Steiny and Guru – 1 – Championship Parade, Off-season roster moves

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 1. Ratto fills in for Guru. Steiny and Ratto talk Warriors Championship Parade and why Ratto hates parades. We also discuss what potential roster changes the Warriors might make, and Joe Lacob’s history of making smart moves.

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These smooth. Yeah. I'm not sure stinks aligned Stein. Only use and still run. The. First Skype man. Like CNN. They've mapped side bets alongside you and the gurus got the day off today got some. Family stuff to take care of what it's all good he'll be back tomorrow whose family. His family as far as I know as far as I know and that's right plateau that's the voices ray rat OR. I mean. Longtime columnist for the for the chronicle. Yang Yang yank get confused. People busy haven't read his demise to the the national. Right you you were part of a lot of things you were part of that and now works for our NBC sports Bay Area if I could bring down a major American television network I'll consider it did the high point in my career. I'll ray I mean you've been around here awhile I've been around here awhile I'll. The earth was still a cooling when you are you where you grow up Alameda to secure those guys that never left the island. Now I I mean I left for awhile and I went back. It goes over there now lead the funny thing they think they have a secret over there and they wanna keep it kind of to themselves there's no secret over there it's. Built out like everything else. How glorious was yesterday's parade raid what where ray what was your your favorite part of the parade yesterday the part that I missed which was all of it. Now know the creeks not for me what are. Great belongs to players. Along stated coaches that belongs to front office types of belongs to fans. It even belongs to city of Oakland and Alameda County politicians. It's not for me and anybody had a good time god Libya you should have a good time enjoy it I don't two crates. It's further it's also for the media array. It's for the media or any media member who thinks that a parade aids fund to cover and be a reward for them should be fired immediately. Right no fired right no fired you understand. Great terminated done you tell me never allowed to work again. Sometimes re liberal remark with the squirrels do you not get my point here ready. I'm not gonna let you bring me down today they're good people are tied to say I'm a poor man's rat out. But I'll tell you what I had to their great time at the parade great time at the parade OK got the interview staff curry got the interview Klay Thompson. Picky she never done that before. But for awhile. For awhile. I mean I'm gonna say glorious. I'm good for you were you last year's per I've never been to a prayed. You're at any of the giants parades none of the 49ers parades and of the eight I don't really nearly check your what you believe. US we question I gave you an answer you were well do any of BA's parades in the early seventies a liar. Call me dad again and I'll show you your spleen that the no I did you sell it cannot net that is it doesn't work from me and I don't begrudge anybody who loves that stuff. Well lot of your heart's content management yeah they'll be a time when this would when this ends in there aren't any parades for awhile but. And then you're probably going to be filled with regret that she didn't give one extra tight with any luck I'll be dead. I I I don't worry it's not now. No redneck and a free you. Did you have fun. It was different it was an experience did you have fun wouldn't. Safe fun by a minute two minutes ago was glorious now you're not sure there was even find it was glorious for some what did glorious free you. At 3 o'clock eternal rewards died. I'm just asking him. I I I don't have to conform to American sense of fun that's all know you don't but okay that's all I'm saying let's just try and experience don't want to. All right it's like licking a frozen light pole I know I've never experienced it I wonder what it would be like but I'm not gonna do that. 889579570. What are ray mess. What was the best part of the parade that re rat don't mess he wasn't there yesterday. So let's bring him some highlights. And I don't really I really don't see a value when not all the news comes out of this Tomb Raider there's free agency talk. There was none of that came out of the parade. Afterwards afterwards it Steve Kerr. I mean Steve curse making news. Let's listen this is because this is why you should have been there you miss news with in this room listen. I think our roster will look a lot different picture I think we'll have an infusion of views and I think it'll be good to have young competitive. And energetic guys some of Moby backs you know guys like queen Coke can and a Jordan Breaux. Damion Jones in the there were hoping to get loonie and Patrick were called back for the draft pick. And maybe sign you know a couple of vets but. The roster being younger lecture will I think will help us get through the regular season. That's news. That's news cannot do when they do it now when they talk about it. But the fact that their their say in this team's going to be different next year the team was different this year. A slow. Jordan bell well there every team is going to be bigger let's get more now I carrot c'mon loonie made an impact finally. That's different. I mean every team is a little bit different now if if this turns out to be true and all of a sudden there're there're 45 veterans missing. Then you got a different thing you've got to the end of their case but saying this team's gonna be different. And making it different are two different things. And I'm not saying he's wrong and I'm not trying to. Claim that I know more than him all I'm saying is it's news when it happens not when somebody talks about to happen. They're probably use that mid level exception to get somebody right I would assume for Nick Young what's the point of having an if you Japanese. That's true I think this thing's gonna last ray I mean this is. Racists that. Just the greatest team you've ever seen in the Bay Area. Now. Its the most impact at all. How does this compare to the won't win the 49ers got a role. Well though the one Ford. Niner team that was. You know at least in this argument. Was the 8014 and eighteen and walk. And they they basically ran the table and the entire national football. For sustained excellence this is the best team. But if you're just saying one year. That's probably still the best. And if the wars that close the deal and sixteen. That probably would have been passed. But you know I do I said before there there one more they're winning the title mixture way. From being genuine dynasty with a three or four best in NBA history. As it is and there are far better positioned than anybody else to sustain. What Ditka. Everybody else is scrambling yet again try to figure if they can get cohosts. When I moved here in ninety read I thought it was a 49ers. Tackle by far but they were the kings. I thought in the around 2005. Within with a new ballpark you became the giants. The surface is or sports team that owns the Bay Area right now is that the warriors. They are now because they are not there they're the hot item on the mend it. But. If every team was winning a championship at the same time. It is probably still forty. Really well only because. There's more of them than anything else. There's more there's more forty niner fans than anything else and football sadly is. Still the most important sport in America. Mean it's also the one that deserves to be brought down a pager twelve but. I mean it's just a guess that's just the nature I mean don't forget when the four when the when the giants were good. 49ers were right you know and then and then Harbaugh started to get it rolling and it became an even fight. But you know they hadn't won a championship. But if every if every team and again you can't have two football teams and chipped chipped same time but if every team. In the Bay Area was playing for a championship the same time I think it would be more 49ers incident. I. I don't necessarily disagree that. The warriors when their third title in four years yesterday it was the parade fun times where here's we got going today. Well we got rat out here. That's that's Todd we also have a replay an interview with us stuff curry that we we had yesterday were redeemed that at 11 o'clock. Stepped Currie who is was and good mood everybody was in a good mood. Yesterday low bar to clear yet exactly and in. Order to start looking ahead a little bit like what we are going to. BC and in next year's team. The rain it's a free agent this year Kleiza free agent next year tray runs a free agent the year after that. They got their mid level exception where's LeBron James gonna go with LeBron James gonna try to make a move. To change the balance of power if the warriors come back with the exact same team pretty much. With a couple tankers is that going to be enough to win another title is a lot to talk about. And it. We're going to be talking about it all day let's. You know what let's. What do what do they would take a break or do you want to. I don't control under steer it you're you're distracting me a little bit because your it's I think you're not paid attend. I can multitask. I don't what do you want to do it's your show your names on it I'd like to stop. Taken no what are you doing your work it'll it's that's over there. What do you want to do what they show nobody big show for me because people say that I treat guru worst that I treat you. No nobody that I'm afraid to use so I got to command after it went oh really it's do you think gets a high percentage roof. We shall sing ray airline jive 57957. Now that this guy next to do room. One not 5715. I'm exalted rattle him a blow job but he knows that one but he knows this when right now. Nearly a soldier. You'll ruin it known that right in fact I wasn't born sixty years ago. The fact I told them it's Neil Young eighteen times and he still doesn't know why would Neil Young mean anything. Our young wasn't it wasn't a big name when he when he was alive well okay. Let's say commonly used James Brown James bro I'm familiar with James Brown. Candy dizzy perform when you were alive we really. Older you get to know Billie Holiday I Billie Holiday have our name a song by Billy Holliday. Should the covers yet thanks. Music is like everything else it's generational okay you remember right how was primarily. Elvis Presley OK name 5 songs I am please. Blue Hawaii. I'll cut stopped talking consistent is known in America speaks is one they want you to stop. Are holding a blue suede shoes. Right. I can't I'm. I'm appalled and believe me that's a standard that are rarely meet. All right everybody. The warriors have won the all of the shows could be a fun when I'm this year I'm going to be the guy who cheers are ray rat. Re good luck that no right I'm telling you. We're in the middle of a dynasty right here and you're fortunate enough to cover it. And I think today you take stock it's that data tip our hat the Laker. Bob Myers to the players. To the Bay Area to. I'm that somebody did series here for second rate. When the warriors. I have gone on this little run the last 45 years I three titles in four years. Isn't there a party you that says I feel really good for the long time Golden State warrior fan who suffered through. Decades. Of non success Ari do you feel at least some some happiness for them. Now what I want it because it's not my happiness does not impact them in anyway. Doesn't tell you simply does it make you a little more gleeful about life know what it look it's it's an interesting thing. It's fun to watch. I mean they are changing basketball. Means they're epochal team but in terms of what my opinion is of this greater phenomena or how it affects other people has no clear at all. Of course it does it the people around you are. More happy than normal and I allow them to be happy. Rubs off on. You stop telling me how I do stuff. I make you happy. You shutting up for one. All right let's see if Oscar can make you happy Oscar in Concord what's going on Oscar. Do you guys. Why do on a comment a little bit about four at last start yesterday and I was there. And I can speak well not all worried parents were probably very good chunk. Because of obviously surrounded by them. And so me and my sister got there by 7:30 AM to make sure that we had a nice but so we could hope we know the players and radiation can hand. And along with everyone else. And I eight. Although I still enjoyed my time I had a great summer had fun seeing everyone you know passing by and stuff. I was just hoping that I'll do get a little bit more interaction with my players and coaches and united having won in general and the when they were committed by eight. I note that every almost on their buses and it'll kind of tired. Or the other to kind of challenge do and they're saying it. And at first I didn't mind honestly but then I got home and I saw the replay of the parade they'll have gone from like 801 AM. And then all of leg down. The first half with a parade. It was lit. Like all the players are getting off the busted their golfing idol and there are they Liberal Party and their might until the second half for the parade. What is this high you know hi everyone what kind of tired you know things like that I don't know maybe there were sold the so stop going down because there are getting so lit. Action everywhere and so what you say is out there people at the front of the people at the front of the parade maybe got more interaction people to back in the pro. No they got where aid more interaction I see I was there and then I saw the great at home state for sure got way more interaction. The only bare bones and about. Fair enough that's stirred up Oscar appreciated. Final hours is a long time let's be fair. I mean really five hours well who started eleventh brought over twelve. And they came did some interviews and stuff like that I think when the what was he watching for five. Kazaa I don't even know how long it lasted. If I mean. Can these people were hang around for awhile. I mean obviously it's a parade I mean look Joseph Laker. Decided to downsize a little bit the parade. McCain there wasn't a and I understand why there wasn't a culmination at a big stage were everybody talked. And quite frankly I thought that lasted too long next year. But you wouldn't know. I did you watch and know that ray I didn't. Why why it's why it's important that I can look for armed. To the greater hive mind on this would have been nice to get somebody in here knew what I was talking about I can leave if that's going to be a problem. Don't you dare not I look I again I am not trended you know blow my nose and anybody else is fine. That just isn't some tonight enjoy doing so I don't know. That's all. Aren't I'm not imposing my will on anybody else. No I I get you and I are here with the the caller said I you don't I do think that they may have been told he chill out. Because this curry was running into the crowd clay did. I guess a security risks of their race. I suppose I mean but there would have been security risks last year. Norton security risks three years ago that's true I mean it just it's you know I think maybe some of it that we are maybe at least a little bit of it was. The flap they had with the city. About the cost of the pray. Again had a lot to do with a okay well. There you go that let's go to pat in Martinez pat what's at talked you re what's up pat talked direct. Thank Gary. Eight collection area high school basketball I shall. Where they're at school go. Out you. I would really your weight you work they're pretty good guy you know again out there were on the boot. Sir yer other employer. There are really more here and they about a warrior regular what are they should know. I'll be all right. No you're wrong I simply fail artillery right. Where I don't question me. That's patently not about me right path I'm an expert on me I know I know where I sit with me. They rate. I wouldn't mind talking about your officiating crew I would. Because nobody else cares on it daylight and then they can about officiating and then. We'll take you out there hasn't been a game in five days. Rate. Lets you I would say you and I are very. Passionate about officiate and why are you trying to deny people what they wanna talk about what it is all I got a parade senate floor show. It comes next okay. But you're trying to involve something no one cares about I'm looking after you hear. Right to what you think they are they talk about don't you think the officiating in the NBA finals was very good is outstanding I have been better. Game one was exemplary. Now can we move off yes let's go to Dana good Martina this. Dave let's talk about the future what's up Dave I don't man. Our good morning gentlemen you know the parade was phenomenal I got a nice low. Osprey short from Motley Thompson I was so that was really grace we want to cure. Oh boy yeah. Okay where you're bringing your for a little bit so you know it's just from at all. What Jolie trips dawn with the warriors here. I know I'm probably in some kind of NEC world. Any chance he could like I don't know purchase DA's and purchase the sharks are not try to get us Stanley Cup and another a.'s rules here it is an admirable. Let's start with the case he has he has access to money I don't think he has enough money on his own. To do that unless you wanted to sell. Some equity in the warriors which would not be I think a prudent thing for him to do. But. He isn't the one. That made this all happen. Or he inherits Currie. So that that's one. To. This is a basketball thing to Lincoln gets a lot of credit any. For not insisting on his own way when the discussion was about getting Kevin Love. Or Dwight Howard most owners would just simply say I wanna make it happen. I mean he gets credit for that he's run a very good business teams worth about six times what it was when he bought it. But this is that this is a basketball story and it's about basketball people. And his credit comes in knowing that. This team is worth six times what it used to be and that he hasn't. Gotten so meg involved. That he starting did sort of challenge people who were smarter and him at the one thing he wants and be smarter at which is basketball. He gets full credit for that but this is a more organic development than just him. I he couldn't buy DH tomorrow and all of a sudden make them an immediate winner they inherited a team that was on the column. They made it better with some judicious drafting. To the extent that you wanna hear him credit for Durant go right ahead. If he does think big who won a lot of other owners. You don't might wanna squeeze in nickel here there I mean I'm not trying to criticize him in any way but. What the warriors are done. Is a basketball story. And from and from that everything else spray. So dominant dominant. Play devil's advocate here a little bit I think I think breathing Jerry West. Was a piece of this puzzle I think making the decision to trade Monta Ellis instead of staff curry was a move that. Clearly paved the way for this then there been mistakes made along the line. No other could've been there I mean now they've they've made very few errors. I mean that that's not in dispute but this is a collaborative thing. It has to be considered that way otherwise. It just makes no sense. Because Joseph lake of the is not the only brain in the room. And he has this good sense to defer. To the people on the basketball side who know more than he gets. You don't want it look back you know what though right I would say it. About basketball there. He dons do you want him to be the smartest guy in the basketball operation now OK is enough but that's all I'm saying. But all I'm saying. Okay I'm gonna just okay you okay you try to pick up right now. Aren't doing OK Jeremy Lin. That was all Joseph lake. Joseph wake of said I think Jeremy Lincoln play in the NBA and everybody laughed that okay Jerry really turned out to be turns out to be a pretty good NBA acquire. Joseph liked the owner if if they brought Jeremy Lin and never would have made it. People below NHL lake of thinking he knows basketball. He he he you know so then. I didn't say he didn't I'm just saying that he knows when to differ. And that's the most important thing and owner can do when he's talking about the team that he hoped. He knows when not to insist on his own wants. I mean look you big they could've they could've had Kevin Love and not head remind greener Klay Thompson he was pushing for Kevin La. But he listened to when the other people in the room said that's really not a good idea he gets credit for that. When he was infatuated with Dwight Howard. And he got talked off the ledge there he gets credit for being talked off the lunch. Because a lot of owners wouldn't tolerate that. They would decide they were the smartest guy in the room they would vote their stock and the warrior team would have no parades instead of three. To me at what an owner doesn't do can often be as important as what he does. And the fact that he. He's got a big ego like anybody does. But he has not yet insisted on getting full credit. For what has been a collaborative. Ensemble piece. That's to his debt to his credit not to his picture. Let's go to sports through dom oaks in Concord you want to talk some warriors offseason moves what's going on man. Yeah man sports did not adhere Brawley your future profits he Leo warriors. Not I didn't know we're getting schtick the pilot's skill what what what are you want to do what you think they're gonna do. I think what you guys if it's correct he's got to get credit for not being very you know the arm and put it into a while ago. We got to understand it we can't be emotional about this like each like you guys are about three Ahman green is want Matt super Max it beget. The players I mean going I don't think that they need to get Durant had no trade caught. An equal a dollar contacted about a lot of unity in poverty about where we're going with that. They haven't exactly what ethnic David and I think that if you treat it. Dream on green who you know it's gonna wanna opt out there talking about it and equal a dollar contract that is not the end that stopped even. Big hit two years of during long green and Andre Iguodala we get three Anthony Davis and we can move forward from that situation and also drafting somebody like. I'd Garrett at. Garrison Hearst and no apparent in Allen from duke are gray in Alan. Or write great talent Brahma at duke. Can also be dumped and that you are attacking you guy off the bench for your first cup the years like you have quite content on the court starting. I I gotcha I think anybody's gonna 100 dollar. That's just me here's another thing you got to give late we'll go ahead responded that LO position a lot of people it's a well it's movie Iguodala to get. When somebody glory when he said the situation wherein. He made it sound like they've lost in the first round. The situation Darian is. They won three of the last four titles and every other team in basketball. Is either trying to figure out how to catch them. Within two years or tanking so they can might be able to catch them in five. That's a hell of a good situation to be. Secondly. What do you think it would take to get somebody like. When your four guys. May be too. Maybe but I think like a would do that well we might formula might be talked out of it against her because look Anthony Davis is one of the greatest players and there's no disputing that. But we should note which of the 24 guys to top four guys would you give up for him right now. Well it has to be it has to be claimed Dray mind. You're willing to do that. I'm not saying I'm willing to do it but there yet but it's clear they if they got to keep to its gonna be curry and there were OK I want my point is. If you're not willing to do. Thompson and green and it comedians is not available and you live with that. United yards and that they're gonna remake at the edges they're not gonna take anything out of the core. And I mean it's it's OK let me ask you pregnant I just don't I mean the only way that Thompson or green leave it seems to me. In the next two years is if they decide to sign somewhere else. Because I don't think you can get value for either of them on him. Would you trade if you were New Orleans would you trade Anthony Davis straight up for either of those. Now you want both of gas and the warriors would be foolish to let both of them go at this stage in their careers. It lakers already said you know the system the system is not built to pay for guys like he's pain and that's why I think. Again. But Kleiza next year people think OK we're just gonna pay him a ton dream on the next year pay him a ton at some point you reach the limit. Well yes but dead then that means. You. Guys going to walk but. I I think. You don't do that now. And you don't do that. You know to the extent that you would have to to get somebody like Anthony Davis and the only reason to do debt would be to get a guy like I think it's it. You know it's a tail chase. You know if you if you really want that guy you have to give up too much. But if you don't wanna give it too much you don't get that guy. So. Your final where you are right now in two years it's a different discussion. Right now it could be Davis is available to when you you're yet to be okay without. It's go to David in Hayward what's up David. They were embarrassed just aren't there are charming Shermer. Is a very cool. A listen really listen. Sort of a remote Bart Bart Bart. And over there relies more people that we've Mina where he brought genocide or galway around lake. And that it was great. With our experience there. He has some of our program but it is our basketball. From the championship here. We review our government is seen her parents and changing ownership. We are couldn't bar administrative aren't there really want in our for our car was certainly. Also. There are located. In the part of the Austrian trying to ball are. Sovereign and granted what they are okay we understand and then Turnbow was walking around. We abandoned our the winner of maritime equipment on it it. Down at CNET here it was cold. And until after the chased anybody put the signature on that thing. Yeah I'm Dan. It was mongering. And we were shouted. It when it got on a much like the law we applaud sharply. They drove down couldn't all of bought all the bus. Right down. Jamaat cited a back to work Bamako and intrepid strip. And then came back with the biggest amount spent it and Myron thank you you're just right. Outright manager Margaret there. At a David and thank you for sharing that story. That's what I'm talking about re little that's the kind of thing I'm talking about you can't tell me you listen to David talked about these youngsters. Trying to get a ball side. Struggling struggling and they persevere. Then they get that autograph and the kids are on cloud nine you cannot tell me. That doesn't warm your heart to some degree. What if somebody else got the ball. In the whole story drew but they didn't it's like what if the right fielder in parenthood would drop would have dropped the ball Steve Martin's kid but he caught it. That's a movie. You like a movie. In Britain. That's a funny movie I like that. Out pretty good there why you are usually about might take some of the guy who's. The guy who wanted to get an hydra upon X and they asked him some details and is not for the guys in the white jackets. Are final and what it. Or how what the Graham always given him advice and then Mary Steenburgen said. I think it's beautiful she's very Smart and simple that why she why she sit in the neighbors who are there that little foot followed by. You're making me consider heroin but that. Don't do that I think to get physically addicted one time if indeed that's the when you wanna stay away from there are like yours stayed away for a I alienating you tell me what movies I should like also TD and did it not 57950. I'm also run down a list of some. Things that Joseph lake it was done. That have worked out like gold. Starring nets into group continues. On 9570. Big team. Bad side bets with great round out today Darryl would do root Johnson with a day off. And re read those here. Talk and warriors talking parade. Gets on the set. The boys I emirate and when you stop talking I will speak. I've done okay. Hello. Talk about Joseph lake a little bit yeah and how about this. V. Firing of Mark Jackson and the subsequent hiring of Steve Kerr. Was pure genius. And that was mostly him. Well wasn't pure genius. At the time that it happened. They didn't fire Mark Jackson because they thought they had a fast tracked Steve Kerr and that they knew what they were gonna get to occur. They fired Mark Jackson because Mark Jackson made the fatal mistake. Of picking a fight with a guy who pays him. That's really what happened there and that had been building for a why. And this was before anybody knew that Steve Kerr was going to be in play. The fact that he was able to talk her out of going to New York. That's not a genius either that's persistence and persistence is good. And I think at this point neither lake and not recur. Would do anything but hit their knees every day thanking god that likable as persistent. But. I don't think either of those things were worried were quote genius they weren't thought so out of the box that no one could conceive. I mean I'd I'd get him he'd had enough to Jackson who's fed up and let's face he hired so. You know. Thought I mean he brought a million helped turn it around and then he hired the next guy be taken to the next level and Adele wasn't the plan. But the bottom line is. He hired a coach with no experience. They were tired too well that's my point he hires Mark Jackson no experience Jackson's there for three years. He gets the warriors into the playoffs. He fires Jackson and now everybody's stake in. Okay he's gonna hire the guy who's gonna bring this team a championship. Mostly he's gonna obviously hire somebody with experience. And it goes right out hire somebody with absolutely no experience I mean nobody thought he was gonna do that. No NN but. Lake of also didn't take it Kerr was going to come in and revolutionaries. Revolutionized basketball. True I mean there's a there's a there's an element of luck in this too. And luck is good to add to what people were to argument out the fifteen warriors were lucky. Borders have direct response is okay we were lucky we still got a ring. Luck is good luck is not bad luck is that something you apologize for. Coming up in eight minutes we're gonna replay an interview with Seth Curry. From yesterday right after the parades fun time talking to staff. Georgians San Leandro warrants to. What's the pose a question regarding a moved to San Francisco what's up George how you doing man. Or audio. Ratio thanks very much yeah sure if it is GO up quick question for you guys I know I am enjoying they help or not. I've been and are located getting out there real cheap tickets are part lakers or soap or. India seventy and eighty picked you're the question. I think everything on the shelf life and yet find that they they're all on the great players. Moving forward you're anticipate. Kind of the same scenario that the miners went when they move from the big out here are clear where. You may not be as Brittany word spam they are die out if you bring up this. Thanks Alexio ray what's relative to if if the warriors bottom out the way the 49ers did. If lake and is now picking fights the basketball people that he's not picking fights with now. Yeah combined amount sure but the 49ers collapse was. You know don't forget this the Genesis of that. Was the battle between Jed York and turn ball Q1 side and Jim Harbaugh on the other. It was a marriage of people who ultimately we're not gonna get along. I mean and they butted heads after a year to. And eventually it all blew up but I don't know that moving to the new stadium. Was nearly as impact full as the fight yet. If they go to San Francisco and all of a sudden. Lake have been Bob Meyers and Steve Kerr screaming at each under all the time or trying to figure out wasted and going each other. Yeah it could bottom out. I don't think that will happen because I don't think any of them at any of those three people are nearly as impetuous. As York bulky and and hardball. I don't think it's the same kind of chemistry I don't think it's kind of marriage. So I meet if when the warriors bottom out and they will because every team guys. I think it's far more likely that they will simply become either unaffordable. Or tool. Like almost team. Well let's say they don't let's say the reason that the warriors. Decline is just because of age. OK let's say that what let's let's and there are in the new let's say let's say they awaited next year and now they're going into the new arena kept and that first year. They they they make the playoffs get to the Western Conference finals but the next year they go 45. And 37. Make the playoffs is a seven or rates see ya what. How will that how will the arena in separate Cisco differ from if that happened at ORACLE Arena. I think it I think it would be just a softer ticket just because of what they're going to charge card to pay for that arena is going to be astronomical. And I think they'll be punished for that. Because they're charging prices right now in Oakland. There are only sustainable when you have a team like this. Because you will have people who want to keep going and going and going no matter what Kostis but. They're not going to pay that plus 35%. To see a team finished seventh. And lose in the first round report. You know at that point to ticket becomes soft which is why. The new arena is going to have to pay for itself in other ways. You know by Needham concerts conventions all the other things that Arenas have to do to generate enough money. To not always stay afloat but become a stay cash cow in the short term and they'll they'll make more money than they can count. In the long term. The the arena's viability. Will be dependent not on the war years but on everything. That they can put in there on the 320 nights when the warriors aren't black. And that's what Levi stadiums do with what they're gonna have some World Cup games there in 20/20 six right yeah and Taylor Taylor Swift mother and the added the national championship. College for a brighter this year I mean I know that's how you that's how Arenas and stadiums make money. It's not just the one team that your. Interpret principal tenant it's all the other stuff you have to keep the lights that's the deal let's go procedures in Hayward what's up leaders tell you don't matter. And it would Kono that erase all the players. So I got to support our question of where you got our first question on let never I didn't get to that too much on what we've got a thought on. LeBron James coming out with broke into aspects that are the sweet and on site no I was being in bank. I think it parliament the way away. You rolled Jimmy Carter. They've got rated the poll numbers that they burned up on LeBron convertible upon it and had help Eddie didn't. But imagine that roster. But you know to worse and worse still little one but if you're right about where it on the second half I. It's warrior. That. Now you're gonna happen. The second we moved there it wouldn't know right now so people are kind of where it wouldn't go next year earlier that predicted if we respect and it. And we couldn't however you're there weren't. Remember way you work indeed the return trip are good they are there river that rhetoric. Well I think it's less likely career would jump ship then. Either greener Thompson only because it is. During an has given every indication not only that he wants to stay here for the short term. But that his end game is not basketball. His end game is being knocked up for and there are few places. On the planet. Where entrepreneurship. Is more rewarded and money for that entrepreneurship. Is more available than Silicon Valley. I think part of the reason he came here was because of that. And you know when when he when he gave the quote the other day about how he's not accessed. With championships. What he was saying was. I have things I want to do NBA after basketball. So I think he's gonna stay here for the long haul and if it means he retirees. You know two years before his sell by date. Then maybe he does that. I think green and Thompson. Are more likely to go just because at some point. Someone's going to offer them a contract they can't refuse. And at the warriors can't afford that. What's another great thing about lake of how he's he kinda married himself to Silicon Valley. To give. The destination not much more on. I think if one of the selling points report out who to this and say whatever else you want about it. He was the first free agent. To actively choose. To play in oh. It's a debt or I want to be. Not that's where that's where the most money is or that's the last you know that's the last Turkey in the shop. It's he wanted to be in oak and that's part of the reason. And so for for players with that kind of sort of bias to their future. You know in Oakland or Sarah Cisco buried their equivalent David Lee. Is he gonna be on turner on that level do you think. No but I mean he was like I mean it's technically a sign and trade but he was like a free agent signing and Danny Fortson. Danny Fortson for two.