Scott Bair talks Raiders to Vegas

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, March 27th
Our Raiders insider & beat writer for CSN Bay Area, Scott Bair, joins the Damon Bruce Show on the day that Oakland lost the Raiders. 

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Scott Baier raider insider CSN Bay Area he's in Phoenix he's covering the owners' meetings. He's on would Jolo on dibs on 95 points and the game Scott let's jump right to it what's your feeling you're getting hovering around the billboard this morning is is gonna be a yes vote for relocation. And it worked out I think that it is but it you know and I'd have to use this. You know reporter's beat by saying it salt fluid things could change in the room but. That's not. That feeling that I've gotten talking to people like over the last 24 hours talk to people. Within the raiders organization they are supremely competent that they've done what is required. To get ya well not yet so we'll talk with a couple of. You know caveat because they haven't. Completely ironed out in immediately and they get and they haven't formally announce the like the fact that it may terribly kept secret that it can be up the act fifteen and Russell road right behind. In Vegas strip silk they believed that they have a strong case and I think it NFL owners despite would be chat that. Effort to try to get in their heads before the ball I'm not sure that's going to work it may be too little too late because the owners could not believe. But oh the Oakland planet is actionable especially compared you. 750 million dollars in public funds being contributed to say construction. And another in order billion. Contributed to infrastructure. To help. That dated. Scott let's just play devil's advocate Dan with most indications are that this is gonna go through the vote will be yes what would be. The things that make this vote go no aura of the hurdles that could still be in place. In Las Vegas or in the league office that could prevent the raiders are making this happen. I would say that the like you like big ones would be owners that. That that just don't feel comfortable leaving the number six medium market that for the fortieth largest city. And I think they recognize Oakland. In the blue count on at this point and that. Suit to picket team away from Matt. Especially with the F 49ers a mile down now that really Oakland is now or stay and separates that go almost. And that they can really dominate that market so I think I think I think it would be about markets side it would be about long term projections about the viability. Of a bit. Eighty meter there's going to be a novel he's there by. The burst on that your favorite teams cycle may yet you're gonna have a lot of bands coming through by hand that market in particular. Of the current blue collar support that spilled out. York's season ticket may be in the back so much international castle luxury suite. And naming rights and things like that should not be hard sell but. I think it would be a matter of hey we don't wanna let Oakland go quite yet I'd try to do some more work lack tabled as well without a mop where. Explain double wrapped it I don't pay out. Scotty you to talk about sustainability. And markets to look at Oakland you say OK the prices are getting high in San Francisco also open is going to boom. People don't want to be there but because the price target good paying jobs. Or in the city but people are gonna commute so that would be a viable place and looks like more sustainable. What is going to make. Most want to make Las Vegas a sustainable market after this like you called it the honeymoon is over. After that's over what's gonna make this market sustainable to keep fans in the seats. Jack and I think that that is. That is the unknown staying in bed and at a pro owners hate mystery they like it now or that might come prominent like. It's become a Brinks armored trucks fell. On this app back kind of uncertainty maybe you know ten years down the line I think is something that you can do all the market research that lost. And I think the bad things can happen to believe what the honeymoon is over that you raiders are still good. Some hit it kind of drive interest. Throughout. Entire region so acting in that kind of what they're really gonna have to look at that Charlotte you know bar graphs charts and all the practicing and the raiders. Will make one final presentation and I believe that header and thirty. Domestic and every state indicate that. I thought somebody with any organization yesterday asked the question but it said. Do you feel like altered docs are in around that everything that you need. To present is ready to go to you feel like they understand what your situation. Simply said no we've been asking me questions everybody gets you know so I don't think it's a matter of of voters not understanding what the raiders are critic for. Especially compared to the fact that they just do not believe in that. In that Oakland fortress investment plan and two. To give it may affect you should. That he expects a second time mind you the second time in about thirty years. Raiders insider from CSN Scott Barry joining us on 957 the games got before the raiders leave again they have three more seasons to play if the Vegas stadium opens on time two of those are already leased out. In Oakland but what about that third year what. Would the raiders deal with that third year if they had him play somewhere other than that they'll coliseum. In that something that I think is gonna could be at track here this morning and that kind of a real unknown because what happens with a coliseum at 21 year lease option right after the 2017. Eden. He raiders and exercise fairly or 8288. They can also not if let's say. The Oakland fans turn and and attendance is way down and protests and that really hit home environments. They could try to reevaluate. The big problem it. There's no there's no LA coliseum waiting in Vegas at. There's no Bob Campbell stadium option there because impolite. Would need some pretty significant renovation. Just in terms of locker rooms security things like that. Not even to mention that they don't have the same access. My street amenities that while. Yeah indeed he had LA chargers are playing in a smaller stadium but on people have a lot of options in terms of the law street options sweet. I think in like but Campbell it doesn't outsell the 2018. That the raiders anticipate playing in Oakland 222019. Could be weird and think again it's it's going to depend on. Good generators are you know I think that raiders fans will come for a winner especially with so likeable players and the main between nineteen they would rather that. In my opinion burn money to try to get gamble it you know upped its not just for one season just Blakely never had anybody play and it. Apps that one year maybe they go to cal maybe they go to Levi's are trying to find something else. You know here here in the Bay Area because and in Vegas they also still have to build their practice facility. On the as well so between nineteen is in limbo we should have answered on now and ready later. It's got there raider insider from CS and Bay Area would Jolo Indians on 95 points of the game Scott. We know you're busy thank you so much for checking in from the owners' meetings to a bang up job down there we'll catch up with the against them. It.