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Saturday, July 21st
The Ski Team, Matt Kolsky and Joe "Butcher Boy" Shasky, open up the show by talking some baseball!

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Did PGA DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco all. This is 957. Yeah. Good morning. Medical team your jet ski. Ski team got hit the slopes early or you don't get fresh powder. Fresh powder show that sounds like we're sending a different message we've been up well I hit it. Practically. I'm not gonna go to sleep early so here I am on short sleep ready to rock I'm fired up among little wired. My arm my emotions are raw I started randomly crying like 3 times this morning on the way to work just listen to music you know. Thanks yeah. I'm like an over tired small child right now. You know hour here on any best seven game you know I'm trying to channel it in their ridiculous energy instead. Let me know how I'm doing throughout the course of the day. It's an exciting time baseball's back. That week of the all star break is so long. Play horrible. I feel like we did fifty shells. And all about the same either if you examine the same stuff or. Dumb stuff Phil told how the sausage is made there is no in between at this time of year it's either. The same baseball conversation for that one week or. You don't best burrito in the bay area of that way we stretch that segment out. We are real baseball Tucker another item to some notes on last night's game because I was like I'm so excited to have new topics. Here's some of the don't take so. And you're a giants fan. Is every is your best pitcher. I think so. I think right now he has his. I think over the last five starts like a 175. ERA in a phenomenal still now from Kerri Crowley and he broke down all the numbers but and he's been brilliant last great. Six and a third gets into the seventh against a hot red hot AC I don't care there's a break. Accusing red hot and it's the way he's pitching he's so calm look I don't want him. Amid a sound crazy when SS suckers overtime or about it. But the fastball changeup combination. And the way that he's able to deliver it with two strikes and then also to start guys off with a changeup for a strike and guys are way out front. It reminds me a Lincecum now I'm not saying he's Lincecum but I'm saying the combination of the two he really has guys out front it's such a deceptive pitch when you go from 96 to 8586. And it's dropping in the zone. It's a devastating put. Oh and then he goes all the way to seven before with bad curve and end the knowledge you know it was interesting watching. I think I watched. Driven nickname for him. The ground yeah I don't like that so I didn't at first of all. What he's got some punch in them yet physically. And he's got that pudge glare. Bag glare that you saw in the batter's box where you were like cantaloupe is about to fall sleeper he's really angry if he he. Like the eyes look a lot like his dad meant so any kind of has a little bit of a mean face when he stared in the end of the catcher so. That whole business is up I'm in duet but physically he's got a little of his dad in him you see like. I don't I put this delicately. He's got a strong base and shoulders Rodriguez at least he's thicker than you initially you look at him any kind of the initial impression is tall thin guy yeah but when you see him on the mound especially from the TV view from behind and yeah he's he's got a little arch enemies he's fit he's wide. And he also. The stuff it's nice as you said Ed that the it's the speed difference there really yes that really stands out after the mature heart but it's not. You know let's go in comparison fails at. On the stock side because he doesn't have that kind of stuff he's using it that easily or Matt Cain and Lincecum in terms of stock. Yes and but I would say like it's it's. It team between the years how he conducts himself he's so like. He's so comfortable you could tell this guy grew up in club houses around the league you can tell that he feels he belongs that's another note I took. It is. He has that thing that we see from a lot of ex players kids which is. I am at home. Yeah I I'm perfectly comfortable in this environment I grew up in this environment none of the stuff going on on around it bothers me. I'm not distracted by any other nonsense. This is just what life is. You know I think there is as weird as it probably must be to grow up the kid of a professional famous professional athlete hall of fame athlete in this case. It gets used to some things that bat and he really does seem comfortable out there like you said is a really get a's lineup it's been really good all year long and he. He he just pitched all day he's a pitcher not a thrower and it's an exciting thing to watch I think and still take him Bob garner. You. I'm too and I'm sure you would too yeah buy it in this window he's been brilliant he has been phenomenal and it's another. Take the good with the bad and other situation that makes you question the giants' ability to scout their own system although I guess Rodriguez comes from another one yes he was in the twins' organization down they didn't bring him up and I guess he got a fresh start with the giants I look Wii back I. Our backs the giants' front office left and right for a lot of the major money allocation decisions the sort of pretty defined. Really defines this and then you know the Tony Watson pick up well that's an essay Communist. Will Smith was savvy Tony Watson isn't clear they sat there for a long time that's what I'm getting yeah yeah he said you found out radiate Eden and then the did you gotta do it in they dated but Tony wants it was an easy decision I think. It's the problem a deal on an Alan Hansen pick up the guts to play them the Derrick Rodriguez pick up yeah. They've done some good things you've got to give the giants front office some credit for some of the good things they've done how. About Ryder John's last night. I don't know if that's one of the good things about the Helmsley. I have another one of my notes and Pelham pretty swing from Ryder Jones. He cut right through that it was both quick and somehow like. That long marking a lefty swing uliassi. Draws power hitter that was a heck of a slowing it wasn't wasn't a bad pitch I. I pretty much wrote him off last year fifty few adults he was terrible he's 173. The other guy I think he took seven games to get his first hit last year I think I believe they said last night. He was old percent and gene. To start. His Major League career late season most guys don't rebound from things like that you get 53 games in the big leagues you don't want it under 200 bright and you're not a top tier prospect are saying you don't have the sexy name or cachet or oh he was a second round pick. Yeah but we've kind of disregarded him no. I slept thought now pay was it a one night thing was it'd John Patterson in 1994 he comes up it's a big home run and they would never see him again. Who else but I mean one right gone today I don't know if that was the brilliant but Belgian bid they said last night belts expected back so that lets have this conversation now. Pablo lol I know. I know is gonna accidents and I know Longoria they need his power bat in the in the lineup. But having problem bat from the left hand side. How do you work him into the a lot of. Well. In my being ridiculous. No. Here's the problem. What is Pablo actually doing this year I'm in let's pull up missed the first lefties he's batting right handed it's not pretty. Wolf that's awful but just overall. I think we fifties. And you're some like bat at 256 overall. And hold on I'll pull up the splits because the bottom getting at here is. Yes Pablo. It's a pro he's contributed at a surprising level. Which is great. Against lefties he's the 151 hitter against right exit to 92 had so he has really consistently been good against right handed pitching. But I guess what I'm saying let's. What she really knew he is the guys who were supposed to be the starters to perform at the level you hoped they'd perform because. If you really need to find at bats for Pablo sand of all it means the other guys you have are not doing what you want them today. I agree with that but the problems longer play the outfield now the and pay a pretty close your eyes look like dial back in ninth position Finland and number Longoria is vetting team 46 and Pablo has more RBIs. And Longoria only has one more home run and him and I just like the optics just. Watching the Dane in the day out. Yes he had a struggle period running was eleven games really did struggle but his struggles have been less. Prone ounce as Longoria I feel like Longoria was searching for like a month. And a half yeah he was under 200 for one bad. And right to the end of the tunnel and got her yeah and a. This bit of the crowded infield of the giant is an odd problem because they we don't they none of those guys are great. Now I don't have a single well Crawford has played great this year. But Miramax. Ashe that the earlier race closely running it was less mean he'd. That he makes that throw about as well as anyone although panda had a hell of a stretch to make that play he was new. I think MMS I think that's your answer you're gonna get some at bats at first you gonna get some at bats at third. It is when they play AL team is still GH you're an area that's how Pablo is gonna get work and maybe they try him in the outfield I don't know what hair. Accidents. Well gore uses slipping a little maybe in my figure last night yeah but I can't I game plays great defense which. So what public definitely would not deal. I don't know who put their inner inner. But McCutcheon made the second most of this is he made like three sliding catches second most put out his career. Yet -- is eight put out tonight if he'd taken a good route to those balls out Nigeria ever would have had to get a spinster and that's the Todd Linden let me go left six ERS and then turn right and I diving catch us senator what a play now but. It was a it was a solid night for McCutcheon to yeah they talk about how he hit Edwin Jackson and one unhittable index. I see little criticism and Edwin Jackson from that the fan base BACM based patient column down the right. I thought it was pretty darn good last night yeah. Did that the fact that you've gotten what you've gotten out of Edwin Jackson they haven't scored form bags in any of us guards he he's off he's coming off the streets then you should be thrilled. What you got from Edwin Jackson. I didn't think last night was a bigger game for the giants this series is bigger for the giants than for the is the last night in particular because. That's the match up that. Was sort of a chance for a different giant pitcher to step up. I mean look at massive bomb garner no matter what he does today you're still gonna be a Madison bomber fan you're still gonna have faith that he's capable pitcher. Right days to beat him it's not gonna kill but Eric Rodriguez is still proving himself to you. And get that win was big and I think here's some they can be a tough one for the giants so if they wanted to chant to the series went I think that again last night agreed and now I'm seen these reports being circulated that also marks is gonna throw bullpen and maybe they insert model Wednesday hope and Arlen Alan and that next because. That's my arm we are both at a loss and I'd like to hear other giants fans out there who. Want Jeff some larger back in the rotation 8889579. About seven to the phone number all lots of days topics to get into as well they. May very well. The in the middle of pulling off a tree. Area baseball talk right here on 957. Back. Joseph suggested. Tiger Woods Saturday morning ski team. It probably bears mentioning. Big cap big cat big Keller tigers tied for the lead so. That being said he's like eight or nine or fourteen holes ahead of the leaders of the tournament and eastern fourteen yet he says it will see if he can hold this up for another day by a it's exciting. Well last time tiger was tied for the lead on a major Saturday. It was probably the masters and Tony thirteen so it's been almost five years. Along to when he spun a wedge back into the water and they took an illegal drop and what do we. 89 years from his last may Hector should be ten in 08 Torrey Pines US open. Ten years almost to the week. Is probably Jeanne it's it's our fathers' day every year for US open pals when he had one leg and he went eighteen hole playoff with Rocco Mediate. The Rocco media. Tournament victory here last one on one only crazy. You know bottle sorry I'm getting real geeky younger nun and no I mean I think that's I think we should say that more. The last tournament tiger won yet a broken knee. So maybe that's part of why he doesn't Hudson spent. Physically he has said that. Struggled a lot over the last decade so it's good to see him just out there as you said earlier and certainly fun when tigers can in contention at it. It changes golf entire it changes my timeline. Everyone is talking about it that's how important it is he is the needle for golf I'm a golf nerd. I'm a golf dork he is the needle he brings it every one. If you're tied. That said we're not going to talk much about tires today we got Bay Bridge series baseball talk about and as far as. Them. What we mentioned going into the break I'm just curious. If there is a single giants fan out there who's interested in more Jeffs a margin. So any time they're in today's program if you heard for the giants. And you wanna see more of Jeff some margin in a starting role. I'd like to hear from 89 point 79257. Penske auto sales doc contacts on his 95795. On the inside of things. This. Juries juries. The united familiar anyone got an official pronunciation on that. I was going your S yesterday but I believe I heard Vince attorney L. Say jerseys and I believe Vince knows how to say things properly cornucopia of color combinations so I am getting in his word for that some say juries familial. We human nickname. We Kerry. When I first read it that's what I thought it was obviously a Jarrett literate so good old Jerry Familia. Eight how do you feel about that if you're if you are an a's fan is that the guy you want he's a very capable reliever but he is a reliever. And he was closing for the Mets designer clothes here now and that's where I'm curious where he slots at the mean this is a great addition I think this is another gala. 95 plus fastball touching 9798. Downward movement. He's got a weird like twinge in his arm when he when he throws like it's I don't know how to explain it but it's religion is giddy up a few yeah added that it's very deceptive and he has a big leg kick stride. So I think he'd be a really really solid. Solid addition for their bullpen and we give Bob Melvin opportunities to played certain matchups now I don't know how. He contrasts. Necessarily with me now. But. You Trevino but down. I think I think this is a great addition you can never have enough relievers Matt especially down the stretch when your not getting great starting pitching from your staff. And they're not going deep into games eventually you need apple tend to be. Personal and out there you need half options are Bob Melvin late in the season so I think this is a great addition if they can pull this thing off and I'm curious to see who they give up. I don't know what this guy Nancy got seventeen saves already this year he's only 28 years old I don't know about this team control. Moving follower but I had career 266. ERA. And he's had a solid year this year seventeen saves to 88 ERA he looks good. Yeah there there are some. Suspensions in his past that are not great but he is one of the better relievers in baseball this year and then. You know we heard the Billy being comment on this yesterday I am not sure freak and scrounge up again but on Susan's closest podcast. He sort of talked a bowel. What his trade deadline strategy might be and specifically in the context of are you after a starter or are you after reliever and what he kinda set was. In a market and you know obviously. You had all this sort of stuff when your. The GM of a baseball team but his basic. As basic comments reflected. The bad. When you have a trade market. Where you can't necessarily. Find. A starter that you feel really improve your team. But you do feel you need pitching help. Another way to look at it is if we've got some guys they can give us five good innings we shorten the game from the other. And that's what this deal would be it's not replacing the clothes are certainly it's probably not a replacement set up man because. We have no complaints about Trevino and China and that that's been the best tandem in baseball basically so. You're just adding another inning. And if Familia is as good. Assuming this deal gets done which all the reports I saw around eight or nine last night were basically. This is happening barring some sort of snag they just have to hammer out the details. If you get this guy and and he continues to pitch at this level you're really looking at six inning games for the eighth and the way they score in the late innings. To then be able to throw 396. Plus. Dies in those last three innings is a formidable yeah and you're all strained. More of your strengths and actually I really like this move because it doesn't put a lot of pressure if you were to trade for a starter as much as I want to Graf let's say it's. Not to ground it's one of the of the lesser known guys yeah I got a lot of pressure. Don't you think to come in in in and be an anchor of a team even me you're not an ace and yet to come in and try to. Albeit slower global minute game it's interesting because. As you say that the only eighty some market really used gram that's it. And so any other guy you'd get would not be an ace and yet. They wouldn't necessarily. Not BBA's there is because I love and Diana I love maimed and personally even more I think and I as the potential to be an ace. He certainly has an established himself over the course of a long enough period of time to say. Stamp him with the number one rank yeah I mean look if you're going to go wild card playoff Sharma Niger starter right now. Agreed on that lie at. Could potentially change for the rest of the year and I guess to make the comparison. Back cannot change on the other side of bad. Because Madison Ballmer is the case and if you're in the game Madison bombers gonna start provided itself exactly so big a's don't have that guy and I think you're right bringing in another guy. Who sort of at the same level of the dues they have which is where a lot of the names are you know in them and I am main din range. Then I think be. Yeah there is a lot of pressure on the guy to be someone who was worth acquiring yes especially if you give up a prospect that people have heard. And by the way just in my. There's speaking of prospects as I troll Twitter last night for. Information about potential these trades. Susan slots there happened to re tweet this tidbit from Jeff him who I presume. Is the play by play broadcaster of wherever pour him a tale is planning. And here's between. How fast this tournament tale. He just tagged up and tied the game on a pop up to the first baseman. Connor Joseph caught the ball falling towards the stands and materials scored standing up while. So wow so yes if you're gonna get end and there are descriptions like that about all the a.'s prospects if you were listening to 957 game last night. And I. What I like to do. Is. Go out to a nice dinner with my family. And take my aunt out for her birthday and then return home and watch the game from like. 11 PM till 1 AM somber really exhausted my show for work the next day. But the other benefit of that is using my MLB package I get to seek the 957 audio. With the picture which was delightful because I love a good core acting attorney of broadcast. And many. They told us about what was art goes been doing to. You realize he hasn't given up a run. In like sixty days. Sixty games it's what eight years old. I've made that number up but it's a long time assets oral her Charlottesville almost two months since he gave up a run I mean he's a double play. Doesn't matter but yet and I'll pull up his starts and his stats as well but. Look man when these are what you when this is what your prospects are doing this level of stuff people start to get excited and understandably so. So if you're gonna move off of a prospect. And look it's not to be Lazard go with if you're trading for reliever if you're trying to for familiar you're not talking about. Trading your top pitching prospect but. There's plenty of guys in the system that a's fans have heard about and are excited to see so if you're given up some of your high level prospects for. Some random starter you're gonna expect them to do a lot. Plus although I know I was gonna ask because I haven't seen naming names attached to the so malware is going to look at Alter the Familia I don't know I don't know I haven't you GC aiming OK you don't see enough none of the reports I saw. They were all just is are hot after Familia. Expected dealer I think build them. Of all the Familia tweets I saw. Foster all news was the most recent. And it said something. Around 830 you're a 45 last night something to the effect of expect this deal to get done and must there's a snack. But it did not say a specific. Such a key passage it did not say a specific package sets or he's like an army. Yeah are tried as IMAP but the quantity of tweets that. Buster Posey. Puts out here ago twelve hours ago. We're second. The they came out now my tweets he had read read busted. Okay here it is twelve hours ago Jerry's familiar headed to Oakland if the two sides can finish the deal. So that sounds like. He's almost definitely mean. Because he also said cross the Astros off of the list of that trade also because Red Sox and braves are out. So that's a good thing though because. You're picking up someone that those other team's. Desire and your urine not allowing your rivals or teens that you had. Potentially play in a one game playoff or leading down the stretch like that's. That's a good thing. Yes yes definitely. And there's another bus early to don't wanna get to later but it did back to. The other names on the market. For me starting pitching standpoint because this was a buster only article yesterday I don't know why we decided to have this be the buster on our but what do you do. And and Mulder then do ground. Crew again that guy is an ace he's thirty years old. If I was the gays and I had a lineup performing at this level and the quantity of prospects they have I would look really long and hard at giving up almost a significant haul. To bring in a guy like to gram who is immediately and he's at the top irritation and quite honestly. Who other than the Astros a hazard. Pretty close to as good as anybody if they put an ace at the top of this rotation and I what's. And he's undermining their control for the next couple many years have him totally not a rental units right. So I would really considered now that also makes it more expensive. That's fine but if I was amazed and I would really consider that by the way we have not heard from any giants fans but we did avenues fans say a as an a's fan I definitely don't want some are just starting against the Mariners. Let me give you some margins number and we'll get back to him go I don't wanna I wanna destroy this guy will get the Samardo later. Nice text by the way 559 is just suggesting nicknames on the Familia Familia matters. We we know a lot of directions was that the million matters basket I automatically think of rock the rock La Familia laughing anyway. Since that like cheesy yeah regardless are out and welcome back okay well I don't know what you know side thought maybe you. Figures like a Mac strayer Santiago morale on the air on that one song okay. My host and as well as me. Did you. He would county isn't. From a that was hot streets of San Diego east San Jose. JA happ. Now I'm man throwing games H ha ha your thoughts for the ace and these are the names that are out there I. Jay JA happ doesn't do it for me Marcos era and 35 years old making thirteen million dollars I like with a have more slot haven't you that. Now. Late night selling me land in Oregon. Chips. And thank you. Make video evolving. I actually like him he does throw hard yeah I like him. He throws hard but. But what do you have to give up to get someone like that and what's there are a lot of what's the return on that well okay let's start with the fact that there if any of all these three and four with a four point 26 ERA he's had some really good starts lately. He throws the ball really hard but on July 13 to give up eight earned runs in two and two thirds innings. At the twins so. My point is is made if any of all be. Better then. Frankie Montana asks for sure are you sure know I'm not sure he's older yes. It's are better written name recognition as well yet has yet been around yeah because I played a few Major League seasons he's the 140 some odd. Games play and bonds assets ten but. I'm not sure I'm getting an upgrade if I do that I agree is here's I wrote this down to if we're looking at PA's church age aren't right now. It's my nine at Jackson Cahill Anderson mall talks. I'm assuming Daniel mangan replaces Anderson. So then you've got my nine and a Jackson. Remained in K hill mom talks. So if I'm trick if a fireman a trade for starting pitcher as the eighties. I gotta be darned certain. But he's a first of all significant upgrade over on to us or or cable whichever you considers the last time efficient. And frankly. If I'm gonna spend any real prospect value I wanted to be at least as good as main determine you know I wanna number two in this rotation it. There's only one is to grow writes Obama's been real prospects I wanna a two were at least a three and I don't know that. Needs any of all the guarantees you that you know I agree with you big game James Shields I'll get out of here I don't want him not at all Lance land it. Not sure he's better let me read you some areas reliance on April. Eight point 37 may three point 76 June 2 point 83. July 7 point 82 so a wildly inconsistent. Guy except Lance Lynn is 31 years old and Frankie Marcus is 46. Team on test yeah I'd stand pat Phyllis on Brinkley Jimmy Cahill. Right agreed on that actually like Cain he's been fun we have been really good actually I like chaos. Is personal our alum Matt Harvey. You know Matt Harvey. I like the risk reward on a mat hard because I don't think he's gonna cost you a whole lot that's the reason you might think about it yet. And I know that he could touch brilliance here's the problem MI willing to roll the dice. In the this year to bring him into this team and it grew from a clubhouse respect exactly and that's the only anymore I'm a little hesitant but what he's played nice and Cincinnati I didn't like. He's you would hope that. Getting banished to Cincinnati would have woken up a little bit as as a dude behind the scenes because that seems to have been the problem in New York. I agree with that Jake coterie seen. Francisco Liriano is I like Larry I don't strictly because at. I love there thank you for years I nearly sold would any error rate of four point 67 I now but he's played for terrible Detroit yet now. Another reason you might think about O'Leary on now is you could put him in the bullpen to swing guy coming in that Petit roll hall. Which have Petit I now think he's a lefty weren't there to teach a righty I know Larry I now I just I'm always enamored by lefties who could draw that big breaker. Liriano bat at a time was excellent. Sam Wheeler now Zack Wheeler injury history and he just doesn't have great stuff Mike fires. Not really Tyson Ross. Tyson Ross strictly because he came here originally. And I like I like Tim the first time big guy here's the here's get a lot of run support San Diego now here is the he's he sees. He's been up and down really quiet down he's beaten that giants here's what's intriguing about Tyson Ross what would you guess his salary is. And now than two million men one point 75 aka so very affordable very affordable. Chris archer. I like Chris archer but he's not he's not how to integrate your field I would say he's been bad yes and the also very a year he's kind of slipped tremendously. And he. Has. Team options for 21 and money Sony won 9000000 and eleven yeah I don't wanna be on the hook for two more years all the new options so. Presumably but it's seven point seven next year for share. Yeah I I don't know if you wanna pay him that it would and it is and you have the value your every dollar plus I don't know I wanna part with something. I feel like his value so high that you're gonna send a disproportionate prospect right and the return isn't gonna be there even on nova. So that's fourteen names I just read. Just like this. That the staff they've thrown out there this year I'm sorry this I was thirteen to fourteen does Kyle Gibson who actually has been pretty good for the torrent of death. But. Again your time about a thirty year old guy. Whose history is as. Mediocre pitcher. And I'm not shore I wanna reply I mean that's what Trevor Cahill is right now except he's pitching really well right now. So if I can't find a guy who's got a better pedigree than Trevor Cahill or who's pitching better right now than Frankie Mon test I don't know why would meet that trait. And I think that's the problem for the Hayes is. And that's what Billy spoke to on Susan's closest podcasting as if we find that audio. Because I know we have a cut of it somewhere. Of Billy talking to Susan saucer or podcast ought to talk to them to the break and a Briton and a busy having a conversation among themselves. But. I mean. Think we're gonna see more bullpen additions or whether Familia comes through or not. I think that's what's happening here because I just don't think the starter you want is there. I'm curious how the September call ups are going to affect the a's roster what would date. Have the guts to bring couples are now. I was thing about that because of the stats we got from. Vincent and can yesterday and I'd hears is you start until what his clocks are all season. Seven and three in fourteen starts a total of 68 and two thirds innings. His ERA is 2.3. Six. Knives double I doesn't matter it's still good ER yeah. It's a very good here are any guys. He the is. Ten point six k's per 92. Point one walks per nine through league half a homer by the water in nine innings that's really give ratios. Yes you and those numbers correlate regardless of of status double A AAA. Big leagues yeah. And look. All of this sort of peripheral stats you want are right there on this guy he's twenty years old. Turns 21. At the end of September. When he wanted to in the September he's a baby. I think he got to think about it I mean I don't think he's coming up if I had to bet if I had to bet. Will UC Asus Lazard this year. Actually let's say if you do it's bad news. Yeah if you do I think it's because. They're not an. Buy it. He has bin as electric as a double a starter can be here here's the here's the details on Matt. Scoreless streak. It will lose. The a couple nights ago he threw five innings of one hit baseball struck out seven and ran his scoreless streak to 26 innings. That's incredible. So that's probably twice my starts I'm guessing that's still encore five starts. Of scoreless baseball. That's incredible I mean. You think about it right. He's the number twenty overall prospect according to that's that's in the in the sport not mummy is system. And boy I'll. The numbers make you think he could be ready double lay is a level war when you perform. Dominantly a double lane lot of guys are ready for based Britain ready for Major League Baseball. Why I always like to throw that spot start in there down the stretch when the team hasn't had a chance to scout you and your younger I you have that. Clear advantage so in a very particular one game scenario got to have a game. Say against C cattle. Would you call him up. That's a tough spot to put a kid I know it is but I think if you're gonna caught months you'd wanna do it in the next month you can excel before and get an acclimated. Well. I mean the reason in my mind to call a assuming we're talking about a playoff it yes. I want him out now because I wanna see if I think I can. Start him in the play offs I mean I think ideally years year top three going into the playoffs would be Lazard woman Diane mangan. I think that would make eight bit it a's fans and his management that happiness yet you don't wanna see Brad Anderson with a 611 you are you don't frankly you don't and wanna see Taylor Jackson. I mean look. It's great that they've both pitch to him and particularly because it's allowed BA's to compete and if they hadn't gotten surprising contributions from starting pitchers they didn't expect to have this year. We wouldn't be having this conversation about a likely playoff team or potential playoff to. Buy it. Those about the guys you want to make him playoff starts if you do you get out. Tiger I drop shot east to back off believe kids there is now seven under. He's on the prop. Tiger is on the prowl. Always got to do is be within three shots 334 shots of the lead heading into Sunday and people are people are gonna watch it runs in the all excited be in the last three groups. That's land the just be on TV when the tournaments and leagues that's really what that that's what you and golf community we call it don't get ejected. From coverage. I want to ask is vans though it would you rather. Find a way to deal for a starter or do you like the idea of just bolstering the bullpen and shortening the game from the other end. 889579570. Penske also is dot com text line is 95795. And also. Do you think cases Bazardo should play for the 2018. Oakland dates medical ski Jewish asking for a seven game. 95% yeah you were stationed for exclusive clearing. 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And 917 Texas says as a Mets fans sad to see familiar go. Happy he's headed to Oakland he's on the last year was deal's chances are they didn't have to give up much I mean certainly that. Is probably why they're in the reliever market right now instead of the starter mark because as we just went through. There's really only one great starter out there and anyone else that is would look at a much here's what I would say for sure. I don't think there's another guy out there that's a clear upgrade. Over one of the east top three or four. I think you're spot on with that assessment and that's how many guys pitch in the play offs then so yeah you might be able to upgrade your five starter but are you going to do that at the cost of a prospect. When. You're not gonna end up pitching that guy in the playoffs anyway. I'll see it happening at 559 texts are on the same page I'd steer clear of overpaying for another mediocre starter. Is might have a good shot to snag a picture off waivers later. I like her too like that idea and I guess I'm just curious how the forty man. How is that gonna affect things September 1 call ups because that's when those rosters expand. And that's the question maybe you'd rather see Asus Lazard will examine any of these trade exactly possibilities let's go to Fred in Oakland. What's up Fred. Fair article and I agree but I think. It depends on how good. Organization believe these prospects are that we have in our system. He's starting pitchers like and visit Jordan into that your third round I obviously have no idea and the average capital and has no idea. But these guys in the future. I there. How valuable he had a wind like it or that it. Trey Burton. Oh at number one that you but at 70% chance of winning one every working. Is that even good enough. Upgraded I don't think so you know I think we got it. We've got to rely on solid rotation note and it that's minor leaguers are gonna give as a gesture of the year we are at. I think that's what we got to rely are right now. Yeah and that's you know of the unknown now it is and you know Fred makes a point about it even if you get a really gets started at stole only once every 45 days but that's what a lot of these prospects Artose so. Dean that's how baseball works but. I'm where they met. If you have this many guys that you think can come up and be valuable to you. Maybe you don't need. To sacrifice. For an ace if you think was our rose innings. And you think puck has a chance to be NAC thing and I has chance to be innings when he got three potential aces hang around right now. Maybe it's not worth giving up assets to bring in a Jacob the ground especially since time wise to gram although it's thirty. And probably saw several good years ahead of him he's definitely way ahead of the rest of the team on the development time. Yeah and but this is I think we loosely throw around the word aches. It's like number one wide receiver he's the number one really there's only so many aces and really there's only so many number one wide receivers and so like not every team has it makes. Right sure would you agree with that that concept so I'm a White Sox and the course Laker outcast like the like this is like obsession lightly we. You know this kid could be an ace in this kid could be an ace like. That's where he did make a good point Bob that. We don't know how Billy and the organization is assessing this particular crop of prospects that they have coming up. Again you know. I haven't heard the word untreatable have you and rumor in regards to any of these particular process prospects I don't think fear and habit of using that word. That's and doesn't that speak to itself. Yeah on yeah levels it does it does but also. I think we're hoping he's are changing how they do things earnings yes and I and I also think that because they have the accelerated clock right now doesn't that kind of you know you alters your plan on the fly I think they they have to be. You know spontaneous. But realistic and I think that's kind of the the wind they're trying to tell yet and I still I still say if there was a better starting pitching market. There we'd be having a different conversation but we do have that audio from Billy being correct. Let's hear from Billy talking about how of the starter market affects the a's Clinton's listening. Reliever market may be better. And that we might be getting more value midweek practice from the other side and try to shorten the game with what we how could they were getting better acquisition a better player forward giving up in the early market and maybe more options. As you can get garbage also have the expansion of rosters. And kind of split the game up in much shorter segment so we're what somebody's injured during the have opposed the Dodgers it'll grew last year I think the look at a little earlier should say hey we need a starter this goes available what's it gonna cost I think you're. Probably gonna find results in a competition. That you don't want overpay him and so we're trying to take up a more balanced approach that's horrific we look at the state of strength which senators on the market. That's exactly what we've been talking about Ernie and there's a lot of starting pitching on the market that. It's easy to look and say hey they Israelis twelve starters they need more starting pitching they need some of the beater consistently that that's all well and good. But a fact as James Shields. And he cost the same as a reliever of Jerry's familiar as abilities. I'd rather have the guy that I can get one or two good innings out of every couple days then guy that I get six mediocre innings out of every five days. I agree with that I keep gone back to this. Mike Leake acquisition by the giants and I know that what really scarred you it did I can tell because when you when you over trade. Overspend for like a fourth starter off three starter because there's so desperate Adams of all like 35 homers the next year or did I don't really care about the doable thing it was the acquisition like the guy didn't do anything for us you know he was bad and he was exactly what we thought on the front and all he's up for something ERA Garrett he's getting eaten any -- they're. Caught me in means. You know I've got as she listened to these younger guys have. Or patchwork it with a band aid from within and I think that the a's have done a pretty darn good job and then and they. But when is still believe even if those of us who have watched have a loved it is still believe in guys like Dana gosh sitting Chris Bassett and then there's a long list of guys. Who still have some legs as potential prospects. And now I'm not. As excited about a Chris Bassett as I am about Asus was art obviously but. If we're just talking about giving you mediocre innings. Frankly the a's have twelve or thirteen guys that they use to do that over the course of the year or guess eleven minus and I almost everybody besides benign. And I guess Edwin Jackson has turned in at least a few mediocre innings and and at best you gotta mainly in who. Had a month where he was one of the best pitchers in baseball no doubt so I am I've been distracted here I apologize to everyone knows you're distracted. Tiger just flew to burn which is like the water canal and took the balance of god I don't even know how it should have went in the water and it bounced into safe. That's a sign you say the bounds of god I say the bounds of our. He's prowl and he's on the prowl. I like that a tiger workers it's just a little too much. Better than the jaguar or he'll jaguar. Billings but the Saber cat noise most of the things the jaguars have done over time about helmets. Yeah it was good yeah. Spanky. Yes so I. We're all on the same page in and most of the texts we've gotten from a's fans are the same some of whom are simple like no trades for starting pitchers. But. I think that's the right approach and also I think. We should take Billy Beane is where. He just told us should we to a degree okay. You just told us the starting pitching market is no good and relieve pitching market is get. I don't think he's lying. Now now it doesn't mean that the trade for starters impossible or that a trade for relievers guaranteed although it does it does look like this community I think is probably going to go through. Quiet. The strategy makes a lot of sense to me and I just don't see the guy in a starter role that I'd really be willing to give anything up for. Agreed. Now howl as the giants ten does that make you feel. Given that the giants. Don't have the lineup to protect. Average starting pitching. What part of that eluded looks a little I'm sorry as well it would if as the giants fan Barack be interested in a pitcher. Would you widget V Anderson and hitter where to put them so that's I feel like it's over. No I don't feel like it's over over there it's. Were teetering on the edge and he's next week and last night huge win and these next two weeks are gonna tell me everything and it's like I'm either. Make it a full for a full court push or I'm I'm real and everything back and I'm in Selma. Seem McCutcheon. Played really well is a very big positive first time we've been waiting he had a great June I didn't have an extra base hit in July. That's not good but you know in Asia starting. That number three hitter and right fielder so. I need more output from him I'm starting to see that bluster had to hit injection I know he a little flair last night for an RBI single that it's. Executing with two outs as being in this bugaboo for this franchise has some like buster hitting flares as a new thing if you. Look. Forget power. Now Buster Posey is still a great hitter yes but he needs to drop in the order via. He does but it's the giants and I mean it. The lid. Number of times we've had to say that this year I think if I was at giants fan of your ilk would drive me nuts but it does track mean that's. Because that's what we say about. Some margin. Yeah he's the worst pitcher on the squad he. Should not start again for the giants ever but he's going to you because they're the giants. Yeah. Each can you do you'd like to have. An outfield that made sense from the beginning of the year but yeah head. A veteran and Austin Jackson signed and a veteran and Gregor block on the road opening day roster because you're the giants. Man. This margin thing. I don't I don't know how are you talk. I see is article Jeff Samardo tying return Wednesday and I just don't. What are we talking about it makes you wanna puke map will be devious numbers and then I want you did respond from there he's won five this year this is just this year. With a 6205. ERA he started ten games. He's only gone 44 innings so that's an average of four. In a third if you will innings per start that's ridiculous you you have almost fifty hits here's your I think the shoulder issue he's he's all he's not. Heard he's charities it. And I'm gonna read you the update which. It comes from out panel lifted that means the giants are giving this update yes so Marge shoulder won't require surgery. He underwent an MRI on Sunday but he doesn't appear to have a serious injury. Okay isn't that the same report we got in spring training their edits and many couldn't make his first start of the year and many came back. Any shoulder hurt. Anyone on the DL and they took an MRI. And we got the same report he doesn't have a serious injury we don't need surgery he'll be back in a couple weeks. And any sort again. And it's the same port and your tell me just put it right back in the rotation. He's clearly hurt your MRI you're negative MRI. You're isn't something I don't know why. But he's not healthy same guy who approved them Lance and he'll probably he's not healthy and and beyond that. He's been healthy. And not want your best five starters now and you burn games this the part that makes me sick is that every year. Every year it comes down to a game or two for teens fighting for the wild heart. I every year and you're just gonna burn in game two showcasing and stubbornly prove that some margin. They love like justify the money spent on him so the game the other day they start and he looks terrible I'm yelling yank him yank him yank them they finally yanked him. Four runs too late Derek Holland comes in gives me good innings and it's too late we we've lost that game you just literally just nailed in that game.