Ski Team - Hour 1

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Sunday, July 22nd
The Ski Team, Matt Kolsky & Joe "Butcher Boy" Shasky, recap last night's latest installment of the Bay Bridge Series and talk Chairgate

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Did DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco all. DC he's not he's like seven it's. Good morning. Sunday morning. Pope didn't send a major. Sunday morning via open when did that happen. You know from my life it was the British yes mine as well but the brits you know they're mad at us Americans so their loot small schools for greatness longest Ruddy championship. Big golf history and moved to. And QV open sounds like the Ohio state university in a slight shove it exactly so I feel about it but. Don't show of this opened. You know why. Do do you know I. He's on the props what so far yes. There is good news and that is good news is it's always fun when tiger is in the hunt on a Sunday. The bad news is. Joseph the butcher bush asking. Who is wearing his red and not at all paying attention to the program and get into my best to multitask I promise. Chances are you the all I ask you some idea reviewer guests all I will not that but it's I better realize if tiger it's eagle or Birdie Putt I might screen. Yeah auto saving get to the Mike first didn't get a dynamite button before you start yellen but look I understand. Because I'm nowhere near as much of a golf nut as you are but. I see the redshirt. Uses one stroke behind movie here and only one hole. Dead and I'm excited ten years ten years that this guy. Has been trying to get back to this point in a year ago this is why it's so important that he brought me into the game well there's a whole crew of guys my age the video game match your crew does it justice there's a that an entire generation of golf fans. That is five times the size of previous generations of golf fans. All due to Tiger Woods yes and so like to see him. After the deal why last year after the video that was released and how awful mean also terrible he looked. Completely on one and out of there and then. You know he's driving a vehicle it was it was the worst judgment possible but clearly the guy's life was in shambles yet major back surgery. So to have him just in contention. On my television on a Sunday I didn't think this would happen again. This is like Barry Bonds coming out of retirement and going for the home run chase or. I don't know it's like it had. And I wasn't shore. Powell if if I was totally convinced until shortly before I came in here I think it was coming up the fifth. Fairway. I saw all smile he picked it because he's had that pained look on his face which he always did that yes. But he said that pained look on his face I feel like firth all three rounds so far yeah. And somewhere around the fifth I don't know if he had seen that that. This beef and say against Jeff Alexander softly softly yeah. I don't know if you saw that speed and sharply were struggling on on the 73 or wide but walking up either the fifth or sixth fairway and all of a sudden his caddy said some. And little tiger smile. And I just thought out of. What's what makes a golf. Out being our guest turn it very unique is when your on the course and you're ahead of someone. You can hear the cheers behind and there's no other sport like deck as everyone kind of plays in the same arena. Wragge and all of the fans are watching the same thing. And it looks like he's gonna par this hole but. So he's clearly listening to the gallery behind him because. You know I know he's got the biggest gallery but they're gonna follow the leaders 03 strokes up heading into this round. Now you got Jordan hit now out of the out of the snuff but great baseball game last yet let's let's before. Is once we get down to the last Angela. You know talking to your should ask you some glory. For you get a bogged down in the gulf for the remainder of the show look let's talk about an awfully bizarre baseball. It was a really well played baseball game shore at certain points in the game and it feels like to mean that I Wear weird start for bomb garner. You know this is the second time the second time where the box score doesn't show. To me that he just did not half coming into this stuff and also he didn't have the confidence to attack the strike zone. And I love bomb Garnet. That's large sub quickly in the comfort answered courtesy not. It has he lost the control for the moment I'm not so what made him get it back but it but is he. If you not feel in the strike zone right now she. I'm pat torn on this because I have seen him in recent. You when he returned he looked really got in got a couple stars who you have really dominant but Dan. There's other times where he can't control the fastball which is ruled the fast all Mikey I get it with the breaking pitches but. Not only kidding our command that he can't command the secondary pitches either and so now he's falling behind in counts. All right yeah and just just put walking guys yap six walks in four innings and I'll also. Just you look at you know use of the box score. It kind of does tell the story of Eddie couldn't find played 92 pitches 47 strikes in four innings. Five innings you know it it's. That that that the bigger thing to me is the optics like he just he's never looked comfortable and look I know a lot of giants fans. Any stance were complaining about the strikes on last our and I get that but what. It wasn't close he was missing a way he was missing lull he just. Again you could tell when he has supreme confidence he attacks his own right he was not attacking the zone and when you're ahead in counts then you can kind of get guys to it to fish and go a little farther outside the strike zone. When your behind in counts now you have to come in on people and you get tagged person it. But again when you're giving up free base runners and I think that plays into the days. Part of why the aides are really really good not only do they match the ball but they're very patient selective. And that's what they've got to rat that's a Lou hallmark of the is organization going way back. They do and that's one thing that I've grown appreciative over the last five games of watching the game is very very closely. It's there at bats and that this the strategy they have when they get in the box even if it's their lesser batters like. I just I really liked the at bats in what how old the old sort of baseball. Perot might if you will. Have an idea yes yes. They seem to have an idea most of them and it in in the batter's box. To be fair. Does this giants team is pretty good at that too yes I mean certainly both Brandon is going there with a real idea what they wanna do is sometimes so so much so that people have criticized them it Posey obviously hits that way. And Santa lawn Hanson. Maybe doing things a little bit differently but. Uh oh Rory Rory he's not even involved now he's just can't stop watching golf now are. Do we get into Sergei right here yeah let's do let's do it is so you're giants fans yeah. Give us your take on what happened with the lancet in the bullpen has to Scotty goes for that ball he. Well first off I think out preface by saying I have had a running argument with lots of fans over the last few years. About bullpen being on the field. McCarron so let's let's just start Erica I think that that is part of the layered nuance of this discussion and eighteen he has the same problems is not an exclusive coliseum issued this is a baseball problem. The bullpen seem to be off the field of plaque. I don't wanna see seven guys down on the on the sidelines in an area where a guy can come and make it catch. And then you have big hill that the guy has the knack to navigate the pitcher's mound. And it just creates chaos for guys can get hurt when guys are making hundreds of millions of dollars. In a sport where you know managers get fired and you know career arcs are changed. Well why would you jeopardize the help of your of your team and why would you put these guys in that position I think I've seen twice this year watching giants games were pitchers have missed the catcher in the bullpen in the ball skirts on the play. Field to cancel. Whole another level of safety and we've also seen at least once and I can't I wish you remember the specific situation but with one of these teams I I know I saw play where. The got and the like protector missed. Foul ball and it almost hit a catcher. Like it's absurd it's only a little less stupid and Matt hill in center field in Houston was oh my god like. I understand with the baseball the features to this is one of the fun things we can do I get all that that's great so. You don't. Point oh pull right behind the fence or or he'll hold. Behind the fence or like Scott you know old weird shaped walls. Or. Some bricks or all a green monster bore some. Ivy frankly it that's a brick wall that he's running you're gonna be beautiful folks realize how rough read these wall is that that its own as human. Do that you hear stuff this sort of stuff that's gonna tyranny it's ridiculous what what. And Mac will ship earlier this year like yeah he was playing really good and then he trips and falls over the bullpen mound and shots. And now his career his forever changed when you've been up look great point we have been a great ball player we don't even know well we eat like yeah wasn't going to be an all star ever but. Could he have put together a good season and made himself a few extra million dollars maybe yes exactly that Dustin more years ago famously. Giants are in the plow op playoff hunt excuse me. And ball hit down the right Phil I wanna see it as like 04 ash you know. Dustan Mohr and right field comes coming in on the ball. Catches it goes to make a throw off the pitcher's mound in foul territory hyper extend the need flips and flops giants in the blues and I think it was Colligan is all top my head off Colorado. And let. Affected the outcome of their season Matt it affected the alchemist is still a tax Sony's game when ball and player ran into a propane heater in the visitor and that's exactly. I honestly sir if you wanna be weird. And you won't put him there. All around yeah exactly make it part of the foul territory at where are the fans are sad that the fact that you should have professional athletes scrambling and grabbing chairs and running around to get out of the way. It's the definition of insanity its dividend a lot of what devote did you have a Oman told me there is some of is this in my packet about the wooden planks. Come on there. Don't be shocked overshot on Hamas. You know what I'm talking Rick this bill. I know exactly arguments are during the broadcast last night they said well leased the ball this was his broadcasts at least the ball can go under the bullpen dug out. Because they slap some two by fours from Home Depot on the wall. I mean what do we don't. A billion dollars for. Billion dollar entities franchises each one's worth couple billion. And were or slap in two by fours like it's my backyard I know I am very serious and some grad doesn't like how high it. How why are built a churlish for my tomato plants and then and it's the same way it there'd. Handling the bullpen. On the field. And both side the town have this or it yes it's ridiculous. But that usually they end came to establish where there'd be like a little like cubby. And they had shares in the guise of being down there sitting on chairs like littoral folding chairs. So anyway that's what it was it was ridiculous seltzer asked my hands with the U was trying to there was like well. You know why why they even need shares one of them that there's not CBO yeah. There's like a horn bench or folding chair like what you want it's a ridiculous just there's no reason to have the bullpen that's absolutely sure able to get to the place so there's almost this god is coming in on a ball there's like five to seven guys in that bullpen area some standing some seating the Lance and being one of them only instant. Goes to grab a share I think. His intentions. Were positive get out of the way move this stuff so he can get it because big giants. Did not want apple to go under that the little deck if you will under the little table and be on playable which would make Hanson have to go back. So I understand where they were coming from. Malia seen in my opinion. Again opinion and from the video footage I've seen in a couple times unintentionally. As he's swinging the chair back to move out of the leg doesn't realize that here comes the Scotty any it was almost like a matador type situation what does Scott hit the chair. And luck. The Scottish footing was just enough. You know altered. To where it look like it affected him getting to the ball. I personally think there's no way he's gonna drop Hanson Hanson one of the fastest guys in the team if you watch cancer running. He's kind of lolly gagging around their base knowing he could turn on the jets. At any time and yes the Scottie makes an errant throw whether that was because of the footing because him getting knocked off balance. And you know an argument can be made I just don't think. I don't think. It was obstruction and I don't think that he was intentional contact unintentional contact that made the play in one direction. It that that may pit Scotty. Make a wrong throughout. I wanna know what people think 888957957. What do you think of the chair play interference not interference called correctly let us know. Penske also back context I'm not 5795 and I was 31 tax and angry about the tournament next. Ski team that offensively game. Vizio tackles did you jazzy on a Sunday morning. Yeah kept in the early bus over to the mountain. Right some fresh out. And again when I say that it sounds weird so drug neat it's now it's now and that don't mean anything on course to those growth would have been up all I. Actually managed just can't get out on the low us. All right so I wanna know what people think about this chair. I'm really trying not to say cheered me okay this chair thing that happened but the media doesn't have to be a gate. Yeah well look. I'll get to what I think it is an outline here with the people think 889579570. Pence young so stock contacts I'm not 5795 I told you before the break. That we had a tax I was upset about we also have. A phenomenal text so low one on each side first let me that bad news first micro memory bill. Come on man he says fellas no offense but that's why the owners of baseball are billionaires and where not you know want to save a buck first of all that's not English. Second of all Mike I. They're not saving money by putting bull pens on the field if any thing they're putting them in a place that. Cost themselves millions of dollars spent on a player who blows his knee out on a dumb play. And not to mention. What do you think it cost ten million dollars to build a bullpen in the outfield. 80% of the stadium Little League bullpen off the field and in no way different than old school thing this is because it's at Wrigley. And probably Fenway isn't enough then waiter and that began to hurt how. I could almost all yeah places that did it and that's why AT&T did it for shortened because they want an all time you feel and look and they want they want the fans couldn't be able to interact with guys is there is that is equal to watch when you're sitting on the first of their baseline. And guys warming up in that still works in the outfield I agree put it. Now bleacher fans get to yell item yeah I've put fueled. Yes the great especially AT&T AT&T has a huge what I know. Oakland has spots in in the outfield as well just as soon. Swaths of land is sitting around that entire place and and. Here's the great taxed because. 95. Hold on I'm gonna get the prima chair. 95 texas' put depends upon mount Davis pitch or two and zip line to the mound love it. But electing me how bad ass would that be a gimme tiger comes Blake Tryon and there what what's China's music. Whatever music is much theoretically you know Metallica starts blasting the latest trying to hops on the zip line flies down that would be seeing if he does Taylor Swift though on the losing all respect. That would be sick I hear ego. Open championship update audience speech has dropped two shots he is not in the lead a bullet no more it is Tiger Woods alone at the lead at no. And this softly and Tiger Woods are seven under there and first place of the 147. British Open that is both a horrible British accent and you did some weird things with the English language yeah Larry meanwhile. 95 says AT team for AT&T forgot to put in the bullpen and that's why it's so close to the infield is that your. No I never heard that I mean it may be the architects will say that I highly doubt that. They thought of everything they had a guy who came through. And design the cheeks that the flow the other Jack I'm serious the phone shall I or whatever it's called like they made sure that the hearts those dogged now isn't that what it is our health and it was like a home designer would rather watch a home video like anywhere when you admitted when you put your your zen garden in your office from what exactly act to sit next to Phil Jackson always good to start the morning with. Joseph radio coffee. That is the warrior. I Antioch. What do you think about this bullpen situation warrior and no third party reference all the third person references please go to war. When we got put on your friend to talk. Warrior there it is. And go to war. It's. Well preview here turner what's going on at 8:23 in the morning behind the scenes at 957 game war here in Antioch. Now it's your turn. I think orders third up party references a third person references. Our Lola percent of the state British actress. Iowa I would agree with that heartily lately this very heartily agree good job war or go ahead. Respect any country you consider race craft that we did in that may be going a little Clark would go ahead. I don't think I'll go any further then are being more melodramatic. Got a billion dollars. I'd heard you know what we were. Rumor around in Ira. You know infield out QB I don't play somebody make you tired. You more likely park yourself one error all odd John Smoltz and awarded blow the media out in that area. Oh that's our area and hold on warrior I've seen multiple he's blown out on those bullpen so I only know one time someone burned themselves with an iron I think right there you're you're incorrect. Wild got all of it and did not happen at my problem but location of the woke him. Mike probably go back if they have shooters out everywhere. All agree. The city and natural or same type of thing happen because I play. Don't personally in being moved. I don't think that that many people at least not indisputable play like he almost hit. Not true look at yours. That worked out any outfielder Eric. She's the editor urged the F ticket and it and it chairwoman what you are being trying to get out the way. First. But where are wire once second. Quarter once second don't you think that. I just hit by the chair he was grew raised by the chair I know I know we're singing duo playing easier though I may want to watch the replay. Let's go to call for its so I just in the out. It is biggest contribution as a giant I played don't think it was a graze I think you should watch that replay again I would say he ran as. My lands then okay it's off I'll tell you where I met before we get to our next couple calls and if you wanna weigh in on the bullpen. And whether it took about the bullpen being on the field or just about the place specifically. Here's a text. From a 51 now. It was definitely. Unintentional polite Popovich said have you heard about manslaughter you still go to jail. It was unintentional but definitely interfered with the Scotty throughout now well I'm glad you're in jail I'm not prepared not that's a good point. It's I'm not prepared to say it definitely interfered with the Scott he's throw but if we're gonna just talk about specifically what happened what I saw was more Lanston. Again not intentionally Q you didn't seem to Scotty he's just trying to pick up a chair. But he picked it up in such a way that. He took a chair that was not in Stephen this gotti's way and lifted it and turned it directly in the steel and the studies path with his back turned and again not on purpose but that's what happened but it turned it right into the Scott he's had and it's got to kind of ran into reading a tip outs and hit area aren't yet but it seemed like his legs kind of went between the legs of the chair and got a little tangled and so they any kind of spins around as he's throwing and he's off balance and it was a terrible threat let me ask you this. Was he unobstructed. Was he going to throw out cancer and at the plate I actually. I said as Hanssen turned third and right before the Scott ran to the chair I set out loud he's out because I didn't think he was. I thought if the Scottie picked the ball up and threw it he had him by ten feet and I think that's right. If you watch the replay the ball gets there are ten feet before Hansen it's just. I guess it was a fatally is. Fifteen feet from the plate when he picks it up so were assuming he's making a perfect throw to know I again I can't assume. And I I don't agree with the guy who says he definitely interfered with the throw but I don't think that's the barometers say here's the rule. And I'll be rule six point 01. In case and I'm reading this verbatim folks it does not make a ton of sense in the and the English language but Syria. In case of unintentional interference with play by any person herein authorized to be on the playing field. Except members of the team that bad or participating in the game or base coach any of whom interfere with a fielder attempting to feel about it or thrown ball. Or an umpire. Balls alive and in play now let me take apparent that a club and see if it makes more sense. In case of unintentional interference with play by any person here and authorized to be on the playing field. The ball is alive and in play unfortunately. That's not a very comprehensive rule. Unintentional interference with play by any person here and authorized to be on the playing field now. I'm not storm Lance and in that situation is authorized to be on the playing field for saying so I don't know what to do with this rule what I do know is. A foreign object held by a person who's not a part of the deem. Affected the play. Huge par save from tiger was seven under still maintain his goalie. With shifts off soft police scanner softly it doesn't look like softly and I can't is like an X-Men can't Sanderson awfully. Yeah and there's attacks there who's very angry at all while I cannot pointing out and is it the rule says person. But this was a chair. Again IAE. Okay. It's a tough call. I understand why I went the way they did. If I was amazed and I think I've probably not worry too much about it since you do and they're getting the win in the game why it. Again if it was me. I have to think that before and the fact that it's a foreign object. In the possession of hope of a non active player because Lance and not even one of the guys warming up he's just standing around a foreign. This it's so fun I know it's silly but I'm sounds like we're like JR I guess they are exactly right I'm running at rock got a full object pick up the stage at the steel chair IE just. Best of me and this has to be distinguished for me reckons that Moya and standing there and doesn't CNN the Scotty runs in norm that to me is that's unintentional. And all though. All of though if you ask me did glance and do this on purpose I'm certainly gonna sing no. It had enough of an impact that. I think I'd have to call it interference not know what that would even mean at the Emmy goes back to third are now that he's out. I don't know how that work. Let me ask you this exactly what this is in mass scheme. You know that the play itself with the Scotty Moore Lance and all that it's masking a couple of different nuances first. There was two outs he struck here and say wow he struck out yet what I'm trying to help these lighter weight trying to and got a blown save for. Getting sick of revenues total ever. Scenario so that as the ball skips away instead he gets in running as hard as he can he lolly gags up the first yeah I. Don't know why would say Lally he. Because I usually don't run he picks and you know you're right when it like cruising. A little bit but I wouldn't call it lolly gagging so much is like he ran to first like a guy you didn't think second was a possibility that it and then he and many sort of album took the turn raised a big turn aggressive turn yeah but at that point it was too late and I Fed's Sophie does it he takes second dial rank right and if he takes second Matt Olson in normal fielding position yet because he doesn't take check you have Matt Olson holding them on right. So now I told in a money asked the balance after the pitch is being thrown you know like a normal first baseman does and then Olson doesn't catch the ball and I ice her staff from town elastic again ace can't tell me if I'm right or wrong. But Olson has more big outs or close to as many dig apps is anyone in big league is certainly these certain it was a good first because they're really good first but he didn't get that isn't get a glove on the ball it goes down the line. And so I think all those things are being masked and had a dancing on a second is also an imposition to make that play had. You know who does also dissing it shouldn't scorched we do not know probably closer to restore weird it this all happened with two outs an error otsuka pitched it struck out at him. What do filthy slider that vaguely kicked out in the city state is getting ripped. Defensively he had a tough game yeah all of that pitch. No one is blocking yes I've when taxes are ripping -- we have to aside from shared it I'm more upset about fairly not blocking the ball into the ground from trying and after had to sort. Now I took a free I was off quite as she. Cardiac that was armed he was in France and now's the tough play by. He was not know he wasn't a defense policy as brilliant as Brandon Crawford was defensively on multiple Clinton just brilliant but multiple players. I thought he answered I thought the a's outfield got bad jumps on a couple that you might have like five seem nice single Texas leaguer loops yeah is that ridiculous the Posey won the pens had a couple album. McCutchen had a weird aiming outfield too he did and after an outfielder. Sometimes what ends up happening off the crack of the bat you think it hit more squarely that it is C take a step back is your first step is always back. In eagle Communist hard on. Because you're afraid of going over your head so young I wonder too if there was some weather Riordan is going on I. So that you can always and so are most of the day was it to we have yeah valor pins ran late is that okay that's how how work itself out from. But yeah I OK so. Who vols look. Is that I am upset because China might not have blown the save would not be here so it's how worried about Blake stats. I'm sure Blake appreciate security made the all star game as you are right now. Gargantuan it was a one point 06 along without it was that does all the way up earned one point it's almost one point one. I mean this gets to trade him. You got a mile easily trying to one point one it closers given up more than a run and every nine innings and how dominant was solid on in the tent and you have the number are you yet one point 08 in our last few weeks or three weeks he's gone from point 83. To above one I'm and bad forget this guy. Forget him forget about them and intervene now in the our guys had no chance I and the back each team I was trying to name and Posey. You wanna talk about or maybe Alicia I think it was true mean I might intervene on post were runners on. They didn't do that I'm not saying it was gone Avon's 'cause it's a level down the Dow's pretty fun oh yeah every arbitrary how that's. Some great stuff I I am loving just on a side note I am loving the rate black experience. Oil will get into the already got a studies back story you heard is backs are it's crazy. Let's go to Steve in Santa Rosa where he had on his bullpen chair situation. I like I gotta yeah. I like that detect that it came minute bed you know we wouldn't even ever had that happened had basically and I got down a block that you know trying to run a dirty. Dirty pitch in the dirt and. It's just too dirty you know Steve right sometimes it's just is so dirty and then there's not much you can do. Have you played catcher before they act out on for ten years that he had so say you know we got down to block you can't. Hi I'm not ideal sliders any dirt and you don't knows his life that he might have been Snead and Steve was a great block balls in the dirt all right Steve the go ahead. So I got it today that it will play it probably happened a dear yeah he's down the line that place out of all and gloat but. If it happens more opt in on the foul ball then you know let that of course the stadium burst to the ballpark conversation. Are they gonna get it needs new ballpark I'm up in a few years to look at port that you so that might be separate distinct. I've been what a year. You know they did pebble a lot of outplayed their budgets parred eight stadium. Yeah then I hear yeah I guess if if your. Your your big hope is new stadium anyway so yes say you're not gonna worry about the little things in this one or plus I think if you were to eliminate. If you eliminate the bull pens being on the field certain stadiums could bring the fans closer to the field. By extending. Where this stands are part of what. Part of the new watts of the Collie is at it it's one of the last dual purpose stadiums in bit in the mix in so you have an extended amount. Of foul territory behind home plate behind third behind first base and that's. That's partly why it's so fun to watch Matt Chapman make those plays going to his I guess who be his right but the fans left. Because there's so much room for him to get to balls because he's so athletic. Yeah and the day I mean I think you know there's a trade off lot of foul territory helps pitchers like billions agreed. Let's go to low in Danville as the dollar and they're Neil is that. Are now loaded the road is colder and mow what you don't let that's on a line and that that someone. Got an admiral. Our school not appreciate the call our procedure a caller on good morning my Mikey sent it. I've only seen the chair including come before. In 2007. The ranger eight all. In all the bullpen share books and poor lady knows I was coming up put the cherry or these guys boring end. Like their own furniture with them in the clubhouse like up to the field. Everybody has created a single count her out breaky Francisco laws guy's name. Was how how entrance. Some like that play Fernando yeah it was as a matter Frank Francisco or some like that yeah definitely great call great that is great that would you Bill Bradley also getting into it was somebody damn line needed don't have I mean old I'm Milligan and I'll get into it was a very everywhere same. My dad what do you got to do like oil allow like mark. I want to know we play a little bit until like you know. This so called RT yeah yeah thanks in a coma I mean now everything. Right like. We can talk about dated dated really offend but at the end of the day. That there should not be flying chairs in your way when you're going after a ball in a Major League Baseball game that you shouldn't happen. There's no reason for and here's the best part about the whole thing. The baseball gods work it out you won again. You know the right outcome happened you should of won the game you eventually did win the game. And you know it was actually a better and you in my opinion it was a it was a better ending for the fans for the fan base for everyone for the rivalry for everything while I. And somewhat hilariously that may not have been the strangest play in the did him no because that play where Hansen on the bonnet of my skin and we're enhancing covers first and and there's steps on his leg because he's sticking his leg directly in front of first base and moron does over on the other side nearly spraining his knee. Like it was just a walk tacky game. Here's a charm. Two members text and I'd. Out its wells source Britain. Years ago is pitching coach had to tell the relievers not to accept any more homemade cookies from the season dig a hole is behind the grand. Because they're your they're all getting too fat. Is that real back camp and I hope it's I don't imperial. A hope it's real I need to hear from Lee today on here's what I really agree with is is what a foray Texas sent us the MLB rules for interference doesn't pass the eyeball test they need to look at it again totally agree on that and I think we can all -- and here's the problem. Whether she should Ted intently this too much you make am ambiguity right and that's why I think we started this conversation by saying get the bullpen out of there and we don't have them. Worry about nitpicking this conversation. Aren't aren't fine. I'm Peter Alistair don't do the Brit Tiger Woods is in the legal boy. Seven all by himself it's a glorious day here in Scotland. While you're what happened there what happened near Boise and here I can't say Zander Shockley was caught ejected for coverage. You know in all seriousness well we'll get we'll get hoops with. We're gonna notable warm gulf. Coming up in a few minutes but. This is what used to happen. I don't know of people I certainly golf fans on their like 25 article sentiment reform. Com my nephews your nephew's. Don't remember that it used to always be like this no he's a video game guided and that's what they think of rice either video game guy he's this guy he's like Jack Nicholas well Dawson yeah. Back in the day you can't believe how good this guy was back in the day and hour lecture yeah upper. And while there are likely to Rory no way news is good is this guy exists from what face a yet so. But this what used to be like tiger would come. On Sunday and guys would start shaking and trembling and falling apart and then all of a sudden before you know he's by himself in the top of the leaderboard. It's incredible Matt did I I told you I text you guys come in and when I say. I said he's got a chance I said Friday summoned like I'm going to be useless on today's show host tigers in the running I'm wearing red. Ed you know it was like word salad but it definitely in the ball Europe your fan and all you also said. I'd hate speech but I'm still Wear my red today up up up up up. And here's. The best part I've brought goodies to make up for my lack of focus today I assure you brought you Larry Pressler sandwich isn't so all is forgiven yes exactly a young player. 510 text or not dissolves it's another reason why baseball's old and trashed. 95 says there it is really holding today's eighties big good story so we we need to do some research salon do your research. Whether it is in fact true. Needs addicts called Google this Google. Let me go to this for you. Is it in fact true that 80s80s. Had to be told not to accept more baked goodies from fans because they were getting too fat. We got Carla turtle coming out at nine twining forty minutes or so from now gonna get into some who talk but. Were gonna do enjoy a favor and talk a little bit about the T grad. When they get you back she's yes I. We had our backs. Beckel he Joe's asking on a Sunday morning chimneys on Sunday. Yeah we're gonna get to the gulf and just one hot second but the couple things to clean up first of all. To be conspiracy theory folks who say that the giants for got a double pens when they built AT&T park. The answer. She did they forget is now. This has come up it is in fact a common urban legend and here's how the urban legend goes when AT&T park was finished it was designed that there was pac bell the time it was designed to be a stadium first and a baseball park second. But five months before opening day of the players were given a Torres there walked around one on noon pitchers said where's the bullpen. And then they realize they forgot to build bull pens okay. I don't know that unknown pitchers is it Kirk reader made up story so and I'm hasn't made up thing but here is what happened when. Giants writer at the time grand Burris be emailed Alfonzo Felder the senior vice president of facilities. Quote. The bullpen location at AT&T park was a deliberate design decision I'm deliberation. Intended to maximize the ability of fans to see bullpen action which is not possible in many new ballparks. Bull pens were on the field candlestick and more importantly. There on the field at Wrigley Field. A classic and intimate urban ballpark that serve as a model for AT&T park in many ways can we grab the audio from last segment where one of those said. They built it to be like Wrigley. Spot. On but you know I'll be right I'm not gonna that you are right could have Tiger Woods is he he's a rough right now but he is still not the sole leader. And I'm telling you this is great for the game of golf it's speed burst Tiger Woods and I'm I'm saying is I. Thank you guys. Before you get deep in the golf I wanna take Pete Bretton Woods call. Because he is a question that I don't have an answer for but I'm prepared to let a basket on the air anyway what's up people. Yeah. And then that it. What happened tone of the elusive for the in the union. Oh I I didn't even see I didn't see Hitler Russa wasn't there and he's fighting senator Arthur group burger I know. I need to go what. Spirited tired of these offered job and then with a bit though. That's I believe the problem is that Tony La Russa is employees. Yeah other franchises and perhaps even by Major League Baseball noting the brits on this tour that he was with the Diamondbacks. He was with the Diamondbacks grant fell apart when Larry Stewart. I also. I would love to see him in them McGwire and Canseco again. Enrique. Man I. That team. You look back to that team it really was some mouse. Incredibly stacked stacked and I can almost name that entire team out our it's incredible all right I I'm gonna see the floor. To the junior senator from golf town. And we've got Tiger Woods yes in the rough right now but in sole possession of the lead the major in the middle of the sun that. Obviously F I I think everyone knows. What tiger has meant to golf in general. A text is same tone of the recess and video message could see don't just couldn't couldn't be there in person that. Com. Everyone knows. Broadly speaking what tiger who now just hit into the gallery but since it got a lucky bounces you don't get gallery he's in a good spot you can see the ball. Almost went from one rough to the other rough instead took a bounce off a human yeah and is Bakken play that's army golf but less let's quickly. It in your mind. The flu is the fault of tiger more story about. His physical breakdown or his mental break I think it's a combination of both and I also think it's a psychological break him nude you know when as far as what they mean by mass Anaheim mental breakdown is not right it's psychological. Yet but it's it's. If it's a tragic story in many senses because you talk about a guy that was at most dominant player in the game. He clearly had physical ailments where he tore his knee up in these last major. To decimate Torre heat when an eighteen hole playoff against Rocco media with a broken. Meet me on one leg essentially and you could see and literally hobbling the whole way around. And so then he he he he ripped his knee up just 2013 though he won like five or six tournaments player yeah yeah Goodyear really good year he just hasn't won any majors in ten years but that was clearly majors. Were what defined the Harold and it was you always measured himself by them and and told us to measure him by that and was. One of the most dominant major golf players in the history of the sport Sunday. Read he's in the lead no one's beaten them yet you know one of the things about Jack that so phenomenal as not only does yet eighteen majors yes 192. Places. Tighter than have a nineteen back in the argument for Jack in the best ever Q why did ski trip. That's right social what are the things clearly I think you know just wait and inferior Jack Nicklaus as the best terrorism analyst and out of it so so black. We have the situation and his wife. And the night that she took the seven iron to the back of the car and clearly he was on some prescription pills yeah I and I and I'd just love for the record I'm. I'm seeing you in on that. But. It feels her off it was it wasn't the guy who he was trying to struggle define who he was and I think that. Doral that entire time not only easy not winning not only is his body deteriorating not only is his marriage in shambles and he's been out it as basically a fraud yeah. Yeah basically a fraud in the same way that a lot of Alder. Big timeout A-Rod for instance I call Vietcong Kobe there's this there's this being where certain. Annoyed tigers as gave his glove to the guy who bounced his ball back into losses on positions off the back yeah yeah. His wife Milo charity golf fan glowing with pride after I handed him a glove that's that's a beautiful thing oh. I forget or is going with tiger before he did a wonderful thing. Yet so. It's it's it's been a ten year old and it's a guy who clearly. As you said. Let's have the identity issues he he. And it's hard to live your whole life in the public guy and especially if you have problems. And your person who's painted this picture of me a vote. A perfection yeah and that's why I brought up A-Rod. I think Jordan hasn't had quite the downfall but there are similar. Looks behind the curtain that make people go who didn't. And unlike them though he has Michael Jackson's stuff where he was a child FEMA yeah he was on television that three years old on the Johnny Carson show you're hitting the golf plotting your yeah you know and and similar to Todd or did she had a relationship with his father that was soul. The coach a father relating yes yeah. And what his father died in it change him and so unlike Rory and unlike other players who I think people feel leave their talent on the table. I think pick tiger. Lol we just made that chip just like holy not a good one now just like Kobe tiger has it. You can't say that he. Didn't work he's bought off at every turn and if anything he overwork and any kind of ruined his own body because he tried to the marine training and all the stuff and the stories of of the way he was sort of searching gases father guidance it even though a lot of tiger's issues are self inflicted new. It's still little it's kind of heartbreaking when you really sort some of the stuff that the guy I was going there and you know that he cares that's the other thing like he cares what people think he cares about winning. Like this is all. And then for the last year like literally have. Have watched him the last three years idol hall he's coming back I get all excited and then he tweaks his back and he's out for a couple months and then he has. Multiple neck feel Asians and back surgeries it's. Dude it's incredible and Daniel this this text or net 95 you know what this is this is an element that no one wants to talk about but this is a fact. It's hard to be a black man on the top of the world of white man's sport. And it's incredible fun umbrella is made ridiculous comments how many years ago and and and by the way that was twenty years ago. And one dumb old man yet making dumb public comments blot. If you don't think that even as the consensus super hero of gulf. Tiger Woods wasn't inside died at at and racist golf clubs you didn't you don't know what country clubs or light the match I. I can't imagine what he's dealt with exactly the masters is so antiquated it just allowed women a few years ago about that I believe mullah like Condi Rice was like I really wanted to ever played a guy she's a member everywhere it's ridiculous she television at all frank who she's an ambassador she's okay but I'm saying you must be good Gulbis she doesn't want to Barry show she's like a thirteen fourteen handicap what's good for it yes really get Jesus jaskol golf club a member as well which pisses me off giving up. Or condi. Thought but I know but again this is that this is it come back. Whether he wins today or not it's the most important story in sports because of name recognition because of the story that he went through because of who he is. Just everything and and I think that we all. We all love a comeback and we like when someone you know not necessarily falls in the public Ide but crashes the way he did. You know we want to embrace them on the other hand and invisible relayed it we like both sides and yes we've we love the fall below we also love the redemption now ask senator Bayh we were immune America. Now I'm I'm just I'm excited for and the car nasty Carnoustie. Is known for crazy crazy finishes everyone knows John being developed put it in the creek multiple times it's it's. A private group is collapsing officer here you get that Norman grace collapse may be in sports history Vanderbilt bad yet up up three and you you triple bogey any this is the great he hits the putt for triple bogey. To go to a playoff and then loses so here's my here's another thing I want actually ask you about because this is where we can actually use your golf knowledge and tiger. Frankly since what was it 2015 when he won a few tournaments Tony thirteen a case are you more than five years since then and since that point it's been pretty rough he had a really hard time getting on the on the course and when he hands. He's had some really bad round you've missed a couple of cots shot in the eighty's yeah so. Wine now. Is it just that he's healthy is listening about this course it's a combination of things number one he's using a product completely different and which is a shocker he used the same Scotty Cameron 009 prototype for years now he's using a more Mallon called the old man potter. And it's it's incredible the other parties yes he's clearly healthy but this particular course this particular style of golf. Links style all when he missed the place taken a double he's gone back now he's going to be basically one stroke behind the leaders. But. It's a course that's so firm you don't need to hit driver and he's the greatest iron player may be ever and you have to hit. Different trajectory shots and so it's it's it's a feel. It's much more of the field and it is a bombing get out the Dustin johnsons the Rory is they have a huge advantage because you're hitting into the wind and sell his lack of pop if you will off the off the tee times are you better off just grounding in anyway exactly is wind on this course and having great short game you know and infighting the ball down underneath the wind and having that touch around the greens speaking of which. I'd Jordan's beef and who you told me yesterday was one of the great you said he. Was too long pudding what staff curry was to the three point yes and I was like that. I was a little aggressive I don't know if I believe that I am not sure. And now watching earlier today and I guess he may have three putted a couple holes ago when and as of earlier today. He had gone 223. Consecutive. Holes on poor. Without a three putts ridiculous I can't go to it consecutive holes without a three and a and on not a pro I'm just saying. Your brow. In 223. Holes clearly he. Had some sixty footers it's incredible the bezel like that means every time he had a sixty footer for how many rounds of golf is that that's amazing for. None and 222. Holes yet Yosemite to come over for a term tournaments tournaments yeah actually looking like 1660. Sixteen rounds of golf without a three putt and that's crazy. I eight I can't match. That's that is ridiculous and he's just almost made up by a fifty footer a second ago.