Second Hour 7-15

Rick Tittle
Saturday, July 15th

Rick Tittle talks to Damon Martin about the McGregor/Mayweather World Tour and talks more about MLB Trade Rumors.


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He's five point seven beginning why can't look. Now these great till I'm 95 point seven days. I dated that bad. You know welcome back tonight at five point seven again I'm Rick Tuttle nice to have you with us on your. Saturday afternoon strip 4 o'clock here DG DG dot com studios hey folks tune in Monday from nine to noon as Dan deadly. My buddy did your body gives from mornings with Jolo and it comes right here. We'll check in live from the Joseph Morgan celebrity golf invitational presented by summit bank foundation. Proceeds from the event will establish the David. Admission and up high school in east Oakland. The BOD dragons. Played against the many sports coach against them great great program now or there at the BOD right now. So what did Jack will be up there at the Joseph Morgan celebrity invitational. Pretty cool. Our rights coming up out 430. Morgan a talk a little bit about the bear vs lion some people called the main Mayweather McGregor fight. Damon Marten who writes for Europe's C dot com. I have some my questions about. Obviously about it but I got. And some of the muscle memory he's gonna have to forget in this five. Oops I kicked him in The Shins I'm not supposed to do and I'm SARS ours our ally elbowed you in the face I'm sorry I'm sorry I forgot I had heard. So popular save bear that to me it's like how will how we evolved as as the human race at the coliseum. And have bears vs bears and they have lions vs lions and I won and we get a Baird of moon. You do your little kids what's Gillis biter and a million Lance let them fight it out moves glass cube. That's kind of does his. I think that's where the fastened with this the same. Primeval fascination. In our brains are right now our rights 8889579570. Penske out of cells doc Comtex line 95795. I got a text from the foreign five says not to hop in the shower and then I'll be your place around 415. Wrong number. But being that our tax has five digits. Who in the hell house has five digits. I'm meant to do 57957. Well who's that. But tennis is payback for me arm and arousal kid back when nor pay phones order those grim bowl. And out walk and by the street and a pay phone was ringing and I just picked it up and I want polo. And sent this kid when I was a kid in the kids like there's a pool of I spent the night your house tonight and I went yeah I hung up. I've always felt bad about that now I've got my payback. As figures in kid's gonna show up in two and with a sleeping bag what's going on you sort of it's been a 99 didn't. I just called you a news that yes no I didn't what it's some guy walking on the street who picked up Bob yeah that's what I'm saying Iowa. Triple A 957 and 570. Pence just those duck Comtex line 95795. Rick. Why is it. To the days won't win. I think I suspect what. That's a look at as a substitute teacher in Oakland diocese Redick cause in the first question this little girl said. Acidity question before we start and she said yes why do we die. I can whom I'm not sure why do we dar and Alan I don't know. I I because Jason comes in the night and kills us. Mom Rick the this is from the 51 of the giants would have us solved everything if they would've signed Josh Redick to plan left field. Josh reading doesn't really play left field I hear you're saying. They've already got. Mr. scooter up there wrote known scooter. And by the way I was talking about rich on the blisters are quite L is now officially on the ten day deal of blisters. Even say where and now he's got some blisters as well. All right another thing I wanted Q I get to today in this first segment. Is fox from the baseball fans out there. About expansion. In MLB. Com and Noam rob Manfred at the all star break said that first Oakland Tampa need to resolve their stated situations and we are told by the AA is and if were being lied to again is going to be a revolution. And it will not be televised. They're gonna get a new police announce a new stadium and I firmly believe in they've traveled I think he's a he's backed up everything you said so far. Dallas like it's gonna work itself out will wonder about the trawl. But man Fred mentioned. Montreal. Charlotte. And Mexico City or another Mexican place as he called him and say city place. What each took on Oaxaca how these dole. Senile low. I mean place. State. The reason analysts and I thought it was great when the Expos are up there. Oh sorry to see them leave although I do think it's important how baseball on our nation's capital. You have every other sport that you don't have baseball in the country that started baseball. And their capital so like that the nationals are there. Charlotte came out of the blue. I know staff curry and Seth Curry. I staff said because he got on this golf like oh you were giants had to a giants game and you were an a's had to today's game played under your for crushed leg for a confection about. I'm a Yankee are Ahmed Boston for. And it runs like why he's allows grown up we have a team choice of let's get a rivalry so sat picked the Yankees and staff picked. The Red Sox I guess you haven't even Charlotte you not to worry about that anymore. But I don't want expansion. Because already the talent is big yawn to watered down. And you don't look at the best team in baseball you'll still have a guy whose hidden to fourteen. Who plays every day you'll have a guy in the bullpen with a six point 38. And he'll have ninety appearances this year. You're gonna get another fifteen guys. The players union would love that. Eat but you'd have guys like Mark Hanna started in center field for the Charlotte braided dunes or whatever. Or the Montreal KB 8 o'clock. I just feel like there's all I mean if if if everyone in AAA it was hidden 400. And it was just really an abomination that they had nowhere to play we need more teams look at all these great hitters. Then I'd say yeah I'll expand. Buy it in. Somebody of the day symbol it gives us more baseball we have baseball every day. Every day. And if they're gonna play one midnight game like the expansion teams one of them had to play at 7 AM wanted to play midnight than I'd say expand. Is that we really would give baseball everyday. I love baseball season I think baseball season should be 364. Days a year take off one day for your religious holiday if you're an atheist I have a barbecue. But I'll love baseball I don't think I love hotter and 62 it kills me on pupils say go back to 140. They mean more. Shot up every game counts especially with two wildcard every game counts. Right on the horn triple A 957957. Let's go out to 95 rich and conquered what's up man. Hello rich. Manny for one of fail but walked away from the fold first American. Or maybe the whole time he was screaming. I mean and. And it can't hear me. Rich try again and Tivoli 957957. The Tony pitch ruled twice second pitch roll I was talking about with. Dolls Braden and of course is a pitcher he said that he was a fast workers so wouldn't affect him and that is that would make a lot of guys fast worker. There's no doubt about it. But you know look at let the clock that's in left center field right now to the umpires ever adhere to it. Look when a guy steps out of the box when he's not supposed to does an umpire ever give an automatic strike. Now because they don't want any either. That was the thing like well. How is Bruce boat she would as bad feed anon operation honestly how how's he gonna get out to the mound and then. Talk to the pitcher and turn around and go back in time how because empires don't look at the clock because it's stupid. I just and I don't do marketing research when it comes to ratings. By this absolute breakneck. Speed of how we half to. Hurry as fast as we can two months to make that game Gregor. We have to do it now we're losing fans baseball's never been richer. Baseball's never had more fans. But there's so panicked. That if you do an intentional walk. 30% of your television audience is gonna turn it off and start putting on a puppy face on snap Chad. If they pitch in this guy I'm gonna launch. But if they don't pitch to mom I'm gonna go order something from grub hub. People are gonna do that anyway done this baseball understand. That baseball is the only sport where you can multitask and do other stuff. There are a lot of times on baseball's just white noise in the background. That's why we love that it's three hours it's a chess match. How much action is there and baseball. Not a lot if you look at how much per three hours. Now I know is the Wall Street Journal that the thing on the NFL few years ago saying that average NFL game of actual football being played in three hours is about eight minutes of actual football he'd take out all the take out all the. Commercials and everything else. That's. That would be some there. All right time we're getting a the rumors are flying right now as when the trade winds are blowing. And Bleacher Report is now saying it's Ken Rosenthal. Saying that the nationals are trying to raid the Oakland a's bullpen for. Ryan Madson and she'll undergo. Com. You can have anyone in the bullpen and I wall not blink. An Audi a pretty good move for the naps if you think about it. That be a very good move especially of too little can stay healthier remembered Doolittle was actually an all star wants everybody is nobody ate all stars and one of almost some margin but he actually made it has a public. Madson is under contract the year after this. Doolittle is under contract for several more years Sunday either one of these guys is going to be a rental and do a little as his contract is very team friendly. Very very very team friendly. Sell these wouldn't even be as I said you get to hold on to these guys. For awhile. Mattson by the way. Is gonna make seven and a half million next year that's how much he makes this year for a guy with playoff experience for a guy who was a close or. And for guy who's have an A pretty good year so far. That is a a real. Mouth watering. I'm proposition to a new team. Doolittle next year four point 352019. As a six million dollar club option. With a half mil buyout and then Tony Tony a six and a half mil club option with a 500 K buyout. That's nothing for lefty specialist the last 23 years away if you're gonna trade do little you gotta do it now. The last 23 lefties that have phase Doolittle. There'll for 23. Their role for 23. You wanna got a commanding get a lefty out right now Doolittle getting the job done. Sell as they said if you look down the line. Like when it comes to the rotation I entrees Sean and I am not away. I anyone dread sunny. Vlad is anybody like him in for Santiago Casilla. There's no there's not one a's fan that would blank if Casilla got traded. Ryan doll is hurt. Zach Neil Michael Brady blesses Hart has anyone ever looked more scared. When it comes to being in a big league game the body language of just abject fear. Acts Hurd is terrible. And who all was a lefty specialist until lately another guy you can get I think pretty good value for his Lian Hendrix as well. Ozzie. And this is another guy with a lot of experience out there that whose name has been mentioned. And you got to remember that William Hendrix despite his age he's only in his first RB year. Him Hendricks is making a million dollars well one point one. And then he's got two more years on the cheap. So that's highly enticing. For someone out there and you might say able because that I want the is Rolando let's go to the phone lines and David in Oakland near I 957 again. What Greg I've beginning to start dropping the bank to Tampa. Colorado. Well I don't wanna contract as someone who lived through the raiders moving and I guess we'll have to do it again I'm not gonna break thousands and thousands of parts that is the wanna add any new teams. And I agree would drop in the end big drop in Tuesday burst. Her. Occur. But you know just. Colorado. And like old. People. Oh are you that you all do. In order to. Deal. Well that's because they're that's not because of expansion that just because on the face of the planet earth and I say the same thing about big league catchers who can hit. There are only about six to eight of those on earth that can be a good NFL quarterback or can be a big league receiver and also hit. Good boy. Quarterback on. The deal. Well it worked thing out and it is important. Note back. Ought to watch it he. Urged. Now laid down by the new city they'll be a little bit of a honeymoon there's no doubt David actually comment. Appreciated AAA at 9579578889579578. Penske ought to sell stock come tax on 95795. Mom. And I if somebody would get sassy faraway what are you wearing right now is it's sexy all be over soon not a wrong number. That's actually pretty funny. Anyway it's totally thrown me now. It's just an you know Ed Dallas Braden was talking about the revenue from the new stadium and you know they said he's the thing I love about him is he so fired up then and he gets me fired up when I listened to my like guys like that I like guys that. Kind of pull you up. But you know you look at the honeymoon on target field on PNC park and Pittsburg. You look at Miami. How are they that stadium is less than ten years old boat in the bottom third in attendance. And you know it's funny when when doll said no on one to go to call CM they Helen did during the bash brother yours everybody wanna come here. They might more signed the contract here is a free agent because. He just really wanted to play in Oakland. We want to play for a winner. In the niners with Ken Norton junior and rod Woodson Dion you think they really loved this stick. All they want to go to the Super Bowl. That's why they came. By the whole thing about expansion and then you got guys hit into fifteen it ruins right now it already ruins the concept of professional sports. And if you take a step back and look at this conceptually. The reason we paid to see people play sports is because. We can't do it at that high a level right. It's like we loved on the football around a lot kicking a soccer ball around with a plan will pick up hoop. But we all stink. The most wherever gonna do is playing college. But we'd love this game and and we love it when it's played well and we love it when it's played well against two different teams. Now we've got some here you guys who are really good at this allowed it. So when you see a guy hit in 19 before step up and get a backwards K elect what the hell am I paying for right now. One who popped. This is this is the pros. And I just think two more team is people would just figure out. That it probably better to deduce something else. You know after few years of that that's the thing about a new stadium. It's the the giants are Smart enough to realize that and that's why they spend money. And lock up a guy like Cain two years longer than his you know his value was gonna stay. They knew. That it was important. To keep the band together you know who else knows that the warriors. Know that that window can close for another forty years like it did from 75 to Tony fifteen. They don't want that window to close a loaded and enjoy electable put his skull and between the window on the sill to keep an open because. He's Smart as an owner. And I'll get credit I didn't I don't really care for the guy when he came in. I thought it was all about him. But everything he's done has basically war he's hired two coaches who have no experience ER as an agent. Would no experience to be the GM. It's all worked. So I give credit I've bow down. But this is how it's gonna work for a new stadium. Let's say they've billed at the Laney college cider as any don't want said don't call a pearl don't call any college call it lake Merritt lake Merritt lake Merritt. Let's say they go to lake Merritt stadium and they're there at Darrell the guru Johnson field right. You're there are like oh my gosh this is so cool the next time you go ought to know they have that they have that food over there on the third time you go out straight and then let's say the a's are in last place like they are now. And then the fourth time you wanna go to game even in the new stadium yeah I've been there I side. I just I mean I side I've been like three times I can't they stink did. They stink. Let's do some mouse. That's how works. That's how works now every team has 101000 diehards that will go no matter one. And I mean every team. 101000 die hards there's 101000 giants fans that are Smart and I understand. That and this is the price you pay for one and three World Series in six years and they would pay it again and a second and so what I and so would any other team. They're not the idiots calling for. An Al Bobby Evans and Brian savient and Bruce boat she'd be fired they get it. And then there's 101000 a's fans who know. That Sonny gray is gonna get dal. And they know one Beretta all and Healy and tender and and I get good they'll all be traded to. Police I think there will be a little bit jaded and well I mean the proof is in the putting in any other met a foreign cliche you would lie. But that that this all of a sudden all this revenue and I know they like the Laney college side because it's by the freeway and they can putt there. Sponsor name up there. And do whatever the sponsor name is you know high user Permanente state. My uncle used to work for Permanente cement actually went ties or Symantec bought them. Permanente cement makes sense. It's permanent cement and then Kaiser Permanente cement needed something for you know I health organization HMO for their workers. Let's say Kaiser Permanente stadium right. And then that that this sign is next to the freeway you give more money than if you put it over the Howard terminal and the only person who sees that sign. Is a guy in a shrimp boat. Cell that's why they like that's site to. Let yes you'll get more revenue. I've I'm telling you if you don't win if they build that this is the thing if they build it they will come. For three or four games. That's how you finish that sentence. Let's go to Mitch in New Jersey here on 957 again. Margaret. Eight tonight I want to mister Nichols would reluctant discount internationally. To get to clean. The Korean according to come away I wish. At least in the country would take cops once they do it is all warned in my trip to be less fighting and parlor on world. What's so great attempting to dig into the sea between police meant. I'm gonna play music that open trailer and there. This is an epic wreck element. That aren't there is playing Guyton and treatment of attention because of break and man a couple coffee. Under Clinton now like a parent loses it too much at tawdry and and bid and it could be up to I think worker goal then they they get in long grain and in nineteen. Or all right I like the Mitch Mitchell as a contrary position he says there's funny at all to go around. I like his take you know say whatever you want I like his take I disagree that. I think you can look at any team and 55 find five guys on that team whether position players back and catchers for I mean you could find guys who start. Who really should not be in the big leagues there atrocious. And to get fifteen more I just. Let's go to Chris in Oakland what's up man. Yeah I wondered about that claim that with the welfare for the low revenue teams going away. If that's gonna force BA finally Colonia. First some of these rising stars or that another ball. Hope. Well it is if it's if it's not the reason and it's collins' final. Because once that was told look we're gonna do and take away your check in three years a lot this year not so much and in tears a little bit and then not thing. If that what's spurned at what's burned you know Fisher to be basically almost an absentee owner just really a shadow of an owner. Behind Lou wolf if that spurred him into action of let's start creating revenue. And then then that's great. Buy it might have been a coincidence I don't know you can form your own conclusions. And it might be watching it right if they don't actually in that. If they could make up the 45 dollar whatever is that they overall payroll growth. Just where the money coming. Yeah you can eat you can take that money and buy a new yacht when it and that's why Major League Baseball the teams like the giants who write a check to the days. And then the a's don't try and lose ninety games every year there on the way to their third straight year. They understandably complain why are we given money to a team that doesn't putt winning is their priority and that's one MLB finally said okay you're right no more checks and three years. All right thanks for the aftermath of their chip. Thank you for the the call that says Chris out there. In and in Oakland. Just that on the app pens got a so stock Comtex line 95795. Justin in the 95 force says it would be nice to see MLB teams get relegated. Well that's why I've always told people that in professional soccer overseas. Not here but overseas winning and losing means and way more than anything in this country. Because if you're one of the bottom three teams and you get relegated you get kicked out of the league you go to a lower league cannot going to go to a lower league. You don't get that big fat slice of the television revenue. All your best players wanna leave because they don't wanna play against bright and hold Al in and and and can be island. And Preston north and there on a play Tottenham and arsenal and Chelsea and man united. And then all of a sudden you go into administration musical bankruptcy. They Leeds united Aron in the semifinals of the the champions league not that long ago where they now look at Villa look at look at these huge teams. You get relegated you might not come back up. You've got to spend spend spend and then winning is more important to. Biggest hear you when you get a Super Bowl trophy did Larry O'Brien trophy and then. When training camp starts everybody from square one now on knotts not selling soccer. If you win the next year you get to go play under the bright midweek lights of European lights Wednesdays Thursdays champions league. Which is no longer champions it's champions and the teams that are sometimes second third fourth. The cup winners cup and the UEFA cup burnout together called the Europa league. You get to play under those European nights it's just all revenues so you get rewarded for what you did last year winning and losing. Means way more on soccer than it overseas than anything here because as. Teams here no one the Detroit Lions went on sixteen. The next year they were gonna get billions of dollars from Teva from television revenue. They didn't hat and you know what. My way nerves and my heart can't take it anyway thank goodness we don't have relegation in the United States is hard enough that's the that's the days when he got relegated valid times. Are to look at a magnetic 57 again. This is the Rick tittle shall. On 95 point seven gain thanks for joining us tonight a five point seven the game armor shuttle's great to have you with us. And a half hour's time right at 5 o'clock we'll start coverage. Of Indians out days on the dugout show for you network pregame and an hour in first pitch six so five. And really interesting match of today on the bonkers she got Corey clue Berlin. The hero for the American League champs and then you got up Paul Blackburn. Who's been outstanding in his first initially starts and of course east Beirut so. LB first pitch six of fiber right now we're very happy to bring in a MMA expert it is Damon. Maarten who's been writing a you have C dot com for about fifteen years. And the first thing I want to ask you Damon is I know a lot of boxers you aren't that Pacquiao on Bernard Hopkins they're just so upset they say this is a clown show. What about from the MMA aside other a lot of people upset to heard of their like it. I would. It's been upended. People are upset about it don't understand why. Are no flight on approach. If Paul Oakland boxing what is it reasonable target or whatever but you know partly at the show at the back. Well there are different that what's going on in you know sports and combat sport in general for the past two years in this is the first time. It's just more of the spotlight because these two guys are such magnetic personality. That pitching like the entire world was watching. Do you think that they planned it I know this might chime sound Nye eve. But do you think they planned it for the dead period after the all star game so that all eyes would be on them further out for one of their little promotions. You know I. I think that the public affairs and I mean date. That. Sort of world war. All in the actually do it by the end of June early part of July. Obviously you know and you'll both parties on the girders they would try to mind. Where they're at the most you know. Our is that what they're doing and let's just beyond this past week. What the perfect time to do it at all agree there's no other sport are of satellite broke up to the plight of civic. All you can call it all. Basketball is happening you know when the final exit the entire world will be lost because nothing else happened. You know I and I think about you know may well of course that it may whether it's his world McGregor is going into it. And all the muscle memory he has been training for for years about when to strike when decay can grapple and everything else. He can't do it to me it's like telling us starting pitcher you can pitch but. No more wind apps I mean like how hard is that going to be for him to just box. Don't think it will be difficult to an extent not the point where he should. Show it at some point chip because the opportunity. Limiting his skill and skill to that one of the biggest Arctic patrol. The poll mixed martial arts and boxing debate which. Even as epic martial art god don't like that but they are more like a parent or grow a simpler. They're different sports. But now. Market weight problem doesn't it welcome advocate advocate. The tradition during like that but when it. Fired started at an amateur you know dealing pot in things like that there are people who quote we have actually wanted to go to our. A mixed martial arts. Are but you know and limiting your skills that attitude you know. Debate that that job because do you know personal long you do of course you know full well part of the record straight that altitude hit job. And the situation it would only got about two months to one particular industry agree to auction all our. What do you think the percentages because I I really don't think it's 0%. But of what you said just accidentally. Whoops I kicking and ahead I'm really sorry am I supposed to do that. Armon say that it did relatively well here. Europe they're actually all of in the Contra that it potter at 83 outlet that the real. Well the boxing world he will lose money and all the cast. Their vote because that make. You're arguing on this why our spotters are at hand that it would Mayweather took to the ticket rather hectic would be better fighter. Our truck he potter. Contemporary and you don't want to go there where people would knock him trigger twenty billion dollars for the sake of a let it. Ira total way Damon Marten writer for USC dot com this is you know your thing I MMA. As a curious. I wanna get your take comic without talking to a boxing guy host of boxing show and he said in a way any kind of you realistic combat sport. It's good for everyone but as I mentioned there are people who don't like it for you personally. You think this is great to create interest relating to creating interest for the wrong reason. You know I think it's great to create interest. At one pictures to why in the people. I thought equipment and I have actually she well. What you know ultimately in the martial arts so she can't be respected and that she went all day. She couldn't get cheap as they like it shouldn't be able to at all hotter than a boxer you know along and so forth probably different market per. And actually watch mark the world toward you saw these two guys all in all just got to plod. People that she's at now all. Wanna hear it looked like it should happen I wanna hear. What it's about getting people involved want to go out mixed martial art Europe. We're gonna stick by congress slightly lower chaired the group. Martial arts degree you're gonna boxing accurately you're not a lot there to pick apart the it's martial artist so I ever got injured by the people complaining are complaining. Yet that bowl yet. That's what more are in general that always what it the you might try to Uga and it's it's like. The box. Which for decades and you know mob. At a crawl the accidental audio. To go. Out to it. It well yeah I understand that it respectable entertainment and I that it wherever. Yeah I mean we've tried boxing with kangaroos and we we tried everything on there's no doubt and that last promotion that like your friends said. They sold I think thousands and thousands of more people who weren't interested before who who now are. How much do you think as I've seen some estimates in your estimation how much you think these guys are gonna pocket in the end. Well the record interviews to four point six million on it's many thought would want to eat. It was like Mayweather. May 2200 to 300 billion dollars bet you. People that. Promise I personally think with the interest in the light on. Which you'd much. Oh well people worldwide demand it. Obviously doesn't have the chain alternately. Been out. So are. All want war and in the world what was it just went at each other. Really promote lightweight in Iraq. I think we're looking like maybe. Child at that point it. Like to point. You look at it in another quarter cute he's 300 million dollars. Probably gonna make. Weight like that. That's amazing now for for these promoters and you know these these people. Is this the kind of thing where they have it it happens and then they start planning their rematch or is that like a chess match where they're three points ahead are they already right now before the fight looking at the logistics of what the rematch will be. Well I think that all the time now slightly now I mean I ticket. Shock. Beat it anyway well as current market calendar. They're going to to a rematch it's going to be. In this which cut the thing with the attention that and getting. If it goes out there to pick apart car looked like a match. Out. Or just dominate Cuba while ground but it HBO we will try to treat back into retirement. Thank Arnold return you look you know Trotter excellent will be that much. Because he will draw an audience of people watched that one ST how he'd done egos which martial arts but I think. And likely don't want a shot or big quote that there's a a majority decision. He makes germanic you know people you know legit chance to win there a bigger chance they would do. Rick Philip Damon Marten writer you have C dot com come more questions for them and Hernandez five. Seven the game on the one thing that because you know we just think game other than Mayweather and never gets hit by a boxer so how is getting get hit by this guy but of course he's forty. And I Gregor 29 cell as you watched that training. Does Mayweather. In any way shape or form look older too you. Poll you look like the way it. Oh. Where were you look at the differences is that you know that triggers off any catchy. Yet locally higher. Regional not to was that he has done that doesn't mean that you. Or help from the others artistry and things like that different quality would you let your career a failure and on a week or you retire at. Get these sloppy. You'd think a lot of money. And I truly believe it because it's much challenged. To his legacy that is a party shall chi or exactly match could go out. There should there if you. What the mindset I feel that what you ought training you know they'll beat you not to keep it politically. I think. How that that might Ian. Who's that guy in the concern that it is slowing down because forty hectic. World. Bought out by ending coming back and maybe you're just gonna just lucrative crop went the same way that way it ought to restrict Ottawa and April would yours or. Take a little. The majority that Asia. Should. I think that which you have to worry about the plight under me so much to bail out harder to him plight. Finally. And Connor has says said that he's gonna knock out Floyd and in four rounds as part of the bluster right now but with your expert dying. What would be your prediction on how this is gonna go down. People early and there. Are. Due out. And that is Q you cannot wait to prove me wrong. Are hired him to make martial arts side but there's something about acute patient that's why I that he Connor. Landing a shot early in the short were part of the strategy was Mayweather. Is that likely it like it's gonna happen probably not probably if you want to beware there. Well now at her decision which is what he's done about our a couple of you know probably five year to upload a or huge fight which was the kind of a chance to knock out the way I get knocked out key a lot not Carty. I think that's more likely there's something about Robert when he comes out slightly approach applies actually truly believes that in itself. I think today by the way to get it done it would have been crazy of course that epic martial arts guy. There is some potter and I've thought out in the guy. What will the objective and figuring what to do it Trotter got. I almost forgot about Ricky Hatton the pride of Manchester City football club what's he doing these days. He got tired and I didn't enjoy life and we're. Not there yet he couldn't like Mayweather out of the mix. A box. But I can't can't very well Mayweather might be an outlaw. All. Portfolio good. Realism. Aren't we still there there and okay just gone back and say thanks I was wrapping it up anyway but Ted Damon Maarten the veteran and I'm a reporter for UFC dot com. Basically says right off Connor McGregor ire barrel that's what he says what do you say we got another segment with this to forgo to the day out show. AAA 9579570. Get your predictions then we only have more than a month until it happens. Fancy ourselves doc complex like 95795. Armored it'll come on back 957 again. This is the rich tittle shall. On 95 point seven big game. Hustler rail line. Now let out that that's strung out Stoner added. The amenities would you news limb Malone welcome back to 957. Again Portillo with few coming up next the dugout shell. That's right Indians that daisy is got their second half off to a rollicking start. With a five to nothing when Sonny gray looking outstanding on the bond. And we'll get to that here it to 5 o'clock first pitched 605 of you on the way to the coliseum as well though to hear from you either way. 8889579570. Penske out of sells stock Comtex line 95795. On the tale of the tape here between Mayweather and write down. Mayweather is fourteen. Yeah fault he does have a stress here page. I graders two point nine. Five aid for Mayweather 59 from a Gregor. 151254. Pounds respectively these are teeny tiny man. The reach 72. Inches from Iowa other Sony for from McGregor. And then of course made Mayweather is a record is 49 and now that's all boxing. And dynamic rigors in MMA is 21 and three. Those numbers don't mean a whole lot those last ones there about. I've said that before I saw Mayweather armed personnel at the NBA finals of the coliseum I've never seen such a teeny tiny person. The thing is is that as teen years these guys are they can rip your face off in 12 to think that some other thing to queue line. We got to know these guys Lego men under new my Duma by you do before you can even put up your dukes you are to be knocked out. But for me. It's in my interest did yeah I think it's lane to go I don't care and I am bias. Alec oh a hundred dollars you know why is gonna break me it's still a hundred bucks well ninety's in standard Def. But I don't really like either guy. So Allred if that whenever it comes to that allude are good for our refer the American and the one that and I'll root for the guy that I and annoys me in the least. I can't root for a hipster. McGregor is the ultimate hipster have you seen his hairdo. Go like that do little hairdo he's got hats is the seal with a little carnation. It looks like the kind of guy that has is like shaving blades mailed to his house instead of buying them at the drugstore like the good lord intended. I just I'm not ending hamsters I'm sorry if you're hipster god love via. I'd much rather root for the American Google broad movement the new American but I'll tell you what. The economy grader can get the rabble into a right froth canny. The guy and you know how many tickets and you know much money he made. Just by doing that that is pinstripe suit. Let grow close that says something naughty. I'm so naughty everyone a little bit a yeomen so naughty. But the other thing hammer reminded of and this is not saying this is and I hope come out as an atomic. But I gotta tell you Americans. Talk smack one way foreigners don't really know how to talk smack in America. They try. It's like Venus candor trying to talk smack decayed beyond line. You left you left here are two to win you move just. Pound man you're killing me and all that that rock PA what it. But when I heard McGregor gone doctor hey Joseph forgy dressed like your age. Many said Liam got a school bag and I'm not a backpack or even a rook sacked. But I've got a school by you cannot read. And all that reminded me. Was weird science when way as his Austro iron from mad Max he wrote his motorcycle and and there is much that Michael Anthony on Wyatt. Why I editor his real name like I have that actor is a genius who never went on to do anything else on the I had. Wes says you know accuses the foreigner. You cheated par even shall. Wouldn't be at home our men. Without letting you know each key and. Stating only. You all patent. So that's all I baba. Was on McGregor is there Floyd Mayweather can't Shalit wearing jeans. But as I said the rubble. And you're right froth. After that. And Mayweather. You know I kind of like the fact that he didn't really go toe to tell them when it came to the smack talk now I know there is the one thing they were like nose to nose. And the what's that an opera though the website that does the lips thinking. It was actually kind of funny the things they're saying knew each other. But yeah I just and and honestly I like boxing better and I like him a man I think I'm in a vast minority these days. I think if you are under thirty you probably think boxing is a giant wasted time. I'm product in my generation I grew up. And I was in high school the fantastic middle laid battles was Sugar Ray and hagel or. And Thomas and a man earns and revert so momma still live theater on no mom she do wrong. Those are some great great fights. Now back then the heavyweights are great Larry Holmes dominated in. A really great way doled Gerry Cooney came out and he had the shamrock on his shorts and he. He punched and you'd like left himself exposed we looked up and Izzy to see him go whoops and then Holmes went to town on imported. Twelve punch combo on his face. Sell and that's the thing that's why I want to talk to Damon Marten too because mixed martial arts took all the different martial arts and are mixed together everybody has their own strategy. Everybody has their own way about in this some guys that are just all about striking some guys all the crap Lang and I've been privileged interview many MM MM MA fighters or leaders are gonna name drop but some big names and promote fights I respect every sport I don't like every sport but I respect every sport. As millions of fans that love it. I just I'm I'm from boxing generation now you might say Rick under your Joseph look Immelman bitter woman you can't. Why I just I'm not in the camp of thinking Macgregor just like the coolest guy ever. Neither do I have a friend his Irish American and says well you know we have to like everything Irish. Chained O'Connor due to willingly UT's give me that I can. Cranberries. We have to like everything Irish it's the law we can't not like it. So what if it was Seamus Manson bode would you get some good ideas little extreme. But he actually had some good ideas and out of there in other I think a lot of these you know hero to the to the people who like you know giving the man finger and McGregor doesn't care he swears and McCann has sued her swear words on it he's so naughty. Whatever it is a hundred bucks. We're talking about it because people care and were talking about it even though it's more than a month away this will be the most hyped fight of all time. And it will be. As their mark was saying the fight them makes the most cache of all time. Coming up next will switch our focus we are the home of the day's the dugout show for you next Rick Tuttle got a 57 again.