Steiny and Guru – 1 – Bay Bridge Series, MLB Trade Deadline,

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, July 20th
Hour 1.  Mychael Urban (filling in for Steiny) and Guru talk about the Bay Bridge Series resuming tonight, who is the series bigger for, and what could both teams acquire at the trade deadline.  

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He's smooth. For relief and. She thinks thinks a lot Stein and its merits I. Certainly isn't still right. Okay. It was dying man. Okay we're. How Michael Irvin across the studio for me right now Darryl. Johnson. This third fifth and final day together this week you root site match has been moved up into the noon to three times slot for the week. I got to fill in for him kind of bittersweet day for me to pick your room right if you want about the whole thing I'm gone from your life after today. Well you've got my phone number you can text me call me which it never do. You know so good stop that if we took a finalized right this is a you know were sick come and it's come into any and I used to get melancholy in the final shows like happy day I I kind of like data item like the personality. Back when we used to work together on a regular basis we would text back and forth all the time in subtle touch from long somewhere short yours wrong moral truth. I noticed once we stop working together all the time and you had your way of work for other work friends more often. Your replies to mean tended to be thumbs up thumbs down are okay. He just didn't have time to response for little edit I got three AT IL. We'll give out none of the other girl grow everywhere I did out that's all basically like you don't me wrong I'm glad I was able to stop you from doing the dork voice when your imitated random team. Man and I heard you Iraq I don't yesterday that was good stuff. I don't Tyler yeah I'm happy to be thank you guided you back to back show so we're on I was on the air for five hours straight and narrow our old firm you to rat out is a pretty significant change in terms of who the other guy it's because from the black or rat out. Now we'll tuning them out there shouldn't and I don't letter raised uniqueness and leave it out there's no green Brad there's no brown black October 8. Brazen tablet guy he can hate meat. But I don't why don't I don't have heard to say that I don't okay. The Bay Bridge series part two or sharper turn it into art continuation of it so the days get to host at this time around jump off. Tonight and Kelly green uniforms. Menstrual introduced the yeah that's right Fred and anger at how local and so we are going to see Edwin Jackson in the Kelly green taken on Derek Gregory is whose manager pitcher in the big weeks OK that is because let me guess the hair. Now it's got nothing to do is dead I just like your stuff he's fearless on the amendment and you can tell that he spent a lot of time. Around big leaguers because he he acts like he belongs and he knows you belong and I love watching that new young guy where it's not. You know you'll see a lot of times are young guys who seemed at doctor Allen bit in the early innings. And all of a sudden their velocity goes up because they try to start throwing harder adrenaline that you get the answer for a lot of young pitchers you know goal harder goal harder. What he does is he takes Tim Hudson told me this when when you're struggling is the pitcher. The key is to back off like he was getting knocked around by the Devil Rays in the discoveries were terrible. Now the race he knew he was gonna fishermen back to back starts in the first one he gave up like twelve hits and eight runs and the first two innings the next stark he was getting hit around pretty good and then all of a sudden I'm always can't integrator and all of a sudden I saw a fastball. He normally should study normally shouted about 9192 was his fastball yeah. And all of a sudden this fastballs like 8887. And my first hours has he hurt you trying to pitch through an injury or something. He didn't give up any more hits after the second inning I've talked to after the game told about the velocity dropping as you said. Try less. Don't try harder trial ask is that you keep you try harder you're trying to do some that you're not capable of trying them. Doing lashed trying less hard is really easy to do you just back off a little bit right just don't throws hard. And that's akin to Eric Rodriguez were now watching pitch when he gets in trouble. You see him take his time he pitches back according counts which a lot of young guys don't do just everything about him says big leagues to me and I love watching him. Yet and I've learned this some no pitching coach shocker but. We knew know how to pitch and let's just say your fastballs and nine B but to no wind to throw your fastball move. That they can feel like a 119 and no doubt and that's why medics is one of the greatest pitchers he's not a scherzer with you know throwing a hundred totally gassed. But when the pitcher Lawrence to pitch it's like watching somebody a you don't get the right keys are right it's a beautiful thing in you are right Rodriguez has that pedigree. Of no wind to use this stuff I see them ever rhetoric thorough in less than one you know two outs and he gets out of the jam right that's what I like disputes a modest row. Exactly and he's he's advanced beyond us agents for its first for you on a man crush on. Yamana huge fan of the guy I think I hope he stays in her petition as part of the reason I'm down on some Arctic has. It's a margin comes value you know in Rodriguez can usually is Chad yet. I mean action. He's not that's not going to happen why would that happen to march is going to be back rotation both jewel so look he told a challenge Friday when he was on our shed look you got three stud young pitchers you're getting it done. Someone's gonna have to come out there occasion he said straight up just margins can be in the rotation but that didn't indie rock coming out that's for not necessarily yet. I mean it could be anybody Derek Holland he's back in rotation now I believe he has put. Here's shook the probable starters for the weekend and tell me one by one just based on the pitching matchup do you like two groups of tonight Derrick Rodriguez she's 41. With a 289 ERA against Edwin Jackson. Who is one and one with a 2.5 not meant a great pick up 2.5 nine year. Who he was out of the league if I'm correct India for it would Jackson to give the -- what he's given them thus far is that they're talking to Major League team. Did not a few good me in a few good starts I mean the when does he returned the glass slippers so tonight's matchup I'd just like Rodriguez and the fact that the giants need this game and I feel like the veteran giant hitters who have not got it done. Up until this point. We'll get to Edwin Jackson. But again I've been wrong because every time Jackson gets the ball I'm like dude you're playing what house money right you've given that pays what they needed it more. But if he somehow masterminds the giants tonight it just continues on with this phenomenal year that they are the ace team has had that. Do whatever they touch get this turned to go no doubt about it Kelly. Green and gold I'm Michael Irvin is there early you're Johnson if you wanna join the conversation. Gives at all AAA 957. 95 semi again 8889579570. If you want to some the Penske auto show to come to excellent. A B 95795. Game to mound Davis is open. Did you know that twenty something thousand extra she taught there I'd dot I just heard it's open and listening to do and rat oh just Saturday right it is to shatter it rattles the one that told me it's a twenty something thousand extra seats that. No way to church 1000 sheets of theirs are. Do underground network of the Colorado your candidate must be true blood got it out on pop the two most prepared guys I've ever worked for so game to. Is I think we're both can agree on who has the upper hand here Madison bomb garnered a stripper kept. I'm got mad dog food security to everybody else in the free world might to Sunday however is a great pitching matchup yeah. Do preference whoever wins this game gets the broad Brazil trophy well if if it's if that makes it tied right because right now the a's are two games to one side. There walker got to got to so he would win Friday and Saturday they'll run they get tropea but if you go into Sunday. And save the giants have won two in the a's have won three already. And the giants win on Sunday to make it retreat they get the trophy got worse tiebreaker at our bureau in different McCutcheon who's a series bigger forgo. I told you this no what news monitoring and you're the wife for him it was next time its I told him as the giants no doubt yeah I'm like you said. Because. I don't wanna say there railing but it feels like they are Manning the chatter was on the Dodgers. The giants are only four games back in the in walk hard and standing so what they want to accomplish is right before their eyes but something. What dot I test tells me. That the giants veteran hitters are not getting it done from the they need to get out in the second half although one knows best 81 games herbs. And take two or three at least from the giants because. From a mental standpoint if they don't win this series I just feel like he will set the tone for what we call the second half and they can't afford. To watch the giants give Machado feel good about themselves who. They have the Dodgers was they already have. Play good fundamentally sound baseball. Yeah in India agree it is bigger for the giants did thirty know what they're gonna do at the deadline Billy being as artists said I'm gonna try to help this club get better. The giants haven't come out and said it return and the giants are never sellers are just don't know if they're going to be hard court martial continue to get into that I want to hear your. Thoughts on that its AAA 957957. A merge these 215 point seven a game oh actually. I'm not leaving just yet and you're glad I'm not leaving 'cause we're about to hit due to make sure you don't leave to your chance to win a thousand dollars. Uptrend. Now back to sign this into real life on 95716. Cool. Silverlight Martinsville we'll do if I keep going to you realize. I just turned into catching dog it's what happened there. Trichet to come in Arizona addition to be in the best light guy's decision here also the best rapper here. There's this whole winning concept if you got more onto an error has there been a contest though. For onto it I just wanted in the universe is counting. Did you know Johnny's got to drop your own board where he's fit into multiple beef and I had never yet heard bar enough. Well you got their we got here local town and get her great battles that hate. It. I'd also demanded in a must beg power hey why our pop up. And every battle they know how to use them. Just don't know it's it's and a Michael Irvin he is there early you're John Cheney got us. Until noon this is a fifth of our five day one week only one week engagement only air reunion tour essentially seven days he did two days last week. Was it to that it was just try to OK I felt like to I've had the best I relative value them to immigrants so let's finish strong. You should you think this is a bigger serial no doubt that not a bad for the giant tiger because again Billy dean has said. This this team deserves. Might help our help we're gonna try to now he's still got the funds from the original is Smart guy using the word try it right he can say I tried. Just didn't happen. I don't think Billy would do that we also don't know how much financial flexibility. The higher ups will give bill you know are heard they say hey here's blank check and go get what you need to get. Are they going to be snake bit from. Your own shows but his trainer to bring it up again but that was the one time he is what all land. In his it didn't really work out so well out of the playoffs. Billy dean insists that he would have made that help make that move again he would have made that move. He doesn't regret he insist they wouldn't have made the playoffs if you didn't make. Just yeah they'll bark up that tree it would be this idea that c'mon. So what do you guys think that there's a bigger for the blazers have bigger for the giants the giants actually. In terms of play outstanding the giants are in better shape their their four out of first place in the west. There're four out from the wild card how old. Right the air but. They're gonna have more teams. To climb over a week okay. I told you my hope metric on the right whom quit saying that people. There's only one team that allocates the spot that you are trying to do it too on that given day. And that's the team you need to lose. On that given day it's not like if you're behind fourteen games you need all them to lose it the same time it's the team that's in that spot that day. That you need to lose. In the and you look at it from that that vantage point. And it's it is something they can happen so you don't buy it is more difficult when there's more teams in front of you that no I buy that but. People quit didn't scare acting like all the teams in from the you have to lose that date moved you just need to team that did in that spot that day that lose. In the and that's more realistic didn't say it all fourteen got to lose all that wants first to gain ground though is to team that allocate that spot that day. You know when I was covering the a's as the the soon to trade deadline as to 31. But you can still make deals after that none wavered. Deadline deals and then in September or September 1 chips. I did a story want to ask you a bunch of big league managers how many games can you be out of playoff out of a playoff spot. And still feel like yeah this is doable going into September going into the final months. Of the season and what number do you think that was it okay and before I answer that I remember there was no wild card. And mighty threshold was if you were nine backed. Going into September and nine time were steel in a lot of ground America in the is been debt so I'm going not. Mr. the the average of the year I think it was 24 managers that I spoke to regret it it averaged out to five this if you're within five that's fine. I don't know why it's five necessarily nobody went as high as nine or nine slot and you've got to guard held a run but that was considered opinion rays back in the day yes no doubt it. I like what the wild card is done if he keeps small could lower its huge more fans engaged longer think I don't want them at any more wild cards I think it's perfect the way it is right now. It's just like a team and remember what life was like without an iPhone without just the mobile phone only we have now. I can remember back in what what did we do we I don't know I don't remember life without a wildcard you use your beeper. If your future your Ager I. But your member life without a wildcard I tell you when while Kurt came. I that I can't either but I do remember the days of OK hate is September. You know the giants excel in the Dodgers the seven back that's second placed team that was what we caught a pennant race and then and now. I just thank god for the wildcard herbs because you're right forget the fans comedy teams would just mail it in. Had to do is being based on the division winner duty would be boring. Hole. Army it would mean the wildcard is added life's not lied to lie east. To all these teams to try to get that invite to the dance and then when you get to the dance. If the young lady wants to dance with him you want and you know one. Unexpected. Off shooter on result of the wild cards is it's made the trade deadline. A little bit more difficult to predict and see what teams are going to do because. Like right now you've got. More than half the teams in baseball probably feel like they're within striking distance of workers. Some are confused I don't know what they want it right or did it. Mathematically but we don't feel like we're in the judge to be one of those but nice thing about the dentist is their front offices says we don't rebuild from whom they think therein it. Let's see what they do. That's why while I agree we view that this series is bigger for the giants because his party said but they're gonna do. I think we're already know that the giants can be sellers rather never so never. It's just not what they do our focus so I'm asking the same question that I wanna ask the audience and I would love for you guys to chime in on a triple A 957. 957 you where the year and a's fan. Or a giants fan. If your name's Fanny get to play GM for the morning injured giants fan same thing. You are buyers at the deadline. What are you buying first what are you looking for triple 895792578889579570. Goober let's go. The a's first. You are David forced him Billy being you've been told by management and go out and get some help what are you looking for a starting pitcher you know. Are you in you know why. It would Jackson again not to be redundant has been a God's name groove but I just don't know is the stakes in games become more important in the stage gets bigger and I could be wrong he's pitched in this league. But she's also. Given the days a shot in the arm did nobody saw I'm just wondering in regard to being consistent. How long he can keep it up so I would go Geico gimme some reassurance and try to take a flyer don't laugh on dialogue Bartolo Cologne right if he was available. You know he's been dead and it's a margin but I'm just saying that's why go for the Oakland Athletics because right now offensively. Do I don't know about wanna risk bring in anything in to mess up this new delist its like they know what they got split got it I mean I am just below. Well a lot of their problems over there and I mean we've talked about the slow week their lineup is exhausting there's there is no breakage that airline up that has zero breaks in and even at the bottom go over the fifth sources here they work and guess what it's even more so this weekend because you DH is in effect so the a's don't have to throw their pitcher out there to deploy. That's the only time you got a break in and is laughter as when their plan by National League rules and pitched it from so the then I saw Chris Davis we know. You know you'd be shared with his last year about what goes through his mind wrecked on a baseball when he called the problem like to be but animal Ashcroft though ball and that is AT&T it wasn't an important play they're all important but. My gosh she should be. And he's come immediately return on I don't doubt about that lenders and minute by the way apropos of nothing mark Cameron in center field and I had no idea when I heard they're gonna. Start thrown command center field at that Marc Carey carefully center field and now how to do it and this. And not only that but sometimes when guys get moved to. Not entirely unfamiliar but maybe a less comfortable defensive position you might cheat their offensive production slipped because they're kind of like him and catalytic getting to their head illiterate obviously that hasn't capital market yes on the takes us there Chris archer for the for the days but the rain after seeing great today I don't know what he's not the Devil Rays the rays are still when it technically. So why would day it again it's about what their front office feels they can do I like watching a race play baseball moved and this whole thing they're doing with the relievers. My point is they feel like they're still in it. From the wild card vantage point so I don't think he would be available if they feel like gather knuckle I think that the Yankees and the Red Sox in front of him and division. OK what what about OK so that's one wildcard during the usually order they're getting just a second while Carter that they would be tried to my point is the Red Sox and yankees are gonna pound on him every time they play the rays and so they're gonna fall out that's the thing about the wildcard. It and how it changes the trading deadline we should you do have some teams. Bitter herb. Full of themselves in Huntington you know I mean if you happen have a glass half full front office but I don't anymore so well right now for. I like it may not work well let's go toward there yet typical normally I would say Europe that your candidate that took two and a player to raise revenue defense. Who is did solicit your work from the tiers those are just that the people that you see in the stands they are those tickets are given them by the concierge at Turco. Best hotel in the big leagues it works ballpark and best hotel same place. That is it's Tropicana Field okay it's still called out much like a mausoleum it's terrible the widening as are I didn't want only game it's the do any time you walk into a press box in the hand view. A piece of paper. I mean actually 22 page thing poker and it details what the ground rules are for the cat walks above the diamond Michael Fay hits this catwalk it's in play if it hits that cap what is it a catwalk public catwalk. But you see him at oracle right you have ever seen one of the workers way up in the room and get sick look at that there on the catwalk and so I guess there's guys that need to walk around the roof of Tropicana Field. Anyway its ineptitude. Herbal placed Guatemala. A fair ball if he hits is still don't let that scandal engine that is Guillen didn't recently somebody catch a ball hit something above the field and it was it was ruled Stallone playing it was a catch. SI soar anytime you're bastard has this game it's terrible but I'm. But yeah racist if they think they're in contention there. They're wrong and that's. That's the only possible negativity about the secular while Curtis because if mucks up the trade deadline because so many people think. Yeah we my being here where is if you fast forward two weeks from the trade deadline. By then teams like the rays will if if they didn't make any move bigamy thing to it and Emeka has now like fifteen apple trees. How confident are you on the giant leader in regard them targeted a while core. To reform act now underperformed offensively big time in their only four back but then again okay. I think we can rule out the division I'm pretty comfortable saying. This is a much Ottawa yeah I mean it addressed. They didn't necessarily need Mitch autos bat but they can really used his defense at shortstop that is incredible athlete to be able to go. He was shortstop and in the Orioles put him at third. He ends up being one of the best third baseman and only you know he's moved him back to shortstop and other league. I guess from the and a peak if I saw the projected mine and Pete he's. Prop betting ride on Q ample before. So that just makes the dodgers' lineup is good god mean murder rule Jews while that talk about an exhausting run up on that team that that line and when it's clicking is gonna Wear people out let's go to the phone lines let's go to Antonio. In Oakland your arm were there to endure whatever. Antonio you with a us. You nominates and I think we need to. It's starting pitcher not not saying we should trade like. What are the suitors like. Herbert great pitcher a lot especially Jon Lester typing it. We can't actually get some cramps couple good good quality starter in all it really heating we don't people and. You know like star split it'd be great just Adam Warren couldn't Goodwin that's. Picked for the cup phone call and tell me I appreciate it Bartolo Cologne minute. First off I just love Bartolo Colon Ares and not a lone star state right net decks there were talking about Bobble heads on the morning show and they've brought it it was brought up because they have the bubble legs for Ricky this Sunday. The bubble what bubble legs throughout Bobble head it's all legs to Rickey Henderson Bobble legs to. Other legs in the uniform are nice and has correctly it I haven't seen but apparently his legs moved on his head. I think Paula had jumped the shark when she starred on bottled lay eggs there's a Bobble belly for Bartolo Cologne I heard somewhere out there I gotta get me that. Bobble belly I would really like to see Bartolo Colon looked at some young potential and its remaining 95. Starting pitching is too expensive well yeah if you go after an ace but I don't think the a's need in case. They need a real solid middle of the rotation guy that they can count on take the ball. Every time and if he's good in the clubhouse all the better that Bartolo Cologne hootie. Nobody and nobody can ask for top prospect for virtual colts. Of news broke the DA's added Bartolo. What do you think that it symptom it would be amongst a's fans think they decide that's in question a tradition know what in it would also be. As days or three so maybe is the attainable. Chris archer maybe that's not a pipe dream maybe they could pick up the phone billion make something happen. Well it if he's if he's available that's great but what are you asking for that that if I had a panel if I'm them I'm not giving up Chris archer for cheap I mean he's atop he's a Frontline starter. And add that to this year. No but everybody knows what Chris surgically to I just don't think VA's wanna give up I mean. But they're definitely not gonna give up any of their premium prospects it is to get help for this team because they've already got faith in this team. Billy has said I think this team can get to the playoffs or without help but it's my job to get them help they deserve help and they've earned their help in handsome yes no doubt let's go back the phone lines we got Lional. In Fremont while you're on what third finger what's up man. Well. On goddamn man do it do. Not out based on. But. You know. It. I. Aren't going to be available. And I that don't like it but aren't good that it or. You know somewhere in 08 cannot beat Bart. Would be good by the way. After a deadline that the the waiver wire. You know add up that. How would I mean it's kind of a long. Again but I. All would be accusing hey guys that mark though you will be at. Senate that body I mean you basically literate and diet that both. You agreement done with it eight Saudi Kurt you know it and that it back going up but it diet could be don't get them Dominic did you get. I don't but I would advocate AT RI and you're more and I can't. Hear any. It gave them art let me know you know I'm not into the -- think it's more network are at eleven how we had heard they came back in Don Ryan. I'll play you know the way. That the well being is that you're on the area activate it. Apparently they boarded it if they get that word and and they're gonna take credit they are loyal to somebody diet what are they gonna do because it. The old white it. Don't vote on all of now. That bad eight in at eight and now I be right back. And you roll the boat got more pop it rocket belt big hit that ball quick result back. Thank you for the phone call I appreciate I like that trade I don't know Annie Dillard. What is sinker is contracts is there any reason or raise done. But I can see her the morning guys talk about sunny the possibility he's now he's done in New York she's one is he's not alone there's a lot of guy is done in Oakland. What do you mean you know why so wise and I'm a uniform. Because CA's traded into the Yankees. Reason being in is obviously they thought he was done. I mean when he got to the Yankees he had well I'm all that last year while he makes an issue for the Yankees yet he's had some good starts but he's not a New York type of guy. I thought he would go there and cry he's a pitcher he's a major leaked it to the matter where he's at guru this does not turtles. He's hit urgent right now Yankee fans cringe when he comes out there are no shame there are some guys you just can't handle the pressure that come to new York and Sunday may be one of those guys Ed which in. Was a stud pitcher or an all star got traded to New York. Was never the same guy he couldn't handle New York I'm not disputing that but are you clamoring for that pays to go get sunny like he was what he was when he first hit the scene now I'm saying he was talking about the giants if the giants could send some larger. To new York and get Sonny gray back. What do you make then yeah you're the giants hope really hope. They're the same guy he rather have sun grid and Jeff some margin. Hi there I. I based watching the Yankee game with sunny great pictures you haven't people eat. He's I love watching it's okay so you would eventually kill large these same guy he doesn't look like as soon confident they had to meet them under the same umbrella how about that have you seen from the back page headlines mean they're. The headlines in new Yorker actually I guess you're right I do I have the headline saying to him out of here. Or they'll tell me what you Sonny's a bombed. It I mean that's the headline that's how hush it is all right but still you're grown men and end. My whole point is I don't think the a's or giants. Look at Sonny gray is an answer that's when ups some larger study great he's your son Gregory so you're gonna do all those transactions to give him. What do you really getting your honesty would rather have similar why not honestly mean that now. I would kicks and agree Harvey let's see the 51 goal. Good loyal a's colors back to back. They like what Lima had to say yeah let's keep the calls coming in Tripoli on 5792578. Led 209. Choose your high. Sonny gray is way better. Then some margin for away your high guru you make that trade just to get the sharks. Bleed to contract out here. Why would New York want to shark asked the seven us I don't think anybody wants shark teaching English movement contract. And let's you can eat most of you are correct. Evan Longoria did you hear Bobby Evans you'll. Did you hear Euro on that on the effort yet to come back and a couple of seven. There was a suggestion that Evan Longoria can be back real soon right he's playing seven innings commander last night it or was five and then seven. I read a lot of airs this year I'm just saying here Argo and I know current with the money he's making he's going to be at third base. But his right now is he an upgrade over the panda. That are. Defensively he's used his horse he's been horrible this year defense I don't know about horrible he's made some errors but I punch airs I'm just thought it out there I like. I like candy in the role that they had him for the injuries came where you can. Okay there's there's three different places you can probably unplugged and secondly elected leader everyday cargo area I wouldn't mind seeing him in the lineup everyday it's not like he's one of those guys who gets exposed. When you're upset that their clutch hitting from he won some games that haven't. But let's go back look exactly one year merit and I was actually let's go back ten months because then we'd be at September of last year. You think any giant fan wanted to hand back this year. What percentage giants fans do you think wanna didn't back this year honestly I think about 35 a forty person I received last I mean there's people just saying he's done. That the weight is always going to be an issue but this guy to play he left. Yeah the way he left yet attest to stay in. But he came back he's obviously really likable guy because everybody's back to eleven and in the clubhouse. Yeah and these I mean dues winning games is a close to baton I just. I'm beaten I don't disappoint it might be too strong of a were bottom of the curious to see when he gets his at bats. Without options it has not been generating runs at all. Mean if their offense can do what. What they're capable of doing don't even need it. To go nuts that off and stick got a good lineup on paper is just so many guys under you're not a paper that's where I got a dummy to get over the giants operate book as you see touch you see Longoria with the all England club closed yet well. It looks cycle I had to score a lot of runs what the hell's going on why can't there. You know how. The line movement crucial holiday keep and I wanted to say go Dr. Phil would say oh you know what it may be the small part but now they're doing and on the role now excellent. About who this is a good. The patient picked up big time to meet him Tim lynch can still. That reminds me there was no you did you didn't say I'm not joking that he's he's been out there working out. Burning a hole where they don't you boys don't brag about it and you know what. I got a voice mail from Tim's dad you know I know Chris Whitcomb fairly well he should do weekly radio radio signal when it's on the other side. And he called me last week and I hadn't talked to my rookie year so sums up you recall a Jew he's not calling me just to say hi he's probably tried it. When I call him back. I'll bet you one of the first things she does is talk about him teams looking great feels great he's on 92. He. He should be back in the big leagues before long he was just call me to catch up I'm dying to find out why he released on what you're not die and that part for you not to have called them back but now where your big town you got to understand that the content that one we roller we believe you voice but take a week to get on now but a phone conversation with Chris Lincecum has a lot of five minute entertainment it's gonna I don't know why I and don't have 25 minutes just spare. Maybe I'll get the shot on my drive home from work today that women are ghost what do you think about that they're Tim lynch could take I don't have said that if I live view of the Yemen it takes you a year to give me go back you know might be over when you called upon to answer it wouldn't happen. As we series that we see each other like. Every day we got see each other this week and let's stay away from our text or relationship I would love Jimmy is our seventh inning guy shift is up. That's before where she Dutch. That's the role as she Tim being successful in the big leagues. Give up the dream of being a starter Tim Lincecum could be an effective reliever in the big leagues right now. I don't get him I you you're being real and in real and I mean he gets a batting practice. Now he's better than next month I'll urge he is guru we're gonna turn the page get into little NBA when we come back on 95 points over the. Starring medicine guru continues. On 95715. Wow man that's when the tag line is once. It's all about Lincecum right this did you should call Chris back on. When the show and and that would be viewed like that. It's gotta be me. He's very particular about it on air appearances I would like it and how bad that look like if OK I haven't called you back for a week. And when I do call you I'm asking you for something. What would you be asking for your return to normal there are no longer just returns for. And not telling you these live long car theft area and Eduardo were talking. Lindsay how do you wrong. Bay Bridge series continues tonight. Three good pitching matchup I really do again argue to the pitching matchups. I like all three of them I think there is say that that the Sunday matchup is the one that I don't think somebody has an upper hand out. Derek Rodriguez Edwin Jackson at home I like Edwin Jackson chances much as I loved Eric Rodriguez. I like Edwin Jackson I like the veteran in his own ballpark. And effective DA is. Did you use DH now the giants getting he's engaged. Another hitter to that lineup that's not really get anything done and that's after earning to be court keys are handsome gorgeous and we start name. By the labor's vote she's. Remember before the season all the wars he told us a good Gorky was some people don't understand how good he was like Arlen. Are actors like that you stand a gorgeous and paid no quirky it's always Houston dude he's young he's athletic he's worked on his game. He's always been a godsend for the he has been Manning should be able hey don't Cortese every single day the Saturday Matt Davis game. Metzenbaum garner verses Trevor Cahill I think we all concede we all agree that may have bounced got the upper hand in do you give the upper hand Sunday Johnny quit don't. Shaman are. You know what. And we'll go quite ill. Yeah we'll go quite a while feel like it's his top 22 half. I love to throw Simone and but after like Kuwait 02 days hitters off balance in Walter Raleigh genome. This somewhat unexpected. And now will enable the Johnston went to add to the giants and their fans would like nothing better than for John there a way to get back to being in the Johnnie quite a that they know he can be I mean the guy is. When he's right he's on record as to watch because it just looks like he's making stuff up up up on the map I just like I I hate see in the buttons look stressed. On the Jersey is Johnny wade now. You know that's what has been my game now do the heavier too you know he'd that didn't have the buff I haven't even noticed and a tell amount teammates who penned the now more than you go into hero by means she's after every home game or a couple of high in this stadium. Yeah that's right and you know a minute talk about that a bit later. The food do you think. The giants or the days depending on what your feet and where your vandalized. Org doesn't have to necessarily be huge too what what are you looking for so you see starting pitching for the case. All of the giants. Same thing they need to start the jerks if they're gonna get this done or even quote really the end than his star both both Bay Area teams can use over. I think the giants have plenty of arms and that's the crazy thing is the way the giants are chipped. Of course the way the offense has performed if we do the first thing that comes your head as well we need to get more hitting. But then again we were just talking about the lineup in the names in the lineup and you look at all those names and you think. We don't really need more batch here or else we hear these guys to be themselves. That's it started would Buster Posey are always bad to radiates a different to be in no he's been thirty got the core are shot total fleet. That would help him but it starts with him herbs and Bobby Evans was on the air with you and start Mets yesterday good job what did. What did Bobby say did he tipped his hand in any way about what they might be. No he just. Talked about you know playing good baseball. And then if there's a movie can be made. You know they'll look in too liberal right now he would definitely didn't tip his hand in about bluster he said he got the shot but. The scary thing for me or is this is after you get the shot you know it doesn't work right away. It a couple of days after her so they had off day yesterday so I don't think it was a shock. That you last week sometime after the last game yet you're wrong normally we gadget cortisone shots they have to take the next day or two and that's why didn't go participate in all started the year ago so hopefully he'll be ready to go now his post all star break history in terms of power production is abysmal last couple can you tell me who want legs man. Legs he's caught a ton of innings unique just like a three point shooter needs legs power hitter needs legs I think busters like she's lost the government power so. Do I look around baseball and say okay the kid to position you get a pass for no power because your legs are zapped of of kitchen notable if you've been doing it for about a decade in doing it really high level I like buster behind the plate anyway. I've accepted buster is no longer power was ever really a power hitter he's ever hit 25 bonds in the season he had to reform. But he's 25 as I can bare minimum for power hitter right. Or I mean if you're averaging 24 over three for your spending your power hitter he is not a power hitter and he's just a really good hitter. Would you say really get our good hitter right now how and how he currently is performing these are the two lady for buster. Is like 262 meet for bluster because he's normally around 32300. Area he's a really good here I don't cure or he ever he's a really good hitter but for him to be a really good hitter now that's what the giants need. What you don't think they look one of the things I think that Bruce finally did he dropped him to fifth in the order and Ryan he has had Posey and the fourth in the cleanup spot on he loves he's used to love posing the cleanup spot I think boat she himself. Is finally conceding that maybe he's not that I mean he's not a guy I want him to be let's treat him like the guy he has. The fifth spot is perfect for buster it's an RBIs spot but it's not. There's not the pressure Peyton thirst for not that I think Posey feels pressure Alan I just about to say you're ahead but you know what I mean it's night. It's clear what the expectation is if you're that three or four hitter if you're the five hitter I think you have a little bit. I know you're you're right it and we shouldn't be talking right. He's Buster Posey so you can't I don't think that work are you where you're going to want to try to say. But it's Buster Posey he's he knows what's expected of him herbs if he's batting eighth. In its positive they'd bet it's runs scored you know it's a gap or. And just right now is hard to watch him run and begin the hip issue I understand why but if he can bat. You know 300 or three Tony the second half herbs like they got a new player man. So let's see you are Bobby Evans. What you gonna okay and in kick pitching out of it wouldn't you have a hard time. Going mountain and getting an offensive player and telling anybody. In the current lineup that you we we got somebody your playing time isn't going to be what it was before I don't see anybody in the line up that you can go to and say. We're given a poignant because so many guys are they're just under performing we know they're good hitters. Did you sending good hitters so far right in his past 81 games so I know is all star break bush has passed the halfway point so. They don't jam near hundred enjoy nine more Smart money would be. You know this is who we are what about the left field situation with the giants your your cool with the you know pinch one day. Whoever else the next that then I'm cool with Corky is every day and tutor in center field every day. Well will bloggers are dug out of we'll have to see. I think that's probably the way they're leaning but again Bruce loves him some veteran so I would imagine. That he can continue to work militants in now is. Did you get into and through the dog days of August if you're still in the race in September then I think maybe you'll say. Do you think cutters got anything left. I do I got an electric arm man and excuse me does Tom Strickland. Pins. I don't know and I'm one when did you say. I don't know surprised me but if he is part of the new Q listed to Dick is gonna get two to the promised land error. Right now they can you know the the PG NE is a little short. Now speaking of hunter Strickland. He should do what it Evans say about hunter and yes I asked him about it. That he would he he didn't have an actual data when he was give their buddies make good progress do you think PA's sir do you think the giants are not telling us how they feel about hunter Strickland or. Do you think they're they're really finally that I mean that. He punched a wall we move on he did a dumb thing we move on who's still format are strictly for back and into while garden. Either you know odd division I don't think they have time to be nitpicking about. You know if wisdom that Adam dating cut Hummer so they still love them. And when he comes back and he's ready to go. They're going to be Glenn high level baseball important games so he's got to be ready dance of the bill but about your guide Timmy Lincecum could you know big numbers guy who. Blew my peoples dissent it is. Celtic Hormuz chick Tim Lincecum in the minor leagues this season. Five point 68 ERA. 2.3 base runners in twelve point two innings itself. And here you are lobbying reform on the skids for tomorrow. We got to throw it looked. All the rats are on the table now I think that was even Iraq. It is it's. Isn't do or die time for the giants in terms of the trading deadline if they don't do something and the deadline. Do you think they still have a chance when you thought oh my yes I do so I team as currently constructed yes. Really now. I mean they're two games over 500 I'm not say and that's twenty let's not talk like they've been so awful. It's almost great in amazing the fact that they are over 500. With what's happened to them and who's been out of the lineup pitchers and hitters it's about your star players. Acting like player like Tim sales that will be the jolt.