Steiny and Guru – 2 – Giants talk, Warriors/Spurs, Tim Bontemps joins

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, April 18th

Hour 2. Steiny and Guru are joined by Tim Bontemps (Washington Post) to talk about how the Spurs can’t seem to keep up with the Warriors (even without Steph Curry) and despite the Warriors history with Game 3’s, doesn’t think there is any way the Spurs come back. We talk the history of Warriors Game 3’s, NBA first round matchups, and why is Steiny’s wife responsible for Barbara Bush eating a dog biscuit.


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Giants aren't going anywhere. The days they're they have too many days with a pitcher's pitch well but they don't care. And then two pretty days with the pitchers don't play well or don't pitch well. And then they hit. Malaga had missed not to mention. We've already started to see. What. A lot of people said was gonna happen including me they're gonna get hurt this year and La Gloria banged up so. I mean one thing the one thing I was thinking not that I wanna get too sidetracked on the giants. But. We always have this thing about fans fans don't know fans don't know what's going on. There is no. Know what coach really goes fans don't know what GM really doesn't really know the game we'll tell you so. Last year at the beginning of the season. Stopping giants with a lot of people Tony. I'll say it. She asked you who's been along time safe is giants then Dickinson who follows baseball more than. What anybody I know and go to more games than anybody I know so I think those three guys know little slump then. They were all saying before last season. I don't know about this giants. I don't know I don't think I think this giants teams who struggle so or would they do. But the giants management said you know what. About died in May be you know the shuttle. We'll bring him McCutcheon at La Gloria general talk about what altitude before last are you got you got two. Coming off a playoff loss to the cubs bill signing people had some coming off a worse second half of any team in baseball and my point is this is that it. There were a lot there are a lot of fans that are looking at what the giants did last year. And the same thing happened at the start this year I was even when it's not going anywhere. Only if they could do this they can do that if everything fault and not I don't think they're going anywhere so. The reality is. Fans don't know a lot. Fans that are objective duo a lot. You can make your case did not eligible giants fans have looked at the team for the last two years and said this team's not gonna get it done where as. Ownership and management has said. We don't rebuild we are big effort we just don't think we can win with this team yet and hey let's slow our roll too it's not twenty games yet. Is ya doing baseball season is still young you're right it's not twenty games is a 162. So. In my alarmed at what I'm seeing from the giants' offense guess what stymie their slow. In the end when you go birth certificate they're older there's no athletic schism I'm more or opt out predicted 345. Home runs. From three different players and a giant uniform thank you Joseph panic but. That's not looking so hot but the beautiful thing is I got all the way to September before you two are Gotti grow the question with bad bet though guru is. Is weighing do you think Wendy just kind of man. You know I mean of course it's like what it's like what I always say just as you can do something doesn't mean you should do now my dad's favorite saying and my point is. You can wait a 162. Games to pay off that bat. But a real. Real solid human. A guy with a solid core. Solid coal coup. Would say. Maybe a 110 games and you know this was bad that might ponder on the rod Wright and now I'm just. Recollect what I'm a single what I would have deals like PG NE I wouldn't pay it to the 48 hour notice to why would you pay an early. I'd wait to the 48 hour notice came in then I knew it was seriousness. That you did you pay. I don't think there's anybody in the history of baseball it's hit nine homers in two games. That's probably millions what. It's we're gonna come there it's gonna be last week of the season and you're gonna be like art posing need to cut but how he needs a twelve over in the oil well okay in a McCutcheon needs to hit a lab and a map there are still alive. Yes I think they're going to be better than you take right now who the giants' offense has to come. In quite a was exceptional. Even what. A doobie ankle after a bad thing. I know it's a small sample size the giants on pace to lose a hundred games is that true that's nice Tinto and won't them now. A math is not the well then you'll need me to explain it to you. That a current it's an extrapolation sensation San Diego series concern over the week that that's when I was like oh we got a problem. And it's not used to it will certainly have a problem we're literally it's a little bit of both by the a's get a surprise. I must say yes. 2012. Man they got off it and when you're not confident in this home run Eric anything's possible. But the giants have station to station a strike they have opiates. I like him. You like he's you look at his eyes here this skit I don't I don't even know what his wife looks like kind of helpful I don't want to get into that. Yeah I don't care and Wendy Williams. Well that's different she's on the TV screen every single time we try and issues are active. Pence says for now he's done Pennsylvania he's that one if I don't know why I don't know who they know it bring up Williamson dammit. There are slow fibrosis Bob Horner hit four home runs in one game Minnesota rocky Colin veto so good Mike Schmidt. But they didn't come back the next day and his fine. But yeah Bob Horner. My favorite players that he had an inning or 2510. Great a great name from the past and that was chip care he's listened to him or TBS. Do the brace it's good knowledge and can I say this is really really good knowledge. So anyway their their the giants. The days. The unusual who's more exciting is there any doubt about it there is right now are grave for a quick yeah I know who won't be doing a free game. The jump on its. So why do you say that there's no way in hey oh did you and AT&T park. Oh my personal lives every seats they're now. If these were holed tales the stadiums this AT&T is the four seasons. In their outlook he coliseum offer a baseball game with the let's keep your really not free I don't we don't regain your own in the fourth week. Value to the brink again at the board representative a valued talked almost RD. What more what you aren't Amare are relieved that song's going you know what I need your grips on the moon is a new grips. Yeah but the public television your play tennis or play tennis you know you have to grip and then you put that wrap around the grip. Well that's kind of items sticky that's how you buy a degree comes what do but yet I try to get my shares slip that's happened a couple times now. But anyway Shonn Greene hit four home runs camera two there's a there's a lot of guys I mean not a lot but there's several and they commit four. Willie Mays do it. So Willie Mays my but probably not that would come up right away. Well on the tax and by the way. I have a serious have a serious thing to say oh yeah and then at the end of the show I'm gonna try to ended with a funny now I mean this year's so. Barbara Bush passed yesterday. Some 92 year old former First Lady that's actually was the last nine. You know what I think it to actually if everybody had the kind of life that she had there'd be no problems in the world I echo those sentiments but it's because issues. Whatever she's okay for no there's nothing political about this seed in the story. So condolences to the bush family I'm sure they're very happy that I sent in gold of about Marla Obama's superior to everybody did it. But anyway. Power when it tees this story about Barbara Bush. What if I told you. That Marty. Wife. What was responsible for her eating at a dog biscuit. Barbara Bush Barbara Bush the first late would you not don't hurt not maliciously and I don't want to get into details. Well we got his story I'll tell you this story and how would you know why and I'm close to Barbara Bush the first in the vicinity there's a lot of news. I'll. If you wanna hear the story about Barr I'm a bush I wanna hear Barbara Bush eating a a dog biscuit. What time ten now eleven channel today this story it's unbelievable and it's true is absolutely positively true. It's incredible what. I mean eleven to 1150 I'll tell about 1150. 1140. I wanna get into. NBA playoffs. Coming up. And warriors of course up 20 and it's looked like the New Orleans pelicans could be their next opponent of Honolulu that pelicans boss you don't remember my. Muck things in the missed out getting excited. I heard low Neil this morning and I said I'm still left my notepad open he was talking about the pelicans as if he was meet. The pelicans are serious. And they came in here three weeks ago and put it on Golden State. I don't like him say. Because of an attests Curry's knee. In ankle that's what I don't like about. Well who wouldn't. Portland wouldn't test Disney. That Daewoo but you'd be able to it not as much as it is the pelicans are they're good how are you test the knee. Well the more this morning hey knock them down up and down the blazers are what Monta Ellis that he admits staff curry would be in the same backcourt. A first round playoff exit. They got a break the same problem. A coma and a low ball them. I got to. And he did what I would know what. To put this stuff about Barbara Bush on the tax line that. It does. In my say her name wrong or some room we wanna hear this too Barbara Bush is Stein let what does this mean Barbara Bush was married to a murder. I might give it that's good name wrong. And what's going on Barbara Bush passed yesterday is that Corretja and they are doing right Barbara Bush okay. You know somebody's really getting into my head or hip on the tax like anyway. Who's a better second round matchup do we wanna go there and put it we wanna talk about game three of the San Antonio Spurs and don't forget coming out. At 1150. Well we got it my Barbara Bush. Eats the dog biscuits story. Now back. In 957. Big game. That's how I met sterile would you root Johnson and masterpiece. Along with the most overrated player. But I've never seen play. So. Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed yesterday and there's a story that I wanna relate about her for it's kind of funny. And it's not a low blow. And it's it also shows. A human side of her and nobody's heard written I just. For Reuters were teasing a former First Lady you passed the way that no I'm not teasing here. Absolutely not she had a great life 92. Class act I think everybody agrees with the I'm not getting political here. I just have a a kind of a humorous story that I think and then. But it also shows how she could be a little bit self effacing and not take yourself too seriously despite being. Someone who's that powerful and that. Important of a person's self. It's not an offensive story and it paints her innate good light Wednesday. Game three tomorrow warriors San Antonio Spurs. What do I told you I gotta I gotta stay out here that should alarm. You ready for India. Because there's nothing that should be a lot army and in this week. In the Steve Kerr era. A call and here the Golden State Warriors are six and six. In game 36. And six not a shock. I mean their lead now. Check this out. Is unbelievable. Last year game threes. They went for now. Obviously they only lost one playoff game and I was in game four shall last year they were for no year before that the 73 win team. Went oh and four in game threes. ON four and didn't want it all. So game threes I know I should beware gained two and I was. I'm gonna say I was kind of right about that because that game did not resemble game one. And as it. So reported on elect be wrong but. No the fact is that I think tomorrow's game is going to be very difficult for the wars. I've I wouldn't be shocked if they if they lose agreements and an addict you said that here's the thing the guru of our era now you know going I mean. When you. Make a prediction like this week you leave yourself some a little wiggle room. You know I mean like. If if the warriors lose by one tomorrow and then they blow with the spurs out quite twenty in game 420 game five it's like. You're wrong even though you have it generally right you know what I mean yeah but I'm one of Seattle and look at it like debt of one of a million people on earth. That made a prediction. That is not many Nostradamus. So in the grand scheme of things. If if it goes five and I predicted for your wrong but it's not about me being wrong it's about the warriors advancing. Look nobody it's about. You're passion in those lawyers are superior. To disperse but how superior. Did they can be down in half in it take four minutes of the third quarter before them for them to take a leaving you realize you know what these teams better than the spurt. I think the spurs. Have lost their soul with this co why literate thing. To Wear their best effort was being up at halftime we shocked me. Our game to. So we're gonna see eighteen come out flat tomorrow and tidy home sparse yet dates are good enough flat what is Barkley say they got there artillery for for. Pork to more out power aware that they're Mexico they're they're. Dennis coon Cancun. So the warriors win by one then blow them out in game four does that make me right met no I said. I set up ought to be a five games as an asset for. Or otherwise said this week. Right but what scares you about tomorrow well first of all okay but you you've been more forceful about your sweep like I'm kind of say in you know like I could see the so I make a prediction on the warriors spurs side mama say warriors in five outcome don't. The worse or better but I could see the spurs win the game. Down in San Antonio I so that's the way I say to people sent a style that's five games but you can tell he's not. Which you are forceful about that sweet what did you say to it is is. Can sometimes paint you into corner and I got a new and your petition on I don't deal and I and I got something new to share with you why know what's gonna be a sweet. Staff Curry's not plants of the gore will not be let dale. This team this is the first playoff series without staff they're going to send a message gets to whom not dispersed. To them sales in coach Kirk do we got this so remark you can see his spurs team come on the first quarter they may be lead after one. But this thing will be overweight terror. Darling little again you see now that won by fifteen told us not into okay what an asset to this one on me. I'm never gonna change you gotta be you know no doubt got a new mom is that no place. We don't wanna be that though we either guru you wanna be open mind tumbled the most open minded guy you know just shoot yourself and your worries. Are you sit your lazy opened. I guess it can be vote was just about the best I didn't help but how you people with. Because when I feel some that I go up month tours to boy I doubt that both strong okay. But what I'm wrong I'll tell you hey you know what you got. For example and here we go I mean you you. If you've predicted a sweep incredibly bold prediction out some what Sam halfway there you are what then you. You also padded doubled down on it before game two incidents could be sweep in fact this game will be over by halftime. It wasn't over by halftime. So liked. You just turned it up 12 hand touch is you know what I mean and you didn't have to do you don't have to do that but it's what I failed. It's not about being a right it's about I'm trying to kill you. How strongly feel about something and tomorrow night the warriors in that they'd better be in the road blue jerseys and not their home why dwell on this madness. It's over. It's over. Pop want to Al. And if this were the USC disperse or to happen now they gave their best effort. A cut the first set I don't judge I don't think he's an effect they were up six at half. Dash I I have forgotten who they were. And their pedigree it won't happen you okay Star Wars off guard tomorrow and the idea that this merger are. Already in Mexico or that or they did or they're gonna lay down tomorrow that to me is preposterous. So when they lose by ten or twelve and you're not saying they won't. Will you be like the world GE man and you bought I don't watch the game and it got to watch again clearly. The spurs played harder in game two. Then in game one. Anthony that could be an insult to this our players so you eat that went top of it I don't think it was that the warriors came out in game one. And I thought they kinda overwhelmed dispersed defensively. But off they would like truly. Was that a real win was that indicative of JaVale McGee and his dominance or did the spurs get cot as they say in the streets slipping and and he got away with some stuff in it was easy to fix fully and the spurs were like hey we're gonna lose in negative because the JaVale McGee. The second game and others are so played harder in game two they were more prepared in game two they were more aggressive. In game two they fort they they. You realize the warriors what was it 28 to fourteen in the first quarter. They were coming up for the last possession to go up thirty to fourteen to know they may steal a million crazy three at the end if it's 4817. Realities using were harsh. Who's in the worst than that. Nevertheless I. I have too much respect for the spurs and their real. Yeah but the spurs are done as we know knows him in this funeral if they don't they're giants of the NBA. Without co Y Leonard there of the giants. Mechanical wise Matt bomb rent but may bump came back they can't get their guy back this is this but the giants don't. Have they mailed it in the giants know Osama last year was. This is what this is what this for the giants last year with the spurs gonna be next year like they're in every series there's an underdog in favor. Note and what not to. Not every dog. Packs and then when they're down 20 dear I saw graphic last night I mean Bob. Boston came back on the bulls last year. Okay. I just think what you just talked about in Steve current record. In game three is something that team is talking about they've been reminded. And they're gonna come out like a pit bull and I honestly believe the one doctor feel. Do. They'd like this talent to be in on the role in they're gonna suffocate. A team that they're better than it and I would bet on that a hundred times out of a hundred as opposed to the spurs. Charlie kept the warriors Al Gore he did gagging too and had a lead. At halftime Steve Kerr is not gonna allow would note that the players OC cars cannot speak Kirk can't allow or disallow. I think there's no way behind closed doors on if I was a coach. You can show your disdain you you can show how disgusted. You all are. With the team without you know going Bobby Knight and I think that's what Kirk and nobody knows what he said to woman have done. In game two I think she ripped into next year are joining us right now from the Washington Post Tim bon Temps who covers the NBA. And he does it pretty. Learn well Tim how you don't man. Well sorry you good guy you in the bay are you out about on the road. Now I'm I'm here and let's are left Cleveland premiere the first round was great to lose tonight but now I think operated on Indianapolis. I'm I'm otherwise I'll be here watching it all. Catcher. Let's just right away jump into the the spurs warriors series. Too low gained three. Thursday he gave three typically get teams kind a last stand. Maybe not last but typically game three's the team down 20. Comes out on fire do you expect anything different from the the spurs then that tomorrow. I know our other I mean everybody if you put out Treo this series it's substantially all of course very idea that they're maturing at a wal. Morrow and you know why I'm sure they're you know they're of their crowd will be into it and you know the medical state turns up a little bit they can get a game and at least make this series but you know I had death I would say that. Game three goes pretty close out game two minutes from that it took awhile and goals stated magical the way it comes aware that the west. Clinton let me just get your your thought on the on one specific thing from game two and it was disbursed for for 28. How do you look at that you look at it. And let's say theoretically from the spurs side and say you know what we get 28 threes at home. And then the identical looks we're gonna make nine or ten and we win the ball game or you look at the other way until there's a reason they were four for 28 because the worst play pretty good defense and so. That's not likely to change in a dramatic way. I read an article more threes well I I just think. They're just has such a disadvantage from scoring standpoint in this series that. There local state locked in which is very typical. For. Very typical for dispersed really get a critically walks and a they. Mean yeah there's a chance it could go fourteen for 483. At all then and it'll be yet connection thirty points or three probably win the game but. I just don't think that's very likely given the way these two teams match up and I don't opens this early is as. You know a year be as you know they didn't get looks because Baltic defense earlier or they they get a look at all the make I'll buy. I I just think overall you know reignited it appears gonna go along have been picked it for right I've had an epic at five what does that. It's editorial from all that standpoint just can't keep up with the warriors he went out steps and besides you the first two games in even you know all pulled games at times work exactly the kind of rocked by spurs needed to be particularly game to end they still could scored. And I just don't let schools state really turn off for somebody get bag popping game three. I it is hard to meet you how that. Formula gonna change. Tim I'll watch getting to the from a spurs perspective and I was look at Mitt who's not doing what. And through two games and it looks like I can go back to the regular season to back me up what is happening Danny Green. I mean the last couple years acronym of the finals against the this LeBron led Miami Heat. I mean you left him hoping you were gonna pay forty could put it on the floor but not only does not look confident. He just looks like I'm may have overestimated it hit his ability to play this game at a high level. Well I mean there's always been three you'd be guy and I mean it is Steve I've been a little bit of a slump right now but that's still what is the new over the course this career he's been Nader are recorded in god is basically got a spot up and knocked out a couple threes that play really did beef and no look I think right these reported forty minute game in the series because of there. You know minute but it green or to doubt there'll or you know played patty dealt yeah up to do it to got a birdie the other side. I don't think that the spurs have an upside out there to meet. You know did the spurs need to go with Patty Mills and and Danny and and I would go look pretty today about expert on problem markets I would just try to score what you like and Tibet. That's the only way they've got a chance to make it competitive it is based boats shooting and Villa but the market go to work quite heated game to go to otherwise. You know unit that you play good defense which editorial typically does they just can't keep up local state and that. You know the end of the day is it it's not it's similar to the situation that. Minnesota and the rockets are organs so is generally going to be playing inside three point arc in and used by an outside agent about those four. I think in the series more than anything a Antonio RY what. Situation we're in about it doesn't work advantage of the last minute audio are much Golden State what that back in theory whether gays are and I don't really think if that map. Yes kind of funny Tim because. A guy like Danny Green let's say he's in the big shooting slump the first two games. Some people might be like what got you Danny Green out of there and can't make a shot whereas maybe the better way to go his. Well he can we do we got to keep him in there because who's gonna make more shots than him. Right you don't I mean I mean you got it given the benefit of the doubt that maybe he'll go five for eight tomorrow. Absolutely and they only have a few guys securely guard out of Alec wire like it you know better aren't quite in cabin but. You know they'd territory at the better to wait you know wings and delete and exotic I've been put the ball or create plays than it scored twenty points a game by. They'd need they just did they need him out there and you know again this is the team that. You know you can argue module we suspect that Lara spurs right now at forty that. That's what is around you Mario being amazing and what elective requires ever at all so the fact that this is just right now pretty limited Kirstie. Without coli and you know that that's just the situation area I mean that you know that this series should not be competitive. If gold fate plays the way it's supposed to. And you know that's why are you get what the way they did and I ate or be surprised if the next few dole called anyway. How big a trouble is Cleveland in. I don't think during that much trouble is people think. It if you look at game Warren. I want to say Indianapolis went Larry yet aware that big weapon for 25. From three for ten for 25. And they are I think we're 26 that three made that he's been per game. And the cap that the court eat for 34 from three. In a pork he birdied three made this season. So is that a situation where are we go but a lot of wide open shot became more and if they goal. It vehicle 35 like they normally do. They are right to negate. All I can be I think that India has not an issue that way again. I think we've got to shoot batter. And I think they're gonna be five a look back gave tonight about the ramifications would mean ignored our all to pull back the Indianapolis on Friday. That he could get them all right I mean look how often doubt they've been all these and it would be fascinating the Al. That he would handle that situation with the real adversity immediately the first round. You know against the pacers team that looked at Cowen. Either on or what do ya think they are or what now get the captaincy and edit it what three won the regular season finale won the first game of the playoffs so. It's a tough match up for Berkeley or for whatever reason and it ought to be answered the but I I do you think that the cavs are gonna go back it wind into it. But be all right but I'm going to be crude are clued into that game you'll break the job tonight because that that got rapid replication typical get caps. Yeah absolutely Tim thanks so much for joining us as always end though we will see down the road. So I that's him bon Temps in the Washington Post talk in NBA. Playoffs. Anything their pitcher. Did to he thinks Cleveland like San Antonio have they hit their thirties you go to get a different outcome. Monday night for 48 that did that's not indicative of how they usually shoot but. I'm eager to see how the team responds that now more LeBron study is the guys around. And if they can't answer the bill. I could almost say have they ever answered the bill guys like did in Clarkston. It's a day I'm eager to see how that plays out but more stunned that the pelicans are too low because I think they can give the lawyers a fifteen round match. Pelicans up 20. Warriors up 20 I'm last year Boston. Beat Chicago in six games after. Being down 02 of course Rondo was hurt for the bulls in that series. Which a lot of people fell turned the they were up two hours via our 2016. Number 20 lead nets series by any team. Which you might remember this. Warriors were down 20 in the NBA finals. To the cavaliers. And so the words were up to our jobs aren't out yet this. Talk about. Warriors two games to none and they ended up losing that series. Also in 2016. Portland beat the clippers at the fallen behind. 20. Memphis beat the clippers in thirteen after fallen behind. 20 in 2012. Oklahoma City beat San Antonio. After fall behind too low and there's 1235 other times before that until it. It happens it happens. It beat it can't happen I don't think it's gonna happen with the with the warriors put the other score wouldn't I wouldn't be shocked if it happens with the pelicans. Even I do think the pelicans obviously integrates. Andy you you got to give their home court advantage. Some more respect. Boots New Orleans that place goes crazy I got no quarter. I think entries on a roll man we he would out I think he's going to be tighter come you have last night gentry he implied. And we're happy to be your role coach we honor roll. We have is he overall because his team's just plain well a team doing. Is probably coaching the exact same one. We got to talk about all the bill Fitch didn't job wouldn't so all those teams have played well with the players. Mostly there's a couple of how already noted dot let them less of coaches. Well. Could you do this man Nelson who's never won anything. But a budget some people say meaningless regular season games where guys are. Bass and well. Now let me go to you. Have to respect Don Nelson for his. He's ingenuity. And his creative mind if you wanna say he never won the big one let's face he never did win the big one. But and you can save he was gimmicky and he was all those guys write off. But he was an elevator there's absolutely and he also won more games than any other coach and the history of the NBA which can't just be discarded so if he was if I were to give you another coach with the reputation. Like you just described about net in this is no not. Mike and Tony would be at the table he did or what Don Nelson. He's innovator but some would say oh he's not a winner and a that's I mean no there's there is a very limited and Tony now that's not a slight to meet yeah I think I think Nellie was even more. Kind of out there like a mad scientist and the and then Tony seemed to me Nelson did stuff that was. The two balls I mean. Put the new poll out of the family doing I don't twenty years ago you know I mean he put. He. Had. Chris Mullin guarding Patrick Ewing. I mean just did crazy cricket world works and this is in l.'s most Phil Jackson the best coach in your mind in the have to meet. Control in those those don't mind is what made him great who is that begs the best answer is no two x.s and l.'s coach do you. I'd Pat Riley Popovich Reilly's very very good although Riley was also motivated Riley I think had the total package. A lot of people that say Phil Jackson and you didn't call time out spared him well are there a lot of people that say that the triangle offense is about the worst offense. You can run in the NBA and the only reason it worked was because he had Coby. And Michael Jordan and of course Shaq also along with Kobe but doesn't that speak to his greatness that is the worst offense you can run but he now it to work I don't know I. I don't I don't know I will say this about the pelicans it's so funny because. At the beginning of the year I was thinking yea you know Portland's good after that they're gonna have to move either. Willard warm column and then as the end the regular season was coming. I was thinking and you what this team looks like it's taken it to the next level I don't. Maybe those two guys can't play together but now after the first two games is what I mean I'm flop flip flop every once in awhile. I can totally see why you. What Portland had a lot of trouble Q. And I came that the Golden State Warriors. They want Portland way more than the paladins and I'll tell you why. Portland backcourt. For his goodness it is. Is being capable. Of out playing the Golden State Warriors back out and we save it out by day. The help Indians back court has a chance because. Rondo and Jrue Holiday play defense may and look no lowered in my column don't so the best Portland trailblazers are gonna do. Is have. Their backcourt have 59 in the Warner's backcourt 55 we save it we seeded in the playoffs whereas. Ron Donnelly I'll say it's gonna happen but. The pelicans have a better chance to win the backcourt matchup I think then. Lowered in a column and then you throw in the fact that. Davis could be. In a given series the best player on the floor. Adored him more trouble with the New Orleans study I got a text from one of the best basketball players to come at a Union City Reggie steal bases. And he said Jrue Holiday. Is ball he has improved his game you needed help basic Italian we have elected television but. Jrue Holiday tell me you knew he was going to be this effective I knew I knew all my new. I knew he had the potential to be a phenomenal. Phenomenal caller. When my Currie was getting his first contract. With the ankle injuries. If you asked GM to they'd rather have they would say to holiday and said come on back yet now I got when courier in his third year and the reason is. Drew holiday can the fans not just point guards Jrue Holiday can defend three positions may two holiday. You don't get high or too I'm watching this and a here's the other thing about true true holiday is first time he's really really been healthy. And to you cannot tell me the fact that his wife came through the brain tumor in the pregnancy. On the plus side that you cannot tell me that's not a factor he's playing in freeing us agree this is gravy for drew holiday he did off his wife was gonna be alive. You know his wife was gonna rings are three ridership brain tumor owls started disagree with the Portland pelicans take little from column ten outplay Stefan clay. While holiday and Rondo can't. I mean. The reason. No will wouldn't column can outplay the warriors backcourt because. William column ten stopped play and curry. But Klay Thompson ten turn one of those guys into a volume guy that's why I don't think. By and large they can outplay the warriors and we've seen it about on the playoff stage. We we got the proof of that to Baghdad are sure give you my Barbara Bush story but everybody's wait Stein stops singing at the Davis is better than direct and see this is this is my wonder whether people listener now I said that Anthony Davis has the capability. Of being the best player on the floor in a series against the warriors. The only way you're got to beat the warriors people. Easier if you're backcourt can outplay. Curry in clay. And then somebody upfront they got to ten mitigate Anthony gave a can mitigate. And ray my degree in Atlanta and they got to end Anthony Davis. Could possibly do that merit take is he's phenomenal man. All right so. It would Barbara Bush was married to George Bush the first and they had a dog they had a dog named Millie. If you're what kind of dog that I think is Cox back. So Millie was a target because they were the bushes and they were the first family they received a lot of gifts for Millie Boca and pet stores and just pet lovers would just send them toys and but Nadal who clearly for Milli movement a well. That that. They can't keep that. You know the the the first fairly can't keep stuff like that because there could be impropriety. At all like how to go to this so. My wife's friend very good friend. Named Peggy. A Peggy was. Barbara Bush's personal assistant. 'cause my wife lived in Washington for high skill in the day so she was Barbara Bush's. Purcell assistant so. Barbara Bush has a big bag. There are tons of them but she gives Peggy. A bag of dog toys are registered dog toys extra. Because they couldn't do anything with them and they forget just given to somebody who use and she she gained the Peggy will pay heed and haven't. Susan got cousins and added all this so. She gives Susan she's just pick out she's gonna give and go bunch of people so she says pick out some dog toys so what are the dog toys was. Dog toy of George Bush. You know how they make kind you know whenever any president they make. You know to thought toy maybe George Bush and dog Jim and I probably. Or or or not typical whenever president you know you make something that kind of makes light of a more when there is thought to wave of George Bush in there so Susan took down one. And apparently her dog at the time Lucy. Loved that just coordinate Joker yeah approach. Dog toy George did a shred yet so. Susan did you baker says she's like you know this is a really nice gifts are I'm gonna give. Peggy and Barbara Bush a thank you. Gesture. So she's not well I'll do I'll make dog treats for really. I don't she's got to make the treats from really what she only had. Apparently she only had those things all we can make the shape of them you know some circles summer to become yet cookie what she only had stars. I could make the cookie and stars so Jamaica at least this puts it on a nice play with a blow she gives it to Peggy she says here this is for. Miller the first the first fairway and Millie. And down. Just to say thank you for almost to a confederate federal appellate Peggy. Never caught that they were for milk. And so there was something going on and yeah he put out. The dog cookies the cookies biscuits. Says people food. Seoul. Barbara Bush had a cookie a dog cookie. When he realized well she realized it is the party was over she was walking with Peggy. And said down. He paid yet only did. We really appreciate that gift from your brand our Bay Area I think she might have forgotten to put sugar. Sugar cookies. And Peggy said. What really initially they thought they were very good. Let's just try I tried to Peggy of course goes back to Susan and says Susan. Are they lay you eight bit and bush didn't like those cookies and Susan like what cookies. The cookie Zhu made the bushes. Like a big companies per milliliter dog cookies. So Barbara Bush eight. A dog cookies getting my wife and Barbara well that's trying to do the best part of the story. And it showed us fighter known now which shows how Barbara Bush was. Never took yourself too seriously so apparently Peggy then went back and told Barbara Bush fit Bob Beckett deal but those were for mentally how. And Barbara Bush had a lot less fat. But. What ended up happening after that hat was whatever. Barbara Bush would buy we don't go get dog food or. Dog food that the joke then became Barbara Bush kind of winking at Peggy saying. I can tell the difference between good dog food for million. If I can. You know like it was always kind of the things that she never took yourself too seriously and took a look at some somebody. Hello this sort of something would have got fired over net. Yeah maybe over the miss read it should be different than the dog fluke why associate eight dollars you get one if you don't want Cokie just one coach mass enough. She gets a name but. Body aren't quite a harmless for not taking herself to see is she yeah she was just like old. She found out and bush pardon Roman god. Oh okay well you know did you imagine hey the Bush's election senior editor. Your great T tiller again there's NASA while. There's the China fossil. There's there's funny Barbara Bush orbit may she rest in peace and 9292. Years old she had a she had a great life and you know what. I will get serious for a minute. When Barbara Bush was the First Lady there was so much more civility. In politics. And I didn't stop there. But there was so much more civility. What do you think about Bruno San Martino passing. Salient. What do you think about Bruno San Martino passing and he died. McGinn. Bruno sale Martina. You don't know Bruno Martino is. One of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Bruno San Martino told heroes area and Rahal and worries and talk of him but rest when is it they don't talk to me. In high school degree murder so Martina Russell got was legitimately a big guy. What do you less than it. Brasilia. It reveals the ID now on the college ideological level audience. Don't give me that if we beat these guys been under way here this Andre the Giant who was my favorite is not real. You have no idea. Such a rough so maybe Q of day no I'd stopped watching wrestling thing Q but I'd. Look I've. I probably know more about wrestling than just about anybody from 1970. To 1985. Have very reflective of my good judgment Bruno San Martino. Of Denmark today we got we got it 49 we got ten seconds apparently it's hard out is what their car to drive so what Tony is coming up with eight east pre game next. Thanks a lot Burleson and everybody.