The Silver and Black Podcast w/ Chris Townsend

The Silver and Black Podcast
Tuesday, September 11th
Following the Raiders 33-13 loss in the season opener to the Rams, Chris Townsend brings you the debut of The Silver and Black Podcast. He's joined by Austin Gayle of Pro Football Focus.

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Chris sounds are with you here on our very very terse silver black podcast here for 957 the game. And it's gonna be a lot of fun throughout the year we're gonna do to a week normally it's going to be on Monday and then on Friday. Did you ready Furl raider football over the weekend. Obviously we have a long night last night didn't get home till late after doom post game till about midnight with Jim goes Amare had a lot of fun talking to raider nation. Even though the raiders did not perform in the second half than they would lose 33 to thirteen so we're doing it today. On a Tuesday and our first guest I thought it was spitting. And is have you listened to the Chris Townsend show I you really get to learn who we was. Last year he's a Bay Area kid and have gone down to school at San Diego State he's a long time raider fan he had season tickets growing up. And he now has really his dream job. Where he grades not only the NFL but he grades the raiders for pro football focus. And last year he won the award for the top greater what you guys think about this. You've got multiple guys great and all these teams there's 32 teams in you have guys that are just great in the league you got geyser grating college. Chris Collins worth is employing a lot of different people to do this work. And my guy Austin gale won the award for the best greater and all of pro football focus that says a lot. You can bomb on Twitter at PFF underscore Austin Gail. He was actually at that game would this bother last night he's now living in Cincinnati because. They made other guys and that's Cincinnati but he was back in the bay last night with his father just as a fan. Great to have you on the very first podcasts I think that probably had to be pretty special love being at the game last night when your father. Absolutely it was great to be in the seat again outside the prep balked at loch income that UN. He could stand reaction earlier who to give your spirit. You know before we get into the teeth of this game and I just actually right before we came on I've just I've finished. On NFL game pass I I finished the first pass I can't imagine how bad the second half sister and a lot because I I sought last night. But I will say this. Really at the start that game. And really in the very beginning of the game and throughout the first half we have not heard the coliseum that allowed. For a raider game outright say the last time here at that loud was the 2012. AL DS a's against the tigers in that series game four cocoa with a walk off. And then game five up against Justin Verlander in the tigers were the tigers Hussein's last stadium whenever Ben and former raider perspective it hasn't been out loud for raider game since the last time Jon Gruden was here I was on the sidelines it was deafening I can barely hear must burner. And linking Kennedy what was it like in the stands. It was because they were roaring yeah optimism was high early in the game out it was dark or release that you of that and get the fans brought and the productivity typically opt in an offense and the team really that has just been. So hyped up as their year than we at all and now it earlier that hot start that stadium with was going up of course the second half. Different things considered. Yet watching that first half and watch it back this morning and I am I never gonna be that guy I want to China now that I'd like you to go back and watch it has. One thing that I'm noticing being on the sidelines as you know there's at times in the you know when a player comes off. And there are looking at the player I gotta go around kind of research and see what's happening in and in our long snapper went down last night with a knee injuries or you're missing plays not seeing everything is. You're trying to you're trying to be the eyes for the broadcast team on the sidelines I'm definitely gonna have to go back and watch these games. And the thing is in the first half. I mean. Derek Carr played tremendous in the first half this team they battled in the first half they had the lead going into halftime. There was a lot of energy. Fan and and cook was absolutely. Amazing in this game on the first drive beat. He ran that little skinny slant and that was the big play that really open it up and got everybody goal line. And of course it was a career high in yards for Jared Cook him he's that he's obviously the biggest standout a record day. For him per rader tied and but I mean that's you know what's crazy is they can about detailed to ask what did you see in the first out. It got the part that's a very very good off its game plan grew Nazi winging her way. A list of you know and you know a lot of Kurtz you're Kentucky Leighton wants our local hitting a Terkel was getting open it that Roberts and I kept Iran I think. Putting in good players. In a position succeeded. When Wade Phillips and you know the great you put quarter he would make the beta can in the second. You know that structure. Which you're locked in their car that you passed under structure at a restructure wait too often resulting obviously in to return our. Yeah only great things about pro football focus dot com and lead did he get the premiums stats unit seen numbers that. You know unless you are charting the game yourself which by the way who the hell wants to do that. You can just go to pro football focus and you guys essentially do everything for us so. I don't have to sit there and chart I can just go on I'm looking at Derek cars numbers a first off the first half what Ford 28 for a 198 yards. The bad interception and worry under through it. And Johnson would depict. Cook was open if you would have made the pass right over the shoulder of cook it would have been a touchdown but other than that Derek played well the first half. Yeah he gave Ian have you earning a decent grade in the first half yet a lot of. The baking expert pretty quick greeted acting in that structure a private RP the tick what degree but I. He looked goading you look like you know what what everyone hoped in the air Carlo Buick taken group opera and become just. It's puppet of greed and play really well but I think he was forced to play outside and sports. When is under pressure and I think physically he curiosity at debate blunders. Yeah and that they about after that interception and he then brought the raiders right back down at that happened got the field goal may went into the half there are up thirteen to ten everybody's feeling good. But then we get to the second half and we don't want thing that. Derek did not look comfortable. Derek just look like it completely different guy in the second half there was pressure. How much true pressure was there on it was like he was get sacked five times. Erica ordeal he had twelve dropped back to where he was pressured all given up while I'm. Five for eight Jack it was not a good night for him in here Donald. When you look at a record he threw two interceptions. At a twenty quite set and after reading under pressure did not play well there when we Pritchard gets their car that you kind of are last year. And ever since he injury eat no you weren't cracker into their respective pressure or go clean your clean pocket the fuel pressure are they look sick or got off. That they throw away from a clean pocket eat meat because stepped up there may have played. It's it's your docket at the end you maybe. Reacting to pour in to pressure and also making a park or not they're. So only twelve drop backs the entire game with pressure any 127 passer rating into nineties. One point seven saturating two lane Keaton and under pressure on I'm not gonna let the app that knocked back. That's what. Vote 18 point seven wow I gave the 7% that. You know that's that that Fermi will look where I'm scratching my head. Is. That kid that I signed 2016. I mean he was just hell on wheels he was an absolute gunslinger. Before he got hurt on December 24 against the Indianapolis Colts were that's basin in the season was over. At that point Derek card led 64. Quarter comebacks which was tied for the most in the history of book lacks technique was the most in the history of football at that time. Matthew Stafford then like the last two games got number six. And then passed it would number seven but still whether you have seven or he had six it was very impressive and we know that. 2016. We saw the offense under bill musgrave at times start out slow. And then it was later in the second half it kind of became Netgear it's gonna wing this thing around and got electric made light at the scoreboard. I haven't seen that guy in awhile and I know he had the transverse fractures. Transverse process fractures in his back. Came back after only one week may be came back too soon. Obviously the broken lake the year before. But what we saw in 2016. I haven't seen anything like that guy and that I guess is what does worries me a little bit his. I was under the impression. That was gruden coming in. And gruden changing thing we threw very DOT Danny on the bus we threw Del Rio under the bus route through Mike Tice does we. Later found out from the inside that Mike Tice was battling with the game plan we do love those guys under the bus. And that Derrek Lee is you know he's gonna have Jon grow and great loss is back in all these brilliant offensive minds. And that's second half what dot that it looked like the guy from 2016. Not at all and I think you're you're really preach in the require back at their car back. I don't those come back or I don't or practical put play well under pressure at that he's an. Capturing perspective overall great acting great under pressure that he's then what you're good under pressure to elect bulky you know last year you can have a career year by. I preaching at opal well look it. After reading greater good record we looked all polls that would be good under pressure in recent years. You need to be warned that quarterbacks in the league it's it's really eaten one year and that the next and what you see now keep in bad. Last year it you know I have a good night last night. Do you off I mean it's not fair to ask you about ops atop your head. Because I remember the other is that I I love pro football focus. I remember. You guys graded him as one before he got hurt was in 20161. Of the best against pressure. That's correct he was one of the best quarterbacks in Tony Tony sixteen against pressure and that's what really do is MVP year when you. You can drive under pressure you can attack you can't career performances and I output cute you know began a career backup. And out in your Minnesota because he played well under pressure and at your cart and bring that back would there be recruiting scheme or you know whatever needs to Pique at being more top in the pocket. That's what are cute and BP. It's not going to be this thing got. Yeah the one pick down not on. It was what just over ten yards on the left side left corner where there was nobody there and he said after the game where. It's one of those where you look to throw it in your realized I got to throw it in the day it's as it was a lollipop they came out of his hands and I care Matt was a Johnson was at the safety camera well Scott that that pick but. Lots that year while once again Della there's some watch the second half but that was a center back is it looked like when it matter his hands. It looked like he was gonna throw it away and it just didn't have the velocity and it was not it was a linebacker and it was an easy pick and it was just like Derek what are you doing. You have you know that Dallas you know coming into her bat isn't that row and when you're when the game's close like that you're playing quarterback he the end of the year at least believed to be that his community to. Can't afford to make those you know at that. Well I tell you what I mean you've got to give the other guys' credit too because the bottom line is that's a good football team over there and Brit must burner always likes to talk about gambling and it's it's it's hilarious on the broadcast but he talked about now. In Vegas there's been a lot of money put on the rams who win the Super Bowl and I think last night. We saw why did very well I mean other then maybe you say their linebackers. I mean that offensive line that defense affront. Their secondary. Their quarterback. There I mean here he got that. One of the greatest defensive coordinators of all time and you talked about the changes. In the second half for Wade Phillips he made changes and it affected the raiders and then John McVeigh. I its eye where I was impressed I've kind of been chart at all haven't done by the by the ended today. They ran so much jet motion and play action. It's unbelievable and that jet motion really messed up the raiders throughout the entire game. Absolutely and that's you know product you know policy if something is part of that green coaching tree each. And that's recruiting you you'll watch you know priest ever since the great way. The defense alliance how do you want then you could control weatherman are controlled you know where that we it's as are going to be and that's what silent they don't know I'm at poppy why route and they should do more and under we did not see any with Scott downing it's a veteran move and really put the raiders defense than Innophos. What we saw with a one run with a Mari Cooper and then you know really didn't see it again and not as much play action as I thought we're going to see it and has jet motion play action is a huge part. Of what they did the raiders yesterday and another thing that. They did. And it really pays off and you go back to Al Davis always believed and it is you have just rolled the ball deep to keep them honest and in the first half. There's two different times. That they threw deep. One was on Melvin and the Owen was Rodgers-Cromartie. And both times they got PI on it. I mean. They weren't testing the raiders secondary deep to spread the field they did it. Derek Karr only throw the ball over twenty yards three times in this game he's got to do more than that. From the gritty look at three and to give it some perspective you know already fixed quarterback for a few rookie ball and all that we're having a lot more success so I think. I think you need to do you know really look at it an air cart people has orbited that's ranked sent. But you gotta what you element for a lot more dramatic gesture but that accurately through note he also really you're the first six games and start to turn the corner after that then they really get had a game to start on the poppy. All right let's get into some positives I mean obviously coach had a career day I mean. I mean it was an absolute monster in this game. Yeah it would be great needed a lot after the catch as well that's something that your talks kind of not necessarily known for Brett. Big by like after the catch a purity you knew group going to be able to hide and go and at Utah and alliger took lock my. Who else if they get a good game. I think you look at Romney Huntsman I go against Donald packing up and Eric Donald then. Yeah I'm constantly looking here at the fact that upgrade on the scene in allows single pressure without standing in a court next incorrect assembly and it actually got real art that there are on the market like they're proving to be what are the most underrated. Practically home in the courtroom in the air. Yeah look at it degrades heard the offense and right now and you know you know it wasn't going to be an easy day for Cole Miller. How did you I ams in the grade it's not degrade its grade how did you think the rookie left tackle in his debut. Actually put it well you don't rated not ready like you are you or are you brute he may only allowing two pressures on the day and Eric you're even though you're gonna get you know ramp exit rendered that aren't backed Reid I think it's all. All of perk our follicle minority erecting moving forward east improved significantly as a marker not been hit strength and beat you and that it was a great strength. Straight out the other or call well which you like to have back and keep building incorporate what you not see the parts of the year as you know maybe you restricted to be here a couple months. Looking at the pass blocking grade for Colette. Thirteen point six his rating like when they explain. Explain a rating you know a hot zero. And just kind of what these numbers mean when you put a pay thirteen point six. Absolutely so all player on every play at every game or give any rate numerical grade. From negative Q deposits here where I think it's their depending on the predicament and know the excitement. What how what if you Iger went if you look Prius altered so specifically looking at a car Riddick lecture them away. You're gonna aren't you allowing it pressure are going to be kitchen that you're negative great but how quick if you allow the pressure out which was the that it did because they're chapel where. Yeah and that it cared Arnold in the backfield and we are allowed with court pressure it's gonna have a work that back and rate you're gonna go from a negative point five predict a quarter partly innate one point five you're gonna game there's one player order Donald not he gets called for a roughing the passer is eager to order carpet he wrote collection or semi aren't underground within one economic snapped it's unbelievable when you can you that. You're rated better reflect that it's not that you just got our street into apple keep eating it up penalized or. But to be that dominant and get that kind of pressure it's incredible that the enemy air adult Richie got. And what you went straight shutouts. You know line defense of god he looked it was all over the field and in his funny throughout the year or throughout the pre season I got the Jansen talked him all the time does. Is a really cool guy and he would roam around does that mean he's Leon Hall is our guys are really didn't play at all so. If it's funny watching these starters and he's pre season games because they're not use these guys are not used to you know all. Not clients sell he'd come over and really cool guy. He was all over the field I mean I you know we talk about. Gruden brought in a lot of veterans. And Reggie McKenzie well this guy showed up yesterday. Yeah absolutely Ettinger the great debut firemen silver black and I think he played very well I think I'll. What you know moving forward as it is more defenders play well not a single raiders defender earned high rate yesterday and I'll. Oh latter and it didn't make any game changing play any big plate you know not a lot of pressure only one sack. Oxy you're not able to get much going on people that are all kind of low rent that certainly respect app. I think he is you know a great start where he got to improve on that. What numbered you have to have to say OK that's a good game vs that's up four game bad game. What what is that number. So the way we know the great grades from that question skill in the node negative but it's killer normalize. Or is electable and that now is up app. Anything about that heated up aperture you're you're republic semi over operator error an above average lag you're you're you played above replacement level which is which are poet. That that that that they would try to regain current or when he couldn't go eat eat them you know above eighty fives three really surrogate that outstanding radiate. Ninety angrily by eighty anywhere from you know 85 up they're gonna beat you can really relate your current property. The gag in not arise in the AM. A war in Major League Baseball vacillate analytics are going and that's how we're gonna judge players and now week two is. Always want to tell this trip to the year now you gotta go play the Denver Broncos you gotta go play the Denver Broncos and elevation what do you think about this game coming up. If you're going to be a couple and they looked really really good and we warn keep them look like you to repeat it to manual standard still has. I'm not Jack I think collapse along I'm not begin well they're wouldn't be beat but he looks really good record. It's young running backs over them they're playing well the Lady Gaga Diana Colorado local prospect in sports scene heard over people I think. That offense though what was previously a week it looked like a straight there's your record that and what they're they're eat at the Von Miller how could be a long period the greater good yeah. Well I will end on this. They got Holliday they they got all over Russell Wilson. Cash so that they're they're going to be pressure. It's can IR eight. We you know we do keys of the game governor pregame show. He's of the game number one key for me rather gate is going to be housed Derek gonna look weak to with pressure in his face as he gonna look like the guy in the second half. Or zero return to be like the guy who was in 2016. Yeah it's gonna need to be that's what you think you were pregnant amber if player want any chance when Beckett on Miller it's going to seats. On cold Miller I think it's going to be a theory if the rookie can really impressed yet I'm Miller it'll be. The great measuring stick perhaps it's that it's career is being out your though they're gonna mismatch that keep away from parent about now and Bob Miller worked at enough either that matchup though it below the stalemate are narrowing winning a couple aren't for you look at Michael Miller it could be pretty embarrassing or can't subpoena all the hours or opera company. All right that'll do it for the first ever silver and black podcast will be back on Friday get you ready for of the bronco game. And I'll probably be doing it from my. The raiders facility. And now we'll see who like to dig up over there pro football focus dot com sign up you'll have all the in your football junkie you'll have all the information you could possibly want. On every player. Every team stuff that all the people on the inside this business are using you can have it to go sign up the pro football focus. Costing Gailey can follow him on Twitter at PF at underscore Austin Gail you'll hear a month later this week. On the Chris stands and show. Great to have in town I'm so happy you got enjoy the game with your father we could just be raider fans again and we'll talk due out later this week. Absolutely they grabbed me out.