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Thursday, April 27th
NFL Writer for the MMQB & SI joined the show to talk about his story on Dalvin Cook and how NCAA members have tried to sabotage his draft stock. 

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Robert Blanco is tremendous right you can catch his work. At the Monday Morning Quarterback in Sports Illustrated you can follow him on Twitter at Robert Clint he's joining us now because he is a piece that if you have time. I would like you to read it today or sometime this week and it's called Calvin cook. And the stories behind the red flags for those who don't know delving cook was a highly productive. Running back coming out of Florida State University this year many thought or at least some made the case coming in to draft season that he might be the best running back out there. And since then his stock has been falling for some crazy reasons Robert clinical joining us to talk about that Robert good morning how are. And thank you for coming on thank you for writing this piece I was captivated by it. Tell me what you learned about Alvin cooking the last couple weeks we've watched his stock slide in fact if you track over under is. With the offshore gambling he was a guy that was considered to be may be top ten maybe top twenty now is over under 28 and a half what is going on here that has Galvin cook on the slide. Yeah I think it's. If you look at the body work it just you know go to YouTube and look at the public a pilot. He'd say. Two to one of the best running back that it ever play college football I mean he broke work on four year career rushing Russian market Florida State in three feet. And so you you take that bait and then you look at everything that happened over the last four months after he played in his last college game. And it's remarkable. Opinion of him have been shaped by and that he. You know has done or didn't do off the field. You know obviously two years ago the big high profile case that he actually went to trial or with allegedly punching a woman outside of Tallahassee ball mark. He was found not guilty after trial there. But I think what really teams are concerned with what this it. We going to be able comfort meet going to be when he gets that first check in and who's going to be around. You know a few draft in the Tampa Bay how many guys from Miami Dade you have to deal with just W Coke or W took him three or four other. We didn't prepare for the combined with eight tutor. In terms of the come by an interview which was weird to learn and and I think that a lot of these guys. It potential and especially at their answer questions about you know sordid past. One really interest in playing. That I came across in the story that never really written about or read about. It was any beatle or was the idea that there was an agent out there that was intentionally sabotaging the kid. And styling on. And starting rumors that made him look worse than he even he you know their native. And is it ended up kind of going to compete real about it in the story but basically the Iowa was lying the doubts about Al. So all Robert can't call Monday Morning Quarterback Sports Illustrated we Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game fascinating piece Galvin cook and the stories behind the red flags. So what exactly this is a relationship he had with a runner for those who might not know can you explain what a runner is and what exactly he's trying to do. To cook in the buildup to the biggest day of his life. Or runner it is a guy that is mostly anonymous. It's no on eight and tell him. And they help agents recruit players. During the process from the players the free agents. And in the last few months of India of this season arm and the of this. Doesn't. Work for any particularly agency you work for a few agency and developers around. And it was suggested to me by couples get out that. He had a prior relationship with Alvin and that Dublin didn't end up signing him and his representation. And that's why that it started spreading rumors about him. I don't know how true that is that never met the guy. I think that that happened a lot. With kids who have built red flag to begin with out the rest of burger or whatever in the past and then they become vulnerable to more spin. The piling on. And you know whether it's a runner that didn't get the kid an agent didn't get the kid. Or. An agent Perot rival running back who's spreading rumors. I think to happen you know pretty you know. Oh so every draft. What can teams do to try to get through all this no wasted to to really try and find out who the player is and is this. Something that needs to change in the way they go about the process to go from. Com bind a pro data interviews and all this other stuff is there too much exposure for these kids that ends up getting in the way of just analyzing the game to. If you're college you're kind of in a bind here because you'd like to limit. That he outside forces that are supposed to your student athletes. But you also want them to you know how. All the information available to them to make the right decision on pick and an agent that you don't wanna limit meaning but maybe you wanna limit. The kind of characters that you allow kids to. Note to meet where. The way. It around it is despite do in the worked in the leg work I mean make a phone call. I'm sure ever doubt be out in the unit though with the remote interest in running back has talked to. You know 567 people close belt cook. To try to get the real story. For instance in the decades the the runner was telling doubt that the senior apple but I'll cook shall not to work out. In Boca Raton with alcohol on the breath. Late with guys with them from the neighborhood and so a bunch of bees started calling the trainer Tony Gilani. Addicts the sports on her aunts and we'll deal with this and political avenues just you know taken aback but completely open like one of my best Manama baptized. That we have here I mean he's leading that group here everyday never came. You know it and I think that it capitalize. But it it typically happened that the kid that already are. I can do you warn. I was learn those guys it came out in the ninety's. It didn't even mean heaven a good background. Parents had to get together married fifty years. An agent come in Meehan in and humble little. You know wasn't big money but couple bucks and affected by a Popper to how does guys and how does agents the whole middle rely these guys don't have. A mom or dad or have those finances in an agent come with a little corridor fumble with a couple thousand couple scene and then. What do those guys you know they're going to take this money and then. This may be holed into how does how do you think we give these problems solved and over before you know you talk about this story in in the kid decides not to go with the agent and then. You see the fallout what happens. Hattie Hattie deciphered do that and how do you stop these things have taken place. I think the simple answer is that you compensate the players. It told football players are with million in the universe I'd much you've been built in cook over three years may need Florida in university. The market now. Scholarship and rent and food. Is market values over a million dollars. If I expect these kids who are being paid market value. Even remotely close to market value and and I'm speaking strictly hypothetically it would in the case of doubt but how do you expect these kids turned down that envelope of cash. You can't. Robert. When all is said and done putting together this piece and everyone you talk to if you were in the front office and you needed a running back. Are you convinced Galvin cook is a guy you can trust in that you could build an offense around. You know I think it. It will be different for him. And I think the big factor is where ago. It's decent situation where he's out of the state of Florida. You know he's in a place like Green Bay oh Washington. Philadelphia. One of these team. That is going to utilize and early and you got an apple whole bunch of retirement and battle our playbook and it got a chance to rush for a thousand yards at the rookie. Any got a mentor like it did Staley and guided really likes them that I you know that reached out its family to talk about him I'm I think that he could be great. You look at what he did at the end of his career at Florida State. After all the trouble that he got in the first two years its third year you walk the straight narrow and he was one of the best running back in college football. I don't know. If he's going to be successful because I don't know you know I spent a day talking to him and you know he was it closed off with me and I'm sure you worked with. Some of the scouts and coaches will start asking them about the rest history. And so it's so hard to predict what I would think that a lot it will come down to where ago. You can follow him on Twitter at Robert Cohen go easy football writer for the Monday Morning Quarterback in Sports Illustrated the peace. Alvin cook and the stories behind the red flags. Eight phenomenal read if you're interested in learning about one of the top prospects. In this year's class Robert clamped over Jolo and dams on 95 points and the game Robert tremendous stuff thank you for your time enjoy the draft this evening and hopefully we get to begin soon. It.