Scott McCloughan

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, October 11th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Scott McCloughan (former 49ers and Redskins GM) to preview the 49ers/Redskins week 6 matchup.


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He has got any particular part of a day air and that decides point seven again how are you studs up some rest of the story. As curt does it was fired up that day when he when he got to decide you after the game. Those letting most important. He did towards me. He's given in a McDonnell and anything good gesture dvd review board the most what. One again and then he would try to do about it. And they get that would come up until they're better later that year. And broke my head members like Ortiz and be like this out you like now well he's just excited smoke marijuana can always come and go look at. Tell me about him as a leader Chad we'll get into his says skill set then you know your great talent and evaluated throughout the years of the niners and all throughout the league and Redskins you know I'm so well. Just as far as his leadership we heard Jeff Garcia was on earlier reminded us this story's got a office. There Redskins park Corey studying video so obviously he's well prepared and just tell me the whole off the field much Allan Kirk cousins got. You know what he's he's he's a really good palm you know he's the go to person as a player and usually the ball where. He birdied about the team. And he did well being prepared and and go back much developed Schmidt machine gun America and they're trying to do everything right yeah you do not win then there are charter from where. You know coach told you something you're gonna endure you know group from my standpoint the preparation murder endured. It could do the key because. The generations of change so much you know my twenty plus your slowly. Toward earth it would choose you know playing football is all we do boom boom boom boom but nowadays with these these younger guards. Try and thorough all of the nuances that they can do something and I made them better make the team better and there's so much gentler smolder so much social media involved. They're good it's amazing. How the game has changed. It's still you know known guys or caller and one play hard and Warner helped Timor and that's what you need an imminent and it never occurred groups that that's what he's done. Scott McClellan mentioned Al Smith with the niners a course of vice president of player personnel 2005 through a seven GM. For a couple of years from now when Alex was brought in and out. Former GM of the Redskins and a great to have on this week with a managed like the Redskins to get both sides of the equation here any actions I would pop in Vontae united five point seven a game. I cousins skill set and Alex was the number one overall pick in the draft cousins went. In the fourth round and it's funny twelve draft curiously the same year the Redskins got traded up JJ draft Robert Griffin the third. When I look at cousins I think he does just about everything above average. There are there any areas of his game that are weak and what are some of the areas where you are great image that's out the value later Scott really highly. Important thing thing about it he's he's not special knows so well he looked old crew part time people desperate to go one. Our our roads even roads among certain New York Montel Williams and he understands you are urged to repeat Neiman with a play called. He of course you've been run at the global. Search solemn. He goes yeah he's truss special instrument they were there the last few years when out of directions and then would you right now. He's he's he's got talent to win. But again it's it's good there's nothing really Vegas about a gain. Separate fact may be used to it and provides not now I'm hard on quarterbacks because my first or perhaps years or more brought forward. And that's all you do as everybody else. You know assaulted her energy employees who would call home players. Know him incurred won't do that. If I'm not Kirk whatsoever. It's just the fact that he wants to please. They're being held wanna do you want to please. You know and it's good intended to have talent produced no matter what and so much farther social quarterbacks and throw they're all in the numbers are screwed up last few years. Bird present sort for the student life student and it's been very impressive and also. Gordon. Adjectives on the unsure what agreement factors before you joined the the 49ers and I mean to interrupt you but. So you if you went to Washington right when Kirk cousins became the guy there even this our charter you know every game at two years you would there be thirty all thirty games you start the for sure you won the division. To completion percentage numbers. We're really high. You know a 4100 yards and less your 4917. It's almost got you the playoffs last year that. Two interception game at the end against the giants and you lined up you know losing. I just one game after 97. Your year before you went at 871. So this up to date and I know your offseason was tumultuous for Dan Snyder Bruce and Allen all played out what your situation. But from what you were able to know going into this situation the one franchise tag the second franchise tag at 24 million and now what they have to do. How do you that well why you are they the Redskins at where they're at with cousin Scott Reese played under the franchise tag. For two straight years in how do you think this plays out what day. What they tag a quarterback at third straight year. Help from the standpoint a little lower its umbilical Richmond heard two years or hello. Com you know my doctor JER one through the autopsy on Michael. One through traded put the moon we made his children as a group B and blues turn. Also the gruesome. Was the fact. If you look toward corporate crooks recorder clerk and Val and that you know and at other players you know are part of coaches you know. And burner for the head coach Steve Robinson mine of data. They're good to where we have to go under I told you agree you know who would you gonna do all right and and go for long term and therefore had gone and you know the thing about Robert Griffin known he was so popular. They're like well no we can't do that right now from the standpoint there. Do you know what he's he's also Kurt and do it would you have improved we can bush understood. You know here you have polish arts film apart from Egypt there. Your own political OK guys guys are total respect. You know have no problem with that. Occurred proved Greta weigh in in you know there's players not build men. There are respect and trust. And newspaper men because they identified where you know who can and can't do it. And then boom is the better player in more than accretion preacher preaching style competition. Brother didn't Seattle but didn't stand firm. The best man wins out. Doesn't matter who support trumpet good man in the first trumpet it doesn't matter who you're Goodyear won here or reduce some of something accord called Trajan. Does not matter you have to identify. What's best for the organization what's good for the team in how you're ones. And I knew that that's what we can do is go in there created you don't normally get Robert whatsoever and the other moral you know worked easier course. Often contributor. To the playoffs and have a home game and then come tell the time went down there and got them you know bush it. Another against him it's about the best players need to be on the field that's players you do locker in the first others need to have leadership. Communication. Moralist or all together. And I need to do some work out here are you more room which would let. You know he's he's still got power an episcopal. I imagine it at some point he'll play again public thanks and Colin palm. Bloomberg bread and out tough situation for anybody hurt the club. Yes I'm a little surprise or Robert Griffin the third hasn't even had a tryout for NFL team but you can expound on that later Kirk cousins gonna. It's gonna turn thirty next August 20 first is you August 19. On the hearsay John Lynch and your forty niners and you're trying to rebuild and add these six or contracts. And Kirk cousins go and he's gonna demand a lot of money will will make you we're read of signing Kirk cousins were say if say 04 or five year type deal five year contract. If he is playing well and we see a lot of older court quarterbacks in this league now playing better Brady Rodgers even Alex Smith is playing well in Kansas City Scott. There are noted in detail about it there's got in the woods near me whatsoever you know I did studies normally does but I'm probably. Should prisoners go yeah Edward cornerback corner studio global crude is great record setting that would hit the crime. You know and the thing about. You know what would hurt you know he's set patterns that either have love contact on the body. You know what you order building so huge in a position should get a bit. Com there's not an hold me back whatsoever I know the guy personally I know the guy professional. Com. Easy easy to order. Cobalt or did when it will. Come down the numbers in a scaled booed when we find him permit us. The moral woman lose on the backside. And then you know be blind man DB. Running back whatever. Because it's going to be a lot of money has been invested. You know and that's what's written in the right now to our members are going through these played particularly well last two weeks if you can find a way. It would help you keep can't get them again did you Ted McGinley who ruined the core. The team. You don't understand the quarterbacks are important but also joked that you two guys are very important bird. That you own so I just starters BookMooch quarterback. In the sort of things borders. You want your short bit so much money we didn't show because we draft so well got you don't solid outlook. But we also hit guys you know solid one with a bit in the secondary. Also amount you'll lion like Kuo why did not good morning alone won't. Could the money was gone you know mostly it's an old promises it can't transfer. And and that's developing about it's a good thing. It could mean you do your job right away put the bad thing for the entire fifth victory. Yes they say they can't tag and a third time and as you mention it no quarterbacks ever in franchise tags at check in back to back years other players have a but as a quarterback and if he did franchise tag him a third time high yesterday of 34 point four million dollars watching did what it. Now they they also had the transition tag scout which could be 28 point seven so you know Daniel Snyder well and you know Bruce Allen well. What how did they do this do they let him walk is a free agent would they ever be. Reckless with their salary cap and franchise tag Emma they transition tag via a compromise. They've they've been there before the niners can sign and they the young he's got to be clean. From redskin park hot other Redskins played inside in the offseason. He noted is from the good unique because. You know almost all the quote third in the month award if he deserted Evelyn did not submit a kid that's fun. But yet to prove you know we were looking out my first and you don't win the division will close will be Gloucester Greenberg. I don't know the last year you know we're the giants at home you know we have been lost to them to get out of what else. Also it did it include an arrest when. Good thing about it is there's so many moments you can make you know if they wanted to Bagram and try to trade them. Or they won't let them know that the market. I'd like hey my my my my gut feeling and yet. If you keep going always planned to go do something and you know good for Kirk you know the markets are control McCord about. And you know over forgot who served as it stands for example has been a good person a reporter. But did it I'm I'm I'm glad I'm not in that situation now because. You not try to do something my first gear and got your turn you don't when we announced purpose starter. Not what was shot down the owner than a lot cheaper than what okay now. A lot cheaper. Can you be honest with us whether the owner of the Shark Shootout wasn't Bruce why it why did the Redskins because Bruce has come out in us as to tag and he said no we offered him a long term dealing wouldn't accept it encourage you kind of get the feeling that he he's feeling out the redskins' long term as much as. As a Redskins vice Versa why did you get shot down when you lot of those stand Kirk cousins a few years ago. Almost killed him gruesome down you know big big need of good courage you know of course opener. Is okay Robert. You know people look at said he put mobile perjured murky you Obama thought. Toward him situation in bed and you know. They didn't know for sure per computer couldn't do it. No doubt walkman you know they want and squash and paid in March and practices and all that sort of you know huge maybe champ and yes as Glenn Close and a garden with a head coach. And will vote on the same page you are OJ expression. On the opposite side your quarterbacks. You know be identified and even move forward what makes this press going forward. And you know bill those you know as you're well aware when he's meant to give to trade like that. There's bias feelings and I understand that. And they won't know what the situation where we're like okay. Com. In the your starter. You know Robert Shiller guy and a month okay but that's fun. But I know better in all important that's my opinion I deeply wrong but I saw Jed solid enough so we want forward. I think trick is making 24 million this year Robert Griffin initially sevens out of the league and the irony is terminal and some are saying that same draft and they weren't that. Its funny twelve drafted Kirk wound up being a fourth round or less than that I wanna ask you about Vernon Davis Scott McClellan. Joining us on the answer blow pop and by genetic five point seven again he was there when Vernon was drafted by the F. 49ers years ago announcing to play against a magic just last lay everything you know all from Kirk cousins. Would he ever at this point signed a long term deal with Bruce Schnyder. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen to stay with the Washington Redskins or if they are gonna play hardball. With him and are they gonna have to continually franchise tag on them maybe trade and could they get him to sign a long term deal this off season. Personally I don't think so but good in my opinion column I'm not and Kirk well. Yeah it suits and it would touch subject because you know Robert was so good hero and we'll have more productive but surgeons than here. Then he I think UBS cup thing you know he. This sort of opinion Roberts really good guys are going the wrong bush occurred deserves. What is getting now Ortiz or the top. He goes of the Paris. But dead steps toward the game you know not for the market. But I would think you would be your cup friend released about it and it did occur reason I'm not really help. And saying doesn't that they make under the there's earlier this franchise tag and trade you talked at 34 point four so I admire your honesty and I certainly. Appreciated your Scott McClellan joining us and I do I ask you about the night before you you want to work with Seattle as you mentioned the Redskins a GM and fifteen and sixteen you help build a the forty had a roster vice president of player personnel five through seven and later. They GM for a couple of years you were on the watch for you guys drafted. Vernon Davis never six over autumn of any sightings ever run a faster forty time. When he came out of Maryland this guy he's 35 years of age and I see him running over routes and seem browse what's going around Vernon Davis right now. Byrd had burned Bernard Burgos he knows anything about Nightline though monsters. Well yes well years what are your. Idea. Eat eat eat the he urged. He's got demoted starter out of control. Veto sustained when I took a month marathon legal question here. Number. Eight was saying body tries through pain he's heard throughout the you know orange. Dominic lay eggs. Com guide to gadgets studying thing about it is what I really respect you know he's been through a lot of stuff and blood. Buddy who can make is that virtually been there when he has been in the same. You know he just got or like and we know he's from the DC area also. From my standpoint. But he says that he he's had a little kid. In this great body this also play football. I know this for quite vocal. And he's you know even block you can run you can catch. We have a lot of these beat him you know whenever degenerate because we know we have George reader welfare. Of Byrd sounded received there. But not equipment infrared. And if you do it shook the whole package and it's good there's what I try to identify. Women won't when I'm a journal ran under or personnel director whatever. Ian eagle without a bag. Because this is all about and the other team. In usual every day nobody out you can go work out the guys in the gonna be together and blue moon incredible and go somewhere and I want the guys you know Frank Gore I love the death one my favorite tomorrow warped. We'll burn up way up there goes they've got they're no better able to put up there if it's quality people told reporters. And burning got a Super Bowl ring handed that I have here he was and then very reserved for their Super Bowl history when ironically it Levis on the night before which ago. Scott and I do appreciate your time. In your diversity. You mentioned Alex Smith and you know Alex well you're you're on the watcher you guys drafted him number one overall and 05. The way he's playing right now. How does Andy Reid handle the moving up in the draft to get the young guy Patrick my homes. Verses how well Alex is flat I thought maybe get to do something. In the offseason that I Alex is playing so well now. When they go to my home saw how does this play out for Alex and Kansas city's gun. Your welcome to Louisville and would would you well look known way to world aren't turned this thing being that the green. You know what what would Eric Burke. You know it'd. The panel call. The comical view on the image great about a young quarterback which I hate to see some young guys as we developed some very ultra loose could you introduce. He's going purely you know Luke compliments you don't sidelined the game slowed down future. Each year also new understanding opportunist. You know McCartney's call and you'll understand what he's seeing him. You know also the game slows down so much not so you go out there it's it's not like okay whom might look at this when the canal when the and that's what. Now if it's good moments from the port Kabul ongoing here on going matter. And I think that being. You know what it was like a balanced and not gonna back down. You know for a fact you know what my home he can be good players who go to our own book itself. The players know what the coach does not. That's word you know course on the future. But they know who their guy is the home the fact it's okay. And one team right now undefeated in that CIO council every day in the media room. In the weight room. You know on the practice field. It matches helps build confidence but also you do certain form which I think you have the bear and move would spread to America you know bit. And expressed he's no matter what. But I'm gonna learn from him and learn from him and out so good as a person and as a global player. If you can help young guy out he's not been turned back on them. You know and and that's so important for young players in positions of pressure quarterbacks. And it's scary so great catching up to William hope you do well and good health policy your brother Dave senior scout with the raiders and Monta is his dad can't clone. McClellan was the original bump and run corner and you know while Willie Brown fat guy senate race got a year and everything they're rationalizing. IE eight I think you will reform the value than not you're dead but once started on my kid out why you couldn't give you my mother got only good because I want one crewman but login afraid. Of and yeah. It's a our most underrated relies upon Judah greater blood. On those anyone dale works for the raiders and Omar talked about the years ago. I am so glad you're in good health in good voice and just stay healthy myself talking down the road they got. You've really been very much. Scott McClellan.