Steiny and Guru – 1 – Joe Lacob, Warriors Free Agency, Future roster with the All-Stars

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, June 19th
Steiny and Guru talk about Joe Lacob’s interview yesterday with Papa and Bonta, what moves the Warriors are going to make in free agency, and the future with the four All-Stars on the roster.

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Back side next album you lose jobs and alongside him. Tuesday morning is that there. We got some good stuff to talk about. Today. Yesterday. Greg hopper about sale warriors owner Joseph Waco bogon. Talks for an hour. Gave some inside on a lot of what he's thinking. Talked about the future a little bit what he thinks is going down. And I took a listen to it mirror a bunch of things that that stood out to me do rule we're really talking about those. Over the course of the next hour to. And I was just wondering did. Do here. Did you have any thoughts on it did you have did you have a big takeaways of this. Of the Joseph late good interview with pop and bond today yeah it did and again another classic is I like to column another great interview. An honest man but what out what my biggest take away to a lawyer Francis forget Allstate. You're in good hands with Joseph lake and that was my biggest take away. The guys never satisfied. He never will be satisfied. He's a guide it to meet takes pride in his job. Along what Bob Myers. They've been making good decisions. And he's not going to be a fat Brett to where he's just gonna sit back and say you know what we want three and four were good. He was honest is he possibly. Could beat to meet. And begin if I'm a fan of the Golden State Warriors. That was bad guy whisper for an hour I would pop in Monta sweet nothings to my ears. Because he's gonna always try to be on top starting. I mean the one thing that it's become players he's gonna always try to be on top. What I took from from Joseph late goods in her view is. There's nothing at all etched in stone with this team. Well there's no guarantee they're gonna have four stars by the end of this summer. There's no certainty that he'll have four stars by the end of next off season. There's no certainty that claimed Ray Romano be here. Long term that's what I got from this interview with Joseph lake have been not that it's anything new. We should note all that. Because of what he's already done here in what he's already shown he's he's not afraid to to make gutsy moves gutsy decisions. But like what what I hear Joseph lake of talk. I don't I mean I hear it's it's kind of what's the word it's a it's when when things don't to. Don't jibe. When it's one thing it's hitting count it's an income grew older I guess two is I feel that manifests on any you he looks ahead no doubt about it but it. By the same token I don't feel like he looks two years ahead. Like he's not think in our next you're gonna get clay and the year after that we're gonna get to re mind Greece side. I don't while I think he's got forward thinking and vision I think division is more. Who he wants and how we wants to form the team. In a quick commander rather than I've got my eyes two or three down the line. Two or three years down the line I don't think he's two or three years down the line I think he's think in right now how to they wouldn't next year. And if they have to do something right now. They'll do it. And he has the guts of a cat burglar right I mean the fact that he went out in dot Katie could be in addition to his team who knows. Who's the new KD. If that person or players out there Larkin stunning. They could make a better fit than some of the pieces we do that but about clay and straight he did that as good as a politician can do it any inning was truthful. But he almost put the onus and I guess it is on both of those players. But for them to stay here. They're gonna have to take some type of cut. Pay cut right I mean. I don't got to be more wounded while they know they don't have to do they don't have to take a pay cut. I guess would only say what they did their work they they would pay health of those I don't play good have to figure that damn right. Because they're gonna want. Not necessarily the Max but they're gonna what the most that they can earn. And why why would they take collapses. These are part of the winner or keep this thing go stepped into an already doing that during it's already done most guys. Straight out already did. I mean unless they wanna do Joseph lake of a favor and maybe they do I don't know but. Again I said yesterday. And after listening to Joseph lake of I completely believe believe it more than ever. I'm with I'm I'm thinking about being ready to place bets on it. All but I do not believe the warriors will. Signed array of this off season. Should they re sign I don't believe the war's gonna reassigned to rant this off season. Re signed clay next off season. And then re signed Dray mind green this season after that I'd I don't believe that will happen something else will happen but that won't happen power. And again. What ever does happen because we know something we feel this team will be intact. It's fascinating to think of all the possibilities of who could come and who could depart and I'm not sure. That. A lower put this I'm not sure that would be the best team could put together. If if thin let's see what's can raise 20181920. A team in twenty twining. Of curry derail that clay and dry month. That might be beatable that team could be beatable wonder what this winnable Lear this year they were down three doing it Chris Paul. You know went out just didn't facts exactly and everybody likes to talk about how curry will quote unquote age. And everybody seems to think he's gonna age wonderfully that's in Guam one album well what about trademark green house straight in my green get an age. I would be a bit nervous because he played reckless abandon that's right and so in two years he's gonna come up for a big time. Contract extension. Would that be the time you pull the plug Andrei Marguerite I don't know. It's hard for him to come to work to go right drew on the like you know I'm putting you didn't bargain right now. And if he keeps playing with this reckless abandon. What if he's banged up. Do you think the word get a direct your banged up we're gonna pay you for what TD. Dependable lot right now and I mean I don't know what it is 1819 million that's not enough for drama. Think he would get more for another team. I'm Justin I don't know debatable. And there's always the question which reminded. The a's. If he went to another team would be better wouldn't be works. As today and we can we do beer or two more hours amid I don't know what the I would go with. Latter end and I love story more and anybody. I'll go with demand that it is a perfect marriage because he's perfect this team in this team allows him to do things he does without. You know have an a jumper or being so focused on offensive production. You either need to be that guy here because he's got a date you know the dynamics allow him to be the junkyard dog. Lake of also talked about the mid level exception whether or not the warriors are very user. Five point two million dollars I believe is what it is. Five point one or five point two they use all of that exception last year on Nick Young. Question is will they use it again where your friends seemed to. Assume they're gonna use it there's players out there obviously Jamal Crawford Tyreke Evans Trevor reasoner. Avery Bradley and Ian Clark I'm just throw names that you Wayne Ellington Marco Belinelli. JJ Redick QG get anybody. There for five point one million and then would you do it because. It was explained yesterday and if you don't understand that the warriors are in the luxury tax and they've been in the luxury tax for awhile so what it means is. If you sign somebody to a five million dollar contract you're actually paying out twenty million total and because. Your your repeat offender of the luxury tax so think about that for a minute when you. Signed Nick Young to a five million dollar contract to actually paid about. Between ten to fifteen million who. For that contract sales production and their lack the question is. What do you do. This offseason with that kind of money so. 8889579570. I want to know you thought of the lake of the interview we're going to be playing in. Parts of it in the next hour because I think some of it is definitely worth discussing so you guys can jump in anytime you want with some bin. That stood out in that interview I thought by today and Greg did a terrific job. With that interview they touched all the pertinent bases. And I don't wake of continues to be let's see who were some owners in the in the Bay Area. You've got who can you get Jed York I was on my personal have. The more yep Mark Davis. You have BA's owner. Who doesn't talk a lot. So I think Joseph lakers probably. I'll say Larry bears beat the giants owner even though I know he's not so Joseph lake of the best interview among Bay Area owners' right it no doubt resign Claude if not it would go. So he's always a fun interview he's never traded to kind of talk it up into the start something let's start out with Powell in. Novato how you doing now what's up man. I'm doing fine how are you guys do it has a doing well. Yeah I know all you know and member expected Obama I've been to a couple of war games in the last few years out fortune of being able to go. I know would've got that I'll actually get to speak to Jolie got. I guess you know people like Kim are a bit special you know it'd been in the winning helps but it everything that goes witted that he brings to the table. I've been officially. Say that he had literally. The heartbeat of the warrior he goober. So that's that's my only look at him I enjoyed. I enjoyed my talk with him the question that I asked him had to do it with a global impact that the war is gonna have bought Ford. And I think he needed they need to get another patch. Al that you're going to be worry too much about it and the players that they need as they expect to play then meet. Gil played electric jacks because they'll go get their return on soul. It would look so great is so down to earth he would go open. He was sold to a refreshing to see owners. Take these close read bear responsibility. And also carry it'll lead paint so. That's my take. Appreciated Al thanks a lot for the call and thank you for listen you know I. 11 thing that I think about wake of people may disagree with me. I think he's actually gotten more humble in the last eight years. I thought he was a thought he was. Pretty aloof a little bit arrogant early in his tenure I think now he's. Settled into his role he feels confident. And it could be the opposite it could have how we've got an attitude of natural and your email because he's got everything he's got but he's a guy who's. Whose turn out to be approachable he loves talking hoops that we know well how much she loves basketball. They did it 579570. To talk about the Joseph wait to interview you'll listen and a stunning view room. This guy Nixon who wrote 1957. Victory. Best I met Darryl would do root Johnson alongside him. Tuesday morning in the day. We'll kind of look at that. Jolie could interview yesterday with Greg Papa. And Vontae hill. How to play you what I think is one of the more interesting things that he said because this to me. Would have been the jumping off point. And it still is actually. I wasn't so wording game six I just felt like we were gonna do it we're third quarter team we're at home I was confident I was definitely very pretty important the game seven at halftime that was the scariest moment. I have had. In the eight years that I have been in this position as the primary this team we have not been in that situation game seven. On the road to a very good team albeit without Chris Paul of the we were that Andre Iguodala was more important to us than people realize that was tough I remember sitting there have plummeted Wally my seat. I was concerned plus we've played so poorly. If my confidence ever wavered that was the moment where was wavering but we came out in the third quarter and did our thing and the rest is history. Yet the history could have been changed. And again we're talking about Jolie gives interview and what if anything stood out and to me it was that. Don't ever get too comfortable with with a steam with these players because Joseph likable do whatever he's got to do an upstart think. Warriors lose game seven. We'll never know. But they would've done stuff I'm convinced no doubt really well I'm really convinced they would've done stuff he would it's it just doesn't feel like his nature. To lose. To the Houston Rockets especially if Chris Paul wasn't there and then just say well let's come back with the same team and we'll try to use the mid level exception on somebody else. And the neat part about that star and he is we don't know if he lifted the regular season warriors and lifted the lack of binge help. Is it it was just routine kind of go with his emotions. I believe had his team cause that game seven. They may have looked in reflecting back on the whole season as a whole as we got problems we got to get better and that's what we're gonna do dammit. We're more than one of these big face. I believe I'm with you all that was on the table to me but did they got there and they go away in the Q and you real. From the nine to five wise it called an exception if you still have to pay the luxury tax what it is his. If you're over the luxury tax they give you order at some cases salary cap they give you an exception which means. They'll allow you to sign a player. Even though you're over that threshold so you can be over the cap in some instances and over. The luxury tax and other end instances and still be able to use a designated portion of money that's why it's called. An exception. What did Joseph late to do before he bought the warriors he was a minority owner of the Boston Celtics and he's always been a Silicon Valley. I'm venture capitalist they did it. 9579570. Is the number we're talking about what stood out to you about Joseph late goods interviewer let's start with Chris. And Chris is all 101 what's up Chris how you doing man. But some guards and other great show home door. Doing well. Bill Marat they won't be in a die hard Laker who open LE. He he kind of reminded me of doctor books. Me. One true curry championships. Just not gonna do is gonna fuel the fire and another thing is like books. He empowers the people that put in the position. Meaning he would not be he doesn't act like he know all its people and there are certain positions that he expects him. To succeed and do their job and allow owners who come in and win like this they can get big headed they can get or. It is a goal goal after the money that company. But I actually like. I agree he is a cold cold calculated. Owner meaning. Bottom line is when he wants to win it. And he's gonna do whatever it takes like whatever it takes like shocked fans like back to what to do and make our decisions. And he and I and up field and he's kind of gearing up the warrior fans when I wonder these guys got ago. And and they're gonna make the big latch and abolish all warriors. Management I would really look takeaway really aren't that good ball hold me up by belt or more. If you guys don't get all the Cole why he may be. Even give up late and during mark you're gonna get back the tide for good given up your back one guy. Hey Chris thanks for the call appreciate it good stuff I think he also hits the nail on the head with Cilic who wants to be the lakers. And the Celtics. You ought to be a team that's considered the place to go not just now. Because award drab and good run but. Why are the lakers being talked about right now is. A possible destination for LeBron James or pulled George war you require Leonard's because they're phenomenal franchise that goes back decades and decades and decades what about location Hollywood. Where you think that's overrated I think that's overrated because I think Boston's the same kind of franchise and they're just in Boston. But it's part of it I think it's definitely part of it but I don't think it's the it's the main thing. Erick Joseph lake of wants to put together a franchise like that. Who's the what the one thing I thought was interesting was he while there was a lot. But here's what he said about about the big fool. Sure it's feasible I meant what I said a 100% we want clay entry -- be part of our organization long term along with Steffi -- we're trying to do that it's really up to them they really are under contract have to do anything right now we got another year to go play as we all know in two years to go for him on they have to take a lot of things into consideration after the talk to each other talk with Bob -- -- talk with me they can talk with me. Is. It really up to them. Is it really up to the players. And in that talk into each other I'd I didn't. I'm say no on the set that up on the I'm going to say no I mean is he says it it's up to the players because. He knows that they may have to make a little bit sacked more of a soccer doubt no doubt and so it'll be up to them Kevin Durant done it twice. Stiff not so much and a are you look at his whole nobody saw him taken off so wasn't like he was doing the organization of favor. The organization did him a favor when he got that original contract bag did people like what he once I got out the in that he turned out to be you know would that the magician he is my question is he didn't leave a sip on the table. Know you and let's go into Olin Berkeley what's up Jolie donor. A jolt threw out there where are eager you're doing well. They argue poke a little break Majoli preparing to. Well pentagon insider would you rather have Jamal Crawford or Avery Bradley era exceptions. Avery Bradley for me. Yeah I don't think there's a doubt there I don't know I don't know if you can get Avery Bradley for the exception though why would you think. All I'm definitely Edgar Bradley I mean I think development will pick it up. You know it always been taken a little better and man to beat them true if you could have. Or play it down into turn bad dog loose on somebody. It and are like god that's so called job like Avery Bradley to the only thing injury prone though I'm worried about his. I mean I get the traded Avery Bradley get cap space but if he was really. The player that everybody kind of thinks he is why would Boston get rid of them. He was perfect it was Smart well I don't think I don't think that. I don't think he's I think he's worth more in the mid level exception can get him for five million I mean yes you gotta to Crawford. I'd love Jamal Crawford wouldn't sign him why would you sign. I think it's the analogue highlight to put someone he does have a big gamer score he can shake and bake the sizzle and and you know. I think people are stuck on that rather than read the actual mountain bird there what. Is plus minus and not a good stuff but I would tell you this if you need a bucket was the lawyers already got. Fifty million guys thinking get to one. He can definitely easy Kennedy I think I'd almost rather have Tyreke Evans out of me too. Then Jamal Crawford got Tyreke Evans is going to be somebody in the morning or you don't. We are little things that we could argue he earned it. Mitt though. I'm in the mid level here and out of Ottawa how much she's gonna make. Mean he had good numbers with the team with the various mightn't they that they have days that they might keep him there maybe. Got a new coat they might they might go to mark Crawford to me. Again I love to mark Crawford coming off the bench not anymore 38 years old at the end doesn't fit with what Steve Kerr said. About getting younger. He did mention that when Steve I actually don't think Jamal Crawford to fit for this thing I'm Wikipedia because I saw Nick Young elephant he was a fit and while I like Crawford more than Nick Young they're not that dissimilar. Now are you watch in Crawford. And you say it got I can't believe he did that or you just going. You know that you're looking at the resonate 38 not a fee it scars comments like you just alluded to. Or have you seen bad basketball from him both offensively or defense or he's not a good defensive player but he's probably no worse than Nick Young. And offensively I think Jamal Crawford's probably better than Nick Young bye. That's what defense or play 38 years old man 38. Years old we talked about they just today though about how did the arm up I. I say he gonna hate you don't read about with that. About a little too old for me. Let's go to let's go to Antonio what's going on Antonio Laredo mayor. Yeah you know Cilic of totally out so that at that halftime games it's Houston now let oh no I've received in. You know he thinks he's literature it is that might well they can really came back and won the title. Well look it but a mid level exception and her or not think of brook located right. Are these rattled when he gives this side of Manhattan are stretched by guy in the glee had no offense more sinners that cleared so. Madden and some tackle all of the stress that are not rustic rural or really be deadly thing about that permitting and you decal according guy. In a preacher who accepted than the exception of Italy championship so. The let me ask you this Antonio. Had since you were Joseph like a we're both worried at halftime the game seven. If they have lost that game do you think that Joseph Waco would've. I don't wanna say broken up the whole team but do you think he would've. Let's say moved one of the big four. Yes he would ask that think you two prevalent country during clay enclave for somebody. My opinion that's not been. Yeah I think so too Antonio thanks for the call I mean that's see that's the other thing you have to. You know everybody's. Jim Barnette says this all the time and I agree within your greatest strength your greatest weakness. And Joseph lakers greatest strength is open mind in this it's in his ability take risks. It's. His willingness to make changes roll the dice but can also be. Your biggest weakness because sometimes you make a decision to quickly. And maybe. Do something like that you make a big deal you get the guy in here who you think you want and he doesn't work out now all of a sudden you're trying to recapture something ahead. I don't know if I don't we were to list LA doesn't mistakes. In his tenure with the lawyers I mean when we get past 20 yeah public fascia. I absolutely well the success has got me drunk so much to where. I'm saying and I'm drawn out too but that's why that's why you win a title. It is the best deal or is currently in a racist Koppel I mean the giants titles but raced the awful Barry Zito signed. We just didn't put on intermittent exactly. How the giants never won. All right Zito couldn't even walk around the Bay Area where his head held high. He averaged she and on the ground are you kidding me back every seat I'll argue it on out is I mean it probably was one of the worst contract ever given out. But. They kind of got away with that because they want it and then they want three ND YQBLO. Bigelow will be it'd be very little bit he did the bare minimum. He might have done less than Nick Young if you really think about it and he'd been so bad you were skeptical they can he can do that. Which ended up being MB. Let's go to moon Pablo. Pablo is on 80000. Traffic on eighty Pavel that's a killer for me is that I. Say how they're going. So our approach and the reality that situation yet the players do have the control of the overall situation because it Jamont. Is that because he doesn't want he want certain amount they can get them. And you're gonna be bitter and then it would LO what I have over there they're going to break up and keep a relationship effect money. So I know reassured if it don't go wait a string and that nurturing mom. Want and that it would be a lot of issues and then more than anything I think. Bit rhetorical where a humble part of their income and and he whether or not a lot of declared that whether they are willing to take. To win the championship at at the end of the day it's championships or money and I'm not your given. That statue of the warrior I would go with that they got to win more chance because it would then be in here do you know. So on yeah hopefully the warrior players you know that I think eight of them make sure we don't think that round they're not. You know so be it. No I gotcha thanks for the call I let you gotta also put yourself in. Klay Thompson's shoes and Dray mind green shoes and tennis and they got three titles. Each and so Klay Thompson's coming up for contract extension. Mean what why should he tackle Alex he's he's one of the reasons they've won three titles he gees you've got to give him. What he deserves and that's why were you shocked when we dot he was about due won the playoff about that Rio. And take that cotton and pops can be quite. QB John unite as he must then they trotted up and I'll put a dead from Bob's point a I don't know you were. You know it didn't happen so he's trying to get all his duck it's 707 taken exception reason that. Nick Young did more than ego. Them. I rewards Zito or why he's got to go and what we're raising blitz like four shut out eating food on the run don't know when I'll Roche real in the play well all he could instantly. What do you oh yeah hash tag facts we'll Nick Young late show I think in the finals. Did meet him only shots. Plus Nick Young was making five million Eagles make it 500 million. I know that's an exaggeration remark in our room tells me that he showed them one of his checks. And it was just just for how they get paid like a weekly or two or was it. And 510 Susan Stine I hope to god the warriors bring back Nick Young JaVale Wiki. Well. Why it got to go. Without the caller who sits why he's got to go listen to Joseph late and he was asked the belt. He was asked about Nick Young. Whether nick young's coming back what he thought that young here's recess a look players that smile and have a good time out there's a fan of talking about. I think that's important and one thing I like about that he's always happy man is always my eyes have a good time at our charity poker tournament this year he was one of the hits of the whole thing. If it was fantastic. He is such a good dude I mean he really is yet to bad rap in a lot of ways. Now why now not a good dude the intangibles might help balled me. Vita did no chance. That the object alien comes back I'm ready. Moved out here now he's coming back and I want to tell you seventy comes back all that would be a very very bad move by the warriors. You don't bring a guy back because he's good at the poker tournament. How about making a couple shots. He did that in the very force in the playoffs he may wait but he made two for you aren't a couple game because. What about him getting this funding under a now that he knows what it with a toy away is like now. Now what I think everybody else out there one reselling Nick Young cop the other tomorrow. And I think you gotta be in the minority at 7072. He was saying well you want that just so you would could hear me talk about him for another yeah much in the glove we get today. Z dose of Barry Zito. Yeah. Single handedly according to my amendment single handedly. Stop them from elimination with two jams back to back. If you've pitched five innings it's not a gem of a car that area. Nothing you know you gotta pitched six innings to get quality start. Six in three runs. Was put. So it was a road game warden and all full it's an after the bell the same why this. Deal. He would be an awful people body was Darren. Yes and it's like he threw a complete game to hit show you know what it is the pressure was on the team had he stuck it up and didn't believe at the end they were going home. And he were you. And pitched he went back to uphold. You with one of the most well tacked to his old knew it was a 180 pitched five innings. It should check what you pay but it was like 12 evening started the fact that he was out there prolong watermelons. If he did this balloon that. I'm still not out there that they got decade plus Nick Young Nick Young hit a huge shot in game seven. The that you remember I think you were talking about how it gave the way in the first quarter of them. I don't. I didn't admit it you're gonna make big shots next year aren't or that on file at. Flag I 757 says we love Nick Young but no. We need perimeter defense not a goner. And a zero dollar and under from my days bringing back sweat you there's the five wanna hold. Aren't let's go to. I'll just say so for lake it was say in the poker tournament stuff and the this my hill. You think that kind of you look at added the other way there was not the basketball said about the no that's what I have to go there what I'll bear that was known as a parting with Upton and young. I'm gonna say that Nick Young is a wonderful wonderful human being my dad I don't wanna just agreed not to allow him back. Near my team at all. Let's go to. They are regular you know I thought all of the year. I'd bet a couple quick. And totally and I think. At the courts and it kind of laid. I mean of course. And he Crowley is not yet part Currie. And another team. I don't know what it. They. I haven't heard it in bulk for a really cool and clear. And no player. Really give the order. And they over the he'd been equitable. Because they were open or an. Equal and it and it seemed like it. It's appropriate and union and Currie and then. I get a I equally between local and it is well I think that. Well we'll see we'll see I think clay. I would worry more in terms of which you talked about I'd worry more about to remind green and Klein I think clay has no problem be in. Second third fiddle flying under the radar all that kind of stuff when his journey he needs to be appreciated. He needs to be appreciated. That's one thing so if you if you're Matt lake is between clay and straight. You're telling me you would take drama. Causalities say hello and I'll say and they. Clay is indeed the recognition guy Raymond for money a pat on the back yeah I think of trying to mind doesn't think he's appreciated. That's going to be a problem. And but clay on the other hand doesn't need that appreciation do you think pro athletes become some some do undone. They'd look at the appreciation is the page it. That's what you think of me well. Then don't expect them take pay cuts come out of polyps or not they're not know. It'll have to notice drew there's no favors 889579570. Assignments and do room. Who. Do. Now I'm back starting missing two room on 957 thinking yeah. What's going on everybody match I was derelict to root Johnson alongside him. Thought about the Joseph lake of the interview from yesterday talking about what the warriors should do there. Mid level exception. But. Everybody's assuming they're just gonna use it. We'll say we'll saint. I would use it unless I get the right guy I know that. I know that. They didn't 579570. Is the number let's go to Robert in vale know what's going on Robert you do when meant. I'm doing good and I'm a little sick. Why would these millionaires. Multimillionaires. Yeah me hey it was sort of OK let go curry when he got that well look 44 million yeah Cox. Well as a straight out of college was his first contract in the NBA those first in his first one raptors rookie contract. Okay well eat it will. And what was his rookie catcher Mike. Oh boy I'd say probably about four. Or five million a year for the first. Two or three years. Three years. I don't you guys but none of these guys make school would make it is our rookie got okay yeah on the money among. About it and it was eight down corporate side in he got there already make eight million. Edit a lot more and it definitely talk and talk about. Mid level exception and it reminded us Nittany it will give you what you want. Oh. Yeah make it. I got to Robert. I actually Robert can't Philip who. Play defense. That's why he doesn't get that money if he can do that. It would be the sidewalks would be the rational let's go to Lional in Fremont you don't lie at all. And we're going on. On January you know and that sort always. And real quick collapse caller no it may I mean widget. We're all this and Terry guys mainly. And I and that being written and edited by he championed the city of Oakland. And I am being from the east bank hero connected I got that all of these guys think they delivered. Well they're out to get whatever they want now. They got the interview. I mean. Saturday that being guardedly yarder which are met that's like they speak in a date and I. You. You may explain this last year me and get angry don't wanna give one point eight. Another guy but it now we can you gotta go yeah. Hikers says I like how they can pretty much said that they wanna keep Kirk is in a coat siblings history title only that. And I tried very good and would make I mean I know going to be conducted is gonna kinda take a stand based off. I'm expecting it you know before it's it's really ignorant so they can work is go great together it you're kind of delusional. It's gonna happen and might happen this summer my aunt get rid of one of them and it included credit business. But in net. We're good in. And mid level what immediate reason when a rocket and it kind of if you lunatic you know. The league minimum to kind of come whichever it should be trying to stick it to heart and welcome back Balkan general their. And maybe get some of that. Nate you know so little this kind of shake up the rockets will be what gets me. I mean not heard his name I've heard his name I don't think you have is a bad name at all. But the only thing is he's getting up there and and Steve cursing to make supportive of let people know he wants the warriors to get a little bit younger to maybe he just means he's gonna play the young guys more next year Jordan bell. If they can keep markov Quinn cook for example. Maybe maybe play those guys mortars really woody what he wants than a duck boat would be wrong to call it a result poor man's equal dollar. I he can play. She did I go about race and he can't create anything drew let's put it would have bothers me I feel like he went when you if you would ask me how to check that off like he can do with did you see him do one time ES award that's what it all on the it was overnight and didn't realize dude your your your plastic man go to the rack I am gonna go to Rico but before I'd rather go. All right Susie go I miss these seven and two thirds innings Tuesday. I'll cut against the takes a big man to admit it. I've just I'm I'm what'd I say though. He pitched five it and pitched five and actually I think I'm a bit out of the World Series that was in the that was in the NLC yeah. Face an element and look at the stats get out of my ear with the stats I'm looking right down. How come nobody talks about his is. David B an LDS game four against the reds. 2.2 it to a two thirds they were big innings. I both are bay they ought to we gave up two runs in two innings and how to get amount due on the shortest leash of any pitcher that ever existed. I Rico go ahead let me have it. Give it to me let me have Enrico. It's in 2012. Global IQ they did is went into the here. He also wants evidence there late in the adult yet against the cardinals were cut off by saying all of momentum. I know my stomach sick before the game Arctic at that he has started. But you could change so no matter what anyone does that they I don't think it got it would buy into third in the World Series right or involved. Yes I've been at the giant that a bit green when pitcher this year so owners group up. Nick Young. I that it is you know people are like a market like gum. You look in on the lawyer Soto on the championship series veto it on the giant bag here we go in the oil really think. I truly do I've written I I now feel real effect on act who brought out the arrival by Perry's veto of the year for the rest. Yeah. BA pro right I said that what he did that last year allows him or that last play off those those who playoff games allows him to walk around. This head held high he would've been able to do that. I think what I said was if he doesn't pitch those five well he had enough that you that you gave before his head wouldn't have been high it is because of the wallet the money in that Wally I'll tell you what I'm looking at his home. He's a he's he's he is a ball ring and he got paid he got paid. So if you just because it paid your ball or is that if that's the definition and Iraq all there's no doubt welcome well then he's a Boller because the RA. Four point 535. Point 15 foot worthless contracts. He didn't have one year with the giants where's your it was a wonderful. And we were the two not three of those years Yuri was over so you don't care if I brought up the paid me that he got you'd be wall. I know the payday he got and he didn't live up to it. Period but due to return among those you don't but you do have to look in the mirror at some point let's go to rich in New York what's up rich. Let's sub gentlemen. You know why. The clay and dreading Marin. You know what let's start with something I'll guru you so you don't Joan Collins the other day Aaron he had killed Joseph what. Food what did I don't think he'd swear I feel I. Out of the blue cup car home. So was my girl at a mosque is like Linda Evans who wore on they were both hot. Both nicer actors or actresses. Put you know killing our wanting to keep. I think you may go down with that they're two and you probably the worst that I've ever seen that you're gonna care action on. It's what he's coming back. Guru is willing to bet too that he knew that he is. I'm meg Cabrera would do guru Ali emirates oh lead not only do I think he's gonna come back to Golden State. Big deep Cullen backed debt can only cool and take care may have produced just blade release showed us this year. I don't rich with the heat. Well I just believe the lake up and then interview yesterday things highly study of laws why DP. You will admit he's a fan favorite. And I think you score points. At the parade in things of that nature when you win the people will keep you around. More so than if you were a little error if you put cut he truly was door run in the streets above lake shore peak you're great you don't. Mickey I'm Ted knew if we were to put odds on him coming back. They're not great but they're not horrible. You don't keep a guy around because he's good poker party. I did have forgotten how far she'll wake up say one thing like you know he gave us a boost I tell you what I know it's all the way to his defense was a lot better than we thought it would be. You know I I didn't realize what a great teammate he was okay cities are good dude but they won without. How about what the caller alluded to anyone who went out and him being in a big contributor the war era metal wire to bring him back. He gave in the thing. I think commendable and Don Nelson he was a fan favorite. And the bowl at least allows shipment to be authorities like Nick Young let's go to LeRoy you know I was out. They sturdy guru always glad to be on Iceland listen to the interview yesterday. And what took out of it was. Pretty much what they're interviewed Joseph lake acquitted. In the Indian paper and that adds. Hey I put my guys don't know. Intercepted them we have done everything we can do it is not sit there and if they wanna be here and if they don't want to you know. Then we'll take calls. We'll take calls from anybody in the NBA you wanna coming year will take the call and that's kind of what I took out of China in I think. So let EP was good for me I understand what you got and in but and even an idol of that he was as bad as everybody. Made him out to be and you know in life and it's. Not what you do is to write tunes city like jewel lake likes and so you know maybe I'll be back one more one more thing go. What actually this question yes or what would you think about three and a guy like. Is important. To the war. I've go pick him up right now on the Cadillac of (%expletive) it I mean they need some map lettuce isn't down low he can score I would love to see him. Arm in a lawyer uniform but that I think gets to to reach for the lawyers. Wallet right. Let's look up to the call LeRoy also dust settles a zone was he's restricted area and be surprised if Orlando wants to.