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NBA This Week
Saturday, December 30th

Dickinson and Steinmetz talk to Elliot Perry about the Grizzlies, play Up and Down, and then give their New Year's Resolutions for teams around the NBA.


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Elliott Perry who finished second there. For the most of who. Award in the NBA former CBOE saw. Howard number two NBA this week here and I 57 games to come to you live from ORACLE Arena. As is the warriors in the Memphis Grizzlies tonight 5:30 tip of 4 o'clock. With borders forma net Simon to have that let's get to our first guest stated is the one and only. Elliott Perry Memphis Grizzlies radio analyst grizzlies in town for the second time. In eleven days in Elliott thanks for joining us on the program actually got academy. Located it. I don't know how it looks like we're we're talking about what what was our favorite Elliot Perry as far as the teams the that you played Florida I I liked. Burst onto the scene Phoenix Elliot Perry presents that you guys had some fun teams I think Matt said. Meg delighted what did you like a like Memphis Tigers I would like tiger yeah. Yeah the fact and it still figures of Milwaukee to end and back the Phoenix it towards the end Memphis. As well Elliott tool. Where everything go our rise for this grizzlies team by it it seemed like they may be get all the together. Conley went out and now they get a different coach units is they're the bottom of the Western Conference where to go wrong for these gas. Well yeah I think anytime you you know make this significant changes that we made throughout. You know at the beginning of the year and you gonna have a little sit back you don't we we think we would be. In this situation now obviously giving county being out and we got we knew we don't really don't have the room tour. Margin that we we've always had you know having people would have beat Tony Allen had to get Carter. Lead progress so far our best player he you know he looked real those guys. And I think also you know with Jack. You lose two different things illusion locker room guy and get Carter who who really was a great locker room guy who could really carry out a lot of coded messages. And I am still can play you know. Continue with Zach Randolph I think. You know what we've got out of that six or seven years is when all things go. What politicians fail you know we distort bought down is Zach Randolph and he'd he'd make something happen so you lose credit scoring power down low. Can Tony Elliott best defensive player you're emotional leader. You do get. And cellular these guys have been together 67 years and now we lose three of those guys. And clearly you don't have a sit back. I think equal you know what really happened is you know now he's an Akita market value and keys to my colleague and now they're driving really. Overall for the first time without a backup of gold we got there had mentioned. And then also to add to that you know most of these players we have a really young players. Or what their players get a dog teams that either they've been kicking unit player or they have played a really really significant significant role is so. You know we we we found ourselves with Mike Conley out you know and a tough situation. LE one thing that I'm a firm believer in is that. If you're around the team every day you really know what's going on. But if you're kinda watching the team from afar you may think you know what's going on which you really don't and so on to tell you what I think he's going on with Memphis and you tell me. How wrong I am. You know it's a team that played to half court style the grit and grind and it felt like over the last year or so. They wanna do incorporates enough lettuce isn't some youth they wanted to be a little more athletic more up tempo. Then they had the coaching change and now it almost feels like. They're reverting to. Kind of what they really think they are which is maybe more about half court team and they're kind of in no man's land. Right wrong or or to halfway right. Yet again and have to get I think you're right I mean obviously. People knew how we've we've we've played over the last. You know 567 years and actually have quit basketball would grind it out we were good good defense team. And now we have big guys who really did because I could could punish cash and you're right I think. Going forward we talk. And I think we still do think that is you know we need more athleticism we need more gas decade. And the basketball we need captain can go off the dribble we need to actively discuss the full work. Knock down three point shots. And given that you know we we we've done that really quickly. And tell you again I mention letting people and they Tony Allen going vintage car letting all got to go. You know has has has played a party and it did in fact this being Canada and in no means lady talked about. I think right now we just have to get a look back we have to retool. And I think it Australian remission coaching change. I think is still what are. A really good coach who who who really operating out sacked a margin to be a guy who would always pushing his player who would always thinking about you know. How we wanna play and if you're going to play a different way. It's going to take from Paris particularly if you don't play one way or you know 567 years I could take some kind of deal that changed. To build a person if you really wanted. You know like where where where he's still was going but unfortunately things didn't work out. I love what JB is doing right now. And Elliot Perry our guest here on 95 cent in the game. A Memphis Grizzlies. Radio analyst. Elliott what why didn't it worked out with David his the only hear things about her relationship with this all in. The other what they were trying to deceive their season. So with the timing of it so why didn't this don't work out because from our our perspective we cannot likely was due in two. Yeah I think you know for for whatever reason I think he gets out way he did he begin martek to get fat weigh in. I wasn't you know totally involved in. Indicated a good data data locker room conversation door and how they paid their relationship with the progress toward integration. But you know that the leadership felt like. Really it was time to to let him go I think don't go there more going on then. And I really know about partially show so you know we just moved on from from coast is still indeed and I think you know real big shock to. Pretty much everybody. To community you know that it happened so quickly. But hunt had been initially along carrying it now seems you know great coaching. Come and go. Ellie what do you say. The grizzlies need and I'm not talking necessarily about a specific player but if you could drop. One kind of player on that this roster what kind would be that would help help the most you think. Yeah I think you need get there. Well media I think you need that we got victory. You know Kubiak who who really can't put the ball in the hole really can go different things. Oh what a basketball out Saturday having to run pick and roll I think Tyreke Evans thought his team really feel it and it rolled this year. I think that's what we've been missing you know probably a little Nash or fact either you know we get into Max kicked. I think he Bowen did it Tony Allen belt got it Mike Conley and remarks also we've we've we've ever had at Jack. And three spotters to spot who really can just go get to a basket. And you guys were fortunate enough to be Pollyanna I can't do ran out you know I'll buy it. Began again like dead and you you happy to book change I think we have really good center and market straw I think we have really good point guard. And Mike Conley and we just we just don't have to Garrett sandwiched between those two guys. I could take a commercial that. LE a look at a player is still in Brooke's second round pick. Houston Tokyo may when winds up though would Memphis. He sets and some decent games here there are obviously play college followed org and follow it to the fans expect from him as it guided. You know it has been you had to step into a bigger role free gas. Yeah I think you'll be a really good player initially yet and he. Obviously he can shoot a basketball he has or he had a really really good basketball IQ. And what they have to like about a minute TV I got to panic. He'll he'll step up and take big shots he he embraces the moment. But I think you know right now we're we're using the net outlook best defender on the perimeter. And he's having to go out there regarded best player ignited in night out and now he's getting from foul trouble. Don't want they have encouraged him to do if you know if you going to be a good because a player initially. You know you might have to build that reputation and right now. Red card didn't you are making that call you I think later if you continue to be aggressive defensively. And earned a reputation I think all long term. You start due to benefit of the doubt so I really like the books. Elliott what what's the status with Mike Conley and when he might return. And have we gotten a sense of just how important Mike Conley. Is this Memphis Grizzlies team men and I don't want you just fall back on. You'll like him because he's another left handed the word on known problem like guys like I had to do. We see how much Mike Conley means to this team. Absolutely you got that thing hopefully. These things. Kind of a two week evaluation every time you got to do leave they're really evaluation of peace he could out on the court he went to a great. Practice yesterday. And then he labor deal worked out a little bit after practice gets stuff done themselves that they sheltered progression. I think my company is tremendously important to this basketball team he's always been that way you mean we blocked Conley. You know we were really good team that mean we we've we've failed. It's bad that we felt he gets his presence not being here for our basketball team you know I had the fortunate part was that we have a lot of a look at it really didn't go up. He captured. And now we really don't have that in a lot of pressure all of a market solve that. My current quarter cup point guard initially in down. And I think you know. Probably TV people he's appeared mean multi those gas have a tremendous about respect for him it didn't if you look at it nobody gonna hit and hit some of the best point guard this leak. And how do some of them ended in its name it outplayed and right there. Elliott the grizzlies you think headed for some kind of a major rebuild and I think they were certainly a team that thought they could make the playoffs again. When the season started but now that the bottom of the Western Conference and are they gonna have to take a look can you in your mind that. It may be yelled getting into that situation where they're trying to get significantly younger and in the obviously the sauls the guy that other. Other teams are gonna be interested in know what you think though the longer term. Plan is gonna be for the greatest. Larry I think I always think if all options should be on the table. Do we we don't we look at our team currently. You know with you mentioned with Canada and had no man's land you know we we really don't have activity every night at the last 56 years. We will really turned into two we were really trying to retool its shelves now is different opportunity for you to rebuild. Or else you don't know. If you don't get our dressing you know what I want to thank god it's shaking you know earlier was he I knew we would have a sit back. Get outta gas resolved. But if we don't make the playoffs you don't really dollar gets sentenced cost that we can continue to keep my can market happy and healthy. If we can get channel partners to particularly to really. Gives bank failed peace in the if you got hijacked the peace deal may have an opportunity to really each. Continue to couples incorporating young guys. Along with a high draft because he didn't you may have something but. In terms of rebuilding right now I think all options should be able to take what you basketball teams. Elliott final questions for you oh Los Charles Barkley like these today. I'll fantastic man and never dull moment in the locker room on an airplane on the bus. You know it's how fortunate enough that he really come through media and I have a great relationship with and we still communicate now but it. The one thing I'd. Do love about totally dead and you can actually daughter Karen day he speaks his mind but. He guided stick these like few he'd be really like he if he didn't he would tell you tell you for a guy who really have economy we have a lot of opportunities in Iraq will Wear. You know he did get along what some are probably don't teammates and didn't he would tell them you know and a. But really overall in the I just love playing with him he's our basketball IQ was really really high. He loved his teammates he you know but but also he had fine. Really great stuff than we appreciate it double Seattle tonight are a portrait they got to have me on. Are you gotta Elliot Perry joining us here grizzlies radio analyst and former. NBA point guard less deep as you alluded to map that 57 the game then again he was I just and my. I remember Elliot Perry with the with the suns when Barkley was still there after they've got to the finals in. We're still trying to hang in there that. Western Conference at the top pass. Couple things I remember about him and sometimes we get to be my age which you think you remember about somebody's actually wrong. He wore high socks I did. And the other thing he did was he played with a lot of joy he did he was a fun player got a lot of fun out there. He was he was enjoyable to watch and he was one of those players JD that you could tell guys like him and like plane with a. And I remember Bart I just I river and hit a shot against somebody and just keep bringing up the court he just jumped into Barkley like park with these was like on Barkley was like hold them Blix if it jumped into his office. After you hit a big shot late in the game. But yet it's still fun though it's a fun time did to be a kid in coming up and and enjoy the NBA. And Elliot Perry no small part of that with with some of the teams he played street left handed port guards nick fan pixels and assistant coach on the Memphis Grizzlies. I've forgotten that he tells me they need to trade for deer in fox holes that. I'm trying to think who are some other left handed point guards transcendence. As well I think this. Or Xena but who knows if he's right or left handed offensive and I saw a John tickets and that's done admits it did this week here in 95 syndicated welcome to you live from ORACLE Arena. Warriors in the Memphis Grizzlies tonight again at 530 tip it's the final game those. 2017. For the warriors is gone a couple of days off and in the road next week next home game. After tonight not to tell a week from Monday. On January the feet hug her. New Year's right around the corner and a couple of things we wanted to get into. On the program today it to fall with a New Year's theme. How well the old in with a nail. Allele all the birds take a look at different things. Around the league that had been around for a long time it's time to get rid of them told that as. My dad asked Simon to say hit the pipe. Ed does think she'd like to bring you in to the game. New. Vivid video rule changes schedule changes dating you're likely to open up the phone once a little bit on this if eighty date. 9579570. AAA 9579570. Something you wanna get rid of I was the old something you wanna bring in in NBA related. And also some New Year's resolutions. Will get into that coming up but as well I I've got a bunch of resolutions like it almost come up with a resolution for every team. They'll have some fun when that if you want. Resolutions for the warriors. Around the league feel free to weigh in now on the Penske auto sales doctor X line. I'm 5795. And on the phone might take 888957957. Let's go. It with the old and out with a high yeah yeah. Have you got one thing I want to bring in I'd like to bring the one and one back. To the NBA and I I don't know efficiency back because I don't know that it was ever in the NBA explained Dave. Wondered why anybody would want it you know let. Go to one and one in basketball is when the a player gets fouled. But instead of getting two free throws he gets what's called a water and wanted it means if you make the first free throw. Then you get the second free throw put if you missed the first free throw it becomes a live ball. And essentially what that does is it just puts a little more pressure on free throws. Because if you missed the far future may be given out two point wouldn't want to miss and it just puts a higher priority on making free throws. I love the rule also opens up the game right a little bit if the guy and this is your back playing yeah exactly it might be almost like you get up a little bit yeah you're right about that's I'd love I'd love the one and one to be a part of the NBA. If you come I look at this. Iron one thing I'd like to. Get rid of is I already wanna get rid of the current NBA schedule I don't like it. I don't like this October 17 start. And I don't like the NBA finals in being. Father's Day necessarily wanna you wanna put on the sooner I wanna then sooner or up what I mean in a perfect world. I look I get how the league does the playoff schedule was actually been the same feel like it it's not perfect but it's actually the toy basket is actually not as bad. As people think let's say as you want it. You know the game's end the season ends in late June you you would like to wrap it up early June right that's what you're saying we ought to be wanna go later but I. I'm finally till later but get a July yeah why not. That's a dead period that the dead zone right now the NBA is August right. And they trade the training camp start and September so basically you're saying let's let's take the playoffs through July case at all just free agency here NBA training camp starts. That baseball see the regular season and baseball still go into the NFL's played like three actual games. And training camps are restart and now you're starting the year October said that when I say it is to move it back. I would. You think I'm crazy eyed look back two months. So this season would start in December. Yeah and ended may be all this add in what they did August and called the WNBA. Did your head in your free agency would be right after that it get your free agency period would I eat. Basically right around the end of August. Early September and then but then you're dead zone. You're dead zone becomes. Basically member I'll tell exactly when you've got baseball going on he got football start to ramp up I'm I'm. To me it's all about the viewer it's all about the viewer the listener. It's all about. One dead. I want people's sports plates to be balance. Yeah for me it's about me and that. Routine. Don't wanna give up those summer months you sued new routine video can be tool to getting new routines tomorrow. All you know you always tell you you're always the guy that says well you get defense. You think it does it's true all you like you look at I would say thirties you'll like it when you're fifty you think you're done particularly full. They Popovich said he is not coaching your basketball game once Zapatista hearts you heard say that right of course he did. Now you know what it's it's not the craziest thing I want you pop the Fitch takes enough nights off where his coach his team in December at the the so we started on Popovich. Now we won't we well I haven't I got so. It still the Bane now why don't my body image golly can't you work in a puppy did he work into barred Gregg Popovich. Come on. But there coaching the NBA making millions of dollars. Yeah I like what often matters. Now he he well again soon you're talking about this we just pretty impressed his real Abbie look the basketball popped out the real life Popovich I don't have an issue. Gotcha at all let's. Let's redo the entire block charge. And let's make almost the rule that most calls. Are gonna end up being in blocks rather than charges. It's it just boggles my mind that the league. Wants to promote offense they wanna promote exciting play they wanna promote high flyers. And yet they're gonna. Re war to the block and tell me if you if you think a block charge is even close to 5050. Please call or block just please call it a blog why. Why is because. It it. It gives. None athletic non basketball type players an advantage that they shouldn't have I. I like what they did to be more excited so what I would like to see is let's encourage shot blocking. Rather than taking of a charge so my thing is let more stuff go with the rim when a guy tries to dunk there's little contact at the rim. You know what let's that would go wide because I like the weighted defensive player went up athletically challenged the nobody wants to see a guy come in underneath. And put a thought in a player's head are there not jump here because this guy may slide under me. I think it's and I think it's way more dangerous when guys sliding to take charge then when they go up high. To try to block a shot and I just I just do. Aren't I've got it in with the new it's kind of fidelity old at the same time I'll want to implement replay everything I want told Melissa Reid play reform. Where every play everything everything you can take a look at why not. Just get the calls right 100% of the time OK now. Like two minutes into a game. May be a death the tweak it works down the stretch what is it about a coaching chat leash I well look total replay reform as well I'm going out there how you do it. I don't wanna get all I only get carried away here with that but to meet up I think you almost have to have a designated official. Watch Jeanne. Every game whether that's in new Yorker whether that's in the arena maybe there's a replant maybe there's a room in the arena this guy becomes a traveling all the right. Kind of a thing where they watched the game. And if there's something egregiously misses. He can buzzing and they're gonna take a look at it like to meet key but he's in control of that the rats run that gave big guide to three on the court run the game. To the best of their ability and there's just Ed there's one other person. Assigned to that game specifically for guys can buzz it'd be like Gil we're gonna take a look at this. Here there. OK let's let's let's do this there were three places weaker three types of plays that were interesting you tell me you would have go to your new rule. I LeBron with 25 seconds to go drives gets a little bump. Byte array it that he goes up to the rim the league deemed it was a foul the warriors got that ball how does that. Well they wouldn't let it go to it would buzz down innocent or not take a look at that planned route and you know what there what it looked at in that moment they would've looked at an out moment that LeBron James got fouled twice okay and that the ball went out of bounds on LeBron James so at that point. There's two things you can do you can either say. He got fouled out high. Ball on the side or they were on the penalty can't remember if they were two free throws. Or you can say he got foul on the shot two free throws or third option you can say is. The ball it's gonna be Cleveland ball on the side because they should have called a foul they didn't so we're gonna split the difference right Jack I'll. I believe and a common sense throughout wildfire I mean I don't know. I don't disagree and common sense rule is or can they do we're not gonna give them the shots but we're gonna get on the ball laconic central with the way the officials raft for generations Janet chefs know if the result. Exactly I would wake. And that happens who's gonna be mad at that nobody's gonna be mad at that and if the warriors are ticked. In that instance and won an explanation that all you got to do was say look we missed the foul call right you should be on the line but he's not. Right so. Pipe down. What about the hardened stuff from that this. Pardon from the Houston game let's say they had a coach's challenge for example in the second wanted it there Tony. Throws the challenge that that was in charge. All James Harden against Marcus marked the second one what's that while you review it if you look at it in and that's where it's a judgment call because it's tough is there enough it. Video evidence to overturn to meet the second won't what they got overturned the first good and you could make it caves. He did push off. And then lastly what about just what that you just you say hey we screwed that call up. Morgan inbounded again. Okay that last one we saw last night Milwaukee vs Oklahoma City that would shouldn't be honest answer the call both drove baseline stepped on the line scored. They want the ball that shouldn't happen I agree that he's he's clearly stepped on the line so that's a perfect example of in my replay world. Forget this stuff about triggers an all there was no triggered a look. Get the guy. Nobody knew what I knew I stepped in advance how can that not get call that was the work we come back to common sense but in this instance with my eight scenario. You've got your guy in the room at the Reno that clearly sees oh my goodness that was closer look like my stepped out of bounds were oh look at it he looks said he does he steps out he stepped out of bounds. Easy call one point eight seconds heard over one point eight were gone the other way no basket. To me it doesn't take that long to get that right in here's the other thing if you're getting more of these calls right I don't care for it takes a little bit longer. Because there's one thing I'm sick and here it is people whining about. Two minutes here or there that's their look at that stuff at the table who cares it's 20 that's OK maybe your game ended up. Eight minutes longer five minutes longer really. We're all here all day I get bug when icy media members complained about that. Well I think it's two things so one night I hate to break it the flow that's it's more that it's more the flow then that extra twelve minutes of a game and then I do think I. I didn't think this at first but you may be giving one team. An advantage that maybe doesn't have any timeouts. And now all of a sudden there's a two or three minute break. Which is it's better at a time out you get a timeout you get rest. And you get the set up your defense or offense given situation. By the way I got to say this the worst piece of officiating. Of all the three to me clearly was air to to call ball yeah you're official on the baseline you can not. Miss a call when a guy steps of a lot accuses us that's not a judge and all that's just been. You saw a lot of money ought to look cute look for certain things and here's the other thing any of the other two officials could see that from where they wish position. John tickets and that's diamonds NBA this week were halfway through it a Saturday your phone calls. I would the old. It with a new and also New Year's resolutions we'll discuss knife I said in the game. I'm 579570. For blatant. Thank my seven. Thank MTV the sweet ride from Oracle's. And we're doing now a New Year's resolutions. If you got one for the warriors. Or for another NBA team and also a plane allow the old in with the news we had depth toward the end of Tony seventeen. And on in 22018. Let's keep moving here get to the calls Jeff in San Francisco. I 95 cent in the game gets is tipped off they just. What's up. We didn't want. Jeff Jeff is done let's try Paul in Oakland Paul for just the all 95 set in the game. The morning guys. Are all likely I would actually like to do. Out with a new fan and might be old and here's I'm talking about. And I know this dates me but I grew up watching and oh teams in the NBA. Wearing like a lighter uniforms right. Why did whatever purple and gold whatever your collar work. Announced the bids they got destroyed in the NBA went on teams wears a dark jerseys. So therefore in the NFL. I'm not down once there it makes the home he looked like the Bentley came. That's my New Year's resolution. All upon pre show this is actually the first year I got a little background or give an honor this is the first year because of the New Jersey deal with Nike in the NBA. Each team has four different jerseys now. They have a white one. I traditional colored Jersey for the warriors that's the blue jerseys and if the white home. As is they've had the last few years the blew away and then there's two alternates. As the warriors alternates are the woman or a last night the Y eight with it the old like eighty style logo I with the California and the star. And then the fourth one is the town. Which is the slate 10 the town in the Slater the same one yeah the town as the dead town as the new slate. Now what's interest being. Yet there's no such thing anymore in the NBA as home right ends up a home Paul you're right the home team picks. Which Jersey they want aware of the force and make it tied to a promotion if they want they can tie it way right tied to whatever. You know foot and it will be get on a winning streak could automate key Blair and. We're we're like for example the warriors I believe short clear coming up for the Chinese being uniform I saw all. Is down and out lie or did they get a few without or is that that that I live inside one of the one of the four shirt she came you can weigh you don't I mean like is that. One of those four shirts that it is. Along with other shirts and assert both planets actually fifth one for them it's a fifth different want. But virtually got four BL well apparently there's an. And Paul there so yeah Metallica I do it's played OJD's I gotta tell you not been there they've always been different. Like Christmas there was different rice warns not this year and actually night he got there was the few people wrote about. In that Nike screwed up what they were unprepared. Because Nike didn't have. Specific all villagers ease into waited there been holiday agers these for our Christmas I remember the red and green socks on Christmas I like those in fact I remember the first time they were those all the media got a pair. And I would Wear nose green athletic socks for a little while none out in public but I was where around the house because those NBA Sox keep your feet nice and warm. They're really good side is a confusing you when you watch games on a nightly basis it has Neil little to be honest. I can tell you I haven't given it any thought but Paul is not the first person who brought this up. If it's obviously struck a chord with with maybe more people than you think I'd really I don't really care. I don't but I could see how it might be confusing to. Then maybe more casual fan that they turn on the game they. They got to figure out which team is which and they just see the warriors are players. Fedoruk also the hardware why all used tonight is an example the warriors are gonna Wear the sleep. Challengers he's right OK for the grizzlies are probably gonna Wear the white. Right so the cannot do anything they want hurt or did they give restrictions because the warriors are wearing. We'll actually that's my point if the grizzlies are Wear white tonight and the warriors are aware in this late if you're just flipped and on that game and a bar in Kansas City right. You think in the grizzlies are they in this in this plate because that's closer to their normal. Like if you're watching here probably think in the grizzlies in why are the warrior. Mike what I EI Helio locked inside. Big deal my question is this if the warriors have four you were forced to choose from an auto one given night they choose a specific uniform. To where does that stand restrict what the other team can weigh Erik yeah they can't Wear. There water to my closest I believe them but I believe they cannot Wear like he couldn't he you can't Wear. Two colors that are clothing similar okay. But there have been games this year right seen red and green on the throne at the same time got you there. RC like the nets couldn't play the spurs in their blacks. Friends but I also I'm not I don't think the nets well I I also don't think it team that wears blue like I don't think the warriors could Wear blue. If the grizzlies were aware and like their there'd charcoal or blue cash charges that the air I thought he had it. I would think even though it's clearly different colored balloon ride I would think that's. That would be accurate John Dickinson climates here NBA this week in 957 McCain gene in Oakland is next. Hey guys have we know we're paging. Save future. Thank you. So of the older lover but sure there are the dirt in New York it's time. That's a dramatic shift. Well I think he's ready and I think that ever done I mean that then left but any indication I really think. He's 34 info we can't move and and how they have a few. Our hearts screen left in him but I think he's signed a sort of loud dispatchers. Our Jeanne we appreciate the call that I want to ask you this yeah. The last night's game I look at Dwight Howard going off last night have a great game. I thought more than anybody that died he took it too was Jordan down I did think he embarrassed us up Pachulia only Pachulia played great. But I don't think Pachulia was the main problem last night in terms of why he got don't. No I I think bell was it was a bigger culprit. I thought it comes out of that game it says will Jordan bell. Got manhandled by Dwight Howard got dominated but people come out of the game thinking hadn't thought god Zaza got to go. We know it's funny after every game is that. After every game there's a lot of fancy lighting this guy play what that guy play what I've already heard a few times about last night's game is why JaVale McGee play. And the only answer I have is. I don't know but I don't know why didn't play the I can only give you ideas and they're not gonna be satisfying to somebody who wants Mickey apply like. The day before Kerr said he essentially out of the rotation so if he's out of the rotation. He didn't think to go to him that night but then you can disable so what are these other notation one game comeback in the next. You can play that game every night but I do think if you wanted to play it last night you might have had more the case with JaVale McGee but. I mean think about it we're where we're warn the thirteenth or fourteenth man to play. And and it may have. Dictated the outcome I don't know make maybe Mickey would have given him problems either Jordan both gonna give him some problems but. Jordan belt which is kinda over. Matched. Yes it surprised me 8889579570. Tripoli. 957957. No more of your phone calls out when the older with a new. And I've got some resolutions for a handful of NBA teams mad I know you'll come up with a couple as well we'll do that. When we come back here and any facet of the game. They'll make a bolder ranch. Delve deeply about. Just going to call there yelled to keep her after the ball game on Wednesday night he thought you know maybe this is the team that that game big. Start to click for a meeting without curry offensively. We found out last night now not exactly but that runs ending because Stefan curry coming back tonight. Yeah they couldn't come back at a better time. Not only for the warriors but I think for staff himself because he plays tonight. Yes three days off to look at how the ankle responds. You gave him more than enough time. And I think the team right now is mentally tired I think and we heard it last night post game to be there they want him to come back because they needed jolt I think. But we're talking about. New Year's resolutions. For NBA teams have for the warriors if you got one for the warriors she can chime in an 889579570888. 9579570. And also if you wanna go out the old Emily knew we did that last segment we'll get more and a resolutions but either of those are on the table. Before you on the phone lines and we will have to bon Temps in the Washington Post joining us. Coming up but at the top of the hour as well. Before we get to resolutions of fifty yards doctor I 95 cent in the game on the phones what's going on yard doctor in Napa. They'd like Jewish joke. I got a different take on this LeBron and Katie okay here's my two minute report. Don't shot was blocked clean. Then look law and try to really controlled the ball and never did so it's a loose ball. OK so weakens we can come in and fight for them loose ball a little bit so no well. And then minors towards now with the new and then with the goal. K I don't mean yes she yeah group toward K kids got crap on Twitter. K all of my own two men who poured out god highlights our watch that play about ten times and I have my report actually. And as far as resolution. For the lawyers are like this year mall where this same color shoes some day okay. I. I yard doctor in Napa checked in and here I 95 cent in the game by year's resolution for the warriors stop complaining and quit crying at the refs don't lead the league in technicals the second half of the season. Act like you're champion you are and it. Enough food feeling persecute. I mean. There's no conspiracy. That the referees. Officiate as well as they can and they don't screw anybody in particular. Any more than anybody else so. Even Steve Kirsch said it. And even more important Tom Izzo said it got a got a quick cry. Minds Chile go out to the Cleveland Cavaliers and it's going to be. Go ahead now go I jumped together in that they would connect. The other Napa two days ago now they need a break this season helped break the seasons are growing middle wind LeBron said he really really appreciated sir what can now play after the warriors. Took care of democracy away. After it was after the warriors who was it after they got run out of Sacramento. It was two days ago. So that would have been Thursday's who's actually after they got so crazy you played it to play the game against the warriors which carry no weight and Corey JR Smith. And then you go you don't even show wolf that Sacramento you get run out of the building you let Vince Carter scored 24 points on ten of twelve shooting. And then eight and why you do that gives you don't give a rip -- thinking about drinking wine. The next day in Napa everything in moderation militia question Warren act include every Saturday he should. And we have a glass of water arranged it thins your blood eviction were activists say they should Klestil one day. Actually makes you more healthy apparently the bronze been dipped it into the female regularly lately nobody says he said he cities have and what about RC about a glass a day you you said I'm playing the best basketball my career and lately have been drinking about a glass of wine a day that's not that's my. Moderation is a bad thing completed Tuesday. This bust 33 birthday today LeBron to have people are now more on 303034. There's 33 years old steadily since 1957. Pretty much or put out my resolution goes out to the cats. Take sucked then too seriously for one time a look at it the cats their losses this year for their losses this year jabs a loss to Orlando. At home. They lost at Blair is Roland earlier loss at Brooklyn. They've lost at home to Atlanta up. They lost without the second best player. All year they lost at Sacramento trying to incorporate new players like Jae Crowder and Jeff Green. Lost at home Eric new lows amid Dwyane Wade they need about a half a year to figure things out JD and I think come February we'll be. They'll be raring to go. Take regular season games a little more seriously okay. That's my resolution for the cast. Don't completely just let everybody know your boldly go through the motions to where you lose. Say. I'd like to see some health for Joseph well. Indeed Joey see what this guy can do if you can play 75 games. The poor guy. You know. What I am worried that he's got to go the way of a Bill Walton. Tori yeah Al being or maybe even know who else guess we're just never gonna see. This player at his peak. For more than limited amounts of time and it's really too bad because he Timmy is one of the most unique talents. In the league and we just. We just don't get to see him enough so I want our Jo Ellan. He could be healthy. I can't think it's an outside admits there NBA this week down I 957. Big game. Some New Year's resolutions. I'd like to see the Celtics win the Eastern Conference. Okay I don't think it's gonna yeah. Happen but I'd like to see it in May to this kind of goes intentionally I think it probably it cavaliers take it does not take it thinks seriously but I was watching the game on Thursday night. And I just have such a respect. For how hard they play even when they don't happen and in that they have I think maybe two of the best wins. In the NBA this year when you look at them being down big at home for the warriors and being down big at home to the rockets. And essentially. Coming back and winning those games because of their defense because they decided mig gave when they were trying to get handled. That Gilroy they're gonna win it is if they hold those teams under a hundred and then they do. But guys I I give him credit for being there aren't many teams that can't do that. I give the Celtics credit for their. Ability to do that and I just the the building is paused in their eyes I love watching games in Boston. And he'll be any Cleveland the last couple years and take nothing away from them it's been a great atmosphere they're based. As much as the warriors would probably win the series in 45 games regardless of who they play. I used a tunnel like to see Boston. In the. Finals again cut fair enough I'd like to. Get Tom Thibodeau. Some prescription drugs some well future and in some Zoloft. Was very anti anxiety drugs but have you ever seen. A more crazy person on the sidelines. I mean Tom Thibodeau always absolutely positively. A flat out mad men on the bench and he's just got to calm down a little bit and he's coaching veteran type players now. And yes so. Sometimes if you tape will future and Zoloft in conjunction. It can really have a powerful that that's what my sources say so I'm gonna I'm gonna say that Tom Thibodeau needs to just. Chill out a little bit wheel to self. It was Tom Thibodeau sat in and watch Steve Kerr San Diego laid back training camp music playing in. In 45 minutes in and out of the GAM they had decided he took look at it and he was excited that's exactly. I'm not gonna do. He decided you know one that works through these guys that's not working for my team that has expectations to go from bad to good coach and Zach Levine anymore he can relax a little you know what though he's coaching a team that needed to be good well maybe the stakes are highest coach and that team. Like a guy that if it were. Was start to go ride his butt was gonna be on a hot crew quickly and I you know what I'll give pivotal credit. Beat it because they even a couple of bad losses like any other team but they're 22 at fourteen and I'm a big on the big. What pace or Yond done. They're on pace to win fifty games of the timberwolves win fifty games. Tom Thibodeau did exactly what was expected of him this year so I actually am I tip my cap for 10 AM. In this instance for being a little bit of a control freak. And DN a little bit of a madman on the sideline because. I think he's got a team that drives him crazy. It needs to be reined in so it's it's a combination that's how he is anyway but this team I think also gets under his skin a little bit. I could see that I just worry about the guys' health and you think I'm kidding I'm not I'm not kitten the guy sweats profusely. Little bit overweight. He stressed out of his mind. I worry about tips now more about him. Yet another one idea. Whatever Dwight Howard did last night. He should resolve to bottle it. Because I have not seen that Dwight Howard an agent go against a rookie undersized every thing you do that's who he might have a rookie next game minerals. Stick and he's just. That last night's performance. From Dwight Howard is why he's so mad men and I think it's why he's so polarizing too because you see what he's capable of and he did things last night. I mean he had a spin move on the baseline for don't buy bell he faced up and knocked down huge Tim Duncan bank Shaq from the mid post. Previously made nine of twelve free throws. So you know it just to prove that I'm not a hater. How would like to see Dwight Howard beat like that moral thing. I got a New Year's resolution for the Sacramento Kings. Have a young player. Beat dominate any game they win one time this year they've actually had some sneaky. Pretty good wins to be the warriors to be the cavs this week. Credit where credit is due but every time you look at them after a big game they we go well but then when that game. Zach Randolph thirty Vince Carter 260 George Phillips 45 he's yelled at the four or five times he's done that it feels like they've won. They're a tough spot is they're actually competitive and waited some games but they're doing it. In a manner where none of their young players are getting much better it could be scary. For their long term viability are two hours down. One hour to come to bon Temps Washington Post joining is next here in 957 game.