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Saturday, July 21st
In the last hour of the show, the Ski Team is joined by the legendary Bruce Jenkins (@Bruce_Jenkins1) of the San Francisco Chronicle to discuss a wide range of sports topics. After discussing some of their favorite Bay Area rappers, they Pick Up the Pieces with producer Alain to wrap the show!

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It's interesting you bring that out. Joey Barton. Because what a name rank first Walgreen. Second ball I believe I told you earlier that by a word to bring. They buster only tweet. To your attention. By away two minutes ago Susan's closer tweet. Speaking to sources this morning it sounds as if the isn't Mets are still on the exchanging medical information portion of the process no physicals are likely to be needed. I would always give you physical let me help the point is seem Lance and yes game cooked or perhaps physical. It's down wind dies it sounds as though this deal is close to getting done now I mean. The wording of that tax suggests to me that. It's very much in the final stages I'm curious to see who they're given. Me too if it's even anything interesting and I don't know what you're as familiar. Juries Familia. Is workflow what does he met me very anxious to see that. I and does this signal more trades for the match and since the Mets and the days are looking at each other's rosters you have to believe at some point. The did the did gram discussion came up ya although famine this familiar trip I'm guessing it didn't go anywhere here's that we don't monitoring. After our cardinals cubs broadcast Thursday night is from buster only of ESPN we've got the Mets and yankees Sunday night. This week's poll question. Would you want MLB. To adopt the use of the designated hitter. In both weeks. Now what would you guess with 66475. Votes the load distribution it. 55 say yes that's exactly are you serious. Farcical play the lottery I think I think this is. I think that pulls meaningful. 55%. In favor of full DH means you're even getting some nationally fans onboard that. And I think that's where were headed. Now certainly it's not next year. What how far away you. If it's two years down the road. Can you have Joey Barton Buster Posey on the same team. Yeah. For the short term this does help the giants because we've talked about it we have Longoria belt. Posey bark coming up could really use a DH regularly could here's my thing I'm old school. I like to know DH saying I just mean. I just I prefer both leagues being separate I don't want interleague play it's not special anymore like I said you many times is great is this a giant series is. I get too many Baltimore and Tampa Bay's. And in Toronto Blue Jays series and I just don't care about I don't care about the Mariners you know. I would rather see if you're gonna unify the DH rule. The let's just redo. The divisions let's to a California division let's do it midwest division. Like I wanna see you Soledad yes that that sort of say you're gonna do that what's what's really getting into it let's get. Real rivalries it would geographically make it easier for fans to travel to a lot of these particular like how many giants fans can realistically Travers at Colorado when we played their X amount of times a year. But going down to LA to play the angels in the Dodgers in a back to back series. And then go to San Diego like that's that's a great road trip that's a great way to build rivalries you're trying to get younger you're trying to get it. You it's already regional right baseball's extremely regional or more so whatever your right might as well embrace that and really buying into. And unbalanced schedule and redo the lineups if you're gonna go DH all the way around and I know the traditionalists were built. All but but I think that this is the next logical move and it sounds crazy. But that's what I'd be willing to do and I'm old squad rather seem separate jailhouse they're saying NH at a has no DH. But because you intermingled the whole thing with interleague I find an. And I'm people I don't know if people are confused or Dahmer what but it. Early is not optional there's fifteen teams in each league in this games every day every day so of opening day on so. Tough it. You understand the math works. At least one injury game every day. It has to fit that's how has the work you know except all they is obviously there's some days it's not a but any time a series is going on. One series has to be interleague there's not there's not a team's needs soap. That ship has sailed and you're not doing away with the interleague ever has expansions not around the corner and not only that. We've already messed up who's in what league anyway I can't then. Russell has sailed away as we move Milwaukee I mean like I don't Milwaukee makes sense in the NL central but the Castro I don't AL west in my life. And done Milwaukee Brewers were in the hey all right golf course all the owner of our lives I'm just in the point yeah he's Milwaukee's geographically reasonable what does makes Houston's in the American League west I now so yes divisions are dumb and so's Texas Texas Rangers yeah. Danielle last that's a lot of travel miles for the days it's how many fans were quite honestly how many fans of both the Rangers and the days are traveling to the other teams ballparks. Not all are almost non right almost you know she just happened to live in that city for 08 text or letter bomb back. I get it. He could still back under the NH rule yes you can sort of elevate him to back you probably wouldn't jokers you lose a generation now that you're right but. Also he can't bat as well as the guy you would hire to do that job. Now and it would it not Wally is also pitching it would also give the National League because right now the way it's been balanced because of the DH the AL has always overspent. Traditionally more than the national law because it's actual roster spot they have to pay for hitting yeah and also it it makes for weird match ups he does it in those interleague games and it makes you also bolster your bullpen. To attack. Pack those types of guys in the lineup because you know the lineup stretched out one batter longer times 3.5. At bats a game and did the pitcher's job is getting harder exactly and by the way. Another thing that's not going away is special as nation no to those of you who Rosie show hail a tiny and go see it we just need to keep that pitchers training as hitters and and what it may be able to hit the reason pitchers don't hit just a little practice. The congress are practicing their busy pitching. And he's a unicorn and yeah there's there's actually hopefully there's more unicorn I agree but this is not a thing that's gonna start happening and and but garner is not a thing that's gonna start happening both burners a unicorn yes he just because there's a few unicorn doesn't mean a we should have to watch. John Hayes who haven't held the bat in a decade. Take it back to a baseball game. I really get giddy when bond buyer comes to the plate that's me and I get it short I do too but I also fun. But I also get fearful when Johnny Quaid goes up there. And he's swinging like a ballerina and he pulls for his rule the back in this I want all my daughter 200 million dollar. Pitching investment and for what is on the bench what upside what we know on base two outs any zip their flail at a lack. And he get hurt and it's funny if your I've you're not a fan of that team like I like watching Bartolo Colon taken a match till retail that's not baseball. It's a joke. It's a joke honestly. And the fact that there's. Five or seven guys in Major League Baseball who are good pitchers and also not a joke at the plate. That's an argument. Former the DH not against it. Metzenbaum garner is the exception that proves the rule is a good idea I've never heard anyone clamor for that Zito at bat except for that Detroit. Points well wolf series at bat with that hit Camelot on Verlander. And again I get it those moments are great but it's not worth far between and it's not worth dealing we have hundreds and hundreds of worthless pitcher at bats for those few moments I agree. Let's go to bleacher David Oakland quickly a couple minutes horribly today what's up. I am glad it is realigned it by geography completely off that. A terrible idea. That was. No I don't wanna say that was so the butcher bush asking who had the geographical realignment idea although I think I think I okayed it. I do for you Dave's that you get to be AT&T more often with that cigar in the 89 sneakers and hit it. There is always well. He added that Hollywood so much a write down you gonna explode near. You're that your players. Early diminishing returns are in our managers yes. Your parents your Brothers that argue that occurred there in Oakland in our division would financial power thousand examples as well. LA in. And I think any TD width two game. To be in different divisions. The wanted to gonna predominate financially and the other by the law so you've got put those in real. If required what they did not economical to hold onto rooting. They're a bit and once again is that it's that. Compulsory. That if you have two teams one of them is gonna be for the Mets armed for I mean I stink up an outpour. Yeah well they did baba let me let you go. Similar put it in the right about Bloomberg would be a fair enough and does anything when you look at it. We'll replay will we added that opened the we don't know the any legal. Don't hear me that you need not to be there and they destroyed my vote no doubt that this is a winner and you'll be it one's gonna be ahead a little while that's. Well look at the series this kind of crazy because they didn't matter what tomorrow. I would say it's. Tonight yeah that what that shall be sucks that that that's not why it's partly lie. Like it. It's giants are gonna back and this one go 33 and tied in they're gonna be here at the award like that have done this is well I see I think. I can't why they did it that way that whoever wins the last. Dana thanks so called their bed Dominica job or right up against the break thanks Dave I was always a blast to hear from police today I love them. It's weird at. But I'd like I liked the idea that who if it's tied whoever wins the last team takes home the trophy but I think you'd be better if they just said. You got to beat the chance to beat the champ so like whoever's holding the trophy. You have to take four at a six to steal it from the other side of the back. That you got to read data on its related Brody Brazil's hands right now at the surge is death scripting that thing. Third strapping on Twitter and CS and NBC. Hit the like but it's slightly I generally speaking of giants of Bay Area sports media we talked to one of the real giants of this area next as Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco chronicle joins us and ankles he just just give a ski team and unpleasant in the game. We are mathematical scheme and show she asking. On 957 again taking right on up to 11 o'clock when can deal on the boy's step in a bit in Chile heavily along side that I yeah. They've already present stuff about the giants and now. Did you there is the the Shas the V. Babbitt and Roberts. Thing that happens at the end of our Saturday show these last couple weeks it. You guys don't want to know about it it's violent it's disturbing it Dino blood is flying everywhere. I'm such a cirrus is go home run a slam and we're gonna bring in someone to class this affair up before we get kicked the heck out of here and that is the one and only Bruce Jenkins of the Saber Cisco chronicle you know on you love them. He's the best on all things various sports and let's start with. A thing you wrote a recent column on bruise specifically in the DeMarcus Cousins addition. To the warriors and I guess let me start would this thing gonna think this is the predominant question is there any way in your mind that this thing actually goes back. Well it too technical waters east justice recover. You know all the way from the Achilles which there's some precedent for that there's also present for guys. They keep pretty decent recovery spurs you know playing for the warriors play for anybody really but especially the orders requires. You know did not put down on the floor. Yeah and he's had in Austin. I'm so a lot of territory just doesn't get back anyway healthier diet. And he's gonna have to do a lot more running with a club and if he slowed at all that you know that's gonna that's gonna hurt him as far as temperament I guess it's possible. That he becomes those early in contrary that. You know it becomes a problem with the they weren't straight migraine and incurring injuries that I kind of doubt that that think you know in a winning atmosphere I think he's going to be just fine that way but mostly. I think mostly it's all about the Achilles. They Bruce you know I grew up running to my my kitchen table Saturday morning to read the three dot lounge for ever okay are. Armed and serious and so you know I always used to read in there you would put these little tidbits about the old school lakers and you just. Yeah he's had an appreciation for the history of the NBA and specifically the lakers. What did you think of the LeBron james' move historically. For the lakers their brand in the India. Well it's very reminiscent of you know them acquiring Kareem you know bit getting Shaq. They always seem to be the team that was already pretty good and also know my god this happened to. You know in this case they were seriously down. And now they get the best player in the get immunized and I think it's great for the league I mean. I think it's great when the lakers are really relevant. And it historically you'll have to see how it plays out I mean if he wins a title there. You know his legacy only grows I don't think he needs to win a title there there's. For his legacy to be affected really I think even if he doesn't tribute to Michael Jordan it was going to be that Jordan people center etc. but. It's reminiscent. The way the lakers do business and I think it's probably in the signal Oprah pretty good revival down there. Yes a low wall we're talking Western Conference this is on the John I threw around a little earlier event obviously the warriors on paper still. Our head or so above the rest of the NBA but if you're looking around the rest of the west. It seems to me like the rockets have probably fallen a little bit back to that pack and in my mind there's a big group of teams. That includes the jazz and the thunder and lakers although it feels like they still need one more big star where. That sort of to all the way down to maybe ten in the west is is going to be a like last year influx all season. Yeah and I think that's gonna legacies are really interesting I mean I think together talking earlier about the other warriors are the favorites but to just say that it's all over it doesn't. You know who want to watch that that's you know that's ridiculous. Agree that it has a lot of teams on a given night you know could be the warriors. In it even includes a lakers I mean they've made some really strange moves through their bench I mean you know Stephen citizenship. To bill McKee in the get Michael Beasley missed like the knuckle that patrols. And who who knows I hope this sir Alonso are about Rondo but you know they're gonna let rounds of that on to develop. But LeBron with Longo an increment whose mind and Josh Hartnett step could be killer I really liked it that's going to be a lot of fun and you know they didn't get torn meniscus is probably better that. You know they've they have been everybody else watches lettered in Toronto where. It's as serious doubts rather restated their in -- signs long term let's see where is that it's in the east general advertisements he worries that and then and then bring them home next year but yeah I agree you know OK Casey. Is going to be there Utah made some big strides Houston. Agree there Tuesday at you know moving and I'm who can't honorees. Was not good there's still haven't signed cappella. And you know Carmelo Anthony whatever you know the. He hurt our team I maintain he hurts the team. Yes I agree I don't see that nobody actually heard Oklahoma City because he just didn't fit in there. That it would have been so easy for him to do that but he just you know he couldn't stand coming off the bench in his pride get in the way and so it is shot after awhile. But it's going to be pretty gets a symbol and you know the warriors don't start fast. That we can write and that's for awhile. Bruce we've got the NFL router on the corner training camp opens up this week. You got some great headlines obviously clue Mac means to get paid at some point hopefully but. Grunin car. Jimmy Rob Lowe and Kyle Shanahan who is this a bigger training camp for. Well that's a great question that I think you almost have to go with gruden because. You know citizens already proved that you know he's he knows what he's due in the eighties. He's a very capable NFL coaches and you know why can't I can't see drop below just falling off the map after what he did. And plus I don't think anybody is expected that matters to you know win the west by three games and it's storm to the playoffs that's fairly. That group we know can coach too but it's you know it's been awhile. And that he's committed and after the you know a pretty long layoff in car discovered some problems and I expect them to be really good. But I think maybe it's probably bigger on the Oakland side this is our guest right now. So since we got in the NFL lie I've heard wanna ask you about this. I don't know what to call it anymore I guess anthem controversy is one way of putting it. We get the NFL NFL players is association announcing aid. A pause basically were pressing pause on any and the rulings for the time being after. The dolphins potentially suspending people for not standing for the anthem came out and and I guess the question becomes an in my mind it's pretty clear. That the way for the NFL to end this story in moved past at the quickest is to just say everybody do whatever you want and stop talking about but they seem incapable. Of doing vet so is there an end in sight for this back and forth is there any. How do you see that shaking out and do you have any faith that the NFL will find a reasonable equilibrium. No distance out have a fit that the president will say anything reasonable law school is not that that I goes without saying that these these these these guys pay any attention to what the NBA guys are doing which is nothing. You can even though they feel just as strongly about things that you know David West that it that it that's what you start this whole argument you're you're you're you're blowing the message the message gets lost. It's not about you know the flag it's not about the military but when you when you do these things people think that it is. It's not about doing anything during yet missed getting out in the community getting out of with the police force in getting out of pocket of people and try to force real change. Then you know via the NBA guys are street Smart and they're bright and then it did just past all this. You know that's what I wish would happen. Well worded Bruce I agree with you we got beat 89 I guess reunion tonight because they never got their parade for the ice team. That won the World Series over my giants and it's been really. Street the warning track in green and main street for the night. Is valid they're doing that's going to be pretty cool and I've seen a lot of old school stuff from back then Alice you know. Very discarded at not just the earthquake tearing up our area but. Go giants got swept but horse your fond memories from the 89 World Series. Well I don't know how far they are good. At. You know students. Being in the upper deck of candlestick when the earthquake did you you could hear it you can hear it coming thick but they don't that in. Next thing you know we're kind of hold on for dear life and then. When the when it finally subsided it's like okay. We survive this desperately to read this in the history and then the reports are coming and it's Lego man. Is this is really bad and yeah. And of course Beatles as a predominant thing and and just you know going to the to the saint Francis hotel and then they're mr. Vincent and have the media. You know gathered there and you know the streets were quiet you know. But as reported there's no hot water here and there are putting it in the hotel for awhile and we knew that that stuff. Is his predominant remember when he days decided to go to Scottsdale to train I went down there and so have my machine at that part of equality and wrote a story. But it's. It's worked out as sources series itself by being. After after. Stewart and then and Mike Morgan threw a game the first two games of to a kind of over it really was. And remember Ricky Henderson leading topic and there was injured game for Rickey Henderson led off with a home run. Not artists like oh my god and it just kick and it gently came to arrest draft him. It's like Dominic got really you know these guys are so. So good I just remember that my final pick where it was that's definitely one of the best teams that are recede in New Orleans haven't followed the game. Green. All right so let's talk about v.s giants teams as we are joined by Bruce Jenkins longtime San Francisco chronicle columnist and two teams within striking distance of playoff position but two teams bill and doing it in very very different ways. Starting with the eighty's it sounds like they are nearing the end of this juries Familia deal we don't necessarily know what what they would give up but I'm guessing not much for reliever. Do you think this is sort of what we see for me is a relief deal here and there a little tinkering but no big moves and just see what the young kids can do. Yeah I I think that will happen and you know harmonies Benedict has what I've that I wish would happen. You know and that's to see them give up 45 players including Cano a couple starters and a couple of great prospects. For Gallic to gram. It may not stick around you know long term treatment. They just get to too good to go on the going over the area the north said young talent this and that but he really had something this year I think that's that's great are defined you know they. They do all that they did all the things get you to win now they've they've hit for power they have they have the bullpen. This comeback late they have character and they got a big future. So and you don't really there at the big need it is is obviously in the rotation if they do get some elected Robert Chris archer that be great bit. I think it would cost it would really cost too much and you know until further notice they're going to be in that. With the guys they have and it's not like they're trying to catch you know they exit the Red Sox reviews and they just got to get past Seattle and I think that's very doable. Yeah good point you know beat the giants as I look at the damage it's very refreshing. You got Doug who's getting the chance to play every game center field I can't remember the last time they actually. Allowed young got a playing outfield for long stretches which is great to see that confidence. But to meet this Eric Rodriguez story is just awesome I mean the guy. Is basically castaway by the twins the giants pick them up he gets a rebirth here in San Francisco they bring a mop. Kind of shaky the first couple times out over the last five or six outings he's been absolutely brilliant he's extremely mature. He seems to have all command of the strike zone of the maturity of the emotions on the hill. What are you seeing from Derek Rodriguez and is this who he is. Why I think so I mean you put it pretty well at least it's just the composure in the demeanor on this guy who looks like he's been around. You know in the rotation for five or six years and he's going for the Cy Young you dominate the you know executive grew up in ball with the news that put Rodriguez in the you know guys like that. You know Barry Bonds kindred Ken Griffey junior you know that there's a way about them. That that that counts course you have to have a talent. But you know he hasn't pitched in that long which is great. For the sake of his arm. Nobody just he just looks like he belongs I just can't imagine that this is some kind of novelty or some kind of fluke I think this that if we think this is serious. All right before I let you go Bruce if I if I make your predict right now giants and aids which if either ends up in the playoffs. Well I I think these days have a better shot. Because you that it's kind of simple it's kind of come down to the a's and Seattle they got ten games against the Mariners. In a state dominate that that'll go a long way and I dislike the equipment that the way they're going about it. The giants I think that I really think that that is you're gonna win that division. Getting the shot I was just it's almost unfair that it has so he's gonna get. They have now and it Kershaw is going to be healthy etc. etc. And then they've got to the Iraqis and in Colorado to deal with and that's that's going to be tough you know I'm. If if it's a marches in the looks like he's not going to be contributors are going to be depending an awful lot of young guys click. Rhett riggins and Suarez and I think that they they're good they don't have any really. Really outstanding glaring weaknesses. But I think it's a tougher offer them. Bruce Jenkins said Cisco chronicle columnist thank you so much for joining us may really appreciate it. Thank Everest. The legend Bruce Jenkins as did Joseph says he not the only guy who grew up reading the three dot lounge I literally we used to fight. For the the sporting arena actual sporting green every single day especially on Saturdays a specifically to run to it it's. You know I'm one of the old school people I still love to touch feel read the newspaper and getting a little bit ink on the fingers as they say. I like green through my phone too but I prefer the actual physical newspaper on the same line I feel like my part of that is just my attachment to crossword puzzles. So why does box scores I like to go to be transact definitely don't I don't come weird how that stuff and I. And I just like even like oh my Kindle I've never bottom now and I wanna turn the page. All the fire. Like I can see the value of the Kindle it's easier it doesn't weigh twenty pounds like and here you're dumb books do you know you're saving paper I get it. It's put there is something we're just we're like the last generation of that. Yeah nobody younger than us has any attachment to holding things and it's now I my joke is the line of demarcation have you ever used a pay phone. Yet that's it back feel like that's the line of the market right yeah yeah or like. Do you have a watch just to know what time it is if you ever have a while just to know what time is he in my neighborhood if you wore a watch he was gonna get ripped off his size and that don't Wear watched really like a swatch watch and I'm talking about is where role as a dancer well evidence accessories just never did that iron will understand like. That the citizens of the they had talked about how ridiculous you use our editors. I've talked about his fingers these. These different things. In in the world that you don't think about a lot that goal weigh in weird ways elect one of those things is. Now this is an audio medium of course phenomena make a visual motion and you tell me what this means if I walked up to you on the street now is like hey ya think. What time is it right I just pointed admirers might have to virus were my watch would be. Like people 120 would look at you like why are you tapping your wrist like it they know they wouldn't look thought they'd be blocking of their phoning ahead reality talking to SharePoint careful exam but the point is that. Signaled what time it is that does not gonna exist anymore there has now watches her. Jeweler they're not to tell what time it is my favorite is eight excuse me sir did you explain to me where the Walgreens in right where were you depressed me to act like yeah no one's ever walking up to someone on the street to ask for directions again. Now it doesn't happen anymore. We are things that technology races from a world. How we get into this oh we're shank it. Always a pleasure to have Bruce and and yet a three dollars I'd like. It's crazy how many there and there are those guys in Chicago too bad news Mike Rickles orbit. You grow up with certain columnists like Barry rattle sometime 957 host is another one who. You just are always going to have a level of respect for that opinion because it's one of the opinions that formed your sports. World view of course I used to run even though I didn't agree with everything they surround Ira Miller claimed the key in all all those people we would go out of the exam this is that when the examiner was in the afternoon in the chronicles in the morning two papers a day will be sent about the examiner. Mine now I'm Sam back in the day they would have an afternoon that place you know and that's it sometimes in the games ago really Lleyton and I you'd have to wait for the box score actually afternoon. Version of the paper and usually wild man that's funny the newspaper game. All but again not the other that's another thing like. The idea of having to wait till tomorrow for today's news. Crazy idea kids one ever experience that matier and Ross ice the wait for that article to they always have summed it oh yeah masses cover. 51 attacks there I'm only 29 but I remember calling popcorn for the time off the house phone. Yes make in the movie phone call all my gosh movie phone nothing kids will never have to deal if they could find out every movie time on their phone in a matter of seconds to the worst was back in the day we set to the bus all the way across the city and then you get to a 7-Eleven or pay phone you call your friend's house and pray someone picked up. All you have to have one guy in the crew of the page would seem and that's that this is the problem major drag is the problem by the time you get to the pay phone it left gave laughs yes exactly. It's ridiculous that's why everyone back when we are growing up there was always a spot. Yeah somebody had a a chill house or not even just that I'm saying there was a public spot award in light of the phone if he hadn't got in touch with anyone. You just go there and see what people were up to into human machine and terror now there's lots little it was a Burger King in downtown Evanston for me a Burger King. Because it was it was almost like every day Humpty. Stupid and my faith I can do the whole song but it is not giant today. Not legally. Let me ask your question and important quite let me give you an answer. Humpty dance or freaks of the industry are freaks and industry is one of the everybody around here knew every single word when that came on at a house party everybody was seen. We put the towel on the floor body language gap under the door that they king argued that was. I know or somewhere feeling of Iraq recounting the yeah well blah about Gil. That I would agree. I would agree it's the better. Of the two songs are only announce the more popular than the audience was huge is also very good great karaoke for a white guy. You know I guess they as a hip hop fan and karaoke participant you've got to pick the right songs. And so you know. I'm just telling Humpty dance is the right kind of clean. Well what I always said was as shocked she was ahead of his time and Mac Drake did steal a lot of characters from shock G having dual personalities. And like nobody I kinda gave shock genius proper historical. Love locally he's hardly a mile off. He don't get heat people don't look at him as a pillar of the Bay Area when that dude like he was still ahead of of his time hiding in plain different characters. Shot she was something done Pete why so yes. The whole time yes with a no sprout like you're so wait you just put up fake no written and just blew my mind. And and he instituted new identity. Could be true if like for wrestling. It's fake Kaye is undertaker right. No matter what your name yes I news shocked he was pumping. It wasn't that of a secret but. How can we get into Digital Underground someone's telling us to use page your coats a lease that yeah. I got a lot of benefits sometimes it's still that was the problem with being you know pre Internet is you still never know. They could use the pay your code but if they had to leave the place since they use the major code there's no way for them to tell you noon and then let the other day. I was stuck needles California. Where is Eagles it's right on the border with Arizona and Nevada. Way out there oh man it was hot it was unpleasant and we were in repair shop that never did fix my girlfriend's car but. The point of this story was over and lifts Maine on existing needles California. So I had to have the 1990s experience of calling cab. And then just sitting their hope shows up. Not being able to track the location of the person picking me up was surprisingly disturbing to me. Did back in the day cavs used to pick and choose who they would take crack totally and so if you told you lived out the Michigan O'Reilly in the excel if they didn't sign that so we blogs all living side apparently going to keep going now he got a little further valuable further left right and we hop out it was the funny thing because they don't value would be like to use on a mile an hour now he has no way of getting back downtown all of brutal. Brutal yeah. Someone's mad about there. You comparing Mac trader shock to you but I'm with you. Respect shot JP he's day all easy evolutionary chain yes very much up to look at the Louise I got five wanna remixes RG laces and gotten. Great track. Well I think it's a tough remakes are not great track top five Barry solve all time. I thought. You hear the while we're here let's hear the other four T get BD live players holiday goes up there somewhere there I'd get it by T short and analysis cites an anthem for my income yap. Mom I would put. Forty water with. You know the video they had to block him out in. Who. What's error but I can't even imagine it's a hole that let you the Holland game a com. Or did she could go to stick shaker just tell me when the gals probably up and then of course got. Talent out there feel myself number one all time when that comes on the film myself comes on the place goes crazy oh. Yup. Yeah. I agree film myself classic mean that definitely goes on there and didn't stray from the bay wants to have a Mac trade. Argument William Wilson got a shelf for funky expedition that's a classic conscious daughters don't sleep on them that whole album knocked yet that one beat was ridiculous. Yeah. 70 seven's as I live in Napa we figured out the three pay phones in town that would allow incoming calls the page people for a policy that we can on our top yup that's exactly right. 510 wants. Our minds paid to the Jack got everybody always wants in homage paid to the Jack yeah. And a jacket that I'm and that's me I'm not huge on jacket but I respect him when he traffic or tape players club of exit. Iconix on the whole album is a classic when used to date of the peso now rapid Forte Greek. Yeah he's got a lot of trouble we seem a roundtable on Dan Nassau the tying been a lot trouble when you take a pay phone at the bottom and it looks like. The mouthpiece has been chewed off there was nothing worse than that right awful and you have a hovering above your ear like he didn't wanna put it two years here. Is it was so German basket in disgusting one of the best parts about the modern world is like. Having our own small versions of stuff they used to be public yes I can't wait till they invent the magically expanding travel bathroom. Obama didn't just. Why wouldn't I want that if I got the full I you'll watch your mouth near pay phone the public bathrooms were different trust either always liquid filled. All right you know since we've gone completely off the rails let's go ahead and take this call to eleven steel reserve. Truly a foul ball liquor but we'll a great caller from Fremont wants to talk on syndicate Tina and I will allow you have 45 seconds. 45 seconds for all of your hundred nicotine thoughts go Decker factory. Hey Andre and it's you know he's right. They're not bad rap in the very underrated big time to do it here and go doctors beta or. Oh he didn't even need the 45 seconds I do you have any theory they're very underrated because in my top five we did the other and shouts. Two JT the big if they go oh yeah game recognize game ya left Mac mall off the radio edit there's still beef and I'm not sure why a seven or seven things remiss the ninety's most of the people were talking about men were active in the ninth and if anything we missed the two without limits on long. The height you move me got completely surpassed slow and yes so. Unfortunately that's all we can play illegally out of this article and it. It gets very dirty from there tale of two jury is always always classic a sign that they didn't get into the studio together enough toward the end is yet already passed. It's it's just I always feel like they left but it sounds great oh it's incredible to produce perfectly and act like they left Seattle well I mean what did the the song that I'm playing on a neighborhood now Brooklyn's finest was after yeah that you passed right yeah. So that's what they do like that wrong was way after big you passed which is a hitter and that lack after death is a classic great album. We ready to dire life after death both. What do you guys from start to finish his phenomenal and life after debt double desk that's actually hit a solid ball dogs. Someone just texted us. Are sneaky way to get collect to pay for your call. On a pay phone matter respects to the 95 although I'm not gonna read the whole description because there's no pay phones anymore to do it on. I appreciate that someone still doing that. Forward five Texas as I was listening to freaks should be industry in my sister won't talk to synthesize. All right another about Bay Area have pub we can do this all day or at least that at least joke could oh not enough. 415 text dimension someone who I'd deserve believes additional mentioned right now so I am going to draw attention to the Ku and boots Riley. Who is one of the smartest. Most. What's the right word for this. Not revolutionary. He's an activist rapper and he's brilliant his lyrics are horrid hitting and and and incisive is the word I'm looking for. Hassan and he also just. Wrote and directed one of the most interesting and I think. Excellent movies I've seen in years sorry to bother you starring the key stand field from Atlanta. Also test of Thompson and it is one of the Wesley Curtis Thompson among other things yes creed says it doesn't. It is one of the strangest movie you'll ever see is also I think one of the most. Or full and impact full movies I've seen in a very long time and adding boots Riley is a genius so. Yes respect to boots. And now. Let's figure out the stuff we forgot to talk about 'cause we spent fifteen minutes doing the area hip hop and assaulted with picking up the pieces. It's mostly just an excuse me to play a song that I like very much by the average white band. But it's also a time went along and tells us. What we forgot to talk about while we were busy breaking down favorite baseball and and Andrei nicotine is all too short life. Yes so one thing we didn't get to really talk about today but I know Joseph with wants an all time tiger finished. Five under today big cat you know at the open. And I. Locked up the leaderboard however Jordan's beef moved ten up and he is around nine under my pick to win it all now. I mean under I picked him on now Wednesday. Wow nine under what was his start the Delon three under I think yeah three now three under that's a big move TSE Tulsa and is tiger I guess but still. It when it comes to any course where short game is Paramount and pudding. Gimme Jordan's feet I don't you tell me this earlier I had no idea. According to butcher boy Jewish askew who I trust with golf knowledge and Jordan speed is the best long distance potter ever in gas by the metrics they say that nobody outside of twenty feet. Is better he is still long putting what Seth Curry is to the three ball. I expected to go in there and both under armour. Yeah plants and they both golfed with Obama. Totally company right there yup yup. Which are you saying Obama is an under armour athlete you see the picture it's it's. That was pretty cool and great picture ayalon what else Rea second it's TJ wants Agassi as a super rigorous offseason training regiment he eats 8000 calories a day and drink two gallons of water every day during his workout program I just hope whatever. His brother learned about how not to be injured for the second half your career he talked to two teacher. Is he training in a log cabin like his brother when he put those those pictures out he was on the log campaign it was like I living like rock even come to find oldest son. And there's like you know pulled tables everywhere he would send it like he was a minimalist and don't hate Cain don't hate because he's in line I'll tell you one thing. This is a family that is good at publicizing how hard they work. And great football to a different football great democratic no doubt Steelers mitigate pick which I still I would still take JJ watt even though eases the got a broken back. That how made what was in his call. He walked he Wisconsin yet been there yeah okay you have. Yeah Wisconsin and is got a lot of towns with names like that interest and I broke my back thank you. I thought did those are reasonable amount when I said did they wanted to broken back and I was hoping nose or on. All right I'll bet you get lots working hard good for him what else again next is he on assessment is so. Yeah I'll hold on you know I'll finance you can't say that hammer on the trade deadline Whitney's fans listening meg have a heart attack. Maybe the Mets will send him a Hollywood heiress IG's gaffes are so out. You ought assessment is. He just came back from the DL yesterday Andy went yard you know home run and a single and I think it'll walk two putts. Last night he disclosed that he has counsel vacation in both of his heels and this is gonna require a surgery and the turnaround time on that is eight to ten months walls. I don't know what that means to be honest with you. Swat. He announced it. Yes he did after the game in the team talked about it to do so is he get a play through the injury or is he gonna have the surgery immediately. And they'd be animated decision yet but then media in New York thinks he's gonna go for surgery who. I so weird that he came back for game if you need obviously you knew we had that problem if he announced that after the game. So maybe they thought before the game he'd be able to play through it and after four at bats he just said no this is not gonna work. I like ioannis I saw. And him bomb garner got a lot in common yeah it's gonna I think their last perception of all the guys coming over from Cuba as like flashy. Dues I think Yasuo week sort of set the tone of Michael what is there what what do Cuban. Immigrant looks like. UN is is that the bomb garner of the Cuban population he really response go back to the four did he it's he's a pinch you know Wyatt. Backus had a pretty darn good career great career yeah. Great career I was the a's are charitable let's enjoy watching him UN and a all the people that are types are texting us what's next Obama and so next is the raptors president Obama's side usury he apologized Friday for a quote miscommunication. And quo with the martyr Rosen regarding trading him so did you see what it why homicide explained it just now. As far as I can tell what messiah. Was essentially saying. Is. I saw the march summer league. We had a conversation. About what I expected from him in the year to come. In other words. They had a conversation. That I guess if you're DeMar DeRozan. Seems like the sort of conversation you have with a guy you expect to be on your team that you're going to be working with the following right so it doesn't sound like messiah ever said. We're not trading you or we don't expect to trade you I don't think the word trade was even mentioned. It sounds like the conversation was in the side going up to his superstar and saying. Hey we'd love to see you work on. A post move and a little bit of ball handling and you know passing on the drive or whatever and I made those things up yet but it sounds like messiah sat down with Tamar. Did in mention a potential trade and discussed things he could do over the summer. And DeMar took that to mean. I'm a few I'm part of the future of the raptors and look when may have that conversation. Messiah jury may very well believe DeMar DeRozan what beat a part of the future of the raptors. And all so. I imagine he. Felt like scene. There was no reason to share potential trade plans with a superstar like and I don't think there it's. I can understand. Why Tamar and would have been upset. But this is to mean not nearly as bad as with the clippers did. Pitching Blake Griffin on being in the face of the franchise for the next five years and and she'd been about a town of the first available opportunity. This is a scenario where. As a besides Jerry said in a press what he's talked about it since. You have a chance to acquire a guy who's potentially a top three player in the league. Each do you do you just do it. Almost no matter what it costs and I think if he was totally honest he would tell you he thought this version of the raptors before. Coli had run its course anyway. I think that's fair and six guys trying to save his own job that's right and he's very I think exactly unless it's a reflection of his character that he came out and said. That was never my intention to give the impression he wouldn't be traded if you but I apologize for doing that and I understand how he could have interpreted that way. And this is also a guy who's conscious of the fact that your reputation with players follows you as a Chia and your players feel like you're snake. Then someone's gonna tweet about how your snake in five years and you want that so he's he's covering his own but but I also believe them aside Gerry did this the right way. Could be true the fall somewhere in the middle there we had I think also there on. Yeah is two more are it is one Jimmy G is now dating porn star Q our media is that official and they are they whom. Are they DF GF I and I don't know if there exclusive we just out of one abrasion was Jimmy to Rob Lowe suffered his first loss. But I don't think it's fair to call a loss. No I felt like playing the point and it's out of here on that a go ahead. But he laughed and instant Graham model name Alexander king for her so everyone's like wow that's amazing and then he's getting support from guys like. Marcellus Wiley targeted TMZ and the same would go thighs and sang lead Jaime adds do I need I need joke guys means endorsement on this. Let's chill all missed Sarah go on the sideline and try to kiss Suzy Colbert okay I. That's Kaiser. Now that was named it the day old guys envelope yeah I guess I got confused yeah yeah and raw hey listen what. Thighs and was criticizing RG three. If I had to describe to you how Jimmy rob Lowe's ex girlfriend Alexander king looks in two words the words would be Megan and fox. So. I'll just say that if if the if what you're saying is. Heat. Is he went the wrong direction. For my own personal taste I would agree. But also. Marcellus Wiley do you do whatever you want to go ahead get out there do you thing is if you like a 41 year old. Adult films start please be my guest well and some people are questioning is this gonna affect his endorsements. You know and all those options there but there's a marijuana themed adult web site that wants him to be their news spokesperson. Including going oh yeah. It is illegal in California last thing quickly squeeze it in. It real quick yeah I sent to the group was gonna be on the NBA two K nineteen cover there is supposed. Mostly cover curse saying if you're there you're gonna move teams have the next two years Alla LeBron James on the need to I don't think the cover curse but I do think there's a chance he's leads that team in the next two years we'll see how they pan out this year I think if they make some noise in the east this year that that can be good for them you need a superstar wants to lead Milwaukee. No way. No way. Let me just say as someone who just moved a lady from Wisconsin to California everyone should leave as Wisconsin. I think it's you or one guess for today. Bruce Jenkins always tremendous and and frankly. Slumming it would us. Bruce was. Thanks do you Joseph and to I'll see bright and early tomorrow morning much my own chagrin Sunday round for Jordan speak Tiger Woods all the top of the leaderboard first page let's do this all be hosting by myself tomorrow as Joseph watches golf. Ski team out.