Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis

Franco & Kags Podcast
Sunday, April 2nd

Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis joins Franco and Kags and shares her take and readings on Mark Davis, Matt Cain, Sonny Gray and more!


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Welcomed Franco tags an ID 57 negate IG on a frank and I'm an academic east we are so happy to have our guest in today Andrea now us joins us she's Virgo in service an astrologer. It's a consulting business as well as a sports a stroll it is. Now Andrea you must have a fascination with sports is you IBC pay a lot of attention to the astrology all these players. Yeah that's sort of my two passions is astrology and sport and I feel blessed to blend the two of them together. And it actually started many moons ago I wanna think 2001 I was at an east game. And very eagerly pitching. And I did you know heard it was a little odd eccentric did yoga and it opinion China called him on the post game show. I guess who is Robert on back in the states and neither would they hit me sign up for the college he made it. So believe it was kind of lightning in a bottom like is called in on a whim because I'd like astrology I like baseball. And sport in any kind of turned into an interesting nick it's. And are they now are you a fan of any certain teams and does it ever sway your readings at all that hard to separate like I really like this guy but. And he's not gonna be doing so well this year. You know that the next question you know I boot on the Bay Area teens. And I really felt rather odd Tim Lincecum in his struggles. It was quite. Fault from Greece and I was actually in contact. Which is dead at the time and you'd want to root for him. You know you just in your heart but after logically being objective it professional I knew there was pattern transit it would typical. Transit on the horizon and it was important to be in a professional and have a modicum of detachment hard though it maybe. So wind you so be a fan a sports here in the Bay Area when you see players like Tim Lincecum for example let's say calling cabernet and do you think they have a story plays out with the media when they you know he's kind of had a bit of a fall from grace as well. Did that. Spark her interest in you start really looking into the charts. Oh yeah I've been looking at Colin charts for years now he's the super intense scorpio. And what's interesting is you haven't hit that return that happens at age 2930. And that McCormick's cycle of indeed been new beginning. So he started by taking a stand and you know taking any kind of speaking his truth. And now you know it'll be interesting to see where he'd land but I always admired that scorpio passion and intensity. And conviction that he brought everything he did I mean I love him or hate them. He did have that powerful magnetic. Mysterious complexity to it. Speaking of a love hate relationship Mark Davis. Is get a lot of new fans in Vegas that may be losing and here in. Oakland because of what happened with the raiders moving to Las Vegas now that coming down from NFL owners what can you tell us about mark's astrology. Yes it anyway. And as I admit it you know quite mysterious. This is the first time I can remember that I haven't been able to track down. A person there could be yeah I mean we keep PD it's common knowledge do little digging here in the air but there is some secret is there. We keep keep you just listed 19541955. In Charleston, South Carolina went on social media did and when have a bird state. So we need you know this with a grain itself that may or may not be accurate but. This is what someone. Told me on Twitter may sixth nineteen could be mixed Charleston, South Carolina. So we have to tore it I mean it will escalate that the basic part qualities. You know we have a high road and the moral code. So there's the determination and certainly with tar and but the road is very materialistic. Kind of self indulgent and the little lazy like OK and that's the good offers you roomy. And he is born in 1966 so he's having. Increasing transit noted the erotic square Iran and mid sixties rebellion. If you falling into the rough. This is when you want to shake things up and do something different. Oh well that's it. So I think people need to eat sometimes they retired do something else. Move you know change their home but he's really. You know being very rules and they might may not be considering his options carefully. And curiously. If this is any consolation to raider fans maybe not the best timing. Bit con this whole thing went down on the darkness in Aries the unit's reactor grade not the best time for deal making. We're running into Mercury back to grade April 9 to may third which is not good for contracts and negotiations. Transportation technology. So it'll be interesting to see how things pan out but you know he he left a lot of band broken hearted in you know including me. I already raider fans. And I I am you know client and I've been to repeat sports bar in. You know. Art and soul I think during months summed it up quite eloquently. Being a fellow ITT said. You know like taking green baby in the Packers or the Celtics have often. You know that certain franchises that just don't match when you take the matter their heart and soul. And they and that was really well said by dream now speaking of the lawyers out the words actually express some good news this week about Kevin Durant and it's futures looking it seven to ten days a reevaluate him again. What does his future look like right now. Yes we have Kevin Durant September 291988. The Washington DC. He's only brought like. And us. I cannot believe they did a very big year for relievers why. Jupiter planet of expansion an abundance is and leave for its won TP twelve. Years. And it's continuing through the end of this year I really like in due predicted that at a parts of the zodiac it makes things bigger more and better. So the combination of Kevin coming over to the warrior and hit a return 1982 remember that year. So turning 3029. That you know he made some major. Moved so basically Q there is an excellent transit for healing for optimism for a binding in. Different kind of the night this cup so this is really good timing. That he healed you know relatively quickly I mean bet that you know very enthusiastic and optimistic very successful confident. He backed and supported by appealing an abundance. Protected from accidents and harm. So this is good strong will power you know timing and everything I think Johnny Damon that there is timing his life like this tiny. Mr. doesn't. It's. Important. That could not try and if I may borrow it. In Kevin Durant case very very. Opportune time as we going to be. Stretch of the baseball of the basketball playoffs. Another bass club plans writer on the corners we have to ask you though about a couple of baseball player that are making headlines pitchers. You know seems like the giants have struggled hit teen and then of course to get the news of Sonny gray being injured with the a's we haven't even started the season let's talk a little bit about Sonny gray whatever what we expect out of him. In this year in the season. You would think bought. Bob Melvin is also a scorpio and and signing him I think have a very special connection being felt scorpio. I mean November 7 1989 again and everything in 2930. Yeah. Yes there buried you know pivotal factor returns cycle of anything new beginning. And are you on November 7 1989 national Tennessee. Is what I have for sunny and yup I yes that that's strained lap they're expecting him to return mid April. Melvin said very cost is still want to rush him by the court being quirky funny to America tackles. In my. Right there one of the most intense signs of that though they're beard is regenerating and transformation. Is their middle names so they want you know get out there and indeed they're saying. I remember the play out year ago you know it's really exciting to see him. So typically. Seat next year winged cupid goes into scorpio is huge for him the right now hasn't said do you personally where it's okay. But actually next year. Is a very abundant cycle for him get more planets in scorpio you don't wanna miss with sunny. I thought he looked both leave in the ice in the new and well mark Mercury and include it in scorpio so he's like hell bent on transformations. Is very powerful. Cell. But if you're you know I am a get nervous when I say it and the trading deadline you know return Jupiter next year's huge for him instantly with the day by. You know it's tempting to look too far ahead I try not to. But you know a bit this year you know it it's kind of a mix bad but I think he should be fine. While we're gonna have to send this segment to Billy beans yes David for so that they can hear this that. Hey you can become the next year is here to watch out are you can't need to get minority. Start ponying up money now yeah and there any record or yesterday that you know really be angry Ebert they that's true that's that's right well let's across the day right now let's talk about Maxine looks at a fifth starter role for him look at expectations we have for him this year. You ask McCain. Is like that content to a trial. For. Not selling athletes especially pitchers to long term contracts based on past perform. The whole beauty of sport astrology it's based on future performance not rewarding players for Pam perform. So basically. Marge is crucial time for now let's start there. And then get Matt's birthday on. Recording dot April 11980s. Water. April passes Saturday. A lot of calls I answer Atlanta where are you the difference. We needed my ballot the army we. Back in October 11984. Goats and Alabama. OK so basically. Moderate is a crucial planet for and actually improved energy surge and that collection. He would market 27 degrees said area. Saturn plant of limitations. 27 degrees said Terry. Saturn Mars once on the debt one on the great frustration. Action meet with resisting. So. You know he thanked you know he's like for the pair. It's not a very opportune time for him it's very challenging to do it the regular clinic you know. Bottle that and until night to initiate anything be in the outside world. But you can't do it battling for the fifth starters so this is not a good. He's in for him. So GM Bobby Evans well a perfect world McCain would be met cane and he'd be the fifth start. Will be limited Arctic planetary well. And how ironic that Iman it. Contract like 127. Point five million dollars. And getting twenty million years would I get them by about bullpen. Miners are probably held its starters and demoted to the pan but. When you go to our heat of the country ended you'll still have been up and kind of language and not be in the spotlight right. So it's really you know added that with the injuries and what part for the past three seasons and you know it's it's not a good state of events you know the good news you know in the sports world. Up and coming Tyler speedy type law who believe bra I blocked. So you know it's there and I think twenty million left this year to let you know they find out if he's gonna pay in its starter but it's the real well hungry. That's about baby maybe someday it'll happen. Ala Barry Zito in the World Series we're really just redeemed at. Everything that happened with the giants bring him over and that great performance at comet somehow come across the UI or something and do a wealthy not wealthy mostly fingers crossed you know. That's the good reference to bury the biggest but the giants didn't like OK he would decide on winner in Oakland you know yeah we'll take him in the giants signed him and the like. Well that's because that was the Kaplan and no it doesn't need to replicate patenting it's got people. You know again rewarding based on past performance I love Barry's ego he's totally open to astrology ate the witness stand. At the coliseum with his parents. On he's a great idea you're wondering angle that his wife on the show at all she's doll she's a sweetheart a Casey broke down some of our favorite players had to get a little bit of our. Charts are astrology. Atlanta years inane your so sweet to send me my chart on my birthday which just happened in March on the height he sleep train mind. And and encourage the tightened tin that's. Very intuitive. Yet and you know what considering that it. Try to you know he to rebound but not to take it you think on the playoff aside a couple of red flag just wanna put that out to be service. But I'm yet Yana march 9:5 AM San Diego California I eat. No we could very spiritual very intuitive very creative. Want to be loved cared for code. He's swimming into the opposite directions spiritual and material. And notre into. Our planet in a acquire equipment and on and of the zodiac and I think that's why people more than their unkind nagger crises. But that require writing which is rebellion non conformist freedom loving it and trade bohemian. No child of the sixties and her life. And here we are doing astrology that that's you know very. You know bohemian. Unconventional. So many more conventional but nonetheless. Aquarius rising. Martin McCrary moon and Christian freedom and independence and we had interesting pipe is all about merging in. How can I help how I feel very ethereal and mystical and you know Obama sacrificing time. And then we have aquarium. Which is like I need my own based site need to kind of be. In my own. Eccentric orbit and very people oriented gregarious. So it's what you do on the radio you know the woman sport and that kind of be so bold. I'm next year Yani is huge do you career why. So I just wanted to put that bad seed in the soil I'd Jupiter. Do not happy dance handed him happy to. It's. You put our planet an expansion abundant in your penthouse that career and this is a good point I have an accurate but it's time Gionta yes a lot of the athlete and that's why I'm working with them personally. I don't have an exact birth time. And that really pinpoint a lot of the transit so it's. You know the more information the more per site I can beat. So that was excellent that you had your birth time with a lot of times I did get the birthday off the roster. So that's why you cupid going in your hand count of career. Opportunity you think your career choices promotion broaden your horizons teaching travels so just thought I'd mention that. This is breaks heating up enough. Yeah I was of their I don't get so excited OK we hear about panic she's a lot going on this year how does a better than Matt Cain yet never once he's expecting a baby out of he knew that it. Has her second beat is on the way. Oh how wind a bit too obvious forthright now. Know as well liked man in Baumgartner everyday. Tell and it. At the big king and queen of the zodiac be prepared for that with a Leo. Yeah I know you'll Leo moon and a October. Second 1983 games to go California. 12:30 AM. So why did we. You know lever to sign a balance beauty harmony. Grade. Designing this studio. I have a few more things written about ribera. Packed packed full diplomatic. Cooperating. Compromising. Partnership ordering in food Leber top and seek to do what they think is best for everyone's. Yeah you understand the need to accommodate that people are willing to meet you the person half way again harmony down in that one rocked the so that. Basically you know leap partnership equality justice society of the scale. And then we absolutely Leno booted our emotions are habit pattern moon in Leo. Is in love with. Is very grand very dramatic silicon and the baby will be telling him Leo for the abuse and had a go right there are. And can't arising from the family feel. That predominate. So your LeapFrog. With a Leo among pretty glamour and then cancer rising food family. Deal. You are great like at the food in hammering at 100% exactly. Yeah. So that's real and Jupiter is going to be a fourth count again because if you provided inaccurate part time foretell the Coleman's family Jupiter is expansion. Expanding your home will be another hearing ahead so that's a nice window. For expanding the home. Family. The other baby yeah baby that's due in August. So that's a nice tranda once every twelve years and then Q during the six count is nice for children as well. So did you plan to baby after the logically into one heavily. Now we let you know basically AM my sister got married in November. And we're seeing Aaron you know we'll start having China have a second child after that and kind of have a right away. It was it tibia. Yeah and what I need your first child. He's a secretary sees December 20. A little bit interesting right on the cut the winner of it but that's sent to carry it. Yes in fact that you know greatly December 21 on the cusp is well the twentieth that we set fire signed. And is Leo so both your children will be buyer signs. They're at buyers they might be pitchers is this your that's compares with openings and agree and I another look at that and a how about. Grooming him early yeah. I'm Mikey it is on last I don't eat that right hid behind his back and a aren't you more about it and cry in it yes teaching yes and they are here at Robert crew here from what I understand. It seems like it definitely. Andrea thank you so much joint SE this a lot of fun please promise you'll be back again this was we're gonna have to have you on again I can talk to for an hour I'm looking ports hopefully more. More of this down there and loved yet more tax than red. Oh yeah I happened to be inserted the with a lot of fun I love this time of year are. With you know the basketball playoff baseball season starting so thank you for the opportunity to share my sports astrology and to do your charts as well. There's so grade and you can sign Andrew malice in Virgo and surveys dot com and she's a great Twitter follow you can follow on Twitter Twitter act. Virgo in service also. Enters a nice talking to deal. Yeah I think you've ridden part of the day you don't. I. So that was exciting and thankful my gosh it's like we're on our perhaps for where we should be exactly where. Refiling the stars we are following the stars and I love this kind of idea to have a challenge books and books on the home that was shed more timely exit down amber I counted talked her more Anna she's very age is dean and that I'm sure sadistic new natural break of your whole hearted but it's a really interesting read and I'm glad we got to speak with her too because when you hear the explanation. Yeah it makes more sense what you're reading to sometimes like OK the planet's and in this but it. He out I was I was but I cannot wait to next Erica apparently either hang out in my career year in good time better late than ever it. And he has certainly been my date Franken gags that it adds seven game.