Sam Monson previews the NFL draft

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Wednesday, April 26th
Pro Football Focus lead analyst, Sam Monson, previews tomorrow’s NFL draft with Tittle & Guru on the Damon Bruce Show.

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Are continuing our talk on the NFL draft and this really is sec Christmas morning. But to a lot of us or Chanukah or Ramadan or whatever your into for atheists. Feast of the Blair witch who burn offerings whatever this is say an exciting day for all of us and some undue does this for a living is Sam months and with pro football. Focus and assembled a start off with a topic that we were on that the polarizing figure of genomics and no one doubts. His talents he's been doing everything he can. What the mayor Culp is another Reggie McKenzie said he was very impressed them and called him make. A good kid. Whoever gets them is gonna get a tremendous talent bomb I think in the second round somewhere what what your take on genomics and and where he's ends up. Yeah I actually the second round is probably the right kind of area for him. Like you said he's it is very talented guy who is extremely productive player he's the very first player as well which is key today so as a guy that can. Be a real factor on passing downs as well not just not just run them. And it really cute K so you know a lot scenes view which is domestic violence issues which are obviously. A major deal. A a truly deplorable saying that he did. But we've seen guys. Working to take account summit in an obstinate work that you know just last year. I hear you killed in this feature the same kind of really. Troublesome. Past insistence that the chief accountant in the air and becomes. A pro bowler a real factor now that's. I'm waiting for Cleveland to blow it somehow and ten and panic and take Robiskie number one or to trade up. Everything to get number two I think there are our three or four turbine skis in every draft. I don't think he's even better than some of the guys they have on their roster right now do you think that they're going to somehow just because they're the browns get this wrong. No I don't think it is organization has been making by and large pretty good decisions and they can put together you know they take a lot of he because they don't buy maintenance analytic way Anthony. Reduce them unconventional choices by acting Pittman and our organization in the right direction. It just had such a remote starting point to go on the there's no way of doing it. One interesting thing though that I tweeted it's earlier today when you look at the PF that passing grade on the top four quarterbacks in this dropped clap so. And Robiskie had a strong locked into shock Kaiser Dan Patrick Holmes. None of then increased sixteen had a passing grade that matched Cody captured 2014 at USC. All for those guys I think have superior physical who Kessler broadcaster with the guys that play. Am really quite well back in 2014. Towards them Summers are seeking weapons collapse of the offensive line that it works. I think and last year when he was forced into action as a rookie rookie program. Hey you actually played OK into the ground so I think it probably need to have some competition there but I don't think they need to sell farm. Don't get attribute yet and number two or argument increase in the first round. Sam is so funny since the conclusion of the season. All the way up into us they may be the last two to three weeks miles gear was a can't miss number one pick. You jobless here and every you know a lot of that. And now you have the likes of Warren Sapp come out and and talk about he's lazy he you know he's on the local shows trying to defend himself. Com is this normally how it happens in your estimation and are you shocked that Garrett is getting called out for the likes of you don't hall of famers like Warren Sapp. I think it kinda. When you get a couple of days in the product you know it it's dropped to the heat and right now we pass. Months and months of waiting and analysis and we just gone way at the other end people looking for any little thing they can find and hit a prospect. My old Garrett had fantastic production three years in the SEC. Doing extremely well notching you back sacks pressures play the running extremely loud about how partisan game. And that he blew the doors dot com by incredible work at an all kind of stuff so whatever way you look at it is an extremely good prospect that. There's probably some flaws we've gained you can pick but. You can do that any player in the draw. And if you wanna go to that level you're not currently popular and you know. I think definitely. You know it overdone but I don't think it really affected me yet to drop and it just what happens a couple of weeks afford arc today for the drug. Sam if I'm correct just dom our radar it just seems like Christian McCaffery stock is going up. And is going up in it in a very fast pace is that just me. No I think you're right. I think it hundred been nothing but doctors reluctant to cease and finished. I think it's with good reason this is the guy that. Has potential to be. The perfect offensive weapon to say that I think he can play wide receiver. Every bit as well he can play running. And I mean he is an absolute matchup nightmare for defense because. You don't know what to play him from a personal standpoint. Until he lines up on the field if you send linebacker they can split America at wide receiver and they Q and what you into an uncritical much. He's and that defensive back corner or safety. Just run the ball up the gut like he's done for three years Stanford and no power schemes they run. And you'll be wrong there if you if you are in the scheme that prepared to use their running back creatively. He can have a David Johnson like impact or not. Italy guru SM Munson a pro football focus here and Amber's show 957 game of humor questions for Sam the big mystery for the niners that too. Is who are they gonna take obviously they would like to trade down they have a lot of needs and so many areas but let's say none of those offers. Aren't good enough for lynch to pull the trigger on. A lot of people say Solomon Thomas I've seen Derek barn that's name pop up I think they it will not take your quarterback they're gonna use Hoyer as the place holder maybe wait till next year when. There's going to be a lot better quarterbacks in the draft and cousins can be available and there's also a lot of thought to may be taking Leonard for net they do have Carlos Hyde. But maybe take a guy that they know is going to be a stallion and just start slowly accumulating guys who are. Can't mess what do you think San Francisco does at two overall. Yet I think organizer talks spot I don't think they can take solid on the speaker I just don't see any way you can get those three guys Solomon Thomas. Armstead in the far spot there on the field at the same time not the sense they're all essentially. The same position. And they were struggling to get to a month last year at the same time because it just didn't fit from a dramatic point of view. I think that makes a lot of sense for that San Francisco to is Marshall bottom corner from I would stay put up some. Too ridiculous numbers last season. He was thrown out I think forty time. I don't eighteen catches alt keys along at a posturing at 31 point nine in its coverage which is basically the same. A strong vote return everything I. So you can get a potentially. And shut down corner going forward. Pair him for job Robinson they got last year had some really good looking have rookie. Tape and you could potentially pick that secondary in an instant. Sam what do you think about Gary on Connelly from Ohio State who was projected to go first round cornerback. And now he's had some issues rape allegations. This has to be a terrific time for those to come out in. Yeah it's really unfortunate timing you know it's happened before where it. Prospect and causing the drop you know guys like lamb Collins ritual fire first round pick. Two and drop it because of that kind of uncertainty surrounding news legal problems just afford to drop out then. You know Laramie console as well with the media they got leaks of him and in the gas mask and all like kind of so so. It is terrible light it will you know why there it is. An allegation that has substance to it which say that the terrible thing or. Somebody at gun deliberately to torpedo the guy next round which is. Also a terrible. And he actually had better coverage numbers and he may march on Lattimore last year he I had just a third that it passes the percent wage because. And so again I think Uga torture guy a recount corner. Like Lattimore a little more even ignoring the off the field things I think he's a little bit more. Of a complete receiver maybe higher feeling like. And both those guys sure fire wire first round guys if it's legal stuff checks that are coming. Sam and always cracks me up as we wait so long for the end of the season and I'm pro days and end combines and individual interviews and then. People who do mock draft start doing mock trades. In the drafting you get risers and callers for guys who have not. Played a snap and a look at a Delmon coach who arguably. Is the greatest running back in the history of Florida State and now he's might drop out of the first round you don't like the injuries some off field issues and then also. He dazzle that a fumble hiatus and I remembered about a year ago this guy was a top ten pick what what's going on with Kirk. Yeah I think people world thinking down cookie when you put on the tape in your hand in the football let run good in Akron he broke 92 tackles last season which led the entire nation. And I averaged four point two yards after contact per carry this big guy that does make plays and I think it possibly the backs. Pure runners in the draft you know I think McCaffrey an idea more complete line he can do more things in the passing game but I think Caucasus and novel of the running back. All right so remember to check out Sam months and a pro football focus and a fall on Twitter at PF that underscore. Sam thank you so much judge here's my friend. It.