Steiny and Guru – 2 – Draymond vs Klay, LeBron Destination, Guru vs Umpires

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, June 19th
Hour 2. Steiny and Guru continue the conversation on the Warriors off-season plan, talk about a destination for LeBron and is Guru’s shirt really 19 years old?

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He did what they can't even if he can do more than stick Edison JaVale McGee a flight to Susan download. But not his coordinated from. You know the three point line in the way he can. And they get to the cup Gordon does that any Hillary's Gordon to get to the cup. I want to really I bet on the magic some back him up at data and go yeah. So he's so he can shoot threes he can drive Eddie's a low post guy. He's got to be command and she money. We'll watch their contract in a brick tomorrow. I'm sure they will and I like what he stayed away. Stop stop they're light years away. In eight what you know it's who like yeah. Ed did that's a big part of slightly become Tibet. I mean Joseph lakers gonna go outside a bunch of nice guys CP wins title number three in a row though you know I'm saying what about lake up real quick his his nick shape. And they senate too long Joey light eaters. Denny said he was OK with that he's getting black Dickey in what he did. Who came up way too when I hear you know I know but. What they ended all the fan doesn't get any credit for it he just linked it was likely that sizzle there and Atlanta put it together and they ran it by Joseph. But they fed he liked it now. Wake of its like that would almost be like being able to give yourself and our people do it ought to talk. Yeah I think it's and you've done and I've told you I think I've never yet it's likely get me in my moniker. Please. I thought I don't let you sit on the drew the rule water. The girl I remember yeah I caught me and say good Google want you think you are some type of good rule. And that I think if you plan that would now nobody planet in minutes dot. You talk about airing Gordon right here. Are you gotta from a different. Well apparently made the caller said Eric who were out now and well now to lose a great player but he's eight Gary you'll be looking for work. All right so you wanna get a photo with the championship trophy anybody wanna get a photo with the championship trophy. Would give your number to call. Second caller to call that number. Can get a photo of the championship trophy will tell you what else and we do. We'll do one more thing if you take the picture between ten and twelve I'll sit in and also called. I'll take a picture with you so you get to take the picture of the trophy and me. All right I'm gonna do that we will lobby. Here in the background. To be in a beautiful well I did not topple the numbers 4154026865415. 4026865. Did you seek Chris Paul sale LeBron James. Looks like you what's the go to LA. I'm assuming that's the lakers. And I'm assuming. He picked up this phone this morning and LeBron was on the other hand Chris what do you don't win. Or it went the other way LeBron told Chris to do why would he be reckless. And say. What LeBron may have said to him a confident in. And maybe because he knows that. It's futile. That look I mean if if you don't right now LeBron isn't go to Houston in your Houston. You can start I'll replay inning well if I see another me when LeBron. In a Laker uniform Winnie the star put means with him in a clipper uniform don't sleep. On the law will go to the clippers 'cause he respect to Jerry what do US these eighty something years old skit. He looks good to you why would you go to with team because of an 82 year old. Front office guy who's not even the GM who's mad at the lakers okay and why it and a developer. LeBron specs Jerry West LeBron doesn't. Respect robbed a Lincoln not as much as Jerry well look I wanna feed what if he'd just shocked everybody went to the clippers brought them back from the did. And gave the clippers their first championship would that be better than him went in the with the lakers. You got Kobe Shaq Kareem magic that if you went to the estimate none why would go to the clippers. Not saying it would just be here on the clippers would have to bring another guy but that that's super team we talk about would be. The clippers as opposed to the lakers if he could get them the guys to follow suit that would say. Is that each. So you send us a brilliant idea there that may be civic. They just are. There's there's no sleep O Jerry that's all I'm saying. Didn't add on god loved Jerry Costello literally matters. Right now. He's like a figurehead in two OK well I'm not one more thing week LeBron says he's going to the clip so you won't make that now Dell didn't want the emphatic in real careful you go to rich to set up. I don't know Larry Geller. 510 serious a little under in I'm wondering what way to keep to that team together big four's offer drain clay ownership you can't do that. Train Klee he can't offer anybody ownership want a lot to lighten both Camby. After connection. Because they might not be able to my cousin Joseph let it helps is telegraphed his mood and this is no disrespect and three bodies a junkyard dog. It's it's clear cut it is clay Thompson right. It's clay Thompson what if you had to pick between him or dram on staying in your gold instead. If I had a heck com number we had Klay Thompson SR and train mine green my pick is in Iran won't what clay I would go clay too. I would go do you think that's it's a landslide. And you will hear from the Texas and callers but. These big debts. The conventional wisdom or do you think some people walked in this door to let you know what I'm package right. We got enough outside shooters are guys that can. Quote unquote idea I would deem that percentage has 75%. On people out there would want Klay Thompson. I'd say three out of four people would prefer to keep Klay Thompson over Dray mind green in no disregard all know I think that I gotta go I like the three full. It's for right special rare but it's how long can he be the demolition. Wesley tonight. Good port from 40 way Jerry West had a powerful phone call to TD before he signed with the warriors don't this Jerry West and its power Alvin and Emory blue. Oh. I'm not this and MI just think it's overblown and I'm not denigrating anything Jerry West is done and front office I mean he's been unbelievable whether little lakers whether it was Memphis whether we start in this thing he knows I just wonder how much. Seat. What why is Jerry West the warrior anymore. At the key to just meet did I think he felt like I think he felt under utilized in taken for grant. Kara and I felt like he gave guys in the lawyers' organization. As we say in the street game. And they got credit for the game. And he looked he he he felt like he should have been in the spotlight moral. Not that he knew he needed to hear his name in the headlines stunning but I think he did some things you didn't get other people got credit for. And now off he goes to them does did downtrodden clipper is. And lands LeBron or Paula Georgia that it's a great but it can happen good god. And he's got all are within less money and bought man. Just had a Wilson will say I'll tell you right now they. If DeAndre Jordan doesn't opt out this year and I ageless. What's to be up on him that he can protect the rim and did you have Bork and blocked a shot or make you change your shot he thought if you don't he's close to get mine he stinks it up well. He it's my overreaction. But I'll get ready to say he stinks. Do you think he's a myth do you think Blake Griffin took a lot of his. A lot of people put there there are. They're aggravation. Of the Andre Jordan on the shoulders of Blake Griffin. 'cause he was just did no show is much as Blake but I felt like who like to the enough. In terms of players to the Audrey Jordan's not glee grief lately hello but his son. I think out there they pinky is. And T. I feel sorry for blossom to I would never pay a guy. Well depends who would vary but very few exceptions. Why would you pay guys can't put the ball on the in this stage and be. What would you call it for. I sit with very few exceptions Oka and that because he because he totally and you know I try to put the ball the whole better than who DeAndre Jordan and he can at least he's a threat from three point range of victories I'm a big right fame I think pretty much agree to better defender than. The country Jordan can be so guarding anybody so right my trigger guard anybody in this league that that's rare what makes what. You could tell value too won't he can run like JaVale. Blocked shots. But from what I know pretty good hands dining. Chris Paul give it to oil go up dot eating every yeah you're right everything he can't do anything on his own. And zero I never heard of Atlantic. He absolutely can. Can I had I don't ever played I. Got no interest in the can learn and you know what had had heat. At the clippers not matched his salary. He'd be well it's a table right out of warriors 1213 out of four titles thus is before Alaska first that when we went at three out of four titles with back. Because the reason the warriors were so good in fifteen. Volleys because they had great passers upfront the country Jordan's not a great. The drama green can't guard Carla at the accounts there's some people struggles with no doubt about it but. Who who can guard he can you RJ at any dude. Who defense Carlin at the details better then on the net Raymond injury. Bought a car at the details had a horrible. Playoffs. And Dre Mikey get to my office spot. He needs he's slight detail. 8889579570. Is the number who see the warriors. Go after with their mid level exception and you've taken clay. Over trail mine green if you have to do right now. No yeah boom and now got this dying destined to rule on I 957 thinking yeah. A couple things I need askew. Right off the jump as they say right how is your shot nineteen years old. That you Wear right now. A zealot on to gather that you weren T shirt that is nineteen years old. And it's it's a fair it's one of those barely reviewed T shirts but it says what Tyler Texas. May. 1999. Yeah. Well pretty aware that your do root hopefully this is the 87. Time total. No that's been in the rotation must single days it. Not take it to the cleaners obviously in the would be the two better than it is now but. The fact that I can fit it got they debts only and well it's a big oversight the hot. Why like I. Give a dog I don't know I think it's time to pay pass that along to the Salvation Army it has my family on an in my day I Brothers insist I don't know that I know that. But it's nineteen years old. That's too much that means something to me that I'm not one of those but it ultimately a little ways which they wouldn't tell you what you need to do tell me. All right with my faith and other family reunion and make up some new T shirts okay 'cause that boy they cut it anymore men and it's nineteen years all hold your arms up. Exactly. That's exactly what I thought you gotta get rid of that seizure seriously. Second I would have to listen into the second half full well he's gonna think I don't like it to Jack I don't. No beat them this is his shirt that fit that family. And when I'm the only radio tonight twinkle like I I'm not I love it look at the ballot it's you know the family no confidence about T shirt. Nick Young be a great father. Were you say how can you say he's a great father when he's also known for going clubbing all the time who's watching the little or little ones we'll probably got hit. It makes no money but what did he do it himself most of the time on average are. The war. Every guy. He's got to heart monitor his kids are a few walked with his son to the GM. And was given them the the best words of encouragement this must have been five or six any. I father knows. A good father you know what they just. I'm unemployed figured that's a good day I can have some drinks on any thoughts to try to complete the Arafat also is not going out until they're in bed and it. That I used to do daddy daycare at their nap time worn down all you are right out of my Robert Clarke and work of art Barack. I I go out it's usually at 5 o'clock in nights ago. I don't you know the T shirt that hurt. I will talk later. If you really win he had at what point did you. Did you have all this I just saw may 1999. On your shirt Tyler Texas may ninth ominously it is that we're gonna put this on social media once again ensuring that you can read the names got nothing to do with food the momma bell family reunion I'm not making any fun of that. Felt like you are. Lol so lonely guy. Fish. Shirt and answered knowledge of what is it to you once you do demand and that at the let's go to. Let's see. Let's go to Brandon in San Jose you don't Brandon. They're getting. Great so. That meant so are sort of the to me Greg Thompson although he's really good player on our statement then Q3 the then become a dime a dozen in the league. Dream on go says it's irreplaceable. It's our defense and even to think around the lead the defense responsibilities. Of the shooting guard compared stretched forward. You gotta keep current. Well yeah I mean thanks leper call I'd. All I said was I think it's gonna be three out of four that's a play. Over trade and then what do we talk about aging graceful who who would you say is gonna age grace if you had a bit this condi. Trademarked Guizhou every problem pass. But he saying clay doesn't. Nolan a different ways more physical let Olivia Newton yeah right right about that. By the way a lot of people sometimes come down my road because they think it's hard for me to say I'm wrong. Have you heard some people are effects like say that ex Guy Ritchie in person to go won't. Get it up. Who said that not been out there what type of method who. Of course from toppling about this year. Policy you're just trying to stick it to me after I stuck at the you know are heard I don't apparently and our stick and tell me. Is somebody enough I don't snitches get stitches now that it for the money yes a couple people. Read on the Ted you know what the item that's say I was wrong people are gonna if you did today announced that you're on the day I was wrong I I under sold Barry's ego. So I apologize I was wrong about that I was wrong saying that the natives did I think I said something like they daily pitched five innings. Senator thought I you know the seven and two thirds innings. He pitched three times that year here's the thing I respect about Barry's deal when I'm dead serious about this he was left off the 2010 play frost. He was left off that Ross that's when it's bad at the habit you know what he handled that about his. Well as anybody could humanly have to ask me what casting didn't pay debt we don't know we don't know Caspian the one that they invest many cast speed wasn't as being in the disappointment there was enough of Beers he'd. Who could play a mean guitar. It Zito. Was different. Willis we had 33 starts in that post season. In a twelve the first start he only lasted 2.2. Actually 2.2 two and two thirds. And in the second game he pitched seven and two thirds innings I don't know where the cardinal bats were in that one. I. Must've forgotten it was that seventeenth their what he took the ball out like all giants losses over and then not and then. Then in the World Series. Gut it out. I admit I was wrong once. Let's go to. Let's go to John in Oakland what's up John you knew him. Am doing doing great for. Oh thanks appreciate. They are privileged on the or at the current lawyers and are there like a year ago. They like our local club got let part of the waterway or talk about. Not get it and about that money the desert and one player I wanna see if I were giving shall be in order to about one year. It is our acog. Hello Vince Carter I think he well he is golden and Jamal Crawford after what he did to our guys that he'll never undergone a lawyer uniform. McCullough stick of butter though he didn't yet. OK you know your image if we were hoping Jim there would have been fisticuffs why work why didn't people get up and Vince's face right then you know why. Because they were in awe that that's still bothers me to this day. Did it was Vince Carter and vin sanity is what saved him from a past what it. There's no doubt David West is my biggest culprit as you the big bad wolf and you didn't do that that that Steve Kerr had to yell it. It Vince Carter. And he wins from ought to do that took or you'll kill me that would have been me and you have been on the ground and we on the same team please. Mean that's one of the NBA's. Icons right there Vince Carter who has changed every ounce of that credit card to give him that that that that. It about well approached him and went up to him and said do. Because of who Hugh. Well then that's on the warriors who. Just because he's been dealt Clinton a ship no doubt is Steve Kerr when that. As Lamar respect yeah Steve Kerr went out all he talked to dad yeah no matter it from sixty feet away. Wouldn't get ready to let me make him funny sure and I'm three tables away right now I know you can't commit until after some hours ago. I think it should be. Frame. And I'm dead serious. Foreign team walked in here is more feeling good about myself they get nobody to notice small green shirt you share volume fell to sue them. It's because I already got three on it does not likely I was gonna start to come home a lot of the good news in the so is it isn't. Is pressed so you've got all the names and your family from my dad siblings my question is this is it is this to people or one person is the refresher so dale. Or is it precious and then there's no doubt as one person so precious O'Dell was one person. My dad and join this thing but it's people okay so the first name's Jesse lamb Robert Hermann by all the Victoria Lafayette. Clyde Gladys put pressure so Dell gets it first and last name there raw under pressure so dale. Precious old dale gave birth to all of them well I guess she blew up a whole lot and put put precious and dale at the top yeah she should be at the top and actually. Who spells old. It's again yet let me make clear. We make it clear now what it would just quit about what happened when I put my arms out. The police act you can tell it's in nineteen year old shorter let's just put it that way. Let's go to total warrior and Antioch puts up or your own war. There are a law before you saying bring to us. Triple B there derelict guru Joplin yet you relapse on when he did go out Courant the real OC that need a couple of years ago. So I tread lightly armed you. The law. Oh yeah it is it's been all over the Internet most ally glad Internet it's got a much you have to deal or passports to get through. I think it's out of our Internet but thank you. Are cut off yeah see if we offended by that. The dark Internet. We'll have the blackened and we should the black Internet but I think he meant the dark you know it's called Twitter is black Twitter now. I don't know what he's that he wasn't wrong what's he talking about up warrior just. Like that it wouldn't hang them. What are we talked. Well listen to me. Understand that your bench and wanted to shirt and Wimbledon and you're very lucky commando Lou you know I know I got to bat. Match there are a lot of will be sitting in order to. I wanna talk about lot of that mid level such. That I know you're gonna allow percent you're not. We were pivotal month may Allah you don't hear leaked Wear ear. I think at this stage ER you can do portico and boredom Whitney Young it'll last year. It's kind of a reach but he'd be more productive than Bill Carter I think you'd be happy to get. I do to be a welcome addition to water. And what better way senior career and what you started when you're nineteen years old. Project I love this show that your great gal and I grew beyond LeBron James. I don't. And Abdullah. Kevin Durant in Canada C mentality about a ten or you know when it comes the stuff like that. That Tenet talked to them how much you mean tumor they you know. That's not illegal or abroad as it is what. Kevin Durant what we appreciate your time and people I'll find out rock and and elegant room job and worked a number urged that. That's a warrior in any act he calls and occasionally. He wasn't handling taxes a lot more and it's kill lean coming neat. He's a man they got now I don't know if he goes back and forth but it's KI LL DE and but I'm not sure where in Texas. You know taxes big state. And a very big state by the way I don't make it clear I don't cut anybody off. That's good that's above my pay that a myth. I don't cut anybody off the night the guys behind the glass it really nervous. I'll tell you yeah I think it really gives you did a little bit when you are to black. These are Internet today asked this to me there's that it was amid speed. Rather than day. Who used that I misspoke all Roger Clemens. Did in front of congress I misspoke. Now he's that he missed he messed remember. Now coming out Stan I don't I throw me out a second pitcher much are and we don't look at it like that idea out and you can take a picture. What about JJ Redick does that create we got enough you errors. He's a one trick pony we don't need him here he's not one tree. What you rescued plus other triggered both sides to Detroit. He can put it on the floor a little bit he's a solid team defended on the Florida pastor doesn't. Each kid does when you go boom. What do you think he'd ordered Iraq. Amongst you freeze if you thought Elton if that's right and help me out if JJ Redick beyond the three point line. And Trevor Reese is beyond the three Portland Portland and you throw the ball the rhetoric. And he's getting close that out on which means he can't get the shot off. He can take one dribble and make a better play more way more consistently. Than Trevor Rees and the one. But you know older amalgam also and a I'm gonna go by the way I would leave that if Monta Ellis called Jolie Pitt tomorrow and said tell you why. All you five point two million if I can play for the warriors I'd still tell them that the and let me tell you who would be told that if they even thought about taken a fly. I should curry says. After what he's saying our media day which I've never do you attribute your school me on that he'll never combat. Supposedly kind of worked it. But only because Curry's a good thing is the best Coleen Texas is in the middle of Texas it's on the way to San Antonio. A message appeared to his holiness in the middle of taxes on the way to San Antonio Austin and Dallas. Where I'm coming from. Where I'm coming from here on the highway. To go through the leaned against all those places. From always. Been big political problem for Exxon Baghdad drawn. Hey Ed Davis. From the ninth to finalize saying every name in the text line McCullough I had a night to find it by not without a muscle or. It might very great show guys OK guru or not. Yeah I totally it has ever they re not by a ratio by the way and they doubt what are you wanna recruit people were saying and may be kind of I'll take got Jamal Crawford or around. A man and I'd be a pretty good share annoy you say you like a late buried 39 but the guy can deadly gore. But he gently. You definitely give it up on the ended on a defense that there's any need some help. I. Yeah I saw my Alec like Crawford I just think. I'm just trying to the F too much razzle dazzle for you know I don't know I don't know though it's not that it's just. First of all that's there wouldn't take him on to say it's the curse or they're gonna they got to get younger so that's. I don't know how you. Rectify that or rationalize that. If you're gonna get younger you can't be going out getting a 38 year old is not a he did say it but. I think he might have to talk about the got the young the youth they already half Jordan. We'll see I mean we cut means. Well we'll see this video from a caller right we need to find out Lehman damion Jones an epidemic. He's restricted when somebody comes out of the woodwork and offers a big. Big big money if you're a bit me now that that would happen. We would bid it would write what wouldn't did some team would come throw Somalia. It's not gonna take much. Mean if somebody comes with 34 million. We're going to appeal laments that because. By doing that you're really pay that guy that's in there we go to bed alt text. 95 Sistani doesn't like my head Davis. Yeah. We've got great could be the best rebounder on the squad it's one of our Aries a week. I've regretted giving boardroom educated us is tell me lefty. Need to be a basketball player for to really excel on the war is a good passer means that dirty work. But like the recent dream on to great dirty work guys because he's incredibly skilled so he's got guard. A mind of a goal art. Don't think and so on let's go to. They would they would gone all that argument I'd want me to quit going on the there's not that number or not meet our it. Oh I honestly. What step well. A lot of well it's important. That when I expect them not make it did and I'll go didn't go perspective. Armed with though right. Right out there where we are not anymore championships series I'm YY say that right now while you say that those grain aren't. My problem on all the work well beyond that that typically what Fremont dust fourteen I you're going to ever. I saw them all out Durant when I'm on the floor nobody gonna. I am white and black rock and wept for energy. On the wing and did not like welcome what a 100000 meter or what are you gonna do it all if we pray imam. What no courts no more title. Miles on it. What about like what they were just to lose clay you think they could win it without. You know by way of wait wait then let you know there were tremendous amount down but I I was quite what karma you know you lack. Right amount of imports but like without remind everybody else up for that that we are rock. And we. Could not Kramer on alternate. I trim on all day. These things yet. You think Claes added I have doubt it is defense was tougher during order to park. Or fetus had dry clay Thompson yeah. I don't myself I think you would I think you would. Get hurt less than other players. I mean his. Fremont excels at helping out and clay needs less help than curry. Go to mark in its marks on 680 what's up mark. They're good morning guys. Thanks to your Amy got it early show that are I do think that. I think that during August they no matter what because. For a different reason not think officers got to pressure them and have taken less money. Because all the animosity created around a leak out that you could it be received very well anywhere else. And sold off this is gonna use that to keep that salary cap low and keep everybody on that thing. Well. Left field and now this is a fraternity are these guys love each other centrist and Dobson. He city don't mess with you regret. You really believe that all but no they don't they don't they don't give them as we said. What I meant so much that show. What you think that's real oh boy it totally cut apart a lot. Our best viewed. You know what you know you know what we tell somebody come meet you can run. When you know there's no chance you're gonna beat somebody at the par Apollo. Go to Mac and San Ramone what's up Mac. Hey guys. I don't understand I know where like great want but it's close quarters yet there had been up one rank up there at the last four years. And. Drink on green is 840. 34%. From Fareed but also looked over to gain game three I believe in the final. Where he played forty minutes and had tunnel re back now. To read out the child at nineteen offensive boards. So adrenaline gets so much well let. He had ever the Kursk died touching the ball on the recapture it all that. He weighs. Really really argued that great out there but clean hit actually seeing ultimately want to gain an elimination game it's Oklahoma City and and he'd get on a big huge. And they scored on an air ticket point gain data out as to who I'd look you bleep eat that it and they have a a cheater there. No or are starting line at the off the court in its second quarter and make a David West and living in. They don't count shooters they are out three point shooters. So I don't I think it's no brainer that this clay. Yeah I mean that's what we're called Dave much Mac I'd I'm kind of with you I don't know about it it's a no brainer but if if if the decisions. Mean if I have to make a decision. I got to take clay that's just me let's go to David in Concord I don't David. Hey you guys were talking about idea Andre punitive though it couldn't agree more politic -- that we get. They're not a single day. In the NBA who played in the paint who is worth a Max contract or not even close and that includes bottles or that he's at all. And how are open and go Baer now an article where you are in the big forum like okay and yeah where it. Now and all the senate big man. Or think he just look at know enough senators are worth the match go bears this hour. Not to go or are in the business he would no offense today. Wouldn't it Rick I think that in order paid America. To a big and the goal is formed strong. I'm dom Wikipedia. But you're leave it an exception for go bear and I'm saying let's just go full board no exceptions. Okay OK if by not to do it broke up there and art group I was. Well then I'm Dave David you can call in any time which it probably hang out meant to some big problem right with the on that one. There. Are thanks Dave for the call yeah I mean this is the way I look at it. Rudy go bear I think she's set to make twenty plus Iowa and keep Jesus. Well let's McGhee make two million let's just say McGee makes two million right there. So this is the way I do it why why why would you pay to go bare ten times more. Then JaVale me I have note that it's awful law in the enemy is man. Would take McGee. A Bear's club the at times. At times offensively clumsy. And he's the guy that you say other people got to set a month. He's clumsy kid to quality meal. If they are mad at somewhere man let's go to drew an Oakland which drew. We're going to act as they argument. So I gotta go clay because. If you don't go clay you're eliminated twice. In game six when he single handedly. The word yet. That being glue at the turbot quota earlier when he was I'm the marriage. It's like in a perfect marriage. You're not that better at it and you need your better bat between the stated that a marriage at that. Guru a lot better at what I did that very candid did you say that. I'll take credit but yeah I did I don't like him and he says today I don't arena today it could Bruntlett units this year. I probably was. Moment in by the way there's some that I got to get into power with me. Not something that. Something you've done enough. Something near a big court marshalled our rights so. I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do I gotta do it. It was your son's layoffs baseball game yesterday and yeah well he's in eighth grade okay. He's his love as basketball are so me in the misses kind of forced him to play baseball he's a lefty. Can he it would power and they pitched him this year and he's tall OK so in baseball. There's not a line around a corner Sunday get a scholarship. To go to college in baseball. Did it is in basketball. So I'm trying to tone that talked out of you know I take them to games. But I'm forcing them to watch baseball so yesterday was technically if you don't play freshman. His last baseball to Welker. Look Darrell. Yeah diligently set so he's not gonna play in high school not only do I think he is now okay why because one game he had all of all the fits yesterday. He kept it close and it was his blasted bat and I tried to get their regular take the with the TLC so you couldn't do it to the to the Phipps. And end up. Higher he was one of those guys who was trying to steal the limelight like he's a force and he took up the math in total rounds that don't talk to be kids while the render box. We said Amin louder than it scared a lot of people that look like damp so I say it I won't be able to give little girl that methods did this isn't blasted bets on. Keep cheated. It'll all be halted. Pitch after I bit my tongue that I couldn't see any day. You know he'll let you got a stamp my day today would from the bright but better results that we don't experience erupted here though. OK so why got a lot of questions terrorists are. What was account when he homered do you remember there was no camp. It was the armed Kurdish. So well what I've of the different laughter. Golf and regrettable but does for a case he comes up to the and he got out of the firecracker but never home where art so we goes up when he does his. Takes is. But before you ever swings the old. Takes his may ask often says something to you because that three at bats prior I was saying aggressive. Cheated. Quit being picky. And you can't say that the bureau can that not a box. So people of their film on them so I got the video from another pair who came over that hey we cop. And I've got got a about it did it. Grabbed the ball where it. So here comes the lefty. He steps up for the third time the fourth time but clearly. You've been such a pain all the probably the old. Before he even says no what no instructions when he's in the baccarat you can't talk to it but he addressed it to all of us but right. We know who was to him. And so. What's the mask back all the crouch and DJ juniors hits it like the right to talk to my dad dad pulled it via. He pulled it pulled did the right did you elect you would put the Fallon was in the path god it was in a power Alley. Matt I teared up. That's pretty impressive a more. At least well just the opposite of meat he stole leaky gas stone faced. Girls not excited best just GM cut I'm excited enough for ball Imus. You do it gains announcer saying that to you really don't there's other parents there's other magic but you said it definitely was toward you. Well. I can try out this is all out of love I have a voice of low total sits well they don't get cheated. People like you don't have apparently could have frowned and add me. Yeah he's real picky when it comes down to shoot what do you want it done. You got that sun retail. If you've been reprimanded by an umpire via basketball finish. Would you set under five. The wind may have been they had they go stay here no no just my whole career. That's five more than me. He can't just watch your kid and take it and it's like I'm up at bat I know it's not hot no you're not up my outfit got hit hard work will you didn't. You didn't it was just that it would you do you. I think it will go eat wherever you want. And he picks. Chick filet nice. The worst thing ever. You know what I go to McDonald's the only thing I would ever get would be the filet O fish are you gonna do that I fish from a hamburger joint. Think about that I don't know what quality of Fisher isn't there and fish filet. It's looking what do you know about the quality in the official way I know about the quality of meat did a risk every dumb I may go to Mickey. And what I'll say it is. The thing I rotated about McDonald's is you just order a hamburger. And what they do they put mustard on it they put ketchup on it they put pickles on around you telling. We don't yet and that takes seventeen minute. So I learned I'm not doing that I'm not a kid I hit a hate mustard. And I can't stand pickles and mandates I hate worse than all the put together. So I said you know what I'm going filet O fish. But that comes with martial arts. So I always ordered to flail finished with a plastic knife. So I can scrape the tartar sauce all I know what did you catch a ball in my house Donna that's why you got the microphone. You can tell them they give me a hamburger when none of the things you don't eat but then you gonna wait it's special that. It's almost like they speeded up announcement now I don't know that's not to be the Mickey. The difference in the New Year's light years. And we owe that to keep it keep that theme we go to you know there's even an apple without Steve and. Well actually to pick my cost. Abu Dhabi crazy with that probably choose between clay here and and dream on and I'll this talks. Well the bleaker Bob Meyer have you been seeing so far it's been here. And the outlook want to make the point that one of the main reasons that the war it's been so successful in the playoffs the last four years. They have three easily Isa the players straight line clay you need the dollar. Also when they point to the modern country to open two seasons. Gets too bloody criminal books. At the end and at that time. It would thousands are sure. Had in Africa Bob Myers talk impossible time he sees that this great hurt. That we have a great thing going here we have to be Smart enough not to Maceda. I expect what Mike talk. Frustrated Stephen. Appreciated and there's certainly a. Some legitimate view but we have Myers is Bob from the air he's got a superior got added. And we'll see where the team is in two years they might not be in the same spot W the nude. A steady the art arena of talking about the team. Maybe they won't be. As great as they aren't you laughing yet you're doing your play. Marcelino wanted to play in about it this is the first this is the first thirty minutes of a good three hour movie where it. We won't know you don't know what kind of movie it is. It's a championship movie okay it's championship now where a high point but by the end of the movie. We made. May not be where you can never forget the three championship of course it champion will be a championship move. Little ball not necessarily this year sort it was a championship movie don't talk about two years from the yeah but you can never erase what they do so I wouldn't give us a new movie. It's not this movie was the title. We don't know when. Go to say the San Jose which sailed. And what that they are calling from picture it now. The problem started you know so we're going on I don't know what although I like him you know that blatant. Who's closest player to drink mine green in the week. Good question what I mean what we mean all I got his name Tucker from the from the rockets I'm goto or not mean there. Yeah I mean. Okay no doubt no doubt but that's is that that's a compliment to our complete. Mind it is just a minute so. You know he's just so. Unique in what he does and that's why it's worked out they do it but they put him on because of and the way to communicate. You know out of their. No doubt outdoors. Now you're eager and all our San thanks for call and thanks for listening. You don't a lot of people texting and to think there's a correlation between you being quiet and your son finally going yard. I only get it that way. Did you even think always had slumps now where I've been quiet is the Turks now. There biz flops that I don't want it don't make you realize rocker room that nobody wanna run the bases for my son. But optical lap always got to somebody wanna win the so what do what do picture with the with the trophy. All right here's the number you wanna wondered get a photo taken with a championship trophy here you go be the second caller. 41540268652. Call 4154026865. This one I'm not gonna be a part of the first one I'll I'll maybe stand. All right guru I think we and his home run we got. So because he hit a homer and Eric may play next year. Without meat that feeling he had. It. It is a cab to go about it but you'll remember you don't want that villain more popping guru. I mean puck Limbaugh today seat I had to get out I gotta get out we gonna show come at all right now.