Robbie Gould

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, December 27th

49ers kicker, Robbie Gould, joins the Damon Bruce Show to discuss the 49ers 4-gm win streak behind QB, Jimmy Garoppolo. 


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Robbie gold's just an outstanding taking for the 49ers this year good enough to join us here on 95 so in the game Robbie Damon Bruce pleasure to have you on man. Happy holidays and how're you. That crowd and appreciate and have been other. Absolutely I gotta be completely honest with you I grew up a big fan of Chicago Bears and you were a big big big part of the bears that win in Chicago. Had to a felt. As good as any game he's ever felt you walking on the field right. To have definite are great there's no doubt about it you know I think a lot of different reasons for battered because wanna back to play partner under way at all. And you can't significantly augment. Not for the guys in the locker room here and kind of where we're headed in court that you directory of Archie looked like after that when and then I'll bet they'll put it put a couple of road together and finish if you shop or hope to do the same this weekend and LA it. You know as Jimmy drop blow guys sort of changed things a little bit if you notice that I grew right up clues this dude it's. Are you don't immediately great correct. Jimmy G mania. Well a lot of people on the outside talk about it among the most humble guys are prepared to your enemy you know the way he's coming here doctor himself. Not only the leader in the locker room but the wage. Command of the huddle approach is they can't make. Responding around them and you know I think you assault. For the first time along cover art air. I played here the visitor and this past week was. I salute rockets in the stadium in they have a lot to do with winning but now a lot to what those guys bring to the table on that and try to be a part of. Your entire football career Robbie going back so pop Warner days have you ever been on a team. That is seen such a dramatic turn around to the positive. As we see teams go from really good to all of a sudden all man what happen no last week in eight weeks they stunk and they didn't go anywhere. To see it teens start only nine and then the finish like this have you ever been a part of an in season turn around isn't even close to this. Probably you know I can't reliever or call off the top ahead in our C. You know young teams would not be able to make the push a third agent. And not really come together you know we've fat. I think they overhauled the roster that seventy new guys you committed to the regular season. There I think we had forty. A perfect to treat guys for new players. That you know I think a lot of it had to do it understanding that the government be together for the first time that. It's very difficult and ill get a couple weeks and I'll keep an yeah great training camp leader first came to install everything it. Coordinator then it'll be that dumb but that's that's clay in Europe they usually attack meant that they got a lot or didn't get dejected when it. Where did pull out some of those victories in the beginning. Because the next sheet as well we'd like to have right or hurting small dog actually offered defense and special each. That we could affect you better help ourselves win so that the a young team. Target yet it start understand how to win turn try to find different ways the make themselves better. Makes it a lot of political work. Ruddy gold 49ers kicker here on 957 game Robby is it. Considerably. Easier. To kick it Levi stadium is her home stadium that was Soldier Field. Do these conditions and the atmosphere in the weather alone make it an easier thing or is it hard no matter where you war. You know at this place is a lot harder than I ever expected. When I got here particularly your stadium and you eat. In other words didn't ever check it every had remember that then he noted that for chicken you gotta be able. A player be prepared form different she's very young so watch how. Our Chicago another place overloaded so why you'd never thought he just constant you know decrease per call when her. And it stayed that way the entire game seeking public implant very tipped it Berry check. It doesn't change word that they you know what maybe part of a better ticker here's. Understanding some of those cute understanding some of nuances Lou the other right hash. Always McConnell from fit the coach art and now you play down the middle you can acquire left or right. Credit limit without by the let them prior to equate your right center in America outside the right upright and look. The way to win this bullpen can push out so. But a lot of time Riley can't help him. Something very high art but also his bad air force so I can lean on those guys and I gained valuable feedback can. Don't spend a unique experience but there are search under alarms really accountable Irish. Never lean over to drop below and you hearing MVP chants go out throughout the stadium in you do say these are for you broke lose your mind. God yeah I heard about it I think good you know art art coaches you know pretty sarcastic guy when it comes to that Joseph Hewitt everybody. By no means do I think gum and MVPs. But you know you know I think it's as part of that sarcasm that. What you all about it the head coach you know I think he's a real person I think he's. Very relate at all and you know they're trying to go other Port Charlotte hey you ever heard Tony Olympic I'll say that you know you're really heavy PMI. I have no idea. What's going on but I don't consider myself an MVP so other like Garrett Mock remote deserve that and you know I think that she get that recognition. I tell you what let Nash mono words mean an awful lot around here and I think you should certainly be in the running for that Robbie Gould 49ers kicker here on the Damon Bruce show. As a kicker do you never skip leg day. You know we don't. We don't do leg up on our during the season pardon him twice a week. I'm a big believer in old body ballots. Because look think you're a body can help you with. At a distance you can have helped US stability. And major esque show. We we do a lot of full body work it out. You know leg is something I enjoy doing good that it definitely helps what do your craft and protect it whatever is the year two and on the field. That there you don't punish. And you dvd Jon Claude van dam splits. Are now on. Yeah. Hips don't lie right she character are paying daughter Robbie gold does it come from. What did glued the black sheep they can need to calf like what where does your power comes from and I I see people. Try to do is look I couldn't take a side yard field goal you can give me years I worked on. And our future won't won't go work out schemed together you know it precludes the fired art that your core. Here and I too strong a little bit took poetry for seven yards but he perfect. That be nice steady diet did some nice range right there you can count on me inside the fifteen yard line only. I would I would love to take you up on that I would love taking lesson in case I ever win like a doctor pepper one shot at a 50000 dollars field goal challenge or anything like that. Your radar from there you go we'll take you up on it Robbie how were the holidays. They're good you know I'd vote for your element to the natural order. And demos got up in the morning open tipster saying 00 record and there America's I was in toward him. Let them books in what some football and just kind of got ready for. Little aliens come Welker pretense so October golden double wrapped up this geared up for one more in this year. Did you happen to notice that the rams announced that their benching golf their benching girly it's a throwaway game for them. Really good chance to go down there and finish clean with rob below what that means your locker room. Our near the line you know obviously owned salute division champs and you know in order to either back together beat the bad so for us. You know work and told the match here and whether they played their starters amount of hours without them they've earned that right so. Fumble got there and we're over there aren't sure is gonna give their crappy that about the train and on the but some together so well you're not -- truck because found therein and do the same so. I'll work but I about the child who are all right he really good solid football this year. Are the solemn. Earlier and he's mapping both teams there are civil that Fred and I think it'll be a great game on Sunday. Thank you so much for joining us today Robbie really appreciate the chance to talk would you keep on ticking and straight through those operates man you've been. Fantastic all year keep it up. Are are pretty thank you very much Robbie Gould's 49ers kicker here on 957 game.