Steiny and Guru – 1 – Erin Popovich, Warriors/Spurs Game 3, A’s 14 Inning Win

Steinmetz and Guru
Thursday, April 19th

Hour 1. Steiny and Guru argue on the radio as usual. We also stop to pay respect to the Popovich family.


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DD GDG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. This is not behind seven. Good morning everybody what has happened in our. That's that I met Darryl would do root Johnson with donuts Thursday morning in the day I see the sunshine saying. And I'm like get it game three tonight between the San Antonio Spurs a Golden State Warriors in San Antonio. That's the big news today. Do real. She should I just share with the listeners who admitted before the show and just. So people can get inside your head a little bit alienated in western model was government is residue that's done I still wanna hold. Wellspring options fresh. But I don't wanna start the show is those somebody's thinking that I am. Hamburgers we felt taken off from getting some tweets like. I'm 632. Authority are dotted I'm OK you should street didn't do a story to me like I do every day. There which you throw down the knowledge to stand up. I'm George we want you we look do we want it moved out loud today are going to be a little more pharma. You can be firm. Just don't believe that two still two. This is. I started so people put I didn't mean spirited I don't know I. I know I know we. I think I'd just respected the wrestler yesterday I didn't do would opera ours every heard of Sarah ORP to Bruno some people were like it's our renewal so I had to tell my toward but I wanna. Sin that out there now I would do everything is going on in sports world are there death yeah I didn't think that way I'd. You just never heard Bruno San Martino big deal. That's that's what he was a big name yeah he has used you so anyway. Say you do. Did weigh in because it is a two pretty games in baseball or something like that. They do Russa that's a what I remember when they went from ninth from 154. Games 262. Games. And Mike wash. Endurance says 19820. My pirates house passionate about it might 1982 months pirates lost out to the Expos. No 154. Game season on my mojo. That can happen and our lifetimes. Major League Baseball with a 162 game schedule in 1962. By the reds before I was born so. What do you think you were think it. Did I needed to be around doing the none grew aero like a gum pop star I. Output got a border with that in my area you might have. But. Anyway. Let's go to bed so that's how we started out today with a good good chuckle with it and ably. All right so here's the situation in and obviously we've got a situation in San Antonio had taken place that it's. Oh much much more important in basketball so Gregg Popovich whose wife Erin passed yesterday. After apparently a lengthy illness Greg problem which will not coach tonight. And at two or Messina will. End. You know when this happens it's a real. Perspective giver all of a sudden game three. And how much does it matter. It's it's it's small in the grand scheme of things and and I get it's gonna be tough. To. Kinda go from one thing of the very serious nature to one thing though of what's supposed to be fun but it. The more I thought about it Q rue the more I thought well this is kind of the way life can beat you have to deal with something serious and something. Not so serious at the same time. And I've heard a lot of people say well it's really. It's tough to segue from from Aaron Popovich is death to the to the game tonight and talk about strategy but. The more I thought about it the more I think. You know it it's no it's fair game to talk about. Aaron Popovich whose wife dying in the context of a game tonight because. How will that. Or will it affect the players. Will it affect Steve Kerr will affect the spurs players. Will affect the fans will it affect the atmosphere in the building not so much. Whether those spurs can come back and make it two to one or whether or were you gonna go make it three and nobody. But how does this affect the dynamic of the game. Yeah and we know you know the warriors are not the spurs but the NBA's a fraternity so they know would have loved for pop. And I was coming in here he did yesterday and opt out the warriors were you know. Going to just boom dust the spurs but now with this. I don't know if subconsciously start any. They take it easy way out knowing they're taking it easy from the lawyer's perspective and then the spurs not have been the coach there. You could tell tale that they're gonna play hard be fired up but the fact that he's not there are for the players to draw from. I'm thinking we can be they can have an adverse regular reaction. They go the other way we can be. An easy game for the Golden State Warriors I just with the relationship with current pop. I'm one of the lawyers. Don't come what that dog mentality. In in not on purpose Donna have a caller just close and I hate to think about it but we have to. And if you could tell me. Do the spurs got a good chance to win this game I would say this is the one because there's extenuating circumstances. In regard to. The past and a bear pop up of water and I'm. I'm looking at it. As though yesterday at noon I'm thinking about game three and I'm all excited about it and gonna be obviously huge gay men and now. I don't mind joy immense going to be taken out of it buy it. It's just not gonna quite be as important as it was two days ago so. That is kinda wanted to throw that out there 8889579570. What. How does something like that. The death of of Gregg Popovich is what does it affect you. And how you watch the game tonight the F are you become less passionate you become less passionate about the game tonight. And then how did not. Mean how can it not affect the players but I'm just. Everybody out there are a lot of people out there played sports whether it's high school or college. And I'm trying to put myself in a position where I'm playing high school basketball. And I'm a senior and and we're going into. State playoff game and then my coach mr. wolf. And his wife jury that was her and she she died and I knew where we knew worker she was a coach's wife and it's like well. Yeah I guess on the one hand you can say well let's go win one for but it's harder in the and it's just harder and that is and yet it has to be. In starting Umar I don't know Gregg Popovich for madam. I came in here today thinking about you know Isiah Thomas had that magical game. When his sister dies throw Brett Favre Monday Night Football here at Oakland when this pops past. And I said the Popovich then I think I know will coach tonight I assumed he was gonna coach in it would get to report that he's not going to coach. And an end and good for him. But here I am thinking and you know I know pop the dates in jail he's gonna go out there and win the game we keep his mind off things. But he needs is time. Is this crazy to think that maybe they should it was to gain back are we in a society where. That was the sport's rule no way no how tickets have been so you you know the whole thing that comes with it. Because a lot of people he saw Shaun Livingston send out a heartfelt message to that to Popovich didn't it how physical life can be what we take for granted. What. Guess if you don't if there's a silver lining to this. I heard that bunch of the spurs players rover Popovich is house last night obviously. Giving him support but if there's another thing. That's. Maybe a positive at least is Steve Kerr and Mike Brown ordering ten. They're great friends with Gregg Popovich and point and so I guarantee you. Apparently Steve Kerr was so distraught yesterday that he he didn't even. Somebody contacted him about it he said I can talk about it right now too I'm too distraught because. Apparently he knew Popovich whose wife which is really. It just really really puts things into perspective. And it just makes you take a different look at game three. And you start to talk about the nuts and bolts. And just deal with. Without. It would help the enthusiasm that you used to do it by that will will will try to do it and we've got to factor in. The reality what's going on so I have no idea what's gonna transpired and I cannot don't know how this is going to affect both teams. It's crazy to think it's just it's possible that. It doesn't affect any of these teams or that even if it doesn't look like teams are affected dale JR need to see the game yeah did I can say. You you know off feel strongly in this of that. Yeah and are now seen you know any game. Any of the games that any judges I don't know and I think the advantage eight yeah I do it don't call me paper's name it who. I think it the right now what's on the spurs side to rally around their coach. I hate to say that he's not a dumb are we gonna say they are wrong I don't think you are so emotional wrong either. And we we do start thinking about players or coaches that did so under extreme circumstances you brought up. Isiah Thomas. The day after his sister passed in a car accident. The day after move he played net 33 point six assists and five rebounds and in a Celtics game one loss to the bulls. I mean. Wolf I can do that yeah we grieve differently than I don't know if let's say hello I think I'm Paul Ryan our hopes that night did write that these three hours to take his mind off date right if if that can even. You don't. Be the case Tiger Woods won the open after his debt path yeah forgot that one. Yeah and well so that's what right that's what kind I wanted to. What do to open up with. The respected this situation deserves. But also be flexible enough to realize it. Now the game's going to be played pop which apparently is already turned Ari told his team hey focus on the game tonight. And I will. You know I got to take care my fairly be you guys focus on what you have to focus on them. There was one other thing I thought about this whole situation and kind of made me feel like a fool. Like very very foolish. And I almost feel like I have to address it and I have that right after the right after the break you listened assignments and do. Yeah. Now back to 957. To change. That's our mets' Darryl would do root Johnson along with yeah. Golden State Warriors play the San Antonio Spurs tonight in San Antonio game three of course the the overriding. Issue of course for this game is the death of Gregg Popovich whose wife Erin Popovich and what I heard that she passed yesterday. My first thought was. Believe they're not just like I'm I'm kinda good. You know you sometimes you feel foolish and what I mean by that is. Can we hear all the time but sometimes it doesn't sink in you know you'd you'd never know. You never know with somebody else's goal and that's real you never. You never know and I'm just thinking about we've been talking about the spurs in the warriors and Popovich and and for the last few weeks or. You know mark there too. I've been saying look Gregg Popovich just. He needs. He doesn't look as invested as he used to be he's lost a little bit of his fastball. He almost seems like he's mailing it in it doesn't seem like. He's his fiery is he used to be it seems like he. Realizes they can't win this series and so we cares less and and it does it matter whether. Those things are true or not what you realize is well. Even if they are true. Well these for yankees had all kinds of reasons to be that way to be a little. Not invested in in and and so you see something like this and I'm you know we knew we were talking a lot we've been talking a lot about Popovich last couple weeks in his demeanor. And his his kind of attitude. And whether he's into it anymore like he used to be and it's like just what he might not have been. He might not have been as into it this year and that made the playoffs without coli on all of nine game yes so anyway. You know sometimes you you just feel little foolish when you realize. They even though he's supposed to know you don't know what's going on with somebody else sometimes you always forget about it do you like. You know somebody they started Mets you're. You were terrible last week on the radio I mean you stung Q do you do you even care anymore. And it would have been like rule that got an even know without going through stuff no doubt whatever I I would I'd want that benefit of the patent. You know population obviously should've gotten that to the thing that's amazing to me is how private person Popovich was I. I didn't know he was married not that I saw that Al Goodman. I didn't realize he's married to to a woman for forty years he never similar this sickness for a while yeah apparently so anyway let's. We could talk warriors burst in and this is this is part of the conversation. So. Are you look at it game three tonight is this kind of what happened temper your enthusiasm let's go to mark in Burlingame how you doing mark. And in the longer than there are very true thanks. You those and it's visible only. It's and I anyway but I think that those birds are going to be coming in. Tonight I don't I don't question that for a second I think this is a big motivated them that's basically. What I wanted to say I mean they're coach is down and they're gonna rally around him. Yeah and and thanks for the call mark I didn't think that's. Wrong to say that the that the spurs are going to be. It don't you wanna. Go out and win the game for Poppins and and what he's going through what is. His wife who pass you out but the dinner out without being disrespectful you know I mean no toll but. The fact that their hearts are somber right now for for a loss. You know our coach to lose and his wife. After so many years studied there's no Ol. Knew Rodney tock dig too deep too far to have the of course they wanna go out when again they're job but when you have extenuating circumstances like death. There's nothing that can compare to that. I'm wolf we're gonna see from the spurs I think. Coming out trying to. When one for a coach did you yeah anything. Happened to you Connelly this no I did take that victim Lorton I don't know what is I've lost my mom's all right that's the only thing and I can even come close to that they can about how sad this is but I never had anything to where I had to go perform. I'd. Never been close in my life to that though let's go to let's go to nick in Berkeley I don't nick. Good and bad we have a lot of public welcomed as well played solid all bad. Yeah McKay met a marine outlet in and a girl lived beside her look like Orton probably won't look well you're back he's. Well I eat a lot Obama complete years ago met odious at bat like but every year older. Don't you you're red star and her brother so if you didn't like it was time go. Got a kick back in and cherry mean that would Cooper and and you're every bit well good greasy kid being that you never know your couldn't punch like this they let it go. You know I'd put like probably would have liked but he could be better like you know he did and put them on that it didn't. And it deleted. Who live look bad equipment. You know standup. Glacier right they're not doubt he'd be really look and it's like. It and like that reform and it's right outside the predecessor remitted and my daughter she she she played out he would be right now play at all well. That's not a dark side I'd use every kid met Soka Ali and make it out. Obviously everything is so fleeting sort yummy but you've got you definitely got it was a bright lights and lights. I think that this we're gonna come fired up apple may break in the third quarter. All of the hype it got outmanned and talent and execution of the WS the world ordered two important in the dark mat. Fired up bent out fired up. Yeah. Great great thoughts that came from his heart it did come from his heart's on Mecca and you know put him in the darkness. To bill McGee may not play tonight he's listed as questionable how's that for a win the big way. At a at some point. Last game I mean registered Gregg Popovich on the morning show like this it went like it's so funny how people handle things differently you say well what do you get hurt. And my first responses I've no idea sometime during game two. Populates city started re watching the game to the possibly be what I say poverty and so yeah Greg pop a said he re watch the game to. Try to find out where exactly he couldn't find it only went. I I should matter he's. Some people. It is stuff that he's. And he's questionable so whoa whoa wait to see what happens that this JaVale lag though he gets momentum we go for not playing a big part of game one. You know if this time. From all accounts he starred in the night in if you miss the game due to a contusion. It had to be LaMarcus Aldridge whose planned likable when it's on it's out I think. Here's my hunch with these can place. Yeah they only got his lie there and while the reason I think he's gonna play is because. Let's JaVale McGee. Is the tell what you think you this but JaVale McGee and Klay Thompson. Have the exact same injury I right now which is say they did. And it was it kind of data daily got to play today they're questionable doubtful and McGee I think we geek. Would have a better chance. To talk his coach in deploying. Then Klay Thompson would. Because clay is more valuable. No bailout but I got to talk to your JaVale McGee can go to coach current shape and you know I want. Fifteen games this season without playing I was out of the rotation. Now finally get in now finally start and I'm producer and it's like duke. Hold realities are good and I'm please don't hold me out of this game and our ports the courage say. You got a point there may have. We got Zaza if all else fails and you get re injured but play you know I saw that where you talk game Donovan Mitchell. Quin Snyder took him out there stumbled on what is foot or a nobody knew. In that masala. My mail with the Braves got traded from Cleveland go to the coach and tell him. He's good Crowder can't Crowder did digs naturedly data to put right back to begin problem whatever. Crowder saying he worked. Don't see that might not only with with the franchise and that's what Mitchell is right now. And he was hot like home improvement in the crowd away. And the you know what I'm talking about you was where you know he was whispering in his the year like. I get crowd or to Snyder conversational ball against again these two have been active thought that he he said the magic words again let's go to Antonio and Oakland what's going on Antonio. Are you know I before that period starting topic but I ordered a partner. So apple prop up probably to work in a minute ago in the warned supporters to loose and I know about into the world. You know army never know charitable remainder of the lawyers still look like they do they did in the first of him at all. You know maybe group we write about it so we very heavy right and five. So armed and I'll Marshall at number careful what words can receive. Thanks a lot around appreciated Antonio. I mean to me if the war like. If the warriors were in four games. Or they went in five games let's say the warriors winning fox they lose more tonight and aren't for war. Not the kind of guy that's going to be like. Coming down your road kill with. Big I mean I would say I would say you pretty strong on it but like. The good 34041. It's a big deals who care I mean. You know when you're knocking on the door is like the weatherman what were 140. At second base would basically had to say predict exactly. So I hit it in our predictions bill or slow first seed big game the results. This is a bottle a lawyer Johnnie to get it Chia. Go back to back Drake is not about who drove a guru governor Matt Stein Mitt you're not that guy you're gonna go print T shirts that your prediction was right. Is not look at me radio. There are guys like dad I'm now one look at me radio please ask why do you share with you what comes in my heart. And what I'm passionate about and now I'm so baffled and confused. Did I think he would go the basketball gods are gonna give the spurs a win tonight. And that caller made a great point about because it'll last leg deep into the third quarter even the for a in the in the Tallet. Which we know the lawyers have an abundance of you don't take so for. You know what Brett Favre week. We used we seen it before. Yep Brett Favre a day after his father's death. Member of the play the Oakland Raiders do room now remain here and he threw for 399. Yards four touchdowns. Sheets. Somebody mentioned mark he's good when he played hours after his baby son had passed through premature labor man and remember he caught an 83 yard. TouchWiz emotional about a member rob was like yeah. Omaha plates and oh my god he's overreacting to. You know give me in the end zone public you never know what somebody's going to starting yet that's real yes and step curry has made the trip to San Antonio and I think a lot of people. Might be interpreting that is great news like I first of all not bad news. But why are you going I think he's going because. The games Thursday. And then gained four is Sunday. So they have an extra day between games they got there yesterday. I think he's I think it's. I think he's gonna be able to rehab. More completely if he's with the team in Chelsea laying around in the event and all those. That kind of situation. You can do the same thing at home. But I think he feels like. Flying is not gonna hurt the knee in and went once he gets the San Antonio. He's got to be able to have his team around them all the trainers around him all the support staffs of will be able to rehab 24/7 in San Antonio. Whereas I think if he stayed home. Yes he can rehab whatever he wanted but he have to probably. You know schedule appointments with big with the training staff they'll reach in their three will be due in real time million dollar guy. Libya is I was talking to somebody the other day about this about. Just how. Curry's injury. He's. Always sprain an ankle I will stay off it and put a little ice on it. Curry's whole life right now 24 said it is to get that knee and ankle batter he wakes up. He gets treatment he puts it on ice he takes whirl pools he gets massages. He gets electro therapy can expedite the process sometimes a stunning young what do you want it. Nobody it's why a guy can come back in three weeks now as opposed to five or six and I asked you earlier. Be a pro active. The pelicans are up to all going home so you would think conventional wisdom man make it closes series out in the sweep. Golden State to do the same deal with the wind and I'd San Antonio on Sunday. Would that Massa the timeline for staff curry to come back because this series or are done earlier or. Do they still wait for the other I should know this today wait for the other you know rounds to get ready like the hockey does well. Being. It's conference semifinals I think they have a date on him to start may first but they can be moved up. As much as two days to April 30. If that situation were to occur both teams sweep or maybe even one team wins in five however. That extra game or games. He's just tacked on to the middle of the series between games to win three so you don't lose those off days completely they just. Will push them back. To that travel day and give the team so they might. Let's say they had to play the pelicans that may end up playing the pelicans. In Oakland on a Tuesday and then game three is until Saturday in New Orleans something like that New Orleans without what you're telling me in this prognosis I don't even know his prognosis. With this update. Are you was competent mess diamonds they'd step curry whoever the warriors play whenever they do play will be on the court game one. Of the semis that the second round. I'm not I don't I don't know that's I don't either and it's Jerry and I don't know that if anybody I don't know if anybody really knows Stephen Curry. Number two Curry's feel like he will play. But and I got a text here that the pelicans windy keep curry now aren't they can more. The pelicans win you wanna rush put admitted that in game one. Like I said I think the more. The more I think about it the more I think that the pelicans would be it more difficult match up rise in the spurs I just what you're. This is the I'm not prospers in the Bel Lazar yeah. Blazers don't have a player like Anthony Davis and right now. Heading into the playoffs the pelicans backcourt is better than Portland's backcourt because they play defense they play. Defense and now. They're scoring more than they normally do because Willard and column are great defensive players. Yeah so I'm an obvious that that dynamic at the queues. Is I would say in the Cadillac quarter taking gas it it's almost ran out. That the you can get that there are you get 75 mile emails in order to get a demand that the fuel engine results so late Toronto kitchen where you should lose. Okay salute so. For I don't know there's at all. I don't drive a must have been listening to be proud of me down I don't live somebody I don't know are now have a shuttle and I don't Arnold drive is cars I only. For god. So vitamin OK they didn't so yeah. You need and then and then it gets the warning today that the ought to fill it up blitzer did you Q you didn't junk into your full fuel inject yours. Which can catch up with you later in the U got a problem. Fuel pump all kind of stuff so so it's a post theoretically topple off the week's dance yeah. Isn't legal what do you mean top off well. You need to video it if you have a half a tank. Stop and get some gas and no India now who did some ghastly we don't get some yeah you know that's why you miss a few fuel and you'll now be I know how much I like man what could definitely cannot tell you me optimist in you literally so I know I don't think there have. Athens with the Honda Lola Toyota I'm talking caddies you know B eight. I need I need I need a mechanic now you got when I Veronica. You work on cars in my bed. Will is your dad in the built up about I'm telling you I'm I'm my dad right now talking to you. And I'm confident personality for it. Fuel injected you messed them up by a run in the car low. On gas can't seem strange no it's not strange enough fuel inject her stunning that you got to protect you give garbage in the fuel reject is when your what why don't why yeah why would you get garbage in the fuel inject your when your wrote a glowing yeah. Grab a drink and I'll tell you all about it her listeners don't care I. But I do feel like little mechanic. I do think that. They might Carole little though to think it'd help him out did you watch any other playoff games the last thing all of them. Kevin Love injury scares me and then you tell me he's got to play cat and he's gonna play those said that tyra Lou. So I don't a couple of. Run as they put it too graphic and that the grip to put the words that scroll on the bottom. Anyway LeBron James. I'm about ready to. Make a statement about LeBron James that I never thought. I really. But. I think of this. I think he's better than black repair us and maybe him and magic. I run a shocker to me he's he's he's a gift he's unbelievable did you see. His game last night. You'll scored half the Cleveland Cavaliers points. I understand that LeBron James might not be perfect player. He might not be great shooter. Happy Christmas to you how do you criticizing. LeBron. James a video denied study taken about how dare I cut. How we got to be in the finals in a row. You just can't in this easier fifteen bedroom the burden of blame out of debt is out it was magical as did. Man he's a gift from the basketball gods in joy AM and not as good if you don't I feel like we'll never see another LeBron jet was physically. In what he can do it's incredible. Like somebody made him in a rug kits like 5050 on the new rules so right in in Summers and I'm wrong. Let's go right. About I'm telling you I'm right. Google. So the there was one other thing or touch on before the break and it was the morning shows talking about a little bit I guess Kevin Harlan during game two. Made a statement that curry he's going to be out another. Three weeks. A lot of people thought oh my god what what's it. And no. They're saying that may be misunderstood. I don't think it's a big deal and a first of all. When the original material dining out tea like when the original injury happened they said we'll reevaluate in three weeks. Well anybody who thought about it was like okay they're no value wait three weeks. But he's not gonna play that day so essentially what Harlan said three weeks it was three weeks into the process. So another three weeks would have made would make the total. Time he was out about six weeks we don't let that's not that far off. The initial estimates for what an MCO two will cost you in terms of games so why are people what your fans weren't around here saying. This he'll be he'll only miss the first one I don't. If that six week timeline is correct he may miss a game or two. In the second round and that could be give stability and it's possible but why didn't anybody. Why didn't anybody. And now distracted can somebody wants to take me to task about LeBron be a better than bird put. Why did anybody believe Steve -- when he simply said that's that's definitely out for round one not no chit Steve Kerr said no channels around one did so if you're showing no chance for round Boylan. You might have to. Real realize he might not play game one or two of the secular out of the I think people were more you wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. As opposed to doing the map to where hey this kid leading him to early on in the second row that's not the scenario by the way Kevin Harlan. He will be on with Damon Bruce. Today at 430 so Damon I'm sure I'll ask him about that and I don't think it's a big deal one way or the other to tell you the truth I think. We're still looking at the same timetable with Seth Curry I don't think he's gonna play in round one and Woolsey about round two whether he's there for the start of it or whether he is. Joining the series in the middle. Style Mets do route 957 the game. Now back in 957. To gain her. Match time it's the guru Johnson with kids and forget Tim Roy coming up in ten minutes he'll get she says. For game three tonight in San Antonio. Of course. The death of Aaron Popovich Gregg Popovich whose wife. Is. Part of the storyline for tonight's game Gregg Popovich will not coach tonight at Tora missing you know will coach. And it. The puts things in perspective obviously. The question is. How do you respond if you were a player. A coach a fair and it really does put things in perspective in and we'll talk to Tim Roye about the gay men and some of the other things. That are revolving around the game what's what's the verdict on driving your car without gas well. Also an out there we got an article here too. Okay what it says older drivers seem to think what I just told you about you ruin your fuel inject errors and we got a a fan Jim weigh the citizen article in his say that is right. What is that I would read to you that if you drive your car over a period of time. You know on eat or quarter take you will eventually mess up your fuel injection system. And then you'll be done you have to. Do new fuel pump audits to let me be clear I'm not I'm not saying that. I disagree with fewer you're wrong right Pavano all right. I'm not saying your wrong. Or that I. Disagree with you what happened this morning it has some bearing on why you want to give me the when he. It just seems fishy. I mean it's it just doesn't seem to eat meanwhile welcomed what if you win why exercise without eating or why in this necessary nutrition. Yeah EU would be why isn't. Your body right didn't want to it was universally known. Why did not notice why doesn't everybody who drives you home when the summer's morning your mouth and you didn't have an old car like me. Old daddy that's that's a joke this is a joke and I'm offended. I sent to the people out there that are ticks me imagined unite and get anywhere you first car was a Volkswagen Rabbit used. Then some is that they're definitely a modest some people you can't do it but if those sectors of the world Beth live with the you're rabid. But anyway. When they're just three Korea which you know what else. I don't drive a car with gas so it doesn't really affect me how does that work. I'm actually a people think I'm afraid to say I'm wrong. I just went dark mechanics I kid asks you explained something till now I did enough and thorough job. So we should stick to basketball Stein merits it's all about the pressure in the tech in the fuel pump. I tell you what. I do struggle with callers who. You'll never stop with the gas station I never did get in the cars gas sometimes at his friends in high school that word. They took vo tech vocational technical to be mechanics and stuff and but I can change a tire me to pocket change oil. Content I'd never change the oil I can do that and the filter. Wanted to ask you this I had one touched on this before during tumor orient. Because you're always one of these are baseball purist I don't now give me 162 it was. It was a few weeks back where we were talking about some of the rules that baseball was thinking about implementing for example starting somebody on second base. In the extra innings and also a pitch count. RO PH visit. Limit at setter at setter and you hated the mall. You hate it all these new rules you want baseball to be baseball note aren't. The a's played a game yesterday. That took five hours and 48. Minutes they won 1211. In fourteen and so. Obviously you're purist you would've sat through every pitch. And by the way. There were 556. Pitches thrown in the game. So guru a what you look at which greatly I can do when I now tell me or at dinner that you would've stayed five hours and 48 minutes for the entire game cannot. Now listen I'm a father of three. Cannot do what my children. My kids then. We would add to go. And I've been single in his just me I want to and every one of those 500 pitches and that's all everything. Did you need to know about me what with so with the kids were up I gotta go we got things you don't hold a series so when US net degree room that's where that answer came from an out of preface it with whom I would at the gate somewhere mob buddies or by myself who have attended many gays bar myself. For different reasons. I'm watching every pit. And is he gave us a lot older and I'm prouder of that downed the error on the I believe are more of a die hard and I'm not one of those I had enough. OK but you said one thing that. Is kind of in income grew woody and it's one of baseball's problems you said you know it depends if I if it was when I was single and a so you're thinking about when I was 253032. Well those people go to the games that's the baseball's problem. Baseball's problems it's having trouble attracting the younger okay person. In what I get irritated at it's not a baseball problem it's a society problem the phone has ruined everything. And unfortunately baseball have been a problem Greg I don't think they can ever get the thirty year old back you know why they don't see it steals that many. In less you know what are thinking of a concept. I don't sit there must to get to Oakland coliseum. But my Twitter accounts on the board somehow they give you scream right in front yet so you can. Do both to where you don't feel like your gone from the world without your phone is social media so look at the scoreboard makes you feel closer Jonathan you would have a screen that Richard C. So I didn't like I don't pitches like. Passenger seat and a player who's the hot Latin there you go something like that baseball does that differ from just hold your flow. Weren't you what did you hit what a problem now they got the medal round could still get hit by I don't know if you're basically looking at the back of the seat in front but it at that but to get my did you have what I say it's not a baseball problem is a foam problem our attention spans all time low people around on dates me a man a husband and wives they're not even look at each if it were assigned to the phone. I mean I was thinking about that. I was going home one bark yesterday. And I looked around the park train headed everybody's just glued to look at at their phone or my first thought was these poor these four young people. They'll never have it's all too though study too rude they'll never have the thrill of of of catching somebody's. In a crowded Bart train and you can hit me in the party and minds thinking about the possible I got I got to you know these these poor kids they. They'll never know that the the beauty and that in the heart palpitations. Of of eyes locking. And think about love in our sidestep any. They happen to me. Think about it. Let's go to Joseph Joseph Alameda and he was at the entire game yesterday had a good show what's up. Under current roster. Are larger picture in today. We the first and there are glory. War. And all of it. I think retreat most agree are all Serbs are RO. Barbara. Boxer shorts are personal. Wow five hours and 40 AME how many guys are people with UN the final out was made. Well final out wasn't made was to walk off at how many Demi fans were out there would have when we won't count. Chairman of every single of the 120. Compared. She's. Incredible well. I hope you got some kind of button her pen for that don't they usually give those away then when you leave or something that you put in your hat. Our grocery cart but the script reader to Serena or purple ball game again. I'm not weeks nice double look. Well that. Sounds like fun Joseph thank you very much appreciate it. Hey if it was a good. Long five hour because it wasn't like it was one is their usual 15 outlook could be a wonderful I'd light a weakness is boring. I think it was 12199. Well we'll let you are one of the things that somebody once said they kinda like about our shows we kind of can keep it moving and do different things so. Mike I drove my car and today here with. Which I never do a parked I don't have two minutes remaining. All live meter or 73 books at a trying to. I'm trying to pay by my phone right now let's say in and can't tell you they don't want you say hey parking cannot be extended. One is she used the ticket it's a scam I'm telling ya I got my whole different it's gonna have to go to as MTA when's the next break. Like ten after. And this is a problem now and I'm telling you why. I have this pay by phone. Only. Without pay so much what you ID in what I I would buy them an email notified whether the idea let it expire in real quick do it can not definitive the maid is particularly when I love issue in the -- to get hey Eric who have sought to they wait there. I'm hopes I know somebody's not mum room where everybody you usually go now. I can't go and outrage and optic over you can't help me. Well we're gonna help you got a minute it's one email. Did you have an injury but can he do that camera interview AME of course you can Tim talked at the warrior game here's the other thing. This from the for a late Stein Mets. Simon structurally your grandma anyway drives a Prius. No I don't I drive a shabby spark. Big difference in this part Prius was three cars ago he didn't actually. So we would know how much wiggle room like we caddie got on that steel chrome. To protect you I didn't wanna Europe there's no but I drive carefully. Then I kinda drives you are right it's not okay Ottawa be negative. He beat but I drive ended Prius was three cards ago Prius then and then and Nissan leaf now or should be stolen do you charge your car that night overnight. Like a follow. Yeah only you have to do it a regular outlet with a regular. Regular plug at your home at my ego that's true you can get a special. There it's called slow trickle or you can get a special. Box where it's kind of a super charger and they'll charge faster but I don't need that because of my parked the car my house at 10 o'clock and I plug it in and use it the next morning at eight. Most of the time it's back up the full charge I've thirteen seconds now in this meter. Just when you get the ticket I hope.