Sean Doolittle gives a final farewell as he bids goodbye to the Bay

John Dickinson On Demand
Monday, July 17th

Roxy Bernstein and John Dickinson are joined by former Athletics pitcher Sean Doolittle for a final goodbye because he heads to the nations capital after his trade to the Nationals.


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He's been so great to us here on 95 point seven games since he's been with DA's gracious at this time a great interview just a great person tock just had many conversations would do. In the clubhouse John Doolittle joins us now. With the Washington Nationals it is Strauss strange not to say the Oakland a's along with John Dickinson Roxy bursting with DA and and do appreciate the timing you squeezing its and I know it's really hectic for you and what's past who have been just a crazy 36 hours. Man and I astronomy. It's been it's been a world Sinhalese. You know get the news yesterday morning in. The package in the they yesterday in the market not playing here a little bit of course of course I. I traded to the team plays you know he then. My first game with them are going to be against Anaheim angels didn't. And we hear other orca. You had to have an inkling that you could possibly. Be on the move or is all the talk certainly about DA's in rebuilding and going younger. But win the finality of its John hits you and you get that notification. That you had been traded what was that like for you feeling that you betrayed for the for the first time. Our men who isn't a flood of emotions. Because acute. I have heard a name and rumors organized and I agree with your organization on to note that the deadline. Its work on and it we're gonna make some loose. So ignore ignore the possibility. But again like I heard my name rumors in years past or whether the oxy and our current deadline it. In the endgame of such occurrences. In I was aware of responsibility but really tried Q. You had gotten. And focus from what I do it as a cliche that's now so you can tackle in the back your mind and you know when went well now he called me in the office. Yesterday morning. It really and anything. He or didn't have no alarm. You know he called me and called other guys to talk from time to time. I particularly think about it. And I turned the corner. Or sit in the corner and you know I knew I knew what was come. So I'd destroy this or where they're. Okay it was due to injury serial. Is mr. and it still hasn't obviously to send Kenya. Uses. A lot. Every emotion you can patent. Shop when you look at you know that this time that you came up but an in 2012. And obviously guys end up with that went in the division at twelve and thirteen and and make the playoffs in fourteen after haven't a great year. Up until August 1 but is there a favorite memory of of doubt that three year span Iman I know they all didn't end it may be the way you wanted to but there were somebody special teams and and moments all the walk offs and and twelve I mean is there one moment or game that stands out to you above the rest. Comment. I've got that question a couple of times and I can't I can't pinpoint just one. 2012 literate special season. Making my debut obviously don't be highlighted by. You know for true achieved that so many young guys. That we rolled into the playoffs by that time but I think turner eleven repeat on the roster of all the lock arts. On the horizon and you know all that stuff was really really special and I think it's become even more special. As I've had more time in the lead to realize. Iran and how hard it is to do what we are who we want any organ failure. And I think I have a different appreciation for. Really special right here war. And then obviously to back it up the next year get elected to the austerity at fourteen what sticks in my teammates. In as in it's I feel very fortunate that. I have so many memories that that he would step depicted one. John Doolittle pitcher now with the Washington Nationals former rays lefthander traded of course yesterday joining us here on 95 point seven a game and shot for you what is the hardest thing about this move there and all of a sudden you're c.s in. Gets jolted with being dealt to another organization. And action you know it's. I'd been here for so long. This might hear in the organization congress'. Stick here. Here in Oakland. And you know I was so invested in in what we were were given here I was invest in the community. You know you feel like you're part of the organization. And you know it is. Shouldn't think of one man. One and it's like out like little steamy. A piece of this team movement forward. Well now it's like there's another team out there that thinks that maybe Ryan and I are pieces that are maybe missing or that can really help them. I'm so that's why outcome that. You know those mixed emotions especially initially when that news. But you know I think just. Because this is the only place I've ever known because that fans embraced me here the way they did. You know it was. Yeah it was a shock. It's at least yesterday morning. The shot when you look at the future and and go on to Washington anyway we've got their game on or how their. Up again and in the late innings in and look and when that nine and a half game lead in the National League east and you'll obviously join up with them man in Anaheim but. Just how exciting is the opportunity. To deal potentially get back to the post season again and also no way you and Ryan that that you're going to. To help may be what what's been a problem area for this team I mean they they went apple few guys because. Because they need jet did as sort of the last touch to maybe being a championship team and now. How exciting is that opportunity. It's incredibly exciting. I'm thrilled about it. Choose to have landed there com. You know I really couldn't be happier with that as a landing spot obviously what they've accomplished so far this season. Speaks for itself. You know they day. There offense the way they swing the bat there's this starting stack up against. Yeah in the bullpen may be has been a little bit inconsistent but I am happy to be on over there Ryan. I think we worked really well off each other here in the past couple years. I've learned a lot from him. Octave and a lot. And you know to have to have a veteran guys that's. That's won two World Series. That's pitched on some of the biggest stages in the playoffs to be going over there were them. I think really really helps. On the you know it also notes that since two hours two hours from where I grew up. And like you are sore went to college. So. I do have a little bit of kind of a support network there. There as well so. There's there's relief there's a lot to be excited about. Welcome a book report there. And John disorganization. Did in Billy Beane talked about it yesterday the days. But clearly in a rebuild mode now they're trying to build for the future. But you play rely these young guys for example shaman diet terrific performance yesterday. And what Matt Chapman did over the weekend in what we've seen flashes from all these young players Bruce Maxwell has come up. And had an impact. Do you like that young nucleus do you like did what the a's had have for the future with those young players are trying to build around. I electoral and I like it a lot and I know. You know is fair election in June just before sure. You know what yeah the whole build and receding quite. You know this is the first time ever since that 2012. Team land they had so many. Young guys that came out to reorganization that guy. You know promoted chewed the big leagues. And it's a group that played together for years them weeks they're all really close. Hey that one's together at the minor leagues which I think you can't teach an old in my daily when you get used to winning in London. What that's all you know. It becomes ingrained in you and they come up here and I think you could tell by the way they compete and then some of the core competence that they the game went. So you know it it it is really group. And you know based and it's and should be excited because that'll. I don't very billing process it it might not take along these guys these guys effectiveness there's so many. You know it it it might not might not be much process. Sonny you've been such a big dance Breivik the way to sand specially the bleachers have been adopted you and rallied behind you and gotten. Behind you from the first day you came out there and they tell Lovett he of course there. Would win the Metallica players are coming out of the bullpen they're all bang in airheads try to get jacked up right out there on the mound with you but. I know you've got to a lot to do it but one last name because it's I know you sent that a great tweet but here's your opportunity to speak to the fans a lot of your fans a's fans. Listen the station religiously so what would you like to say to them. Here and at a five point seven again. Yeah I really well thank you. Like that are oxygenate. Him great streaks. They want your column appears in 2012. Slim. I was a kid that was no beard and really light Italy you're an unannounced. And you know based they stuck with me. You know there were some there are some ups and downs and it was a bit of a roller coaster ride at times I know they are really good times and there are also some really frustrating times. I spent on the DO. Some C and under are under it and but it'll be the energy that they cry. Com. The support that they showed me. It helps me feel at home here helped to elect a part more than just baseball team rhetoric like I was part of the community and yup so immediately want out there every now and it and leave it out there I feel like I let slide. Where are on the mound every time. I walked out. And I Wear the uniform because the way that it is and the community embrace so. You know based all the small world. I'm sure obviously and a lot down the road. Well as somebody got to see up close and talk to you I can't thank you enough for just the person that you aren't great to deal won't talk to you in the clubhouse at great watching you. It's video clip made it stinks we knew you you get to her. Leave the days and in go to a different organization though wish you success and hope everything works out great period Washington. And the best of luck John thanks so much for everything. Or. John Doolittle who will be joining the Washington Nationals. Who was traded yesterday from the gaze to the nationals you'll join that team down in Anaheim tomorrow appreciate him squeezing his CNN.