Steiny and Guru – 1 – Warriors take Game 1, Series over?

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, May 15th

Hour 1. Steiny and Guru are joined by John Dickinson (957 The GAME Super Reporter) LIVE from Houston to react to the Warriors Game 1 win in Houston. This hour we talk about how unguardable Kevin Durant is, and debate whether or not the Series is over.


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Relief and. She thinks thinks a lot of Stein and it's starting. Only use and still run. The plus dying man. Lights event. Our guys all right. Morning everybody Matt's side let's go over to root Johnson 957. The game. Gave blood in the books. Warriors beat the rockets won 9106. At that Toyota Center re claim home court that Houston worked all season for. Got a stellar performance from Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Were able to shut known. All the rockets not named James Harden. And ended up winning and I would say they won going away 119106. And now of course. The natural aftermath. The rockets you'd go. Right through. Yeah and there's not gonna be ashamed of we we fail for everybody thought Houston they didn't make strides they got the number one seed but dammit. There's nothing to feel ashamed about if your Houston rocket player are fanned the team you're playing in the current Golden State lawyers are better venue. You tomorrow LeBron James and other players away for being able to hang with the big dogs. Are telling you the warriors won a game on the road where so why DP had Mort three quarters instead of curry. And Kevin Durant just all by the way I'm a seven foot freak. Klay Thompson. It's just mind boggling that got about the rockets. Hate he would turn the corner and again I'm all over it's not a bad thing Houston had a 5959. But dammit you're not better than the lawyers are reason. Did the rockets' supporting cast Tucker. One point in 37 minutes it's not good enough stymied this want. Is done. So you don't give the rockets there any chance that they're gonna play better but they can play better. But this this looks like this can be over break the booms out. Her Woolsey we'll see my promise to myself was that our market overreact. To one game. Obviously the warriors looked very good. I thought the the rockets. Not named James Harden were very bad. And I mean the thing I come out. Of with this game is James Harden is not the problem with this team. They just don't have enough players and they don't have enough play makers if the ball's not Chris Paul or James Harden hands. They can't make a play. Tucker cannot make a play a reason it can't make a play Eric Gordon. Not really capable of making a play and so. I mean the one thing I take from this is. You know it's easy for everybody to say we'll look at the warriors they played beautiful basketball the ring it passes the curry. Currie passes to green green pass is the clay. That's she's beautiful basketball rockets rockets play isolation. Well what do you what the rockets the deal. They don't have the personnel the warriors haven't have to play that way of sort of think Mike death toll. She beat coach of the year forget that team to 65 wins after I watched it last night. The study what is it wrong for me for more rocket perspective to ask for back cut. Everybody just standing around watching. It doesn't take tablet to cut. They're just it's certainly a ball on the ground how many 24 shot clock violations did they get to a 42 shot cot violations unjust. They don't want guys Catan through the lane what hardens got the ball the top one that something's off because it's a little to get 65 why don't argue that that's an indictment. On the NBA regular season but Houston's a good team. They're just not better than the the Golden State Warriors starting this is didn't scary and it's taken me back to when I was on the microphone saying. How many can these guys do it. Because LeBron James worry he's going to tea leaves. That's only thing we can help Houston now. Daryl Morey has to be somewhere right now this morning don't want OK I know what we have and what we don't have and I mean Tucker capella. All those guys were visible Eric Gordon. When you look at him he had fifteen. He did you know there are needed he was buoyed terrible he was terrible Eric Gordon was terrible and he did make one shot that mattered last night. And you know he is alive Eric Gordon's never been a favorite mind. He said after the game you know it's going to be tough to win this way we're gonna have to spread the ball around more but you can't beat a team when one player. Eric I knew Soria. You can't handle the ball more. You have four turnovers in shape you barely handle the ball on the reason was because try to make plays you can't make place Eric Gordon can't make any place. For anybody else hated 89579570. I guess what series over right. Nortel throughout the series is over I'll I'll listen I'm at a given another game. But. Obviously the rockets didn't get off to the start they wanted to get off to. And now they got to win tomorrow or they're gonna head back to Oakland down 02 in its product probably curtains at that point. Let me ask you some than David West only four minutes. Anything going on the air since the mad at it I'm just what since the assistant 400 dollar MacBook didn't play. Some Hersh about Quinn could come up about David West he used to be a staple of the city can't eat they don't open and metro yeah broken. Just ask and I'm just I'm a new white for that David was break out your domain when you play. You know to derail played forty plus clay played forty cluster in my play 37. Curry played 35. In his did adultery seven dog bench minutes is gunned down his rotation about Nagy oh. Nick Young made shots last night. And you know he can duke it. He can play against them the rockets because he doesn't have to guard anybody can just stand in the corner in and stand next to PJ Tucker stand next Trevor Ariza. All he's got to do is make shots but Kevin Durant just reminded us that. I mean if he's gonna miss a shot starting it's gonna be because he missed did not because. He can't get a shot off that was spectacular there was a stretch to where. I'm like forget LeBron James predicts James Harden this guy right here is it's not fair almost that I failed watching Kevin Durant. Exhibit his basketball skills last night. The wasn't listening the church. Yet Kevin Durant I mean. You know it may very well be Curry's team are right it may very well be curious team but. Har I mean two rants the ring that's the reason they've been pushed over the top. You can't be guarded he's. People wonder why you put a bad defender on Kevin Durant will you put a bad the federal Kevin Durant because he's got to score on your great defender to. So you might as well just put a bad defender on him because. He's either gonna make shots or miss shots the rats. As as great as curry is his greatest clay is. The rants unguarded bull. He's unguarded Rangers with big about a half curry can be guarded not sinking shut him down but you have a chance against left Currie. Everything can break down for the warriors offensively and have a direct can still get your bucket it's fat it is phenomenal to watch. And I'm ask you this if you're Houston. Why wouldn't you double KED. In just take your I know that are harder shot the most difficult shot as of three. But dammit I already you beat me from three and to have the seven foot monster real. Really shoot a real are saying really put a double team Kevin Durant. And leave shooters open what wasn't aware particular happen movement to my blog or it could be two by thirty. You get a double that's the thing about the warriors they have play makers all over the floor if you double Kevin Durant. They're just gotta play for a free and they're gonna get layup after layup with a wide open three for wide open free. What if it added a double team you don't percent from three. Would we take that OK what do given thirty open threes government take your chances that way I'd rather take my chances. Pulpit where it while I don't. I mean two rats making pretty tough shots fourteen to twenty Sammy. And he missed a bunch late where it didn't matter six free throw six for six from the free by the way award France how was. Hello Scott frost there Scott plus we can't win with Scott Foster youth and Scott Foster. He's gonna screw us. Scott fosters the reason that we're going to be in trouble tonight. So network that. Worries got a vary very friendly whistle by the way. Dray mind green all right loud Gloria because I inherited 889579570. These Bordeaux any fool out there. Who thinks they drain behind. Wasn't 100%. Responsible. For his first technical foul when he pushed James Harden I'll wait for warrior fans who say a Harden started that. But the he went to a year. And that place is door to go for us an idea that it. Our imaginations you can do all purpose he he's he's laughing at us they were falling for this WWE cadre bod. He went in there are some say all these over the top. Is he felt his team needed that and we thought I was gonna go over the it's go to guy. And Lola the only. Finishes the game set the tone in the warriors win by thirteen I'll tell you what I think the rafts have. Completely capitulated. To. When it comes to Dray mind green what do you mean I mean he's yelling in their face now and they're saying. Okay we'll look at it I mean he has hurt is totally. Total interest flare up risk script but not scared of him they're scared of throwing him out. And then having to deal with a repercussion. Note no doubt about it ever would you Iran and yesterday he did do we think Aguirre yes and that it was definitely shot up. Thought I was bad call he's not a talker that's what irritates people they he's good he's good he's Gary Payton he's great at. But he includes the wraps. It'd 579570. As the number we come back we'll take your calls. Past fact. Now back in 95716. That's director Darryl would you root Johnson along with the coming up in ten minutes we're gonna check again with John Dickinson doubted Houston. He was there for game one and it was it on all the post game media scrubs. Pure underneath you do it do me a favor today are good for you to monitor text line because. It's always disappointing when when some listeners just I don't think they get it. And sometimes it it distracts me. So I'll just go through one time some of these study Mets didn't Foster missed the ran up and placed three point shots. The commentators mentioned it but you haven't what's up. Well. Okay I'll tell you what chief show me a game Woertz raft perfectly are right about green I like what he did last night because it's. Tell. Oh really they got down 124. And they got down 2112. It really did set a tone but don't yeah I can't help set in LO comeback this set no told you don't believe. The rockets were up to what he won twelve with a what do set a tone that warriors would have been up 2112. He was there rock. He's always been their rock and that enabled in the truck run on damp track and it. He did not do that on purpose he's not he's not under his tee he doesn't have his emotions under control and I think you're selling them short starting yet. Okay. I'm really sell him short emitted into the game he said to himself vomiting get a technical for no reason Obama pushed onto an overly empty and the other thing here's the other thing warrior fans. And we're gonna get to the good warriors because we're gonna get this crap out of the way. I don't hear dream on green felt PJ Tucker on the three or not. That call is made. Every single game every single three point shooter gets the benefit of the doubt. Every single one. They make that call nine out of ten times any time there's contact it's a foul why should not be a foul just because Dray mind green does it does he can yell more. Than anybody else see that you're you're on the right try to just say it he he he didn't know when he found out Tucker we took that moment tit. Just stop the basketball game let me be demonstrative. Let my eighteen feet off my motion let me look like the viking in gladiator that I am. Any world's go to John let me listen in that crap John let's go to San Francisco. What's up at home. And good morning they didn't like bill that are there men appreciate what an Asian and I'd like other. But I would you know well officiated. That they allegation that would match I think god would would would there are. Eluded different coaching staff I think I think the rockets. You know more than enough and that the court I'm not going to beat him but he did date you know politically you know cooking it's been acting not make them different. But I don't think that in all out. And donate it and the lawn and your bargains out here. When they called dot net gain deadly and bidding you a little bit bird didn't even have quite literate and they got blown up by thirty points. In what the forty year old blonde would get no bid dated them I mean if you're not imply it in implementing ball movement. And if perpetual. Emotional eight years and sharing the ball. Eating your go to bed I mean I think they can ball in the NBA is gone so beau and baby girl over. You know you got incurred Popovic and Brad Stevens who. Asian and they're gonna pull sure weakness in big and getting everybody ball and include and you know big big big a bit there's been about not only get. He scored all but also. Good served you're the players aren't health and energy beltway nobody burn out. Gotcha hey John I. Fair. How do you want the rockets to play. Do you want to play Eric Gordon can't play the way the warriors play PJ Tucker and Luc Mbah a Moute cannot play. Noise or are supply. Klay Thompson how to play less that we drove into the lane kicked it to a shooter on the right and the warriors got a three and I'm thinking in. Quite toxins like what the fifth best playmaker on the war as curry can make a play more than clay Durant to rain mud for sure it would dollar absolutely. Townshend would be one Houston's best play makers. They just don't have any they have nobody who can put the ball on the floor they have a team that's built to catch and she knew. I mean I don't know how else they can play to tell you the truth. But. Shouldn't they play like the rockets in did you say they do at camp played like a snow layers they did. It was 5915 hour and a half so I know I mean here seven. Super confident like he was and knocked out it wasn't they got up early the rocket is to study. There're there're general math. They're not calculus they're not pre algebra I don't know what that means there easy for the lawyers to figure out you know where Thomas you're probably what you want him to deal. What how do you accused in the play to be more competitive. A tell you what I'll take seventeen calls while you think of it because I don't think you're gonna come around their basket let's go to Joseph in San Jose which I've joked. A guy who has gone on that particular call absolutely no. Yeah. Overall last wilder a great game great statement to be made. But the war and being there are made I didn't notice. Step curry will lay off that game last night. He it seemed like he would be a little hesitated to shoot the three where are you tired during nude dancing a little too much and I think it. What showed the most where they are. I wouldn't say when he came back in the fourth. They need pick up like three hour drive away or something like that like. I know he'd take that to like. Who's sick and as he came into the game and then he got another one where he gave Chris Pollack three point about shot. It in the valued barely tapped in our region. And he had a army are noticed plus minus what but I. I think Terry have to play better in order for that in order for him to. I get back to a live look at an art at the outside bit that there be a target for curry tip. And get a good mark on his legacy was for this year for him to get the Arnold and BP. Gotcha thanks and you're not gonna you know it. They're very accurate credit that would be go to school thanks Joseph appreciate the call and now I got. Say I couldn't disagree with the more gifts and give using credit they were being a step up. And that he I don't know how he was tournament coral that tricycle what you started act corner finishing at the basket. He couldn't get opera story can they were and it's based on give Houston net credit at least know I'm gonna give staff curry credit. Because staff curry is a point guard. All right he knows how to play the game. Staff curry didn't look bad last night stuff curry looked phenomenal arm and they've been absolutely phenomenal. He's a point guard. He starts running the show. He gets other people involved guests why Kevin Durant saw on fire what's the point two what's the point guard's job give the public school. That's what it did and he puts any cover 1518. Points eight assists how would give credit because. Stuff curry doesn't have to score 35 points to hurt you like this is why he's become a great player. Because he managed the game last night he didn't. He didn't have to take 28 shots no and let's put the right on the tape. Will you talk about credit. The rockets into and lawyers write a bunch I souls the difference is. Katie ran his eyes nose on his 25 in field goal attempts this. I mean it was poetry in motion so would be in the day. Q Stan Brock that defense development to world was like oh they got a little San Antonio in I'm studied how much they're playing indeed. But Katie was the difference maker last night manned. What did take the note don't have read all this great complex offense know that a lot of it was we've got a seven footer you got Harden stop. Go to Robinson efforts just. Oh rout which don't Roma man. Hey guys RT guru. 00. God no match are out here searching extra energy in Diddy got to turn around and chased after it. Let your career I don't know under here man everybody else don't initially. One of the bank following what you guys say you play basketball to where you want not all why do all you don't Amish are. Abstract can you back and he's got a lot of duo saw it all you don't know what to do. Oh god don't I almost want Alton don't I don't I don't know why man swim. How different we get night scoring. It's like all bought out. Curry out of the edit. But this comment that I. Actual call Wednesday. We not. Already know ensure that every L Powell slight every are always right. Not at. All. Oh great. EEO. We. Thanks Robert I'll. I love Jeff Kerr did not have a bad game you know what media Seth Curry did not have a day it is Jeff Curtin is very good honest people waiting for him to shoot a hundred threesome that didn't happen they were kind of running him off the line he was one of five. But there were moments where Hokies initiative three in rocketed into would get out there so I think they're look at it that. In trying to say it was a bad game but that's an insult staff was great man. Eight to fifteen finish in looking like Steve Nash and Allen Iverson finish and at the top. Then all of a bad legal. The other thing is. Said this on a Houston radio station yesterday that the thing that worried me about Houston is. You know change aren't out their dribble in and the warriors just have five defenders staring right out and just wait for in the make a play in everybody's ready to react to it. Why did you work for 82 games I guess you know it's a regular car and if not it'll. He had no help start any. We got JD that's got to Houston where John tickets since gonna join us he is 957 regain reporter and he was their last night jiggy what's. Going on man you don't. What's going on guys could be with you is always. Just. Started saw off what what were your impressions of the game last night what what are couple thoughts that stuck out. To you and then now we'll just have a discussion about it. Look I love the warriors a great game all told for them I I think there were a couple of points early in the game. That eight could've gotten away from them a little bit it could have turned into a game where it got into the double digit range as far as the rockets. It may be running away with it a little bit but they did could you top of just stopping runs. And going on runs in their own and it was twelve to four and then it was a one point game and in the rockets. Got off to an eight point run and it was a nine point game their but the warriors came back and they were only down one. At the end of the first quarter I thought that was huge I also thought the other key juncture of the game was. Right at the end of the first half because the warriors controlled. The second quarter really for the most part. But the rockets had a run late in the second quarter and just you know that Nick Young three at the end of the half got it back to tied these kind of calmed everything down. I the warriors found themselves in a great position. At the half and that in the third quarter. They hate is they kind of did what they do they play better than anybody in the third quarter they got control of the game from there but just bigger picture. The warriors that Iran. The rockets had Harden if those two cancel out the warriors had three or four other players that played well I'm not sure really any of the rockets role players played well at all last night. JD you wouldn't believe if Bo would take and if you called the where some people think stepped curry had a bad game in Galveston island study I believe it's just because he was one of five from three. And that's what they're used to but he was going to the whole eight of fifteen. What did you make a step cars. I think it's hard for Stefan curry to half. Have eight Kevin Durant like performance. When Kevin Durant is happening Kevin to rise apartments I just don't think you can have two guys do that. And or your stance that they get times. It's. Little spoiled with the with the thought of the warriors have to win a certain way and we've talked about this before they want it to be. 119 to 106 and want Iran to have 35 and McCurry F thirty that want clay at 25 and and David West had a and you know Livingston had six in Nicki on a couple of threes and it's like it all has to fit straight months got to have a triple double. Helen B plus fifteen. In the game but it. Not every game fits in that box and I think I ought Corey did play really well last night other than the fact that. He had some defensive assignments which you alluded to after the game including the first play of the game is supposed to get down on James Harden gave him about a minute. Asked to line at the three that that that hard nailed and got his night go in but other than that. And not he didn't play well and the fact that like you said guru he he didn't make threes but I thought he was in control of the game. And again if if clay is gonna take eighteen shots entering its gonna take 27 and those guys are gonna combine. For nearly seventy or whatever to 65 exactly that I think it's hard for curry go for thirty is well. And it's still get positive contributions from everybody else I think Curry's game was solid. And you know what he's probably gonna have a gamer to in this series well as large as it. Goes on for. Where maybe he does pushed close to that their line in and if for the or your sake. It'll be beneficial to them if he doesn't on a night or maybe Durant has more of the current decline from last night. Yeah and what's also interesting JD is the worst only that I mean not only took eighty shots is routine which is which is on the low side. So there were as many shots for everybody to go around. In the in the aftermath of the game JD I I noticed that Eric Gordon Clint capella. We're we're we're talking a little bit about how it's going to be tough to have to beat the warriors in a one dimensional way. With James Harden trying to do it all but do they have any other options really. Other than maybe put Chris Paul and a lot of the positions that they put James Harden and and run and a lot of the same stuff which is. Kind of their option one day or their option B really pardon had a role in last night. In terms of scoring. I looked I was the classic example where the rockets. They're gonna hit some shots that you could force him into some action it's and I think the rockets took some bad shots I think their role players. They just didn't. He just didn't make their shots and missed a lot lay ups there are a lot like you know two quick threes that got missed it at critical points of the game that maybe could put it. An exclamation point on a run or really put them. Back in the game I mean I. Obama days missed some layups and he Trevor Ariza. He was OK defensively but he got in foul trouble a mean one of five from three for Trevor Reese I mean that the rockets need more there PJ Tucker. I think he was on the floor offensively. Other than the one time he gets dollar three so I mean. They need more from those guys that's why they've won they won because Harden and Paul have been terrific. Because Capellas benefactor and because on any given night. They've got at least two other guys that are probably around fifteen to twenty points. JD what do warrior fans begin their divided. And now they're divided when he comes to drain Ahman Green until star the I feel like he takes the pulse of the game. And doesn't give enough credit to know you don't win to be kind of that side showed it. To to give his team timer by then time to go on Iran and last night it started from the beginning he look wild out that he might get thrown out. But I felt like the team needed one he brought. And in the post game press or Steve Kerr again to drain my goal crossed. You know did he cross that line he said no he's just Graham on what did you make a drain on because if you look at the box score. You know he didn't lighted up but I felt like he would bet from the emotional standpoint he's what he was drain money and they needed that. He's a buddy had a great defensive game and he had another really strong rebounding game I thought it was a really good intangible drain on green game. All that being said I think the stuff at the beginning of the game was over the top. I think he was to amp I asked him point blank in the post game press conference were you too cramped he and the term he used was a little overzealous. But he'd rather be that way then the other way that a bit and then to be may be able to soft at the start I think T. You know maybe it was the six days may be it was you know thinking about all the build up to stuff well this series which seemingly has been built up since last summer. I think maybe he got he was just a little too fired up at the beginning of the two in and help it on make it a point. Making his presence felt. Making sure that the referees knew where it was make sure that the rockets new worry was that kind of thing and I think it actually worked it. To a detriment early in the game but he went out he came back in. At the warriors worked themselves back into the game and I thought he calmed down and and played the normal. Dream on green type of the game from that point. So we'll see if that continues throughout the the course of the series and yet it all up at the end of the night and he goes OK it was it was fine made these little over the top early in the game. But he got it together and and help them win. JD c'mon loonie the box score numbers aren't really that impressive but. How important do you think he was to that win last night. Huge 25 minutes he's relieved that the big. That. Steve Kirk trusts I think the most. At center and in this matchup against the rockets and you look at David West minutes last night David West went up only played four minutes and and and that was something we've talked about. You know David West now relief that the total fit. For this series but we duties that guy I mean it was straight month or seven it was let me 25. And that was about it and you didn't see obviously that year bell what Pachulia but his ability to get out and switch. And just to rebound and and guard in just. Just not make a bad mistake it leads to something good for the rockets whether that's a foul. How high if he's got one of the guards on him whether that's you know maybe make in the rockets. Raw past that they don't necessarily wanna throw that that leads to a bad shot as opposed to to may be a good shot. When Rudy just has a knack for doing all of those things and and he was a guy that stood out even in the three. Regular season matchups is somebody that that the warriors were gonna probably meet in this series and and so far and I thought when he came in the game. That was honestly one of the turning points when the warriors. Were down early it kind of item stabilized him and he was a little bit of the it would ala. Last night with a with dollar in in the starting line up albeit. Play in a different position JD speaking this what you want with curry are on hearted and so much was that by design or because of switching. That's because it's switching and I think it's also mean that there were times where. Curry was autumn and the warriors want to curry did they wanna do not switch it on a day to keep Kerry out on them but now I it's just means. That's the match up I mean I think he got to have what was crisp all out there to. The warriors have to I think pick their spots a little bit it can't just be playing. You know in blanket coverage against James Harden but I also think. Look there's so much switching in this series that they. Both teams can almost get. Eighty matchup they want and less these two teams decide that they're going to defend. Differently from the way that they defend all your long go against their principles I think altogether so. Yeah Curran was autumn a lot and built James Harden he. Make plays against Kerry made plays against grant and he plays really against just about everybody. Although there were few plays occurring mating including again that the key steel which led the it would outlook dunk so. Well maybe it wasn't the best defensive game for curry Natalie he would tell you it was his best defensive game. It's really more about just offsetting a possession here possession there with a nice defensive play. That leads to a key basket and I to stop all night long the warriors. Had the key stop the key rebound. The key dagger shot and Klay Thompson the attic and he hit just about everyone. Jay didn't appreciate the time. I just good guys are ever good off day and used it all I know it's not an off day for you and you rework and so thank you very much objective and we'll certainly be talking to you tomorrow. I'm just looking at Twitter right now Marc spears of the undefeated Barca. He's quoting. My dad Tony we've been doing this for 82 games we are who we are. Agree coat and what do you want them to do to achieve its and he did the offensive guru change so I don't. I don't know why don't let it looked like to talk to me don't let it looked like that. Instead of hard June 24 times this Harden we needed to shoot 3540. Look at I know I may not be able to do it but dammit that's what we're gonna focus on. Anger and real quick about drama on grain PJ Tucker now one point. Would we give the majority that credit now. No now hole. Oh PJ Tucker was not cardinal I know John Green. Listen in this day and age of the NBA. You can not play 35 minutes and score one for each other with PJ Tucker did last night. 8889579570. Are the rockets so fragile. Are they so fragile. That the series is over. In 957. Big game. Let's go through with 957 game. Tuesday in the bay warriors up one game to none over the rockets in the Western Conference finals. Wanna correct myself on some than I was talking about PJ Tucker. And I said you can not play 35 minutes. In the NBA anymore and have just one point I should have said. Unless your name mister in my green then it's OK to have one point because you can still impact the game we thought he was their version the drama. The other thing do reviewed said. You know it's hard radius take 3035 shots on out I don't think he can. I don't think he cannot think he didn't get off that many shots you know what that. And he hit it takes that it takes a lot for him to get one off you what he works hard like I rearm it I mean. It. It's not easy for him to get a shot off I mean who's the fact that he was fourteen for 24 last night news is remarkable and you know let's say let's just say hypothetically that. The warriors win the series in 45. And by and large. Most of the games are like last night I mean are people really get it and rich pardon mode that you care that that's what I'm saying when he plays. Outside a direct and you could argue. Hart was the best player on the floor so. That's what you expected to see last year in game six go out with your best if for whatever reason he told them a bag game and again last night his stock went up. And now people are Phillips art form started after one game like he's not the problem and used in day they needed they need LeBron today. And a look at me. Here's the other thing that I keep here and from. From fans that I disagree with a when they say. The rockets. Were built to beat the warriors. No this team was not built to beat the warriors this team. Is a team. That Daryl Morey is these. Halfway there are trying to get to beat the warriors need some more bricks if you if you think if you think Daryl Morey. Really thinks that Trevor reason. And PJ Tucker and Eric Gordon are going to be the group to beat the warriors. No he's trying to put together a team to beat the warriors. And I thought I think he got better when they added Chris Paul. And he got better since last year there's no doubt about it but. If the if Daryl Morey said to me today yeah you know this is a finished product mrs. This is it this is what I thought would get it done no chance. No chance. That this is the the fire the finished product in Houston. Mean it's great to be the warriors when you've got force superstars in their pros. India and again this a bit premature to only one game so they have not lost to the to the Golden State Warriors but it's a big big big deal. And you are right. That's why LeBron James is he's if he's available. You're the rockets you don't look at it and snub your nose and say hey we got enough I think that was public sentiment I think in the rocket's already had there won't think. No they need to LeBron James Downey this is serious and if you're gonna compete with this monster this animal is the Golden State Warriors you need some reinforcement. Let's go to Austin in Union City has a going Austin who. You're probably aren't good. Or maybe got a good noticed at all. Orbited and 242 pop in the fourth quarter last night. Curry took systems and did not put it right foot down. I didn't notice that I didn't I didn't notice the power play anywhere. The rockets it cut it to seven and the warriors should have been called. From backcourt violation that wasn't called clay ends up hitting the three. And now it's ten I know I know Scott Foster. Was put the screws to the warriors again it play in and play output you know that's that might have been the biggest call the game that what the warriors way. I don't know I noticed you about it. The other locus and I was not a registered over I can't say I'm really that it quite yet because. It depends on how curry you know hold the open this series to me. Mr. David I would I really consider doing is courage you know and so much energy to get you know switched on which party want to garner why would you quit. Either start living in an pepper come off the bench or you have. Courage to guard aren't from the get go not waste it on energy only switches. If you have an opponent backed someone like wartime you don't to bought yesterday. I have an idea call Austin yet but still in Korea and abetted and out stop stop I love Oscar but that's not that who. When that Oscar Austin Austin a beacon on a couple of thought last month. 89579570. Is the number. We expect the rockets just do what circuit to step and while I don't think they're gonna. I don't think they're going to be. Come out on the court tomorrow in the fetal position if that's what people think I mean they're gonna go while they're gonna play. They're gonna play. Desperate. And don't let the chips fall I mean it's not see here's the other thing every talks adjustments this adjustments that it's it's. The cement. A lot of it is a myth absolutely you know the rockets need they need some role players to step up your. And the number one guy's got to be Chris Paul he was he was average I thought last night I actually Doughty scored more than I thought that Hollywood 238 to seventeen. Give me five for thirteen at one point so that tells me made three or four shots late when the game was essentially already decided that's why. I can't stand when a guy like Eric Gordon you look at his box score a 156 for thirteen they mean important shot he made. We made a shot I think the cut at eleven point lead eight okay dynamite. They need players who can make plays when the game is still in the balance they wrote quake that caller did I I I felt what he was saying about staff and I think what he was trying to serious steps. Injured. We know this. But if he is over compensating he's doing a great job because I'm not notice and it but the fact that he's able to steal. Go to the rat and I think he's now going to the racquets freely and as easily as were were used to with a steel he still didn't buckets. Edges goes to his legend right. He out there her got hurt you don't think so all I got her to where I didn't I don't want to proceed. I can tell because when he's rock and and you could tell he's ready to go. If he's going win a little later than he normally would but he's still he's do you in his mind more so than his quickness. I just at my noticed. And any Steele didn't block it so it just goes to his legend and let's go to let's go to Stephenson had a Rosa which of these. Big act it just. They don't totally agree about Harden not a writer thinks if you watch him on defense I mean it's embarrassing like he. He literally doesn't lady that he did shrew epitome of all one way clarity even quite a lot of offense we get that. Hard to guard 41 point great. We're all too little or even steps can be he's putting out Max effort are you could could no effort let it go I've got to go Biden got that little. Tried to steal from behind. Me. You cool bawdy I I think it's watched. Pots. He's not a good defensive player. But was and then he's playing the greatest offensive team of our generation. I mean I don't know what to what else to tell you mean with the exception of last night I mean staff curry gets to be an offensive player and then. He doesn't have to guard the best player on the other team I mean if you're if you're rocking it you got caught her great player. Alicia garden. You know Iguodala. It's there's nowhere to hide but listen I don't disagree with the caller at all pardon not a good defender. But there's just nowhere to hide he can't hide him like other teams can hide if. And right there with the judge you were Chris Paul did a little ha ha our own step in step failed around and he had a chance to how the who out of met a lot of did you first little Al but he does sound and a man one thing to Chris Paul you don't think he all redemption for. Did embarrassed that that clip we seem that they play over and over it's like Padilla the Chris Paul that's what the captions should be. And he had a chance to exercise that an athletic. You really lifted you really think he makes that shot in the second quarter never Taylor or whatever it is the first quarter. To make the score 2318. Imagine how well I'm fine. He would have told you why didn't pay dad dad did you step that film alone you know we lost decade that you may be younger player not a guy who's been only thirteen years he knows better you'd have that bat of the game last night they'll crystal QB wasn't heated stand down at all. He just blended in I mean who stuck out last night Harden stuck out for the rockets the ram obviously for the ladies and clay for the warriors. Right there it is so why would CP three talk to on direct. When did you shut up and play your arm taken to poke in the air son did that there was pol I due to the bear was poked and you know let's be honest. NBA players think the rip took the easy way out that hasn't changed while there's no doubt entering that's got a lot of and there are few rise to go to the Golden State Warriors and then to complain about every call it what what Apollo essentially do week meeting go to the war by. PD university Kevin Durant. No there is no version of the that is the version of Kevin Durant has for LeBron to go to the longer you are where market anyway Paul George or somebody like that. Let's go to. Let's go to Charlie New York what's up Charlie. And it looked up solitary you know what's going on army and the good good just need to follow up on what political dissent are are you to argue. Is it a good defender obviously put it I can't tell you the number I think it last night where she would take them all up. Off the court and Triplett for nineteen seconds on the open twenty Forsett clocked. And I'll poke around and all the other player is an epic and where players are expected to get there and yeah I don't like eat eat meat went past the parking ticket shot. And it it back down court and then we.