Ski Team - Hour 2

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Sunday, July 22nd
Kolsky & Butcher Boy talk Dubs with Warriors beat writer Connor Letourneau (@Con_Chron) of the San Francisco Chronicle!

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The finale of the Bay Bridge series coming up later today right here on 957 of the game we'll get back into that stuff but talk a little tiger right now because. When you get the Red Shirts on a Sunday within strokes of the lead her. That's big as a Texas said. 95 text or how many is fanatic and tiger winning would be bigger than a's and giants had a lead to be monumental just. Anywhere it he's one of the few athletes in sports history. That it has pretty much universal. Policy approval rating but universal QQ and and not just Q rating but. He's a magnetism there's a man this is a matter where you might love them you might hate them you might. Think he's a dirt bag you might think he's a misunderstood. Survivor of child stardom whatever. Everyone's turning on the TV. Of course I think it's endearing. Having him go through that stretch of negativity one of the great sports moments. Sports across sport is Jack forty something years old winning the masters in 1986. This would be tiger. We dab bod bolting like crazy coming off of multiple backs surveys vengeance that's dad by. I know he still looks nominal one of mine yeah I now granddad bod. Any little six yards out sake he's going up against Jordan speed who's the golden child Fred he's already got three championship to Tony four years old pre majors if he gets a fourth he would join Jack and tiger. As the only guys that young to have that many championship really talking about were verified air. Rarefied air these little Michael jordans of their spore. You know they don't come around often so. You've got the young up and coming superstar in Jordan speed who's the golden child the is what tiger was essentially as far as a marketing. Campaign not as big clearly. And first the aging grizzled gunslinger a Tiger Woods yeah. Yeah and and I'll just say quickly that. If that's the point. It doesn't even matter if he wins now I mean you may want him to win I would like to see him win it's a great story if he wins no doubt the comeback story after ten years of of not winning a major after five years since he won a tournament yes Iran yes. And the great story but what matters of the game is just that he's in. The fact he's all the coverage back nine other major guaranteed this'll be the height and the more the highest rated golf in years and years. Unbelievable pain in years look I'm an army honest I judge easing by my time I. I have all the gulf Twitter people on my timeline right when I see the NBA NFL Major League Baseball people tweeting about tiger. It tells me. This is a national story this isn't just a golf story this is a national story so he's. Did this is great for golf and I'm excited I'm pumped I just wanted to finish top five in our beloved for him to win but still feel it yes don't hang in there. He's one stroke back. Justin Rose getting into it too this is pretty crowded leaderboard this is going to be an interesting finish. I can I'd just say I hope. But I hope Chris haft and Susan's loss are really sharp today because you're not going to be paying any attention does interviews there's going to be Meehan Nam coast and I got a great last 11 o'clock hours. I got great questions from them right usual remember them what I'm scared tiger. Irons are you guys watching this right now no war the ballpark trying to get ready for baseball game what are well. I'm U three putted. With us and he three putted Joseph let this weekend. Last summer I think what it was up in Glen Eagles whatever last summer played Sunday or whatever anyway because everyone for your final everytime they play I've underdogs that this is truly mind boggling. I'm not sure I've ever seen a more impressive golf set the DT he's unreal he's unreal and the thing is still like. Similar and see this to us announce beef. Molinari Chappell kid Isner tied for the lead and and tiger with a group one awfully cred chapels from Fresno local guy. I think he went to UCLA go to chapel that English speech that I love about about him man is that and I mean this to honest to god truth when stat sheets at three there's really no three but you like no staff don't shoot it like you assume it to go in every time you Serbs if they can Mattson. Every time Jordan makes a putt I assume it's going especially in a major. Yeah I understand it I mean it didn't and frankly my golf viewership speaks of is because I actually love watching golf I'm a rare person. If he's in the world and it is more common in the sports industry but out in the world when you tell someone you think golf is thrilling television bigger they get confused if you think I'm I'm down to explain it to use the reason golf is great on TV it. Is the same reason that the best place at the golf tournament when you actually traveled there. Is. The driving rain and yes because you get to see shot after shot after shot heroic also slow what are you talking about. After one guy shoots they cut to another guy shooting exact you have to wait for them to walk up the fairway you're Watson another guns so. I love it. And yet. I've probably watched five golf tournaments in the last five years because there's no tie poses no tiger and he's must view TV he's a and part of that is you know there's more more stuff to watch there's less and less time especially him. You know and to the extent the gulf overlaps with football and choosing football every time elements yet so so there's all that too but. The fact is. When I get the Twitter alert tiger. Within three strokes of the lead on Sunday I'm turning that op and no question and it's it did it's it's great that is there anyone else. In all of sports like that right now. He's been very bonds at bat Barry Bonds at bats were like that would cut in ESPN yeah Barry Bonds at bats Pedro would would catch him up almost been happening we used to do beer trips back when I was drinking their cup the procedure on Gary's long when Barry was hitting sometimes it was confusing but but there is it was important the other things I would say red zone. Has made it to where. There's certain like for your fantasy and and it's getting that's more individualistic. But the way red zone is set up like. I don't know I feel at all Aaron Rodgers is an owner OK now but that's not like that's not like set it up. OK so here's here's the scenario on I'm setting up and maybe people. Will give us a call on this too we got cut or turn on about fifteen minutes for mutants and hoop talk we can toss this I deer around throughout the day if people or interested in discussing it. You're sitting in your bedroom. Living room you know shown on the couch. Your read the book it's like lazy whatever afternoon. If you didn't feel like dealing with the sports world the outside world you have a mom. Book reading afternoon. You're reading your book suddenly. Twitter or whatever alert pops on your phone. Tiger Woods three strokes off the lead master is major championship. You're out your turnout on right away. What else could pop up on your phone and that makes. The view in in in a space where you're you thought you just wanted to chill. Now you go. Uh oh I better put that LeBron. You know did not realize it's LeBron like it and and I I don't care what warrior haters seem of the warrior fans that hate LeBron but again I understand that you can't deny. The you don't wanna walk like I love watching LeBron a lot to root against him I love to watch is incredible feats I like to watch right column just how marvelous the guys he's a genius on the court so for me it's it's I would say LeBron to the top of the list yeah Tom Brady. Yeah Brady I don't care operate because Brady is not gonna do some I haven't seen Null I know but I just love watching the patriots a 95 text or just just texted one thing that's gonna get here the no hitter perfect game the thing I've had jumped to mind is the guy that we saw on TV you right as we're walking into the studio. Justin Burleigh yes good call. I can imagine because look if I get Micah. Meet any of all Lee has a no hitter yeah. Then I'm like yeah America is worse than that right the fifth inning perfect game letter but when it's but if it's like just amber Lander has. Twelve strikeouts in a no hitter going in the seventh arm like. Yeah oh yeah. It Kershaw to Kershaw south away from me as well as you and can't stand the Dodgers I love watching Kershaw here's attacks there. Two minutes left in any football game and I mean any football game that's that's a little aggressive from I don't know that saints vikings finish was. It's pretty spectacular. That's as good as he gets here like. Yeah no great end but that's that's really what I'm talking about Aaron Rodgers down six with the ball the end here we go with who. Another tax this used to be tell Lincecum on no question exactly Sudan. That was what that's the sort of thing I'm talking sunny day with bonds that the call Lincecum David tiger on the on the prowl. Those are the sort I. There's not a lot of things in that category and tiger is being met. For. One when he use. Twenty years twenty years 99 was the first slowly keep pop on the scene in 9697. Right but it got really on nine and yet he did the tiger slam in 2000 basically was where he was at his apex where he won all four majors in a row essentially mount a counter your dose of Israeli I he's 65 vote clay about to walk out of the club in China that is good knowledge. Collins plays plays bode just docked in and out and column. Check the video. I gotta say Bryce Harper for me I do enjoy a Bryce Harper at bat like when I'm watching Bryce Harper optimum in the bottom of the nine yeah and I kitchen I really enjoy him and then Mike Trout like. I know he doesn't have that the sex appeal but I'll be honest like if I see the angels game on the way rich did you have a has the love Washington did you happen to be watching MLB network at any point on several days in camps one of the several Mike Trout commercials that are in rotation. Because now it's my Zeum Mike Trout commercial I get. This author rob Manfred again yes that I can't believe he had the gall to say that stuff in the middle of all star break. I just it makes you wanna kick him in a very soft plays. So obnoxious. The guys literally he doesn't wanna talk and yet here he is doing commercials first half but baseball I think goes on my phone yeah. An end you're complaining that he's not willing enough to all all up mat for its brutal. How about this when he used to be Shaq free throws from there I mean I did he's the right celeb like it would that left hand off the ball in like literally shooting down there that are you at one point he got it to where not only did he take his left hand off but he also like palm the ball kicks yeah. And just like flicked his wrist at the end envoy. Shaq was. That was basically the yet by the end it was it totally when he started as just a big man who couldn't shoot free throws and then it became the year it's like he was doing all sorts of goofy stuff to try to get worked. I think if if if if at some point and I'll be really used to be as much more weight than me I can tell easily bluster at bats email. Well the bluster app backs have lost their last. Yeah. No more bluster bluster that. Wounding. Hired. I'm OK a little. I apologize. Renaldo. 480. Text there that's a relatively young and new phenomenon. I guess now for this for America oh here's a good one Griffey in the ninety's all Griffey had seven consecutive games with a home run. I had to car DNA was so sweet he was that any of the prettiest swing in baseball history maybe well I don't know if it's exactly this category but certainly everyone is going to be watching the warriors very closely this year alone. You know what. Make sure Vanessa stays on hold she's got one that we should have thought of and we're gonna litigated in before we speak to con of the turnaround next. Medical's he just just it's a ski team a 957 game. I'm not back in the eighty's but back on the air. After a short break quickly let Iran throw largest iron about you know the most watched TV the thing that if the alert on your phone goes off you you'd have to look at it over the course of time in sports. Other read off the list then quickly take Manassas caucus she has one that we blew it on not thinking up. 415 text or Griffey in the 90s95. Jordin in the ninety's. 707 Ricky on first base. Absolutely says different seven or seven Mike Tyson in his prime melons from drew. Definitely Tyson in his prime was a must watch and you had to get there on time. Where you missed it yeah Canseco and wire back to back is a great call from 480 let's go to Vanessa and slam Leandro. Who Hoosier must watch Vanessa. They added that I am not block. Serena Williams. I have called Lou good call. Yeah she's dominant she's that she may she's. Sega. Oh yeah any any any open net and I make sure that I. I tune in especially if this is about to win one. Yeah and especially a final with Serena and even though she lost last month thanks for the call and that's that's agree when she is. Both physically and another. Like tiger was in his prime. Serena has. Not only an immense physical edge over the competition but a mental edge she she stares daggers through people and she is such a competitor she's our favorite athlete ever to watch MTV Q rating across genders across generations have crossed. Demographics. Every one is interest it she's got the clothing line she's got. That the television appeal the obvious supreme athletic schism and dominance a lot like a few guys that play for the local basketball team which is why we're gonna get into right now wave Connor Paterno who of course is on the warriors beat for the San Francisco chronicle and that. Dale I know it's sort your vacation time Connor so we appreciate you joining us and and let's just start with the most recent news. In warrior land which is Jonas Jerebko tell us what to expect out of the what are the Swedish just us little what what is. I don't get there stricker he's Kara can come and try to build that. Boomer cast bureau. But if you're member Omer has brought it largely to it to resolve the bench and he didn't do much of that is due uttered by. Only attempted twenty Q3 pointers. All of last season report he was awaited. Trip that play out spot for going to and so. Jonas is the guy who is really different you shot. Around 40% from there Latino with Utah. Yet I think it or sixty director where last season which would have ranked. Second among the wars users we are behind a young so with nick garlic Omer go on. He's going to be yet to come in and be kind of a three point specialist you know bill don't want these imposition of these pins out there have been played its role in our system but. That's the main reason why he's going to be on rosters that. It hit the reason he's not gonna play a ton but is gonna help take the load up. Also there's a little bit in the right here and I don't know so expect him to play it on come playoff time but we'll have his or older she's. Actually let let me follow quickly iMac Connor because. I wonder. The way they're building this debt now. Do you think there's a possibility that we see something and not many not all season maybe not for more than a month hero all week there but. Something almost like Paris switching off deems between eight a dollar and Livingston just like cutting there. Intended deems played all the way down in the media the fifties in the regular season just because. It seemed like neither of them were banning d.s last year the regular season anyway engine you need them so badly come post season. Yeah I think you're gonna see a lot of that are I think. I think he's gonna get very creative in this regular season I think he saw this past regular season. Complacency was such a big issue then. And Steve is a big fan of the game within the game largely just keeping interest in birchard crew that you have incredibly deep into June for the sister year. I think adding cousins. Is gonna make things a lot more interest in gonna help in that department. The reality is he's not in my comeback so. Probably January or February and so in that meantime. He's got to keep things. And understands he can't and I think there's no need for him to Wear down our hundred dollars and those problems in the world. Purdue and they don't really matter you know he's not a pat even look at. Were inconsistent in the regular season but when it came time for the play out they really took it to another level and were really key for them and that's really. All the words and yet Canada Mexico. Carrino cousins kept referencing dream on in the press conference the other day and when he did his little interview one on one with our 95 cent in the game host nets Mets. But trim any cousins I know they got a quick friendship going here that they've had for a couple years is that too much fire and one locker room. I don't think so I don't think so I haven't said the other day on our capital and on but I. I think there's drain money of these relationship is going to be very key dispute. Arm you know we we don't know about content. Yeah reputation Kurt. Being a bit temperamental. Petulant immature. Bumping in the thing is keen. He interim are actually very similar mat. They got this far because they're competitive desire there on yielding well you know their bravado those are all popular thing but the difference between. Jerry Monaco and that dream on has. Channel that energy in a positive way generally speaking yes he'd still be a lot of technical but. He's the emotional leader this team is well respected throughout the league. And presidents haven't really figured that out so I think this is gonna be really key because I think. Premarket adult content in a big way in terms of figuring out how to speak. That energy in that competitiveness. And channel to channel it in a positive way. Is it possible that. Currently is this somewhat possible or it's possible that some want. That is just context and I mean I I hear you saying and certainly demarcus is had. Some things that go beyond the sort of aggressive. Behavior of reminding to sort of ugly incidents but nothing really bad I mean I think the worst thing is being rude to a reporter. And I just feel like dream on might play just as poorly if he'd been on losing teams his entire career. Not a completely would understand and I actually agree with you I think that. Cousins reputation is so blown out of proportion a little bit. He got to keep in mind it's Garrett spent seven plus seasons. In Sacramento situation it's completely. Completely. Dramatic and come on Saturday and yes it all or coaches. There at a bunch of pieces around him that didn't really make sense they didn't treat him the way that superstars who is normally treated in this week's. So I understand and agree. Why he was restaurant Marty act that it currency with a lot better. In New Orleans you know which was much healthier environment healthier situation workers are. Banking on the back there and do their own. Locker room culture that went out you know it they've taken similar samples may we not had this looks expanse but. They're taking gambles on nick you are wrong. To them indeed Matt Barnes and just trust that. When your locker room but environment that's positive about waiting that you know someone away. Like to markets ten commandments. And science so I don't think it's a major concern but I do you think that Terry market well. Connor I want to one of the guys come to walk up to the markets and ask him if he's gonna start playing golf. Wish curry and the crew it would dollar and then because and very inches in tiger Sunday you know obviously the relevance there. But oranges did. In this San Antonio trade that went down. What do you think the warriors think this move and how do you think San Antonio now stacks up in the west with the martyr isn't. You know outlook saying that the lawyers and and Steve in particular they've always had. And respect require but it also a lot of respect for smarter. What to Mars in the past couple years and her husband bear crisis. I am I don't think he gets enough credit a next two years ago averaging 27 points per game. Suited to clip he was shooting at the last you know we. That for a team that aren't in my opinion wasn't that talented. To the second Boettcher a year ago we deliberate speed and yes they got swept. But I capital play out but it doesn't. It doesn't change the fact that he was down they were downright impressive for six months to marry either. So it'll be really interest me and I personally think that I hope be quiet not to to look above I hope people are smarter. DeRozan. And I think that. We get the help because water trying to could be a real factor in the east they'll go to India and posterior and and that. Philadelphia. But I think they have shop. We had with Lamar I think that there that San Antonio they basically it is. They said we're not gonna rebuilt if a lawyer we were used to rebuild we're gonna make the play out again we might not intemperate championship but we're not gonna be one of these key is that just crisis rebuke. Start all over again so we'll we'll be competitive. You play out caliber team I think will be a part of that Wear out picture. But I don't see them being any sort. Actor when it on the top foresees. Well let me ask you about those top four seeds because I've. I can't think people are forgetting this is not replacing co Y eight with the Tamar really if he's not in terms of last year's team it's. Adding to mark to a team that was the seventh in the playoff. Race without school why you're DeMar DeRozan last year so I I. I think people may be sleeping a little bit on the spurs but I just think in general what's happened in the west. Actually overall plays incredibly well for the warriors and let me just ask achieve this way. Assuming this Carmelo thing shakes out unions up in Houston and and the rockets also retain Clint Capello who technically is still. Restricted free agent. Do you feel like Houston is as good as they were last year 'cause I feel like they may have gotten a little bit worse and a lot of the other team's got a little bit better but all that's done is create more of a mess behind the warriors and and sort of separate them from the pack even more. Yeah I agree I think and all that and armed. This opt he's an illegal why that was kind of about you better for the wars because it ended. In my mind they're too big competitors are still on the eastern copper and goes to visit these predators beat boxing ability. I don't think they necessarily got markedly better either so. You know the big question look where LeBron and it and it became go to the lakers. And the lakers not being able to add another superstar. Power player along side them. Liz it was great at a worse because I do think that any team LeBron gone is going to be are going to be worth being wary of but. We have with no other big name got on that and when you have. You know there are other big acquisition being Rajon Rondo in the development he's and that Lance Stephenson little world. I don't see the lakers but so are pushing the warriors and that began. Series and I am glad I agree with you that it isn't a little bit. Where I actually think that Oklahoma City is better yet I think that Antonio little bit. Were you make the point that that quiet was injured most most black students I guess if you're injured they met an account there have been maybe a little better that. Yeah I distill I don't think there's anyone in the west that. Can beat the words as separate dancers and a. Connor it's the last season and Oakland before they move over to their new arena chase arena I think the special annual patches on the Jersey is that again. Maybe commemorate. All the years in Oakland on the tickets like have you heard or gotten any wind. Of what they might do for this last season and Oakland to kinda go out on a nice to rock. Yeah no they're gonna they're this whole season's going to be a two memory unit time in Oakland and trying to. Convince the ambition that you know even though we're. Can't we just gonna of that Oakland as though in our hearts are still being Aires team forced Oakland team. They count it they got that started. Last year with the challengers these attackers went bankrupt coasters you that's your baby ever. At fortune on city I'm sorry adding that the Danny Garcia to hang up on silencer Joe's Mike off good come. And yes they they started out a little bit last year with the confidently and I think you're in the U. Even more things sprinkled throughout the next season. They're gonna be similar or better and you know beyond homage to the studio program but everything is going to be over and over when I think about it Oakland. The Bay Area team we're told Golden State Warriors. And I know that fans might not always believe that that'll be the party are. Connor we always appreciate you taking the time thanks a lot further Spence and your off season thus. Connor look turn out services to chronicle warriors beat writer and unlike US that the indexes because. As an east bay resident I've chosen the east bank. I guess. If worded you know I feel you move to place yet she sides sometimes you I chose he's been many years ago that. And I love those challengers that other than what I was gonna they're bio warriors Jersey which I'm probably won't because it feels a little weird for me to do that. It will be a clay Thompson challengers but because of course I love the town and. Early teens who were the movement at a skinny and he by storm never forget my Jersey game I have tons of jerseys at home I have not managers who along time my new thing now as. The teacher jerseys because then I can Wear can't surging models are the appropriately and there's nothing worse then Abbas won't Jersey because. I hate what I see people who don't Wear the undershirt with the Basque closures clearly elements in the way in my arms look well I mean it's OK at the beach at the pool didn't like that not and a C one Bart. Now let's turn the announcer. Too much. Someone on attacks on and I don't know if there trolling or or. Or trying to be your friend but they want me say Frisco Frisco Frisco T no interest in. Are you eight are you a Frisco is cool or Frisco is not cool guy. Wolf this is a very complicated issue for me how come total since I'm actually gonna do a video with bond town that's good because you and Vontae are kind of minute. Reference points for San Francisco and both you say Frisco is cool so I I'm sure proof Crisco. Exactly yeah are you but we grew up in the wrap air and the Frisco choppers era where there's this entire movement in the excelsior guys when the Frisco choppers. Motorcycle shirts and yet or BL posse and all these different rap groups and it was a cultural slang for us and that we we always embraced it. We always. Yeah out with the old in with the new first notice yet just don't caught seemed far I am not the acts the one that's like Steve did you know I now hey there's going to be like the kids were five now are gonna start calling it San Fran when they're grown up and then you're gonna be the old guy the some nine report to bank in the rocking chair and anger the egg drop below did it might tweet it out he might not do it like. He turns hell go ahead and go Frisco whatever. Where you just say that was announced so so that was his that was his first yes he's now back to the on a permanent record. Okay that that the last one though Alice intercepted at the goal line and ran back to the house like the Jerome Harrison. Super Bowl interception itself yet Jimmy. We need to have a sit down and now you're like no coach Jimmy everything's cool man just remember there's nothing routine about the way I get don't think that that respect I think it'd Tony Bruno Tucci exit the same time when I hear that are important. Colin and okay. Back into what I was actually trying to say about Conor aid. It's great that they're going to celebrate Oakland but more importantly what they're going to do for Oakland is win another NBA championship. That's what they're gonna do is finish their stint in the east bay but it winning three of four. Three in a row before Earl for five sorry I already won three of four by stretching it to 45. And three in a row and officially being one of the great NBA dynasties in the I mean there are one of the great NBA teams. But I thinking you've got to get because there's three there's several three Peters yes there's a handful of back to back several three years. But that sort of next level past three. And fallacy in that area pantheon if you will harm it's the greatest run right now we are in the middle of the greatest front I know VA's went three in a row I I know that. They literally went to the brink. Four straight years brought back three and they are going for note like this is it we can't always win the fourth. That's that's the best ran bears sports is no question in my mind the niners got right so that precipice if you will. Where they handed the ball off they were beating the New York Giants six to three years in whatever that the squirrel was in a 1990 NFC champs of game going for three peat. Hand the ball off Joseph Montana rolled right got hit by pepper Johnson knocked out of the game. And author Roger Craig Lawrence Taylor strips him and the New York Giants suffocate the big game away from us in the final minute kick a field goal and beat the Buffalo Bills and that would have been our three feet. Oh well yeah I think if it had so that this lawyer team and here's the other part not only that they are literally in their there's still. Yes this saint Edwards got. Not quite sure how long this might go and in the spoil everything. Makes it that much more interesting in terms of extending. The run even longer but I guess grow. What I really wanted to take away from Connor and it's something that we've talked about a little bit as well is just how well this off season broke for them off. It's unbelievable and I'll I would include direct calling Matt and I would include. The draft pick Jacob Evans is exactly who they wanted and and we heard the stories about how. Paul wall they thought they might have to trade up but then it turned out he's just fell right into their laps. Wind. Carmelo going to Houston and Trevor reason leaving Houston that benefits them not I honestly think. Cool obviously coli not being in the conference benefits them LeBron not having a start teammate benefits them. Here's the question I would ask you given everything that's happened so far in the NBA offseason. If I made you choose right now who were the other three teams in the top four of the Western Conference playoff picture. The top four how. Wow this is fluid it really is right it's written that's a tough quite how many candidates are an argument for such CI I partially you talk I like he'll talk a lot. Absolutely I really liked and I liked what they match up against certain teams positions they got a locking down so obviously we expect the warriors to be. The number one seeds yes. I like disbursed like if you enjoy our Rosa we gonna be championship like you I liked this first I'm very interested to see the spurs and Houston play each other a bunch of times and Activision OK so the spurs so I still you talk I think Houston somewhere in there I don't know that they're going to be the number one there's you see but I know but I understand what death and I like OK here's the point that I'm making itself. Let's just say you to the first three you said yeah I'm I'm I'm calling those your choices so that means you're saying. The other three teams that we'll have a home playoff series. In the first round. Are the spurs the jazz and rockets now let me list the team's. Players that you're not putting in the top four in the us. The Portland trailblazers who with a third seed last. The Oklahoma City Thunder who were the fourth seed and got better. The New Orleans pelicans are the six seat and got better. The Minnesota Timberwolves who have a ton of talent the Denver Nuggets who. Just miss the playoffs and got better the Los Angeles Lakers drew just added LeBron James always and the smaller zone and back to back champion JaVale McGee. Sold that thing that I always tell people is that the regular season is very very different then the NBA playoffs. It out like baseball we play three games SATA four game set. In basketball it's one night against one team you hop while playing eagle play someone also elect. Stylistically. Like I think I love you taught in series matchups because they can kind of just in that defense he can grind you down. But then during the regular season. You'll love someone like Houston because of Portland or poorly because of the style of the way they play it's really difficult to adjust if you're coming off a plane and playing them in one night that's what Denver every year has a much better regular season record is teams come flying min cap. One not even another roster isn't the greater yes your. Point Denver 31 in ten at home last year fifteen and 263110. On. Incredible home record in the best home record. Although in the spurs in the entire Western Conference right but that's 'cause I think about don't you. Yeah absolutely and look. My whole point was. I think the suns mavericks and grizzlies all got better beaten probably none have a shot at the playoffs agreed king still kings are awful. I like kings roster roster they got some decent young guys that they might be interesting and a couple of years so yeah the worst team in the west by far. The lakers and error the clippers rather. Wall seeing I don't quite know what to expect from a group it's kind of a ragtag bunch but they did win 42 games last year which got them close to the playoffs mediacom. Yes your probably right Dina your front mediocre is probably right but. To hear you that the lakers the nuggets the T wolves the spurs the pelicans the jazz the founder the blazers. That's eight teams plus the rockets. Nine teams for seven spots and honestly. I would not be shocked. If any of those nine teams was in the top four. Or if any of those nineties was in was have been missed the play I guess I'd be shocked if the rockets missed the playoffs altogether but again we saw last year it's attrition so many stars went down last year yeah I mean look injuries are determined some of it but just as you look at the picture right now to point. The parity from from two to ten. 211. Maybe tiger just hideous. Huge planets are mad I didn't mean knock you off. I think you need it got so bad he's what back. You know what we've me you know are we gonna do now though. The bar Zahn. Don't screw this up. And I need like fifteen guys and enact its aggregate playoff you play four holes if they go to well all right all right now hold the way the leaderboard is all gathered guy at the top first of all it's. Names you know Rory Jordan's beef Tiger Woods Justin Rose sexy. Very sexy I don't like the way your voice turn when you mentioned Justin rose's name have been if he heard if you really wouldn't like it but really swinging golf years so curry you being. Mac future hanging around at a chapel Rory Jordan. And of all people Francisco Molinari in the we have we'll keep an eye on it but I'm gonna try to get sorry to talks I had thought that coming up next because we do still have it isn't giants playing games three and actually. Yesterday's game didn't even matter today's game is the one that determines who goes home. Within me. Bridge trophy. Hah hah hah oh there's a guys behind to suit you got to give spoiler alerts next time you're gonna yellow golf results spoiler alert I'm excited. Ski team big. He focused on 95 cent in the game we are man. Mac calls did you suggest he'll ski team on a Sunday morning approaching the halfway point in shortly after the halfway point. Chris haft giants beat writer and Will join us then. The great Susan saucer in the 11 o'clock hour to get the Oakland Athletics side of the Bay Bridge series but term. Let me let me start here with huge giants and Joshi ASCII. How old are you feeling. After a loss because that we talked a lot before this series about how all it was a bigger series for the giants. And I don't wanna like. Over. I don't like panic or or or not get overwrought after one game because you. You probably felt pretty good noted after game one. Bill and ended at a price at some question marks and at Villa great chancellor great. Last night they'd actually. Force extra innings have a chance to steal victory from the jaws of defeat can't hold on and do it. And I don't know what it is I think it's that situation note to a degree and it's something we've talked about that this was a bigger series but I look at this and somehow one giant that is laws yesterday. Did Morgan that not much about the a's but that one or two days ago rather than giants' loss yesterday. Every time they lose I get the feeling of like Heath they're big trouble. I hear yeah. Bomb but. If they can win this series is splitting in the days and if you look at who they played over the last couple weeks the cubs. It's the Rockies. It's been a tough schedule that doesn't let up the way as well no but just tread water. Tread water and and I expected bump article out and give this team seven strong meanings you know it off to win every bomb garner start but. Go deep into the game salvageable at a lower a four inning outing from bone garner was really disappointing gazette and that's got it. That was a thing about about the loss to is he kinda can't afford to lose longer our kittens Brighton media and it's it's maybe it seems silly thing to say one games is there's another client. We don't know what Credo is then that's the biggest part about today right is no clue what is Johnny Quaid. No clue aunt and it is that we talked to yesterday that said they didn't expect. Quaid go to finish the season was that we view yesterday now I can Friday it would JD. Who said that. When you wake me up at 6 AM two days straight effort get what happened. My entire previous life before that so I don't know who was that we talked to someone on Friday. And it wasn't just JD who said no offense to JD yemenite I think it was a more connected dead beat writer type of person who said I would be. Surprised. If Johnny quail finish the season. Its interest in here I mean they're clearly has been dealing with a arm issues all year he hasn't looked right outside the first two weeks of the season. And you know they're on the hook for so much money when it comes to Johnny Quaid out if he goes down. And it's a one yearlong rehab process to get back. I mean then that I mean there's good Johnny. Alex panel which it may have BS and I think it was out and analysts will because John excess we had passed on Friday I'm pretty sure was him said I I'd. Be more surprised then not. If you made a complete season of starts. That's alarming that's really really alarming don't configure out there don't like confront Alex paddled it about back I'm not a 100% sure it was him. It's just it's it's alarming because they need them they need him relieve that in the allocated a ton of money to him and for him to go down in any fashion. It that's pretty devastating especially considering that and again this is part of the the Bom Gartner conversation that real giants fans don't wanna have. Is there. Yeah he got hurt in two funky wacky zany ways but it still caused him to prime years exactly. And ounce. Starting to get concern there too and he's up for contract and if you've spent a bunch of money on quail. You know you know how this organization treats that luxury tax all playing. And gathered in and around the time about it right now about how to can't violate luxury tax now and like last night Hunter Pence I know we had a couple of good at bats and you know what he actually smoked one. Down the line Hunter Pence after we pronounced him for dead of all day yesterday. Three for five with those big RBI but all slap hits him in the guest does your home runs I am known but. Let me ask you this he can't beat the eighteen. But that's the problem free enterprise with two RBIs good so here's the question here's a question that to Tony seven I know but. Would meet wouldn't you kind of faint. In it in a butts making the World Series and in a broad World Series game. You'd want Hunter Pence teaching. Over most other guys you put just 'cause he's he's homer damn pants and a I know I'm not usually a guy who whose tries to sell people on the magic or or or any of that stuff. I'd rather have panda I think if all things were considered equal he's an armored or else healthy but he's not right now so I'm just saying like. Hunter Pence. He is the guy. Who goes three for five with two RBIs FDA spent 3 hours that morning calling him a worthless waste of space that's who we have that's called the anger and react any sense theory. Eight that's but spent full where would we be if not for Edgar Renteria. I spent two and a half years bashing the did he get actually nothing Barry Zito sent the game back in time just to hit the biggest home runs Francisco giants history. 510 Texas as embracing myself for the presentation of the bridge trophy the winner should keep it in their locker room is a chamber pot. Aggressive echo but I have no we had a steel worker who was very upset about me dissing me the trophy at a few days ago. But here's the absurdity of the trophy right here is give certainty. It's it's a split at 33 split aren't. It's not based on who scored more runs who won by more runs it who wins today so the giants win today and it's at 33 split. Because we won the last game we get that does mean that that's not a trophy that's that's a participation award that you decided to hand out to someone this is why this is hoping stupid. And I don't wanna whisper well but I gotta break the tie somehow. Yeah are wrestling match okay. Both she Melvin would see yet you now. Maybe a maybe nine holes the BC nine holes between your best golfer in my best golfer like something other than this free throws odd penalty kicks. You know I'd give me something. You know. Not trying to out. Lou you wouldn't have been that third game and we split Nike now the pay it's game six NBA fly. False about AM and equity guys wrestling match between stopper and Lucio. No lol here in the hall and first off because he is your pro wrestling aficionado of Derek Holland in the attacks stumper and who would the other guy stopper. I'm not alleged Eric Hollander Russell stopper and anti Lucille. Wow yeah wow all hot Hayden in aided 9579 if I set an age oh she asked he hates Lucille. I do know seal hater he should've got a ring I don't like any parades around the rings it did but I. Come on down the serial Lucille we want some get some. The the it's yeah I'd I don't think the how to baseball teams have mascots both the Philly fanatic is the one true all ran in the San Diego chicken ball but that doesn't exist and it should. Let's fix it I'd love I'd love to San Diego chicken Mitt that's not a thing. That's why put how many teams even have a mom Syria that sat out the White Sox have a mascot but definitely I would tell iPod that's lying it don't like. Because it feels. Manufactured it's deceiving said about the 49ers creating a band there's only one AppleTV added and that's a Washington Redskins the niners should have never had a band if she's serious thing out here Parker doesn't count as a band no nine or noise the drum people there it's terrible it was so annoying in the parking lot are all anti time Arnold as a team was an event of they've you know there's only one team was an event who's that. It's the players ranked at the heck out of here and I understood that rap video thing TO 1988. Hi Jerry Rice had given the massive army which I hill first 85 or 88 it's all right but we were we are on the verge of repeating. Everybody's finally have my thing on the road and I have my one thing it's the one thing I now. Did you realize how hard do you do you realize what it's like to be a bears fan you don't because you wearing a niners shirt right now. Yeah Ed let me have my one thing because it's a life of pain. When the tiebreaker. Not a 510 texture wanting an arm wrestling contest on the pitcher's mound between the -- Brothers I'd get I'd rather drinking content although in the problem with that is if you're giants fan. Just I think age wise you got the you know the bad and that melts sleep on old man strength. The old man strength until you know like fifteen does it get more at sixty is I think how numbers are the diaper Bruins when your from a farm town like the pipers are yeah they duel and or more strength about her share. Com. First of all. Every sport has mascots to the Dexter thinks it makes baseball specifically is there's there's mascots and every sport. You know my most underrated mascot. Among the new ball notes the Phoenix Suns. All of the men the muscle guy he had liked him. I like I I preferred the guerrilla not so telling him about the girl and think it should buckle lookalike is a girl I was a gorilla you know at Phoenix guerrilla yeah he's like he's crazy don't guess on yeah he was really cool but it was okay act to Wayne Dwayne paper 68. Glenn definitely a few years younger reign to do that doesn't even list his brother how route. I'm I'm just looking into the Khyber arm wrestling thing like it's really going to happen though that's what's happened you know what you know it I got it all wrong. The kite purse should milk the cow. That's how we determine who's gonna win and who can give more milk out of account. Answer. Did he talked about it no no they do yet they've got home my talk about farming yeah yup that's the thing but still. Or it did make him do a farm competition so if we want it around if we wanna I'm thinking I'm adverse Brody in my cup pull out push up contest. That would be funny. I've watched that it's a thirteen year gap by the won't that is of the year yes that's a big gap so so I like Glenz chances if we do the armrest. No offense to Tulane who. I love as a broadcaster. The elephant for the AA stumper I don't I do like him. I always know they've done a thing and that they did this in Chicago with cows I don't know what the Callas said it I guess it was mrs. O'Leary's cow smears of the anniversary of Chicago fire. Okay. I'm going somewhere investment. They've taken style little stoppers statues. And different I think different artists have painted them and they're all over Oakland there's solver all over Oakland right now. What is different versions of star Bree I want to Drake dealership the other day and read a little spot great spot. There's a stopper hang out in front paint it on multi colors looking sharp. And I guess there's like different. Or artistic versions of sulfur. Across the city of local I always like there than just the elephant logo itself in during the eighty specifically Alex thought it was just this really cool was really cool yeah. Yes although we're not sure what has to do with the athletics percent terrorists but you know what you need that for. It's like is that kind of like the roll tide Alabama and they don't they have an elephant that has nothing to do with the Crimson Tide big Al baby roll tide. Does that Nick Saban nick is that you. He's trying to fix the NCAA first U invite aligned to speak whenever he wants then you let him bring up Alabama great job Joseph. Well really well and I'm not it was a little boy or you know they were going to be talking Crimson Tide who. Had. 95 there's a there's a stopper at sentence in Oakland as well yeah I've heard they're all over Alina. Are. President east expert company and its offers all over town I was telling her about my delightful experience with sovereign drinks dealership sweet.