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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, April 27th
Raiders Insider for NBC Sports Bay Area joined the program to give us his Raiders pick in today's draft and to discuss the impact Marshawn Lynch has had on the fanbase since signing with the team. 

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Scott Bair raiders insider NBC sports Bay Area we Joseph lo and dibs. On 95. Point seven game Scott will start with the story of the morning and I know it doesn't necessarily pertain to the raiders what do you think about this report this this rumor that the browns are gonna go to big ski number one after months of people thinking it was gonna be Garrett. For one until it's like if he's the good bad day you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Pessimism. And that. Number they'll. It doesn't surprise me because you know at the browns in the ground and has such a weird front office dynamic although analytical guys and a GM and head coach at Mina beyond age. I just seems like business as usual and if there's anybody who must be thrilled about it John Lynch with what we've been not great 30 in the morning. He's sitting there and deflect mr. burns had it been like exit go ahead crew vehicle they. Let out here all right indoor. What does this day like for you Scott knowing that the raiders don't pick until 24 also knowing the need to get some sort of a mock draft out there how do you balance. Reporting on what's going to happen to win it's putting out what you think might happen. Through AM mock draft are out there this morning and really my only goal was to get more right than Matt mail culpa that I can't be very good. In Vienna about it Beckett so that I'd really kind of look at this. What's beyond that the whole week leading up to the NFL draft. Pretty nasty right and you can just see that there's a lot of you know I work going on at the real Cold War field between Albie teens eat eat. You guys and the character from diluted ample accusations and act like the coming at it. It could be real messy proposition and you know a lot of sources that happened on a lot of things to come out there aren't true because he want got it all even if he app that. That make it character in a trip somebody on the lake church picnic. Until I really think right now at a point. Especially the raiders but at such a tight circle. Heading into this staying at a better at. At this point just to let it play out of English crock that they colonel map. I'm not I. You leaving the raiders and talk about needs and wants every one. Once the million dollar current era once to new house to what did the raiders really mean is that a linebacker. Are is it a quarter. Which is the biggest pressing need in your opinion. I think it act the inside linebacker in that's because. I say add a little bit that that great egos at the best player available throughout the board or whatever and and that with the cornerback. Well that's not ideal but he daycare can play slot corner he'd done in the past. It is possible and have a little bit young there and linebacker. It's the skeleton crew with brittle bones. Like I mean derivative and enough if lash out. A real depth chart there and there's nobody. Outside of to lobby Jenkins with any sort of experience so they need somebody on the inside how you look at Reggie. His track record eaten miles per with the highest inside linebacker he's never trapped about the worked out a tweet well. We don't like to do that it. Patchwork in peace deal that state of new approach to. Just occurred a lot and on the outline I think it and maybe to realize hey this is an opportunity. You. Shore up the interior of the defense even if it may be hiding law. Pick up Florida linebacker Jerry Davis I don't not the only one agency check a lot of boxes. You know regular trade up in the first there on that their unit moved a couple spot that picture guy. Right now quick roster as it is within about a conference championship contention. With the office with it that up made you go out and you'd. I about it but again it might put it may take it in the first round of the jacket they need to get and it had linebacker. They've just got to do it. Scott Bair raider insider NBC sports Bay Area would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven against Scott I wanna run a scenario by yeah. Raiders are attorney for Houston's at 25 Kansas city's at 27. Of the raiders at the clock. And Houston at 25 who needs a quarterback and Kansas City Tony seven needs a quarterback. Both like someone say Patrick my homes from Texas attacker may be if he slides dishonor Watson Clemson. Is available. Did you see any reason the chiefs calling Reggie McKenzie trying to move from 27 to 24 so they could LeapFrog the Texans a 25. And that would be the case. With the raiders be willing to deal with a team like Kansas City if they knew they were going after their franchise quarterback of the future. I think that they would just because. Right he focused on gaining his team better and he believes it hit ball and I think that matter who want to. To trade up about you than it weird to be at number 24 and pre K we're not an app that on the spot considering that there and a lower perhaps. Of this first round but given that. Houston it very clear and whites. Spread that they need a quarterback you could see he's coming back into the first round you beat each entity going up and I think the. I think that regulate would be. Equally comfortable dropping back now it can't fitting would you ask for May be a little more than you might ask for from Jacksonville I would. Right want to try to leave your division rival and Mikey can't I don't think. Eight at the Dodgers and giants are a situation where they just want treatment each other. Scott Marshawn Lynch newest raider everything going down yesterday but today he's planning some sort of street rally. Can you give the listeners some insight as to where this might be in and whether or not this is gonna be as huge of an event as it seems enemy. Had the in his. People are trying to keep it kind of under wrapped in terms of the media like but it sounds to me from black. We've we've heard internally and it could be around should be oats store. In and I downtown Oakland I don't know necessarily the size scope. Obviously. Decks and come back. He's gonna draw some attention probably for another local celebrities like I've been writing and in and saying this. I think he might be the most popular native on. In Oakland right now and that. You know above anybody else I'd expect it marks on Israeli. Organized this community which. Indigo acting because he holds that it Hyatt even those who live there they really appreciate that I I do think that. People like it was at the B OnStar anywhere I mean it's going to be. A little back tougher. People who want that twenty forging. Terrific stuff gets some rest Scott Bair reader insider NBC sports Bay Area would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game thank you Scott catch up soon. I don't. Know here you know I reached out to them via Twitter on trying to get some silver and black special skills that we can handout. That agreement in France where I'm not a man. That's higher bank since.