Shaun Livingston exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, June 12th
Shaun Livingston exclusive w/ Towny, Steiny & Guru at Championship Parade!

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Let me out a little and let us special time it's really amazing the relationship you guys have with this fan base. Yes absolutely I mean they've been supportive since. They want that I got there have been here the last four years went. Everybody can then be in those who vote duke basketball fan wars fans there. He loyal fan base no they get behind the scenes when it moves since I've been in this league and see them celebrate on this level you have to year. Especially when what happened in game three children couldn't buy one. The man who knew what he made that was your first 1213 shots and finally this one live America ultimately those girls look whether you agree are different and her. But that's those who coached girls like me and you believe pilot trash out there and you missed shot his leg got such an extent it's. Note this and bring you worked so but I honestly it was a fun series has been able to play with the guys battling. Just enjoy this morning. Do you ever look around like after your first championship but do you think about man we got three. You know or do you just to focus on the moment. Because now you guys know what don't the how did we do here now this is back to back. Absolutely absolutely and here in Europe and the situation. You know it's like man it is not promised. We don't know lucky dogs a respectable when you have to you're good. You know anything can happen right guys guys go through the whole NBA seasons fifty years. They never even sniff the finals so to view on this level should be able to win it and play Cleveland four times in a row it was this unique situation. Let me ask you this. Do you ever think. About the kind of player you could have been had you never. Suffered a horrific injury within the kind of put it up against what exactly what's. Happen in your career. I was younger I didn't know but I had so many years of thinking about that that. It's like you get older you realize the time you have expressions and so being here now it's like you make the most of because I've been on a lot of move and change an outcome to a winning team like the warriors a chance to do something special you have to here. Create a legacy right. You notice it as it always good always the bathroom. What if any injury do you. In terms of would you what kind of player would you have become. Do you think. As opposed to what you are now. Now who knows who knows you know like the Skiles and remember at the end of the day. I had another chance and also the deal to make the most of it. That's something I can be proud of what a finish when it. Yeah you think about your struggles and what you went through we were actually laughing gone you know damion Jones combined looney. Two time NBA champions these guys you Jordan a lots at a college comedies getting here read this drove the you can think about here tab vs let these guys have had to go. Room they're mad it's has this putt so no one of the guys every bit like no. Like you got that uses this has been there's not like to see her and go talk to you see this seriously truth. They got a good they got it he's again it would covets a winning situation not everybody has that chance you know coming out of college foot. They also worked for until they workforce of us enjoy bill Kamal unloading touched you call those guys have success the first couple years you know it pays off. Now I've seen you give a few facials in the last few years go on up so athletically. I feel like you've lost nothing that it will singer we'll see what happens in August. And all the I hope other times and we have been on the keyboard you know keeping your heart's content it's not give up there and I mean. When you came into the league you were. Incredibly athletic league how proud you think you've been able to have a great career. It's cerebral and after losing some apple leases of. I mean just against fourteen years now to have the success at the end in my career as opposed to maybe the beginning of the middle. No it's only fitting and also. Like a settlement I'm happy to be here fellas thank god thank goodness our congratulations. July and July the three time NBA champion.