Scott Bair recaps Derek Carr's presser

Our Raiders insider & beat writer for NBC Sports California, Scott Bair, joins Papa & Bonta with all the latest from Derek Carr's contract extension press conference. 

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Scott beard joins us right now raider beat writer for an NBC sports California. Dot cap so it's got its timing of this is it just moves so quickly. I thought we don't you guys to be working on this story further rest of this month in July. You know Derek just a month ago was complaining that he he thought things were going a little bit too slow. He wasn't getting answers phone and training camp started this deal get done so fast by NFL. And professional sports standards when you have a contract of this magnitude scat. Yeah that's ridiculous nine figures and make franchise record and then I'll record at ala but the thing. And I think that what it came down to it while. It is that ultimately that the a win win for both sides here because Erica I think wanted to get this thing in his rear view as fast as humanly possible law don't giving. The reader some degree of financial flexibility in the record region right caught up down. As well black. I think it was just a matter of starting complications. More than it was. You know that it it was a contentious. Negotiation there are a lot of hurdles to cross through it then they've been talking contract parameters in the first of the year for quite some time now. They had a general framework of what they want it to you Andrew Luck deal was always. That kind of benchmark that had never changed had been here and that he would hire pat and I know it lacks the ilk your card you are not. Exactly the thing you could even say Iraq it was better in certain. You know aspects but I do you think it your car is the highest paid guy he did move. The needle op when it comes to you know quarterbacks salary and things like and yeah he did economic make it a 125 million dollars. There is some flexibility within certain years in terms that delaying castle that is going to be able to allow the raiders to continue. To reward their home grown. Product and that and that will be the staple of any race in the in the organization there car is the first of several dominoes fall. If he's the first because he's a quarterback and he's yeah second round draft pick and I do wanna get to what's going on with toll able let me start with the guy who's probably the most pressing on and rich used to do list and and is gave Jackson. Who was in the very same draft of 2014 and at a tremendous that third round. Draft pick was a left guard moved to right Karen this is the final year. His contract union rather enacted into a deal we get a franchise tag to guard. Because said the eighty others know delineation between guards and tackles as far as the pay scales so. What do what do you think is gonna happen with Gabe Jackson now in my the raiders be able to get a deal with him before the new season kicks off in Nashville got. I think that is the ultimate goal here I did out right about that that have made on specific timetable. One thing about your cause and they're healed and it does help. Damn it they want signed it is that there is not pregnant Angela site. 32 million dollar signing bonus right. They're exciting called app you know sign with a map in the locker. You're now. Eighteen million dollar in cap space summit is quick to go to rookies but they want. It gave Jackson ilk to get him locked out and give him. A lot of money up front which is what players like it'll negated the back and say it goes EO they want but here it's possible we'll they cannot brigade. I you dropped about it and they all that money out the putt for par putt back to come back in particular and. Bet that your card it would be it but it offers little windows and it got what they need to get done now the issue is. Whip it whip back aide Jack and I don't really know what he walks I haven't heard back from his camp exactly what you are looking for Leo we need to look. Crop from rock out in the you what kind of you that you can't get collect your assembly got a massive deal on air India believes that he is out that value. Or or people want hi in what is. Ever increasing our market he can hold out for that though it is about what the raiders can opt for him to get him locked out right away and again that he can fit into that. You know next couple months puzzle and and they give them a bunch of money upfront that it get a free apps that you continue to work out the raiders want to work. They wanna keep Jack and car Matt Cooper a lot of these different they wanna keep better it would keep its core together they know. Greg you know it taught anybody be competitive windows are not. Internet despite what the patriots Q and you have to capitalize on one out here you've been little windows can make you think trapped. Scott Blair raider insider from NBC sports California that I'm joining us on the after an ally with Bob and bunting and at a five point seven games so. Derek K as the mail right now highest paid player in the league currently in the history of the league until somebody passes in the world look at it it quarterbacks but. Is it possible that his own teammate. In time could pass him what what kind of a number. Do you think we're looking at four or Khalil Mac now he's not a quarterback. But he is the NFL defense of player of the year. And right behind quarterback the guys to get paid the second most of the guys that go tackle the quarterback so. Is it possible Khalil Steele could be larger than Derek steel. I think when it comes down to say it could be aptly be called because if you were saying. Our Von Miller you benchmark or that you're using a benchmark that make couple years old hot right and by the time. The big get around to. Aqueduct next offseason before before he entered. His contract year and debt you have remind listeners that it rated X has been your option is contract here. No activity. 28 he'd seen it at that he created they don't want to get in the record that by their yet another eat at its ilk that that. Bet that the market and the one thing that I effort pat pat began everybody's got their they're on the right Eric Eric Donald art ain't got another first rounder. What he can make yet. While he would be back in position that could elevate that market again and then that could be in in position to even top that. In the army protecting people that you reducing at its current rate yeah and. Happening two very high price back maybe higher pride on the line because what you yet. Farther he Eric you know it's more of like 820 billion dollars per year base salary goes I think. After all the blocked about that are paid out by hand basket signed it could be more that later on and I think that that obviously go to the next question are going way out. But I'll meet you grant. And and bought that comic scene and in the competitive. Roster pink cellblock to two different people got a touchdown on that toward drafting competent. Or having do we punish. You're not counting the let some guys it's going to be part of how the raiders do in the and they can't afford to keep act and cartilage pull out of the not eight to gain gain and they need fuel. Keep its roster competitive wonder that victory. There's a hard salary cap in this league unlike other sports like baseball and certainly the NBA it's not always hard it can be a soft camp depending on the order you do it is so. Before I let you go Scotty out even know and you've researched this at all or anybody's made a point that the just. Seeing Daric sitting there in the Willie Brown auditorium. The site of somebody Al Davis thought hearings and press conferences the other direction and it just you know the raiders have the highest paid player in the Lee. And they ever had the highest paid player in the league it. Having jamarcus when he was the number one and l.'s bottom forever and ever. About forfeiture in the contract he had the highest. Rookie deal at that time at the raiders ever add that the highest paid player in the history. As the NFL at any point in their histories for our themselves. Matt Blunt than that. It's worth looking into all the pop and I would say no but goes you know way back when and how would not work out the one thing that they're. Is that the Oakland Raiders just band and I know you know at the plant the apparent lack of deal. They gave that continent or country threatening dollars and they seemed Mary JB's regular air a bit their competent. It would negate the money Hewlett what is it after it. Sometimes maybe at all in this sport life time you see guys in Yankee numbers are based on basketball they don't have seen. Driver passion and I mean American candidates saying all the right things but I do you believe what he says whether I'd made a dollar or 125 million. I have seen it from myself I think he thought that he would make in 850000. Dollar eat. Make in the last that is no backup quarterback bet bit bit that that it is hot air. And really I think that's why they're confident in who it might duke either addicted. Franchise record total and quite possibly although and not share burst on the raiders. Have never paid Bordeaux player than anybody else. In it that important that we shabby nine bullish stance and it just looked nervous out there and I got acquired that battle lines or go back on anger on the deal. Under fourteen million. Seventy million guaranteed so clue back may be looking at that says hey. You know out there who care out there. Such incredible one point here and not too distant future there raiders may have to that three or four highest paid players in the league. And rolling over in his grave right now require the Yankees caddie this guy that you got to cut Medicare joining us instantly.