Second Hour

Rick Tittle
Friday, September 29th

Rick Tittle talks to Paul Gackle about the Sharks and then talks about Josh Jackson's comments on Steph Curry.


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59579. Yes. Now back to the original show on 95 point seven big game and thank you for that is who's a rerun no I was telling clock we got another hour ago. Tried and I get on end. Triple A 957970. Pence got to sell stock contacts on 9579. I am a huge huge sharks guy I they've worked their first nine years of their existence on TV. I love them I think it's arguably. Well I used to say slam dunk it was the most fun regular season game you can go to bar none in the Bay Area. And on the raiders started winning and the warriors were shooting three pointers like they're going out of style. But they're in the top three. Of the most exciting things didn't go do. And down my wanna talk about him as the season getting underway Wednesday and I know they don't get a lot of love and I wanna give them some. Love and we bring in now Paul gap old. San Jose Sharks reporter for the the Bay Area. News group and dumb then the first question. Paul before again to this the specifics you've been watching a match that ad campaign and I'll look at. Four other wanting get in the preceded embittered that preceded them and like the NFL and you know they're tactically in baseball you can't really know until they get on EIA and not being the Opie and yet you know killed Gordon. And being hard in practice but then he'd he'd have to be the Caspian. You know real game and let the album but lined locked together when the air already to go so we're still very early in the process. I'm look at lines right now on I would probably think you'd go Jumbo pounds and maybe eighty and I can't send. Wine and then huge body occurred Don escalate to do and and you go like maybe. Hurdle and center in the third line or Tierney and then maybe melt during team low and then you're out my gas war go and Sorensen announced fourth line and youth that you thought about that far and. Cornell had the way it looked if we get video early in camp they were going organic and I'm Matt popped lying and you know peep the border as as said in the past but he's thirty feet. Yeah on the best combination for Joseph and Joseph what they're Tony can really did that are off the wall import Chad I. You know I think any since scoring punch out there and dipped last week it through federal bank. We've been going into his second year. But this chart here up top and I mean that make actually a little more than I think promote offensive standpoint. He had a lot higher upside it I just don't think beat you yet. From port that sort of put up in line what you got a couple of years go and what's a cup final at old -- all without somebody else they can put the puck in the net quite get that board much. He is coming off. You know eight CEO and CL surgery. And have a question mark there. Himself he is Denton a little bit how oh up there in age and I don't think he's about to get a drop opera or anything like that at bat that line you know it is gonna need decrease. For the sharks in either secondary guardian needs so she needs some odd chuck talk. And so I think Kevin what they make for a little bit different because this guy you know Royce summer that I take ocean the bear could go to moderately coach should he says he had the hardest most accurate shot at any player he'd ever seen come through there including dual Goodell edict from the guy Bolivia Ontario hockey league in scoring. Just two years ago so then they don't call Canadian junior hockey that's android being you know. But pop player in the pac twelve or something in it in basketball that kind of a big deal. Now does it eat it defensive game still needs to around out there yet that defensive zone responsibility anyway and that board battle near the Blue Line unit offensive zone look that area he needs to work on but I think. For I would be surprised early on it in the feet and if that's the way the board goes because if that works. That has the potential to maybe create some of that sound offensive exciting and we saw a couple years ago. And the bank on my favorite towns. Nude or beach in camped nude or beach especially when it's American but you know a lot of people. Paul say with patty gone they're any team most up don's going to step com the low bank as you mentioned. But but for me. I need my fellow Dane bond Curtis stepped up they spent a lot of money on him and then he you know you go to you go to the playoffs he's healthy scratch I mean this guy's got to start earning his cash. Well no doubt about it and yeah I didn't know they were nineteen and up spot TV in scoring not yet two point 67 goals per game. And then you take off Patrick Marleau one of only. You know to forward to add more than twenty by all last year so where's that can come from and it is gonna eat by committee you are in need a lot of guys. This step up and had bounced back even but no doubt about it if you flops again. Last year like he did Karadzic here like he did last year. I mean fans are going to be looking at that contracts sixteen million in and it and going you know boy be cute shirt what did you that are on the market to go. You know find another marquee type player to replace Patrick Marleau. And then and they have some cap space we have some room they can go out and do something. By two. You know pure drop being four million a year and a guy that. Or eleven gold and gold and healthy scratch not quite not boy you sure like to have back cash back in you know at the complicated situation that protected you know played her keeper or junior hockey when you head coach of the future anchor so. You know divorce certainly endorse that signing turnabout for him. And Bob Turner. You know he wax and wane not sure you put together a string of great games and then he'd seen disengage doubts there's there is. A point that he came from a different type assist and equating the very event might fit them in Arizona where they like to keep their forward high. To get back on defense the sharks try to really died in their do you grab on war check there like there for all three forward to global goal enough fore check they elected. Get around the net and get those dirty goals. And you know it is by trigger guild adapt your game now collecting the creek even even getting even going to vote area. Even going to degree. And that's a good sign it here sharks fan but you gotta do that over the course of an 82 game schedule and not just when your playing you know collection of HL has increased cedar. Right Phillip Paul got a call from the Bay Area news group sharks reporter. On Kerr I remember he got the hat trick against Edmonton and it doubled his gold tally your life from three to six so. Yeah he definitely needs to US stepping out now one thing that these sharks. Didn't do in the off season was making moves in fact. I don't think they did anything I was kind of waiting for Dillon to go on the expansion drafted. It didn't happen another you could say bust of a free agent went back into a Vegas. By what the what what did they mean they got they traded gold leave firfer Hanson down the stretch last year but. I've never seen such a quiet offseason from from Doug Wilson did you did they swing and miss sir they just weren't interest that. Well I just think that part of it you know the nature the modern NHL and needy they just thought that they were gonna get after my own bring him back Mike and then and I don't know that's her back Mike Stanton. That they were shot in around. And we were looking to fear there was enough forward on the market. I'm that they can go out burying ground to potentially you know replace Marleau. Then pre July July 1 yet they were able to bring Jumbo back but. Marleau obviously banned the maple leak swoop in and offered him you know six point 25 million a year over three years and about to deter actually couldn't. You know talking that you can't match that offer. But at that point you know what once July 1 comes and goes like there's no action and yet it gel. If you're gonna make it trade if you gonna make. A move to replace moral that happened for the expansion draft current air around the NHL draft back in the major shakeups happened. So I think there were certain. Playing this game or their okay what's out there. OK let's see who couldn't get Marleau back. And marble ended up leaving and they assert that Hancock there a little bit now I will say that the charts I think it better. Toe hold on here cards. Then to go up there and make a move to make the move looked at each just don't see a lot of great. And the National Hockey League these days that's just the nature of the beast every team that's pretty tight on the salary crack. There's just not a lot Albert offer it in especially if you don't have you all lot of depth on the Blue Line that seems to make fifteen guild all big trade. They are long the two on the back end. And and they can afford to give somebody got a Mac and bring forward to but what the sharks have right now offered the have a slew of prospects the cat in the banks that Timo Myers. You know Denny only yen. That could wind up being pretty good NHL players. Or you know maybe it'll be a lot so you got to imagine if you're negotiating the team's first trade. They're in Baird and fate uniter not a naked at a bank yet I don't know what to make that team Meyer yeah so you don't want to sell low one those guys. So that's what this even kind of really about it like you know if the sharks come out of the gates and they struggle. You know. Doug may have to pay out pretty good idea to give up more than you want to speak yet. I can Gilbert go out to get that replacement for all of that marquee name. If they come out of the gates. Hot that he heard a position restraint many as leverage and get a young guys perform eaten get a little more out of him so now we're home await the. Lied I didn't like the gold dome and trade out of her hands and I think that's gone on to. I don't wanna trade Danny Horry again I'll listen for a full of Samberg outlets and on and Aaron don't you talk about holding on to your cards. I had burns on these airwaves when he signed his deal and of course. Classic and and Jones got new deals which is fantastic. To keep those guys around as well. How close. Did they ever again continued taking a chance on the army yarder I know he's knowledge they want a guy even older. Then patty. But just the fact that yarder when where 68 in teal I would have bought a Jersey and I know it was a rumor for a couple days did they did it ever get close. No it was never our reality in fact you know shortly after Patrick Marleau left the chart at their development and and I was taken around Matt if you people are much. You know it would be a possibility at this Sunday and he looked in good toward that so we have a slew of young players and by bringing in your daughter. Yeah you know we what is it hasn't worked yet again what do you do need European splash yet all these young player and we need to find out what that and you just gonna eat there. So from that point I can you are the charts or comment on the app from it that six eat yelled out the night. You know marketing thing you need to probably make you money to a little bit of money doctors' fees but really at this point this career is probably you know a third line player. You know that's where you need to get Timo Mira minutes that's three need to get you know get sort of met and several banks and so it wasn't really anything that they are looking at this point. When I look at special teams and it's been home for a long time in fact on account McClellan came and he was Dylan Bowman's a special teams but we saw. That the PK underdog or was good and even when they have to ensure out on the point on the PK. It seemed to work. Milan has to do Jones obviously but the power play. From the year before last alas shared just dropped off the sharks were so it happened. On the power play or what how how do you think that's gonna change our personal lives. Well you have an open spot now Patrick Marleau that's interest Keenan how you know where they go to replace that. I guess I think that another spot over federal bank can be a great got that because he had such a great shot. And I I think part of it last year to me it just it eat it got released dale you know it was. So much what they are doing on the power play it was load a high. Let Bret burns unleash it may be edited a collection made yet it seemed like that would all strategy there. And once teams were able to Ian on that a little bit it literally have you know they were really getting. You know a lot of creativity elsewhere. From a power play so maybe Ukrainian public Kabul bank glad there really dynamic shot and help. Then you have a couple you know you can spread that out a little but there's also had died down in net DHL. They're blaming HR last year the barracuda who could be interest he knew that Swedish. Defense and a former slit Swedish edit and bloody year in. He scored 56 point at 55 games last year in the HL what sort of like it or burn the BHL and I have always a lot of the interest being. Eight is a right shot like Brent Burns because Blair Emery is a mile yet quite different. Think you do act in the interest into that he'd wind of getting that seventh defenseman position order and dirty work itself but a lot. But I think a lot of it can be axes and knows they're a little bit above my head which each yellow creativity very quiet this even load I'd earned. And it would be nice to have another shot an air that the you know they can't be attention away from Kurtz. Yeah he was one of those guys may when you're a child team plays the same arena we would hear him a guy like you'd be send. Up and down into he'd come out and be healthy scratch and think it's Ambac are down maybe about fifty times well last year yet. Each unit that put press box former. No doubt about it a couple of more questions for Paul got here or catch a list of course the Bay Area news group sharks reporter. Mom they was reported a couple of days ago that Agile ward says he was considering. I perhaps. Am doing something demonstrative whether it was to say it hurts and Neil. A during the National Anthem he wasn't sure yet now he's Canadian and then. It did he ever specify whether he was gonna do it for both anthems are has he made a decision yet what have you heard. Well here mud at a preceding game down and last night I was at and he did and during the National Anthem he released a statement on Twitter. That was very eloquent and very well bought out to. On his decision and he decided to stand and he just feels that. You know I'll be. The initial. Period of the protests which was against you know racial inequality and police brutality has been blocked. And at this point it's getting big note here that the original message is getting muddled because. And there's a confusion that at the protect America played in an international act of and at and at this point he just thinks that there's you know you want to explore other avenues. Does sort of make those points or racial inequality and and police brutality so he's not gonna do that quite and I really think jets. Imported those be out there who are curious about this look up by dual war on Twitter and read. Is reasoning behind that because he said at a lot better and are or up or. Why is he is on the class is guys I've ever met. On the sharks just just a really really sweetheart deal off the ice time and you know it's funny near the end of the air I wouldn't mind if Ford what do sat and he was so in effect of their furlong times let's another guy I think especially at his age. Needs that bounce back and that's and I wanna precious little bit more on foreign because you mentioned the ligament damage in the destroyed me and I think we're all surprised. He came back on a one year deal but everybody said well nobody wanted to and they didn't want that they don't wanna pay for that need so I guess he's gonna play one more year just improve. That the knee is OK you've seen him skate is the how does he look. And they knew it would just sort of practice. But you know until it stepped in any game how can you really know and eat your big game of hockey. If so demanding it so fast it's so physical that you know there's nothing unique in this early. Red captured the intensity of an NHL hockey. And so you know about Clinton to come down in mobile palm but it is a good luck you can have yet on Marmol when you're on our comment on per. The circle back in the last even games probably pretty fired. Actually you back in action I mean it's how good did it very ever play out you know you're injured but it. You look like a guy they had at HBO and yelled. Yeah you know yes these can you know. Either hockey player I ever remember they gave a few years ago or both the key issue and Jordan lost teeth and they are just sitting on the bench like nothing happened. It's a different kind of tough. Yeah I now the people have asked me about Vegas Saigon housing going to be for the players and and they they fly and then they fly out after the game I don't think that is going to be any revelation sensation now they have a team and Vegas do you. No I'm not a culture hockey and especially knowing it like just. You know I can speak for the guys that I know most of the guys in the San Jose Sharks remit yup you've got they're very professional they're very data it hit it. Yeah the play this game out which high level yearly get the eight carrier body percent to science erected you know in this sport anyways. I just don't see that being a distraction that they can't save or what it could need one yeah well. You know those there in a couple years back to be a different story but I just know the game and I know and I just don't EE a wreck. I finally. Now look at predictions. I'm not feel on his rosy. As I did last year I think it's gonna economy same all same mall. I think they make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs but I don't I don't think this is there a year in the way the roster stands right now what about you. Well I will say last year I had my suspicions because. I thought coming off the bat long run in the playoffs. And then he had you know veteran players like Gordon put Belsky burn. You know all those guys that Gary competing in the World Cup. I sort of solid have to short summer OP with the veteran peanut clinic condensed schedule come the world corruption. This could be a little bit of that disaster and they weren't first place until March that eagle nebula about eight movies great and then. All of their talk to senators got hurt some action in all of it was kind of like a perfect storm there at the end of the even. This here is a big thing you know I I said in my initial training camp article. It and if he's gonna it for the sharks you know they need somebody if that happened. If Gordon is healthy enough. If guys like Bob Kerr hurdle Don score I have bounced back seasons if they're crock backs. You know would jump up then and and grab the bull by the horns and perform. If they go out and make a trade and bring in an impact player. This could be a very good team that could be seen that on the cut going to the Stanley Cup final which I'm glad I get set back a lot of yes. A lot of things need to go right for this team I still like their defense I think there are structured really good you know I'll let their blue line that they. You know on the board that that the mud system works satellite Jones took a lot of potential there but I think where they fit right now the roster ends. You know I I think you have to have a minute and that you know oh what about. Low seed in the playoffs I think you know there. Third or fourth place in the Pacific division and you know mediate he worried about the October from the central division occurred they're behind the creepy and there's some people. You know Winnipeg are on the right there and expect announced back see them from Dallas so. You know they can you Bobble into the well but all depend on the Internet they called they know. They guy for me that I have my eyes on to shine. And he batter is Hamas turtle because when they finally move them back to center on vulgarity show where they are rated as yard and they said you're gonna be descent are. And and the injuries that he's had I think with all the potential all the talent. That he's had I'd love to see her role finally. Break out and have a fantastic season we recipe that Paul got all you can fall on the on the guy or pork that's in GA CK LE report. And every item in the Bay Area news group. Covering at the sharks. Very well like all great stuff and I'll see down the tank man. California CNET honoring great and you know went. I'll be there was and I you know I welding. All right well theater. All right so great stuff there from my apology alcohol and me if you wanna talk a little shark he's. This is the time a cell lines are open at triple A 957957. They saw a few more minutes in this segment. I'll play attacks here in the pence got ourselves to our contacts on 95795. A lot to just saying. And most these from the far away just thank you for talking about the sharks. I if if I had my way I talk about the sharks all show I really would but. I saw about moving the needle at this time absolutely I think I can do little bit more in depth. Mom and other from the far away you don't like the Goldie trade Goldie is never going to be the top six guy we hope for. I don't know that. He was basically the top prospect at the time I just was. You know getting Hanson and then enhance and was someone that they cannot sort of sort all I get any can album I really wasn't a rental which was ged. I should remember being at the tank and he comes and then there's an empty that they missed it and I just thought from her. A sort of poured tended to not a great one I do love the household though. On a I Yani Hanson but if he's gonna he's going to be a top line wing. He's gonna be your top line wing went into Joe's I just don't know about that. I'd love to keep don's boy healthy remember dons the way a few years ago. I encounter. He just was better than everyone else he was they're supposed to make that team. He was better than ever awarded he'd come from I think he came from the Blue Jackets somebody gave up on him. At the greatest moment. Of that year in sports for me was that overtime goal in the Stanley Cup final that don's Koivu scored. And my cousin who is this dot com. Like CEO or whatever his like I'm in a box and I was like it was the first Sunday on box and sharks gamma one and Aaron there's all this free beer and he had that goal and we had leaders this ban on dog piling each other. Went downstairs. Don's toys on the mind. And I said yeah unless you scored at the most famous goal in the history of this franchise twenty minutes ago hasn't sunk in yet the news like. And I'm not really a solo about hockey players. Fish that's there's so Blase they're just so they're quiet they're really really quiet. You know and the Canadian guys there's so gentlemanly even one JR had that run MR alone just in I'll never respect you Roenick again after that and then pat patty what do you say about that Nissan. I stand right there is certain charity impound his opinion but there's always classy. Always classy. And unlock your teeth out on the nationals go to Erica out and Concord air here on 957 again. I mean Rick thanks for taking my at all and I appreciate your are. Hockey talk can eventually get Oprah. What my concern with the sharks is going to this here is going to be are there are quite. You eat like tackle Chad with Q earlier. If it's trying to replace quarrel but also the same time. Getting out of the cookie each other that this team has been stuck on her peers played quite. Actually you know OK well they're gonna go attend so Ballard went to the burns. And it it's. What handed over and over again and nick without too. These guys want to tour. Maybe even go bankrupt or will organic incher in order to Marshall. To step up and be the guy to you feel like he won't win many. Love when different than what the when you get on that we do something different than what we've done. You get you don't wanna be predictable I have no problem let them set now burns C because we know he's a how what cern and more times than not he would. Score so I'm okay I always wanna get the the puck to burn C on the power play the thing that kills me. Is the dumping garage which I think they do way too much on a power play and you know I'm not a I've been walking a watch and hockey for a long time I didn't grow up in Canada I sometimes don't understand. When you do a dump and Reich when you don't have to pay Eric I gotta run but actually called I think. All right Chad thank you very much we'll take a quick break and our lines are open. We got another half hour what you want talk about. Relationships none out so much so let's do sports dribbling I'm 579570. I gotta talk about you or burning their NFL geared to their. That's a fun topic. 8889579570. Pence got to sell stock contextual and I'm 5755 I'm Rick it'll come on back another five point seven again. Is there rekindle shell. Five point seven big game. We make all the band man. Brad. Let's looks. What do you do well rules. Brand and rent what's up man fertility until 11 o'clock. Coming up the next say meant. It is talk show fodder but I have to get through it. What's your favorite sport now. Not that concoction of should he rose be in the hall no not that kind of talk show fodder and something that a guy who's never played one game in the NBA already talking smack about stuff Currie. I you know I'm talking about we'll all get to that next. But cell lines are open is always our triple A 9579 if I'm semi Penske also stock contacts on 95795. Back. Couple of things says some sharks I got some more road tax with some my hockey love. And com that's been brought up to the sharks are going to be and Vegas for Thanksgiving. Well. That would have Allan and they say Rick will you go. On I have I would love to see the sharks are on the road. I think Vegas is a toilet. I'm just not a fan I don't practice this. I say I'm sorry if I offend you I just I don't get it had been there three times I think it's just an absolute scum hole. I don't know why anybody would would wanna move there I don't now it says that's just mean. Soliai I think Vegas is just an open sewer. You can be naughty there Ali act as he can't be nodding in pothole or call my earned a law no. I can't be nodding in Morgan Hill all I gotta go to Vegas. Yeah to see the sharks play there there might be kind of fun. Look it's like Venice but it's not. I did you know by the way hockey fans that there's a new rolled past couple days ago that a few challenge an off sides. And they go to video on your wrong you get a minor for land. You get a minor you get two minute pouncing. In the send them so I am. I can ally that a little bit our rights come today there was a report patriots fans. Back got together in Swansea Massachusetts not Swansea Wales. But swans in Massachusetts and then a big bonfire and they burned all their patriots stuff. Even though they are violating US code ass 176. IA which says you can't make a shirt and a the American flag. So it's a little bit ironic no one's gonna like kitchen on that. Let New England fans are classically stupid I mean every heard of every team has student fans. Remember everything game at the old Foxboro that the patriots line and they tore down a goal posts than a bunch of guys. Saw enough pride and they decided to. Take it home with them and so Ford guy is the true story there walking down the street stealing the outcry. And they had the power line and they were all electrocuted. They were all fine but there are all hospitalized. So we can all laugh about it if they held diet that wouldn't have been very funny. I still would have been stupid. So I IE the people who burn narrowed their their clothing I'll just say this to you. If you are raider fan and you're about to burn your stuff just dropping by here and I if I'm sounding M I'll finally get home for. I will find a good home from afar curator year. And if it fits me on this Qaeda myself. I think a lot of these people who burn stuff. They they wanna get they want it famous on the Internet looked I got eighteen views on a success mom. Or I think they're also pirates to. Just a little bit. I would love to hear from the fan out there who boycotts the NFL right now for whatever your reason as. There are lots of reasons why people are boycotting moving to Vegas. Happen do you think he's black balled. Or you don't like people protesting whatever your reason if you are boycotting and you truly. Love. The NFL. I'd like to hear from me I think it's very easy to boycott and other things that you don't like like right now I'm hopeful plan that I am boycotting eggplant. As a huge sacrifice surname not. That's like after the baseball strike. I'm never giving baseball my money again. Never I tell you don't allow all right well you must not like baseball very much then. Unless your on person of principle. Wreck I love baseball but I refuse after what they've done to me time. That's a personal family are in the national talk show host who looked. Tiger cheated on his wife Ifill let down he cheated on me too much are you kidding me. That's between tiger and his family and cheat on you. Some the only good to have pretty self important and and sometimes really get over ourselves. Nobody is any better or worse than anybody else. If you don't protest that doesn't make you better than everyone else if you do protest that doesn't make you better in Iran also doesn't make you worse either. So that's the trouble we get into sometimes there are many things along better than you because I'm doing this are not doing that. By people burning their stuff. I can understand. That you know the charger fans and went to dean spouses house or the chargers headquarters and dump dollar stuff I can understand raider fans. And I and twice bitten myself as a raider fan I don't how to learn about it I live did. As a senior high school and I can tell you football and the raiders were much much much more important to me than they are now and I love. Of the raiders. Back then all my gosh it was so important. So important and then they moved. That's got to sell stock context fine. 95795. Rick why do you openly hate Roger Goodell why don't I hope who openly hate him because he's a little Lackey a little liar. I have zero respect for him I'd say that's his face and zero respect form. And Josh Norman is right you could put a dog in a suit to do that job 44 million dollars a year for something that's on rails. He came out he stood there and said we tried really hard and Oakland. Let's if he would've come out and said listen. You know I we just like Vegas better we want the team in Vegas. Sell or moving to Vegas when a light hit but I what do respected him when he said we tried so hard. We looked everywhere. Shout out Roger you don't even know Loral Wendy is a shot to hell yeah I ate I despise Roger Goodell. Just a little Lackey a little employee. Just a scum bag. Now if it wasn't my town may go and yeah I think differently about him. I'm telling you right now I know this for a fact to a nobody has to tell me this. There are people who have proclaimed and they're not gonna watch the raiders anymore and I feel bad because they're secretly watching in their basement. And now it's like honey I gotta go down in. I sauter earned these light bulbs together why would you do that are riled up about three hours. And funny at the TV on down there you know washing the raiders I know I'll watch and I'll Love Boat re run in Spanish it's much better that way. I wanna hear from the people out there are who have boycotted and it's killing them because I'll respect that. If you say I boycotted and I don't miss it one bit and you never really liked it in every dead. The person who stopped smoking and said it was easy I just stop now now your craving a cigarette. If you're raider fan and you are boycotting because the writers are moon in Vegas and it's killing you. Come on and let's get therapeutic and by the way according to the business journal. It Dell so far has been a 150 million dollars in salary and bonuses. And free hugs at the draft are not if I seven again. Actually the original show on 95 point seven game. Today without welcome back we Omar's limit the other tonight it would love to hear from you all sporting topics always welcome in the last segment that I do football basketball baseball market heard often as far as your marching all of its financial Abacha sugars or recruit and we'll do that the ultra line Tripoli and I'm 579 to 57 pence got to sell stock contacts and I'm 5795. Josh Jackson. Back Kansas. A first round pick of the Phoenix Suns. Was on something called vice sports. And this is what he had to say about Stefan curry. Play action movies who runs that's very it's because you know he's known as appearing on god and those small and an athletic. Now normally that's just a foot a little statement but in today's world. We all jump on it. Let's do fourth segment followed on our show today. Well. Apparently. If he said stepped Curry's small. An issue tonight don't. Never what I heard a word. I'm athletic has he ever seen step curry play he's arguably the most athletic player that's ever played in the heavier machines have occurred on for a rebound. I've ever seen step back. And taken three. And point one seconds. It's not it's almost not worth bringing out but we have audio without it player and as KRS-one. Set and boogie down productions. Let us move along. Penske or also stuck around our son I'm 5795 from the 619. And Reggie Bush remember that I you know that is charger fan Phil says. He's boycotting new chargers here. But he can't stop watching the team and then he says blank been spared us from leaving San Diego. I'll say this firfer charger fans and of course I despise the charter operator fan and I'm supposed to and they're supposed to do you know. Despise us to. I still have that Stephen's song and LA and San Diego. Mind assets horrifying. You'll be walking into hell hopefully we don't go there and hand basket. Be walking into hell learn. Boom. Blood curdling screams and then a day gates of hell open so who love to just simple look. Like. Oh. It's on Hulu. Turn around her own tongue on the on the loop eternity. That's bad. But in Oakland at least mark in saying. There is baseball lines and dirt what's going on here can say that in San Diego. Not since pat tell open I went to the super ball Aaron I hated it. As a raiders lost and as a perfectly fine stadium. Well I am law one bill and I need you to our prayers and all of Mormon. A Dean Spanos is a giant. Giant scumbag there's no doubt. I can understand your Ike Hilliard but Payne fell it's happening wants and it's about having me again here and a couple years. Tax line. A wreck. What do you think. About. Tire re saying that he was just kidding about the earth being flat yes. He was I guess I shouldn't say wasn't getting heated said he wanted to get a reaction. And but now he's with copernicus and by the way copernicus who has polish. His last name is cobra neck. Cobra neck what is culprit X sound like I see it all comes around. Oprah neck Capra nick he's basically column to practice. And the world does revolve around him at least what we're discussion. I've got something there are I'm on to something. Rick after the 51 now. Is it true I can cancel DirecTV and get a refund. If you have the NFL package. They have offered you can cancel yes and in fact. A friend of mine called just to see because their own by AT&T and he had some question about his phone. And I guess that's bundled. But he called and he said what if I get to week sixteen there's one week laughed and then I wanna I wanna cancel is that a pro rated refund. And the girl side. Full refund. Now it's just somebody on the phone does not corporate cannon. Writes. That's not bad. That's not bad to get the the refund. We can't find that we can find a giant new round in the solomons are we can't find that out. By the way did you see that story and the new giant rat I fell down from a tree we never knew it existed before. And what's the the name for this rat you aromas of decaf F that's not a Finnish goalie in the NHL I don't know what this. You're on this Mika. From the 51 now Rick would you vote for Peyton Manning for senator from test to see. You know I think that's a lie because Peyton Manning was out last year someone else that he was gonna Iran. And Peyton Manning said I have no interest. My I can tell you this right now beyond a shadow of doubt Peyton Manning would walk into the White House we love celebrities in this country. And Peyton Manning as well more love than they guidance and they're now. And what merit Al Gore couldn't even carry Tennessee when he ran Peyton Manning when slam dunk Tennessee. All you have to do is host SNL. Like the guy now Peyton Manning host an asset now. All those commercials now on the other hand you say all than Tom Brady to renowned people like Tom Brady. Because even now all Peyton Manning arguably has more money than Tom Brady or at least around around the same amount or both rich white guys. He comes off as very smug and and I'll think people and vote for Tom Brady they wouldn't wind balloon they would wait can vote for him for Russia no English pop icon on the down. Rick did you watch. FOX & Friends did you see first of all. I just found out a couple days ago that there's a show called FOX & Friends and it's not at 9 AM on PBS. Here's fox and his friends there's mr. Bunning. They're sergeant turtle. There's lieutenant sparrow and FOX & Friends is actually the name of a show. I know I'm out of touch I just watch sports and play video games. By the way as World War I over yet what are they gonna do at the Kaiser. I don't. FOX & Friends thanks or ran that out. Rick. I'll have you filled out your fifty year anniversary team for the days. They days yeah they are written remember next year's the fiftieth anniversary in Oakland. Which is funny because I remember I was in college and I was living in block he had on I was gone to say marriage. And Lebanon terrible apartment but yes they have and lays out a mafia and and I remember getting my newspaper and it's said the twentieth anniversary I think Steinbach. Hit a walk off and I gamer I know he had a home run at some point. And I thought a man I miss that was shown gong to one year anniversary of the coliseum of the days. And then I said festivities were marred way and and it was a guy knew from Richmond as my my brother older brother's friends. He had fallen from the third act and he fell on to some people and he hurt them biking hurt their necks and wasn't it wasn't nice questioner festivities were marred and there's the next. So I call my brother. And I go what happened and he said I was there. We were in the third act and in ousting the third action it's that. Scares are steps I should say and it was kind of a big factor I. NEC he ran down the steps of the third beckoning I don't know I'm gonna go over Ohno I'm gonna go over don't know how many did go over. And yeah he was out there again festivities remark anyway back to the the fiftieth now. Whenever it comes this kind of thing. I'm I'm a tough customer. I I don't think. Half the people in each of the hall fans should be and it pick your sport how flu don't belong. Album I think courage show for being in the hall of fame pick your sport. I came up with a list and I came up with 35. And how people are like oh my gosh I've got seventy I don't know how to pare down. I can only find 35 guys that are were deserving so then I thought I'm judging too harsh I went back and I can only get to 48. Let's go to mark in San Jose Markey on I 570 act. Hello mark. What are our man do you let's. Appeared they would got a question about a comment made earlier. Yes. Oh how would that Korea Plavix. How does the athletic. I can't I can't take that column I'm sorry and just I can't. There there are some things that an hour worth my birth of. In it's like if it's like saying you know how how is Chopin talented in on my I am home I don't know how how is it. How is Mike Schmidt they give third baseman. The guy actually asked me how is staffed very athletic you are you hate her in the most. Athletic sport that there is. I remember when I was playing college football I opened my big mouth because. I position coach does a DB he's like hey man. Best athletes in the world or football players and everyone yeah yeah yeah I got another basketball players. You and why I got maybe that I got maybe we're taught her or not better athletes. Like why would you say that I don't think about all things just to do in basketball as you'd twist being as you're just finding that trajectory. As your falling bacterial laugh without handing your face and what speed you're going how are you have to release the ball on that trajectory. It is the most athletic sport and not that you don't need athletic skill and other sports the hardest thing to do on sports obviously as head around back with a round ball. If you can do that three times out of ten for head you'll be a millionaire. And there are many people I can do that on the face of the earth. But first firfer anyone who plays basketball I mean even. Big egg and goofy shoe box like Venus can target athletes. Are you talking about a unanimous MVP point guard has done things we've never seen before. And a guy calls up and says tell me how he's athletic. It's just heads I don't know on the news every time that was a joke well made a good laugh right now we don't need a good laugh. I Trevor says go gales yes go guests thank you for that Trevor on the that's got to cells dot com not tax line. Rick are you going to the free game. He gets. On April 17 the day's law have the first free game and they history a Major League Baseball. I don't know how that's gonna work. I might be escape from New York you're gonna have snake play skin and the duke of New York fighting over that see I got a sky why out. I shouldn't behind home plate. I don't know how they're gonna dog dole out tickets I hope it's not the sleepless can ask but. Yes how about her goodwill gesture an entire gate for free. Gotta love the days. I'll see you tomorrow whip the a's dugout shot eleven ma'am are Tillman 57 and.