Shooty Babitt

Mychael Urban
Sunday, July 16th

A's Analyst for NBCSCA, former Oakland A, and MLB Scout, Shooty Babitt, joined Mychael Urban and Guru on Inside The Bigs.


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We. Or maybe hear that song you know what's come and I know what's coming I hope you know what's coming comes every week. At about this time it always comes with a smile and a little bit of that in its step. It I'm talking about like an animate object it's a human being it's one of our favorite human beings. It is shoot he batted shooting the a's have finally started trading off. Some of their valuable pieces surprise disappointment what's gone through your head when you hear about this deal. It's and Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson on their way to the nation's capital. What possible good morning. Due to be herbs. Mock her court will park and thank you for having me triple I it's over no happy I didn't hear that yet 18. Do we were just talking about it it's just doctor I don't know. Hilarious we were just talking about that off beer like yeah we both got those problems. Manning them wrong would happen one bullet in the chamber and I wanna know you know what you are Crocker promote them on the Nolan. RS then we got to take a bottle of that sucker. Your doctor has made who's gonna do up to tone down the road. Where are supported Bob biceps that ball. On the job. Anyway. I think it's fair character or their body all I mean are notre transitory better armed. Look down because they you know what turned to the mix and its organization and the type of person and his wife are not in that they would do in the community I mean that the letter to Khatami. Just and the people. And we haven't talked about him being an all star in the incredible cold appreciate it. When you. That then it was inevitable. That got it could help a lot of club and what better place. Wouldn't go I mean even though they're not com art division in Europe American Cavanaugh a stroke them can be very difficult part to catch. On the watched national bookmarks are in good baker feeding in correctly wooden club character toward the finish to game. Can help him quote the game and they do you guys so. Not because the good trait all party. I'll watch in the narrow. But not in there wasn't expecting them B ball court they are in their parents prospects Marquardt who not. Operate to make a move. The voice he hears that issued Babbitt joins us every week here inside the bigs were talking about the trade that just went down the a's are sending relievers Ryan Madson. And so on do little to dusty Baker's. Bullpen or Washington Nationals may have the washing to alls that I'm sorry the nationals have sent in return. Two prospects it's left the Hayes whose lives Pardo who is that rookie ball. And third baseman Sheldon noisy he has that single way. Blake tried and you've drafted by the a's in 2011. He was given a shot at closing for the nationals. Lost that job pretty quickly five point 73 area how much do you know about any of these guys shooting should she got by the way is a big leagues gap that's why are asking about these prospects what do you know shooting what can you tell. So I mean more just trying to. I mean an intriguing Bellamy. Yeah he's lost international kind of caught a lot of Garko worked an eight ball on the starter. National party movement or older car and make excellent. Release I mean that the scalp that you may have not in pain at school to pitch in that you shouldn't have. Because you're always dream and think about what he's got to be a Major League level and he can't accept that the Major League level by will be coal. He would be able to. I'm pretty much grow into their world aids you know back what you guys who's got a pretty nice repertoire. Accountability to close me to release or start and matter. Which ones and he excellent Major League level and I hope in the opener they can figure it out but not much history with the other two back. Shoot yum you know I'm a believer marked as Ximian and I know we struggle with a tab be when you look at the average. You know got her miss some time. But we have somebody call up in just proposed the idea of the possibility and opt out it was ludicrous but after I got to take and I'm wondering. To me this would cry salience confidence. Is somehow the age where there a's were to approach him. And see if you know he would be arrested in in in going to that outfield and I feel like all the resources they put indium already. Did that that there would be no way that can manifest right. Why would you do that now. It is my question packets in when he was really struggling. In Mikey was going to be put it there was one who had a reputation as well and mark would not result. But the one thing that you know. It's. Who work ethic it's unparalleled in any one that actually go on about. There's no one's on the door. Let them pick up a weight problem in the accident that he could. Defensively and it is no concern at all because when build and operate on especially. Or didn't concern when a person who has issues may come out and that the guys back a lot sooner than he probably should. To its credit you know. Understand where is right now and career collapsed they want to do to somebody come in here and take your job. Let all the people that are called it a movement feel. You know it. Potter's. So much when their first thing that you hear about what it was look and I'll feel. I mean it has worked as a lot properties improve what anybody. Gain a position U 27 pomp last year on the column in the week it's on its count. In five months. Look at the body of work that the that you reevaluated. Some one batter at a position that could put to the position better than mark an omelet but it killed it. That it we can. I think the person threw it out shooting again were talked when she Babbitt he's an analyst for NBC sports California he's also a Major League scout also formally Major League player. I'm the person that suggested that had been mean just libretto in at shortstop but I've heard from a number of people that Barreto. Rejects to being a second baseman long termer or you think along those same lines. In my humble in professional opinion. I think that's where he's gonna have the most success is that second. Game of perhaps normal prepare. Actually it heats start working a lot differently when he played. Shortstop. He has the talent you. And some more than it inside. Out range is not. I'm going to be conducive to the speed. At that level so. You wanted to put an opportunity succeed. In that position or not punish drove I think your chance in the all star types that debate. So you've got to position here yet while it won't be out here each year not to the meat department the plug right in the second. Surely if if you're walking up to the ballpark and you're you're a fan of this phase team and I'm far from homer. Forget the standings I'm excited how watch exciting brand of baseball you got the youngsters. DN you know advertised they come up and don't disappoint you you know you see the growing pains but I'm think in the a's are built in something. With it if you're days die hard fans and you gotta be somewhat happy coming up to the ballpark today to watch this team play correct. Oh what the real aids fans are excited because they have in the one app jump off that way. Think it's gotten out a state right here. Pool for that in and watch the clock you know and start fielding. We I don't want it made me feel good because they don't use network registered vehicle back and the reason that. Trying to decide to do. Topic who can ever brought to the equally the same time in a well liked to just see that progression in a look at met cabinet. On the net here in Seattle. Right before all operate and they were accurate bowling in the weight track spots challenge there for the challenge that book that he would struggle. Well exported. All star break and come back. That killed me symbolic. Makes. From I just meant that understand what he's trying to do so called upon in. And you're not looking at Chapman met key Maxwell in their immutable Reynolds you've got to do this in the course of treatment later. A little a chance to beat Kerry Merritt got them. Real consistent contributors Golota. You've got up and be excited. Yeah that's kind of the point and I've been making it if you're excited about the a's in any way. It's not because you're excited about Sean do little Ryan Madson so this trade shouldn't change the way you feel shooting we've run out of time we do it always goes too fast but. Before you bounce you always give us either a life lesson or fashion tip what's it going to be this week. Permanently and so. Here. Cornyn. Better place to live. Target not for re wasting paper and bottles and it is and that people drive and other people neighborhood loan trash in street. In the corner CNET. United neighborhood now Ramon and deal with all of that reached. What do we take their old. Age children. The benefit. In appreciation for not the government. It's really terrible sequels spoke to things like that trying to cute so patient you do what they think it's okay shall. Give review of books about it. My favorite teacher of all time Elton Earnhardt Kenyatta junior college went on such an epic rant against littering. I was eighteen years old at the time I've not littered sixth thank you for two out of that point home shooting them every time and I hope you have a beautiful rescue send him my friend. It's already been great and thanks you got to upgrade.