Scott Pruett

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, September 13th

Matt Steinmetz and Daryle “The Guru” Johnson  are joined by Scott Pruett (NASCAR driver) to discuss Laguna Seca raceway, perception that drivers aren’t athletes, the balance between bravery and stupidity, safety in motor sports.


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Joining us right now. Scott Pruitt he's in NASCAR driver. On January 26 2000 at seventeen he was named to the motor sports hall of fame of America he also owns. Pruitt vineyards in northern California. It's got will be competing at the continental tire Monterrey Grand Prix at Mazda raceway Laguna sake get in Monterey September 21. Through the 24 advance tickets for the event started just 35 dollars. And include pit passes free grandstand seating free parking autograph sessions and more Scott thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it. Great being here and. Or yeah local. Yeah I'd really is. I know a little bit about motor sports and I know that Monterey and Sonoma are road courses as opposed to the oval. How much different of a race is a road course and noble. We know we need and we worked so we're here. You know to great draft and I actually know mine and and the difference it will will be ration and mare. And they're not like. No they're not like the course it's it's it's no breaking news it's minutes it's you know turn left turn right and in a lot of back to an incident there. You know. You get your. Rookie all star. Well you know we're gonna beside me you know. So yeah. See. He would have to work well. Actually it. He's got the one thing that's kind of a stereo type but I just wanna give you a little quick little story. When you talk about race car drivers and and whether they're athletes are now. And I always. Had my opinion of it but about fifteen years ago I went up to Sonoma and I interviewed mark Marten. And at that time he was. Starting to lift weights and I he was one of the first guys tend to. Build up his body. But through that interview. And then watch in the race that day I realize that. Motor sports guys are absolutely athletes because they deal with. Focus strength. Endurance. All that kind of thing I mean Dick do you care about the perception at all or do you just do your thing. Well I. You know I mean I don't like being tried. At the end it started racing go cars you're born Californian and a little. Did you know uncle are sort artwork are in your IndyCar and NASCAR and sports cars. You know all along the way people. That you I'll. Allied let in racing and you didn't Brothers something like me under. A uttered racial out here again. Our next weekend it advocate it you you're doing all. All the things up about strengthening earned and then your. Coaching levels. You know you'd EG. A lot. As well as yet. And you know you're no other cars suit and underwear or gloat shutter. As well. Under 15128. Caught so you're what Limbaugh. You work your butt off and you're doing it where usually have a fine now go out there and use your you know from the start. The green flag that is usually the checkered. You what you're doing it at that hopeful it will. Scott with all sports you know there are dangers and I believe your profession doesn't get enough credit for the bravery that you guys show. When you get into those cars that can you talk to us how you deal with that or is that just like other sports you don't think about it when you're you know in the moment. Yeah you know what I I don't know if you bring your later. I figured out what. Portland. You know I didn't over the years that arc and send my ankles and equities. That back elbows weird. Shoulders and you need so many thing. Hopefully yours but well I'll look at a low rate of that the competition and level she loses with Lou. You know the organization. I love and it every level so. Even more time we do it your own backyard. Bob Zoellick added yeah me. We can deal. Now what am and now he's moderate. And cancel the court. Scott Pruitt NASCAR driver joining summits in guru on 95. Point seven the game. Football right now is in the spotlight because of quote unquote safety issues in the concussion issue. Back in 1990s you had a pretty severe crash in which you really injured both your legs. Has motor sports. Evolved in terms of safety from that time and it's hard to believe it's 25 plus years ago. If you were to have that same accident today god forbid would you would you have been safer than you were ninety. Absolutely I mean that is one K. You. We didn't know it works every year that attracts it's safer or are these facilities goes to try and you know more runoff and more safer barrier. And you know more look. Safety are on year that your level. Picture safer and you know the equipment that we your kidneys ticket to get it hurts community and the sport note Adam. You know what the issue a word out there right now it is contrast. Whether it will all are either are our Sara on motorsports. And now what we even more or we actually got their exit we grew and ask. And it's it say about that about the two minutes and accuse. The medical people all an understanding of how you'll work your race are and how it is so it. COLT who Udall however you do have some where else in the actually you know what some sort of numbers. I surround it sort of understanding. You know they can play what's happening and and you know what it would look like port. Hey Scott thanks so much for joining us really appreciated and good luck down in Monterey thank you. Up thank god really be yeah. All right that's Scott Pruitt NASCAR driver he's going to be down in Monterey. The 21 and 24 of September.