Scott Bair

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, July 25th
Raiders Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to break down the Raiders roster as they have reported to training camp. 

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He's guilty greater insider for NBC sports Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter at bear NBC yes Scott Mayer would Jolo in dibs. On 95 point seven the game Scott good morning and thank you for your time let's right into it because this is the question. That all raider fans continue to ask. What's the latest on first round pick Darian Conley. Well in terms of legal status they beat the investigation regarding actual allegation it still aren't telling. How much longer going to go out nobody really knows the opted to do their due diligent at. That'll carry greater training camps are so. I think ideally I think would have. Wrapped up right now from from area on prospective from the greater perspective. That would make dealing Iraqi you know as they are these days. Pretty much a slam dunk but that's not exactly where we are. Right now. Could be that we are by and and really just in the tighter. Of finding out exactly. If the raiders want to stipulations in his deal regarding the legal status. It is there that I would pick a rookie deal which does come with some standard language regarding. Spent indoors seek he would play that that attic recoup some guarantees is that deliberate thing like that. Some black IAE you know I mean maybe I'll be surprised that Friday Saturday and think there will be done will be you know hold out through a situation. That aren't right now. What about the status of over Mel fond ruining his ability Ginn camp our time and for both players Scott how much does. Dan missing these early days hurt them when it comes time to the regular season. You would with with so reacted here that are going to be eight issue urban problem. The same time he he you can hear and like the second part of your question and that that. Yes these major creek can't work out I don't picket in the world at that that tape and I appear repeat that is expected to come in and make some sort of an instant impact. You'd take every tactic is crucial. And two do you think that that is the case you know you don't want these things BP so long backed global think that it's going to be. And you know all of them yeah I don't think that there I'd say they're gonna. But I bet you bet that they really need to be there because Saturday they are real wolf quite. If there's so that it only had better days and the impact. And they need same type of camp. That these other top players. So just in terms of physically being able to appoint a do you think it's important that they get adding to act quickly and sure that they want to do that the rate usual and and it worked out. It was the exact same thing. At spent would have liked. So this week is pretty much for the guys are in shells and show and in helmets and pointed to different rules. The main thing for the rookies and younger players per shoe players come in as well. Is get the timing making sure they get a lot of reps as when the vets come reps will be you know and at a minimum. So would be instead these two rookies and hold an out you think alive it. Is due to fact that they need to look at the rest of the raiders' roster in the secondary in the safety and cornerback in saint Mary due to San. These guys probably will play probably get a lot of playing time so we've behooves us to make sure. We have the incentives and likely not to be earned incidents because of the playtime you think a little bit because they know. The raiders secondary is urging that they're going to probably get playing time acutely to. One I would doctor cobbled up at this stage and who did indeed these rookie contracts are so. Well slotted that there isn't a lot of little associate her. Mean really offer any tech especially for a second round pick in terms of being able to negotiate you know certain aspects. If you guys are called Hewitt he enjoyed both situation with searchers that was about art that language and that's about the only thing. You can really cut it dive into that kind of tactic here you know draw lines in the sand probably act. I'm sometimes he should matter get the right people on the phone at the right time but again. Media statement last week at post of the week oh no again everything effort that the raiders are terribly concerned about it but you know. Constantly move forward you know maybe that would increase. Raiders insider Scott Bair we Jolo and did some 95 point seven the game. Fortunate for the raiders there are a whole lot of training camp battles that take place. This summer it's a team with a lot of talent and a lot of talent that's already slate it. At starting positions but there are still a few positions up in the air let's begin with a right tackle DC Marshall Newhouse winning the right tackle starting job. Definitely think our next hour gonna try to push him. The dog vendors can throw his I call it in the ring. And down. So I can marshaled enough leader in the club out in the with the injury there at the during the off season program Patrick. Ultimately go to lectures pain and probably elect. They hope happened that I think maybe if possible it could be kind of we all their data chart it is but the line is incredibly deep breath. Opera powered doctoral I don't he looked stark he's the starter. In his entire career really. Eric you'd injuries and are a good way and that he's not gonna take lined outside. I do think they're right back I was going to be an interest in public or reject it. That in the past that Marshall out. The pole position. What about the third wide receiver position set Roberts has two years under his belt with. Derek Carr but court Darrell Paterson was brought in from Minnesota I can fly but he has trouble running routes consistently how do you see that when shaken down. Think I think that is going to be in the industry got Bentley and the receivers readers really like well first I would I know that fans. You can draft and not because. A huge collect a ten catch one minute and then third down pass that back. And that that obviously frustrating but I think they see a guy with great potential. To be a real kind of calming influence in that. In the slot stop their credit like they're expected to patent. Nature of the number three guy. Merely being not flop and that that you can attitude. In our attitude that it will be retreat now. It was a Saturn and on offense if you look at numbers from the other. Tiger. At that within yards per catch which cover and and this other really match went. The type of these great you know so I think ultimately. And but it just leave projecting here I think he's gonna have a greater role in the offense and even if he committed. Feel somewhat speed. Or be there on drill holes I had accounted. And make a couple big catches. I think that's going to be important. It's all so and in Minnesota they get a lot of kind of opportunities to get him in space and let it used to speed I think maybe it. Google account field. A bit more of that stuff will get worked out all go in the during the off season program. Russia from my expectation for Paterson was that I was really united offensively during that stretch. Terms of making to outfield over. Over the back. So I think that that you know as an important thing. The raiders if you can't produce on offense can't be any should there and I guess it makes them more dangerous in the past silly. Oakland Raiders insider for NBC sports Bay Area follow him on Twitter at there and CS. It's got there we Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game Scott I hope you enjoyed your summer because. The rest is dawn the NFL season is here my friend look forward to doing it again with the soon. Yeah.