Steiny and Guru – 1 – Jacob Evans, Dwight Howard to the Warriors?

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 1. Ray Ratto fills in for Guru. Steiny and Ratto are joined by Eric Musselman (Head Coach of Nevada Wolf Pack) to talk about his 3 players getting drafted last night. We break down the game and get his take on all three players. He tells what Warriors fans will get out of Jacob Evans. We talk Draft and whether or not Warriors fans would want Dwight Howard.

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I'm Reading, Pennsylvania. Please marks the gleaned not to jinx. Thanks a lot Stein and its merits I. Can only use and still run. But yeah. Person dying man. Like CNN. Morning everybody that's not Mets along with the railroad today felon in Ford Darrell lived through Ruth Johnson has taken a couple. Days off to you'll soon. Family stuff good. He told me to pass along the messages he's okay and and then not to worry about it so I told them we hadn't been. And everything's. Everything's cope with said it was. A man who room. Last night raid the NBA draft captivating. And to think. In mile not particularly. I mean it was it. It was a less than Phat fascinating draft just because I think. Once she found out where what what sequitur I was gonna do word dodge which was ago. It's sort of just played out as a regular draft there wasn't a lot of was a lot of real drama there weren't a lot of tantrums her. You know and snaps and when the most compelling thing is trying to figure out. How many ways Adrienne bush task he has of tipping picks that he promised he wouldn't tip. And no sort of bit. I mean it's yeah and I agree that it draft is not necessarily compelling anyway but this woman was pretty devoid of drama. Mean who blew the wove stings pretty amazing to think about it and if you don't know we're talking about his Adrian mode or else you of ESPN. Essentially was tweeting out the pics like he always does say he's the father of a picture yes. So he puts out the the name of the person is going to be drafted shortly before the players actually drafted maybe. 45 seconds a minute something like that. He was told not to do that this year as was a lot of other media. And so we got around it by saying things like. The Phoenix Suns are focused like a laser. On the Andrei Peyton not the country. Yes it is the hurricane aka Eitan. And then of course they would go to Phoenix and then the next picky would say in Sacramento Kings are really really in love with. Barbara Bagley. And then they take more dramatically. And the part its. Gulf it's funny years. Crazy but. Hawks general manager trap or shall I was on earlier today he of course worked in Golden State for the past several years. Saying that because he knew. A minute or so early with the seventeenth pick was he had the nineteenth pick in Atlanta. That he did not have to make a trade. Because they like to players and once. The Bucs chose at seventeen he knew they were taking one of his two players. And so he didn't do a deal. That he said he may have done that's pretty amazing I mean that that that in of itself Frey I got to believe. Is gonna make the NBA. Clamp down on this like they thought they did this year. Well they thought that they had deals with their television partners. Which would be TNT. ESPN. And Yahoo!. Yeah all three signed off on this we want to picks and then Marc Stein the New York Times who doesn't have. Who who's company does have a corporate relationship with the league. Tipped off the the dodge it straight from Atlanta to Dallas. And at that point all bets were off. And then guys were tipping. Frantically the rest tonight as is normal. So what I'm going to guess is. Is that the is that the NBA. Will come up with the AA new structure. Wherein. The player isn't going to be notified until his name is selected. Agents will hate us. But they're going because the agents are the conduits. Willow action or should I wanted to ask you how how yeah. Who is how they get this information while deep bench and be a lot of mollid Nolan calls you know. It tells he agent you know we're taking your god we're taking your guy the agent is beholden to those guys. On a number of other levels you know when other stories during the year and so though you say this is this is the debt and we just got the call from Cleveland. So that's how that works so basically I think what's gonna happen from now. Is that the teams will be forbidden. To. Tell the player. Ahead of time they're gonna announce. On the air in the player will find out that right and agents will not be happy about this some players might not be happy about this but. Deep the NBA game is given too much money. By those stream media entities. To continue to stick a finger in their right even if they're trying not to. Right so I think that's what that's what's gonna happen next because. The NBA thought it had to deal. With the ESPN and Yahoo! and and TNT and now they don't. And I think. I think Adam silver will without seeming like. He's being. A bully is going to become mobile. I'd just assume that quote had somebody in the league office. Because it's a wonder how many people. How many people do you think all categories re leave agents'. Families of players players. How many people know. That our players getting drafted. What do you think three to five minutes before it actually happens. Well the agent OK kid. So the kid isn't surprised at the table. Well. If he's at the table at his agent has the has gotten a text. From the team he's gonna whisper in the players that don't react right you're going to Philadelphia. And it doesn't react until his name school. Gotcha. And I'd I don't even think the kid tells his family. In a lot of cases cause family always seems to react more than the kid right that's true that is true. I guess yeah I I suspect with the NBA it will do from now is basically. Not tell the age and that and and ordered the teams that tell the age. And then if anything gets tipped after that. Then they'll know it somebody from the league office I just can't imagine who in the league office would be willing to jeopardize their job for us. Right it right I mean how does won't help. You know I don't know Jackson I don't know that's he had I think I think yesterday agent well warriors played the only Dietrich. Agent through the warriors selected Jacob Evans he's a six foot six wing player at a Cincinnati. It seems to me like he's a Jack of all trades type but doesn't have a singular. Characteristic or trait that that sticks out. But he's coming on to a situation where everybody thinks he's got a chance to play some minutes. It's it's hard to say. They won't play minutes because you look at this team right now in Jordan bells played minutes Patrick will cost played minutes. Heat and he cooks play minutes he seems like sort of a a performance during. Right in I mean nobody praised his offense at any point right. But they also did he can do a lot of things pretty well. Well what does that Mike. Miser dream on green in college. Yet who who reminds me so. And and I I found I've I've but I found it equally compelling. In debt. Bob Myers could not get anybody to do a deal with him. By a pick in the second round. Know why you think that's compel. Because it probably means it he's gonna have a harder time. Getting general manager of managers engaged until the warriors come back down her to open it to you believe that something to that. No I don't think it's a conspiracy. I think it's eternal image says I make a deal with the warriors. It turns out well for the warriors my bosses come and it means and why are you talking. Right and it's different than any other team because the warriors are. You know I weirdly unpopular dynasty. Or Dinah stepped if you put four or not it's nice. Tend toward got to work muscle in the coaches of the University of Nevada. And his teams played against. Cincinnati for one so we're gonna ask you about Jacob Evans but he also. His team the wolfpack played against the few other teams who have play your real were drafted EF three other teams. Say your Smith Texas Tech or arraign am. Tech check my Obama can did you place it in plain. Helm again who of that place on the sketch with all due respect him. But you should be really bold get a printout of an event schedule like I did well you know what's what is our producer. Handed me the Nevada schedule from this past year and I should get them out here. My guns are planning well. But put Boise State twice oil and that this Hutchison's did run. And Marc spears is going to be Willis at 1130. Of the undefeated. So we're going to be talking draft well certainly talking about. A particular freeagent. And he wasn't supposed to be a free agent but he now freeagent. He's a player of the warriors. They had their eye on him 345. Years ago. The tissue don't know. Dwight Howard was traded from the Charlotte hornets to the news of new to the Brooklyn nets. The nets are in the process of buying now. Dwight Howard and making him an unrestricted free agent. The question is this. You make a phone call to Bob Myers. You try to see. If Dwight Howard. Maybe once the play for. The veteran minimum. The mid level exception. Because you don't have to pay almost 23. Whatever million it is you want to light Howard. Remember Joseph lake of went after. A few years back and people kind of rolled their eyes. Why would Dwight Howard wanna come to the warriors according to lake can be thought about it pretty hard before. Ended up in where Los Angeles care mayor who they'll layer Houston and here. No you just left LA there so he I mean. Look at a guy who's been a lot of teams already Dwight Howard he doesn't cost much. You want him on the Golden State Warriors. That we look at first senator I mean they only need six of them per year. So could Dwight Howard beat that senator 888957. 9570. Stein Mets and Renato filling in for guru. Nixon who wrote. 195750. Backside reds and ray rattled filling in today bordello would you Ruth Johnson. Day after the NBA draft coming up in a minute or two we're gonna have Eric muscle men as a head coach. Of the Nevada Reno wolf pack. And his team eliminated Jacob evans' team in the NCAA tournament. This past year. Shut it down. Shut them down ray. Must I tell you what. Must design something to shut that kid down market. I mean Cincinnati had more than just Evans but Evans had not shoot well on that game. He was seven for nineteen and saw. And he generally foul trouble too because that's one of the things that must which teams are pretty good bet. So yeah he didn't show well really a dead of the Ford draftees that Nevada played this year. The only guy who looked good both times woods. And both times approach champ arts and kept poised right. We got must coming up and competitor to. Dwight Howard's a free agent. He became freer I don't know if he's officially free agent that's gonna try to buy him out 34 years ago. The Golden State Warriors had interest in Dwight Howard question now is. Would you still have interest in Dwight Howard. I'm sure I'm coming down on that ray but we're gonna we're gonna talk to Eric my also many as a head coach here. The Nevada wolf pack must tell you Dillon read. That I was not because I do at bat late great Apollo. Thanks so we're we we were just. Call and calling up could you played against and about a played against the bunch of these players. Who got drafted but first I gotta talk about your great. Run in the NCAA tournament. Was watching from afar. Now that you've had some time due to let it sink in. What what does that run media. You know that it's you know having bad that the NBA level and and as an assistant coach at the collegiate level. Yeah I will say this. You know coaching college kids and and advancing in the turn and it would boosters and fans and alumni. You don't make in the NCAA term and I'd been a part of that as a player at that university San Diego twice and then. Had done it as an assistant coach at Arizona State as an assistant coach at hellish you. And then in year two written about it we went to the term that all those experiences we lost ground water sort. It's awesome to make the tournament but it just and so quickly install abruptly. But I will say what you advances in the NCAA sort of that there's nothing like it. On each game that you were seeing each round that you can advance and this stage just becomes. You don't really made the sweet sixteen it looked like we are in the lead Ater the final four but make a sweet sixteen. Is the best experience that I've ever had and not just the best experience but also on this that mean. You know to see the looks of parents you know and and that choice of the players at all that they're I've never experienced anything even close screw it. You don't read a party NBA playoffs and so forth but let it takes March Madness is takes satellite for the tall. Eric muscle and joining us he's the head coach of the Nevada wolfpack are you guys eliminated Cincinnati. And as much as I wanna ask you about. Mick Cronin. Who is a legitimate madman on the sidelines. You. Good success against Jacob Evans was seven for nineteen. The big comeback obviously I think it's fair to say was your signature win. Going into that game was Jacobs Jacob Evans on your radar and and what did you try to do against him. You know we we felt like you know ever will. Eat at a power forward in. That was that yeah it was vital. Key. Let me put grass. We got down really bad early good. Thirteen and half and down 22 in the second half and there was a time now how about ten minutes go again. We were down 22. Cincinnati had gone to a isolation situation where they put the ball. In Jacob evans' hands in the middle floor need to recapture control that they let. Or they just let him go one on one in isolation could we played girls though should that Bennett that data. And coach Cronin knew that so he felt like he had a match up. With and what we ended up doing what sending an extra defender off their point guard. And we wanted Evans who try to shoot degree a typical the shots we had wanted to get to Elaine win. You know what you got for the Wayne against us. He's good enough about lead at the collegiate level the finish. But we wanted to take iPod shots not take in nineteen shot in the college game is a lot. What what we were able to kinda getting it under control. It changed to compact complexion of the game because he is a very good one on one player. I got the ability to drive hard with his right hand finished. And it really good midrange shooter and that obviously street point number. At that 37%. Challenges that. Really good three point shooter. Although I do think is going to be an adjustment for him. In the three point shot from NBA range because. Know some players of the collegiate level could make that shot to a green that idolize and solve our better mid range. Or right at the lives that were I think Evans is. And it interest being you know having played against Jake evidence played against Patrick caught. When he was that you would LB twice. They're bowl. Legitimate role players. I think caught slightly. Our head of Evans but Evans has. In my opinion he's got upside because these high volume steel players assist to turnover ratio excellent. You know scored double figures in in like thirty gains in any good across the board like if you look at the American athletic conference seed in the top. Categories. In in eight. Different you know areas in its sort of player. Is good in so many different areas you know translate and and he's got good size in. And anybody that plays its Cincinnati has great toughness and and top this. Eyes those things are gonna are are gonna really help. A player especially in the first year in the league. What is the most obvious. NBA com for Evans. People have sort of mentioned him as sort of him. A modified in less offensively gifted version of train mine green but. That may be too simple one who does he remind you of his current NBA player. I mean really Red Hat you know I mean he's awaiting idle idle look at it at all like you know. During my constraint on obviously. Or complacent five. And Evans in my opinion does is it is it is just to strictly a wig to read. Our so I don't know who compared to because those. We played the one time we watched a baton on film like or cities that you eat Cincinnati struggled to score at times they needed him. To manufacture points. You know in one on one situations and and again in our game against. Cincinnati yet fifteen points in the first happened we could not stop them. And then when we got to regroup in the second half but came up slightly different game plan. It changed the complexion. All of our gain and you know I think he's the guy that they. You can put in the game. And he can help you or hold the fort down when you're when you're. Played at the level warriors that's all you want an and the great thing about. The young players that Golden State has at the last couple years and with a guy like Evans is. They're playing with so many great players that the focus is not an and they become better role players and they would if they had a higher. Roll were expected to do more and and not I can take because Evans can defend a little bit these six fiction. And not that cute kid and he's not an eighteen year old leader's 21 years old. You know having better at LSU obviously you know was very familiar with with Jacob couldn't from Baton Rouge and I don't have an exact comparison those that easy true wing and I think you could put in the game. They Eric thank you so much for joining us appreciate it and duct continued success for the wolfpack ramp. Thanks so much Matt before we get off one question yeah. Still play pick up ball. I don't I don't but I'll tell you what I do have a question for you because we had this debate. Who calls fouls and pick up basketball. Kook I would say. At what poitier wreck. Downtown San Diego lawyer area it's always the offensive player. That the vendor should never call followed pick up ball well. Well. You hear you side with the 80% of the people there's a 20% contingent of mud buddy's back east to say that they can't believe offense calls for Al Steven let defense column. And at different between the topic on the coast and west wrote ball you said it oddly must. Have a good little event that it. All right there muscle and former Golden State Warriors coach. Former Sacramento Kings could I can really use it LSU. Yeah. Not very long. Carolina. I'd rate this that was. They had to deal issue jealous sort that we have jobs you get. You know before you move on to your next head coaching job. I always had sort of period where you have to resuscitate. It peoples were. Idea what your reputation should be. It looks like Dwight Howard is going to be a free agent. And the list the free agents this year we know a lot of the names LeBron James Paul George Chris Paul DeMarcus Cousins. But now you can add Dwight Howard to the list. Dwight Howard's been traded to the Brooklyn nets they're in the process of Bynum now. Joseph wake of mayor run at Dwight Howard a few years back and apparently was a pretty darn good run. At Dwight Howard. It was a good enough for on the Dwight Howard commented about how impressed he was with the Golden State Warriors organization. I saw some quotes from Dwight Howard. Yesterday. He just wants to be part of a winner he doesn't want the drama anymore. He just wants to be part of a winning team. How did you not. Think that the warriors. And Dwight Howard would be a pretty good match. Secondly there's nothing about Dwight Howard's game that indicates. That it would blend very easily with what Golden State likes to do. I don't think he is. Sort of philosophically ready to be the guy who. Will spend six fouls on another. Another center. I don't see the fit. I mean just I know that you know you when you look at at Dwight Howard do you remember the glory years in Orlando. But that's been a long time ago and his career since then has. Been sort of steady stream of an impressive performances in. Unimpressive cities I mean I I think he's kind of dead ended I think he's a name that people liked talk about to get fixated on names but it. Aussie outfits with these guys. 8889579570. Dwight Howard's out there. What do you think he played 81 games last year 81 I think the wanna misty was suspended for actually. Finished average in sixteen point six points and nine rebounds a game. He blocked. One point six shots in thirty minutes. You played more than he did the year before he shot 55%. From the field 55%. From the free throw line. I mean he seemed to be a player ray who could. Do that thing with JaVale McGee does rolled to the basket catch and don't. And they get rebounds if he wants to be that guy and I'm not sure he has time he's isn't it time he looks in the mirror and says maybe it is time to be back out Wednesday. It was time awhile ago but. Don't forget he was in Atlanta. Trash like who was with the warriors. Is now the general manager in Atlanta and couldn't wait to move. So I'm gonna guess without knowing this as the fact. That. When each link was here. Howard was discussed just you know and casual PS sessions right and didn't come off well. So I'm gonna assume that that hasn't changed. You know I and I guess I just don't see him as sort of guy who is. You know could be fine without the ball or. Fine NN in emotion offensive requires a lot of ball movement because she's not dead guy. He's the guy who gets the ball down low and they are the ball stops. And that. Strikes me as the absolute antithesis of everything. Steve Kerr and Mike brown and Bob Myers one half. You didn't mention it he name there and that's Joseph lake. Ordinarily I'd agree with you and I do agree with you I agree with the a 100%. I also know that. If Joseph lake of could theoretically get Dwight Howard for a song. He might do. He might do it he he's he's he's about the names and he and not that he's not about winning years but if you think if you look at it read I don't. I hear you on a lot of things about Dwight Howard but if you can get him for five million dollars. I mean. It's almost worth it. Look if if Joseph Lincoln was that hard on him. He wouldn't have allowed. Jerry West and chip for hours. To talk to matter. And Ellis again that was five years ago. So I don't know that there's anything in Howard's career. That suddenly makes him more desirable. To Laker. Mean he can't take things out of their. Out of the chronology. Mean five years ago Cilic of like the idea Dwight hour. But he didn't like him so much that he insisted it right so I can't I can't see how. How all of a sudden. He's going to have an epiphany on Dwight Howard go no no no he's better now than what I wanted him before. I hear you on that and I don't I don't like Dwight Howard either but I also. I like to stay open minded enough that when a guy's reputation. Hits rock bottom. At some point you have to look at and say wait a big east. He's not that bad and I had the same since thought about Kevin Love with Kevin Love was in Minnesota. I was stick in the sky is he's not as good as everybody thinks she is they went to Cleveland right away and and kind of got exposed. Early and everybody was thinking this guy can't play this guy well he should play. He just maybe wasn't as good as everybody thought he was and there's just something about Dwight Howard where his reputation is so bad right now. Coming awful is not a bad it is exactly exactly. I mean. I mean as Mike Montgomery once said he's not a paraplegic. Comply. But that takes. A singular guy with a singular skill that is inward directed right. And your putting them on a team where it functions best when everybody is looking out for each other. Because it's a copy here for that kind of player is Carmelo Anthony. And Carmelo Anthony did not make the Orlando I deep Oklahoma City Thunder better. Probably made them worse and is clearly. Not only on the downside but about to be done. I don't I don't Howard is just not the kind of guy that I look at as someone that Steve Curwood so I can really do something with him. Would you trust Dwight Howard if he says look I just wanna be a role player on a winning team I'll do the dirty work. I'll play the right way could could Dwight Howard sell himself to this organization. If firing your organization now I mean maybe he's you weren't maybe he's an incredibly charming guy Bryant and could bamboozled. Myers in and west and those people but not Weston's occur. But no I don't you know he's been in this is just this will be his fourth team in four years. There's a message in that to what he's not what is it I mean unless your Chucky brown you can't get away with that kind of movement. It's teams can't they get him and they can't wait to get rid of why do you think that is dead serious because he's. I don't think completely ineffective as a play it's not that's an idea it's he plays the way he wants to play. I mean he'd he'd he'd help. I mean Kemba Walker did not have a great year because Dwight Howard is standing there right in the middle lane were Kemba Walker likes to ago. And Kemba Walker was more important to Charlotte and Dwight Howard. I mean he doesn't he doesn't make the guys around him better and never really passes. And the warriors don't function. Mean an increasing number teams don't function now. A guy who encourages stand around basketball. Is not a helpful player. And this is not about his about his personality I mean I don't know if personality. And he's talking as a player he makes the game stop. The warriors don't want to game to stop the warriors want to game mature. Bright I today as so I don't think I don't think he's a fit at any level. If you remember. Shortly came in here and beat the warriors this year in it was a blowout then aborted by eleven but they did it was a it was an anomaly. But Dwight Howard with 29 points thirteen rebounds seven assists in that game he made nine of twelve free throws. I think you make because she beat its best game of the year last year. Against the warriors. And I wonder if that's something that. I don't know stats and somebody said it. What it they might think about it but again Dwight Howard is a man with a body of work right. And since Orlando that body of work has been disappointing to infuriating. And again I mean I think to tell here for any warrior interest is that. Travel issue like Wright grew up in that organization. Ghost to another one that asked Dwight Howard on it and literally put them out on the front all the signs say three. Until I don't think. In fairness the Howard they were the show like was gold in their to break that thing up anyway that's white middle class Tim Hardaway junior goes one of the first guys that I think he traded him on the plane out to Atlanta tell you the truth I'm. And that and that tells me that he. He had a a predisposition. Toward getting rid of them and you get that when you're talking to the people around you. Who for the previous five years had been warriors. 8889579570. Dwight Howard is he could he possibly be worth taken a look see on. Let's go to the peak in Petaluma what's up Pete are you doing man. Good morning gentlemen I'm regarding my powered. I play a moderate side in Petaluma so dominant pay tribute Petaluma rather have Howard the duck on the waters and Dwight Howard you know proven true cancer in the locker room surely it. Gave him a way to get him out of their locker room. He's done it at every stop that he spent. He had the debacle of the press conference. Where it lied. About getting bin going to be trying to get fired. She is. You know walking twelve year old with a maturity level and the selflessness. Are selfish and an excuse me. Term if they try to misfired they're going to be you know three point shots I've on the dollar. Spent citing a person who spent on so many things. And that feeling it's only players. I hear you I hear you thanks for the call Peter appreciate it the question is. Would you believe Dwight Howard if he said you know why. A madame gonna change. You know it also lets in the warriors brag all the time they brag all the time about there locker room now everybody's together. And on the one hand Dwight Howard is known to mass locker rooms up. On the other hand sometimes when you have a player who has been a problem in the locker room. A solid. Other locker room. We'll keep them in line so could the warriors. Could the warriors. Chemistry. Straight now Dwight Howard 8889579570. Stein Mets and Rana. Starring mitts and guru continues. On 957. Game. Assignments and ray rattle. Phillies game. For Darryl would guru Johnson today. A body armor support straight and 957 game we're giving you a chance to win an autographed item from race car driver Ryan blame me. Plus a year's supply of body armor sports drink at the 95 cent in the game dot com for your chance to win. And be sure picked up body armor. At your local Safeway. Right I'm gonna be up in Sonoma for the big the big race this weekend and I'm gonna probably be during could some body armor. And I think I'm even gonna have a chance to meet Ryan Blaine have you ever. Covered a motor sports event read it yet are they fun. And repetitive. But that's not a marriage it there are sports I like more than others. That's up near the top that's not needed to but that doesn't mean it's not a perfectly useful sport. You remember a great great media person. Actually I know you're gonna talk. Who John Karr now that's and crew that's incorrect although our IP John Carden Alley. V press room at ORACLE Arena is named after Sam Skinner yeah I remember him. Very well okay since skater would set a ray. That the most teamwork. Is shown. In motor sports of all the sports out there there's more teamwork in motor sports than any other sport Sam Skinner. So what he does pretty well nobody thinks of it like that wreck while I certainly don't we show it is what I'm saying okay fine well. What you want from I'll tell you what I what you do is a Portugal watch the damn pit crew at some point and seeing really I think that's why people go to races to watch the pit core I gotta tell you that's part of throwing the football game and watching the trainers. No it's not oh no it absolutely no because no seriously it's not and the reason it's not is because people go to racing because they love the racing. But they also love the cars. And the way these cars. Turned upside can own and yet come out don't 200 miles an hour after a minute pit stop. It's you don't it is ray it's almost like choreographed ballet. That's what I think it almost is can you do it for every take another look at motor sports. Yes I'll I'll put that time analyst thank you very much. Will anything else you want me to reevaluate about my life. Consciousness. And vehement talk about Dwight Howard I'll be here till two futile to authored it's a mean. Dwight Howard. A race. I don't you listen to the show a lot to you probably know who Antonio is. Antonio is what I like to call one of the most rational callers. We have on our our station and already are cleared of these days hey ray we don't need that kind of stuff you're. And Antonio was a huge warrior fan. Anxious to hear what Antonio thinks about the possibility of getting Dwight Howard what is up Antonio. Perry ordered up I think we should take a little up fire on them I mean. They are lost are you know what six primary behind champion long Kabul in the thirty years I mean he's so much more child to JaVale McGee and that's our two characters concern on the light. Look at the pitchers they typically to get a lot of educated then it's pretty much always works. You know at least a year at least 90% of the time so I did this to work. The warriors have a lot of Richard button cute male lion and a likable bunch of young guys everywhere they're okay what are they have I don't think you'll be stepped on the Jerry mongering. You know lead without the war romping of stepping on their souls sort of strong structure that they can bring a man. It also incinerate it is great that sounds he had a halt Wednesday apparently of the rev limit despite his immaturity and knowledge that awaits you all favor. So I say it's solid work for the patriots and the worst urban caucus pictures of the NBA. You know salt. One rocket fire on. I gotta tell you Antonio you're surprising real little bit I would I would I had Jew is the no way but do you see your open minded young man. Leader Mir didn't spit the requirement that we. Yeah I don't get in my OK okay I you've. Got to. Your open minded but you gotta get in his cell phone and so I'm surprised. Red. The borders of the new are the patriots of the west they will be able straighten. Dwight Howard put it that the idea that somehow Dwight Howard is undesirable because he's gonna poise in the locker. Is not my objection Oca my objection is when he goes on the floor he knows one thing. He's a ball stopper. He gets it and he's looking for he shot. And I don't think at this stage of his career he's going to re learn. Is that I don't think that's who years. I don't think that's who we spin. And I don't think. You know unless he's simply ring chasing in. You know at that point you know do you really want. A guy who's going to cost you twenty million. To pay him five. Mean what's the upside here so I don't see it. Well I mean the upside honestly ray is that people don't care about the twenty million it'll end up costing. I don't know some people who do well. I don't tooling fare well may be may be. But we also know guys who pay a lot I mean here's the thing listen I'm not ordinarily I'd say now. But we're talking about. In essence re just drop them on to the warriors roster. You just dropping Dwight Howard on the warriors roster. I do I do see how one point of view could be could be wrong. You know I mean given anything up. So I. And I'm just. Believe I you know at the end of today I if I were Joseph lake of I would say no and I would cite the money but if the money's not an issue. I mean the money's an issue when you're that far into the tax because what we'd know about show Laker. Is that he pays. Top dollar for his best players. Pretty good middle level dollar Ford support players like you Rhode Island Livingston who. In other coaches vouch for and then pays very little for anything else and what you're asking. From Dwight Howard is. To accept a very small collector. Well I don't think I don't think he's got that in his temperament. I don't think his game suits with the warriors like to do. And I think you know putting up his resume from when he was a great player or. Is useful because he's not that guy anymore. I mean look he had better numbers this past year than at noon to two before that and what happened. Charlotte moved him. As soon as mic which cut explained it. So I mean it's it seems clear. That. You know whatever you think of Dwight Howard that is the Dwight Howard of a very distant past. JJ in San Francisco what's going on JJ. Erica guys. I'm on the I'm with redness absolutely no way. Beyond the jungle book said he lives. You know it's all the same or be like that sort of it opens as Vince Young agent Greg Greeley but I. I did that conversation and we're gonna lose. Two. You know better. David West. In May be injured we got major problem we need that protection like Eric you're. So I mean paper or don't you know parent. I understand crew checked out the immediate. Big agenda. I don't think I think that we get ready I was not a threat. Army Orban. It went down very much all. Talk about it and you know get real minute I don't think you threat of your problems. Why didn't tell you I haven't seen a lot of them to tell the truth JJ I just know that. I think the first two years have been a little bit troubling and the reason I say that is because I go back to last year. At the end of the season we had traditionally gone to his before he went to Atlanta and we were talking about this year senator minutes. And he flat out said. You know we expect to get some minutes out of damion Jones. And the reality is they didn't get any minutes had a damion Jones and now he's gonna enter his third year next year. And at what point. Well I guess the point is now if he doesn't play in your three rats. Who got a problem right well. I mean it it's interesting to me that. They got damion Jones and then the next chance state they had to go through draft. They went and got Jordan well. To serve roughly the same function. So either they believe that damion Jones is a long term prospect. And the NBA's history with long term prospects is that it's mostly long term and there's not much prospect. Yeah I'd I'd I cannot say given what little I've seen of him and it is little. That I would I would plan on him as. As it as a major contributor he's not he's not a game changer anyway that's not that's not how the warriors used their senators. I mean and yet you block a few shots here or there but they have shot blockers. All over this war hero that's why they amass the numbers they do. And in that category. So I don't know that there's a high expectation for the center in general but. If damion Jones. Was close to NBA ready we'd seen him. And we're not seeing. You know I agree with that. Hey do you wanna win a chance to take note got a chance. If you win this contest you get you get a photo with the Larry O'Brien trophy. I hear you gotta do you got to call this number though all right I'm giving you a number what do what calling her make it for your favorite number. One. OK first caller who very very first caller. Can get their picture taken with a Dario broken trophy. And here's the number don't call don't call that lying that's right now filled with people who want to talk about the white Howard. Please the numbers this 4154026865. Oven to give it to you again. Although probably got a caller. And since it's 4154026865. In which is another thing. You'll listen in the 957 beginning KG MZFN and HD one KG MG San Francisco the radio home. Of the 2018. NBA champion Golden State Warriors. Let's go to. Miguel and San Jose I don't Miguel. Exactly they might call. Actually. You know I don't want to Leinart on the team and it not be.