Steiny and Guru – 2 – Jacob Evans Presser, Warriors Expectations of Jacob Evans

Steinmetz and Guru
Monday, June 25th
Hour 2. Ray Ratto fills in for Guru. Steiny and Ratto take the Jacob Evans press conference live. We then discuss what the Warriors will expect from Evans right away. Steiny asks the age old question about award shows … “What if there is a fire?”

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Has he wanted to get some sleep on their more civilized. Way what's the story are telling you biggest or the World Cup. Well I think the biggest story probably. Made it it's the teams that did you know that have been. Extraordinarily good from the get I mean and part of that ended today when Russia got hammered by. Russia got hammered today but like England and Belgium. You know that that's and that's a phenomenal story because they they lead group G. They have the same record they had the same goal differential. And if they tie. On Thursday when they play. The winner of the group will be decided by what fifa calls fair play points. Which is how many yellow card chip army red archer. Because all the other types the most wins. All of the team with the most at the what word clean up the team with them with the fewest number of cards right you know. Will be the the group cork but the group winner could end up in the same bracket side of the bracket. Would Germany and Brazil. Whereas if you finish second you might end up having. An easier and easier path so. You've got two teams basically that age. Wanna avoid tie and be don't know whether to kick the hell out of each. I got you. To me that's going to be down will be the most fun of the kit is the first time someone that's happened. No it's not but this is this is particularly weird. Because it is cute teams that have at least some aspirations I think Belgium is a better team than in England. How much Germans doing. You're Germans had a phenomenal. Comeback the other day there one Al ranked yet yes Sweden was beaten them and then. Tony crow suited un believable shots were bad ankle. Offer free kick to put the men and put them over the top 21 and now they're back in the argument. Because if they had tied database in native and the world over. So how many teams initially started the World Cup 32. And after the poor play he's done or group play there will be sixty. And that single elimination from not only in it like a bracket yes they see those teams. No they do they do like the group a winner would play the group B second placed I got to Soweto when does that brown star. That will be starting well after the the room. There's. Thursday is the last day of group play. And then after that it's. It's what they call knockout. Gotcha gotcha. Watching a little bit of that I have developed an affinity toward a few teams. Well I mean the thing about the World Cup and you do if you don't like soccer don't have to populate it but at least you know. You have the best players in the world or most of the best players in the world. Playing it's something they really want to do well there's not any of that well I can take take this game offer. Take that game I mean just it's it matters to these guys who they play hard and they play. You know. They go all out six and I think that it's a little bit like the Olympics are a bunch of sports you may not care about but you care about him for those two or three week. 650 city England had a pretty easy draw this this World Cup so far analyst Belgium. Because during the same group right so they both have well the other day who the other two teams the other two teams in your group GR Tunisian Panama. Panama's never been in before and they celebrated. When they scored. A goal in their 61 loss to England. And and Belgium hammered Tunisian Panama twos so. Both those that they played the two did the same two teams and they route. What's real quick before we go to. Jacob Evans. Coast three get in this. Coast three game isn't how are they are they doing well now I know they're out I mean they're eliminated art let's let's head over to the Iraq it to perform at senator. And listen to Jacob Evans press conference courtesy of NBC sports Bay Area. Today but we have a press conference to hold and we are gonna introduce everybody. And number later rob what we're gonna do is we're going to have a little bit of a few NA. And you will have a chance to ask some questions those for the press wanna thank. Our broadcasting partners. NBC sports Bay Area broadcasting live right now and of course our flagship station 95 point seven the game. Joining me now Meyer right lawyers tell manager Bob Meyers a course Jacob Evans the lawyers first round pick. What players drafted into the NBA it's not just that player. It's also the family comes along to. Because it's a family experience as it released a family championship a few well so joining us today. Jacobs and up trees that right down front with us today family friend Chris Ferguson. Whose brother to markets. From his agent's office Adam transact. At from his team in this league Grossman again Iraq so. And we welcome them here today to the racket to performance senator as we welcome our newest Golden State warrior. So let's start a couple of questions first law. How was your weekend. Her a man who is great arm. You know Thursday night it was a it was a pleasant for me. No I'm I'm very thankful Steve. It just the guys that that that believe me and just mean the thing to come and and and hopefully contribute to another championship. So I have to ask about about draft that because I I'm always curious. To find out what how you found out and what was your media reaction will we doing. As far as not manages the he called me and he is like. Golden State as fast as we've gone and I can't bass sounds like really really really that you know he's I couldn't believe it. It is being overcomes. Organization wanted to greatest organizations that are probably big greatest team ever in the NBA history. Arm does not not. The dude be a part of something as legendary. Then they sent out a call from Steve Kurt. He's wanna say congratulate me and what you open arms you know so we talked for a little bit he said on my teeth feet future teammates who points out that real good. I get on a farmer hello and his Jamont you guys are less if it. Of course it was very much. And I he he's this Iran. San how excited they are communique here. And he's going to be on my book and they weren't in I statement let's turn some I'm excited. And to get these going get this thing it is they started they get Bob Meyers to address a trip modest analysis to jail manager but. Bob what I've read reading. Take a file of the use of files the doctor. How important was that versatility. When you're thinking about this election. You we we value. Defense of versatility offensive versatility it's kind of a modern NBA way now which is great but the it all boils down it has been a basketball player. It's and we we try to complicate these things sometimes but part of being a good basketball players one post importantly help when your team win. Which doesn't get talked about enough. And then to guarding your man and being an effective offensive players well and so for us. Know couple things stood out. It requires a Jacob bit not not few words Richard great to be honored or mentioned in those categories put it somewhere either it got a lot better. Look like get a great work ethic serious minded players cared about both sides of the ball and need you you hear a lot of things that these potential draftees safe. But it viewed Booth but one thing he said was performed on or what a championship. I just feel like so much of this. All of this process weathered the draft or free agency. Winning is the thing that gets lost. More than anything if you win all we're trying to do is put up as many of those yellow. It's always keep a note. Those yellow banner that's nothing else matters. If we can draft together helps us do that and we we succeeded I think we have one in Jacob. First time in three years we were not to talk about the 38 pick we moved up to and to the it's funny fake pictures so that. Which is a good thing but that it Jacob what do you know about both the lawyers in that and and what have you seen the last couple of years that excites you. The fans you know they saw about two dollars and ninety weren't straight games over the past six years arm. It is known that. I'm going on somewhere ready they want me arm so rapid developing just taken their minds. Not just from my coaches there from my teammates and they plan alongside Kevin Durant so that's the very claim to mind. His line in China development gains have been able to contribute. Lot of people. You're listening to the Jacob Evans press conference from the racquet consider an Oakland courtesy of NBC sports Bay Area on 957 game. Add to go to work because they had another work out to to hold and you were at that work out so what was it like being here for you on this the day of the parade. Book I stepped out of the hotel today pass right the hotel is and I saw stepped out this is seeing how much joy and excitement that they brought to this city. Army had us that those things you cherish forever you know rescue lights on ABC kids about figuring kid's arm. Nestle and also that no one can never take away from me as your champion. So it is seen that atmosphere calm I was just thinking I could I'm not gonna wanna wanna beat we're beating me you know so. I'm just excited since joining. A great situation. But they we're determine a lot size under contract out of upside what what what does that mean how that applies saying Jacob's case. Upside just means. The ability to get better which I think we all knew everybody and listening or watching her sitting here as. It's kind of what do we do with it and when we drafts a player. We'd like to believe that they're gonna get better and they wanna get better whether it's step courier quite comes senator hungry and that's. You're not getting better you're probably getting worse. So. And again like Jacob he's very shown that he wants to get better he's going to be put in an environment somewhere. When you're surrounded by people that are high achieving and our hard working you can't help. But get caught up in that momentum so Jake civil C Kevin Durant work around that basket healthy stuff occurred over their accounts over there. He's not gonna walk back and take a shower when guys that are a lot better than hammered still working so there's this. Culture that Steve has helped cultivate. There's people write what we do here and all Jacob all you have to do is be yourself don't be any different and he'll reached his ceiling whatever it is and you know I mean that. We we have found a way here to. Put players in a position where they can hopefully reach that potential. Well lawyers draft a player as Cincinnati back in the 1970s. And he helped the lawyers to a championship his name is Derrick Dickey. What sports is longer with us I'm hoping ticket that does that path will continue for you. Right now and open it up to our members of the media were here today. And we're gonna do it like a press conference Lou Frazier handedly got microphones on the side for you please state your. Art that was the start of the Jacob Evans press conference strict about it and of course the number 28 pick of the Golden State Warriors. In last Thursday's draft he's reading the Bay Area media that's sound courtesy of NBC sports Bay Area. Jacob Evans. Right. I gotta tell you if if if you're not a huge college basketball fan a lot of these names don't really mean a lot when you talk about outside the last three or five picks. What did you think the warriors expect him to committed place some kinda roll. Well he's gonna have to because one of the things it. You saw last year was at their bench is not. Does not give them the powerful. Weapon that it's been in the past so and it's not like they can bring in a bunch free agents. Because they are sort of not cash strapped but their tax stripped. So they're not going to be. Rooting around the market for for bargains here there and everywhere 'cause they're art and not for them not. Not when your paying you know like four dollars on the dollar. Right so yeah they're they're gonna need him to be. A useful player from the start. And that can mean twelve minutes a game that could mean eight. You know it could mean you know fifteen or sixteen depending on how quickly adapt sports media they'd they did not pick him to sort of guide him along slowly I think he's got a he's got to hit the ground running. And I mean even more so I think and then Jordan bill did or. Or or combined looney. Are you here's where I wanted to kind of wrap up Morgan be with you for another ten minutes or return to write to these baseball he's played the Detroit Tigers today. First pitch at 1210 town he's gonna take it over at 1130. So I wanna talk talk a little about baseball and here's the thing ray I'm. Like to commit and have some fun with you every once in awhile notice that that's fun for me out of authors for you are not not a guarantee nightmare for me but go on maker so tell everybody gets the joke is always come in today on a daily tea into the giants in the eighties their right. There right there. But I do want you to take on a couple things ray we got to baseball teams were almost at the half point of the year. And essentially get to 500 teams one team to games over the games one team one game over the giants. What are they worded it what are you go from here if you're both teams do you just keep continued just kind of ride it out. Order. Do you set. Senator arbitrary date where you may have to make some decisions on moving forward. Let's take the giants' first ray where where do you think they are and and what do you think their front office is thinking as they head toward the second part of the season. I I think they desperately want a reason not to be sellers or at least not to be bystanders. And yet there there when they're five games out in their division right and it seems. Not terribly likely that they're gonna become one of the wild card teams just as there. The the numbers wouldn't suggest that that's. Immediately. Reachable. But they're not so far behind. That they can't considered a possibility. The DA's are in a different place. Because. It they're they're just there I think there way. There's seven games out of out of the wild card. I don't know that Seattle's gonna come back in the pack but then they too like the date they need to do this to play out. You know past the all star break. Before they decide what they war I mean now they might sort of have their own sense of what it is right but you know it if they win them. Eight of the next ten and all the sudden they are in the argument too but if they lose data the next and then their done. And then that decision makes you know. Makes itself what happens when both teams essentially are five or five the last ten after an author I mean tell me how far behind Seattle the a's will be. Let's say about the same okay. Then that's a that's a tough call though the a's have you don't always been more likely to be sellers and buyers. And the giants have been more likely to be buyers and sellers so. History would suggest if nothing else that the giants would try to make themselves. Immediately better where is the a's would look. Down the road. While looks like cuts and it's a frustration. Or both teams fan base is because. Giants fans are a lot of giants fans. Want this to rebuild tap right an ace fans have been doing nothing but watching rebuilt. They would like to see them. Make a run for it like it in fourteen. So I think that's you know. That's where there rat which is we don't know yet what they're gonna do but the next two weeks. Between. Basically in next three weeks between now and the all star break will determine most of that. Well there is a piece of good news for the giants you know sometimes you get a the big guy who gets used banged up a little bit ready and then the next thing you know he's. Starts feel healthy and it's almost like acquiring. A new player almost like acquiring a free agent. Hotter patents. Rae Hunter Pence. Could he be the catalyst to this turnaround for the giants may have big game winning hit yesterday. Was lying double down the line. The chopper but nevertheless. Hunter Pence what do you do with Hunter Pence right. I look they're not Italy they're not gonna release. Says amid so you never mind that. They have to figure out if they can. Play him everyday. And I think some of that will be determined by whether they think. They're close enough to Arizona or the Dodgers to make a run. And if they if they are no longer that. Then maybe you start looking at Slater more and you you call up doctor and you know just it's the problem with passage in it. His slash line missile awful. What's a slash live well in you know average on base percentage slugging. And his slice landed 196 to 5228. It's awful but that was called slash line when it went that terminology command I know what the three numbers or five years ago. You don't bother you about that re the people who she started issuing companies. Yeah slash lined up close and I can't comment par Lance isn't. It it's common parlance among baseball and yet ideas but I'm not stranded and I'm not trying to be a Wii's no notice you're no I I think I think pence is a difficult choice because one he's making a a lot of money. They don't wanna pay for guy to sit on it on the beach. Too there's an emotional attachment to him because of his role in the in the in the past. And three it's not like you can move him anywhere. Because you know the numbers suggest that he's about at the end. So it really is. He had it that's our call for them but in terms of playing. Breached by that you have no problem sitting him if if he thinks you know. The team's chances of of advancing our improved by him sit right. Oh what time is being ESPN show tonight that we're gonna watch. They're gonna in a few words today. I think it's 6 PM. Tonight. I covered what. You're watching didn't know where you watch it I'm not going to watch. What are your watch tonight. I will find a baseball game. I will find something else I want IV I don't want to watch people in tuxedos. Walk up to a staging get an award. I know who's gonna I mean I will know who's going to win because Twitter will tell me. What why oh why would you watch it I what is short fascination with this well I'd just will you don't have a fail are barely won I didn't know. Maybe a little medio Lott is saying you're not watching this seed. What does James Harden goes you know electors special shout out to LeBron James who want to Houston well then I'll find that out onto quarter. And I can. Truly it's more about real time. Real time but nothing like that is going to happen OK it's not. Ray I assure you I James Harden is going to awkward team's hard. I'm Mort are more into the fact that real time's an important concept you know I'm more into yet but real time. Can be wasted. By expecting award shows to be anything other than tedious exercise. For example the warriors had a minority owners now the owner of the Sacramento Kings ruak run even he wrote a book with 22 advantage. And he in the book showed. That two seconds can make a world of difference in. I'm an award shows. I will like I wanna watch a game lives. Hey I want what's something it's unscripted lives. This is incredibly script about it but his point is let's say there's a fire. In and which are usually is unscripted I'm lecturing arsonists. The fire. Gets reported two seconds before. And it's somebody else finds out that two seconds could be the difference between. Between life and death edit it also works the same in business ray you make good decision. And and maybe got to pay off in terms of profits at center. OK but that's not based on any scripted television show in which awards are given to people have a pretty good idea they're going to win. Her report shows do not have an immediacy to them. Did you watch the BET awards yesterday now at least. Me I don't what did you watch last that what did you do last night I was driving back from reference. Bay Area. That takes fourteen minutes. And not a win when he lives where he thought. It's an hour and a half plus I was drinking. Well I shouldn't say I was drinking I was I had a drink we were we we had dinner ready on. So I didn't watch him be Q which did you watch them I didn't because I was up. Did you ask the flash flood because I want to see if anything happened that I missed out on. And I would be that conduit you thought that I would be the person you'd go to that we find out we got to wrap it up we got to go to a's baseball Chris tells the next re a kiwi to see you next time.