The Chris Townsend Show
Tuesday, September 12th

Rob Lowder, of The Niners Wire, joins Towny and Urbs to talk all things 49ers; breaking down Kyle Shanahan's debut as a head coach and previewing Sunday's matchup in Seattle.


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Rob louder covers of 49ers. I he has a great job at the niners wire Robin. Good evening and quickly I don't know if you're an eight spanner not we can start out do you have any reaction to the news tonight that the aides are said we finally have found her place is going to be at Laney college. Well I think the orient in order. Exactly enjoying that and will they weather the. There should be a lot of people that are very excited about that it is big game but in the day. And in the short drive and it's right there on the water so the weather should always been great so. You know if there's anything else they permit I'm not. He bet that an up and all their talking points but just equal what is going to be great most of the time. Like he knows money am I laugh at the forty nights god accept my kids at the San Jose state game they're eleven years old. It was a hibernate by ticked off they stayed for the whole game pretty interesting all right no gain of 140 niners lose. What did you take from the first game in the Kyle Shanahan. Air out with the San Francisco 49ers. Well one of things that you demands wired into it's always been insisting that it's right after the game over trying to write my winners and losers article after. Bill depending on at a game. It can be very easy to pick the winner they can be very easy to pick some winners rarely vote. I'll put it on the definitely favored the loose side and and you know what it always. A little limited to talk and but it wasn't a whole lot of he would take from a to me that they get. Standout back about game one. It doesn't matter how the offensive guru Shanahan is its offensive line cannot block it will not matter. It doesn't matter how much. The play action worked up the run game it doesn't matter will receive you have and all the talk about the Chinese quarterback that might come along and you're strapped. Won't matter the offensive line is now where it should be so hopefully. And I know Shanahan thought that they are. He's been pal which is kind of building that yelled needed it at a position where getter like that but that was my biggest takeaways that the line was struggling big time. And and that will undo an entire heat and let alone look back at it at the roster built rebuilt but that'll that'll sort of the real quick. Rob and in general what did you think of the way Shanahan handled the additional responsibilities and these kind of doing. Two jobs that wants he's he knows how to do the OC job he's unfamiliar. With a head coach job balancing. The two take the final score out of it did you think he did in general. I think you know. At this point he's going to be dealing with a lot that I believe they only get nineteen player on that rot that was there all week seventeen last these. So no matter what are going to run into the problem. Flag the ball park did you take longer than that in the and it felt good to build that chemistry dot. I don't put that on him as much of the equity in your didn't seem terrible last year I gotta rebuild. There were some them Mitt debt in the entire management. You know stuff like that and that. It hit the price that you don't really know how to go to work Mikey that he got from the opposite. The coordinator handling everything deep and often time management and all that they'll. I didn't think it was bad it immediately it was actually pleasant thing that he'd seen go import them. Avoid the partner for a little bit. It might not all work back only one more work out but to me that was almost a bit refreshing you know whether or not. All the corporate decision because it didn't work out at all but at thing but I think. Okay back I look aggressiveness especially when he's down the not a whole lot want mama. And a whole point of putting it anymore so I really into the pot did take away from I appreciated that and just a little aggressive nature when you're in your. Behind them scoreboard. Almonte to her at rob underscore louder he covers the 49ers for the USA today it's simple niners wired dot USA today. Dot com and I'm actually looking at your column right now of the winners and losers. I agree with you on one of the winners Carlos Hyde. I thought it was very odd if they don't go for it on fourth down at the end of days on it away score would have been ten not then. Unit and catching him in the run game. Would we have seen more of Carlos Hyde has what the second half he only got two carries. Yet at this game and and it it. When you're behind on the scoreboard that view and but it is just that you would say it to you looked really well did you get action in the app game. You look rise. Right over people elected me luckily. They looked it looked bad but at the quality of one run over it and it can't get. So and without him again every dependent on the run you know I think a lot of it. A lot in the back at them like Matt Ryan and Leo now he's cute topic not about the path it at all well run. Though. I think that might be enough to let them for the new alarm in the back you've got to be committed to that can't happen and like I restarted Brenda you hear is an apt. Even if your own ball so that and let them so you want Bakken. The legitimize the prop up the game he happens they needed to run even start all of them or. Rob with so few bright shining lights on this squad talent wise. How big of a hit potentially it is rude foster's injury. Even Melky is one of a rookie but one thing it in the back and the first round and that that people board would Alter you would think. That there would be ready to step up in his position that been there for all the raw electorate that not the case and capital deficit. Certainly not the case. Without the ball and looked at her quarters he look. What possibly the best player on deep and on defense and equipment really hurt him you know the coming like a horrible moment. So normally you wouldn't think a lot of rookie. That important it is starting role be huge hit but with the way the wind is just might be and why he left the field. And really Armstrong stepped up like him is just what the name and even Bergen and energy level. That and meanwhile meanwhile defense so you know hopefully being public ING zucker. For one. They got what is that what what any doubt. I'm a player to cart off the field wondering how bad going to be. And usually the men. But luckily that was the case hopefully get back into your organs but I can be finicky talking. Hamstring injury you just never really know how long it. For the 49ers say going into this week two game at Levi stadium against the Seahawks. What did we learn about the hawks and their week one game against Green Bay and that offensive line. Well you. If on a deep and the line consisting of bear arms at first round for a first round Altman on the ground. And a whole slew of other players if they can't. Can't have an effective game against that often the wind there trouble. Because it was all over the place and bigger scandal what you have a quarterback like little neck until you saw one brick and he could still make that happen. After a disappointing in the audience Carolina we're in generate single back in the sport but really the only player in any noise out there. This is a big point for them and I think if they don't like that they don't be opening in yellow line which is terrible. And it got into bigger and now they are important they have to count at least been drafted out there that should make a big difference in the game like that. Herbs quickly and my bus the game the games in Seattle. Wow I'd sooner. You're presented on what would you take Acela. I had you know elected guy he's been buried cerebral. At the same time he you know he's. Out of want and their training camp and being a monarchy Doonesbury. Intimate with his players he'd eat him up with them. While we're in the good quality as long as they make it because. But it seems like there is Smart Geithner intuitive. And he's really simple even in down where the players don't have pain and when your players are thinking on the heel it went in the. It won't play as well the thing about just react so are likely done so far. It's just one example liked and we weren't thrilled collapsed in the 49ers are aimed at where that all these. But it would be good ample but he's been was nowhere near collapse the and so it'll be an interesting thing to watch out. Here. I know this is just one play of the game. But if mark he's Goodwin had caught that ball right at the goal line whether it would have been and first. And goal on the third. Orient that going into the end zone for a score. With the way the crowd would have band with a gala at different if you were a cot that. I think so I mean you don't wanna watch soccer in Q and what that single play that. If football all of well then. And while everybody would like to lead to opportunities in the Balkans and the labor is quite fundamental. There's so much momentum to be pat in the late like that. The energy in the crowd. And it didn't he goes Cheney and the energy bill play call that one Q put border are. They completely changed it at that point on the board. And you know what you're matter Carlos I don't you hear that bait or maybe they don't accept it and work. It simple and and wait maybe tied. It changed everything a player like that that. And it's unfortunate that he's getting them. I got to hit it adequate walk Matt keep with you noticeably out about it. That was an opportunity here to show what you was brought to view so. Just look at Cooper Union I'm sure he's gonna work on and hopefully make it happen because there's one in Seattle he's been shown the kind of struggle. With smaller guys. You don't have a lot of at. Speed they would need their corner so that we have been another big one element that game. Rob great stuff love every need guys Korea's leader in yourself and all the other guys are doing it for niners wire. IE guys have great 49ers coverage we'll talk to you as soon. I.