Steiny and Guru – 1 – Bay Bridge Series, Canha’s Bat Flip, Celebrations In Baseball, A’s Marketing

Steinmetz and Guru
Monday, July 16th
Hour 1.  Mychael Urban (filling in for Steiny) and Guru recap the Bay Bridge Series this past weekend between the A’s and Giants, Mark Canha’s bat flip, celebrations in baseball, and the A’s marketing blitz this past weekend during the Bay Bridge Series.

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It was. Truly not a jinx thinks a lot Stein. Certainly isn't still right. I. First nine minutes and do. Welcome in Bay Area guy Michael. Filling in for match by match Monday through Friday got me always come across the studio from Darryl good humored Johnson goober what's up man that was a weakened body. They was fabulous which I think I watched 27 innings of Bay Bridge baseball removed I got a lot. That I jotted down on my eight men have violent we need for our show too. Product and everything we're gathered go to Google services slowed Newsweek wasn't born fund analyst we're definitely that babe Ruth's hat the giant hat that you have they show that beat up like this it's no way edited so you tell me it comes that way conned his way with real so you say I want a new old hat. Yeah I mean it was on the Internet giant new old look and exactly what do retreat where broadcast coverage like this it's a shame things like teenage girls buying. Buying genes that have rips in them. Bryant got eight and they're paying extra in the ribs and get the barking Jeanne I used to take this is is back in the day and rip myself attack the other razor blade and I'll do myself so you don't get her kitten. Yeah Bay Bridge series and it was. I loved it and I mean if if you don't think he is your better team the giants now. Then I don't know then you didn't watch this year it was just a transformational. Right he was. I thought the giants big day they earned it that pedigree that they had that Hayes being young but the talk of baseball. But our state look younger. They did look more energized after laying out but I did indeed there are athletic. And do well or say bureau cocky. And I like Mark Ingram who down posted in his answer he's stepped it like in spoke like a mayor Edward and getting to add a little bit later but I'm. We knew that instant that whole episode home to me that was the entire series in the difference between the giants in isn't much. Because you got a big strapping athletic looking lad. Doing his thing celebrating his thing and kudos to the giant game we'll get to this that the giants to really have a problem with what he had this became a big deal and can't have more solid in our society itself will get to it it is it's ridiculous but I don't think anybody. Who's even got a shred of objectivity can watch that series. And not be convinced that the days of the better team right now is currently constructed yet critically. If you do those keep your real. If you say who's in a better position in regard to mapped them still the giants well there's another season is not predicated on what they do in the first part of the Bay Bridge series right but again. It was just who's an off the TV the green and gold. Is just youthful. And I like you know I was drawn to the TV that date they have that I did indeed the way the giants are still there it is like painful it's like. Tried to I don't want to their article you have like a little constipated like just this it's hard to know. I don't like at least some better but do you deal. But none heritage and they just looked a little rough I mean even in that first game look at those. The a's blew a chance that is had a chance to do what the a's do which is come back later obviously put on nobody out out of late night and I'm I'm thinking OK here comes this is what the a's do. And they didn't do it so kudos to the giants and their bullpen for getting that done. But but another. Little episode that happened in that series that kind of kind of tells you. What one team is much the other Jeff some are just going back on the disabled list with a social you heard me Monday going in on Geoff sergeant I'm just. The guy dressing nuts I mean he's just how much you taken a personal are you shocked that it's just always been about problems with this guy and he's rarely if ever delivered on the promise that any talk about being an inning Jeter. You don't need innings Jeter's this day and it's. The average originally started five and two thirds innings. You don't need them there's there's a couple guys on each staff that you can kind of count on giving you 67 or eight innings if you if fearing it if you're in Washington. You've got Max Scherzer right you know he's gonna go deep to the giants have anybody on that roster that when they take command you think he probably can go deep. Now some bomb Garnett. No no I'm giving back to yeah I'm I'm on the what matters the map but why didn't prove he's showing me. Well with more repetition in these kidney back to you know when they announced that this new paid a contract for him. It'll it'll be you know what you were mayor generalize you remind me of would choose to be to the old days down in elderly gentleman that they got the one winner of the three games now after the giants won the first game redoubt isn't anymore no I wasn't down days but that's an okay that they asked the best of varsity tell in the junior varsity at the bay hate you re coming over here went on and I know yet the big win did you did. But map bum is goalie doors. And that you do now will lose. I went like I thought but Saturday was when I was like. We use this taser like cockroaches vampires they just they don't go away they bounced back and they came back in yesterday was a big game to meet. And you know chicks dig the long ball right now they got all girl. They do Tripoli 9579257. Again 888957. 9570. King you be objective and admit after watching the Bay Bridge series well the first three of the six. The other three era in brokering starting next Friday after the all star break the DA's are better team giants fans are you willing to concede that right now after having watched. The basic to a three or are you saying hey let's let's hold off on this. I I have no doubt in my mind right now ideas are better team and played 25 games the a's would win 1516 embassy. I'm not I'm not they are and that's not going to happen but what we can also say is forget these three games digits transpire. Let's look at the big picture the whole season were passed 81 games and I'm ready and comfortable on sand days. Or better team right now herbs terrible though so I don't wanna people with the goggles to go minority orders over reacting to to a three no. It's what we see that's all are here and what transpired in AT&T park where did you ever tell. You know remember this was the end of a road trip for the is even though it was here in separate Cisco is the end of a road trip they went into Cleveland and took two with three. They went into Houston the world champions and took 34 and then they came in to San Francisco where. Sure there's there's no real stakes but. They're energy in the park meant it this series meant more could have been glad regular season series yet. And you could argue that made it were a little bit flat after taken three or four from the Astros in game one at AT&T park it was 71. You gotta love the way they bounced back and they bounced back strong in you mentioned it Friday guru. The line up is exhausting there's no break. Like you get to the 89 hitters and on most teams especially nationally pitcher. It's expecting he'll get today 89 spots in the lineup. There's gonna be a little bit of a breather and that the guys daily care but still he detonate the night. It the ninth and a's lineup back QB and RBR position. No you are right and herbs it it is like when you fill up your gas take I just wanna see how far their ace can go. On their unleaded gasoline hit home runs. In playing U2 27 outs right now I think they're on to something we're watching the Mariners slip a little bit come back down to earth. Dude this is 2000 in twelve. 2.0. And as can do that Heather I feel like some people commitment and things that song and Russian knows something's happening here. The some bananas that did the rock group. And and it's known good points to find no it's a rod who does something happen in the end here. The plated plug these pizza in Berkeley beckon at Springfield. Buffalo Springfield I. Golf guru at buffaloes rented a crap I even though I don't know cleared out. Never good college student I don't know that I've ever heard of Buffalo Springfield song if I did I didn't know Buffalo's front we will hear it on the way back Bruce Springfield Springsteen had ever. And again triple A 9579257. Mean we've got a giants fan who's admitting the days are better kudos to you for honesty Brian in Livermore to Brian you're on a viewer winners. And you're referred to look not. One eats well burden to point out that 4018 group is a lot more homegrown. And that when he slow group and are a lot younger. That Arctic doing this. How do you feel Diane you've built differently do you feel like it's more special because our homegrown. Act like a lot more special consultant round I'm I won't let giants and back and Mitt until early ninety's when a giant tore out salute. How long term ordered new ownership and management or whatever they'd. They're changing that guarded don't get them this thing from Walnut Creek was amazing creative and an organization. On the and all the permit chip the pulpit you that I think everybody forgot the business side of what I have to happen it is something like that it Walnut Creek it's welcome Berkeley or something where. They're street vendors everywhere there and that permission to do that and it was genius. I'll. First day it's filling in for symington I'm proud that yellow thing yeah you can't the flat look at but Brian is a giant changed in many gays are better here on the Penske out of just talk context Eisenhower. They're asking from the 650 it's Dylan thank you to put your name on it. What happens to root if the giants go to Oakland and win two or three. Next week here how does that change your opinion. All answer for Arizona it depends on how it transpires. Mean the second and third games of this series here at AT&T. It was always all the way it is just date they looked felt and ended up superior on the scoreboard. Both nights they just there's no doubt in my mind this was the better team. And at the end of those three games. Because I felt like yet the a's did have suffer a little bit of a let down coming off a win in three or four in Houston I'm surprised it did have one if it was one. Because your community into parking needs of the big Brothers the Bay Area. But it's gonna depend on how those games. Transpire next weekend I mean if if they're 21 game throughout and somebody on the giants comes up with a clutch hit to win two of the three. I don't know that I'm I'm definitely not gonna be ready to say the giants are now better than an. That's wrong goal and Arabs aren't covered doing the DVR thing armor wind didn't. In reacting to that hazing giants up into their C restarted last Friday who now that I can tapping in Seattle the three games went. Not the most it can happen. You know in Oakland where I'm gonna say. That changes what they have done and the giants have done and how they've appeared up into this juncture. It's not that is just a confirmation now that who days are what they built is real hole. Even if they dropped two out of three at home to the giants and I'm still stand the giants got a chance just like days to get to the playoffs which is their ultimate go. I like that where you put that because going into the series forget about what happened in this year's Stockton going into the series I had an arm I had an idea of what I thought BAR and what I thought the giants and what I thought of them compared to reach out like this nothing I saw over the weekend changed that. Going into the weekend I felt like the day's work a better younger more entertaining baseball team that had way more box is checked off. Towards going to the postseason. That's what I saw in the three games this weekend I saw a team that had more box is checked off and that was that Oakland team Oakland looked just. They look like they're spry there Finnish team looks like the giants are team it's still being formed and they still don't have an identity. The a's have an identity that this young team that comes after you and has each other's backs and they're gonna pound the ball one through nine in the line. Yeah and I look it the giants NFC gore keys and Hanson and they remind me of you. Who but after that when you look at the giant team there's not much more but DA's have gore keys in hand sins that are better and more talented. It's it's you all around Hollywood today of the lineup to just to get to where they wanna go but days showed me. They're younger and it's a good junger herbs work into their van. Giants are gonna have to get other pieces and they're gonna have to get healthy in your right Corky and Hanson. Those are the two most exciting entertaining player not yet to pinch runner though to get the problem and it's for a reason and it marked CNN. Hit a big home run celebrated. Did the giants have a problem not really other people had a problem to bat flip heard around the bay and by the way. This is your chance to win 1000 dollars it happened right now. You can now offer at this dying mixing guru on 957 big team. Arnaud near the line at third behind that figures that reaches its audit and heard it you left marks. All of. Events remark and out of the daisy Red Cross aborted Murray on them. It home run it against voting lots of. Them bring a bill. Absolutely have heard this on the arsenals buffaloes for enjoyable adventure at their little I'm wow Louis Florida how it goes in Canon. Watch out there elite. Them that we've heard around the world people got up in arms over this mark cannon it was being relieved that but there was more look at the bat dropped. When you hit a ball like that and AT&T I thought it was going to the glove you know to be mailed him back. Oh do he crushed it was a big moment. This is what baseball is lacking banks are we need more this. In this got a little bit disappointed Argo helter skelter when he was like you know. Either he didn't apologize but he did but did you like I apologize if for nothing well we've got sort. Love got this down for this his first instinct was to apologize. And I get that and let's hear that right now people getting offended by bad. Hello. Or we keep here in the. So elation I mean I haven't I haven't played well here in the process. AT&T park that is then it was just nice drawn out and San Jose and being a giants fan. Come and all those games is a kid it was nice to finally pop Foreman you know Q in the situation. I was excited. Shura a lot of San Franciscans are offended by and so. All right so I am friend I never heard of called that. San Franciscan wow OK so there's more care and asked. Kind of apologizing he felt like it was the right thing to do but then no given a few moments to like really think it it changes to him and eleven for that you hear that. People get if. And it by about clips is so silly this is like I'm you know. I'm not sorry I'm not really sorry. Yeah as part of our game everybody does it if somebody's gonna throw at me because of got through I got thrown out in the past this season. For about flipping. Clearly didn't learn my lesson so you know if you're offended by that I don't care. Tony Watson wasn't offended. He sounded like giants weren't home when news Robin off final cut man who should've gotten actually amounts are. And he's been thrown at police we're not doing the partisanship and it clearly didn't learn analyst asked Tara and look if you just isolated just take from the moment of contact until he gets halfway down the first place baseline. Baseline and just look what you did. Yeah it was that his old team it was so open nine he turned his own bench mob being dropped his bat with a little bit of extra flare. And got on his way and Tony watching quote I love Tony Watson and there's. He said I mean he got me. Somebody asked him if he's upset that this is only response I mean he got me. Exactly you give up up on I give up homer and it went over the scoreboard Stanford's sunken diamond and I forget who hit it. It might have been on and off the result ready somebody with a name. But he feels like you wouldn't believe. And throw them next guy I was fired up for the next time this dude came up in the order and wanted to get him out of that flips you got me fine let's move on. No but yeah tell you hit bad. You better and that's why do you care what the doomed to England Scotland profile and around the bases are used to leverage he had as the nodded and followed. Profile but I'm assuming it was an SUV he herbs. And it became bigger to me because I watched him rejoiced with all that adrenaline that can that the dug out his own team. The bomb baseball get over yourself in. What's fair and outside of Sanford says billions of them. Are upset I need more of Jose Batista I like I'd love the bat the lit up you know. It's interesting because Swedish sports talk radio and we're doing this segment on that. On the assumption that there's people upset out there about the market about right okay the giants were upset about so who is upset. Triple 89579570. Giants fans are you upset by it. I'm gonna go on a limb and say I don't think giants fans are upset about it either I think this is much ado. About nothing much just Lional finals from Fremont he wants to talk Bay Bridge series what's up while you're on the two Gruner. The morning and again you know doing well man. It. I thought they wake. That would aid. With the ball. Both sides and you'd. No word of word tonight at 8 o'clock. Well there yeah well we're gonna get shot I know a lot on. You know albeit you. I'm at bat when. It's going to be you know if you are you're part about it because in the moment being shot. I expected. That giant. They make it to Oakley. They'll at a all our brake there are. The in he. People up but. All of a break and lat. The whole you know the back in the paper by the fact that. All right thank you for the phone call I don't appreciate it. I mean he's not upset about traffic by about two we don't get anybody calling in saying I'm upset about that with so little story though it was a story well the blue the national media Twitter it became an issue and sadly we often lean on that theory out there literally irrelevant who bombed badly it did they don't Twitter. The head that's the only time I feel like I'm forty line and I feel you are made earlier I don't know man I feel like the on this instance where. It's not really a story put it is a story because it's on Twitter. And mean as a 49 year old grizzled journalist AMOCO really Twitter. Former pitcher for for example somebody on the Penske until doc context and says it's a couple of soft and blown up on Twitter. That's what the mark can't bat flip that's why and there are. Is no love retaliation by the giants well that does backed up your point about him. You know that they're Symbian veteran team grown like we will just stupid to that level you you got the best of it she said the pitcher Watson. Basically signed off funny show got me there was no no nothing yesterday they'll let you know. The two giants were being petty or upset about the bombing intended him he could rise statue fall. Point did what can I did did that not make the game just a little bit more entertaining animated everything related death in Geneva it was the like I said that little episode. Was the difference between. The giants in the news these days our culture right now. They know they're good and they will let you know they're good and then they will show you your they're good name will be grass they'll come in and kick your ass the giants signal and and their okay we're doing that maybe we can tread water until we get to the all star break and you know that the division is down right now on the Diamondbacks are down the Dodgers haven't been what they're supposed to be. We got shot we got a shot we guys do we just need to get healthy and may be at a few pieces the a's are rolled around though we don't mean anything. But keep this team and together and we will keep kicking us we're gonna run down the Mariners are gonna come back to impact. There age Paxton is hurt I'm sorry but king Felix is not the case anymore on the big guy he's an amazing feeling they have been over achieving junior rewrite used to have king Felix is number over the years. The days are cock sure the a's are exactly what mark Kindle was in net moment I'm good Digg mean I'm vegan myself yeah. And right now days or one of those teams. That are probably like a you know what can we piles all star break we need to keep truck and who we need to keep him and it's like when you're going on analog tripping of filling did you got energy you don't pull over at stop. It's late in rats you wanna keep going and then when you need debt principal I'll tell you days they got a going right now. And you talk about injuries the injuries to the giants. Did it had me define in regard to. What why they should be popping champagne about where they were going into this series herbs. Offensively outside of Largo they've got they've had everybody at their disposal something's happening to where they're not move in the line. In the way that I thought this veteran team to it now kudos today's pitch him but this is bigger than the a's. I'm just thinking of the giants last fifteen to twenty games against the cubs and that's. This is something that seems off offensively. Moon and don't have that sound you hear this I got that bit out there are three guys were 25 homers are petrified I'm ready to throw in the towel but. John Dickerson told me September 30 not the 31 because that date doesn't exist. The thirty if I happen to like can be proven wrong but something's off with did you say you're gonna lose center. Well I'm surprised me but I'm page you've got confidence I would love an eyewitness told if you're gonna be negative not nothing negative to say some positive about the bid is not over until September 30 I think he got a good chance to bring adults and 2.5 homer I'm originated Harlem I think you got on Mumbai but what are they miss him. Costner is I would never say done. But he's not. The the power guy then I thought he was a week what would buster. Patent system Toms now and what's up what bluster let's put the rat on the table would bust. The Wear and care of playing catcher as long as she is played catcher has finally caught up to him. Power comes from related already hip strain our summed up what they hit it's just like to three point shooter and bask are if your legs are with you you were done. Trevor Ariza on line 20 for twelve in game six or seven whatever was his legs were done to meet Saturday to two of our fitness do you guys that hit the Rimmer and all about power is all in your legs and buster when he was young man whose legs were fresh he was a power hitter. Now that he's been behind the dish so often. And they love him behind his days in a little tired it just looks like it's not that she's still a great kid you not know why no but still great here to let you know who aren't right but. This is now to our didn't 300 and here's the thing like people talk about OK we'll move to first of we can save his legs. You're not can get that power back it's gone done and buster's. Value to the giants. Is that its greatest behind the plate I'm to the point now where like I used to be in that camp put me at first base say displayed. That needed to be done 34 years ago and he would if they done that they'd still be a power but you'd still be a power hitter but. We they're pitching staff be as good because busters great with pitchers now not where we didn't do it they didn't do it three or four years ago. Buster towers gone forever so you keep him behind the plate for a because his best at. His value to this team more than anything else in America I did as a catcher who deals with pitchers in now that they got guys like Rodriguez and Suarez coming up. He's more important than ever to kind of shepherd these young guys through the through early stage they're Korean yeah but if you. Going to view which he's earned his his tenure here as ever Cisco if you're gonna feature him at the third hole or 44 hole. Dude that's big time you got it out what to too many bets to where. I used to date all Posey is must see TV now Barry Bonds but Barry Bonds lied to where something could go up a (%expletive) or some could have. Now too many times I want to know where it's a pop up. A lazy one the shortstop with. It's not as hard it just seems right now to give Buster Posey out and I think that's killing the giants line will. And we've seeing Bruce coaching move buster to fit through which I don't know that men must an act of congress and said the club house because she does not like moving buster. Often that spot whatsoever but that's a concession by drift boat she former catcher. That posture of power is gone because it's too late to beat up and now that it hurt his hips are an issue don't expect to get power anytime soon from a catcher with hip issues. Yes and I know they wanna finish strong they finished but I thought he could he got the Bay Bridge series off which we gave him more time to rest. But I have to use Vista as well there's Captain America know would take off these days you know what I apologize and different. The nine to five says I'm an erupting new in I apologize in Europe and you know somebody you're out of somebody just banks do their radio that I'm an erupting you and I'm Skinner apologize for them. Pena and let's go to their phone lines let's go to you speak in Israel and all 580 what's going on senior on what herbs and do group. There are these people need to stop car. He's not that if you want to bring back baseball should be irrelevant sport not hurt or not. The sports sport but bring a road course or you need more but it. Everyone should add to that after a homer. What exactly went guy scored gold in the World Cup what do they do they. You know basically what Mark Green basically get blocked even a sure it got a base sorry. Don't forget step curry in this Jimmy don't forget the Shimmy from staff. I got out tenure. And not all of these and indeed died when about what India I'm sure you in the crowd what they are indeed I opened up there and why. What are you and the pink aren't irked a pitcher they strike someone out there should there. And you're right up here see you next. And that is. Becoming. Irrelevant. Because they're can't. And the most and the player all the Arab got a hole out because but she. You know you know these guys basically. And not get there are sure they're not promoting them because basically. You know Mac America and done well all poultry and people like baseball don't want cot and it needs to up to debate. Forward. Are writing great phone call appreciate it there's great text here on the Penske auto shows dot com touch one again at 295795. If you wanna call us it's Tripoli on 57. 957. Again. Triple A 9579570. We got several lines open we're talking about marquis and a bat flip was a big deal to you. Would you like to see more back flipping. Did DA's established and show their superiority in general over the giants in this three game Bay Bridge series the first generation have we got three in Oakland. After the all star break here's the text and Alec. The bat flip wasn't an in your face kind of Clinton's excitement for his team. Now if it was a week that flip different story. Definitely would have been retaliation that's from Jim in Hayward utterly delighted Berrian there wouldn't have been retaliation because watching said he got me. And that's the approach that I think most hitters that most pitchers will take Sonny gray. I basically fell in love with him the first time I heard him talk about how you feel now medals and I still love him most eleven from afar and a person somebody asked him about somebody just hit a monster bomb often in flip their bad master about he's like. If I was a hitter and hit on that far off someone I put my bet that shouldn't yeah there are happening guy. You gotta go look at it two ways okay I'll Watson felt that way but we don't know what a reliever or yesterday's starter. Was coming in today getting a matter but if they tell you what the guy that was in your offense our executive throw Adam. And what Watson had it for now carries no weight if the number of another pitcher threw a guy because of a home run hit off a different pitcher he's way adding his land. If what you know that happened before in his probably cost friction in the clubhouse. I I know teams that that's happened to like a do what do you do when you should look no and that that's happened with the manager to. On the scale Labatt flips when you talk about just how egregious they can beat. This was this was if we wanna Solso mind right right and what we've of that. Remember Joey batch of all of the guy on on the back to battle back to put time. Go watch the Korean baseball league they turned out and I'll warm it's expected in Korea and pick a second so amazing to me. Okay you think about Asian cultures what's incredibly important almost above everything else saving face right. Don't lose face state face it's all about respect and Asian cultures. They don't she about flipped as a sign of disrespect. If that's not what it is it to sign of celebration that's why I was so hopeful. That the 2007 team World Baseball Classic. What do we saw them WBZ army Wii shop. Hobby by edges can be the home run derby. Celebrating with a fist in his hand before the ball even got his glove on a stolen base camp. The date through the guy out you remember that. The ball is on its way and hobbies pumping it's like step turns around and a cause America. I don't know exactly what the problem here there is no problem and it was accepted in Alice hopeful because I thought great. Now it'll be it'll be accepted in Major League not ball here we go but now. Because we'd. Because you have let's say look at look at the roster of the giant. Nominee it will look at any roster and in Major League Baseball you've got I would say about 50% Latin in general in the league or around there now that's right. That culture you go down to the Caribbean World Series you go down and watched the Dominican Summer League. You'll see bat clips you'll see pictures celebrating strike out left and right it is not as district but that's there are. They celebrate today and this is our baseball. What are your car what does that mean that we played us. Are the way we don't like plain error as we did the GO YE three I don't know but I'm just let you know that's why it hasn't cot on. And tell me. When you watch majestic home run. When you got somebody naked hinted as we say it just makes it more special when Canon did add a lit bit that it is good that. And did a little nice slow walk like oh yeah. Did up I was like this is what baseball adjourned for. But yet here we are. You're saying it's all good and there might be five more people did say you know what it's embarrassing to day. I've been looking forward to doing so can I put my first ever ran on the table and let's put the rattle the table to be that excited this is racial. You ever seen anybody but old white guy. Get pissed off it's like this. Like when you say this is our game. We don't like yeah it would yeah have you ever seen anybody other than what are you in the Latin players and now why players getting into it over somebody celebrate. So I'm go to Europe and I don't know is not just why don't why did you want my gras or not it's not that it's if you disrespect my team or me. As a pitcher. I'm coming after but what's auto I don't ready to one Osama John Hancock on its. It's racial. I just think I've never seen anybody and and other than a crusty old white dude or just debater right dude get mad at that I just don't see it anywhere else. It seems to stem from back in the day it's it's way old school and as much as I am an old school guy like. If it. In this is working on somebody hit a ball like a shipment some declared the scoreboard out in a few and I inferred I didn't care or take a look forward officially got the next time try to try to get a map. And why did I take that attitude. I had few because when I punch somebody out the big situation I did my phone would see the release her little chip it close and they yell in their glove but can't you come out. Yeah I love you can't celebrate as a pitcher and pump your fist into all that and then get mad at somebody template homer and you just can't. Yeah but right now. You can't if you're a bad ass than your Canada and the come to roll out because that's the message he's seeing it. That I loved he when he and changed his mind Sampras says and then whatever he's lagging we see you next Friday. Omelet you know I'm not sorry about Vietnam majestic home run and when I come up me in the rest of the gang in the green and gold. In and that that Nigel Morris Kelly Kelly green. We're gonna Ahmet try to hit it to Hayward B. That was agreed sorry not sorry detect and says guru Twitter doesn't make you young and make you and immature. My house now. That's how I'm I kind of I kind of by that and nobody knows who you are well on a missed out Twitter is kinda thing. Like you hear that social justice words and all that people do hide behind their computers you know I mean you give yourself. You can open like my Twitter account it's clear who I am your Twitter account it's clear who you are your Darryl Johnson a Michael Irvin. There's people. You go to their Twitter page it doesn't really say who they are they've got this Twitter handle that kind of obscure and may be only they understand that they don't have the real name anywhere so if they come at me on my feet. And they're just burying me. I go to see who is his Klan getting after me. I don't know because it is didn't he if you do other every sort I'm I was using a hypothetical I do not get upset over Twitter whatsoever let's go to the phone lines Greg is an Oakland Gregor on whether and to root whatsoever. Hey guys thanks for taking my call like a couple of comment that they won that's it oh that that being so. Ridiculous if you want to stop bat but it don't give up on that unit ordered it beeped at the bottom line. Vaguely Arabic got it back a couple of points you made the bird flu and that we need to take a cue from the World Baseball Classic. And allow more celebration in the game would you take it game to the Dominican Republic. And down in Mexico. That and they're putting into it because they see they're ball players playing with a great deal actually it. And having fun out there and I think the same with translate here we allowed our players aspect kind of meet them on the field. And finally get all of the other sports bailout. We. Celebrate there cop on the field whether it hot player. Who huddled up that they're called or soccer player like the preakness all the dead. Slide around the yield after oracle. Of football players celebrated in an active at sparrow. We need to allow baseball player without that kind of by celebrate their copy it in the game because they've only got to make and more into it in the game they got. A great phone call Greg thank you very much for things right it's all these other sports. Celebrating its OK even the NFL recently said you know they've loosened the reins a little bit in forest celebrations go again that's why I thought the 27 team World Baseball Classic was going to be. Okay finally we see that that's cool that game can be played. The players can police themselves the players do understand more than the fans understand what's showing someone up and what's not showing someone up believe me. The pit Tony watch and if Canas intent was to show what Tony watching for the giants. Tony Watson and the giants would have picked up on that but that was not cans intent. Look how they and wasn't even really a back flip it was a backdrop he did some didn't some flair to your you know. I got it there's no doubt about it and it's acceptable and the giants deemed it acceptable. Clearly well as of yesterday the idea they're known OK I hear you never know if I Dave Wright no way in hell go when you talk about players in the licensed a hot dog and get away with it. Rickey Henderson and stiff curry. And I believe the step Kurds look in his demeanor. Did allow him to give away can you see I'm with you with a flair and people are threatened TERRELL OWENS when he does this thing all my god this guy I'd bat for its auto we are early as it is sole candidate yesterday and he gave me the best SoundBite ever about you know what I'm about about to back up on this apology. I didn't mean that this is baseball come at me poppy right here that I love. But if it's about respect at the end of the day Arabs. If you hit a home run. Why should the camera BI knew more so than your feet that you just accomplished let the ball over the fence you run the bases. Why do you have to show out like a jackass. And then make me almost embarrass me. It is because that's what it stems from right to run around the bases and you don't wind up with that what you gotta rub my face in it more so. Then because he's. Revenue Jason and he showed pretty bad accomplishment. And he's turning towards his dugout saying let's all enjoy this together. It be one thing if he's cashed in the dude down all the way through debate all the way around the bases and ultimately become the circus. Now now we need a bit more thought alpha chino devils that I don't need more of this not all that's of this. There's also an interesting dynamic going on off the field during the Bay Bridge series and Dave Campbell was behind much of it. We've been talking about Twitter what do you have on Twitter have a lot of troll was Dave travels trolling of the giants overboard I'm guru he is herbs actually I emerge in his finger on 95 have in the game. Now that's just got a message to root hunt I'm not like seven big change. Welcome back and thank you for joining us I might learning in Sacramento all week Stein mentioned it I can start to match just got. Wait a little bit longer he's going to be filling in for. Dovonte in the war pop record it's going to be around at all and I'm together from noon to 30 we only gets you. Notably bureau and I all weeklong commission that already after listening to play less than an hour of us from the need to bottle that I was Excedrin. Clinton Agile and actually from off the that wasn't out of me Penske auto sales to context fine lunch on me for king guru guru is too. Berkeley and an award Berkeley gurus to Berkeley what LeBron is to the lakers with a hell does that even mean. Out there but he's pretty. I did. Is that he struck is that why he responded to that I would I would assume so things should Buffalo Springfield plays it on these features something that you hear you don't have that plan a and got a closer rate cut. Baseball has to walk off celebration somebody says on the Texans are the best whenever you take to help. You know fatigue right now I did did this star euphoria may do you have any favorite walk off celebration. The baseball. Man of dissent in baseball what's been your the one that you saw that you thought that was the coolest celebration of Iverson I believe was Rickey Henderson for most runs scored. And when he came home on the home run he slid in Donald put it over and over okay for the original crop right now out of what no there wasn't walked off yes it was a walk off your. My favorite walk off injunctions and I'd like this and look I'm a giants in his fanned out like it at the time either but I had to respect. The creativity and remember when Cecil Fielder hit a walk off against the giants at that it was Cecil everybody on the durst. Huddled around home plate waiting form. And then when he touched home plate they all fell backwards like it was a bowling pin me like he like he bowled a strike did much good stuff in the giants were pissed about it. That the fifty yard got a little bit you choreographed your own little out of hand when that happens when it's spontaneous guru finally that is there anything spontaneous anymore but I'm here yet candidate was totally spontaneous and he deserves and that's why nobody had any problem when you go yard like that in New York like AT&T nightclub. Home. I don't. Whatever you wanna call it you get to do what he did in that idea and I'm going to two polling. It was a mind and he said that it was part of the reason that it was special to him is because he grew up a giants fan of that any hadn't played very well against the giants and so finally he has a nice moment against the giants. And decides to celebrate wins his teammates by turning to his teammates. He didn't flipped the bat like he was Jin Soo who root for who Beck has name is he's bombing. Soon Rangers. Yes he's an arrangement he's got a series of hit any yes it but death he's a Korean guy then go to the Korean league. And that they they had it Google right now Korean back flips. Anybody out their Google Korean that flips and you will be on YouTube for the next five hours. As you is literally her mistakes are herbs oh. Because it worked over there doesn't mean we're gonna all be happy it should work here and you should be able to celebrate let's notably to Dave on 880 south pitcher Dave always bring a certain level of a maturity to the programs in perspective what terribly today and good rumors. Do maturity you wait eight. Yeah or are. How low on a car I'd read it the moon. I think each day. Eight optics. What do you walk off celebration ever is going to be a body she'll be he would. I can't who remember but and he's approaching assembled. You make that play in grading you know already are straight at any hair any lap up about the danger app out. Speak. Out good. It and I'm yeah whatever. I agree I remember that I don't remember who was against that was bearish like it happened yesterday listening to him Dennis and I went out when you know it don't they Ronald McDonald thank you for the phone call day and I appreciate it all right. From one day to another day of capital. President of the Oakland it. The VA's their fans love Dave Kaplan and really not many reasons not to the only reason putra. The only swing and miss for Campbell so far has spare him to bid on them it is. Go out of the ballpark hug to salute that's being raised should we we we don't look mr. but really good airline in Michael urban beautiful bond Russell Crowe. What was the miss the the announced it and then it. They would like the miss was that apparently they were they got the okay from the wrong people they're talking the wrong people I don't know I mean somebody educate young because my my. Perception of what went down. Is that they thought they had the alone college site. They've talked all the people there. Everything was good they made their announcement it beat the deadline the self imposed deadline of before the Asian fans rejoiced dome. Travel delivers that's what you've brought here to do he's done I. And then. Problem. That's fan about now that there's any error out and all the sudden it's apparently way well there's there's people in power. At this site who didn't sign off on this and so now we got us Donald you're right that's a big swing and but. Things like what he did this weekend. I'd like you know a little bit merit he was trolling the giants absolutely any controlling the giant in controlling this station forgot while on the road he did that but I like on Friday they were there were. There were of a plane flying banners and write a blip in Oakland are and he actually. He was part of what do you call that ever got of boats coming over from east and the fairest and coming into McCovey cove and he got re trying to take ownership of that and and for. But the one thing it's like he organized it and sent everybody on their way but he was on one of those votes that are artifact that meant not totally respected in his that this game is an issue of right it is there's no doubt about it I mean there's there's nothing wrong plane flying old hat turned. They parked. Tommy this is gonna producer he's given us Tommy called human just do Tommy call as our producer Tommy now. My understanding is that they parked a truck right across from the giants. That the giants gear store right at the stadium. Yeah right outside it was like right between the giants and warriors team now out eggs and turn and hats and everything in so they said if you bring us any. Giant cat in any shape we will give you new any tech yet and it looked to be like the feted on field is that those costs on authentic you know 3540 dollars nowadays right 42 attacks Lou. And they parked it right next to the giants and anybody go opens a M though we're going to Blake committed criminal. I can't imagine I mean the only affair police had to be out didn't hide and did agree there's no way somebody decided someone who's a giant decided you know. I'm gonna be in its ram. I'm an attorney in my giants hadn't calls Canada home away net debt that didn't happen it didn't hurt amounted to people in that weren't let's go to Austin and now let me he wants stock about the bachelor Austin what's going on your mother and two were. Yeah right in the morning to momentum switch guy. Well the bat that thing you know. Limited view it we wrote it your 80 in general but I stated that that would be out but that out there. At that looked really didn't bother me much I will they have not an attitude that I like to cultivate and baseball but I I can't live and I like a lot. So. Yeah it's fun that's the bottom line that you for the phone call awesome I appreciate it slush fund and move on pick up the pressure given up above it's fun the person watching. Isn't that what baseball means to worry about credit NASA walk off per season now right baseball is all were so high that either lose an eyeball spin and I can't imagine anybody other than the most stodgy. Hardcore old school fan. Watching Marc cannon in what he did in saying I don't. Okay baseball here we go baseball like golf in a lot of ways. To celebrate. You can act a fool JJ Evans if you want. But they they act like gentlemen so when they do something it's a worthy of a reaction in celebration like Ochocinco or to roll is they don't do it. It's called respect tiger not for yourself for the day but is very rare. And baseball's like golf and a lot of ways and I think a lot of you Colin cross CI GO panel and what but why they gotta be why is yeah. There is that it. Why has it been around so long not with them with the influx we got you got other that you got Latin players got black players right they've abided by the rules for so long so why do you just landed the doorstep of the white player because I want the white fame. Because I was in Major League clubhouse is for more than ten years every single day and I learned orchid. These types of people think this way about this he's such of people think this way about this. There's not racism involved in mini in this this is so legendary uptight so now but it's it's not just your because I lived it for ten straight years that and that's enough of the body of evidence right that's. That's a significant length of an experiment if I was doing an experiment a social experiment. It basically was looking back on my ten plus years every day the only guys that got pissed off about celebrations. 90% of them were white didn't fact fact. And the guys who show what did a lot of this the guys that they were mad that. Most of the time that was the Latin. Because look at the Caribbean World Series look at the Dominican Summer League. Look at the World Baseball Classic they don't look at it as showing somebody they look at it is celebrating the accomplishment this game has gotten it I'm all for our group. This game of karaoke three a T and you're all star fail and it can now. He's got a chance and go on to the world she took to the hall of fame are up. Some damage you had a home run in a big spot celebrate nobody should get upset about it I love Tony watch him for saying Manny got me I don't care. And I again I'm going devil's advocate what have you got somebody on your own team. That takes no offense to that you celebrate expect expansion so. Let's say Chris Davis watched Taylor crushed that ball on. And maybe talk to a Mets game like bluegrass like to be in there and Dan we know those players exist all colors moved so what if that's a problem amongst your team. That we don't know about argue window it's not just the opponent. Show some class. That's happened in dug out although there's no better and better who's a Bryce Harper in. And and newly acquired reliever got a million and they shipped him out yeah mission over my guy's name I forget Jonathan some. Some of our palpable there and I don't rural yeah those students got out and I think part of it was palpable on trying to get on harper for. Per person and a player hits corporal pimple home run and I have no problem where the men enjoy it. But then you got the old school Kristen guys Jonathan Papelbon. There's talk about you got beyond that go under so figured ten years in the clubhouse. It's not racism if fact it's just that's why I again I keep going back. The 2017 World Baseball Classic and in its not just because it was great you know why. Why that Jamie so much hope about their being more flavor and in color and excitement in Major League Baseball. Because. America won the tournament which meant American fans. Watched all of the turn they would tuned out as soon as mayor goes out for the most part a lot of them the casual baseball fan would tuna. But because the US won the tournament. US fans were watching the whole tournament and they got to seek the celebration.