Roxy Bernstein

The Chris Townsend Show
Wednesday, December 6th

ESPN Play by Play and Pac-12 Networks broadcaster, Roxy Bernstein, joined Chris Townsend in studio 


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It. How is increased. On 95 point 70 yeah. Wow yeah I mean. Wow. It's just royal team has lost in the Dillard's not often. And night here on the Cooperstown until we get an in studio guests. And this pedigree. And what night list up all the different places he works its its act act it's time to keep track domain whether it's. ESP and pac twelve network. Touchdown radio network Oakland days 957 game. College basketball show on 957 game on Saturdays can't wait there and tiger that is cal bears tonight. All right C Bernstein is here Scottie Pippen must watch through that door what the poll what was the final over at hospital you know you don't come in a hospital billion and take down the bears. Well that's it takes a dare to take down the bears because that's the central arkansas' nickname is it the bears spirited heiress ended bears beat the golden bears tonight. 9669. 96169. College basketball games. How we Jolo so so they wanted through that door Scottie Pippen must've walked through that door tonight because he's the most prominent central Arkansas alone. And they stuck it to my squadron ditty bring Jordan let them. He might have broad Bill Cartwright window that Steve parents Steve Garrett hi Jay is. That Bob mellow Livingston Bob known bright happy about that one. Show failed to Connie trying to figure out and you know it is obviously the giants are still in the running now just talking about a dollar K. How could a guy possibly for search. And get to his maximum potential. If he's going to be a starting pitcher. And a position player. And I start to think about it I went okay. Maybe it could happen. If you were on an American League team because then you would be able to DH you could start in DH you could do that. But did so those three teams. That have the most money to give them for the signing bonus or all American League teams Seattle. Anaheim. And Texas problem Anaheim. EEE out Albert Pujols and then you got Nelson Cruz in Seattle so they already got their full time DHS. Yeah but they can be creative about this and I'm with you Downey that. In all likelihood it will be an American League team. Because I just don't see this fit for the nationally team because the day after he pitches you're not gonna put him in the outfield. You're not gonna subjected to that. So that's why. The Padres the giants I find it hard to believe. That. They can really land and then I think that a Tunney in his people are gonna be Smart about this in the DH. So we DH is located day before and the day after he pitches if that's it would they wanna do with them. And then he starts and then again in two or three days in center field then they'll go back into this rotation. So I could see it working and then with Texas are right. What what do they do as far as did the DH spot because they move through budget guys what we've seen shin suits you go in there. They try to get dull trade day or two off of brass stay they'll put him at DH we've seen from time to time. Occasionally Andrus would DH. And they seem to be the most logical. In terms of the most opportunity as far as DH and pitching. But you've seen the these Japanese. Players have success in Seattle. With. Ichiro. Has his hockey go back so. Seattle could be the best fit in terms of making him feel comfortable but in terms of being. The player that he wants to be DH in play and yeah Philip pitching the Rangers might have the best shot. The it's it's unfortunate looks like he's gonna end up in the division of the Oakland Athletics switching over two weeks the two biggest exists there's ten guys could've made sense of the days. It really cut off. Considering. Iraq and he is not there anymore. Well then. Is Chris Davis could be your permanent DH what do you do at that spot where it could have been an easy fit with the days and you plug him in the rotation. Not sure why he limited VA's early in the process beget the other big name is Stan and until these two guys fall we have to wait for everybody else. I'm kind of at a point one don't believe anybody I don't believe anything anybody sand by the year connected to his people or not. Probably the only saying that I would believe. Is that Stanton is trying to do everything he can to truly get the Dodgers and to a. That I hear that from the I touches people as you know I used to work for the Marlins I've talked a few people down they're trying to find out what's going on. On I think he's using the giants Diaz with the or at least the giants are nice fallback in case things don't work out with the Dodgers. That it appears every indication is he wants LA he doesn't live far away from Dodger Stadium grew up in Southern California. Yes funny not stand as Pete Carroll was enamored. With age when he was then Mike Stanton gas might when he was in high school as a football player US Pete Carroll's recruiting him to be a linebacker USC. And desperately want him to play football for the trojans but he made a decision to go baseball is a second round pick by the Marlins and it was. It was the right decision he was actually drafted by the Marlins and I was still there. So I remember talking to people the reports and how excited they were about his potential. But to meets. I get the sense that you're right that I think he's using the giants in terms of okay this is my option to get out of South Florida and get back to California. It's not an ideal spot and I'll go to verify half duke but it really want this and I really want to be in dodger blue. Roxy mercy what does -- Chris Townsend shown 957 a game and Roxy these contracts. They sound so good they sound so good no winner. They sound so good early in the deals. With so many of these big time deals and his deal is is A-Rod like. They don't end well. And that's. With the way the giants seem to be cautious about this. Because but did we seen Albert pool holes to tearing the out case still hitting home runs he's driving in runs. Putting is not nearly the player that he used to be in the air it hurts me to watch him try to run. He at the end of his career in Vienna this contract the angels are there really bite the bullet. Because they're hand strung what else can they do their limited resource wise. Because they're committed a hand and certainly the money they're paying Trout which is well deserved. So OK it might be a good deal for let's say the first three to four years that if the giants do make this trade. And swallow up the 250. Plus million if they're going to have to take off the Marlins books. But when you're at the back candidates deal when John Carlos stand near as 3536. Years of age. Are you still gonna want to have this contract and that's I think the internal struggle that Bobby Evans Bryant savient and Larry very dealing with right now. If I put chewed down the right field line instead Roxy Bernstein your run in the forty against Albert pools DB I'm winning no doubt there's no doubt. I'm not in great shape which is but I am not in that bad shape how's that the EUI. I I I put I think you went in the landslide I don't think it's close yes I would quit if yes it's cell. And I've had this thoughts. That okay Jeter. This salary dump. Used wanna get rid of the sour so you know I almost house wanna look at stand like let's say a final as Bobby Evans. Or Brian seabright more Brian saving us so much clout in the game. This is saying hey listen you wanna be here yes sir now he says yes you know I'd tell the only place. You're gonna waive your no trade. Is to us. And then I'm gonna tell them I'll take the money gone on not given any prospects screw you I'm taken all the money this is all you can all you care about his get rid of the money and here's. The other thing about the Marlins. Is when you look at that team. I'm having a a hard time putting my head around that they're just gonna dismantled there's some talent there yes slick when you're not just stand but yell rich and Ozuna. They have players. And so when this ownership group would Jeter took over. I thought there that we're gonna be more committed to winning. That okay now. Because they suffers of the Jeffrey Loria David Sampson error they can turn the page and get legitimate people in there who want to feel the competitive team in wins. But they're chopping his down they're doing something worse then Laurie ever did it okay this is almost like Wayne highs angle level. What is going on right now with that organization because they're trying to unload everybody. And they're trying to go bare bones and scrapped everything I'm not really understanding it and that aspect and I hate to bring this up. But you wonder it if the tragic passing of Jose Fernandez really set this in motion a long time ago. In terms of that we can't compete right now and we're gonna have to reload at some point because. Who would losing him the Marlins lost their centerpiece they lost their number one pitcher in an issue a pillar of the community. And that that organization to county is still reeling from that horrible. Tragic boat accident from night and a couple of well a couple of years ago and and Derek Jeter being the golden boy. Mean they've they've done some really shady staff down there. Alan your read a story about that the scout news. Just had surgery for colon cancer and now needs that kidney and they fired a Molly was in the hospital owners I know we have a lot of long time employees. Jeff Conine a guy you know. That was a big part of that franchisees ushered these guys up and did he look the entire TV broadcast rich wall is at Bay Area guy. Who I've known Trevor rich got high we got hired the same time by the Marlins and they blew him out there making a total change. Wit everything down there and it's leaving a bitter taste in a lot of people's mouse and it's not coming from Jeter Jeter had a right they hit man do it right dizzy doesn't want to. He doesn't want a history here is fox sports Florida's decision again response they also blew out. Guys like Andre Dawson Tony Perez were involved in the front office is special assistance they've all been blown out. Eight it is. I think. It's really poured to see how they're handling this whole transition right now yeah the first time in his career. And it this this this year too there's anybody get a gift basket now that's my question if there's going to be people come down his road for the very first time I do need to ask you because you have a vote. For the most prestigious. Sports award. Is that thing Ari wrapped up or can we have an upset. I've voted. No actually Chris comes in Shia. On 99 point seven big game. What a great things that I love like first that is loved doing shows the view. This is just a damn busy. We only got the bill Walden line gag if I ever rusty burns in here with me be wonderful. Let's hear your busy guy its bottom line. Mean to mantown age you are you're saying in here and here here in big demand. Before we get into the Heisman which you have a vote for the Heisman yup where you cool at the four ticket into the playoffs. Clemson yes. Georgie yes. Oklahoma yes. I guess with Alabama but here's my problem and there's a number of issues I have with the way things play out. But what the committee did was they devalued the conference championship. In terms of Ohio State won nearly. USC won nearly. And Alabama gets in they don't even compete in their conference championship game dating and win their division town. Yet here they are in the college football player out there he did the eye test sure Alabama belongs there but you know what sodas USC. And you know me out on the cal guys I can't stand USC. But. At the end of the day when you look at their resonate. There resume was better than Ohio State's. Yet Ohio State was fifth Wisconsin was six and as she was seventh I just I didn't understand what that that the committee was coming from. I hope we're headed toward. In eighteen playoff where the conference championship matters all right you take the five power conference champs. Three largest Theres your turn to meditate let's go. Right there what do you think. Well there's all there's always going to be somebody there's always gonna be a couple of feel they got screwed well at that point here after eight years you I hear you left out I hear our rights to this year he'd be looking at. Here's a tough thing is admit they have to decide okay cool are the four. Best teams yeah is Alabama. Even though they didn't play in the SEC championship game are they a better folk. Maybe not a bad maybe because. What you're gonna say is not accomplish because they they weren't in the SEC title game but are they better than Ohio State. Think probably our. Blank. With Al I hate that first off there's the unbalanced schedule in terms. The SEC. Plays eight conference games at pac twelve plays nine. And then the week before the Iron Bowl right you Alabama played. Bit like Mercer Mercer hit OK they played an at USC has never played an at CS team never. This the bit you look at their nonconference schedule this year. They played Notre Dame now they got beat badly by Notre Dame beat USC was limping nearer hurt going in and acting. They're the only team in the country that didn't have a bye this year by the way USC. They play Texas in the played western Michigan was coming up an appearance in the Cotton Bowl sin Donald did USC played nine. Conference games three challenging nonconference games and twelve straight weeks and the only team in the country that could say that. Getting over to the Heisman. It's an interesting class. But I I almost feel that I normally I know you vote for I ask you about this every single year. I'm looking at this situation this year. Now. Is this a done deal Laurie baker mayfield has he had the little controversy there against Kansas. Grabbing his crotch and then not starting a game but I mean the year he has had as he get is this going to be are annoyed I even need to watch. I.'s majority leader tries. Is that I believe this is the 25 anniversary geno to read is 80 boy you know so you got to watch for gene assay. And if you believe all the pundits out there in the prognosticators. That its data may feel little landslide. We're only seeing three people go to New York. In terms of the finalists between mayfield Bryce love. From Stanford and we're seeing Lamar Jackson who won last year global quarterback. Here's what I can disclose to you I voted for two with a three finalists there's one I didn't vote for. By. Sold the three guys going to be three yeah I voted for us to illustrate how we deal can you vote for you both history. Euro from one of these guys it involves so there's 900 and some odd voters. And highs in droves and I can I gas you know and I'm not Canadian I'm not go and you can't. I I checked a box like they basically like a sworn to secrecy because the highs and trust and I I do value that if I. I did that bad I'd say you didn't vote for Lamar Jackson so. But it's it's interesting that. So those three are the ones that are going to new York. And again I voted for two with a theory. By. This whole there's 900 and some odd voters out there and you vote for three PU three people on your ballot. So there you go every vote for first place gets three points from your ballot second gets to a third place gets one and that's had a total winners and they figured out. And we'll find out Saturday afternoon. Who is the highs and winner and it appears that it's going to be baker mayfield but you never know. As Stanford do and not 'cause they're the king now runner ups. Does Stanford jewel enough to help their guys. And I know. Have the scheduling at times playing late does not LT now it doesn't but you know like. It should be a priority for the Heisman voters if you're gonna take your responsibilities. Seriously. And take pride in voting for the award which I do. You pay attention everything I know that's one thing I appreciate value I know that this means a lot this vote may just India it means a lot to me it's Kristi just to be honored. To be a part of this group to select group to vote for the most prestigious individual honor I think in all sports. In a Heisman Trophy. And I take it very seriously and I empty bowl games are watching. And even if I got a game late that night I am watching games earlier in the day I've got to stay in tune with what's happening in college football. Because. I it did it affects how I vote for this award and it's upon those people east of the Mississippi. To stay up late watched price low watt San dar watched Josh Rosen whoever's getting consideration. Weathers for shot penny of San Diego State. It's there do your due diligence and pay respect to the on TV award in do which is supposed to ship afterward needed to myself as they say spartans that you get my vote. It is is Bryce love. Should he be legitimate candidate because. Some of the crazy stuff he did his numbers are mind blowing. Her dazzle nobody happy he is legitimate can't and he he ran for 2000 yards right around 2000 yards Downey. And he did against top flight competition. Where nine conference games Notre Dame and he's racking up yards against those and what it was it ninth straight weeks we had a run of at least fifty yards. It's it's it's crazy. What what he did. And how important he is to that team we saw the one week that he didn't play when he missed that game against Oregon State had a stamp for fair. They were lucky to be a win list. Oregon State team Italy. Lucky to beat them. And it goes show you how vital he is is their success BK is. He's is not able to anybody any team in the country same thing that mayfield. On you go up and down the line of the top candidates or tape one throw Lamar Jackson in there as well. How critical they are their team success. You are the best. We tell me off the air here you voted for. I'll tell you after the answer on Saturday come on man. Can't do it band all right quickly and as sacred steel beyond next week right now who's your favorite to win the national if I added that the kid's college money on my dad when the national championship. Who's the teen beat. Demo. Navy's Alabama unit and keep the people don't think it's deserving of being there the favorite. I don't in his. Opening a savings using this or go to Obama nine now. Another it's like a got a lot as I open. You know in Oklahoma State's office so powerful too but it's easier show on Saturday Saturday morning college vast we'll tip off title at 730 run. And at 738. Casey Jacobson is going to be on a show this week former staff for all American he is our. Prized recruit our guests each week early on from 730 days of easy half hour man. To still at the bosses here why now. Worries steel. That's at 730 day yet. How are talking college give me talking college hoops college at 730 need right here Saturday morning united by a seven game who's investing in the country college hoops do. Because I I I'll I'll get involved in marches. Marvin Bagley the third ridiculous. An executive the crazy kid too who grace and I'll still there yes he's he's great players is crazy he's not tripping people that. You know I thought Florida was really good until last week of Florida's really struggled the couple ball games. Well today. Was not a good day. And today it was along those days lie solid that in the end the announcement start coming up my Fonda went you've got to be blank in kid me.