Steiny and Guru – 1 – Bay Bridge Series, Beer Bargains, Adam Silver, Pickup Basketball with Elite Players

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 1.  Steiny and Guru talk about the upcoming Bay Bridge Series between the A’s and the Giants, who is the series bigger for, also the guys discuss some of the best beer bargains in the Bay Area, Adam Silver’s comments, and playing pickup basketball with elite players.

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How's it going out there math assignments along with him. Beside me Darryl would do Ruth Johnson. What is happening in 95 cent in the game thanks for joining us. You're got a lot to get into today. And it. Big weekend coming up we got a big couple weekends come and up to look at the baseball standings. We talked about this a little bit yesterday. And you got the gays and six out of the wild card. Behind us Seattle. U got the giants won about three out. And a bunched up. Western. Division NL west and a got a big Bay Bridge series coming up so they're roughly six the giants and is gonna play six straight games over the course of two weekends so they play three this weekend. Its efforts Cisco all star break. Next weekend six games in Oakland. Not a big. These are big series is but I think these are huge series I think I think one of these teams. May vault themselves into further contention and the other one may start to see the writing on the wall. Yet he can go a few ways and if you're in the Bay Area and you love Bay Area baseball. This is the first time in a long time that the Bay Bridge series to me his carries heavy weight. When George Foreman and this is awesome I'm going to be able to watch both teams in the Betty. The giants today's fight in play in managed the game like it's a World Series or playoff game in one of Monty was to go only six. Didn't and there are no other team would in the bay would be able to say we pretty much got rid of those guys but. They can go 33 I'm excited because both teams are playing good baseball to me and they still got action. 889579570. Who's bigger series for. Who is it a bigger series for I think it's a bigger series for the eighties just because. The they've got more ground to make up. We're what we're about what's 60% of the season is is. Over so well it early anymore but by the same token. You still have time to make a move but if if the if the east. Struggle let's say against the giants in the next two weekends. That's gonna change. I think the direction they go OK because there. Even though they're having a better year record. Wise they're the talk of baseball let's give bar they are they don't do this they got they won fifty games that he won fifty games the last last year to August my point is. I'm looking around read these articles the Internet. Debt and these are the talk of the day of baseball right now why they're there should know six people the bill's gonna be a hundred las Timor that that was a real possibility. This team. Is hit home runs we saw last night down Ford the Astros the defending champs. In the ninth inning you before we won't talk about the Indian but my point is starting I don't think this is make or break. I just think of today's continued to do is show what in who they are everything else. Get a take care of them itself when you didn't think they're gonna lose a hundred games. Your boy match assignments is that you know why are you going because I listen to one man when it comes to the Oakland a's and that's Chris Townsend. Alter it always that last not a quitter tells it was say in Baltimore has season. They're not going to be as bad as everybody thinks and he was even saying they got a chance to be surprised. Tell you had that before the season so I'll take what he says to the bank. Just like when it comes to the giants I take what our main man JK John Curley says. Well we got three aficionados you don't you don't republic to boy a botany. What about what about us. Weren't there yet but not like pick up the podcast you. Come from anyway so look who's on the it varies but Vermont now let's call. The butcher shop. I think it's yeah yet what tickle the butcher shop this butcher boy as low podcast together you know what is what's the situation you're talking about. The BC so that situation in my what's podcast cock I never months he added it via the yeah you you were ongoing but they're dial. To what's going on just like us with his emphasis could you go on taste my point is gonna. You need to Santana that Tex and A dude you were right on the eighties but I think. This is big for both teams the day a.s that you know the season's not over they ordered drop. Four to the to the giants in the some how far back with a have to fall. From Seattle okay. 'cause they're the biggest number two while our right now before you hit like you know why it make it happen force this year. See right now my math does give me all the way to September because they got games with Seattle too and I look at those being proactive is w.'s you're right here based file as a way of changing. Right before your eyes you seem like call. 26 games not allowed stunning. I don't know but yeah you're right sixes and a lot but they go. But two and four in the next six in the mayor's go forward to it jumps to eight. Okay and it can go the other way right that sixty before you could be playing the Mariners to back I mean they exerted to win it man and the giants to two I don't know about that. Do we know that we know the a's are in it to win a lot more more on the 62 were passed 81 I don't is this for real. Don't think the a's might go out and art or acquire all of but yet and I don't know why keep put it to the doorstep a date Campbell who you tell me hey dude he's not the guy does get a sign off on the moose but I follow him on Twitter and he's talking about any work in this. We don't don't don't for don't sleep on us in regard to going to make them all the giants to and you got to Fred Barry lookalike tonight. Going on the bump at 1240 baht a day. Fred Berry rerun. I looked like a licks lack. So that basketball fact quite. Oh definitely. I mean there's between basketball fan and baseball on this doughnut that would've seen from quite but he'll work it off. Beginning today. It is is good reports from the 95. What they go three and three eights they split the signal moderates and now yeah but then what do they do by they I mean. She took me. Both the giants and the eighties are in a little bit and no man's land. There. They're not out of it at all Grogan clearly they're not out of it. What are they really did. Are they really can't. Well six games back of the wild card really and it just made that you're reiterated. By default and because the mentality of the front office did a study is they're going for. They told us that when everybody was calling them old pace still something straight something's. We heard Bobby Evans the companies were gone for endemic you look at how many games back they are there wonder what the giants are brilliant. Do you need to go do something. And the 510 Paul and Stockton says they're the talk of baseball because. There and a hell of a division. And the fact that their six back awhile aren't ain't that bad because they might be in the toughest division. In in baseball OK fair enough but you still. You know set up this the setup when he got to deal with it. And they got they got a team six games ahead the Astros are gonna come back. So. You don't you look at it is 51 assists six games back within the fifth best record in baseball. Yeah and that's kind of my my point is so where are you really. You you're Jerry Rice the ace and you don't look behind yet you keep doing what you've been doing and asked taking care of your business. When you take the field in last night they let one slip away starting. My point B and is at the a's don't need to let this not September again it is not the last thirty games so don't look behind just keep winning and key play a sound fundamental bet of fundamental baseball. And the rest will take care of itself there's a lot of season left. So site is not scared here's the other thing. Didier is really need to do let's say the age don't do anything. To me. That's not a concession that they don't think they can get it done I think then you probably wouldn't look at insane you know what. This team right here I'll leave it as it is not a gimme the best shot at get into the post so what message does that seem. If you didn't add when you were close to something that people thought was don't we are upon us now what I'm saying it is he many look at history. It's on yesterday cut said the same thing he said. He thinks his team's got staying power shall I think it's got staying power. Maybe you wanna polish and at. They make it better maybe maybe maybe you think what you think the team's gonna even get better in the second half. By maintaining where the roster is now. I would say. I locker I mean all I'm saying is is the play above their heads right now. I'll oral nowadays Faneca can they get to the post season as kids or they need to make a move. That that's the question I have a good question but I don't necessarily think if they don't do what he finger given up on main. I just think you're right so I was charges preferences like if you're close. Is this the you know it's the duty of the front office to be due to see what you can add to make your team better dole don't forget. Sometimes. You think you're adding and you think you're making that move. That's gonna pitch it pitch over the top. Doesn't mean it's gonna work. Just because you make a move doesn't mean woman our got to climb in the standings. So I'm wondering and if Billy Beane thinks this team right here right now might have. What it takes two to make a run. I don't know but here's when here's a funny. It's. A giants have. Apparently made jets some Georgia avail huffed. I mean good that one and then it didn't work out who follow who. The shock. He's my least favorite players in baseball it's just something about the hair. On my hair that's I don't I'm the people's books I don't Johjima books I judge him. Mean he. And what we call them the shark. Well that's actually good question because he's had the bite of amino. Since he's been in the giant you know nice not racial division I just. To me every some margin starch the same. He gives up two or three runs in the first inning or through. Then he gets it together for two or three innings and it gives up another three in the sixth in the fifth or sixth but. He's an innings eater guru he's an innings eater Joey got going to have to talk a lot about the Bay Bridge series coming up. I have some fun stuff too old talk about here is one thing I'm looking forward to do this throughout idea throughout the course of the show. Elton it will story on the other side open I'm conferred can feel like the best. Peter bargain. In the bay here. I'm looking I'm you know I'm I'll go out have a couple Beers here and there and expensive. Expensive if you go out and so. Just tell you the other day I was somewhere. Got a beer and was like why that's a pretty good price and then I was trying to think what they're better deals out there. I finally got so we're gonna look at talk more about that I think say on the other side. Lists the schools and wounds. Now that this is dying Mexican guru one gaudy 57 big gain. Got this a good balloons and you know what this is Alex special no I don't OK and balloons. We know listeners always demand. When there's new music to know what it is going to tell me what this is my Alex. And it's the HBO K gang would. Have never heard of them are you familiar RA. So don't give up there in Europe you're unfamiliar and so my. Eight K okay wouldn't hurt way what is Burger King. She's OK so what debt burden the HBO K gang. When do we know what H I K I I have a good idea you know what guys off that's where I love this text line 95795. Tell me about age BJ obligated. The big the game. They brief series coming up this weekend and next weekend we're talking about whose hit a bigger series for apparently. By the way Jeff Smart who got his nickname the shark from a teammate at Notre Dame thought he looked like the do from. What the shark move for Finding Nemo just talk about Finding Nemo yesterday. Thought that was free will only if freeloaders free Willie and our orca. And one forgot about it yes so. Funny Mozilla animated by a free Willy the real deal. That free Willy jump over the rocks like. Without special effects and I went and asked a police alike desperate so nobody was it yet wasn't animation. You know I mean I mean it's actually it looked like away. Didn't go there was some trickery involved you know that. Think they can't really do that that I would think now. I wonder if I had a bit I would be given away the decade. Well two it's got the Lewis in Oakland what's going on Louis how you doing man. Laurie Garrett thanks to take your call easy I think we need eight or. We've had portrayed in the past like that we try to get better market for out of the rubble that wouldn't work out figure rated from last year that didn't work out Q well. Keep our young guys keep him under contract. You know cardinal rule a mechanic here in Germany broke don't fix it right now we have the best record in the majors this. What will be first we could use some like that yeah I think it's more. I think it's a more important here right now for the days they can't afford to lose 45 out of six they got the wind carry vote period and I keep moving forward with that. With a winning record and keep piling up percentage over 500 and start moving around Seattle. And Lewis if if the a's don't make a move you wouldn't necessarily take that as. Well where we don't think we have a chance I would almost take it the other way like Billy might think the teams got enough to make a run. I think I think what they're saying is the plan we haven't worked. And it's you know it's working on the field they have a lot of depth right now more depth in mostly in and who got to give them some then. Where they're not gonna have to give something away I mean that's the thing they're they're pure pure and their president is in their young ballplayer right now. And they need to stay the course of those guys. And you know it illustrates just don't work out that well I think if you look item in the long run most of time where we gonna try to force the market again I don't think so. Thanks a lot of the call Lewis appreciate it. Then he's pitched for both teams. Oh shark Jeff nobody got the nickname for something he did on the matter but. About the college I used to play football in college and and iris apparently the Yankees in the giants have talked about some margin. By the Yankees have concerns about their short right field porch. So margin obviously right handed pitcher and I'm sure the American League batters hopes didn't want them to New York. Yes. Anyway I I do think I think it's a more important game sorry series. For the ace too because it looks like the giant like the ace he. They can't. Flounder at all. I think actually were might be founder. Who left checked me little 150 game I don't I go out like noble what I'm saying is that there's six back of the wild card so. They can't afford. To win eight on ten game stretch. As sad as it is the giants. Can better. Our our better equipped to handle it kinda stretch because. This the divisions that god is good and they're closer in the wild card it's unfair but that's that's the way it is. So anyway it was a bigger series for. Giants race. I OTAs but yeah we saw heartbreaking loss from the a's last night so here are going DMB and a young team I think today. You Cano led to the Bay Bridge series of today stunning FL like today they got to show that you have the mettle to bounce back from that. Home off hand you don't want to check back we have four and then I it took Toledo markets got a homer Mikey here all the days so would you rather have. Just animal losing nine hit was hit five yeah I get out of every when he was five nets forward to bring me back. It did good today oh we're not there yet we got that we haven't blew a lead all year it doesn't. That stains c'mon it's things but it's it's that old question would you rather. Who lose a one point game in basketball or get blown out I mean. I heard Gibbs on the more shark. I haven't come around his way of thinking. It's better they score four runs in the night the taken an extra innings and they just go quietly. That's that's what you want young team that did little. You know how there is enough that the residue if Aaron what I'm bored I get your addiction but if there's but if they are young team. Fate if you're young team you can't get down on one game. Aegis you just did we'll see today a guy to. Now what are they were to lose three or four row had ended his Bay Bridge series in your like coma or two games Friday it. You rumble and I wanna see some from the green and gold today. So the other last week I go to I was him I would my buddy. Never been to one of these places along long time but we would put the chili's for looked while there. And so we've got up there in 2000 chips and up and up and I I get tea. Order a beer and I was for lunch subtitle I gotta light beer. And they brought over when he adults collapse I twenty ounces. It was four dollars. A that you are about to say 144. Dollars. In Chile when he colts. Miller Lite so you you got your money's a war well eggs so I'm sitting there looking at twenty ounces of beer for four dollars. You know I know there are a lot of other boy you get a bottle of Miller Lite a bar some times it's five. Go to get there that's twenty ounces of beer for four. Dollars that's pretty good I must say that's the best I've her. Really yeah I there's got to be something went zero for twenty ounces for four dollars now it's a light beer it's a light Beers so. You know it's not a I PA one of those one of those cost we'd be yours. So. There you go. Point forum I have to stop by if there's a magnet beer guy. If there's a better deal out there I'd I'd love to hear I do have one better. The most amazing Bure deal that's ever been created. Was. It's still out there the brewery called drinks brewery of carted out in San Leandro left a rapper Drake now focus. I got to listen of that album though I was process often and in Dampier was allowed to. You know that awarded first kind of craft brew places round here and they have this Friday happier. And they hate they would you pay five dollars. It yet. Here's yet let's go by Alley already you have to you have to pay five dollars to get it collapse. I don't have to by the glass. And then for another five dollars. You got four tokens. Each one for a beer. So you got four craft Beers five dollar it was ten in the first time but then it was five every time after that. That was about boy that must have been included 810 years ago. I don't doubt their that you had an exit now it doesn't it changed it yeah it's it's more expensive now yeah a bit but. That was the best deal I've ever I've ever have to stay defused before why. So. The other day in and these you know I'm a social beer drinker again like Torre for four count me and I'd I'd do it. But I like to be yours become in the big long glass. That's that's run out of Raleigh and Martinez what's going on Roy you do when meant. Yeah you knew you guys do well I should. April lipid arm I love this show and I I want to appeal peer expert sports act in the I watch the replay of that eight game final. A million times at night. I wanna know what the ruling is out of all that it all and triple there are owed that not a foul ball. Well that's a fair ball yet it came back to the field of play it's a fair ball on solid Spain and and when Luc Roy got it. Everything's it's a fair ball you gotta you gotta react but unfortunately didn't react rush that's raw while a lot of times. Ball B roll down the line it goes foul and they pick it up right away. Because in order to come back in to be fair and it was a perfect like we're about to get me out. It. Bind them in streaks streaks is still the call the first Friday opened up to me that that's everywhere and every cities cabinet Union City still. Yet to have won the first Friday is pretty much everywhere. Yet you don't and they don't second Saturday. Terrorists now do you get songs always sound started where was that beer it was a chili's twenty ounces for four dollars got to be a light beer though I think or like. So if I'm drinking lied I can expect what not to the impact of the lesser. The calories or less or that the alcohol say. And so with the calories not really none and on and in my moral no room that's my diet pizza you know Judy creek become what it now if you that's not seem to die at Pete if you twelve. I tell you right now if you got a twelve adults IP AR and a twelve ounce Miller Lite. It might be double by PA might be 200 calories for twelve ounces. A light usually about a hundred and so. But the funny thing was is you know back ten years ago. I think what I can do my career guru here I mean I wouldn't say was floundering. Foundering effort to check that you're right I dabbled in that I was gonna go to. University Davis to get my. Master. Ruling place nice campus universe I'd say it's got the most prestigious. Wine slash. Beer making. You know the craze it's like you actually go to grand opera channel and you almost made the decision. I almost did yeah but out while I was researching it I found the streaks brewery keep in mind is fifteen and now was 1015. So. I saw that. The first Friday of every month they had a score the dregs broad gun and started like 4 o'clock percent 330 and allied death so I go over there on my boy Dana course were early. And we get there developed. I don't know 325. Ready you're always wait outside and somebody goes. Weakens sounds like yeah can help you get. Like yeah we're here for the tour. And he starts laughing and and he says hold on a second. They basically lifts up this garage door with a like off a bar in there and then like couple big bats. There's the brewery. What are you guys happen. It was just like you know they called it a tour it was really like the first fry yeah gadget you know it is I've always has sought a stay with the are prejudiced or. There's two they're Drake is known joke with salt place. Let's go to Charlie on what's gonna put it Lional first let's get lined a first to get to Charlie which outline a. And gone. And you know there's debate about war war war. The what being. In or act that way and it. But that's gonna go all caught being in sort of like a Little League kind of walk off but. Is he meant it could not like the aids from August like early to amber at a beach its own game. And what they and over. I've been kind. Enough good. Day. Might be I have may make in the play out well under an. I'm not rate. They've unlocked if they are well that the octagon abatement and read it. You know it ain't no problem and Ella. They actuary and yeah we. You know and all of oh La BA great ally or Tammy and he would be eight well it. But it diet because they attic you know war into the bow you know retreat in the 500. You know. I mean that that that the warning at that like they enacted it it because that's where you'll have been in and out years and now it. A great way that you might see in Little League and the BB IE one like an eight overall. Oh. Eight you know. That. Well back. Thanks thanks a lot appreciate it I did not say that light beer had as many. As much alcohol is on the case what didn't come up because we just come out to calories. Yet the calories. It's both what I say it's only one. What we know it was an IP and let's just say yeah but like Ryan Miller yeah right. And I think he's and the light is BS because it's all the same let me know knowledge I think the IPA would be about 200 plus calorie on any alcohol pride beat. About seven shouldn't maybe about maybe a little high the light beer. Maybe hundred calories the alcohol that. Three and a half the floor. Not allowed guy put. Four still in its kitchen where you wanna go here if if you wanna get better put it some more big daddy day this is what I do you know. If that's your breath out funny watching Wimbledon and sort boy Brad Gilbert's on there are a breath yeah we write a rare. Huge rate different and he's he specializes in. Are fighting the beer with the least amount of calories but the highest amount of Al. Does he still really good shape yeah I like oh yes so he drinks. To the level of ice on. What I weeks. She's can't get it everywhere but. Thus this but I reason yeah yeah yeah I don't know it's got to know somebody now I don't know in a local 7-Eleven total unit you don't do Lukas two hours they won't have that OK apparently they did say the alcohol semi apology. I didn't mean I actually didn't mean let's go to Charlie in New York what's up Charlie otsuka. They looked up Fella right guys don't. All right and at my sense is about the eighties I. Don't think they should make any move so I think I can come into this season eight they expect to be in this position I think there had to schedule. At a really young team almost a he blows them away with a package of prospects treatment. Stick to close moved even now I don't know because they have entitled a couple of years. On. Yet remember. Pitching prospects are gonna come back next puck and it caught my team. I don't quick story imaginable beat the other eye and they had a player that I don't remember the player but the political or. And and most silly. Maddon took over that she said the sit the second after the war they finished the best record I think after the Eagles are great. And they were discussing whether they should make any move and he says that you see repeat the players in the clubhouse that know. We don't want anyone to ask us we where we got this were good we don't want any issues that they were. A player's name but it would they were your country. An open election year they you know what to the World Series so it's probably I probably hey let's. And they get blown away a packet that I would right because I think that's. That's but that's what they should do anyway. Appreciate the call Charlie. Yeah and how do you know Charlie nine EA games in. If followed it tell you the best team with the best record in the American League is in New York yankees' stunning with 59 victories. In the a's have 51. Don't don't rain on my parade. In regard older sits back and CF I don't care again about that I'm not even look at it that. If we're only eight games out of the win column from the Yankees dammit we're doing something right and I don't think it's too far fetched surprise or not. We can look to be buyers it did deadline because it would not you would not the front office. We do when you're due diligence if all of a sudden you're close. You don't try to looked at let's not say oh we think we're going to be here so let's not do that let's let it play out. Eminem said great rapper you get one chance. And right now it's a one shot. Which is giants. If you're gonna quote Eminem he's got to get that we are exactly right are you wash out there ago. Which is one chicks. Should have been doing lately and that just did things he does doubt this conflict cock it sums up and with Eminem and his music had to say it. I must say he's fallen off a bit. That deal with it but you jerk terminology. Back in the day he was due to bad bowling was one of the did someone say better than draped. At their high point. At Drake type avoided Eminem you were you better get Drake it is we give it to him and him when he hit the scene and how he was rapid and what he was saying. I got a bad out to. Any murder Jay-Z on his on a song to the didn't do wit. And and a human him one of the greatest verses of ever solo so can you repeat it or now now. When we get those Beers which here and now natural ice is what is another big one but yet but ice is what but ice but I think it's. My guess some oil on the day. It's. Have the numbers in front but it's like naturalized U about a five point five alcohol. 130 calories so what you haven't what are the tax Leinart 5795. Have not heard a better deal. Twenty ounces of beer for four dollars twenty ounces a light beer for four dollars is the best. I've heard of user any deal out there that's better than that in the Bay Area that's my question. So Alicia Keys Eminem and up really do do do was he was a man. It it's pretty amazing. We'll also update the entire rescue Stewart really spend enough time yesterday it's captured the imagination of the entire plan that would give the movie. There are told that them already out and I think we didn't more than one movie I really do I there's some things we have no idea what went on the question is will. They were in the dark. The whole time so that's. Oh yeah groans all my job all over the duke does a smile I'll ask my Kryptonite faction I'll stop and talk a little bit more about that is that there have to be. Got out there are all healthy but they need. They need what's called. They need some maintenance is what they need they need to make sure that stuff that happened in the cave and a I do make them sick like picking up an infection in Alaska. Some kind of sickness what the latest on got told that I wouldn't be in it was real what a joke I. I can't tell and I can't stop thinking about the united. Dark hole for two weeks and then you know we as being that you don't you just know scores. It's you don't know what's who's when they want. It is Watson last and you list what I'm you know you don't get the scores of the games. No because I'm the driver got out did that would be part of my pain that I'm stuck is I can't. Due to the scoreboard to find out yeah I got to believe you're not thinking about that you're not thinking about the pirates. I'll bet they don't even cross your mother might cross your mind. On the fight yeah I have no doubt aren't mean who knows do you go into a cave in their. Eleven batters he cannot but I haven there either for batter and got there what they'd do that the positive we get rescued. What are you doing a number al-Qaeda you know who's you know what you would do guru well what I saw superstitious you are. If you got stuck in that case for eleven days. Endured eleven to expand the pirates. Would cut into their deficits from eight games to four. You've go back and Todd are all day he's. You don't you look out that's tough I would have thought I read that I've read get activated just look at ram you know about Matt go all the way here but man. Superstition is real there's some 288579570. Best beer bargain in the day. Also who's had a bigger series for the eighties but the job. Stunning mix and Hulu continues. On 9576. Team. And what's theirs. I mean that's like. Clearly Eminem and Alicia Keys. Courses. We got. Hot guys say there's a bar in San Jose where you get to. Twelve ounce voter vote lights for two bucks each. Polarizing point four ounces for two well I. He just says it's a forty niner borrowed a may that's name of our forty niner bar. Apparently you. Can get a 48 pan. Of Kirkland beer for twenty known. Expert commentary on the same note that I had 48 pat. And one on the way here. Well. 95 is and get to king cobra is forty ounces each. For 550 out the door come law yet they're going out of business who aren't held mall on I don't want to do. You don't call liquor obviously got more alcohol than regular beer who liked. Can someone out there tell me the difference between malt liquor and let's say I PA. Because. They both have about the ultimate owners like to meet liquid crack like it's going straight to the yeah you'll be you'll you'll be on your back so I only had malt liquor or inspect and Colleen 88 at a time do it and CN. You know. You're doing I'm Shaw liquor is like you have bad intentions. Let's go to Antonio Oakland what's up its own they'll come beer you drink wouldn't drink beer Antonio. Turn your radio down. Antonio. He was excited about the Bay Bridge series. I take what malt liquors a beer with no hops apparently. No hops pops Hobson. Hops yeast. Is to make a little appeared mocha or that take. But that Baltimore bullets what does that no gun bullets in our garage who used to Deere run so we have thirty reluctant. Automatic if he would make the bull how do you make a bull. Well he's got his little workshop in the garage right on powdery indications. I would watch Ramadan ended on sat on the north. So Arnold and you make your own beer pops is making his own bullets. How long does it take for you to you know make a beer like well. About a month out months here I thought that was like TEA you make it then you drink. Now you you you Mitt you are when the thing that. You may kidney and put it in a and for having done it while you make you put it a big. I cut. Pink buck you know I mean one of those. Even bigger and they need it you let it go for like ten days to two laps then you do something else with it it's cool it's pretty cool when you do it right. In fact. It's so if you really proud of it. But I was making my beer or you can just go to Canada limited did it dipped to two over two before pack. We'll go to 7-Eleven slippery today because for out to the device but what I'm saying it is. I remember I made my made my first beer was it was a pale ale I drank get. It's good a little it's a little. Raw like the little bit unfinished. Because it'll put you put sugar in it all that stuff at the ended taste better because you may yes it does and the process here's like the sixers. It appears yes here's the other thing. Hang over. Not there when you make your own because you're not put in all the stuff and that's I tell when budget quit. It equate it takes too long. I credit you know it's yet again for a hobby aren't started to. Six of money into it too and it's fun now it released five I'd recommend let's go to LeRoy Oakland what's up LeRoy. It was always phones and LeRoy these are regular death toll oil LeRoy. Yeah these are he's a record five singularly or who is as if this again. We got our guy or not we might be stiff and him it's Odeo what's up in Oakland kind of beer to drink when. You drink a beer. A lot of and elect tell jokes. I like hundred years. Like they'll promote a go to mom offered appear. You don't let on it's funny Antonio's Stella was not even around we were kids up. It's become so pa what they liked the name last ten years human Stella. Sounds so I'll tell Hartwell itself off. Who's bigger series. And. Here's surged on my agent should be your clears my page. I'm in as far as them on the you know traded you know archery opting to stand pat. You know I'll think we have like a serious weakness condemned this starters they're part of modern top prevent it will pan am actually using you know world were on a roll right now. You know puzzled or traumatize a lot of them are trading system that's true Jon Lester. Economic and have been blood let from Canada to move boats like you understand because of that. In armies to present everything else like actually we have that we isn't really so you know similar to the warriors. Haven't what is it like that. Appreciate the call Antonio is always. He said no it. Is to use center fielder. Veteran center fielder. You don't forgot to. Will do and we got to pick up protocol today not all we'll do that it has been a real lot 1141145. I'm there a protocol on a couple rules limited. Implement answer I am a case you don't know what pick up protocol is is. You're tired working on a book. Pick up basketball rules. Pick up answer some things just need to be define etiquette yes etiquette protocol. The way you choose teams the way call fouls everything's everything. And we've learned a lot doing this. The introduction of this I got a I there's stick with. I gotta we've got to. I don't we've got to universal lies something we've got to make something universal. When it comes to pick up basketball. Anyone that we need a sponsor and we wanna spoil it but it's got something to do with the school or score. So that'll that's fifties that'll hold you that'll hold you. For a little bit. Longer. Our. Annual. So. Giants days well and also some other stuff going on to rue to see Adam silver. Says that the warriors dominance is not. Bad for the NBA but this was after he kind of eluded two months ago that it to the super T is there were kind of bad he backtrack he did Michael Jackson he backtracked. Didn't yet. Amid the moonwalk you know he would yeah. Let's go a month ago he was saying now the lawyer super team is basically his whole point was he did say the warriors exactly but. The whole super team thing is is not good for the league from a competitive balance it. You know he came to it from that angle Lester verbiage used that's what I took out of it and then yesterday like I don't know all systems go. This beautiful. Well he did say that they're they're they're may be ways to quote unquote create a better system. But. Two to create competitive balance but it's like. Any the first thing everybody's talking about the seeding one through sixteen. And I don't I don't really see how that changes anything out of it makes it more interesting because you'll see. Playoff matchups that you never seen before seen before but. Is that if if you go through if you go one to sixteen is that gonna make the warriors get the championship more difficult now. And I don't think that's why would change I just think it would make the league look bad to where you see. Everybody has those set eyes you can look NC okay the better teams are in the west it doesn't look imbalanced. And if you want to sixteen. Hey. You wouldn't be like on this east is weak in I hate that narrative but it's true when you say it. A majority of the that the you know the better teams are coming out the west less less less dual. I wanna you know list yet east is almost like a scholarship now starting. I hear I hear a by the way according to our sources in the soundproof Booth. The forty niner barnes' San Jose is down the street from my house says Alex is it really called Alex is forty niner and well look I wonder what their idea what they're right so. Let's show you get to bud bud light's for. Two bucks each up c'mon that's 24 ounces for a 24 ounces for four dollars and deride that Softbank I think that's the leader. And took it eight awaits its have you ever guy. Have you guys ever had a guy refused to play with a with a woman in a pickup game. I'll watch CN. No way the outcome style Italian and outplay it would cut throat criminals villains. Are seen at all so. There's nine guys like I'm one girl and and we only got to apply all you have one god I saw. I guess I shouldn't come on man that's a joke and it started with her trying to guard him is when he didn't live from everybody. Amount what do you do. We who had seen him yet the young lady was one of the team and right she was guarding him before were about to him back on the ball start to game the ball to start the game. He goes on good is if he. Didn't want her gore like. She more went right requires and then the work Barbara quick study is the game didn't go because we could we only had nine. I'm like where where'd you come from do that is who your parents. That's awful that is often hostile team now also lies now listen I I realize that. There's a lot of much she smoked. In basketball. If there's a woman playing in. And she's the offer loosened guarding you go latter idea true I do too. I do too. I think you have to rent coaches did you can't you're on the court I don't yeah yeah yeah I. I did I'd start ups and I'll block your shot of any other okay. I don't I don't change my game yeah I I got to stay out of your let's go out there I do the same thing I know it's funny it's. It's that thing where I've ever played against. Like a great player not a group like a guy who play division one or something and Steve Nash every general but I think he would JR right when those guys played a pickup game. It's always tough for a guy like that good because. Date that if they try their hardest you know they're gonna just dominate Oca. Else other player with guys who are as good as them so. Some of summertime then they come and they just kinda go through the motions. And then you'll like I had two great. He's too cool for the game so you guys are in a tough Spock as they come in and they don't want to dominate. That people think. They don't know why injuries occur when you come at half past. Toledo's. My own handy do daddy when he was to try to make the league and like if you come on in the NAFTA and we knew he changed. He like now like he was better then what would it who you want to training camp with a warrior you know that an important. Then when I did vote me out like are you saw value. And Smart now would audio hardware and I'll let I'll let me about it out of I c'mon think it's really hard like. Sometimes I played I used to play in this morning game a lot of times up and down time I've been kind of a similar role for awhile okay. Prick politics and yeah but was inside. But so anyway. Mullah Chris Mullin would come and play lap leaders east. He's got a rule that's what he's got a rule he needs to sweat today. I'm like dad that's usually why don't look Larry right now it two times today which I was those very great nothing to strive for but I knew he used to play in these kids may usual. But he was incredible. Pat. Play in hard. But not you don't mean that we CEE didn't like the loose he knew he knew how to do it. Yet he he was the best I've ever seen like a great player. Just blended into pick up game perfectly not big time and everybody like I had a play. I'm better than you all what about you with a five monopoly would guy that I did a gamer and a pro mod goal was to ball allow. Auto maker called Billy and we got his due to added jobs and do go to you don't know I don't so I I would I get overzealous and trotted shell out. Against the pro knowledge.