Ski Team - Hour 2

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Saturday, July 21st
The boys talk some NBA offseason news and address the NFL and NFLPA's ongoing debate on protests during the national anthem.

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Paul has earned the spot in the rotation coming there's any question he's earned it and like these pro sports this is scholarships this is it college pressure is better than Jeff's a margin at exactly what he's a minor leagues that's exactly my point it's ridiculous and you have six starters at a minimum better than Jeff's smarter right now exactly and by the way Samardo has bullpen experience and and was good there at times so. If your insisting on putting him back on the roster. All right let's see him instead of here's Johnson and we're assuming that roster as far right now a mop up role in the in the bullpen when the games out of hand in either direction yet. To start Jeffs a margin of this week would be. There's been a lot of malpractice on the part of the giants this year for my perspective this would be a top aide it. Look at this thing this is the but the part that kills me is there's. I feel like the media and the team itself is playing both sides of the fence on one and they go public money has nothing to do these he's one of their top starters. BS. If he was not side he would not be on the big league roster right now there's no way there's just no way stop insulting my intelligence the money plays a factor and the fact is it sunk costs a huge it shouldn't play a factor they spent it exactly did that. There's nothing you can do to get back end. Let me read you quickly because this yes hilarious. Our our producer along printed out. This road wire report so it's just like him you know fantasy sports report. Giants just a margin to throw bullpen session and and I Reggie most of the content edited with his shoulder inflammation it's that hurts. Underneath that as on many. Sort of fantasy sites it says more news and there's a list of the previous news stories about Jeff's a margin. There are 1236. Stories here the first the oldest 117 days ago. It says giants jets a margin to return Saturday. The next one is thirteen days ago giants' Jeff some larger returns from disabled list that same day giants just a margin takes loss in return the deal. And that's thirteen days ago the six days ago the giants just some are just scuffles again. Five days ago giants jets a margin hits DL with shoulder inflammation. And if I went back thirty days and forty days could be the same rotation of news stories. Jeff's a margin calms back gypsum larger pitches poorly Jeffs a margin shoulder hurts just the margin goes on the DL. I just great incomes yes he comes off the DL. His shoulder hurts he stinks he goes back on the DL why are we still doing I don't get it and you this this this thing I have heard people say look. Well he's what are your top five pitchers know he's not say he's not he's not MV. Regarding the money. And the judge set the precedent pay Melissa we paid you 62 million dollars to me to closer but you're not even the closure right now can impetus again in that shooting an arrow that's upsetting so like. Stop being stubborn and stop blowing games and start rewarding guys from within you brought him Holler for a reason you brought him in. As if insurance policy because she didn't Dole's going off to rotation will now it's clear it's evident. So margin is look whether he's finished completely because of the injury. Or he's ineffective because the injury whatever it doesn't matter in the moment right now he needs to be deal sixty day DL or you need to put him in the bullpen in the mop up role. If he starts another game it will be a loss. He will come out early in you will get hurt again it's I've seen this happen. The definition of insanity is running out the same thing over and over expecting different results this is insane people all I feel like Rick Perry. People. Honestly it. Who's a better start between tire blackened Jeff Smart I'll take high blocker out okay type block is your seventh starter at some saying. So Jeff some large is your eighth asks. I'm astronomers say meant to let him get a good. At a you're about to the giants are seriously talking about. Bringing their injured eight starter. In Q the most critical stretch of the season to start against. All of fifteen. Eight win team on the road that hits bombs and if you all you do is give up bombs by Amy. Like if you took the names off this and put it in any of its its. Woman same. Of the part kills me I honestly. I dare anyone tell what the last great Jackson largest. I think it was an in Oakland a's. Sure. That's not that's unfair he really did have some great starts his first year OPEC. What are apparently else it's been a couple of years. I mean like I I. Signature wins signature outings I can't think of any. Def not this year and most definitely not last year when he isn't that enough exactly she seemed. Yeah should look it took you out of the rotation he was make it significantly more are right and he met port that's that and you didn't really have. A Derek Holland sitting there waiting like take you out of the rotation to stop its its its really annoying me and honestly. The way to phrase it it's his own good it's the longevity of his career he yeah that's the other thing he's clearly hurt. It. His shoulder hurts after every start. An even bigger even two weeks off and bring him back in the shoulder hurt again nose like bad news bears are gonna from a beer in the dugout and say hey man I sit up. Walter Matthau sit there Walter map of got to get jet got to get his arm around just some margin telling tea smoked a cigarette. Robes and dirt on a kid rubs and ironic pool I see that you're good to go out. Kelly. Coming up the hair Kelly the guy who's threatened motorcycle and I honest to god the biggest thing the biggest contribution. Jack has made it two years let's be real it was knocking out Michael Morse tackling him in a bean ball war with Bryce Harper. And hunter Strickland that Buster Posey refused to participate and that's the biggest thing he's hit the last few years may just get out of your didn't. To secure this ridiculous I. Had any against the larger I don't miss the poll also field trotting him out there wouldn't clearly it's not working he's also the oldest of all of these. He's older than Derek bell and look here's the other part. Key. Was paid reliever at one point in his career current if you're gonna salvaged it each year is trying to justify this money especially if your shoulder hurts after five innings every time. It all humble and. Throw him in the pan like OK and that earning it back at least what the glitz and they put it in different spots when he came back and they're like hey. It's the seventh inning of a blowout loss. Go get me three outs and then he worked his way back into being contributor that's right I think guys coffee itself like I get that OK now we can work on certain things. Trot him out there against what was gonna do Mariner's I guess this week they're trying to put the Mariners cut line at. Oman. It's just excellent or email me man and like again. I don't even the biggest air called him but he didn't really good this year he's earned it he's done his job he has done his job. I get wet what what is professional sports you reward achievements when David Lee hurt himself. A drain my dream came out of nowhere to different situation but I think there are some parallels you to Roy dream on he completely excelled and you know what. You didn't go back to the David Lee well in the starting lineup you adjusted a David Lee adjusted yeah for the benefit of your fridge yeah you're right it's a different. Situation but it is comparable because it's it this is a consistent philosophy problem we've seen with the giants and frankly it's how big guy. Here at the start of the season here except that here that was here at the beginning of the year when very few people thought they were legitimate playoff contender because. They were old and not as good as they needed to be. Frankly it remains impressive that they've won as many games as they had gotten and ads viewed the contributions. Now. All of not just the march and I don't mean that. Directly aimed at some art I mean that broadly ever built the philosophical Jeffs a margin. The underpants exactly there. The giants have versions of all over the roster and he even Buster Posey who's getting is good this year it in a way is a version of that. And and he's slotted him in the formal yes yes exactly and opposite event. It's Alan Hansen who we got the C because of all the injuries but clearly. Is as good as a lot of guys they've shown us over the last couple seasons he belongs Matt yes. It's only because of injuries that we got to see ray black this year yet thank god. It's an I'm I'm liking what I'm seeing and he's now on our fast exactly and this is the thing you you have. To be willing to move foreign. From guys who did things for you in the past us and support is even one of those he didn't even really do anything for them but. The pain and they have this patent what happens is the giants get ideas in their head. And they don't let reality. Distract them from those ideas and that's a problem. Well what I don't understand is that you have to Wear with the on the smarts to acquire Tony Watson and dare cried yes and bring about Hanson. Yes you're stupidly stubborn on the other hand like can give a little Ben intake I it's weird and it's also hard to pin down because of the management. Organizational structure whose problem is to think if yes which is which is. Also think that makes it hard to talk about where to move on from baseball for a little bit though because there has some movements. In the basketball world over the last week mostly around the league but a little. There's hearing Golden State as well. We're gonna talk about it with Connor Paterno who of course. Covers the warriors for the San Francisco chronicle he joins us coming up next a little who talk. On a Saturday morning that we need a break from baseball already know the all star break just ended. Already gave you a good twenty minute chunk on what in the heck is Carmelo Anthony doing with his life and aren't you excited about Jonas Jerebko. Pulls in jest get to ski team and an oppressive in the game. Slash. The remembers and my dad but the boys be more sorry for the bought onyx on a Saturday morning. This brings you back. You have because single presided but it. No my sister had this on tape from the radio focus back in the day you didn't love you know are recalled yeah no I bought that I've bought the cassette single of of onyx is slam for sure. For sure those songs you achieve it what do you know I'll name and other onyx. No I couldn't fit it but I know he was seeing sunset park the movie with a group I know the one of the got one of the main guys. You didn't read that but he he he was important job market where the summit of the name of it the more you name it again. Fred drew a star. I slouch that is deep onyx knowledge I did not have that you know that early ninety's song makes it big. It's because it goes on like he was on no we show Mo so that's another when he was I would big timberlands in the in the big goofy genes never Maurice again I am not a matter was I do to -- Maurice historian not related to the show Malaysia but there is. I believe if the very Brady sequel no they're at a pool. Hang in Allah and all it's just like oddly out of nowhere pans I think it is actually brandy pans to brandy and britney's little sister goes. Mo Wii's Jumbo Easter the holiest. Those thought that was one of the funnier jokes in the Brady movies I was gonna say you know when an early ninety's song makes it real big because it goes all one of those like CDs at least to sell you now yeah. Al mute out this easy part Haiti is that if and it would be like that and I will as it snell who do you like snowing on their Obama yeah yeah of course. The great twelve inches of snow I have the full album on now won twelve inches of snow yah that is. That is classic at that time think about how many levels that were gonna miss. I. It's like you're working on levels. I would like to know what level. Carmelo Anthony is working. Because they report now OK listen Carmelo Anthony has been traded from Oklahoma City to Atlanta Atlanta wants no part of him they're gonna Cottam. I think they can use the strict provision which saves a couple bucks or at least less than two. Distribute that big. And 28 million dollar bill over a couple of seasons but Travis like it's taken down there so that's what they're doing. This is just a way to get Carmelo out of Oklahoma City. I don't. Understand why Oklahoma City did it cause I don't know why they have any interest and finisher. I think the sixers did an interesting thing by granting Mike was scholar. 63 point shooter who. I've always found to be effective I think Beckett that could be a nice little. Twist for them because TLC to moute who wallow cap a row was not doing them any favors and they sang Korver. And they added Korver and and I think that means that a guy like Justin Anderson had nowhere to play but. To call my scala is a guy who played for and also shoot the three so I get that. Carmelo Anthony allegedly is set to sign with the rockets. And I gotta say I don't understand what Carmelo or the rockets into. Because Carmelo was just in a place. Where's he. Could have come off the bench. Or played a smaller role. Accepted that role. And helped a good team compete. Vet is the only rule that would be available to him with a rockets. He refused to accept that role with the thunder outright refused verbally and publicly. I ain't coming off no bench I believe is a direct quote. I would he thinks he's gonna get more looks. In Houston either he's gonna hold the ball in Houston with Chris Paul and James Harden. They're all also opera so if this is just about I wanna go play were my friends okay well then I guess I understand that part of Carmelo but. Boy. You got a lot of time to hang with your friends. The rescue life for what he had nothing to do and hundreds of millions of dollars so. If his goal was to start and have an impact well first of all he's not a plan a contender. And say boy certainly not gonna play for Houston. If his goal was to be part of a team that has a chance to compete. What Amy tried that last year or or bone once you're trying to this year in Oklahoma City where. Frankly the way Houston has dropped down a little bit and I think Oklahoma City has gone a little better. I'm sure Houston's better than the thunder right now I agree with that I think it had a really. Cool crummy offseason and now let's look at it from the other side. If you're Houston. First of all quick capella still dangling in the wind. Which means he's probably not going anywhere he's restricted free agent they can match any offer. Let you're gonna have to have rob uncomfortable negotiating session with a guy who was hoping to get offered big money somewhere else you had to match it. And now you either. Are gonna low ball him or maybe he takes the qualifying offer becomes an on restricted free agent or. Maybe you sign him to a deal he feels is below his valuing he's upset about it so you have. At best the same guy at center. In all likelihood on unhappy version of the same guy yes you've got Chris Paul a year older. And making 200. Million. And severely overpaid an old yet and always hurt. At the most inopportune time at the end of the year when you need it most that's right. And OK so. Let's start with the good things for the rockets. James aren't great Oscar nom so so you've got bag going for com. Other than that. You were placed Trevor reserve with Michael Carter will you head scratch or RG hunt. I like their draft pick in the Anthony melt then play it. Trevor reside help that team. Enough to get paid fifteen million dollars by somebody else I liked Trevor Ariza lecture I know the final. Couple games the him knows where he missed a lot of shots yeah. Here's the problems he was. What was what was the actual thing that allowed the rockets to compete with the warriors. Space scene. And I would say switch ability on defense it was defense. I mean. Yes they slowed the game Downey turned it into an iso battle. That's all affective Chris Paul and James Harden both were good when they were on the floor then all helped but ultimately. It was about defense the scores of the teams. Where the rockets one. We're low scoring games PJ Tucker killed us fill. And I think PJ Tucker is that look if I had to choose between PJ Tucker and Trevor Ariza I also. Would have chosen PJ Tucker. But I would have tried to replace Trevor reason was someone who could play defense at all you out and certainly that's not Carmelo Anthony. Let. Again there was burden the game to hear her I'm sorry deemed too in Houston where it was one point 7105. But first of all 105 is still low scoring for the warriors. In the other two Houston wins. Nobody got torture. That's crazy yep the two best offensive teams in the league. And nobody got to a hundred. That's how Houston won by slowing the game down by mocking it up by playing great defense and Trevor reason was a huge. Part of that. Reminding me of an NFL game in the sense that we're just gonna hand the ball off three times what the clock tick off. Arm and we're going to minimizes the Harbaugh. Formula that's how hard but we're just gonna play field position and that's what they did on every possession we're gonna dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble wait till the last five to 67 seconds. On the shot clock. And we're gonna make some happen periodically and hope the are scrambling late. And and it worked actually that strategy worked. Very effectively for them yeah. And it works for the rockets. That's Osama the odds are you're saying no Harbaugh never let you know I'm at the rocket and yes specifically against the worse like I keep. They literally the Warners were on the ropes like big woozy and on the ropes I think people have forgotten that and that's why I'm looking at and some of my boys were saying this early on. This this rockets team is such a one and done team because they're offseason. Was so contingent on Chris Paul not taking that maxed. Well it. Penalty was that it was contingent on Chris Paul and James Harden recruiting projects let's say yes. There's Chris Paul as always gonna take that Macs they promised him that Max LeMay when they acquired him I guarantee he's he's been taken him everywhere he hosts. He deserves the Max I guess. I can't complain are Chris Paul taken Max Chris Paul deserves the Max now I would mean given it to him. It if it was me I would get its own 34 year old point guard. Bull yeah but it's not it's not 34 you're worried about it's 36 you're worried about. 34 I feel okay. 33 was pretty damn good. 36 some pretty worried that he I knew you knew he was gonna get hurt I just I felt it yeah but look some that's bad luck. So I think actually this particular this most recent injury in the playoffs. You can ask the question. Usage. Yet yeah because literally the day before he got hurt you played. On resubmit a 100000 minutes this year yeah. And you may be the draft pick the Anthony Milton takes a little bit of the pressure off from that perspective because. It was a backup point guard Lester there wasn't on the either one of them was on the court when they were playing at when he Chris balls healthy. That way they have their rotations from what I had seen from the people that did the advanced analytics. One of them was on the quarter all times you handling the ball and that's the right way to do it but the fact is there really was not about back up point are. And DM that he melt and I like a lot out of out of USC com. Fell because he was part of FBI probe noon and didn't get to play. As much by it. Smart. Capable also. Defensively capable point guard and they did and James Dennis. Who plays some. But none of those guys replace Trevor reason and if the replacements effectively for Trevor Ariza are Gerald Green and Hannah Anderson missed on this team. Joseph Johnson is still on this roster RG hunter is now on this roster today. They added offensive players to fill void left by a defense of player yes. And I think that hurts them because. Frankly there offense didn't need improvement. Now and most of these guys are just stand around the perimeter offense anyway beyond that is all to do it and so if Carmelo shows up. Same thing he's gonna stand on the through there on offense and he knocks down more threes of the spot up shooter then. I don't know Joseph Johnson or. Jeans tennis but he can play. In new mess there's a long rebound in the war is Duncan and now now you open up the transition game yet. I really I think the rockets are already worse and I think Carmelo Anthony hurt a team right now. Now he could prove me wrong because I've said this more I was a mellow fan. For a long time I still wanna be a mellow fan I love them in college I I actually the things he's good at I like. If this is Carmelo Anthony coming off the bench playing twenty minutes a game. Shooting five foul shots and scoring from the post's. Playing the four. Great then that's a valuable player candidate this is Carmelo Anthony thinking he's. The third star. They're in big trouble but that's what he thinks he has and can he be on the court spacing wise. When you wanna run that high pick and roll with cappella for that Alley you can Zacks what other staple I mean he should be able to be because theoretically the Olympic mellow yes. NBA mellow now. So that's the question last year people thought. He's going Oklahoma city's finally back with some other talent. We're gonna see Olympic Melo we did not see Olympic Mela. So I mean that's the question how long it goes Olympic Mela. Long ago what year was that the he's played in every Olympics I know I'm just curious at what what year was what was lost Olympics when he eighteen. No wait it is 1182016. Points and what I sent it when he. It feels like forever ago. Was two years I mean I've import the stats for that. Feels like forever ago I didn't say Jim Johnson text or said Jo Johnson I so shall you misheard me. 510 text makes a point Kevin Durant also deserves the Max but he took less to help the team. Once. Any shape he saved. Too little off the top. And no one's going to look for us and again. If Chris Paul took five million lasts there in the same position. 55 million here or there doesn't. Affect what the rockets are able to do now but it the rockets put a lot of eggs in the LeBron James Baskett yes and it's the link. Of that deal that really is just and that right hill it's going to hurt them in 20/20 one care it's gonna remind me of that Tony Parker deal that he just. Finished this last year and it's going to be worse you can people. Hey by the way I wanted to ask you I honestly don't know if Chris Paul still playing in the air. I like San Antonio heading into this year more than I like Houston. Am I crazy already think that I'm prisoner of the moment or like with no I think you're right. I like how their rock I don't televise it more I would say for me. Where the rockets. Were clearly number two last year they've fallen back into a pack that includes the spurs the under. And maybe even the lakers depending on how that works out more ambiguity in that area library a lot more I really think. Two to like nine or ten is pretty open how good is Portland it and I don't know. Great point how good Al go to the pelicans going to be a.'s Portland gonna make a move look at what the pelicans did down the stretch last year they had Julius Randall to that he's capable player like Julius with the with Santa without Anthony Davis that's a nice pairing. And holiday coming off his best shared a long time. I like that team I really liked acting here's attacks. Some on set where the 32 area code is from I'm guessing it's Houston. I'm guessing it she sits. Guys stop being homers James NS is an excellent defender and younger gunnery is that he can also hit a spot up theory is that as mom text and. James Genesis 27 so he is a little younger than Trevor resent. He had. I think probably his best year as a pro. Last year. He shot 33%. From three point range last season. 22 minutes a game. And a 47%. Shooter overall seven points a game three rebounds a game in that 22 minutes. I'd say he's a decent bench player. But. An excellent defender. A recent gave him couldn't and it's where people watching like. No I mean it is good contributor I think is essentially a younger slightly poor man's version of reason. But if you think that's. Improving the team acts. I need. I disagree. I disagree I think the horse I'd be too. I also think I also think the spurs are gonna be really good and I think the thunder are gonna be better see I like the thunder team forget the thunder were awful early last year and they still ended up with 48 wins. I went to the game where they smashed the warriors at home and I know the warriors like having to reign got into it. Early on and he was just mentally out of that game. Paul George was brilliant in that game all just keep will be angry and we all know what whisper condemn Adams killed Sam Adams killed Osama high low and still well if he's a piece that great play on. And worry kill those two were excited about DeMarcus Cousins and for good reason. He's not the defense of senator warriors were planning on and it. Today they still don't have anybody to deal with Stephen Adams or click a pillar any of these guys and it iPad congress is now view about this those guys have to deal with the Marcus on the other and so for show works out. But I like Oklahoma City better with pot with Harvey grant kid in the lineup as opposed to Carmelo and when Carmelo got hurt in the game here oracle that I went to. Then they went on around because grant got in there Jamie Graham I think is his name and he's just he provide little a level of athletic schism that. I don't know he was. He really caught us by surprise and I thought that he's a really nice fit with the other players that were on the court in the playoffs. I was playing well he did you up so I I like I think it's in addition by subtraction for them getting rid of of mellow I really do I like them. In year two with that nucleus I still don't trust Russ but that's going to be a team that's gonna win 55. They also added TLC from. Philadelphia who is still very young player who can do some things on the wing and Maryland's Noel yeah like Melancon who was a guy who can and again has a lot of development potential and is already a good rebounder and a potential. Potentially good defender like they added some interesting pieces. And I think. That relationship with Paul Georgian Russell Westbrook grew over the course of the year and they they got more comfortable with each other and again. The hurt the team yes sir you're right to say it simply by getting rid of Carmelo Oklahoma City is better now look. I don't know. I'm not gonna say. Houston they're gonna fall apart there they're gonna be down in the fifth seed now they may very well be the two seat again I'm just saying whereas last year. By a month in it was clear the warriors and rockets were better than everybody else to me at this point. It's the warriors better than everybody else and then there's a big group including the rockets. But also including. Here the teams that I would put it. In that next chunk that any of them could potentially be. At least they'll all home a whole host in the first round play yeah top for yes. Houston Portland Oklahoma city Utah thank you Warren managing Utah San Antonio Minnesota Denver. And at least one LA team that's ten that's loaded. That's ten teams that I think could all. Find a way into that. 234 seed I'm most excited for Donovan special and I can tell you I can tell you why for each of them. Last year it's easy to look at this birthing ball all of law school. Why last year eight at all he played eight and nine but either way they didn't have him come out on and Lamar yes and LaMarcus Aldridge. Played great. And let them heal Gregg Popovich let them but the market is a LaMarcus Aldridge as the best player. Took them to what was the seventh seed in us debt. And by the way if you remember three to nine was separated by like three games in that playoff race so. The easily win LaMarcus Aldridge leading them and no DeMar DeRozan. They could have been the number three seed. Yes this first. Your. Adding. And all NBA player. Don't have to martyr doesn't was what second or third team all NBA he's won the top fifteen players in the league and still trending upward and maybe even if I don't get any better in the last year was his best year by far and he's most precious prime I think he's 27 Tony yeah. Why would you not expect San Antonio to be better. Than another year of coaching. I just like their roster right William. I always say is name on bumper Tom's liking obvious for times is why is a contributor and look they got young guys developing as well as I do Arianna they guard they have guys. Portland trailblazers if they are fully healthy all year long. They with a third seed last year people thought they were gonna get into the playoffs and really make noise and then New Orleans. Didn't just get and they beat them hard okay had no answer for Anthony Davis but that was understandable that a matchup then yes but that does the. Oklahoma City we just talked about how they got better Utah. Young improving team dynamic dynamic star in Donovan Mitchell in year two rim protector go bear bull. Defensive player of the year we go bear I believe they brought to the brink Derrick Favors backer and I think sell and they got the kid who everyone hates god grace and Allen. Yeah yeah that aren't rich and how well they've they've they've brought back. I got a double check and 80% sure they brought back Derrick Favors. And she just having Mitchell there. Developing another year they should automatically be better because of that he was so old. All he was must watch. Playoff basketball I I've never said hey I gotta get to my TV to watch you talk basketball over the last ten years he is he's one of my favorite young players Matt. New Orleans pelicans. Pretty good team last year really good these kids Portland in the opening round win is. Essentially. Just Anthony Davis and neagle I'm here attention. Shelter is on Rondo Rondo is gone but at bat that they add Julius Randle who really is a quality player and young and gives some additional front court scoring next Anthony Davis and some play making ability he's trained on dish I'm not seen actually. Now he's got a little play making ability and he likes to rip the ball off the rim. No it. Right Alessio hey anonymous I like Julian. Spurs we've already talked about timberwolves. I mean it's a bit of a mess but they do you have going stars what Tippett is going up but they have three stars. They have their they have the talent to compete with any of these teams Denver Nuggets. Young team. I will be talented big man who complex that Yokich is excellent but also. Gary Harris Jamal married they got young kid who they draft this year they they candidate guy here in the yes if Michael Porter junior plays and is healthy bad guy was the potential number one pick when he was healthy his YouTube's are ridiculous so. All I'm saying is and that's down. There are more T I could mention both the clippers and lakers neither of them probably rise into the possibility of a top four seed. The lakers you should at least mention it because LeBron there but I don't think they have enough other things the clippers unless they'd. Somehow make a trade for coli at the trade deadline are not going to the playoffs but there's a lot of good basketball to be played here and I'm not convinced the rockets are significantly better. Then any of those teams and and is a great text from are. Anxious 559 texture. The east has two of the top four teams overall as well Newton because. Philly and Boston. Maybe even Toronto I like Toronto all three of them are in. Certainly in the mix for second best team in the NBA definitely and when you're having to play. But Miami's even the Miami was better last year but Orlando's all those into. In all those bad teams in the east you're gonna stack up a very nice record New York. They're a mess we don't even know a plot. Parsing this is gonna come back healthy with that ACL that as a serious injury and ask for the guy who said why are you talking about there is none of these teams will be the warriors are talking about nothing. Well I agree the wars will win if they're healthy but they all hit a one injury. They were on the ropes in game 61 half if you weren't scared you weren't watching. How scared I'm not sure I would totally agree with that but I do agree that they were on the ropes clearly they were on the ropes they were down 32 and a playoff series so yeah. It the warriors look better than all these teams certainly. I am predicting that they will win again and I'll be very very surprised if they don't. But to suggest that it's an impossibility that there's no reason to talk about it yet that means you were watch their pets at that means I mean look. We hear one slip on the court from to rant from curry from whomever that balancing everything out battle injuries alone. We know how they affect this stuff it's bet it's one big injury and all of a sudden the doors wide open so to say none of that stuff matters is crazy. I'll also yet John strep a nice addition for the warriors we go back to baseball Nextel. Giants and eighties. Trade deadline common. No matter who you're a fan of I imagine you want something but what do you want 889579570. Penske ourselves dot com text line 95795. Beckel ski Jewish asking its ski team and a professor in the game Dina knows. Do you really you know he's leaning into the nineties hit Bob angle. Let's mirage in walnut freaking get back into his a's and giants staying deem to. Coming up tonight would be a Madison bong garner and Trevor Cahill as rain is this roster but I. Rodman fight calling him a lot of it are you in the newsroom right now now he's in Walnut Creek what's a brushed. It would yeah is gonna talk about kind of like. Giants. Trade deadline coming I think. Entered the trade deadline that the giants can meet buyers and sellers. I know the right above the luxury tax right now at 300000 dollars would think they can sell us. Big big until Derek all of that mean I think he got really good value right now we using it Jack it means. Paula Yury right now and I think seeking political capped it with and possibly trade and economy operate one of the younger got up from triple play. Mini Cooper from yulia from New York Mets and that get a good reliever with a 67 inning I think that's what they were missing 2016. Obviously when they make that layup pushed. And you know they can possibly you know get them leaving leaving help it out possibly get a lot fielder is you know that not to get rid of patents. They're not gonna get rid of margin over Moya. Yes see that's the problem rise I have the idea it is. I understand why you'd want that unfortunately. Derek Holland only makes one point 75 million dollars so and you need a starter taken him off the books doesn't do you any good. The guy you want to move his so Marge and united and yields because he's expensive and hurt and at or Hunter Pence. Who is expensive and useless and in this bullpen thing I even watch overtime. Tom yes the bullpen slowed in the pretty strict on and the opens fine. I'm not sure Roger is wrong to want. It in the same way they raised you. When you've got. A rotation that includes three or four guys that you don't necessarily want more than five or six innings out of I don't think it's crazy to want another good middle inning reliever. I think the giants or hope or re black is that guy and they have raised Marat is having a great year and you have tie block who really effective I've lost an effective they've they've got some guys out they're doing enough that the I think it is starting pitching that they need unless it define an outfielder which obviously of great. Buy it heaven forbid they develop one. Matt Williamson wants is money back and I like I don't. What they'd. What they did with him at least are not doing it would dug her leg at least they're playing Doug because he looked good again he did but again he looks good at the plate don't yell kill them just keep them out there for a couple weeks. You know that's what Mac once in the guy started doing really well and any runs in all wall. Like he's got can't catch a break it's the Brandon belt the fact it is so you got to the hole all star break but you still have to take two or refute it. Congratulations on the belt and Brandon Logan nickname I love the name. Naming mass drug eatery you know it is a critical great baseball coach that's pretty cool yeah. Congratulations to the bell family but it really is it is not one thing it's another would Brandon belt. Well you know people were belt bashing him last little push your guy. How dare you not to play in this berth in the race in the awkward he's induced during the all our hurry up. I don't ended up for writers outs putting problem first and writer John's getting a big ask. Big hits funny how life works itself out so you just said it there but but let's dig a little deeper unmet if you. All our the giants you wanna start years. No no I think the move to be made from what can I don't think as I just don't think they're gonna make a move I want Adam Jones. I had a mile away I put Adam Jones in left field I'd platoon. Gore keys as my fourth outfielder TV. Did backup center fielder late game defensive so finishing. Ash thrown out there and I would trade that I would trade beat. It Mac Williams in for Adam Jones for one the little run of Adam Jones says that's enough that when he's on he's coming off the books this year I hear yet former first rounder you know that's what I what role. For Adam Jones and then. Starting wise I would tell DL so margin the sixty day DL I don't wanna see emperor couple months off figured out from there see her himself sneezing or something and then. What Derek Holland back in there attention. Obviously he belongs in the rotation there's no question about that and then wait till the September 1 call ups bring up Chris Stratton give myself some insurance. Lori Texas said. Who wants Strickland back. The giant ever wondered gone back. Harsh Kirkland. Was. Thirteen saves. Two point 84 ERA he was awesome he'd been really good. Really get I'm not I'm not sure why is that Texas thinks he wasn't but on a Strickland was equality closer for this team and frankly. He's got a two point 67 career you are he's always been good yeah he's had a couple he's given up a couple big hits is that's an embarrassing moments. So this actually hall of fame closer like a really good pitch. But when you get him back now you have him Will Smith but Lance didn't see him Dyson Waller not to watch it I mean. That's a loaded bullpen that's why does and I don't necessarily need to swing a deal for a reliever because I'm assuming that getting him back feels like a deal at the deadline. He was really that slider changed his. His entire career arc it really did don't forget he was on I think for a strike on the first pitch I he was one pitch got before that slider. Thank god for John Smoltz went on to his career yeah ankle problem for the giants becomes. Other than start there's not really anywhere to put it got exactly. Special because of the money allocated to people can. Yeah you've got money allocated in weird places. Boy it also just. It's like the picture thing we're talking over the Oakland. Who is that guy. That's both affordable. And good enough to make an impact exponentially better than what you half and I don't see that guy offensively for the giants. Because if you're in a the yeah if you look at let's look at the infield. Longoria is on his way back cells can panics on his way back that majority have seven infielders. Because this panic stop that well that's the point. They got enough problems just trying to figure out whether Alan Hansen deserves to start over Joseph panic they don't need an additional infield I agree. In the health field. Gore to Jesus played really well mountain dog looks really good and as you say idealists are yo we going the young guy. And you're not sit and McCutcheon beat Lindsay got three starting outfielders didn't. You just give us Lewis the boy opening guys who are all pretty darn good really good this year. So. I don't know what you add other than a starter and who's the started it really helps you right now. That's that's the better question as we go through the list of who the a's want as a starter the same but it's the same Lisovicz. And and the difference is the giants don't have the capital to get from even if they want them nor the wiggle room because. Attacks that they're gonna faulty operations they can't get an ability to economic and a 510 textures on exactly what I've been trying to say about the giants. For the last several days. This is the problem with the giants will the rebuild ever column. The giants seem to be avoiding a rebuild at all costs and clutching at straws. Sooner or later they have to let it happen now I only slightly disagree with that last sentence. They don't have the let it happen. Sooner or later it's happening it will happen naturally and if you look at the history of teams. That tried to hold on too long tool order rebuild across sports the Braves the Phillies. The Celtics the Celtics and you'll get disaster for several seasons following even the lakers and the giants Malia look at the end of the Barry Bonds era did they were losing seasons losing seasons losing seasons and the team got worse and worse and worse as they. But bonds decay in left field. Without building around him and the without ever building enough in the contender around him to win and without tearing things apart enough to get enough prospects. That. David had to wait for guys they drafted during those four bad years to get good. Before they were good again and I would say that that first year they were good. Yes the pitching was really young all the other guys work post was the only young everyday player flows a collection. But but I'm talking really about 252011. I mean this run has been sustained by the guys they drafted yet all they were losing with Barry Bonds agreed and you don't want this run until have. That was four straight losing seasons now you want four straight losing seasons right now. Now but you have to hit on these picks like this chilly Bart pick you picked chili bar I need to see him next year. I know there's a timeline I understand all that it is college player he's mature he's. I got seven home runs like eight games or something like that and to the text or who just said the Dodgers didn't rebuild I'm afraid during correct. They did they just did it quickly on the fly because they spent a ton of money but they did trade for prospects they moved Adrian Gonzalez they did things. That led to them getting prospects they traded Adrian Gonzales ironic Adrian Gonzales they traded what's his face all those guys call Crawford excuse me yes away and all those guys trig Gonzales didn't yes about the Boston any acting FAA and came back right black. They eat. Also brought in the Tampa Bay guy to change series draft philosophy. That guy who was the architect of Tampa's entire farm system came over to blame game with Ned Collette he's financial sprain in the creating yes a drafting well yes that's important as well but. You. You want to reefs you build at a certain point there. And you want to do it at a time where you can get something out of your older players exactly a good blend. Yes good plan and yes like a coffee and right now the giants. Just keep getting older. And if they don't signed Bryce Harper if and I know giants and can't believe they would ever go laughter guy and not get him but let's just say for the sake of argument that he turns them down. You should see and attacks I got yesterday reports corporate tweeted that he loves the bears the only place he's ever tweeted that he likes is the Bay Area. Let's just say for the sake of argument even if I pretend you have a chance at signing him let's say for the sake of argument that you don't. One other choice do you have at that point but to get older again. And and do you have any doubt that if they swing and miss on harper you're gonna end up with a couple more 32 and over guys on this team oh it's coming yeah. And that's not the way. You build your next winner Newton you build your next winner. By making some tough decisions and parting ways with some guys that you like agreed. Totally agree I mean should deceit. Like let's say for example they don't make the playoffs this year but they get all the way to the end Bret let's say. Lets it is that that's the most realistic thing that they get very cold his five game exactly down the stretch they lose they're eliminated in the final week of the season from playoff contention. We don't McCutcheon what you do with anything what they had but the McCutcheon specifically because I think he's one of the first dominoes what do you do with what. Aria Y mean Longoria and I don't think you're gonna have to you've got to find a way to re flipped back I'm serious I'm that's going to be tough a visa to fifty hitter. I know but that trade right now more telling you he's not bad deals for Chris Paul on the back end Longoria deal one year and looks right. I wouldn't panic I do think his value will be very depressed after this year but I wouldn't panic so much he's been oddly beat up. And he's 32 not 35. And it's and it and he's not being paid like Chris Paul that's the other now that's just getting a much more reasonable number than Chris Paul so. I wouldn't worry as much about Evan Longoria but I. Andrew McCutcheon is the guy I'm talking about basically that you're gonna end up with a after Bryce Harper yes I did you sign your four year deal ha yeah that's right. I like McCutcheon because introduction of their former 40 well that's the thing McCutcheon might be about as good as any outfielder on the market after Bryce Harper right and I am I looked at the there may be a guy it'll be Adam Jones hands look at a couple other guys get cut his hair in all likelihood Andrew McCutcheon is gonna be one of the top five outfielders on the free agent market so assigning the top five Al Phillips in the fridge markets not the worst thing in the world. The problem is what the giants are missing is not a guy who's pretty good they're missing but GAAP. A guy so in her piece she can build exactly and so if the guy you sign is not vote guy. You're signing up for another year of this. And even if they do find a way to sneak into the playoffs after this year this is not what your hoping for when the season's. Now and and we are we obsessed with the rebuilding and I and I get that baseball is a little different in that because of all of the roster spots because of the way. A starting staff for example on the pitching and is is constructed you could still have a couple of bloated contracts. And put a bunch of young guys around him like you could still do both a you do great heroine in anyone bottom out completely I get that get those topics but. You know Cody villagers found in the fifth round. He's not found in the top ten group of the draft they'll all dressed as long you can find you know I think Randy Crawford and Brandon bell I think fifth and second round. Respectively so you you you can't find guys between the cracks. But I agree with you those those Chris Bryant types. Those guys are top of the draft guys you know and that's how you find those dudes and that's how you anchor your staff moving bush left I'm hoping that Joey Bart comes in. Because if he comes in and he's ready contribute all asleep next year I'd bring him into camp and see if this guy can hear what make the roster next year that dramatically changes your lineup.