Seth Everett

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, July 17th

National Baseball Insider for NBC Sports joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the Astros showing interest in Jeff Samardzija, where Sonny Gray could land, and the A's trade that sent Sean Doolittle & Ryan Madson to the Washington Nationals. 


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MLB insider for NBC sports follow him on Twitter at. At Seth underscore Everett set every joining Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game set good morning thank you for your time launch right in the what we're just talking about. What is there are your early. Civilian do you do you agree with this Smart guys. At. Here's a concept of this Savard just that why would a contender like Houston three inches didn't giving anything up to bring in a guy with a ER eight. Damn near five. We're not giving up a lot personally and act giving alive and returned and secondly then looked at for insurance and Kate Michelman and you know turn out okay. Mean that that the Astros are looking at the half looking you know they would they're trying to do is they're trying to make sure that they have somebody to pitch game four. Assuming there is the game four of the division series because they go up against Boston. They're going up against Chris failed David Price and report well and they don't have that there will have a third of four. And what they're trying to do with the Boyd Mike fires in a plant in I mean that I thought it. So you know what some margin means to the giants and what he means to be actors are very very different things and so. You know you saw the price tech Olympics and I could make the argument he pitched loudly to. And the cubs just look at the are asking him to save this season. I just think from a from a pros after they import it if it all the looking for is insurance policy you can you know you can. Guarantee they're not paying a lot. That's an expensive insurance policy though when he got to pay eighteen million of my next couple years modern art in her future speaking of big money John Carlos Stanton why couldn't I have been born and that sort of frame. He is being bandied about now as maybe being on the move. From Miami and the giants a possible sooner. What do you think of the potential move of a stand the giants is this just a pipe dream. But to me when I. Social media I just I didn't believe it. I called the guy in Miami just to see if there's any credence to it that it doesn't fit the eye test at Hewitt says. It is. The Miami Marlins are for sale as a group trying to buy that he's the only marketable commodity they have. Especially since the death of Jose Fernandez. So it offers and Carlos Guillen who's you know of the only guys that. Could possibly sell the ticket I can't imagine shopping and now you're gonna trade him in the wintertime because you're trying to revamp Iraq during the Q the money you know elsewhere. By the the trade deadline the view it would make any sense. I don't beat him getting dealt at all the matter of fact the Marlins to their country of your trademark of but again they're going to trade him to a contender. When you look at it across the Damien think about the east. Do little to the nationals. Would that give the nationals in do you think these two pitchers going as a reliever he knows his closest. What does that do for them in how much is that hurt the aids. All of you know that is the nationals are desperate you know I have and I'm very good authority that he did it dear friend and you have that the baker guy to win February some I think we're all in agreement that. And he has had player after player go to him and day. We can't win with the open I mean they're they're not good enough. And that that really awkward thing I've made that argument VCR and all the flack and Twitter DC. Except for first place team they are the most I'm happy firstly to. Because they know they're not good enough to beat the Dodgers. Or even Arizona in a playoff series victory camp and you guys know about the five game series at great equalizer is the best team doesn't always win. So this idea that they're going out trying to add relief pitching. You know from a team that's about it you'd think he would need on the tried Francisco Rodriguez that didn't work now this is planned. Seth Everett. MLB insider for NBC sports would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven million speaking of relievers. A lot of chatter regarding the Baltimore Orioles in lockdown clothes exactly or written. Do you see the Orioles parting ways with him and what about the Dodgers trying to step in on a move like that that would put Britain with Janssen to knock down the in the ninth. I know I'll say it is it is amazing to me. I ate I had a great conversation with the Indy Duquette. Six weeks ago and I wanted to tell you about the time the oral Rupert place. I don't think we've won a game that. I mean if it if that's deciding. It's this game because the Orioles have a sense of urgency remember it you know not next year but the year after me in the count as a free agent he's not even hitting well. Chris Tillman their best pitcher he's a free agent at the end of the year. So you know all things considered. At the end candidate really willing to. You know just blow it up and start over he's got his bat that that is the ball. Because the way they built their team they were building it with with mediocre starting pitching but there are things we need experience these guys. And yoga and frankly it didn't work at guys like who bought the event has been your buddy Bernardo and you know if you haven't the warrior one point when he went to a lot. You know back when those guys because. And so the idea that if you're going to now below the whole thing up. That it is almost certain McConnell walk. And I would actually investigate trading which out of next year try to get a pitcher you know or one year rent alive I would totally do that. That Britain gold and we hit injury. Hidden injuries probably the reason the Orioles will not challenge Bailey and that's amazing how much value he could have. You know where he goes and at the main thing I was really surprised when I saw the Orioles were shopping him my immediate reaction to my buddies in Baltimore I was just like. The senate. The real. And they could say it's it's the David music if it's awful. Seth ever joining us are not a 57 the game lot a's fans just waiting for the inevitable seem sunny great to be dealt. Eyes Milwaukee's go to the front runners literally the only destination where you might seem going. Possibly Colorado but I don't like that I I like there's a couple of guys that like for Colorado but not democratic senators do great Milwaukee. The brewers are really interesting because you know the but the whole percent after the he's been trying to think they believe. And you know that include the front office that indeed that David Stern another young. Wonder kin GM he's not the former NBA commissioner that's another thing a lot of people think that David Stern and David. There and are two different people. And you know the idea that you know we're talking about the brewers in America. You know the cut and so much talent everybody knows that if you look at the cubs scenes account we understand all that. What is the idea that the cubs don't flip the switch channels and go on a ten game win streak how to think not make that happen and the brewers gonna try to combat that. The one thing about it is is that the brewers' rotation I don't like the rotation. I don't you know I haven't been big fans of the rotation. That the president elect one of those opportunistic team they've win games but to look at the Rockies have after the enacting. So yeah. It definitely an area that would help you know for the Rockies and back and went up on it and it. I like Garrett poll I think here hole would be perfect for the Rockies Garrett called Bud Black would be perfect match. He's an MLB insider for NBC sports follow him on Twitter access underscore Everett. It's Seth Everett would Jolo and gives a 95 point seven game Seth thank you so much for your time this morning we appreciate it hopefully leaned against them. It was very seriously yeah I guess I didn't have the right thing for first to market. I give advice and understand these are very serious program. But you ignored my back to the future joke I couldn't believe the government and. Jiggle odds and so no one I don't know anyone who tries to younger said. If you come up with a moving the last twenty years not 35. Will laugh about that. Coming up next among them is that the Aggies that gets done.