Steiny and Guru – 1 – NBA Awards Show, Great sports Spectacles?

Steinmetz and Guru
Monday, June 25th
Hour 1. Ray Ratto fills in for Guru. Steiny and Ratto talk about the NBA Awards show tonight and then get into the topic of what makes for the great “sports spectacles.”

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Not jinx thinks a lot Stein and this story. Certainly isn't still run. Yeah. And for starting next. Then. All recorded everybody you. Outside that's a long way if you. Sitting in for Darryl would drew Johnson. You'll be back tomorrow. Till tomorrow when he returns. That he'll be here. No I won't be. He will be here early you'll be here the rest of the day today here and then that your goal on this and I'm gone do you have any other shifts with any other shows as far as you know. Next week I will be. During the twelve to re right we'll leave you with the I'm not matter know and I'm not sure whether it's great bond. Hookah I don't know a great start these vacation Greg is usually a wall come July. There Nancy just think it's very hard ray but you know what at first to you I've I've seen you up close firsthand. Various sporting events and venues in your places of employment I will say this right. You're not afraid of hard work you do work part. Well this is not hard work it though which is or is is lifting heavy things from one place to have never done blue collar worker and I enough. Really you never painted for money let's say not for money what did you do Summers at college how to do what did you do to make money sponge off my parents. No you didn't say don't question though because you've been taught better than that I I didn't know what better than that Imus lost. She what I used to do re in the summer for the deal my dad had within me was. I had earned my money in the summer in the and that would be my spending money for college. You know I mean so. Early in my college career ray guy I worked for Pepsi cola actually delivered soda to swimming pools in the big silver canisters the syrup. You don't talk around yeah I know that was heavy lifting yes or other things or haven't you you've done heavy lifting you've done. Luca work and I am not you know I've though a lot of painting in my life re. Like I'm big landscaper. I can plant a tree. I can also play a flower. And I can cut grass and a two week. The minute here you are wasting your life doing this you know what. Sometimes right there are tough days in the radio where I think I just want a good honest to goodness day's work of physical labor. Yeah I'm sure that comes up on it as it does ring. Rick. I survived. You any special. No I went to a waiting. Somebody you don't know nobody's frail older daughter and a little daughter well that's nice what was it in the Bay Area. Know with Europe. Yes it was and the bidding and Crescent City. I'm not go awaiting crisis and it's way too much to their face did you get dressed up. Student shot. Where tidy I just realized and I don't count him. Are you serious answers. I don't don't don't need. Suits are customs. And I didn't think we're gonna start here ray but you tell me nobody this wedding had a tie on. Almost people did so would you would you Wear. What would knows where which used sweater shirt choose. I don't I don't have to get dressed up for somebody else's amusement. Let me tell you my job let me make a comparison real quick poll good killed drag this is always on my father. Is stickler at times and and he doesn't like people can't stand Wear long pants. You're shorts. But you Wear shorts because. He's got a prosthetic leg. And so it's easier for him to. Walk around in shorts and long pay it that's fine. So he gets a break but they would still put tiger on pops didn't beat congratulation to him if he enjoys wearing a tie he should do it. Nobody enjoys wearing a tie red. But sometimes you gotta do nothing else. Yes you should Tony show show the state or federal law the requires it to feel self conscious no wedding when you're. Absolutely now people might be looking that you know because nobody's looking at me they're looking at the bright in the group. That's that's re ran out of Erie and on into neat well earlier the next not Indy five minutes a's baseball coming up at 1130. I think we're gonna toss it over Chris counted they got a big win today in Detroit. My understanding is Teddy Purcell will not be starting. Or Israel name Rick portion where you want to Asia starting connecting Ricky personal Edwin Jackson against Jordan Zimmermann. All right. So we got that don't force a little bit later re out ray. Lot of stuff going on in the sporting world as you know. NBA awards show tonight. The NBA is gonna be giving away not giving away but they're going to be announcing the most valuable player the coach of the year rookie of the year difference of player of the year six men and most improved. Got to believe you're gonna be locked into the television tonight to see who's gonna guard those awards. I'll find out in the Internet I'm not Accenture. Ray it's not just an awards show it's actually. It's it's just entertainment extravagant luckily so why wouldn't you wanna be apart of something that's entertaining. Who says entertain. You just did I citizen entertainment extravaganza. I think we're par senior rank we are parson but I'm not watching okay. Let's go to this will not will know who they are mean it used its what do you think MVPs going to be I think it's going to be James hard yeah of course it is I would coach of the year. And your choices are. Well the guy from Toronto's not there anymore yeah I played OK oh see there are some I don't exceed point Casey. Mike there Tony. Yeah possibly quite broad threat probably 65 wins talks. What about our Brad Stevens he's the kind of a fan favorite media favorite. He's a welcome Greta Stevens notably because. Inaudible pre. Mean. Look I don't what do did if I had to rank them in order. It be. You actually can't be too he wasn't one of 35. And yet they won more games than anybody else well that is that is the great thing about coach of the year it it almost never goes the guy wins much. It's always to the guy who exceeds expectations. So and and partly that the team the team and it exceeded expectations are mostly Utah so by lot that logic should be Quin Snyder. But I would not be surprised it was two in case. Could see I could see Casey. Who's so what do we can't even though the three finalists I forgot to look Stevens Casey Snyder. Like that they've done that they will go down with three rookie of the year ray if you had a vote for rookie of the year would you vote for Simmons or Mitchell. I would vote for Mitchell. But not because Simmons isn't technically a rookie. I think Mitchell was more important. To Utah. Then Simmons was to Philadelphia. Richard problem necessarily with you I don't have a problem with the NBA defining rookie any way it wants. If they say Simmons is a rookie that's fine if they wanna say LeBron James as a rookie that's. It's their award today can make their own definition. But I just thought that ritual was more impact bowl. To hit the the team he was alone. And it was a good team in the end. And Simmons and the reason why I say that is because. Joy I'm beat I thought was more packed flips. And Simmons let me put it this way if you had a started team and had a choice between Mitchell and Simmons would still take Mitchell. It probably takes him it but. Right now Simmons is still in complete player for Meeks he's still shooter. That is true we've also had LeBron news apparently doesn't wanna dog and pony shows this year raised not really into the big meetings in the big presentations. From the team that it itself like he's gonna. He's gonna kind of make its decision without getting pitch to refute if you know what I mean and and it looks like the odd Serb. Stock that he's going to be a Laker that's where the biggest money as they issued bet on these things ought. Are you kidding me to get better and anything it's going to be a lake. I think it's the most likely scenario though. You know there's still I mean should seuss' original deadline really obvious that it's coming up for the next few days. I mean I think you know if if choir Leonard doesn't get to in LA or of Paul George decides who our state and Oklahoma City. That might change Carol LeBron looks at his future. But I think all things being equal. He would probably and that it. I think his distaste for Dan Gilbert news. More than sufficient. And then we have. You know the lakers I was reading up on the lakers rate real Dicey situation they got Max slots for two players. If they don't get LeBron. Obviously and they'd like to end up with a George coli and LeBron it's going to be much much easier said than done. But. Read a story by dual clash in the LA times eight. They're they're not the lakers that we grew up with break. They're not well defined that well the destination that everybody wants to go to he says they've lost the little of their luster in that. Just because they've won sixteen championships in the past that does not camouflage that they've. I had five losing seasons in a row and they're just not the the gold standard anymore. I mean there there in an argument now without the teams elect. The the NBA is a weird place in that. There are teams that no matter what they are doing at the moment are considered. And I and I hate the phrase with the usual time Tiffany. The lakers are one of them Celtics are one of them pistons. Knocked. The next. I mean in the mixer. Or an abomination. You know I I suppose. If the warriors won a couple more they could get to that stage but I. There are certain legacy franchises in the lakers are one of them. To the point where. People players who wanna go to LA. All I wanna go to the lakers they don't wanna go to the clippers just because. The clippers are not the lakers. And it's weird because the NBA is the most egalitarian of sports. And yet so many people sort of believe in the power of royalty. Like booted that the lakers are something special even though for the last five years they haven't been anything close to that so. I he I'd I think in and I think the lakers still have an allure it's not what it used to be. But I think in LA people got social portal. That they've had a very difficult time coping with what the lakers are now. Are coming up 11 o'clock we're going to be talking to. Clyde Drexler an ice cube Reddy ice cube of course the founder of the three on three league. Clyde Drexler the commissioner they're going to be in Oakland in we three of their season. Looking forward to talking to them at eleven and we we touch base for them. A few days ago we're gonna run the interview at a level it's a fun interview I'm sure you'll get a kick out of Reagan there's about three or four things among a list. The we're gonna get to start etc. well good morning everybody. This guy Mets into room. 195716. Great round I was sitting in for Darryl would do Ruth Johnson. Backside that's along with no. Monday morning in the bay after. Once sports weekend for me Elise Ray and I was talking about it got so much stuff we can get to. This just came to me the last three or four seconds so we'll see how this works all right you get to know you've given a lot of thought so. I don't well I told you this yesterday I was up in Sonoma at the Sonoma raceway for the big. NASCAR race up there and haven't been up to Sonoma race where you awhile. And I forgot. Just how. Difficult it is died up there to help we got up early just the dynamic. Of an event. A motor sports races and so I was up there and got up there and it a 100000 up there and we went down into the pit crew and we met one of the drivers. Ryan Delanie. Team Penske obviously rated and drives the number twelve. As you probably know. Right yeah and they were on the road course up there in Sonoma road course of course different than an oval. Much different kind of driving wreck. But in all seriousness while it isn't much different kind of driving puts seriously. I was thinking and motor sports and a motor sports event is one of the most. Fascinating. Spectacles. Like alive spectacle. The Kia cabin NBA finals that's okay get an arena 20000 people everybody's wound up parts. But there's been a battle. Our race re not a single prize fight like heavyweight bout a year that's right up there. And I know you're a little partial to the World Cup maybe you would think so the Levy a renewal live World Cup event. Two. Thinks the best sports spectacle you go into. Want a natural what you mean by spectacle. We'll be looking up for direct. Take that tone your voice at the kind of if it's a day of relative that you can be in the morning. The way that you are best at it is when you are fate cheerful. Ready not funny this is not fair shake that no it absolutely is there's not a there's added. And a more sincerity well prove you wrong there's two reasons why what is. The show's truncated today so we're gonna go to 1130. I'd like ninja turtles not at 1130 till I'm forty. Are you share. Oh don't start this now. Biblical thirty right they told you 1148. Flat cold. Polar. 1125 or don't. Regulars get up to go with the flow here are all Christmas all figured out ray. And that of course a tee time a little later today so excited. I am I am. What's the word genuinely. Happy today okay well don't share that with me well what is. A spectacle ray is something that probably would just go beyond the playing field. It becomes an event. Onto itself which use. The outcome is almost less important in the big scene. You know if you answer this rate 889579570. What is the biggest spectacle of a sporting event. You've ever go on to where you've ever been apart of as a fair manner as a writer. I got I got a motor sports race right up there. Okay one I mean the the the best moment. For me was. The 79. And she to a final bird magic. You're in Salt Lake City yet before it became an in new anymore mystery trio. That was that was the thing that was most anticipated net the most by its really yeah. And that's even them you know because after that. The NT two way basically turned into a gigantic you know convention with a basket with three basketball games tied the end. Bryant and the Super Bowl is always been a nightmare. The World Series is game so that's not really spectacle. Game seven any. NHL playoff series or NBA playoff series but then again that's a game. About this I was. Conversation I remember having with a gentleman news. Very wealthy very wealthy man he was able to it and it goes like a Jimmy Goldstein kind of guy you know we like all sports and he said there was one. Sporting event that by far. Head and shoulders. Better than all the rest. The Olympics. Because he said. Everybody's. Happy at the Olympics. If you get to the Olympics that in and of itself is a win so that the emphasis at the Olympics isn't so much. Got to get the gold got to get the gold but for a lot of participants re getting there. He's the joy and to just be and they are competing at the Olympics is too curious and I know you production of joy businesslike. Bumblebee. Any wreck but that's for them that's not for me. For the athletes they've dated both wants to go for the threat. Well I didn't. I'd never experience that so you never covered Olympics I have covered Olympics but I didn't you know have this is our euphoria that you speak of. Why no why because apparently they say covering the Olympics is pretty hard for a for media member team got to get around and annoy its shuttle buses its answer pain in the. Yes but. Inner mean itching its IC I just don't view it sports the same way. And to me it's if I'm working I'm working if I'm watching. I'm watching I don't have that. Sort of weird. Interim. Adrenaline vibe that I I guess I'm supposed to have them. You don't get up for big game if you're give you got to were you don't OK honestly right if you're if you're right on game seven of the NBA finals. And you're right on game one of next year's season which obviously has less weight. You don't get up for the game seven to write a better story org. And that you don't get you don't get a chance to write the better story that the story takes care of itself. I mean if it's a bad game seven. You know if there's no drama to it. Then the other story is not gonna vibrate the same way as if there was a great king. But that's where your talents coming or. No because then your tenure faking it. If the game is not good right I mean if you covered a lopsided Super Bowl. Those are hard rights because there and you you can't fake that thing. You know if the game is not good the game is not good matches that the. Isn't there a way to portray in a story. In the same way. Because writing can be. It's because you're. Yeah the gift is a writer. So if you cover a game that is won by a buzzer beater let's say or let's just say a last second field goal. And another game that ends forty did nothing are you saying. It's impossible for you to write a better story is not forty possible Boca. Game does not gonna care. You have to find something else is still your words raised yelling at me okay this is fake enthusiasm that your trying to bombard me with. It should. It's much it must cease. It must cease now. Most. Know don't give me that incredulous. How can you kill my buzz you. You know very well. What's the deal. You know beer market and you know we were sitting around. I don't we what we experts have a way of saying. Paul I don't need you need to be close let's go to Paula in Oakland he's talking about spectacles ray what's going Paul you don't man. Yeah I guess. I would say it for me personally. As they transplanted about Southern California now to northern California and a big time. USA football fan going to the last two. USC cal games upturn Berkeley. That for me what does. A great spectacle because it's not just a game. Yet the chase student bodies that are vote represented. You know the marching bear arms and so you have all that going nine. Two and so to me that's bigger than just a gain. Thanks a lot for the call Paula good to throw SEC football and there apparently to re run. Amid great he makes of it makes a valuable point in that. The the idea what turned you want is an entirely individual thing. I mean for him I mean to me I would. I would look at USC cal game and I would try to stifle you on because it's. Almost certainly not gonna be competitive. How about cal Stanford and something like that where you see in the UCLA but it's not it it isn't that much anymore and in in and in the West Coast for the most part college football doesn't grasp. But you go to Alabama Auburn. Man that's etched church would you rather see. Alabama Auburn. Or army navy. I am. For spectacle is sure pure spectacle probably army navy just to do one's right or what you've done it once you've done it. It's a sporting event that you haven't covered that you'd like to. Now. I don't and I've been very fortunate guy to cover pretty much everything you have having yeah well I'm old have you covered the world World Cup yes. We do you asked me that are. Now the women's World Cup if you're covered women's World Cup now. I imagine they are roughly dissent. Well I think they're better because the women's US team is. The the team that team. So what I wanna to Vancouver it was I put on them when they ask you about this no you didn't are you familiar with and are you familiar with the outlaws. Thought the band the out the soccer outlaws. Now yes you wall are assigning him OK usually room with it's a group of of fans that loved. Us US soccer write a tell in my store about the outlaws race yes please do I will so we're up in Vancouver. It's you know US is in the finals against. Japan and was it Japan it right yes Japan and so. What the outlaws do raise their 8 march into the stadium as as a fan base. And the beautiful thing about the outlaws is even though ray that I am not hard core shocker but I was. Really enjoyed my time up there you can like. March into the stadium with the fans you know the outlaws were banging the drums and doing the chants and stuff. You follow me I'm following and so. We started marching with the outlaws into the stadium in Vancouver. And then what happened Ray Lewis there's a lot of people that lined the streets obviously watched this and they'll start cheering and and you almost feel like you're the team. Marching into the arena and like you can give them. Big clenched fists like mood or number one on and you almost feel like your high end of the team you know the US team because there's all these people lined the streets how. Oops I meant well there are so it's time that's what you are saying like. From Saudi. And European zone you know you just clinching your fist it feels like you're actually part of the team. And they want to me I have always understood that I'm not part of that team. So that wouldn't work for me. You're right shot with no no no you stop. You want me to be something I am not OK I am not the person who gets jazz by doing what you just explained. Every anybody who does get jazzed by that is absolutely entitled to their feelings and they should enjoy it to the Max it doesn't work that way for me. And it never happened so it could buy if you but I don't want to why would you just try it once because I don't find that in. Don't know if you find it appealing go to get it would find that concept appeal. To me. I would rather just go to my we're mice eat news weather to the press boxer in the stands and just need air. I don't need to be a fake participant. Remember when Rosie Ruiz. I jumped into the was that the Olympic Lara thought it was the Boston Marathon. She came in and she just ran the last half mile and she entered the stadium. But she was an imposter for everybody out there by now. When she ran into that stadium re the feeling she got of a 100000 people rising is one. Like you don't remain. She gave the show us the sheet she actually felt like what it was like to be an elite athlete even though she went about it that. Found a way that want to felonious way yes don't pay smoke sure you would wanna do some like that now. So you wouldn't want if I should know I shorted got the answers are always going to be now ranked. If you could run into a stadium. Is. As the leader of a marathon or you could hit a game winning home run in in game seven or hit a buzzer beater in the NBA for you wouldn't. You wanna wanna. Experience that through the athlete's. Perspective now yes you did offer. I take I don't find that appealing for me. The athletes get to do that because they put in the hours and days and weeks and months and years of work to do that. It would be fraudulent immediate try to steal. I'm sorry that's how I feel. If Kobe Bryant could somehow find a way. To get that feeling that you have when you nail a story on deadline. And then send it to. NBC sports Bay Area. I think Kobe Bryant would say. To experience what it feels like for sports writer to nail a story on the line so I. Nix well. I I wired differently and not everybody is wired the same. Why would eat it fears had the number of emotional highs that he is and his employer. Why would he even considered the possibility that. Nailing a story has the same adrenalin to my legs at address I wouldn't but it might have a different kind of feeling that he's never had that. But that's him. I'm not curious about that. To my bread and tell the story of the people who do. Feel that way I don't need to be to serve a moment right they don't deserve it and doing I'm moments now. I swear to god I don't I don't understand why. I'm required to. To feel what most other people feel. I don't have to feel what I wanna feel required to re under and badgering me until I don't know how it's not badger. Not badger. Just wanted to draw some things out. Well how about that gulf so far I think you're coming around and you're really you're really wrong. I think given a choice if you could experience what it's like to have. There are certain our right to you about me you. You would tell me why are you gonna argue would be about my feelings about what I like. Why do you think gets a profitable as expenditure of your time it's it's not OYA. And I don't begrudge anybody who watched that. I mean. Anybody who thinks that's enjoyable should go out and enjoy it if they care. Actually Bartlett that I'm not being judgmental I just know what what. How sports appeals to me and it is not that. You get enjoyment at a sports. Well you don't sit there pretended to its IED zero fake part to a full participant in this Tate two to enjoy it. Late considerably and grow. Favorite sporting events spectacle it's better it's better what's up Blake they don't meant. I'm doing great great true. Yeah. I. I gotta say maybe acting or. 2012 it's because it's different than any game I ever been and you can what are the ought to go into one of those. And I'm in April the eighth inning on Mike is gonna happen or not and the crowd. Going great and I think regret. That I meant well. I was not. I have covered perfect game. I have covered perfect games but it did not Korea. Just the one who wasn't. That's a lot like appreciate the call and I mean perfect and I've but I get but I mean I'd get. The anticipation. That I understand. Because they've seen you know for pitcher no hitters have seen who's a perfect game saw the Oprah I'm trying to remember the because that was. It was legal Don Larson 56 yet that was the one I was to the fifth but not at its I I get the anticipation of I feel that. But I don't feel like I need to share in the inexperience. To me it's it becomes a story that you cover. Desolate that's what I'm half. To use the thing you have a whole war. He's one writers interject themselves. Into a sporting event that they covered by say in things like. Well for me it was. That kind of thing. Yeah and I mean I don't care what it was for you. Tell the story that's and Freddie don't tell me the story use it that your pitcher planning to tell your grandkids to that your story itself. Have you ever covered. Kentucky Derby hero preakness or Belmont now I don't I don't find it compelling. Ray have you ever been asked to cover something that maybe you didn't want to like most young reporters have to win their starting out in the business or did you just dictate what she wanted to cut. No and I didn't write it by sheer. Mediocre so I mean. I mean you have to do that to learn had a hard to learn the craft. Jack east bay what's up Jack can you don't read. Her brother I don't know why that I would look at the Sports Radio but it almost sounds like it's between the burns who has they router I'm I'm not sure. Is that good or bad explain to me more about birds I don't know exactly grapple out topless. I don't know. A battle of what you do about it let's say I you know a lot of military guy. Army navy I think they're not in my late start bigger spectacle that we go yeah exactly when where and when you know yourself inside out of you know that the commanders cup. You've got the legions of leaves and freshmen that are all decked out their uniform you have all these returning veterans and no one knows. People from the faculty and I know don't just like that all the but I went right I ought you know on this topic last year or call and so we did the Iron Bowl as well. And that was something and you know there are military guys go to Talladega speedway. And the inside the pit crew but nothing transcend. What goes on army navy game naked BOO and twelve. Doesn't matter what your record is your lay it all out there at the guys in the last decade or so you know that put the patches on their helmet for the you know the unit prepared and Adobe deployed Q and shortly after they graduate. You know they're going to be put their lives on the line today for a moment in time. If ultimate sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct. Its I think that's the flag and had the rap and column. They haven't got that wrong you know he was and now I just sheer vocal. Total sportsmanship and camaraderie. Like what you guys who all was not. Thanks for the call Jack appreciated I'd ever seen I've never seen an army navy game ray but I see a lot of navy football games back in Annapolis. And those are fun those are fun events those of. One of them and I saw I saw one at an Annapolis when covering Stanford. And what you are we talking. And relatively recently was part of of tied into forty niner trip. But it was yeah it was great fun. I'm not always great cities in Iran who once great city right rate Annapolis Maryland location that's kind of a cool little city. Okay fight it as long as we're gonna have arguments about you asking a question meet giving you an answer ending you yelling at me for giving you the answer I wanna give you. This is gonna go. Really well what's your favorite city Ren has got to be sitting out there really made this city's great Vancouver room with you there. The judgment of the crew woke me bicker over four grizzlies. Our milk and rocks yeah Canucks with the city in Brothers via playoffs. That's for a set tell you what the city best brother combination in the NHL history the city's. Prime Mickey case for a Bobby international. Or are Maurice in Horry Rashard. But we can talk about that on the other side that's what they say sometimes at radio ray the other side Matt assignments. Ray Brown though only a I'll love in this Monday ray I'm flat out love and it and we still got a lot of things in my list to get to stop admits Iran though. I'm not 57. That's right match and brain rattles sitting in board Darryl would do Johnson I'll tell you what nobody ran a can change your game plan like we can change it gave way. You know a lot of play you know they just talk about. Bill Walsh would script this first fifteen plays solid wondered if that was the strength or weakness real. And what I found out was it could be both. But nevertheless we don't script plays your show at 11 o'clock at about ten minutes. We are gonna go out to the rockets and center in Oakland where we are gonna listen to the Jacob Evans press conference. He's the warriors first round draft pick the number 28 pick from the University of Cincinnati. We'll take a few minutes of that live thanks to NBC sports Bay Area looking forward here which Jacob Evans has the same. Pellet spent forty I'm not I'm not looking forward to OK but I'm interested if he says something interest. I mean when I will listen to it with that in mind but it there's nothing interesting in what he says. It will. Avail me. Not at all. That's all I got to. You don't happened nine years at a rate today right. Staff Currie was drafted by the Golden State Warriors nine years ago today is that. Give me any nostalgic feelings at all about. One with the warriors weren't very good when they drafted him and now there and know. He knew that they were going to be. Good when they drafted me. They didn't know that. It did that day that they drafted him is interesting. In retrospect. It was not interesting at the time it was just another draft by a team that. Don't may go to face that I'd tell you asked me question I'm giving you the answer you don't like the answer and now your gonna sit there and lecture me about. Not lecturing you about it and didn't dominate a pretty good at OK I don't think it was. I get what you say and I don't think it was just another draft because I think curry came away if AE. What's the word came with a little bit more old than most draft picks even though it was the seventh peck. Clearly everybody in New York was disappointed when the warriors took him. One spot bees before the next and then there was something that didn't move the needle more than a rubio or Jonny Flynn there was something about. Curry that no nobody knew it was going to be this great I agree with the but there was something different about curry in terms of the warriors at least felt like they got a player who was different Dan. I just think he wasn't a normal seventh round pick because he comes from a small school. Bobby Knight called in the best passer in the draft are all kinds of questions whether. He actually could or couldn't be an impact player in the NBA. And I do think some people teams especially believed in more than written more than other teams clearly. But that doesn't make it in a special moment at the time. I mean it's it's the warriors. And the warriors history was that of a team that could ruin a draft with the best. Curry was. Slightly more interesting because people had heard of him from his from his play in the NT two internment. But. The night that they announced its name. It was interesting but not sharp drop. I mean them what I remember from that night and I was at the warriors you know. Offices whose that's where they would. Mean you adapt and what they based analyst or how's he gonna fit in with with a Ellis. Because nobody thought at that moment that they would consider trading Monta Ellis very simply because he was the best player and a bad team. So that was the that was teaches who how they're gonna fit curry and what what they're not gonna go with two. You know point guards that that doesn't make sense. There was there was only after the fact. That curry became. The national fascination ideas today. I think there were. People who thought curry wasn't going to be. I think your people which gonna both extreme. Like you watch a lot of college basketball. Q who did you think curry was gonna obviously not this good did you think he was gonna be. How good did you think curry could beat. In the draft I didn't think he could be good on the team that drafted because the warriors history was. Of the team that I make the playoffs they're never in the argument for the playoffs. I thought that whatever his future was if there was a good future probably have to be some morals because the warriors had been so bad for so long. And as it was it was four years before they made a play through. So did it was you know. It was an interesting pick. But it wasn't one that changed the landscape of anything. You know it it took four years for that tea. True. True but it. And then you know and then after that it was you know while now his ankles won't hold up that's a perfect warrior that's true. So I mean it was you know Stefan curry is by no means you know an instant sensation. Mean and we're portraying it. If people like to portray it now as head seminal moment in basketball history you'll at the time it was anything by it wishes I'm warriors got a guy. Let's see what the I would see how they screw Roma. What shell out. This is off the cuff but where did when they traded Monta Ellis would. What do you think did you think that. Could not what I thought I thought that. It's not that I thought curry wasn't good but I thought that. He was gonna struggle with the role of being the number one guy. Monta Ellis say what you want about him. You know he added he was the best player on a bad team there's no doubt about it but I think when the best player bad team you have to do stuff that. There's there's a there's a weight to carry. That's more difficult than any the other players on the team and I actually thought curry was gonna struggle without Monta Ellis at least at the start because. They'll Monta Ellis was able to get a shot off up against the shot clock and Monta Ellis could score when there was defense put on him. When they traded in the Milwaukee well what were you thoughts. Well I mean part of that was. You know he'd he'd had to go carts the eighty to drive in the injury so well you know that clears up a problem they are now all in with Currie. For girder all again you still don't know of Curry's going to be. A dynamic player he's still on a team that never gets into the policies. So you know there's there's that aspect. And secondly it was. Sort of an acknowledgment by management that Monta Ellis had run its course here. You know and for all that mythology about how you know Joseph Laker got booed. Because he traded Monta Ellis Monta Ellis was. Not that popular player at the end because of that. You saw the limitations in his game and you shut the warriors were not getting any better with him as the centerpiece. So was sort of almost time. To figure out if there's a new centerpiece out there. And through their great fortune. Otherwise. But at the time. You know I mean when they traded when they traded Alice I thought well they've solved the problem I don't know if they've created a new one but. You know again this is all against the backdrop. Of eighteen did it on a decade without making the playoffs again. Because the warriors were awful. For most of 35 years. Solid well they made the playoffs in 2007. Then they missed what five years in a row and they mated then they've now my collection that most of 35 years. What you always do that. You've been on why don't you and I again note that the warriors hit entire history has not been good wears most people would say last couple decades. But it's actually going back in 1977. Which is more than two decades it's Ford right. They had one little uptick with the with the red TMC. Which it never got past second round but they were fun to watch. And then they had the one year with the we believe team there was actually not as good as the team the next year the didn't make the play. But those tribute to. Moments of you know fine. In an otherwise incredibly bleak run a basketball right. That's the point. I hear I hear I just thought that. I didn't think curry was gonna thrive like he thrived. And while I don't think anybody did because the warriors history suggested that no matter who they talk. It would always be the wrong choice. I mean dead dancing you can't separate. Drafting Currie. From the history the French right as much as we want to do dad now. I'm at the time when he was drafted. You know the warriors were crafty. And there was no sign that he could single handedly change. And as it turns out he really didn't single handedly change it. That didn't happen until. They had that the drafts in the early the early part of this decade that suddenly made them. An appealing team. What that would address the Jordan Hill. Yeah that'd be good but I mean. You know at that time there would have been no different to say in between Jordan Hill staff colonel in the way we thought about it. At the time now we are we over the got Jordan Hill or they got Stefan curry attack and make a difference Brett. Only would Jordan nailed it stayed. Again you know if they're what it huh site is making. This day you way more important than it was the talk. Well put things that are reported the time you can realize later war. As you said seminal moments well that's why I said only with hindsight does this make cents on our. But you listened to 957 big game Kenny GM's UFL and HD one KG and he said efforts Cisco the radio home of the 2018 NBA champion. Golden State Warriors coming up about five minutes or so we're gonna jump in to the Jacob Evans press conference he's the warriors. I'm new players picked 48 that a University of Cincinnati we're gonna go take that. Audio life from NBC sports Bay Area before we do that ray. I need a little World Cup update from. I saw we got a big game today right I ran against. Portugal correct yeah Portugal's got Ronaldo netted. Did you see that I ran fans apparently kept Ronaldo up last night yeah. They still were outside his hotel make a lot of noise she came out to the window. He told dish. And then he you know I think he's got to go to sleep apparently date they broke up the party for.