Steiny and Guru – 1 – Warriors/Rockets, Celtics/Cavs

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, May 16th

Hour 1. Steiny and Guru talk about the NBA playoffs. What did you think we were going to talk about today?!


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For relief now. I don't jinx. Thanks a lot Stein and it's. Certainly isn't still run. OK okay. First guy miss and to. Mike's event. All right let's get a roll it on Wednesday morning mass died reds Darryl would do Ruth Johnson. Game two. Tonight in Houston warriors against the rockets. I don't like these term must win until it's actually an elimination game but this is. This is a pretty. Much need to win game for the rockets they don't wanna go down 02 heading back to. Oakland. But I'll tell you what. What can they deal. The whole past few days couple days has been. What can the rockets do in the spread the ball out a little more care and they try to isolate. Curry more. Can they double team Durant. You don't want. I don't really want talk about any of that today I want to talk about. The home team. The warriors. What are you want the war years to do tonight. To the warriors come out tonight and essentially. Not change their quote unquote game plan to they come out tonight. And essentially roll the ball well. And use there small lineup to start and play loony. At senator. Off the bench. The Fed and Harden the same way. We've because you win does that mean you don't make adjustments and wait for Houston the try to do something. So that's the one thing I wanna talk about today is what do you wanna see. With the Golden State Warriors and then secondly. If the Golden State Warriors are bad one problem this year it's sometimes they get a little bit complacent. We've seen that and I'll tell you what when you're up 10 and you've already taken a road game this would be a time. Where the warriors seemingly could get complacent. So our talk about a couple of those things that I 8889579570. Cool room a man what is going on. Not too much operation. NBA finals are and you're thinking of a destination there are you an idea that camera crashed in Burma but. Listen if the rockets are gonna get any new players star any. There's nothing they can do to offset the good news this monster there's a Golden State Warriors and the fact did we talked about it last week to the villains there warrior fans hate most are on this rocket teams would Chris Paul and James ardent. I think dad I'm always drama and his antiques which are premeditated. It won't let the warriors get complacent I think he. That that's what he does it for so they have that antagonist. Outside their opponent soda now are eight I'm sorry. I know a lot of people what do the rockets do wrong the rockets have done what they've done all year. There there are a good team but they got one guy at eighth and Chris Paul. And does the role players are playing against a better team and that's why they lost by thirteen but it's gonna change tonight starring Heath. You don't think the rockets are capable of of simply just playing better. Known mbah a moute makes a couple layups. PJ Tucker makes a three year to. I always have to give them that benefit of the doubt. Because we saw the spurs come in and and not really change inning but they played better they wanna game the pelicans I thought gained three played better. Does this feel different they'll tell you yeah it does feel different in it feels different because to answer your question yeah they can play better. But for four quarters and have more points than the lawyers. At this stage I don't see it. And for some reason or another study I feel like I have the telepathy to read the warriors minds is a hold the players and they want to embarrass the rockets beef 'cause all year. They heard how they're their fault they're the team that's gonna get it done in knock off the lawyers so that incentive. To keep the foot on the pedal steel bear and I just want to others out there. Lot of people say and step is bit off not to meet. But he hasn't went new killer. And that does not bode well for the rockets tonight I think Morrissey a big game in regard to the score and call them but once Stefan curry. Just for my own knowledge do you. Do you possess a crystal ball or do you not even need one notice in the is and it is in The Hague is a mama part of the ring when you make a prediction do you. You. Picture a crystal ball I don't even have to I don't know opted to the crystal ball. And does is it like a magic eight ball or something comes up there and it says a small Oregon and out of the all Meghann around. Biamby Johnson is dark you know I'm in the lab. And repair a shorted out is some I feel like that that you get what counts and that's why I think drain mom was too when net to let the guys know. Forget the game there's another game is the mental game and were not lose in that one. About this that. Over the past two playoffs. To last two post seasons. The warriors are 25. And the re. She's huge and now the rockets have to win four of six in other words there hockey it's have to win four times in six games. And the warriors haven't even lost four times in their last 28. Playoff games so when you start looking at numbers. Like that you're no you're right guru it just seems it seems daunting it seems. Overwhelming. But I know it's a cliche. And I'm sure you do too but it does start with just one game can they win one game can they win ten or not. Can they win tonight. And a pair Vegas thinks they can because they're they're. The rockets are favored again have that work out Monday was idols like given free money away if you had a gets the bit her on the rockets. Yeah I. Boy I don't know about this when I might. You know I'll I'll dabble in an occasional wager. I'd find it hard to believe. I can put a bet down on the rockets and that's all I guess if he's even though I get it I get it the warriors. Have already guaranteed themselves a split. Conventional wisdom is. The rockets are going to be playing with desperation in the warriors your. How were feeling good all those other cliches are cliches for a reason. I just can't bank on the mall holding. And I just it just worries me a little bit too much and and you know what stymied it its not just us we we look at these games we analyze it. Up and down on film on some top away and I wanted to say this you talked about the lawyers record the last two years and lost. I'm getting to a point to where. Why are we surprised at anything the warriors are doing unused and additives like unfair. It is it is it's not clear how good day all are so why are we blown away. And it in course in the rockets could they can't keep up they started out fast but what you got to ramp stepped clay had a great. It's starting it really is truly unsafe while it's. I'm an error I'm not. Surprised by the bit surprised I mean look they have. The four players who were and all you so. Mean I'm not I'm not trying to act like and know what all I really am not but I'm surprised any thing. Not surprised they went sixteen and one last year in the post season. Wouldn't be surprised if they swept the rockets still think. The rockets have to show me. They have to show me tonight that they're not the same old rockets. Don't then they have to show me. And you and the rest of the basketball watching public that they are not gonna shrivel up. Just because they lost game one because of it if that's what happens. Then we got a big problem for the rockets and I and Gary Moore and I keep I keep for going back to 5959. I didn't know which way the game was going but. The warriors have too many options. And the rockets got maybe one and one and a half two would Chris Paul. I'm trying to think you know it it's easy to write the rockets off put. You know there are a couple things that happened that I do think they can. Count on getting better. The they should not be losing the turnover battle if they're playing in the style they play and now we're going to be here later on from Mike and Toni and James Harden about what they have to do offensively. And whether or not they can really change your not or tinker. But. This is who the rockets are there there and isolation team. And so I think I think sometimes we we think that. They can change in I don't I don't know how you change. And there's that old theory about well what 65 games. Yes she did but this is this is a different animal so. I'm just. Really going to be focused on tonight much in the rockets and I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm it'll be watching their body language. I'm gonna be watching if they're getting frustrated with their teammates. Because they've got to show me not me I hate this like I don't like that they got to show me what I can show me anything they got to show people. That they've got a little something inside them that they've gotten what they need the rockets need a little bit of collective dream on and tonight and that's why so invaluable what he is man. And let me just say something it was fifteen ar fifteen on it half. If you look at the rockets from three point land outside the James harder and they were aimed at 22. If you make. No I don't 2828. To 28. Yeah so my point is it that if you make this shot which are giving you did you know differently so let there. If you're not make that we can't do up until maybe Antonio right he's that you've got to talk about we need to change how we need the ball going no. And the flip side would be while the ball back on in the loop as much because you're getting defended better so. It's one of those catch 22889579570. Forget about the rockets for. For right now what are you wanna see out of the warriors tonight a team that handled the rockets in game one by thirteen points. And now comes game two you're listened to Simons in blue route 957 game. Now back in 957. Big game it's breast regrets and Darryl would you root Johnson with their. Did you ready for game two of the Western Conference finals Golden State Warriors taken on the rockets in Houston warriors. Of course a waiters in game one game 1119. To 106. Kevin Durant spectacular. James Harden. Phenomenal. Play Thompson tremendous. Staff curry solid. Tre Mike Green his usual self. And it all adds up to a nice victory for the Golden State Warriors in game one they take game two tonight and cool. They put Houston in two way big hole to save the very least this. And all of the cavs are not. Not quite. Let us correct cavs are at least going home that if if Darnell you're right you know their right now it's I mean if there were I would wanna be either team going and going down 02. But. I watched that game last night yeah I watched every minute of Boston's building something. I mean that you talk about the team they can compete and via phone for the warriors you got a leak in Beantown right now like did lowered. We got an embarrassment of riches going right now Jalen brown could be a future all star K don't you got Kyra read what if you flip Kyra really got Anthony. I'd rather Kyra than in the Davis and on that team on any team. On any doubt that if she did she also the draft lottery I'll go and yet we got a did you draft lottery bullet might talk about this a little later I. Page never see a thing on Twitter where you make it. You say something and then three years later called lake freezing graphics sound and not know about it they came don't give them they get the you know they. What ever I yeah if you tweet out in 2010. That stepped Curry's overran. And then in 2017. You get a message as it has a freezing cold take. Are you what might refute you on my hot take future freezing car and our government river listen I'm gonna make this prediction. But I've also got to acknowledge it could become freezing cold tape. All right so Phoenix Suns when the lottery. And I go on YouTube. And look at the Andrei eaten all man for four minutes OK how. Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot poll. Are you kidding. I did well in mind that oh geez I wouldn't want that guy continuing to lap or so she. He's done. He. Well go blush there's no such thing in the opinion Olajuwon no such thing had his his mid range game. His ability he's got everything arranged to have. That's the last thing I want a network coverage Kevin Durant DeVon I talk about the greatest player in the game may be right now though are certainly one of the top don't direct about it. Well I think he's slow. You don't watch him make moves in the lane kind of spin moves he can be able to do that Alec in the three point shot. Dude the three point I didn't Cambodia has about two feet longer and it's a big two feet I. Are you why I'm blown way let me tell you who that tell you I would never draft. If I ever heard the word project. Associated with a center anymore. I'd kick them to the curb faster than. I don't know faster than whatever that Shockey yeah I did they got particularly as Ollie Ollie are away and I'll and I'll just law. I'm gone out the limb Andy broke quick study alleged down. It was 5656. At halftime not 5959. Thank you text line. OK yeah what somebody on the tax line doesn't what is call in the who war after the I don't column that so a lot of people don't like it the text and other show you were only Hamptons I don't say it I say small line. Anyway. Yet so fired up. Clip that cut that I just said 'cause when Lleyton is a hall of Famer. People keep people would be like I'm shocked stunned the pro basketball assignment. Anyway they did it 579570. As the number lot of talk about what the rockets. Are gonna try to do tonight if they have any adjustments in them a gorgeous in the warriors what do you do if you're the warriors tonight he has come out and tighter and re apply though the the strategy from day one. We'll be listening to Bob Kerr I wanna see what my my how my team reacts without going to happen five. I wanna see the Imus and the big down near switch it up just to see you don't so you're feeling really good offered via this is how smut. Let's go to Kevin in San Jose had a good Kevin what's up man. Rob don't really look guys good morning to your morning. It's so I would I would like BP lawyers gave. Basically you're saying it the way and same thing they've been doing obviously the first Spartan with didn't Grady Little. Crossed over step back three or not I think they've made most of three pointers in the first out there make everything. And then we got more press that so we need to continue to guard the street or. Wanna see somebody put a body are quick to bella like where now heartened some thought that are all trying to throw that little blue. I'll like see Jordan oh I'm in a little bit maybe. Or you know somebody a little quicker out the feet straight up without body armor and we jump over the package or Marat are paddock space it out RM. The last Leo what a student lawyers' view vehicle respite yes. You know he got another key and get a come up very aggressive on speed and it is all over the place so. I want at the end you don't aggressive get it yet then get a little in part pump fake action and and jump in the but he is and I'll call the guy that Al trouble. Little bit more back a little more bringing. Back strain and whatnot cut to the group not beat the Asian art that are battling for or threes because you know we really aren't cheated it. Make jump shots into two on everybody into that pocket but I Karl. Being Tokyo general we Carolina all the. Gotcha thanks like Kevin and can rely on most of the time yeah but you gotta go guy wearing a Jersey with the number thirty on. So with Katie is not on you can disrupt numbers don't come to me like that I'm a big minutes here are your sneaker got. You know every. I'm wearing JDD. And if you don't ever what. Players Wear what I've read and play out I used to but it now so we don't know that he had a staff I you well. Like clay antenna like an idiot out of her to let are okay what is. I don't know what Russell Westbrook Weyers. I'm a hard line I don't know where Harden wears a DS he does knock he had deeds. See when I was a kid I was all ended well let me look at what we are converse weapons bird and magic. My eye I go way back or I go to the black one I go to the puma sweetie while I he's done right we have done little or yeah I used that Alfie those were in the past. Velour sweats to know the you know the break dancing on the puma. We had to fab laces to put the suede pumas that red black and then you have the did breakdance and wanna look like. Our plastic bag material. And then you get on the tile and hits me in an end here with the in our country and I've heard 70 what's the fabric it's the pit it was the poor socialism okay. You know plumes when basement in the days apparently Westbrook where's Jordan then Jordan brands OK don't make it will just do that what is. What is. Marcus Morris where she has them numbed coming a lot of these guys are like Kennedy might use me in Anbar article don't really great you know judgment. Let's go to us even in the way hello hey Stephen. They article on got a good morning morning. You know I just. Well I think we're what I expected beat Barack at night and I think they're really in a dirty became. They hats and thirty kind of borderline dirty plate the other night and I think they're gonna stick with back in plain. And try to get it very much in them or. Maybe speaking another attack early in and kicked out you know I think that'll be your strategy going in because there's no way that they went straight up compete with the warriors and I think they're starting to realize that. Well you might be right Stephen and I'll tell you what. Anytime. In the NBA playoffs a team gets down. Maybe one game and and the or let's just say that a team. May be sees it the other teams better go to. There's only one thing you can really do and that is get more physical and see if the refs allow you. That that gray area between calling it tight and letting them play. Mean that that's the one thing I mean when weigh in Houston comes out tonight if and when Houston comes out tonight. And they're bumping Perry they're holding Currie and they're doing. Do what they've got to do. Warrior fringe just remembered. I don't take that personally. Every team under the sun has done that from the cell meltdown over the lakers when they got when they were in trouble they would try to beat the crap out of the lakers. They would they would put a body on magic they would try to get under Jabbar stand by being overly physical I don't cause it's the ultimate compliment you can give a team it's like. We don't have much laughed so now we have to raise the physicality level. To see if the warriors can. Matches. I think the warriors can match it and the reason I say that is because I don't really look at the rockets as a team that wants to be physical. That PJ Tucker can be physical I guess Chris Paul's little. The ordering a title but anyway I mean they do those guys capella or invisible I know rockets missed a lot of shots for them to be what do. Be visible but they couldn't get irked the united. I hear you. When your player like here's the other thing that sometimes. You forget about when your rockets team and your doing a lot of isolation your right. A look at the box it's like cock capella. He was just he was just out there he didn't really pride and joy he made an impact well. Is that his fault or is that. The system's fault that hardens fault I don't know. I don't know you can always say the big man's gotta be more aggressive he's got to impose his will he's got do if he's not get the ball go get some offensive rebounds all that kind of stuff. So I guess I'm getting a lot of stuff I don't really mean dirty. In terms of physical reality. I know people think Chris Paul's little thirty some people think reasons a little bit dirty not not that. Anybody can be dirty you know not everybody can be physical let's go to. Go to the warrior in any doc what's up or you are. At first law pleasure to be back in the Bay Area. That. Did under the radar any outlook yeah they're different part of that and 79. That he. I'm. Sorry Craig citywide. I. Let's warrior Cotton Bowl this year but I'm Long Island. But I'll watch before Eddie cotton ball collateral. Yeah we're still at it and it got a couple little bit. And dock at the gate or negate the day I gave Dayton what they got in and out. And chicken you know wouldn't Google law put anymore. K copies did you ever bit. I. Am excited. I don't unloved and baloney but it would have been doing drugs didn't actually executed yet be ready here. But don't like bill look like Robert Tur duck blind date. Just not not even be look at the dot com that it can't debate the bill for a replay whatever you call it today but not. I got the black skirt the rotation. I'm injuring. Courses strategy bunch copyrighted. As well I'd like to eat. And up and blacks can't hurt to watch it yeah they've got people aren't visible rule where presented that portrait shot. Or. Virus don't get out your front. Our great date. Thanks warrior. The war is either from Milwaukee your tax Colleen Texas Killeen Texas AIL you how do you blame and he's barely in what delay on now yeah he was in nineteen. Well Rosie have a better connection out of Coleen that he does out of the back of that then we got asked a war hero world. Back to the bay. Warrior welcome back my friend. David and I asked you about Dan I think sums up well I don't I don't think so I'm really really it's still only is it. It's really who's gonna guard. But that never was a questionable or. Or more it was about I'm David West. This is what I did for my team regardless who up late Marco to put me in them it just seems like since the desist some spin I don't. Don't know. Quick to ask me what do you think when I think's going on with David weigh what he thinks oral David West the tires and kicks. Plea for hundreds. What is the fan favorite I do you do yes. What he's got David West like sixth on the pecking order and he loved warrior he'd like Dre mounds uncle the tough talk. You mean. We announced the tell all lining up the opportunity to drive right looks okay that's 79570. Who wins a fight between David Austin drama argument I got David West. Dom dom angle and and I I want my lover not a fighter at west out west is always over Andrei Hungary and I'm just to turn them in the prison market in a hallway. A I'd a big deal let's go to Alvin Alvin and taleo what's up man. They're very let me pick you don't vote I should call. I'm just Ukraine are what coach or first of our belief that they beware if you could playbook because. All that hybrid enrolled at the rockets were ready. He went to go to be able to quickly Chris Paul. Pardon. Or right on the island home. You think that one that we were the warriors broke right. Even know very mud came out he said. You don't disperse carper voted you know they're not look in the play in Iraq did that you know they're looking toward big picture. I don't think they took it personal. You know with the way Jerry mud came out yet Clady are bitter blow to its very save. There was I'm CK DC and you know you can't guard yeah there but the biggest thing I would see it that curry. Respond that without thinking I don't think yet game but I one of these numbers on do you know. Cabal would take it personal. You know with the way they were they would try to switch out. On the you know have courage are what I've been out of the cool crisp call will get a little. I'd like to see occurred in response. That's. A little little little more sure Ellen you know what a remarkable look at Bob Carter down doesn't become an LA. And I yeah yeah I know I mean thanks for the call appreciate it mean everybody's gonna get physical with. With curry curry was in the ground star and would you like to say is a little little light. But was that they MB and you know we had a text since then the rockets can get more aggressive or dirty and they were you I know I know we talked to a lot of warrior fans a lot of worry friends lists and only. I didn't notice anything out of the normal. With the way. They guarded curry I didn't notice they were run any curry as they were you want Coca they were attacking the poor guy like I didn't. I give you sticker or overly physical I don't think they were dirty and if they were holding and clutching and it's what everybody tries to do that every great. Perimeter type player. Maybe I'm wrong but I I didn't see anything. Egregious in terms of the way he staff curry. Was guarded but. You know everybody. Everybody has their own their own view things in fact. I've read couple places that. According to some numbers I don't know where. The curry did a good job on James Harden when he was matched up against. Well they sit there and I think one on one scenario yet only two points Hardin did master it would curry. And that's what curry kept a real way I got scored on. I scored on some people. Yeah it uneasy helps me now what. As we get older our imagination grows or wanders. And I'm just envisioning eight NBA finals with the upstart Celtics. In warriors. And I feel like this Celtics got the tool box that that would the warriors like that well what does it look like the Pellicano is different boats and then have raschke. And I've. We now focus on and that its own editor in chief this is our need to listeners tell. I don't idea as well I doubt it. How do I respond to this man who's sitting across from Bob that he's already talking about the finals I'm already talking about how the Celtics might have. Them the tools in the tool box. My man. How I. Can I just throw this out there yes. Okay how we stopped AD Stevens could put more as. Awesome bar tortured. Past the worry options. I hadn't thought it. OK I just don't finale that really all regardless of who the president a bunch of you do Ruth rose zero outages are really excited to relay get a better finals and we all ever. Dot does Celtics have set the cat is possible I mean it's possible. That is possible to go to. Let's go to LeRoy in Oakland what's up LeRoy. They would tell us starting with Serb girls sorry that it could be which you guys again they are real quick all the warriors got to do. This game and arrested series is. They had to keep doing what you're doing the Chris Paul and what they're doing is. They're giving him his numbers twenty to 25. But they're not giving him his. And that's a big deal because Chris Paul. That's really is he pro gun and I've noticed over crushed all career even when he was with the clippers. Don't we don't great directly seeing that it for the simple behavior is. 1718. Point two game and Rick received it but he'll be pro and 1418. Times and then for some reason that when the political scum. This point Scola and at the fiscal doubt as to meet his team is not used to that they're used to get into law. And when they don't get the rock they're college yet so dad and around I mean that he has been game. Actually reminds me a lot of the clippers really the coaches are saying. I mean he got. You know rivers he's probably you know Trevor Ariza got you know Chris all you got. You know Harden who was of better corporate and made a fellow. You know I really value like beyond pre Jordan so. The war is got to do is keep doing what we do and crisp all you guys have a great debt. Catching here earlier I would say LeRoy and I'm not disagreeing in net disagreeing with the necessary evil necessarily. But that the one problem with the assist. Is. From government decided got to make a shot somebody's gotta make my job and then. Well what I also. It's hard to take into account as let's say. Let's say Chris caller anybody. Is on a three on two fast break all right and the big guard on the fast break throws it to the guy in his right aren't they should've thrown it to the goddess laughed. Throws it to the guy is right. The guy goes in misses the shot gives a little tougher like Monday look at India. It's like there's no stat for that. There's no stat for make in the wrong that decision don't. You just never I mean so what do you get net. It's not to back up we Roy's point it's just. Maybe Chris Paul plays the same. Guys don't make shots in the playoffs because role players don't do that and then Chris Paul's. Feel like you know I got to score a little more perhaps who have this squirrel. More Paul only had three assists but they don't we probably could have nine had you know some balls went to do we know chocolate we're rebounds to actually I don't remember. I remember a lot of Chris Paul this game. Creating for sure I I I don't cannot tell you the win with Chris Paul deserved fact that we don't remember from our accusing him for. That embarrassing moment or that you blew you know you blew your assignment I. I think that bodes well for the rockets did he kind of got lost. And you know we're not sit back Robert our bellies laughed and it staff curry give him again because he puts stepped to the ground with dad moved. I I just stand I rely completely forgot about him he had to make effect. 889579570. You and jumping on the conversation we'd love to have you assignments due route 957 again. In 957. Big game. Directing guru and 957 game warriors rockets. Came to the united Houston. Rockets need to get something done tonight but they're going to be coming back to Oakland. And the wars like a chance to close I think it went to an Oakland. So we'll see what happens rockets of course losers in game one. The question we're asked him is. What are the warriors do tonight. Had they adjusted they even have to adjust. They ran out their small lineup to start the game should they just run their small lineup out again. The rockets try to put Currie a lot of curry and looming in a lot of screen and roles that they just continue to live with that. 8889579570. Let's go to Paul Paul is in Mountain View Naipaul. Are they prepared are they call ma what is it illegal warriors. It is seeking. And an opening on your prepared to start. Tightening and into an oh increase should be our victory. I think is open again. Getting a simple movement. And what are peaking at the right time when he rockets art. Paula now they ball got questions for you if you get it right only to continue ready. Yeah what's my name. I first name. Have a good won't ball. Don't care if the there Limbaugh look yeah. I love your call but it's man yeah I want to be a my great job. Mary Berry is geared. Let's just kids who got a bright star event. You know pronunciation is close enough on given my age you know can do what might come up ball. Let's go I don't know it free moments of Lionel. Oh group though Mac. Or are you though the through. Are on the greatest I admit it. Bad game lion you know not been dramatically from any. All the bad. And caller are saying yelled get that more shock and awe that looks bad. It would have been it would appoint our game you're right on the other day you're out about that all. And editor that Iraq is not our rebounds and got it got. We're extremely well I mean airline. Gala being worked out or rocket and ground. I'm a lack of effort and all that and incurred amendment that it. So. Were staying current course shot well I don't want that Matt. If it ain't so hot. Cooking is great. It could mean a point guard at the bar and hot at. But not always in those three. I Currie did have a good game well I thought overall we can make up but we. But yet it but it do we need to do and all of the order that basically. Let's give it our PR. We're being we can't be able lines and no got the first beat it and read repeated by JR in play. We'd get their eat it enacted that at this flat out on the volume and it idiot. But yeah it can out eat let me it all mean there about one were great is in any walk away from you know they're so guys go to. Thank you I'll appreciate it I'm actually completely on board with a line. My dad used to tell me if you know you can do something in the game if you know you can and maybe pick somebody's pocket. Or you know you can score off a guy if you absolutely no right. Don't do it right away wait wait until it matters. And I think that's basically what courage do incur say are only for fifteen not 1886. Or whatever it is 188. HR 188 and six if we win by thirteen. I think the worst thing curry to do what I can't imagine. It's crossed his mind but you never though is the one thing. That. He's never won finals MVP. We talked about I realize this isn't the finals but. Is fine curry is totally fine out no doubt anybody and that that other racquets I don't want him to come out tonight in and try to do. You too much he's always have time to do that he's not that kind of guy right what Carl what are once Brooking CoBiz. Or that type guy when you're like. They don't even know but they have an agenda. I'm going to assert myself tonight and shoot at every step is not that guy well. I'm not. I don't necessarily agree with the totally there because. Sometimes. When the warriors lose incurred and have enough shots he'll start out a game. By trying to be ultra aggressive. That's fine that's usually when the warriors are coming off a loss or a bad performance gain this year and she was wrapped Christmas. He said something like I gotta take more than nine shots here it's you don't remember that though. And that of course the next game took a bunch of shots like that's that's what he can do but in a game that. Pretty much so much went your way. You know won't eat now we can be patient take a look see see how the games go and it's always nice to have stuff Kerr is your ace in the hole yet and that's why I tip my cap to the rockets were deemed fit to lead they didn't quit. And they were running and its staff curry and on that three point line who has won a five. But I saw that effort there from the rockets so I'm sure staff did too but he did. I'll take what they give me this note that this is gonna sound crazy but sometimes I think war your friends. If if I told warrior fans are warriors get the finals against the Celtics. And curry in the finals is gonna average sixteen points. Eight assists and five rebounds. And he's gonna shoot. Basically ago. Seven for twelve from the floor overnight. And Georgia to sweep. Sometimes I think warrior fans would be almost disappointed in that because the Al. I'm with outcome of that would be. Well people can now continue to come down Curry's road for not knowing them and just could be or at least five. Curry's completely due to understand. People get attached to great players don't Depp is a wanted alive yet once in a generation player. There is something going on that doesn't match and they want that their guy to get debt finals MVP that's why to meet. Game one if the lawyers advanced then we'll. Is very important and I predict will be stiff Curry's biggest game in this playoff 'cause that's where stork. Now on our I would also say you know I do I get that feeling the warriors have I mean when I was growing up it was burger. What a birdie gets 401512. And are one of the war one of the Celtics to win and you have. It would the rim but it didn't go bird like there was like. You know yeah it well. I was I was sky high but not quite as skies if you would have less HL level site I do get it or your friends who think that way but. Curry's. Curry's reputation is signed sealed and delivered he's he's fine and you know what and anybody else who who talks about. Well as well and MVP in the finals. Really very easily could've won in 2015. Very easily meet demand that's when they. I just I know I shouldn't be holy the holy now this out. He's active in that back. I mean according to Steve Kerr that might be the thing that gets him into the hall of fame no doubt. Let's go to Mike in Sacramento I might. I don't know what don't James bay beach and number two pick in the draft and I didn't do here and get away. The united the united since then. Go home and that there are forward and no problem on deck and I'll got you down catch it if you pick if it. Anyway Specter those. The important entities doing exactly what they. Jerry Horton is not a true point or is longer is he and try to keep door and say dined with BP three. Not letting him get the ball my client. The worried community. Yeah I mean it is my partner I might appreciate and enjoy Sacramento. Meadows on one of my. I find Sacramento to be a very underrated is I lived in Sacramento did you yeah I was home of the trees. If that's what you about that and I don't know what their main and the best thing about recently about his. This'll actually knows city when you come in to Sacramento on I five is as home of attorneys. Not tree that tree direct entry. I've never seen you there there there's a big hole in the Sri yes Sacramento city of the trees almost attorneys. I'm looking for some facial expressions from the bottom telling Jesse had a lot I'm in Sacramento a lot of kids and set. It says home of the trees. And I was gonna tell you be yet know when you get out eighty to five like when you go on Elk Grove OK even. And then you see the big thing up there. And it says that moment the trees I've never seen no matter how we wouldn't hedges three reference different here in the Baylor but the thing I never did understand was. When you go to Sacramento when he stood the old Marco you had with that road you had to go off on the right del paso and maybe that's it. But right beyond narrow in on eighty there was there's a sign that says like. It's Citi and Merrill era in 2792. Miles attitude of yeah. It true can some explain to me why that's there it says like you have gosh it's is it. Gosh it's that it's a sure worst city I wanna say in Maryland but anyway yeah say they have there it'll say Baltimore but it's up Baltimore to small and so my only think about sag is when the best thing about your city's starts with old. You need an up day so when you you know you heard old Sacramento. That's not what you want to say a Sacramento we're gonna do it let's go to all of my own the war in old Oakland. Where is although it's. Or near the worst facility on the old on the side. Between.