're great shooters. You know you can be or you could be a great score. But not necessarily a great shooter and if you can have both those qualities. It's a real gift and in a separate curry has that Thompson has that nothing can go. You know we get those sold and then what's probably can have a coworker game. But. You know are gonna come back with that and direct it is pretty steady ecowas get a shot and Charlie wants. Any spot on the floor can get a good shot for you. But we saw in game true. Where he scores 38 but didn't get an assist didn't get a steal didn't get a blocked shot he's more than that when he puts his mind to it. He can put its stamp and his imprint on the game. It and many more. Like last night I think your six assists in the game to do it can do that he can be a facilitator coach. And in the that there's a catch twenty like in game two. He might try to facilitate the perpetrators current console out of that they were they've been defense gritty squeezed them. And they couldn't get open and the shops were forced it would hurry. And everything else so maybe. You know people don't realize that maybe Durham would try to get people after a while I think it maybe the second half we just gave up at a critical itself. Jim coming into this series you know was about both of the offenses by these two teams and rightfully so. But I'm still a study here I think due to the two games at the rockets have lost. It's been because the warriors. And they're great defense showed up and I just wanna pick your brain. How much of the rockets Ailes on offense in the losses stamps from that great warrior defense that I think this. You might disagree. But I just think they don't get enough credit for their team defense. Now the lawyers. When they're altogether. And they do all the switching that they do it I'm not a big proponent of the switching well I haven't I was wonder but I'm not out on the out there on the floor right now and so. They have their decency scheme and yes they're targeting curry all the time of their last night. He tried it the warriors try to do something different you know the first four possessions they got all the way to look like a lot. Because you screener would pardon that say our might have been Paul. He almost certain sometime back what I've certainly slipped to screen. And went right down to the free throw like he's open every time they basically had a lot of what I actually got allotted to cappella. They really hurt them could curry were trying not to switch they got. In the side receiver they've got confused lack of communication lack of execution. And all the sudden they were to read out water and they they couldn't catch up they get a part that was good that they made adjustments and now that their defense that is where were they when they refocus which they didn't do in game two would make. You know allowed. Trevor resent Tucker. To go up and it and also Eric Gordon that those 368. Points and hit twelve of the eighteen trees so they they got back to focusing on. Of those street complementary players and they didn't get started last night by that that. Pardon pardon likes to dribble there is a very interesting play he's very talented. But our office says yours stirring injure weakness. Always in this game. And when he can handle the ball and go ahead and score and there's a lot of make. Split second decisions and I've seen him. You know I saw a game a camera crew they were playing scored 46 point he was but he would decide at the last minute to like shoot our electoral a cappella. And it was pretty good at do a net. But you can also get a little girl or happy and you know it in the game one I think in the first happened back they had. 3242 violations. And so yeah he got 41 point in the game but. A lot of good ideas. Because it it's just everybody just stood around and the warriors their offense is built on passing the ball move the ball. And when they don't do that even I think they need to. Purposely coming to a game and don't even think about getting shot you know you knock that attribute is the old drills and satellite passes. Yeah yeah yeah you gotta have nine passes before you take shot that kind of thing. So but the fact. Director what you said about the defense civil. Kevin Durant is a good defender he's he's a real good defender and he can guard smaller people he's got linked to block shots. And when he's engaged like they edit existing so much better but. Let's not forget great mockery out of what happened to him in in game two. When he came. He came to play. He was absolutely tremendous governor good team defense theory about seventeen rebounds six assists. He played like the dream on green it was a defensive player of the year. You know what Jim my bumped into BJ Armstrong after the game. You're very familiar with I know air and he's Dre months his client and we were just talking about straight on and he. He says he said the thing that he thinks people miss Sandra in mind is that he's an anomaly. That you can go. Look for Dray mind green for a long long time that you not really got to find a drain mind green because. He's one of a kind and you might be able to replicate some of what he can do. But. Not everything because he does so much. And that that really hit me because you start cigarette changed quote unquote chase in the warriors. And we think about it that way it might be futile to chastened that way. Yeah I agree with you and if he has an anomaly. Is unique and I don't think. It be very difficult to see someone in college and projects that he know projecting on agreed to what he's doing. And particularly from a guy that is not. Shooter we know that. He he'll get you know like everybody yields in the get a game and believe two or 33 Soria. But he's invited to shoot. And that he took forty shots a game it would hurt the warriors we all know that we have to rent. Top with the curry but he's got these intangibles but maintain he has he's got a border. And he's got a desire and I have always. He plays like I say we you know my friends we used to what we didn't have guaranteed contracts. He plays like he doesn't have a guaranteed contract he just has this drives. And sustain that burn within him. That he brings this. It is incredible incredible sometime this arrangement to control wage controlled rage and I like it. And you know that off the court he is Kurt he's I would say this would argue yeah. Will be that they're white guy at at easygoing golfer tiger opening these very cordial. I would like has personality. And an course he had the perfect coach. That knows how to communicate. Every level personality. And so but I don't know how I have a right to discover drain on green but CE SP NBA at the right time when everybody starts to go small. And it just fits perfectly. You know forget. He's becoming an in nineteen. 681974. It would be a whole different story. Because it would expect him they say what I can't play because you just can't shoot can't score he can't you know he's he's got certain guests but. You know he can't guard Kareem he can't guard Bob here he can't start. Willis Reed the game is different and if it is doctor be able to play against those setter although. That they did. Player that he has trouble against. Real skilled center of attention to three a bit of trouble once and that is in trouble is Marc Gasol look consistent basis someone like that. But you know what he indicated. Anthony Davis I don't know how he can take he died inside Anthony Davis and do what he did. The party should keep him from getting now post up to one Bailey got five ducks but that's it. Is pretty special. Thanks election really appreciate it and I'll see you out there again tomorrow night thank you. Aren't. I Jim Barnett Golden State Warriors analyst. When we come back I would expand on that because. You can make a case that. Train mine Greene while great. Is really really really. Lucky. Now captioned 957. Big gains. Best Imus and Darryl would do Johnson alongside Tom Goldstein Gore's ticket to one lead over the Houston Rockets. We touch on a budget aspects of that game. And put in my dream I dream before the break. And the reality is. He's turned into the perfect player at the perfect time. The game has changed their way that is made him. A phenomenal. Phenomenal player. But like I was saying I was. Have a conversation last I would his agent. And he even said. That everything's fallen into place for trade him. Nobody saw him. As this kind of player that's why it was a second round pick nobody saw the lead going the way it was going. And he basically said. You know being if he were the only twenty years ago we can't guard he said he can't guard Carl Malone he can't guard Kevin McHale he said he can't guard Derrick Coleman. DC. Can't guard Charles Barkley. And BJ's point was that the dart not that he's not very good it's just and I said you know I went optimum like so what do you think about. You know compared dream bonded to Dennis Rodman and does what what why would you came in a much remains with team. With the game for leaving the game is not the same. The game is not to say you cannot compare players anymore is what his point was but rod Lincoln guard though said players right that you just mentioned. As as. Has its. BJ said. I don't know could Dennis Rodman guard players in this day and age when you can't touch them when you can't wait to handle a guy. Could Dennis Rodman of guarded a guard at the top of the circle. And not. Be able to touch him. Mean that's basically. One of the biggest differences in basketball is. The fact that used to be able hand check in now you can't. You can't. You can't blame him. He did say what he thinks gonna be the reason. He did give you did we did talk about how this all comes to an end. I'm all ears not necessarily the warriors. But how. The game kinda writes itself a little bit I'm not sure I I agree with them but. From I'm gonna get into that because I was I did you do decide we also got to ruse gripes coming up in fifteen minutes. 8889579570. Is the number. Let's go to Kazmir in Walnut Creek what's up. It's funny guy or it's a great show now it looks toward your guy this show got to be more ironically the bottom. A lot of the judge I'm wondering if you're lucky play he'd be an enforcer when I understand or even worse or they don't underscore why couldn't bear her mental edge. And I think mental attitude to the warriors are gonna how big time over the rockets good when you look at your pardon. When he when they are going to be down for the army look like it here and I like to I don't know why don't print it and now open and then you look. He gets computer that's the rockets later. Yes definitely I doubt if I'm not I'm gonna toward Libya real spine out there can be no they dragged out of the mental thing. Game filled it and duck. And I that's my point if not the warriors are you know how to be more than anyone the second crew came in and got. Score out of forty point lead he could you make it almost going to limit them. The wouldn't that mean they become demoralized them what I've bought tickets overture more game over. Gracious about it. Yeah I'd appreciate Kazmir return. What that it's over it's a great show our bid. The compliment. And I think it's a you know I'm almost. We'll try to be different. People continuously. Like something's wrong with me. Did there as I watched we'll talk about it I I watched something and like a scientist. I take notes digesting it process it put too much computer and then I walked coming here in saint. It changes. Yeah and that's why but the problem not a flip flop or you're ER you are really acting look well. What would. I'm not a know it all Smart at all with other people do that's been many it's not about media ride eight it's I want to share with you what ice. Mutt but what the problem I think you may be getting into is that. Nobody is going to. Picky Siri and nobody's gonna give you. Nobody's gonna. Like what you're saying now. Nobody's gonna have. Take that seriously because. The last time you did it it was the opposite of that. But it's not like I'm running into. No wherever he has to be right know what I mean there's your legal right that overture running them now you run to the place to be right right now. Right now like right now it's so easy to say this series is all Brad did after game one. Exactly but then you changed after game two today locks. Right people that's the that's inconsistent that's. Basically. And it out 889579570. Tell the Joseph drew ruin what I'm trying to tell what I tell guru I'm trying to tell him about. Why some people may be frustrated at times with him I love to brew. I've polar bear on board to let this coaches and win. I used to really bother me. But now it's just part of the do route that I accept that I love. So 89579570. Explained it guru would. What you mean because I I don't wanna do I can't break his heart. They won't do it full what are the rockets win tomorrow that's the point. And NAFTA beauty of turning it into it quite different in how to react to find it in and I still say hello with the flu the warriors owner that you won't though you won't send the thing now if the rockets win tomorrow 105100. You will come on. On. Wednesday night and say the warriors are in trouble. All of corners and I don't know can I need to see the game plan. It matter how the game plays out of Toledo rockets win. I rockets win that's how they. That's how the game plays and see that the future that I always 650 say in your ultimate prisoner of the moment why now. Well I would let's give due gruesome loved though. Also they're calling the boy who cried wolf I don't like that one let's go to the let's give you some love let's go to Paul in Oakland what's up Paul let's get you do a race. You point to point tournament yet one could corrode our upper. Is the quintessential. Key scene beginning in the game you walk and regained he's been feeling that being. When it's over into Apatow impression. And he's gonna talk about it like normal people who walk around comic creator wherever they are. And I think that's what my and so we're pressing a key factor a real plan as well. And Central Park coast everything else that you guys were game. The other point one make is the guy who we're talking used by the about Vermont shelling out. At the right time became I think like dirty he believed he participated in changing McCain is not just pretty shelled out. In the game and it was article on that way and he happened is acting I think his work ethic. What he did with the escort group I think you participate in the match and I looked it up there about. Know what Paul while I think that's a good point and I'm just gonna let it there I think you're right. I think you're right I didn't see I didn't state it quite and quite correctly yeah Dray mind. Yeah I mean it's well stated amen just agree with the because you could make a case that Dray mind is this kind of pushing the new. I don't see a new position but I knew. Wait a play in it in a way that that curry did it's just very different obviously curry from three and Dray mind. Doing a lot of different ways let's go to James in the 415 with sub James. Say without Ernie what a group you lament. Pretty gag and let me dug up the show body of work if you're in the warrior. There were no load you must be cowboy fans but we're talking about basketball. Anywhere I've been in the call and all in. All the way back. All star break. You guys had in the master brewer of the warriors and Kuwait. Airport Gerald McGrew on there are almost oh lead on the cool. There ever an all Barbara ever since. That got injured it all. Tongue well what I got to do everything could not could be ready where all right Eric Khou out mailed out war all are our. If you are in trademark on Pinkett as candidate. A couple of years ago we wouldn't be prepared we will be looking out of war. And don't try to hold it down there and don't crowd stayed the warriors are gonna be good I'm out there and I it. It's all stand on its rocket series but it looked in pretty good at what you. I mean you never thought about last week and this team is so young. And there are so many more years ago. To now almost eight at this intro into it right. Thanks elections couple things I disagree review their on. They're not that young but Italy and will culminate it with at least. Like that. Well opt out three idea I've got Michelle three but that's what I'm talking about right there. Yourself to get it they'll culminate five it will kill culminate in for at least yeah. It will culminate in five aren't until it doesn't culminate in five and then you'll be like oh my god I was how did not cut cut culminate in five. I mean Houston is the closest thing on the horizon now the challenge in this turnaround they are you low Bostick not they didn't. How opted to do not even there yet. It's not even out the error. I'm telling misses this is a good to. This stuff in the know remember when I say that assay with. All due respect. When when it's all say and then Morgan a look back at this warrior team up there with a great at that day and night of state the obvious what Kevin Durant but that's how big was to go do. I don't ruin taking more calls say they love whose passion and I'll take one more Andy in Nevada what's up Andy. I. I gotta say that period we guru. And a lot of people everybody. City changed and how oh and Ike. I think I keep your cool it. But Blake if something happened in one game. Enact it all might not been that ever happened for the worst that ever happened. I don't like. I. Thought the party. In what we can't quit the presidential election we all work well or yes it's 5 o'clock. Started eating. And I are projecting a winner and a plea. That. Oh. I went Obama soon. Are a joke but get them back out patient. Now. I don't agree art and color you know not only that but it. He went into why dole. Oh my god because you are there Greek tragedies. That are left comment. I feel awful day at west idol the guys are always a great player. And they just cited at the point. In champ plays an important that you Wear that yeah. I really hope you don't and that will get off and hitting on the bench where do you guys think Willie leg up on that. Well and maybe basically all zeroes and a lot chase Saturday night I don't know. I would think so. 62628. Worst a six to room and Bobby your neck of the woods Pennsylvania. 2610. Sixty rates has made it's because style and it has no passion at all in life we can tell. Oh our merger he got passive he. Has never seen me when I'm asked a 130 yards out with my. Six. USC passion maybe. As deeply about my passion when I chipped it on number three yesterday squirt here there are three you know Saturday. No Friday. When the day off. Yet there. Let's go to who. A church like you know Oakland tell Mike. He's actually doing all big and I think the last study that crude Lackey is meant because. You know he you don't try to put away and saw my hundred main arena rye each that's important is because. Ordered him back to port meant you don't know where eighteen would garnish he had 121 minute he met in the next minute. It is taking grew to change and how long. Well that's good and need to hit it. It still together and that they get real really actually you did get what you Madonna saw tomorrow we don't know was seen Minnesota mark immediately awarded never really wanna play. And I'd get a word that no one to turn a switch out. I mean. Then take it out through changes and they got deep in CO together. Pearl made an ally there. Peter Mill Valley but you don't Peter. I got a good you know while I called up in the Little League beauty was forty but topped with what shout back at. It's forty I got caught up play rugby like some good. I know the I I got it. I got it is at New England or Australian. Not deal Bagram I thought we let all of that artwork out you know gambling remember yeah it's not going to back to you know the real. What are they and I. I don't understand why what you reflect what would it be like elect cola at you know it did get out if you'd been a little quote. And it's all a little minimal but. I mean we don't we all ought not talk a little bit more. In all different subject but I understand why not because it's been buried not very. Hewitt has been big punches thrown out I don't really know who's gonna get off a benefit pocket like out. You know rocky for a job well that'll look the spotlight dent in the beginning oh. You don't Paula quit yet and it would stand. Up and then you know they need to get closer. To go. In the I don't know that we worry about lawyers got. So Kevin Durant it's the best fighter in the world what might really deputy at the edit the Korean current low but it felt like Joseph blow on the black. Stop all the people why. That is what can can collect an expert garbage separately it did its walking around you are. Well it's like the fourth of July in the middle of you know yeah certainly what the July its auto that they don't worry about to root. The ward yeah hawk eyed look castle keep it up a spot let's keep up with the opt out and make. Europe are expecting a lot show I. Peter dumping stranger so a concussion like that under read to me. The 628 isn't new area code in the city yeah I want to know about it not a joke. Says the six to eight very code is a new area code that overlaps with the 415. What you heard says 510. That's got to become a follow up for that by the way we wouldn't nine to five C Jolie hit a six iron 130 yards that's weekday since this is where people. That might beat tiger. How it. Seat. Okay do let me show you and it would not be ready parked on you know you should be what turns. The company. Plane and then I'm gonna ask would that the the tournament goes on while we're on the air yet were no factor were no fat ugly in Europe now while I'm a deal with an eagle but it. I yes I realize. You hit a six iron more than a 130 yards but that's. I'm not afraid to make fun of myself dude. I don't get it I should 132. Project that I'm a terrible golfer which. You know I'm. I'm. Fifteen handicap. Right there's an open book to rule on an open book. Many people to us guys you're still you ordered to do you can take. A black. I. Read a little better golf. It. Handicaps now they're fifteen. And opened up all and I salute opens Rotella wrote it is very I was. A small college player who knew. He would never gonna play the global. I would not be able to look at yourself in the mirror do root jawed do it every morning. But you lie to yourself alive why I don't look in the mirror and lie to myself there's this deal becomes with. Didn't true to use. You to do a lot of I don't like to do that shot to coast aluminum. Who. Only talking to my cousin but that is the fan of the show but Lofton and everybody comes to aluminum they like to shell so they expired but coming up with some money for sponsorship and coastal Luo of ally Erick. What's your cousin get funding others do it. He is. Our doctor tomorrow we should do your sorry 95. Any test real about the area code I'm bother. 415 you try to get a new cell phone though do you that that knew that I don't like you don't settle bay area's. I know who comes up with a succession anyway what is that. I don't know I really don't know I'll. Anyway apparently. Might get Tony at practice today. Said that. These still thinks the pressures on the warriors that they got to win tomorrow not a fly into yourself. I think he's kind of right but I just don't know that that's the way to play it if I'm Mike dance so there's no pressure on the rockets. How much how I digest what he that is purely looking at yourself in the mirror and the press in a lot about stuff. You you are right to a degree there's pressure but there's more pressure on the team that's losing by one game. What he's trying to get that is the warriors your favorites in the series so the rockets. The rockets don't need to feel pressured by the time did I am still said it. He's done has playoff connections. Carl please don't make me angry perhaps you wouldn't like me when I'm angry and getting congress and got. External. Is the world's mothers. Now Scott you might have heard over the week it was my birthday Saturday to be exact same day that same birthday as Malcolm X Martin comment. So I'll go out to eat with my family and there's four of us. In this is to the restaurant industry in cooks and chefs. There's no way he we ordered the four different meals at the same time. But only 3COM. And my daughter is waiting on her meal sold out. The three meals are getting cold so we we want to wait we couldn't wait in the white look at common overstated. Your daughters meals coming out it's coming out coming out but monetarily comes out. We devour the three males and my daughter's just eating by herself. And to me I want a in it was just odd word in that should never happen to Wear one meal is behind. Tell you feel we are back and asked. How does somebody after it was over after I hang my ideas Tia I don't know that conversation. Had a couple pops and I just talked to somebody about. What happened to the fourth meal. Why were all of them held up and deliver Romeo. Those constant what popular was it off the kids' menu no but it was the fourteenth on the ticket. So she had pots and what everybody else I had the state. OK okay Ed much that weeks. And I wife had some crafting. That I could see why came out last bout them from from that that would help me what I do know sometimes it happens. So what why but why were shortchanged the Johnson's all right well this experience of gonna eat and talk. Three people and Republican in my daughter and she felt rushed she said is more I talk to somebody after it was over like why did that fourth one what they'll do enough when they said. That that's chip was busy and that's don't mind ordered that he carried me and and that's what I was like that's not a good dance what a well. Aren't you glad that. Your state wasn't sitting under heat lamp for six minutes until the daughters began traveling no doubt about it had I not known if you're just brought a ball out of the same time. So that's never happened the attack happened and you call with. People. We usually bark back but I never real meat item board and no to me about to grab it I think Augusta. And I mean. What happened to the fourth meals are did you run out ingredient that's what I ask. Pigeon meat chicken and I don't think that's enough to get your meal back that amount of money background body want to money that. But anyway in my left what did you want I mean I want to all of us either at the same time Greg but. What we're doing what you just need to get off your chance idea wanted to know where the fort what happened. Coca deployed dropped it wasn't ready and if somebody dropped to get a that I understand mistakes that's I just little idea and said that. But it should never happen move into you did you Wear a bullet pay one order this one or that can you delivered all at the same town. This weekend. Well one thing we've established in the show is you are. A Thai food service Saddam pro foods or I left them certain down and I don't you you are. I don't like to do. That's anti foods that do it. Is that the only gripe pretty demagogue I'm okay give it to me. It's about society. In this Saturday morning when I wake up why are we infatuated with the royal wedding at all with what. Going on in the world. And we wanna put all the Reese who were the steps up that average family's. Ever how dare we pay attention to something that's unrealistic. Who are today I don't don't want but why would he shoved down my cable system much satellite provider why don't people care about the royal wedding. What about somebody in Union City just there Ramon an average family that would have been a wedding where they felt the brunt of the cost of the way let's let's put you on TV who cares about this family. It has not been poor little thing and why do we were Roy Williams dummy she. We are getting dumber by the the minute. Basically what you're saying you ruse that you cannot take pleasure. Out of anybody else's pleasure. Now when you're rich but in my face a Rick. Why you are why do we care what I would gravitate to something this so fictitious to meet. Aren't you got a good life don't show your wedding get the cost nobody nothing. Because I didn't make anyone a takeover TV and I got to do as well which argued duke always argued Khan. I put my family in the that was I could. You can win like that for me in the and you feel failure. It's it's a show only serves circus it's presentation and it's like the remedies in the Oscars in its like when. Your boy Michael Jackson moonwalk. People wanna see now that's why does anybody give a crap about stuff curry he's a gazillion Internet performer who. Broke character when he. Pointed out we argue your rich your. There are we really kings and queens anymore what are we doing here they put her at wake up. That that wedding had nothing to do with kings and queen Marleau got married. This number four kids the number two cell see that's what my heart he's got nothing go. Coach you understand and work. To retire about how you get to the heirs to the throne. By the way let me tell you why you should care Serena Williams was there. Serena Williams who's there. I'm glad I actually a pretty cool yeah it's just we use today. No way this current deal could imagine they had a kid. I'm gonna you know what I'm getting somebody choose to believe that's an ultra cool TO and Serena dated now. And common even dated to the rapper actor but anyway that you were going went. Give me some real on TV set she's a much stronger and make it out to Jefferson don't get me we the bridge in the best c'mon it's not a pretty. Prince that's the point but to me the number two okay if he's got third and nothing all right you've got screwed. A whole idea it's going to be it's gonna kind of my eldest son. But they still got to wait for Prince Charles to die. But to understand anything about lineage royal. Think that's why you should attuned to it you can find out about royal. Lineage. Yeah editing will not that I remember to use I feel better about mellowed out we're gonna do good except. Let's talk about it dread Mamas and another team would be dram market. There's got kind of got alluded to. He he's lucky we never got to it about the situation in the circumstances and I believe the fact that he's playing with three. Before other hall of famers it's enabled him to do what he does man. I just don't know if he can do what he did for the Sacramento Kings because they would know how to accept it and they wouldn't have a staff curry. To playoff for jury trends are bad do it and give it its driver if you drive dream I agree on of the Sacramento Kings they're not playoff team that's what I'm so what. That's an indictment now I don't ready. Or in regard it in the hall of Famer. He's a hall of Famer on this team. Eight is a fascinating discussed. Listen the one thing that. The one thing it does get me is. The warriors. It is easy. It is easier to play on the warriors than any other team. Well hello in Iraq I have sort of say it's like if you I mean. Young has been useless this year and even if he hasn't looked as bad as he really billion. You know man I mean the warriors are so great that they've camouflage. How lousy. Nick Young has been this year. Just absolutely camouflaged. Yes there are players on the warriors who would not be as good on any part like Barbosa they showed him yesterday. When you. Well good boy the Brazilian bar with a bad dude for the war is that affecting you and it was awesome average. Seven point two didn't know what just about who it was it was what do you deal it would just about two point study. Not always about the market. You just said. That the reason you hate the royal wedding is because of the money no you just let their money myths about the body yet and I went straight simply just did it. I would street on these are running those people have an issue them the money may block third in the spare three minutes. You said money's not important any sin money. Is import. It's on that. Com so go to pop and Vontae have come and again that's all of this round mound and now Tim Hardaway at 1218. Rod Higgins at one and then. What they have here is more surprised guests. More surprise guests. Okay. Martyred and wrong. It so they'll have surprised yeah we never have anything like surprised yes we're gonna Mario early tomorrow on the well now it's not a surprise. Thing out of bed and you should hit you sit very well I. But I got to equipment. He's coveted studio relative newbie to crown room club what is post coming on the warriors throwing them up in the tablet. If you remember me from the time I called his hotel room. And told Stu Bob Bob Bob which we have got a darn bit of good lowest settlement that that would major dial. Order goes to a story outside and he was with I can't remember what team we was all he was. They're playing a warriors use common vacuum at the hotel and you know we know where they stay in there as. Like I'm Michael through the PR guy. Which is called the hotel room like burial early room please. Are there any part of you that thought he might give us that shield. Cilic. RB star called them and you salute bill. Like. Barry well in my that's I'm Sarah Rosa press Democrat. Dude who OK with hoots of like what if you have trouble minutes from there with so many listen you come back to play the warriors and he goes wait a minute. The report. Especially how fassero suppressed click. I gotta remember tomorrow he's never got to remember you can do that now they're valid reason you gotta what do you. You know these regular day policy that's was up but that was back in and day. Report. Yeah it helped. Me he was would you not and don't. I was way don't want to hang out now is that could have been a possibility. What I was thinking it's time but I do you you don't get. As bad move is a bad move how that paper door. General's press Democrat of admission. Oh my god who will win and we get a star studded lineup up there I mean the bottom line is we were like. The greatest farm system of all time IRO depressed every tune to listening Mike silver was up there up come on now Sports Illustrated. Brian Murphy who went on this effort Cisco chronicle are right myself of course who went on the some things not as big as others but I was there we're say. Daschle for getting a bunch of peninsula there are enough listening maybe Mike why ace. That was Sacramento you know forget somebody big. The tips of terribly awkward. I mean yeah we work. That we were big so marry a well he's going to be on the war your warm up you know what could place. He hit the big shot he's in history. Yeah he thinks he's James Harden. Actually go for James Harden is not let your Ontario only thinks of gurus flip fly that's what we're gonna devote the time slot. A higher cauliflower question Matt questioned yeah. This guy's all over the map. Every now two games. And then you put you also make faulty predictions. A lot predicted the wars in five on our website is a game over the series don't know it's looking real good. Well what about the first two series I'm not gonna Philip parade if it goes in my wife yes she well I'd mention I think that's the other thing you do god that gets me upset. You're you're wrong predictions are forgotten. Your right predictions are you don't there's Margaret had a birthday today. Hello enough to authority images coming everyone else started in the Alessio even if it's and we. We did that week that is we can let anybody tell you who's now a week. Pop in boxing coming up next thanks a listener.