Steiny and Guru – 1 – A’s free game attendance, is this a wild idea or smart?

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, April 18th

Hour 1. Steiny and Guru do a deep dive on the A’s free game. We talk about whether or not it ended up being profitable, whether o not other teams will try this, and we talk to a lot of fans who had an incredible time last night.


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Did EG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. This is not besides seven. Board game. That's that I mets' Darryl would you root Johnson. Come into your from downtown San Francisco. There's always like to do right off the top take a moment to appreciate the Bay Area what it. Everybody. And last night I am gonna get right to this absolutely right to this. And I'm gonna need some feedback on this from the listeners. Because there's a lot of angles about this it's not just about the oak Lyn day is. About baseball. It's about being in the story. Of the entire league today. It's about. What the hell you do in or wait a minute Josh which you do and was a great idea. Free baseball last night in Oakland. Free parking. Free entry. To watch a Major League Baseball game. Oakland drew 46000. Last night for the a's White Sox game they won tended to. We're watching TV this morning guru and it's kind of plastered all over the place. And here's. So many questions about this. I don't know where to start but here for a start okay they got 46000. For the jays last night free game pretty. Is that. Is it good is it bad does it mean any thing. Will have ramifications in the future is it a one time deal. So the first thing I'd like to do is. Anybody out there at big game last night. You're FDA's game I would love to hear from you or hear about the environment. I'll want to hear back out. What you thought about the game and then mostly. I want to hear about if there was anything that happened last night. That may make you think I'm going back. I'm going back. 'cause I don't know I don't know and I'm not I'm not here to condemn I'm not here to praise I'm here to gather input. What do you think you room. I'm happy for the players if they got to play in front of of a pack crap okay they Wear the beautiful school uniforms fifty year anniversary I give it. In this society nothing is free. I look at DA's and commit in the gym. But that the father the the adult to me ask what's the wind. It's like asking a woman out for Dayton Chile wants to go out because your pay for everything what's going to happen the next time. And what's going to happen today at 1235. I don't know why they gave was free. And it's liked old wants them can be. Yeah yeah yeah you know what where's the wind in that sounded a little now you know that's. I'm middle of the Shia need to do to I just don't I just pictured guru and pat cash. Here is I Cadillac Ricans have heard them or 8889579570. Is the number yet the a's game last night. Look I think the one thing they were looking for guru. Is you get 50000 out there 46000. Out there you show him. A good time and maybe you make some new customers for the future I think that was obviously one of the goals of what the a's were doing. Will it work well I think the answer to that is forthcoming I don't think we know the answer would you go back if you went somewhere free. How would you like to know what we're out of the head that have yet the next night may be. When I weekend would you go back to great question it would you look at it is that it was a favor. What they'd let me add to a game free honey let's factor Carney kids let's go. On Saturday and we'll spend the money just because we we got to enjoy a free game I don't know well I tell I think it depends on your experience during that free game. Maybe there are people who haven't gone a baseball game in five years that said let's go check out the age. They're free they go. And they realize you don't want for a guy like baseball fun man have a couple Beers you relax. It was exciting being. You don't want to do it looks cheap when it comes two or three more. Go to the family we took the kids it was a nice experience. Was great to do something as a family. How about let's go let's go once a month because it was such a positive experience. I think that's the goal that was the goal. Dave Kaplan what the front office. Tried to do. Right I mean they they the a's have a problem because they don't draw well so they try to get. People into that stadium and expose those people to a product that ideally they're gonna when joy and they're gonna come back. And I don't expect the pace. Attendance despite but I do expect there to be some kind of residual benefit for the Oakland a.'s. Now the question I have is the spirit of let's say you're an owner of the Philadelphia Phillies. Are you look at it. That's. These ownership saying OWE know yet WTO what are you doing no doubt. Or. Let's say a team like even in Tampa Tampa Bay hill draw while that's meter they think in are you kidding me we. So are we gonna have to do this so we get have to give away free tickets. And I understand. Obviously the concessions were free and that was part of I think Campbell's. Calculation. Would you rather have 7000 people. Paying for tickets pay for parking and buying some food and beverages or. Would you rather try to get 50000. In there don't pay for tickets don't pay for parking. By. You may make up for it in food beer and souvenirs. Not to mention. All the people that may buy tickets to a future game who would have never done that before had they not been in this stadium last night. Yep and again kudos today Campbell because just like you that you alluded to. In the green room. The national shows were talking about guess what baseball team the Oakland Athletics yours truly so you and I went back and forth and John Curley. I don't remember April professional team ever having a a game free our regular season game free so the days may go in the history books for that. But it what costs down any so we don't know what we're not privy to the books. But I will say this. He was freed 46000. Guess what DA scored a hundred runs you don't think that had that that energized the players and of course of Wendell White Sox and that was the call. But. I just my question and they say you're in me is like okay what happened today at 1235. What happens that well. OK that's great I mean that's a great question and let's say today's crowd at 1235 would have been. 8000 let's say it was a house Danish today. Could it be 101000 today because of last night argue that. Well you know what I know that's that is something that we might scoff that. But that's 25% increase when you go. 2000 more than 8000. So maybe it's an and then the game after there you go from seven seven tonight. So. There there may be the benefit there are there. Clearly this wasn't done. Solely out of altruism. There had to be something about the bottom line. That they felt like could be improved. In the long term with a short term. Kind of biting of the bull I was gonna ask you do you think man Fred had the the Commissioner of Baseball had a problem with this but it did it would no wind down right. But in the answer that equity could also be it won't ever happen again. No matter how York I think that's a fair question I think there's a lot of interesting. Angles to this. It's it's not even so much about the eighty's although of course it is about the a's because there they bury in our backyard but the reality is there have been. Stories out there already and I realize the weather on the East Coast has been terrible for the ton of rain outs and snow while London day weather out. But attendance. Through the first fifteen or twenty games is very very bad. Around the league. So. DA's may be have gotten out in front of this a little bit I don't know I mean will will see I don't. I don't think anyone out there expect to see something today. That shocks them not gonna be 245000. Out in Oakland today I think we can all agree with that. But. They can be a few more and that's a thing you've. Got to grow this this thing. This thing's not gonna happen overnight if it's gonna happen. So the days are here for the long haul they've got to start rebuilding a fan base so. The cynic in me says because the a's are not drawing as well as the top tier teams. This was not done is a token of appreciation. This was. Up ploy is too strong. This was a marketing move to give butts in the seats as opposed to we appreciate the community. We're gonna open our doors and our stadium. Because the concessions as you mentioned they weren't free I think it could be a little both to tell you the truth. I mean I did a marketing move in and of itself isn't really a positive or negative. It's something you're doing to try to entice more fans out there. It looks like death occurred last night I guess my question is. Now why. Is anything gonna happen has anything changed. Have they. Tapped into something that will have positive ramifications down the line I don't I don't know. 889579570. Is the number couple things. If you were at the a's game last night you're one of those 46000. I usually hear about the atmosphere out there. And I wanna know if you were a first time attendee or you haven't been to a game tomorrow on it for awhile. If last night's game makes you more likely to pop back in at some point this summer. Or if you do see a lot of a's games. Tell me what last night meant. If it meant. Anything 8889579570. Stein Mets do room 957 the game. Now back in 957. To gain. Math assignments Darryl would do Johnson alongside you on a Wednesday morning. We're talking about the aids. And the one thing. I want to mention before we jump into some calls that number to reach some of these tax and let me tell you to texts are overwhelmingly. Positive. Attacks. Are overwhelmingly. Saying that last night was a blast. In Oakland at the Oakland coliseum for the a's ten to victory but the one thing I wanted I just wanna say before. We get in some calls. I was thinking about this and just how significant. It is that a Major League team is gonna. Allow you to attend the game for free pro team for that matter when I was a kid. I lived about an hour from Philadelphia about two hours from New York City. And I didn't really have a cop I don't really have concept of money at the when your kid. What I knew you just couldn't go to baseball games all the time. It was. I knew it was special. And so what I'm get mad is that. When. Dead took me veteran stadium and took reader Yankee Stadium. It was a big deal edit it cost money and he may need the I'm sure that I appreciated. The fact I was able to see the Phillies and yankees. And so the notion that. A kid or a family. Could go see a Major League Baseball game last night. Without having the path he. Is very significant now the question is. To the positives outweigh. The negatives. As far as I'm concerned I don't know that there are any negatives are against. If I have to play devil's advocate may be a negative would be your country cheapening. Your product. But I don't necessarily buying that because we'll look at it as oh you're exposing your product to more people. And that in essence is simply mark. Did you have but their bottom line to can heat yesterday there no there there are no longer running bit in her attitude there's just no way you allow 46000 people to inner. Yeah you're you're stadium for free. And that's good business. And again and I did just to reiterate. Is much as the days and de Cabo love the Oakland and greater bay area of the community. This was done to get them hooked in to. People so sure I can enjoy the experience for free but. That pays are hoping there's no way around this. That they come back in drone. Lists also may have been what about this idea I throughout. I thought of is maybe things wanted to do something like this to see if they could gauge. How much interest there is in the team despite the fact that they don't draw well. Well so they have a free game. Edit okay yeah 50000 people show up 46000 people show when you don't what that means there's 46000 people out there and obviously there's tons more though. Are willing to come to again and now they're willing to come free. Did you do enough laughs not eight. For somebody to say you know what. Let's go back and we'll pay the money. Will pay the money to go see. The game what so did not 579570. If you were there call if you got a strong opinion on this I'd love to hear from you what a brick. In Campbell how you don't brick. Hey hey don't go well. We have got a big game last night it was loaded you know I can't remember a lot Obama had been donated game and being that might screening gold. We showed up an hour early and don't are not all. So. That they'll be anything. How many games you go to the well god. British Open you have some more to say. I don't. They've Gambino I I think you could go to a lot but I've been scarred many times I mean the last straw really concentrated. Oil go to that many. Let it bacon if they can make a commitment to the scene. I'd be out there way more I. I guess I would consider speeding ticket but the united the end of the day I think it will you'd be athletic organization that really have anything to lose they do on that. How about this hello China out of so this was your first game since the Donaldson trade. You know and I I am body I like litigate here but you know I'm not. Eight until they make a commitment I I don't think I'll make a commitment to beat and it didn't. I'd be able to gain. Gotcha thanks Brett good car appreciate that how about this Donny and output in Iran on the table here. 46 people 46000 people came out last night. Last year we popped the bubbly because we've got DA's gonna build a new stadium on a new site how much you built in upgrade the current facility. In the people will come. If it's about the people. I will come to something new hits AT&T park. So to say it's free. It's something that you know. Needs to be updated I grew up in the coliseum love it but I would love nothing more the DA's to get a brand new ballpark. You bill that what do you get sixty Dallas. I know won't hold that many but you know what I'm saying and starting. The new ballpark is is is is what's really. That will be an attractive. That that will be a magnet for people to come out Shaw says I think it will bring people but it routine doesn't. I do well little would be a short term fix. And. The free. Gainey. Passionate this text line I think. I think my take a day off it was. Anyway they're so good there's so many positive ones here it's unbelievable of course now I can't find a mall. What's your prediction today that didn't 1235 Daniel Lincoln at the weather I don't know the cost 75 on. Yeah so involved under the fans will show up when the a's are winning and that's the way it's always been what this team unfortunately had one good ownership group. In the history of the franchise and we should be done the Hawes. The Hawes family. Dye is as a kid growing up in east Oakland a 73 stringer with the city is every weekend when my parents have been to a I haven't been to a game since 2014. Am now 25 years old. And I need to see a commitment. Lot of people are saying they need to see and that commit all of our I want to talk about commitment right. It's also would not it's more to keep their players. I think it's more to make an investment in their players. So that. Fans can become attached to supporters I mean that's who you root for fear the a's in Brazil endless. Matt Olson. Well hollows not also didn't Merrill won't get in the red day kava on his past interviews are I think things that can instill ordered Oakland they're they're going to keep those. Donaldson's insists it is and I hear you have and there are a lot of a's fans I believe who were saying you know unfortunately you gotta show me I'm not gonna take your word for it. Let's go to let's go to Jesse and Heyward you don't Jesse. At age particular offshore. And I love your show is about they were showing some mornings it's you. Despite his wireless. That the game that are an artist so of playoff atmosphere. I fell. To its side that you live it is our World Series you know you. That is cool is that. Gays have a lot of France and I feel like they can sell out every dime if they wouldn't it. He remains are so I think that's just the main thing. How many did you go to Jess. I don't go to a lot because it's actually grew larger player if they have. They. Tested them out as so laughter that is leg. I ask you know turn me option little bit. You know I hear you thanks for call Jesse you know what I think there's a lot of people like Jesse out there I don't think there's any doubt there's a lot of people like Jesse out there and it's warranted I did it I was here will we solid. You know star players left in the middle of the night after going to the playoffs three consecutive years so I did it but. I guess dislike you tell me Dave Campbell's comments about you know the thought process and and in what the slogan is behind closed doors that they're gonna keep their their their own. In raised there Rome new crop of stars. Only time will tail. Let's go to let's go to mark in Danville I don't mark. They're earning you're more what's out there as epic game last night. And I thought and prior phone caller or the playoff bat here a bit of light on it and I'm over it your goal. Been there through when he grows it wherever you know that it right now clocked a Washington Warburg. I think that the law and view it that. People like me when I advocated night 5000 people crowd. And just got hooked on baseball that we care. And now through the years that it'd be particularly support made all the way through. I think it is pretty go to scared that are gonna grow in and stayed stand in and I think it did get those people right now. Better look in his band that the other night everybody. And act go to an event in an eight. He hit a Grand Slam at night the way they put on this show. Thank you very much appreciate the call. Seattle people at a good time. I guess acquire a is there and I don't think there's a downside to what the a's did. All amazing now what to do the book. Well the book well what the markers right but what I'm saying is let's say let's say they didn't make money last night let's city took bear and you know what that's the other thing I a lot of people tacklers in. Duke they're probably more money last night and they would have well. That's easy to say our. But you also have to take into account OK so what they lose they lost ticket revenue. They lost parking revenue and let's let's be real but they how much ticket revenue. Five day 2000 notably came thereon or no down on and on a month to what how my how much extra security do they have to put in the building because they got 46000. How many extra concession stands did they have to open an attitude and pay the workers there. That's those are some questions and I'm not sure of the answer to but I'm sure the a's had either have figured out one way or the other they were okay with the date they may have been say in. Don't we appeal to make even a little money out of this game so we're gonna make money then that's going to be great PR maybe we'll get some people in the building. Over the course of the season or they looked and said you don't want to take a little bit of a bath on this what we believe that over the course of the next 34 months. We're gonna. Make our investment back I wonder if it was at profitable. Why would they do it every night. 'cause I don't think it was exact product I'll products. So this this I mean I do I do I really can get twenty plus guys get a new ballpark don't this this doesn't supersede elephant in the room to do development based. But. You know is about a new ballpark. And you won't need a gimmick and I must say in this gimmick is bad but this gimmick or what happened last night was about but at butts in the seats. That's what it was about. Good dude and they don't know. You know let out or opt out of the stadium announcement is it going over there are also are we don't where we had we don't know the we celebrated like we knew. Let a strike on a uncommon. Uncommon around to the idea that I would. I obviously want the a's this day because Oakland yeah I'm an Oakland resident. MI I'm crazy and maybe Amkor I've what did. I wanna read on coliseum right where it is I'm not mad at that I want it right where I'm not mad at that I went out we love it downtown. You don't if the waterfront. Jack London square lipkin I other titles in the Bay Area I don't want that you don't like water above water bit. I just love the location of the the coliseum and I think it. You don't make a downtown stadium you're gonna have to jump through so look look. But don't look better than I do want to look what already happened they picked this site it's fallen through our other in no man's land everything's right there at the coliseum. It is going to be so much heavy lifting to get it. To. To get it to come to fruition. Because you're gonna have to jump through all kinds of who she gonna have to jump through. All the other raiders are leaving and it's going to be all it could be all yours today downtown OK gotcha is what I'm talk on my head down and embedded in the downtown stadium. You talked about the commitment from the organization keeping the players how much of this is peoples and entire article on the coliseum we we won and who stayed. There's a fraction of people I'm sure build a welcome. For a late as last night was about giving back to the fans fair getting the fans exciting getting fans to once. To go to the new ballpark let's go to Mike in Oakland how you doing Mike what's going on man. We don't guys go really quick I. I declined to comment armed you know you guys are talking about losing revenue from the spot here. And you know the actual security that might had to go it you're an actor benders I really don't see that I mean I have. Honestly there's must first game that these and I haven't seen that new tree house or all of a new feature that they had I mean I was amazed I haven't been a big impact. Since I was probably a child in light early ninety's or something of that nature and it was a blatant and I know it's pretty. But the albeit the vibe you know I. That's something you can only get like a playoff giants then. And or maybe giant state opener and I just wish why. The media sources and outlets would make that is just a more bigger thing I know there's so much questioning going along with. Be our organization about what we're gonna move if they do keep their players that they really entered the ways and stuff but I think what I would have about connecting the people back to. Oakland and that's not even from the warriors are doing right now and that's what I real pitchers it was just. Although there was Aldrin a goal and it was all spoke on an epic to pick my quota what there was to it after. When he got hung up on that. Some bachelor might cute cute I mean I'm home run right there Grand Slam. Wall it it's it. Or my wanna hang up America. May not on a ballot had a Cadillac which you what are usually do is you. You talk to somebody on the phone and then you'd disconnect them but sometimes people they date disconnect started you know this it you don't phone still want. There my marriages. Yeah. Personal request this 510 texture either program director quit or he needs to to start off your show with this subject is horrible. Seeing off on this is probably the biggest story in baseball right now a low a's have done something that is unprecedented. They drew 46000. Fans last night. It's got to mean something and you tell me what it means you you tell me 510 with a crabby personality. Another. Topic. That's more timely than this one right now and more in the Bay Area. Weary with dale let's go to Jed in San Jose later Jake. What I got played or not wanted to. Cover that topic out of the game yesterday. My first game that you know well and it looks but mom and an outside the league that that. Thirteen point in the way they did in the way they have been. Actually showed a lot of fun a lot of spelling it out there that tailgating notable. An image around. Mile. We lost and so are about you can damage a consent of their right. So and Wednesday. She can get a it did you call back if you you better lines I don't know if you're out there that thinks. Is very pretty out there that thinks that this. Was a bad news I mean bad move and I think so. I mean. I don't. What's the old well who sold him to sing that old song when you ain't got nothing you got nothing to lose. Who was I don't know what am I guess I know it's Dylan of course you got nothing new news on my editor Rolling Stone like a Rolling Stone. So you know the days it's no. It's no secret that they're struggling to draw it's no secret that there trying to find a new stadium. This is a secret. So. What YBA east try to do something like this where. And it may end up being a great move almost won it. Let's go to Henry in Napa how you doing hammy. Dirtier you go to or. Call. Bomb no I think drew the great movement. Model family out there are unable to broker the work. It they've brought everyone together they give everybody a little bit of hope. Movie or where would dispute. I mean in the back of there one there could be some big period. That you're doing something for us. Albeit they're all those years are staying positive and not keeping every ought to do. And you know army and it's it's it's something bad what does that was great because there's a lot of family is a lot of people. That don't companies are to be able to take decades that it bit bit the past to go to a baseball game. And afford to baseball games so I think it was something for the people what they're doing something for both weren't. I think it was some paper per all the cram. And it was I think it setting a trend that they're gonna set a trend and I believe there are a lot of more treatment that are assert 200 after they see. What comes. It was and a lot. There was no loss by any means com and Britain revenue don't bet. I really really really think there's just that that it trends at a pretty calm for professional sports. Not that slot for the call will seek a train. Or man afraid to be on the phone have an A conference call with all the owners. Well I can say hey dad can never happen media well. Let's think about that because. Mayor for a Smart guy if there's a long term benefit to this. He would have no other choice than to be for it. Mean he's got and maybe this thing is we don't know a all around bay blog know the weather has allowed to do with it from the 650 study the free game is fine and all good but where is the new stadium kava was done nothing I wouldn't say travels done nothing I think he's tried. I just don't think it's easy. It's really hard to get a ballpark built in the downtown but they may or an announcement. Some people feel like that was this dog and pony trick. Look I'm not saying anyone as there was an announcement a celebration. And that all welcome. So you know that didn't that's worst inning and onto a player rob belief. To go for public with an announcement that that brought to site is going to be that cited the new ballpark and our back at square one stunning that would give me some hesitancy. In regard to be like I'm all in with this team even though that wasn't a planned. Now would you gotta admit that was a bad look right what the whole ballpark. We got a site now we don't got a side brought to college and this is our land it's not yours in now days there. You don't looking for a new place this bad business. I don't have that average depth bad B it looks bad. I acted as you might look bad but I like I never look at something like that is cataclysmic. Or almighty god. This is gonna this is gonna devastate the franchise I mean they they. They thought they were going to be able to to play there they can't okay. I mean it sucks it's a bad look big got ahead of themselves all lack of the fans got excited. The community got excited. Dream and now watch today's baseball on the new ballpark. And then that gives rip ride out from a regular. Out from under it just it's just been postponed. They haven't said we're not gonna build a ballpark. And I I think if what the first thing I think the a's have to do just just. Taken that temperature their fans the first thing they have to do. Is make a commitment to players it's obvious that's what I hear most the ball and here's my story. I got a daughter who was. Assess British traded to three years ago now something like that 2000 in 1213 142000 have been fourteen still plan at a high level mind. Daughter. Who was eight at that time was say in. Why did they trade sets fitness and my eight year old so she even heard assessment is now. That's huge you know winners I mean that's absolutely huge. And now she's about. You don't sheet it says jokingly was since they traded assessment is I don't like the gays anymore she's just being a little bit snotty and all that stuff but she's also. Not far mark no she's not far off the mark is it not 579570. Talking. Oakland days getting 46000. On a free night. Is there any negative to this if there is I don't see it if you do. You're more than welcome to tell me. Now back to 957. Big game. This diamond's new room talk today it's 46000. Last night at the coliseum. Free entry free parking is Tuesdays are always free parking but. There was accompanied by a free. Last night. But talks of NBA playoffs and warriors coming up at 1130 gets him by attempts of the Washington Post the 510 great job by the aids. Great job by the case. It could be a life changing moment for first timers in young children to become fans for life that's toady in San -- day. And the other view would be from the 95 plain and simple guys. You can have every game be free and it won't help you need big time players in winning and what the a's have none. I don't know about that they got some young players. They got some young players you may wanna build around and I think that's going to be a test for a lot of these fans. Aren't you think it's a test they've camels come out since. The old way is done we'll see we're gonna keep. Chapman and Olsen and I'm Chris Davis and I did not young as those guys were these the most one of the most prolific home run hitters in the game right now so you can go to the game just now watching him. 8889579570. What do you make a last night's. 46000. What do you think was at the heart of the AE's. Reasoning for this. Obviously. There have to be so. Part of it that's for the future. Which try indicate or you don't and maybe just warn of the maybe they wanted to just. See how many people they could draw up to. Figure out. Kind of a similar to the fan base and how many of the fans would go under certain circumstances. So. How many would go with five dollar tickets at ten dollar tickets. There may have been some kind of informal study. It involved in this just to kind of gauge maybe the interest is a bill in Alameda how you doing bill. They're pretty good. Yeah ma. We're talking about the for an part of it sure. Would you know people are gonna show up for sure aren't sure sacrament Bernard in the government under regardless three. Rivera like on Saturday we count on the belt I'm the director of love people more people raw deal on amateur so. But I'm American and their their planet to maturity. The afternoon Oakland drove the low spirits in the her. A precursor to the brokers group that are purple and also up for. We're gonna move did look and infrastructure. Are everywhere at all I've brought that up. We have downside Florida. About that baseball we're all my life. Broder reported. Pro ball what Joseph Morgan. So you know the burden about it didn't Nicole. To get excited to bring even cheaper order. When they loser where people are out there. Wonder are you. Heard a parameter we know that Google lawyers that are really really little to leave room you know and now are you are the cricket prepare. Now thanks for the call bill I mean. Sometimes it is as simple as that I think. In order to build a fan base you have to give them something consistent to root for would never seen missiles that any. I don't know in April the three point major sport of hockey for. A three game regular season. I don't think we have I mean maybe I'm wrong not only would know. Maybe I'm wrong I don't know. Citing its to rejuvenate the fan base to introduce new fans the baseball. They said 25% of the fans last night had never been to gain. And I think you're right on the money that he gave that. Sir well again because I think you had a sign up to get particular Serbia and I'm sure as part of the sign up. There was information transferred. Maybe you question was have you ever been to a game tonight 95 says give credit to H players for stepping up and putting on a great show. I mean they scored five in the first inning is not a coincidence. They were Jews is that a coincidence. From a financial standpoint. Have the jays released any info to indicate that 46 no I don't think we're gonna see him I don't think I don't think we're gonna see. Information on whether the eighties. Made more money made less money lost less money lost more money. I think that's gonna be kept. Internal if you know what I mean but. I just thought it was a off. Phenomenally different type of move. 46000. Fans at the a's game last night were talking about them they're on TV you see him in the that it MLB. The MLB channel is talking about their letter network so. Obviously they've created some kind of bugs. And I'd I'd look here's the other thing you got to you got put BA's. You've got to put the rat on the table there at all there are also at a two. Two team market. I so you look at where the a's are right now they got some young players who may be worth. Keep it around you look across the bay to the giants there at the other end of the spectrum. That's an older team. It's an older team that area gore runs right now can't score runs there's six and we. He the Gatorade and tens of reporting is that there's. I don't think there's a big difference between how these teams are gonna finish. I think DA. Okay VA's might be a little better maybe the giants are now up a little better if the gays had the giants pitcher and right and the giants had days hitting lefty. Right okay Walt my point is is that. You know maybe the days go 500 the giants win seventy. What I'm saying is what I'm hearing from a lot of pace fans is. You know you keep Chapman Iran and he also around maybe you'll like Chris Davies she keeps him around. And I is the real demand also Ross among signed him we you know what all of a sudden two years. You've got a young team. That's got nothing but upside and across the bay in San Francisco. They don't have much. So. Yeah you know the the the read the table was that unfortunately the haste to compete with the giants. What that doesn't but they want in the past you have met him in the World Series. But I mean did you know the eight used out draw. The giants the giants were at the stick in the eighties were good in the stadium. They're going modern warrior the 1235 games a B 880 would be a mess. Was always a mess but you know what I mean that place of the college would be packed. And you gotta have the product. You've got to have you gotta have beyoncé are Virginia you gotta get your team has to be good. Jay-Z the nickname Judea. Even though that I had no clue and Uga Uga. JIGGA. Anyway if you want to change his name like every three months. Is Jay-Z lose again I'm thinking after all laid puff. It happened to. Decent guy who. True wanted to play in the NBA all master pretty lit with what's what's his Baghdad. Is still around in this area. He played for the raptors though we did not. We had a two no I just watched a video yet it now heavy clay season pre season they gave them some love exactly it's like when they allowed that country singer to have played for the it's Diamondbacks in spring training yet was that. But real quick master peacefully dissent that did the video I spent my Sunday I get to thirty minutes Madonna's volleyball game it was intermission. He said why is he almost got to fight with Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom had to break it up. A forged video. Pretty it is still like we would get a height of guys in the locker room but anyway Olympic. Coming if I can't. Masterpiece at Richmond tie. IOC masterpiece game. Percy Miller did you play college. In the weak yen he is what it. LSU no we where exactly was it what let me ask whose gardener community college anyway so why have you but he somehow we pay Garth Brooks Susan and I used to see him at that cal state Hayward res dev open gym out there. The scouts to eighty statement or animal unauthorized. Use but it's gonna do now what do you think you did it spree wells operator. If pay 9495. Says master. I know. None on with this no number of games masterpiece in the pros zero the same as me same as stunned as pre season games can we both preceding else well not my book okay got on my iBook and until and unless. The warriors let me play a quarter pre season game in okay. Now master. Odds of make in the NBA zero point 009. A little game we get a little gets right. So I arguably bring my credentials and well do you look at your division three of what was. What we investor it was not Louisiana College limitation. Thank you but somehow he got to the he got the Jersey director jurors the next person attacks in that he played for any NBA team your being at current alienated Contra Costa college at Richmond. Because if it. Okay there. Though I lost in the big game last night. That's the coliseum. Trevor can help. This ball game mid two great games pitched last night. One by Corbin of the Diamondbacks and one by now you're troll reverend error with dad what nobody cares about Corbin. Well there's garbage on this truck quite know was phenomenal. But that's. That's see this is where this mother giants is that jails is by the giants aren't anywhere it's it's totally by the.