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Sunday, July 22nd
The Ski Team gets the Giants perspective on the Bay Bridge Series finale from Giants beat reporter Chris Haft (@sfgiantsbeat) of and Pick Up the Pieces with Producer Alain!

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The thing is it's not as transferable as greatest tennis is with there inbounds out of bounds you know with the ball stuff like it's just. There's much more to it and like I this Texas it makes a great place and 95 that's a good dad would you read it please yeah. The pitcher needs to figure out different strike zones for fourteen different position players on every team yet that's right I can work are gonna pull out of a yardage book like in golf like this guy here's this guy. Are already built largely either play generating a hologram over home play don't want this crisis that I thought. Edit getting used to be back in the day which I guess I don't agree with these things let when they had American League and National League umpires and they are separate. Entities you I had different American League quote unquote strikes out as opposed to a nationally strike zone but then again something about the 95 text or like. The picture already does have to figure out fourteen different vertical strike zones 'cause that the wit never changes notes it's just the height eighteen inches fourteen inches and that they have plenty left for every player already a pitchers already accounting for the strike zone I guess you'll be harder if it wasn't just based on their height. I don't. But the port of all of this that I. I don't wanna get too far away from is that it ultimately no matter how we define the strike zone no matter anyway we do any of this stuff. A robot does it better than human. When it comes to to a thing like a strike zone. We can teach your robot to do it better. Than a human is capable. Just like math. I don't see a lot of people out there stumping against calculators. Okay. Humans can be taught to do every map calculator could do it was just take us a lot longer and we wouldn't do is go to the job we make a lot more mistakes. Why would you wanna human doing it won a calculator does a better. We're gonna find out from stand and Alameda who says no robot umpires exclamation point exclamation point on the call screener what's up Stan. Bad go to great great shell you know I think. Basically to have a robot umpires that you can't get rid of the catcher because you have to have some type of the late in the back. No no I'm just talking with all right there won't get a garage doors lock hold on wait wait sing and dance suffer once again. Your I'm not saying you have to replace every umpire with a robot I'm saying the strike zone will be called by computer. Totally totally but Nolan Ryan said he's PLO umpire all the time and then he tried umpiring. And there's a gray area he said on on on strikes and bought these debt from that point on he never does have yelled at another umpire and he bit. It's not easy job we know you gotta you gotta remember how meatball and strikes or aren't picky tedious project some time and and is a lot of people watch and everybody. And back off stance to do you perception and and do you think a robot would forget how many balls as strikes there are. Well I don't know because yeah. Is perfect election at a computer in those cars crashed I mean you're gonna have to act like your cattle under an active computers don't. You all are human. Forget the terminator movies this is really really as a revolution we really just going to a car with a computer crash one times or strike zones not gonna be right where Sarah Connor country lobster weighing in on on the tax line robots are also unbiased true. Unbiased. And better job. Better at the job I need Lucas films to develop the right robot with the right sense of humor. Because that would be rich right. I've repeated their earlier this if there was an a guy that would talk back to pitch it exactly but it made like funny jokes about how lifeline. While technically Madison I am perfect so you want and they're wrong but stop yelling at people for having fun Madison let's go to Fred in Oakland what's up Fred. The category guys you just sort of promote bad game left right it was poorly officiated or poorly apart but it is. On both sides chart so say provoked that with us. Their skin complaint about it. But there's a simple way to do the electron strikes go for each individual player. And that's what you talked about football put it chipped in at notre Taylor the football you can put a chip so apparent at that. And so I'm sure right at the bottom of the letters that asked one yeah yeah. And and and bright their you have your strike so that. Sure what it should change or doesn't change what it couldn't did you but it is saying. For it by the rule book go to change a rule book at all. Hands down best answer I've heard yet I think we like that for Fred because I can't say that you don't have to adjust the way the strike zone as measured it's still gonna be you know blue letters to needs. You don't. I have to. Have a human with bad vision and are not not that he needs glasses but a bad view of the Chinese are baggy shirt now. It's got to be under armour tight fit may have found that can do drag Fred you put it on the undershirt if you could not it doesn't go on the actual Jersey or you just sell it into the top of the letters on the Jersey so let me Ramirez's got the big Truby one where he was trying to hide is boobs I know your letters were pretty Lionel. I feel like the letters were still. You know and news in the please they're supposed to be. Relative. Gray area they're killing the bad comes more around the belly when you have the bagging. I we've had several Russian hacker attacks now rather than half about the red ring of death like its Xbox. Yeah suddenly eyeballs to start doing it you know. You get the offering you know like that the that the rain below are some that's the pin will give the pin realizing thank you let's go to Robert in Hollister. Is this same Robert coaches independent ball is that what I'm to take from missile on. Yes I labour are rubber what's up. Sold to the global real harsh reality drug lord won't with a harsh reality that. Courtroom. Young kid coaching high school and go into collegiate golf ball in order called ball or nor did the pinnacle wall. You think that the empire will be better but it really hasn't agreed only in the changes is the argument coming up are they he actually knows more. You Dutch. Because he's at a certain level. Still that all the way around the other thing is that corporate players. We'll go looking walked back to the dugout. A lot of strikes and I look at mr. wolf what do you wouldn't be back in the dugout. And look at everybody particularly well because now we have to first. I just exactly how exact are out yeah out swinging the bat as we used to say you don't you don't walk off the island. But hey it's your way off the island of writing good will we're we're just there are so that's a pretty eerie and we're going to be awhile I well but if you had a if you had it. Mechanized you would you'd be adjusting to the same strikes and every game right leg would not be a better scenario. I look who eat I would air. When they did the Indy pro ball games the last hole yeah O'Brien called again again that was what do we know this post coaching and it was it was pretty interesting and it would create accurate. Prior I can't considerably just to get it coming into this last year and it would go away or let yourself feel better and yeah that happened but at the data to adapt or die. And I classic question what was it a red and blue light what hottest day I forgot I however price saw video footage on it and I don't. Remember exactly how went down with the red blue flag how did they do that. We knew it was red green and early called it accident he had it on the screen on a martyr he would call me up I would they're he could call ball strike you don't call say well got you. That whole experience and it was very typical because they're part of ticket and backed report and we'll go out of the hole good looking back could call it. Thank claw back man I'm really glad you. You chimed in any ideas for the call robberies and you know I do you think you can just little things like that but to Robert's point. That was didn't have the central Pacific's. All horror minor league independent ball team. Did it for game and he said it was accurate. Imagine what Major League Baseball could afford. We we're getting all these tax out chip tampering of people get screwed this up what about that for Wi-Fi goes down. Major League Baseball manages to pull off a lot of stuff except the blue ribbon committee for the Oakland coliseum if stadium but that's kind of the point. Why didn't the blue ribbon committee happen do you want to hold the old used didn't want it to happen that's why robot umpires aren't happening now because it's not a good idea. Not because it's too harder to inaccurate or the technologies to vulnerable is because the budget salty old dudes in this case the umpires union don't want it. That's it. Otherwise it would be done. And there's this thing I people who what do the lower levels. Well in the lower levels we use aluminum backs in lower levels there isn't replay for football in the lower levels there's so many other nuances at lower levels of basketball they literally use a smaller ball soccer to yet or there's no three pointers and news like -- the kids off tees they should -- not allow them to hit off tees because at the pros they don't get off tees and there's a lot of live a little different come on vulnerable c'mon Phelan says today. What's up Phil. Turn up fields are filled repeats itself we missed beginning. Here. Here. Here yeah you know. It or not to do. I doubt. It will acquire. Forty year old. Part about it. So. Why did go to a longer reliant. As we're happy out. Ers. At the way you like because it here here and at a later date it's safe here why is still reveal where. Basically. Don't happen out. But. Should count still. Read you a lot better now. I had a reality on the speaker all of the so basically east of art art of or all of a sudden it goes far off. Gradually got struck out. What are we are not sorting and. Yet no well hold on let let me let me rephrase that I think maybe your misunderstanding. I aimed. I think the problem with the umpires as a as a group of people. And I think you keep on the air for certain things at the moment right you I'm fine with umpires calling. Outer safe at home plate especially poor allowed to replay it and make sure they did the right thing you know like that's fine I'm not trying to fire all the umpires. All I'm saying is if you against flavor you're after labor this group we umpires union they're gonna be good. Right out on. Now I'm just saying. That. If you can have someone. Or or role of computer rather. Do a better job of this one thing just let it do it well I guess I don't want to stand there and read the results off the computer totally that would that. I don't wanna take away the exciting. Punch out call. You know I don't wanna hear the occasional and that's fine get ripping at you act you're not so I'm just saying let's get it right. Agreed 95 text or the new generation doesn't like baseball because it's rigged fields controlled the game so why watch. I feel like when we get to the it's rigged people it's time to move on to a new conversation so needless fake ID. Is rigged it. I NBA he was never sure. Now let me commodity MBAs totally fit the usual they want the warriors to win every title. We are gonna talk more based on next were actually going to talk about today's game they did give a couple more. I would take this last strike zone call on I don't wanna hang up on Eric in Sunnyvale budget Mora went on we got one last game and by the way whoever wins it. Get that super duper exciting trophies so. Big time baseball today coal ski jet ski ski team first and again our. So we're gonna do you final thoughts on the some tire thing first let's take Eric's. Call talking about the potentiality. Of rogue robots strike zone whatever you wanna call it Eric in Sunnyvale Euro last caller on this or better begin. That is not good Eric speak to us. They don't want to remove the umpire. Is you'll be removing political part and ask you questions please. Billy Martin you're not a bit. Yet if this is about arguing I promise you managers will find other things argue about besides the strikes out. And personality. They aren't gonna change at eagle. Chipset disparage or. I'm not a I'm not suggesting. You make any changes to the way to games played whose image of the Arizona Diamondbacks nobody knows nobody cares. At. I don't hear as a chip on hell aren't tuning just to see guys argue that if you know you don't person. All star that's exactly right no once tuning into arguing an even more importantly is here it is. And this is the argument I hate the most the human element from attacks there the human element not being perfect is one of the things that makes baseball a perfect game. Yes the human element of the players sitting back and end if you think you for early texture if you are going to the ballpark. To watch umpires get calls wrong. I got to believe you're the only one you don't see the slew of of of Major League Baseball umpire hats in the stands. I don't see anyone with a sign that game the sand. I spent my birthday check to see Joseph west and blow a call Angel Martinez but. Talking about the human element is the flavor you're. I have a whole thing for that in the game it's called an ever went up the player with the basic human mistake. I don't have a number I did fires me up I will say took for your technology argument. The best one I've heard so far as the caller who said the chips but the second best one and I would outcome by the two. Google glasses for the umpires know they get an instant feed into their eyes. It that that's a great call you come right those two that that's now we're talking and people are in poorer inferring all sorts of things from what I'm saying it's simple. Just get the calls as Wright issue okay that thing get a call it is it's the same thing with replay stuff it's the same as the people who go. Replay made me angry so we should get rid of it. We should fix it can't get it right does it get as many calls right as you possibly can and probably never going to be perfect in any sport. But this this resistance to do the best you can with officiating is. Same to me it's maddening we would have the cell phone we wouldn't have air travel we didn't try to get better as this is how I like knocking on my home phone wanna I wanna cell phone gift to you talked anywhere I like the organ trail I like. Would have my family members died coming across February could screw cardiac gimme a break you know he wanted to do the best that you can that's all this is our let's talk about actual baseball because the bid we. I think my mistake I knew what the umpire did they would do and I need I name gees it anyway and I apologize to you Mike Goss and the listener. Quick update. We stop talking about it when tiger stopped having a chance to win but Francesco Molinari is that yeah appropriate yes. We're not sure if he is a part owner of the mole on Larry delicatessen down the street from us here in the middle all there was salami he best Italian deli. In San Francisco yes he just walking and grab your own shabbat and they put a bunch of shoes on and many stuff and in your face you know it's a good Italian sandwich spot when the hard French bread make your gums bleed. That's when you know it's OG bra. And they have friends that like that you get some angles on energy at home right in here yet yet and you look I must admit it all wheel we have all of a gallon on the bigger dollar oil and vinegar big sun dried tomatoes bell peppers and meat spread. Yeah yeah exact stuff meant that he's the first Italian open winner ever so that's pretty good hold on. He's the first Italian born. Oh there it is winner this cannot be Italian open now the although there is one is. Yes the French Open and Canada oh I'm yup they'll I don't know opens yet nobody plays an. This should be the equivalent of the world wide Super Bowl for golf right this the biggest turn it oldest running terminal sport so first time an Italian man has won and congratulations to mr. Molinari and tiger ended up what three strokes back yeah yeah he finished top ten I think seventh overall so phenomenal week for him great for the game of golf and Jordan speed second collapse on a major Sunday. The masters great punt the ball in the water multiple times and now today where he went I think five or six I've ever in the final hurdle for me unacceptable for not good for for you guy I love him and is it hurts me to see him struggle like that but it was a really good that you see leaderboard Rory McIlroy up there clearly tiger. Kevin Chappell Fresno boy so good for him greatly for golf. Brought people into the tenth no doubt and and a great week for the future of this year in golf to access with tiger competes in the grass hills and that's a boost ratings for the PGA yup exact. We would just coming to party. Not this year not next year but it's like one. Toy it's funny it's coming up Harding PGA championship pitched tickets now get excited everybody PGA champion here right around that. Ryder Cup and what he 32 Olympic club I'm ready that if I'm dead serious Tony 32. You can read my house out now. I cannot believe you know that yeah you have a problem I do our. Baseball baseball baseball game three a game six really yes a chance for the giants to draw even but now. It's not a game for the trophy yet this is the rubber rubber of rubber match yes. And it. I am going to make the argument to you and that as much fun of as we've made of the trophy and this and as as silly as it may have been that yesterday's game was meaningless in the pursuit of the trophy and I think this game deserves the trophy I think this is a huge baseball game for these two teams let me let me lay out for a guy. Not only. Are both of these teams in playoff races where they are chasing teams who have played very good baseball all year long and thumb quiet. Both of these teams are in. Reasonably. Tough stretches of the schedule. Is do get to go to Texas next but after that there's there's some challenges on the horizon say hide in the newly the F fade Austin Jackson for me now. Rude and maybe most of anything. It's about these two pitchers. Because. John equate those story was. First what 345 start something like that brilliant. The the best version of John equate which we don't know what that looks like and it's phenomenal Shimmy shake quite a the mean injury was a weird one at first we figured. You sign up for an appointment of doctor James dangers undergone surgery. Then it's I think we can rehab it. Now all he comes back from rehab and looks bad. And you can't help but wonder. The actually need surgery in the first place and was this all just like an extended play to try to get something that there was never possibility of which certainly wouldn't be good presented delays is eventual return if he does and that meaning surgery or. Was he just working himself back into. Johnny Quayle Foreman now with a little watch arrest would you know a little couple were starts under his belt maybe we see another good version. Who knows but how good Johnny Quaid who is the rest of the way and whether he's even available the rest of the way is going to be a huge determining factor. In whether the giants have a real chance at sneaking into a playoff spot. There's no doubt in my mind and I would say his first start back from the rehab from the injury ugly the second one was really get an I would say. The other side. Of this start is just as important yes because. It if you listen to what Billy Beane said and we play the audio a couple times. It's tore her. It's tough. You should not if you're in his fan I would not hold your breath. To acquire a starter and even if you did. Unless is Jacob to gram. You're not gonna add a starter who's better then Sean and I has been when he's been good this year. It it is good good Sean and I shows up and that's been killed the first month and a half and then the last. Past month or so there was a rough stretch in the middle but if it's been good Sean and I and a he's gonna start that wild card game for gas and look young guy ain't working on his best Major League season to date hopefully. We don't know exactly how he that guy's gonna look in the second half either especially after somewhat of an up and down first half so. This is a huge start for both of these guys. The importance of both of these guys to their team's second half and potential playoff odds is as big as it can get. Andy hill trophy on line on the net. This is going to be a great baseball game come out of being sitting comfortably in an outdoor location watching on television and really enjoying myself. Yemen I can go for double digit wins and I told you before. You know it's not like DA's and had a slew of double digit winners over the last I'd like to bring that up I can tell you about some of VA's. Lack of winning. At least I could have one point I had that in for Bartolo with AT learning is that is the high water mark since Tony thirteen its worst iMac. A cap. Here's some here's some wind totals for you. Sonny gray had fourteen and 2015 okay leader. Scott Kazmir had fifteen and fourteen Scott Kazmir yeah Bartolo had that eighteen and 2013 and care that's the only person. To have eighteen. In the last fifteen years. In the last how many years wait for. In 2012 your leaders were Tommy Malone and sorry you lowered her own with thirteen. In 2011 geo had sixteen wins K hill had eighteen and 2010. Blocks in the past. You wanna take a guess at the last twenty game winner that's just why did I just did this decade how you guys had eighteen points Hudson know Mulder. Try one more time ZX. Zito had 23 wins in that great 2002 season when they played the twins in the playoffs was that the things that same year. Was that your prior a camera there. But it's it's that trio. That year to go up to zeal had 23 Mulder had nineteen it was just what nobody has had nineteen wins. Since 2002. When he that's incredible that's sixteen. Years. Of baseball. We're no a's pitcher got to nineteen wins now I realize nineteen wins is a very good year especially in the 2002 great year nowadays by. They only had 218 game winners in that sixteen year stretch. Well that thing that men are as working form this year isn't you you get. Familia and you pair him up with Trevino and trying to and now if you do have a lead even if you only go six. You know your chances of sixteen innings holding out six good innings looks like a win previous right now. He had I know it's not the exact path points. But did get to ten wins right now. You know that's that's a really. That's out that's out there should be applauded them yeah. You're past the halfway point at a gay teens can be tough for not until he's gonna have to pitch really well the rest of the way sixteen would be great yeah but also eighteen isn't the real number the real number is playoffs yes and it. Right now as it stands on the night is ace of the Oakland Athletics and I expect that to verb remain in the case because. Even if they managed to add a starting pitcher which a console thing they should. It's not it's not likely to be one better than some and now it's not likely to be one day you'd rather have starting that wild card game. And today specifically the giants don't hit lefties I mean let's call it what it is they got lefty hitters who don't have left that's I mean straight up you know lobbying should see the lineups I haven't and then looking at that. But you know adults pat struggled at times vs lefties Pablo clearly from the right side has struggled. They need Longoria back desperately I'll be curious to see if Posey catches today are peas in the DH is why he can't test today right after the ten yesterday you would think. I I Kennedy there's no ways I wanna be implant that I enhance and has struggled he's Haiti still I have a lineups were OK give it to me. Interest. I'll tell artists plane is me. Because he hits left hours yeah I was called and our key is. Every time you say that I keep thinking you're confused about where Denard Span as life. Not chase Darnell is taking the Pablo spot at third base he's also leading off because Pablo obviously is hitting like a hundred against lefties. Brandon belt in the two hole. Ought eat. Young auggies father then it's Andrew McCutcheon Buster Posey DH Ing nick Connolly in the five boys your catcher. Crawford Slater Hernandez Tomlinson Slater playing back Tomlinson. Often Corky is and Alan Hansen get him a day off I don't know what Hansen does against lefties and Pablo to. Pablo of course appointment I'm just saying I don't know if it may just be extras last night they gives hands and the day off I don't know if the lefty matchup is particularly rough for him and I will it has been he hasn't been as good hitting from the right side as he's been at the left side. And the other guy is Doug or the rookie this young get a little funk right now I think well for five yesterday I had a couple where he hit a couple real article also tell left center right pavlik just let that Paris I they don't hear there's not the I worry you know put cork east. I Hansen yes to 95 against readies to 22 against lefties and that's not entirely surprised yet the splits Arkin. And as far as Gorky is goes and what about this is lineup for today yet out BBA's lineup and. Three seconds as far as Gorky is go split why is though he is also significantly better under 286 vs 253. Better against Fridays so not surprising. Here's the is lineup nick Martin Sheen get in the lead off. Market Ximian is this stirred not shaken. I don't know would you want it if you were if you're. If you weren't nick martini salted rim. What would you what was your nickname it. Salt is not a bad one for for martini. Not only if not all. I just shaken or stirred me sick (%expletive) ticket you know they're like Korea that you could pick one maybe but would you rather be shaken or stirred as an Aikman. And thank Sheikh well what did bonds what was James Bond thing moves loosens shaken not Stewart did so he'd like a chicken. Yeah. Shaken many have mystical she expect. Shaken martini just are. Martini Ximian has Scotty in the three whole minutes Chris Davis metals and Matt Chapman. And Luc Roy Fowler Barreto. In the nine home playing second mix Olsen got an essay but he's seems to be down. Not a fault per say these. Enough he's. Striking out a lot. Yeah that's part of the medals and experience thirty Martinez throwing her now this of course of course today. 95 said cocktails but dirty martini is definitely the right way to go yeah yeah aren't you sure well that's settled. Let's go to Thailand San Ramone what's up Kyle. I got to do a good period. I'm so open all the talk well why EA. Much of a surprise they banned arm and and younger like I told my doubt that they all. My mom and well armed to the game how much I loved it. And it went in the same old Jacob player trade often do that. Feel like we're trading familiar are you talk a little is normal Lou you're right when and that's gonna call each march. And they don't stretch hopefully. No I can't cure what Jon Lester we all know how it turned out but I really do like this move and I think that this or what I'm back in the ball. All I know I'm a cookie that her read our armed only grotto where the morning. I now know thanks Kyle we we were gonna get to that in a couple of minutes actually and I guess we might as well doer right now Tony Soprano. Former. Raiders coach and and 56 that someone saying room on point of the 56. He was the vikings whole line coach at this point. He had been a head coach for the raiders and the dolphins dolphins. And I guess there's just in term here but. A super engaging guy of the sort of one of the one of the fun. Head coaches in football he did the weird football burial didn't even with that Sparano and any also ran the wildcat down to Miami he's. It was a character. The glass is on the sideline because of the will with the emea Jim and I enjoy yeah yeah and obviously sympathies to his family and and that's horrible I've not seen details it's just all the reports say died unexpectedly. At the team at the age of 56 and beyond. Wait that's that's horrible it's horrible and I guess will. Find out more from I. Oh to have phrasing of this doesn't make it sound like he was sick or anything so I don't know if this is an accidental situation if if he did get six suddenly we we don't know but obviously it's a horrible tragedy when so when someone that young passes. Yeah how how would we sat some inspiring words to say that. Pilot error and hard did weigh in Sparano Fam I am so sorry for your loss coach believed in me trusted me and stuck with me as a rookie. He would check on my family every head coach and quarterback meeting we would have he was a great men love you so that's a testament. Yeah I mean sounds like he was a heck of a guy he was one of those dudes too. People around the league were surprised when he got head coach's job because he was sort of like a player's coach type of guy he's sort of guy I think you think of as. Yet kind of what he was due inferred the vikings and align coaches in the trenches with the dudes is who's making jokes haven't fun. So numb likely head coaching candidate now is what made him fun as a head coach and get some really mayoral press conferences. So you know our. That's a bomber millions unfortunately now we have to make an awkward transition back to base. He so to recap both teams with sort of a policy be lineup but some of the younger. And reserve her players getting chance to put it looks like hey let's play the numbers game type of lineup today meaning everyone's going deep into the archives on what do the splits first lefties well this let's first this and I think there's also an element of what. We played till. 11 PM last night and this is a day game let's give some of our regulars that day. I'm how many inches if the fan turnout is as. Robust as yesterday because his mouth Davis open again and I don't think it has an it was a Saturday and I think it was just try to set that record but still the vibe Friday night the vibe Saturday night. I mean again you could feel it coming through the television and this so you know Oakland. Can't get anybody come to their games like. When there's a compelling product on the field and it's not because of the giant I'm I'm sick of giants fans know Louis region whose team is good is because we're there it's like now it's it's not. It's not the only reason it's a factor of course the chefs like it's a factor at AT&T and went on is the what is come yes there really don't over the stadium badly it's not a's fans aren't at AT&T every day but I hate hearing after giants fans to know I know and options it's just another way of giants fans trying to poke a's fans and frankly. Like. I'm on board with the or three titles are more recent than your three titles troll I'm cool with that because that's that's what's happened that's baseball I have four but the like ha ha you trade away your players and I don't have a ballpark trolling like c'mon let's heard I hate that an end to be fair. Their fan base right now is the more hardcore to excel for sure and it's not even debate that's usually how goes the more popular your team is the last. Serious your fan base the more fair weather wine and she passed yet. A grand up against Cuba South Park sets a sports works exactly cyclical. For sure like I am talking you. Did see. I wouldn't play with that fire caught colorful idea about the cover on the wrong way I how careful they're too busy pain over LeBron James Merrill's right now fighting amongst themselves over. Co V in. You know he'll Wear his look his rightful place in Laker or I will say. One of the best parts about LeBron being in Los Angeles is seeing how evil the Kobe stands handle it it's it's because on one hand out there gonna they're gonna have to like he's making the team a lot better. They're gonna be a much better team this is this coming year than they were last year too because LeBron kills. No look. Thank you I know who's lonely he's Regis do you competing JaVale McGee's out all day if you would like. On the other hand. The bronze a lot better than Kobe and deeper gonna talk about that and the coach Stinson not gonna like hearing it I know what does Kobe says the jet cinco is the greatest player of all time and I know he's listening right now so guru. I don't win it and you know I know we're Kobe Stan I know you're the man I love your brow I don't think you is going full Kobe the greatest of all time but there. Leno and Mike fair is dialer on the island down on the when we talk grace of all time Kobe Kobe go brow. Not Coby. That aren't now he's great welcome back. 559 is giant series are always lit true does matter where it is agreed. That is one of the good things you get at these crosstown rivalries is. Did exciting competitive baseball where fans are into it yet all right should be a good one tonight and again. Hope. End to the five they're text you're absolutely right apologies. To the one and only item he it's Pierre. Pierre now. Music producer extraordinary R&B sensation Pierre is it RPI thought it was beats. Boys and a I think if I had to describe his musical aesthetic I'd say he's an R&B producer those Alan okay that's the aka I thought he was just making album of beats. Even but it's not it's more R&B ish I think I think he is. A lot of what he has put out is instrumental but it's more R&B and pop group called sorry track. My god. All right now always been a lot of time on robot umpires and a little bit of time on basketball. We've missed a lot of things so it's time for a little bit. Of picking up the pieces. You know mostly just an excuse for me to listen to music that I like but. Also blu we really do have a lot to clean up today ally and what are we missed. All right so first thing we just start off with just for GO. Pro golfers Stephen about it shoes made two cuts in his last two years used Twitter to find a teenager to caddie for him. At the John Deere classic wait before you say anything. Would you say that teenager was. Out it's about it's they OO and I thank you Mike off the ice cream man but no all the at all. Deep south no limit knowledge. While it's mere acts on that track and I apologize to everyone for for what just happened there. How many back to the actual story how many cuts that he make it two years two cuts to cut it two years that is still have a car just say don't choose your card at a certain yet exemptions if you win I think he's won a couple back in the act so. Any picnic at to give this story yet. Along so he EU's Twitter to find a teenager to caddie for him at the John Deere classic so he put out like a Twitter posts and a whole bunch of people replied any pick one. That is awesome that dissolves fat is off some how do you do. You mean. And after Brazil and anyway there is only did the same here by away. For how to put this delicately. Golf is one of the best sports to be a hopeless loser and totally you make cash totally tea cup baby yes the UU cash checks as a loser on the PGA tour man. It it's incredible they were gone through some of the stats like Kevin Chappell. He got a killer Nike deal guys made millions Kevin not allowed one in like 8910 years. There's and he made like sixteen million and a five years Stan I should step back quickly in just made the point that clearly you're an incredible golfer now loser at all if you're on the tour understanding your nobody big guy at the bottom of the tore who's missing every cut is catching some serious checks and hang on a conflict and you are one pathetic loser yet that was that was too strong I apologize for that I love dumb and dumber what else we jacked I had just won I thought. You couldn't possibly do anything dumber. You can only do something like scary war in the Alps and redeem yourself sorry we're just gonna you don't underlines the rest of the show I mean Rica and I love it by Samsung failure tell how well pants that's a pretty birdie. At bats off. You guys mentioned a little bit earlier but that second LeBron James Merrill they got the base I don't know if you've seen the picture of it but it him looking up at like Korean men will and Coby and Jack. But they're gonna restore itself. Well when did this go off. This went up let's see I think earlier this week it's a pretty sweet mural like if you see the actual like artistic. Again let's take a listen right now it looks really cool you know it's funny how does a face it that we have a big whites fight that's it that evidently it through a candlelight and that this so weak I'm sick of people like there's a big difference for me. From graffiti tough part right I think there's that that there's a line of demarcation that is clearly are. And so what is he facing our I hate. Graffiti when you slap that up on somebody's garage story brought on the streets are Mike that's a public nuisance and it's it's a prosecuted thing in my opinion. That when you're ruining a mural like that you're just a loser come on man sub ruining our. Don't get it and and two in the maybe this is a weird way of of talk about it but like if you're gonna deface it. Send me a message. Like what's a what's a candlelight paint. You just get annoyed you see through white paint on I don't. Again it they do an a for the grants like if you if you were if you go up there and you're like LeBron sucks Kobe for ever with a four like. At least I know what your ballot. Let's and it's the right thing to do it still dumb thing to do but at least I know what your belt why you just throwing white paint around like an idiot I I'm more into the Laker fan. Civil war that's going on right now I am also all for that yeah. Kobe vs LeBron within their own camp that's awesome. One guy you're dead beauty later in several years and frankly this hurt the team the last time he did play but he dropped sixty bought his last not ever and yet yeah. The night the warriors won 73. That sixty point game will go down in history as one of the most embarrassing performances. In league history. Dawn on what's next are right so. I don't know you guys heard this news but the double A Minor League Baseball team the Binghamton rumble ponies have placed a guy named Tim Tebow on the disabled list with a hand. He's a playmaker. Isn't that there aren't the rumble ponies the team that. The new lead traded prospect will talk is about to report to you yes sir and Oregon the my little ponies. He was batting 273 season with six home runs 36 RBIs. And a team high 103 strikeouts I hate to say I. Genome that the last straw. I I hate to say this because I really thought this was a dumb gimmick and I ate I handed at the time. I think Tim Tebow is probably a Major League Baseball player eventually. Just overpay for him once he gets thirty through the hole I know I mean they sure can outline but but first of all he hasn't played a ton. And 27 something with power at double A that's a Major League ballplayer. A jet and he's probably what 26 that's not that old for. I could be wrong about that I keep prime makes more on the SEC now at least thirty he probably makes more on that SEC network frank is on the DL but I. I think if he wants to play professional baseball hill he'll get a cup of coffee at least. I really think so couple appointments from Jesus. I. Rather not get into the lesson or a bit I'm not the biggest in Tivo fan and I I never thought he'd be a pro. It the NFL level and I think that was proven correct and I didn't think he'd. Have the stuff for professional baseball but he seems steel and my bag guys. But again next on. So next is Andrew Luck. Colts general manager Chris Ballard spoke to I guess the media that team training camp facility Friday instead everything's good with a shoulder is good to go no limitations he's ready practice day one. Our ma am her walking arm drag all along. Around the terrible Andrew Luck impression although I understand what you're trying to do swallowing marvels every time yeah boxy look no one can do it control of weird. Weird. I mean not a whole military thing whatever. But what is it oh yeah it's just voice. People have a weird voices. Had I don't know I love I love Andrew Luck I do I really deal the colts have ruined him. His ownership that they haven't surround him and any town TY Hilton the only guy anyone can point to and say act as worth a darn on the colts' roster outside of that yeah. Terrible offensive line no running backs you know they have francoeur it's just a someone asked the other day oh I think it was Gionta during the five before five on Friday said. Andrew Luck good to go no restrictions if he's healthy does that make the colts a contender for the AFC south. And thinking the way you just spoke my instinct was so that team has fallen as great as luck can be. He's not that great and then I looked at the division in the and it does put him in contention exit as anyone's in contention there and he's the best quarterback that division until a lot wolf I think I'm holding out judgment on just on watching because I was very intrigued but year to will be very today. Oh it's Angela healthy Andrew Luck is file all day best quarterback Matt division but I am with you all the young guys. Watson's right there with ground below for me of guys I'm excited to see develop and Scott on the op Eds. Yeah the guy playmaker got a better receivers on the ground that's true I can't wait what's next on so next news Darrelle Revis he's signing a one day contract in New York Jets streak and retired Jack in the questions being thrown around obviously is he a first ballot hall of Famer. You guys probably different you know he is a first ballot on first ballot financial hall of Famer when he came to park lane maximize deals at every particular stock could you have if you look at somebody who learned the CBA and maxed out his deal every single spot he went was in Tampa Bay for a year new wing limb the jets a couple times. He squeeze the lemon perfectly and he got paid well after he stopped performing at a high level if he's. First ballot hall of Famer or I think he's a whole team out of the first thousand about the longevity have any real buzz today and Willis he really make that distinction I do. I do. I do I consider like the Rickie handers since the L I thought TO was a first doll that but the Jerry rice's. The Lawrence Taylor is like they're there for you it's not just. Hall of Famer not hall of famers it's there's not hall of Famer regular hall of Famer first ballot hall fare yes I think there is a little distinction and that's par seen. Yeah I'm Dyson I don't know if I agree but either way. Clearly a hall of Famer. Darrelle Revis was the best cornerback of his generation and I think that's a definition of what makes a hall of Famer the best of your spot. For your Ara with a great nickname Revis island is one of the best nicknames in football Hester that's very very true. What's double on. I had so nick full as the top ranking player in the NFL and all merchant dolls merchandise sales last quarter he beat Brady Carson Lance. And just for some sort of perspective your Jimmy gee is number eight on that list. They clearly haven't released the West Coast sales are whose list. So this is the NFL PA's list that they release for merchandise sales and the first quarter this year nick for all the bowl always just the first quarter just the first quarter but that's in big Jimmy genes are a number eight. I'd good for him but. This is obviously based on both of those results this is knee jerk reaction to things that happened six months ago. Yeah but also you couldn't buy Jimmy G Jersey before Christmas they had lockdown like they've sold out all the jerseys and you couldn't bind because they couldn't. Make enough of them couldn't I don't know I custom you could spend my all around gonna win more expensive. Alonso and had a T shirts I'll see you now have your grapple Jersey I don't. I'd drop would you have multiple teacher jerseys but I thought Jersey for our family members so I Christmas and I had to wait for it to come it's I don't know that. Played into you know hitting the numbers for the particular quarter. Yeah that's interesting because they've would have had to sort of print those on the fly gonna guarantee there was a run on those before all laid and down. Did it took weeks for them to come out on the NFL network or or whatever did and then people like hitting me up on Twitter like little all. And I clicked. It's all out I'm like you gotta be kidding me on NFL pick a year projects color he had no one can listen nobody could have anticipated the demand that Jimmy Jesus would create. Period that's it he was better than anyone could've imagined. With that again on gallon more yeah one last one real quick John Green and had a big party are rookies with raider legends and 500 lives and it's. At the party cliff branch promise that championship in Oakland before they leave well. Thanks thanks cliff appreciate again nineteen while he's certainly in control of that doesn't mean you come. I guarantee you Nokia. I tell I'm gonna win the World Series with analysts that Armando Benitez line I still I stand by AB Andrew Barbosa we going to be championship. I gotta get domicile or why don't have Obama and Joseph why is wisely endures anonymous some work I don't know I'll say this if the raiders win a Super Bowl here. I would say I go to the black hole is that Hud they'll be gone by then. My crazy I'll. I'll take that back if branch played in my lifetime cliff branch with Fred bullet the car did not play in my home now well maybe maybe a couple last downs. But not when I was watching that's for share now whom I think Alan Branch a you think Alan red apple I was Lara so this is a coach who did this there. Oh boy bond branch out but I don't know if you I. Ironic that knowledge is on the team now right yeah he's a safety out now yeah he seems Taiwan's in Arizona time on the Arab. Within the last ten years ago he's within in another spot. He's still with time the point is I thought it was a player saying that but it was a coach. That's actually dump near extra Yoni but also. It's a no lose proposition because no one's gonna remember this two years from now so you you win the championship veneer like seat until you. Or you don't to nobody cares fix to our guests cutter would turn now and Susan's luster. Always a pleasure. Working with a view my friend and a arm off for weeks so I don't know what you're doing. What a sack Mexican damn thing. Pulls in chants the out skating.