Rick Tittle
Thursday, May 11th

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Life. Not at 57 again. It will be the fourth hour so Zach can we reset with your signature call. And Leo well down. The program around. A pleasure. For your listening pleasure the next sixty minutes Rick. But the one and only he's making tittle and yours truly one name one name only like prince and Madonna Zacharias. Good stuff Seth Everett is gonna join as he is they are radio host and now Manhattan with WCBS eight AD AM and the guy coming asking about the mats and all that dysfunction I'm sure will get into with him the guys he's always up in their bid ness and that's with a but remember if you buy two get in without hear from you got another hour ago and I'm a local triple A 9579570. Penske out so stock Comtex line. 95795. We did it today were gonna do new topics are not gonna rerouted as brand new we're gonna do what you call exact. Still our baby the wacky world of sports you know players slide not been. I G models DMZ no baby mama drama child support strip club mega brain all the crazy stuff that goes on but it's got to be attached. A sports it's the word it. Yes indeed there. Marshawn Lynch we had the word long before Marchand signed with the writers. And then of course key to sneak Oakland's finest as well urban music bed playing under for those listening on the app I apologize because you can't hear. Any music. Like I said total normally it's got to be attached to sports every once in awhile make an exception. This is one of those times. Steve Harvey. Sent a note out to all of his employees for his show you and it leaked and I'm going to read it sounded now it's a relatively long but it's worth it all right. So this is Steve Harvey voice good morning everyone welcome back I'd like you ought to review would adhere to the following notes and rules for season five of my talk show. There'll be no meetings in my dressing room no stopping buyer popping in. In all caps and no one. Do not come to my dressing room unless invited to not open my dressing room door you opened my door expect to be removed. My security team will stop everyone from standing in my door who have the intent to see or speak to me. I want all the ambushing to stop now that includes the TV staff. You must schedule an appointment I've been taken advantage Obama I lenient policy in the past this and now no more do not approach me while I'm in the make a German site asked. To speak with you directly either knock or use the doorbell. I am seeking more free time for me throughout the day. Do not wait in the hallway to speak to me I hate being ambushed please make an appointment I promise you I will not entertain you in the hallway and do not attempt to walk with me. If you're reading this yes. I mean you. Everyone don't take offense to the new way of doing business it is for the good of my personal life and enjoyment thank you all Steve Harvey your thoughts that. Well first of all I love the fact that the makeup room has a doorbell and I'd thought thought the same old what. You know it's funny when you when you hear stuff like that from people who are really accomplished you kind of think oh my gosh it's gone to their heads it's the theater of the of certain but one time this was years ago. I heard a story about how. And that she had went into hotel room and they only had a dozen and she stormed out. And earth I remember targets mega man what a primadonna and and my films like now. That's what she asked for and they didn't give it to sell I am on jail those side there and at that. Error. Who the hell wants flowers and let's have the gift anyway you're giving yourself flowers. I don't know that's a lesson I think I think what it is is that I remember UCLA before John Wooden passed away. He would go to all the games and he would just sit in the crowd Oden and the entire game people wanted autographs and self trees so you sealer had to put out a memo say continue please. Leave mr. wooden alone he's ninety's he just wants to watch the game. And so we are all high and mighty and that's not high and my how many different guys in the guys had a game yeah yeah then one that when I'm on his side Steve Harvey. And Jennifer Lopez I'm not on their side melodies you know he should somebody should write back and say OK I'll do it signed Miss America the fact that I. Please don't vote against the ladies by the national reduce showed again Rick which you give that to the ball drop in the producer. Do not talk to me in the hallway do not attempt to walk with me do not enter the studio at Russian made an appointment or member at a lawsuit because an intern had the temerity of gimmick house dog when I specifically asked for parry today I broke his jaw or a pass a that's a long time ago when you're not a diva. About what I love about who LeBron James. And Nike are now selling these zero dark 23 sneakers. Here's the problem you know at zero dark thirty years yeah that was the seal team that killed bin Laden. Did not know that and it says a lot about me that all I do is watch sports and read about sports because I didn't know that what I associate at zero dark thirty. Is when. LeBron James shut downs but all of his social and that's what he called it yet yet to start the playoffs all but here's the problem he's always on social media because other people. Are taking pictures government videos on this video of them dancing with his teams don't like he's not really awful social media either way I can apple personal issues are kind of dope I'm not gonna lie but I can't believe he partly this I'm no longer on social media even though I'm always on social media thing into selling a pair of sneakers. Do you Nike there are some guys that are fascinated by I think Josh Donaldson when he was here. He was he was one of those guys it wasn't even tagged he would search for his name. Hammer or one of those god those guys are weird when you replied that you're showing the in lesser added on your shelling that you're seeking out people talking about you by name I had a buddy who lives in her owner park and he tweeted out something like let's just face it Donaldson's overrated he didn't tag him. Any replied. Euro overrated take all your is gearing given to a drew fan well my favorite though I think is when Chris was doing the the post game show on Donaldson called. And he started because he wanted to get on the post game show and really his girlfriend grabbed the phone and said don't talk to right now is drawn. Sell some guys bail they just love the attention eskolaste his heart's speaking of. Crazy we have like some. Foreign channel on here in the studio then and I guess I'm to some and gets them I'm gonna get Japanese news tonight it's Kate yeah south Holland did you see that the NFL denied Josh Gordon's reinstatement request yet again. Look. I am. Very much pro marijuana has found that it's ever killed anybody or not saying that you should drive on it or whatever that you should even get into it our all but Foreman but additional purposes certainly. And outside of that it's better for you than tobacco or alcohol. Bomb but. He messed up so many times this is the one instance where I'm actually gonna take the league's back because regardless of whether or not. Your pro or anti it it's a rule and he can T he habitually. Rest in peace Charlie Murphy he was a habitual lying snapper and terms of continuing to fail test but it doesn't look like he's gonna get reinstate if he does it will be in the fall. Yeah years ago I think it was on nine I had. I Charlie Murphy on my syndicated show really yet and he was in the character of LeRoy Smith nice without halting the guy that was kept on the team instead of Jordan when gas was cut Diaz in that character in his own basketball. You should see those videos online are actually hilarious as LeRoy Smith. But listen I know this is apples and oranges. But Johnny Mac and sell. You know basically punch is girlfriend in the air her eardrum explodes. And he can play but this guy you know smokes weed and here he's basically a pariah. As someone who rides Bart I'm not a big fan of weed because everyone is high on barred now. It's basically hot boxing it's like you're a dead concert down to get on barred after 8 PM yeah some not saying I'm for weed I'm just saying. That you got guys like Greg Hardy and Pacman Jones and yet for some reason weed is worse than like a domestic. Violence I'm with you on that and for 99% of the marijuana cases I am on the players side but in the job scored when it's like dude get it together even on pro I mean you know at some point you have to realize rules are rules and I never normally that guy I'm normally against the league on that Al Big Papi is writing a book key absolutely destroyed Bobby Valentine. Talking about that a number of times where he wanted to cuss them out or beat him up. And wanted to be fought a one of them fired before the plane landed I mean just absolutely destroyed the guy you saw the George Karl. Last year or maybe it was earlier this year when he rips. Carmelo Anthony and and and Kenya on Marten. What are your thoughts on people writing books and destroying people that they either worked for or alongside well for me big. Poppy is not a loveable figure I'm not a Red Sox fan I hate the Red Sox I moderates argue to reduce the lovable kid not to me at all little thing. I'm not people who took steroids should be maimed and when he is on the list he's like. Yeah I just don't like that remember. In 2011. They had Francona there as the skipper you had fried chicken gate with Lester Lackey book colts and and back kid so they fire Francona. I felt bad for him he was with a wife for thirty years they were separated heave I was living in a hotel and some who was always on painkillers. It was just such a dysfunction that you're paying. Irene and asked the a's can we do a double header on a on a Saturday swing of both games in I work that double header by the way eight and a half hours wow it JB actually threw me a little bit actually cast you wild day and a half hours at the record got its first ever ever they they asked the days after the first game when the a's were. Behind like 821 in the seventh can just say that you lost swing at the next crowd in the days like can you just say kiss my black. But the players complain that they had a plan a double header. I'll Wakefield was 45 years old bear attack was like 39 years old. It's just everything went wrong they fire Francona to let's bring in Bobby Valentine let's get a task master and here. And that was the only time I think in big poppies career by the way the twins cut big popular and an uptrend. What time is where they didn't win at least seventy point claim about it on time sir accord hump. For the July Tony twelve I'm in the Red Sox dugout at Hilton coliseum. Out of unconscious and they're nice and am in our work on the a.s broadcast as wanted to fight interview and you know played in the post game show. Anyway go ahead and I knew he had a reputation as kind of a red button. I started asking him questions and ask a question he went yes. And then I asked another question he went no. And I asked I get one more try asking the third question he went. Yes and I thought OK you know what I go wide animal waste your time I'll always my time anymore and he's like okay. It's a total ass while not gonna play that game and it Ross saying no the outlaw not gonna play that game so the next series. They went to Seattle. And that's when they had their meltdown and John Henry who owns the Red Sox and Liverpool he was actually. Mercy side in Northern England he flew with Larry Lucchino. Ever Theo Epstein was still there they fly to. Bought his Seattle to have emergency talks. And I mr. Ambrose watch and Dustin Pedroia 'cause I like destiny's actually really nice guy I was watching them play catch before the game and he just had this look on his face. Like he was Hayden and I remember after the season he said when you play for the Red Sox you play for the city and a lot of guys and. Or let the seedy down I mean you talk about a guy who's just nails I have mad respect. For Dustin Pedroia yeah you gotta love him or guy whose Jersey is always dirty odd Kirk cousins. He keeps some weird. Math quiz from high school above his area. Wherever they get in the locker yeah I guess but the easy insane lark resent his area you mean as crotch he said I have this hanging above my desk. OK so maybe as again yet whatever means and multimillion you may be like oh where they study film award ever anyways he says. The reason why it's an old high school math quiz. When I didn't study at all and I got a seat plus it's a subtle reminder to me every day of the importance of preparation. I don't prepare. I get sees. Since gone according to me what you think whatever motivates. Human name drop again I'm I got to interview Adam Carolla a few years ago and he told me that he actually when he is where the same age when he was and grown up a song California. He was an all league linebacker can and that was as high as he ever got but there was a little. Article that said here are the all league players and it's set out April whatever is high school was and he framed that and he said that's like one of his most prized possessions that. He does we'll look at that think you know one at one point I was actually a pretty can be awfully soon interest and yeah motivates you. I guess it's kind of weird though it. A a torn up old math quiz anyways. But I have the picture of this screen over my desk just reminded that life is always just eternal hellfire figure in a by the patriots another reason to hate them the ravens had expressed interest in free agent running back Garrett blocked the patriots exercise their little known rule. Today. Meaning any team that signed blunt would lose a compensatory. Ours have trouble that word. Pick in the league formula this would preclude the ravens from signing last year's NFL lead leader in rushing touchdowns. If they don't want to gamble for fitting a projected third round pick in the 2018 draft. According to pro football talked. The Richards extended a one year one point one million dollar tender. A 110% of last year's salary to blunt and I'm restricted free agent by doing so what would count toward new England's. Draft picks if he signs elsewhere before July 22 after that. 117 season well first of all I think. Right any NFL fan when you start talking like that and that you're safe patriots always think of his cheaters fact we just think something's going on there energy mountain. It's not your own blunt was that organ in the Chip Kelly was the coach and they want their plated that BS you on the blue smirk turf and after the game some. Linebacker or lineman ran overly care plan went high he lost and he punched them via. And a like I was watching that lie where I am yeah until never play for the ducks again like well we Needham BS the but I can remember at the time vegan. I haven't heard the last and I got to guy's gonna plan and putting our season. Now it wasn't even as Eddie said it was disbanded a plane and anyway and members all organs should be ashamed of themselves on what. Yeah I mean flights haven't. Montgomery. Rewarded a walk on defensive and Chianti Anderson with a scholarship Montgomery. Yeah what's that no I'm guessing you're a college game Montgomery Alabama yeah. So they didn't go directly to Anderson instead with Mother's Day coming up this weekend and knowing how much interest and loves his mom. Montgomery took a different approach he decided to surprise. Thought Anderson's mother dear Chapman at her job to let her know her son was getting a scholarship they cried it's a very nice video I love. What colleges do that there's always something when a guy gets a woman is that when their scholarships to be given out as guys that are. Walking on an aunt and trying out they always do something cooler than now Satan in the in the team moreover they announce that some public values shell game when the house yeah they always do something to where it's it's super cool and you just got to love it like that the guys are five star recruits they're so happy to get it and it's in it it it brings summit there's a lot of joy left in sports at least may because I'm older now I don't see it as much. I still get like a little childhood joy when I seat walk ons get scholarships one of my favorite stores when it comes to like the mom liked the book they call me assassin Jack Tatum. Wrote which was like are almost many Bible men and Cassel patrol on all likening points and but anyway great book. He he grew up in Passaic, New Jersey fantastic running back in high school also played DB. And apparently there are in their neighborhood where there is this like old. Like I trying to sell vacuums to people. And and he was like playing pickup hoop at the park and his friend said I just saw the vacuum salesman go on your mom's house he's like Ono my mom's gonna buy a vacuum. So he said he ran home as fast as he could. And as he's walking in Woody Hayes from Ohio State the head coaches walking out doesn't even say hide it. And you auction is a what was that all about she goes I just wanna let you know that you will be attending Ohio State. What he has talked to his mom never talked to him. He just said this is the best place for him and she said I love them you're going there while. That's old school man that is old school I love that he walked by and didn't say a war on fourth and one when Bill Walsh went back to Stanford in the like. Now a year you know you you retired from the NFL you're going back to Stanford and he said. Now they're recruiting trail I'm gonna have to sit there and readable ice cream and pet the dog again and somebody living room we think it. Sergio Garcia got a hole in one play golf at all. I I am one of the only white man that doesn't play golf but you know why do you ever play. I have I have clubs Jessica place the fall off the face of the year and played in years yeah but no one I knew growing up played all. It was just is about as foreign and that you know what else is the thing I hate Zach. It's like when the World Cup comes along I actually know soccer and a lot of people pretend to know you shouldn't pretend to know. One thing that kills me because I couldn't care less about the masters. When the masters were going on. So many people sport house DJ Dylan payout is looking good off the G I wanna say you don't give a crap quite active like hill like the masters you don't care you can be cool without liking the masters well golf. And tennis. And soccer. Our three sports where I won't watch just the casual game. But if it's the World Cup if it's the Wimbledon if it's the master Wimbledon. I was they'll say time it's done deal and Wimbledon Wimbledon I don't know what people say Wimbledon it's not just you. Just yeah irks me are never heard Wimbledon Wimbledon there will be no land when in fact the soccer team they were the dawns there weren't that tons yeah well I learned the hard way about four years ago that it's the NHL final. Not the NHL finals. You know what things and Dave Dave drum that Indo us and I've ever since then people still say finals in an effort to seven best of seven kneecap safe final. That sounds stupid don't you than I do I'm when you finals anyways and I do believe me hockey fans let me know its final. It's if the stakes are high enough. Then I can get into those sports so I can I can understand the guidance I mean I'm with you that they don't know or care but like I like it I can understand being more interest than when the stakes are high. Finally. My dear Tony. Of the Houston Rockets said that the reason why. He left New York he quit because he found out that Carmelo Anthony went to management and said it's either team Johnny or me. And so before they can even make the decision. He quit the Nixon resigned from the neck and we hear about it because there in New York the dysfunction there is majestic speaking of New York how staffers say ways act. Seth Everett who is soft NBC Sports Radio in Manhattan this guy is always very entertaining we will talk to him next till sector and and a 57 again. Al decade Rick tittle and Zach awry. On 95 point seven games. Welcome back to not a five point seven again great to have you with us tonight and we have one more gas were very happy to welcome Seth Everett. And he is idea. National baseball insider for NBC Sports Radio he's also on WCBS. Eight AD AM in New York City. And obviously set we got a couple teams in the Bay Area we wanna get to those in the second but. You know it's funny I thought the knicks had a lot of dysfunction. Of the Mets are going to be better friend if in fact. I'm looking like they're under. Greater are. The outlaw I I picked the Mets the win the World Series so I'm laughing at myself now. What it what was the case will with Harvey were they spying on them I know he apologize he said he was not to let him know he's kind of a loaf Oreo at his mom's a Roddy he just. He can't pull it off like Jeter used to pull off on. It is where you're used to. Two things one I would never have picked their win the World Series and it took the witness division. And I have no lack Strickland against the you know I could have extremism but. I didn't like the line. That was my reason I've liked a lot but I guess that. Pitching has never of that. You know Hudson Mulder and veto if it doesn't happen. And just start talking about he had yen unify all stars on the mound and they're just gonna win every time restart I just wouldn't think that viable. As far as how RV concerned. He hates that team and they hate him and they they fear him and you have lately they. Complain about it and program they complained about it Twitter they complete he leads the county they complain about everything. And you know what he was one of the burgeoning star he signed a couple hours. He would get a siren you know and -- contract. And he wanted to beat that and as a great parallel between that Harvey and Alex Rodriguez like covered. The beginning and the end of his career you know when I was in Seattle working with the Mariners when he first burst on to. On the scene and then you know subsequently got started last years living in New York. And the irony is Alex Rodriguez even the bad things that happened when he. Ransom might strip that sent to deny steroids and when he had to face the music at that spring training crook like all of those things. He loved every second. But don't kid yourself he loved the attention. Even negative attention he doesn't hate. And Matt Harvey the same way people live like oh look how humble he was when he apologized on god. He's loved every ounce. And it's just amazing to me how Matt Harvey the stars is greater than met our beat the picture here's what I've learned since the map heart beat things happen. And by the way note in regard bloc via Twitter if you want to know that. But you conduct. I think that story a better story but Matt Harvey I I talked to a pitching coach and count about Matt Hartley did because it was all the bonds. And they said that that second surgery that he has yet army dog surgery that he had surgery on the call galactic artery syndrome. And I don't know we come back from and there's a really good probability. That he never intimidate hitters the way he did his first year. And so that accompanied it party in amity that even probable that things. So it's just amazing to me now being stopped the only reason he's got to spend it. It because he's not pitching well. Because if he's pitching well their rate. Very casually not very. It's very interesting and you're right because you have came on the scene in in an all star of the Tommy John and actually 25 team was now about but yeah that. That shoulder last July I mean a lot of people think that's worse. Then than Tommy Johnson now he's older he's worse and he's going to be more expensive lenses are our Beers Dolan now of course would be that radio. If we don't hear about UN or what happened. Well that would let could have put a book and is arbitrary smears are going to be great it and that's why he picked and loudly. And you know he's gonna go up against the brewers in the brewer sent to him he's going to be searching for answers he's not even a lot to be in the room patients so. I just think that we have to make sure he comes back. Because what he's coming back from it not always that the case are full. Helpful if there. Here's what happened he on the Thursday night two Thursday's ago. He. Skip this start because he had had united the response he is that sort. And he met with the media this is the part that's importantly he met with the media be really skip the start before the game now with the then he decides. In some bunkers action and not have an tomorrow. We can go over that cute about it and the reporters wanted to talk to him again. And so what happened was. He not only that note of the reporters. He admonished them he said he admonished Jay Horowitz the net PR guy and he said today get your minions out here out of my way some like that. And I eight. Took it back I took issue with that because it looked less than 48 hours. After 100. ESPN employees had just been let go the media is you know bad situation that we all agree that fair to say so yeah. I did in the media because you've got to work with their help keep their job. And even to me they don't need to be abolished by boat and go so like that on Twitter because I'm a comma partnered. And you know I know my marble. A lot on the show allegiance to shield and all that stuff I said. If you want to compare itself to a marvel superhero I'll take a weight lower and I'll start calling him squirrel girl. That you. But that wasn't the one that got me blocks. He had that one a copy block was the next Sunday. That three days later. Without ever having me MRI and I have been told like two pitching coaches they would not give the man the baseball. I'd like to get the tomorrow. That backed the maximum that they're afraid of these young accurate. And that meant that no are you wanna take no problem no problem mind you he had not warned the lat muscle at that point. So he goes out there in the first inning he order a hundred miles an hour. The next inning he's grabbing it nor what do you think he'd torn muscle. And big storm that I did that on Twitter. I can at least now there he can't called me media is billion. Ain't karma probable. While we are speaking with stuff heard from NBC Sports Radio in New York City WCBS eight AD AM and in a related story I got a new cinder guard from a fireplace structure organize. You know what it's funny sad because. The way you the way you talk you sound like. What you do and in Seattle you were made for the New York market time. I wouldn't Seattle I would do you know reform. Glory years of Lubbock city there and I'm I'm not I'm not not fond of you're that he is well loved the today. That Seattle is very good to me and that I was there during a strange time because Ken Griffey junior was with my guy and you know I would that we can would you Jeter camp. And I learned to Alex Rodriguez was there and you know I had a very prominent player wants to help me Alex Rodriguez talks room. Never to use. I would that was there that resonated with because I thought that phrase applies to every chapter of Alex's career. What OK let's talk a little bit about a couple questions here in the Bay Area you have two teams to no one is very ambitious has the top five payroll. The other one is just kind of going along until their their prospects are ready. So let's talk about the giants because. Especially the fans that have been fans since 2010. Which is more than half the error they have alarm bells ringing and you know that's it's time to trade Quaid elk as he's getting your undo his his his opt out. And it is the way I look at it is. This is the way baseball season usually go for most teens people get heard and it starts thinking I just think the giants fans old it's spoil. Well they've they've meet you use a cute thing there and they're both accurate number one. Jared into our sport. You know they went through. They had you know would be best player in the game for years then mired in controversy. Coming out of that controversy we have the golden era of the giants Perugia. And unity there's nothing about the whole era that is in fear tactic. That the senator knew in the division I kicker went on your show and I said I'd love to see. I love the lineup. I thought there was balance of the patient backed up by adding Malia and your ego there. And you know I just thought at the time. You know that he would sort of be packed. And you know the funny part about what happened is everybody likes on the national basis depending on Bogor. Angela that was an unfortunate thing but you know the one thing opting event. No kindergarten was dumber than bat involved. After Barbara was trying to get hurt in America but Gartner had never fought when he got hammered by more of during a disservice to nineteen. Notes in the market. He knew that what they were gonna say and dignity. And that's a big difference but that's the intent you know our superiority of the big difference in her meant well and you know. But it's much that that I would deputy Wednesday. And I watched the market. And that he's grown like well like what what he you are battered. But he's been doing that since the White Sox. That it's it's it's demeaning to me how their ultimately. And I I had a conversation with Belichick can out of Europe other people's conversations I was standing near there are prevalent and I heard both she and I heard I don't give reporters they were aware actually here's like here's your. Chris Berman right there. This is hours before he found out like a bit easier probably ninety minutes before he got the word. It would really scare in hindsight I I think there's a lot knowing where he would be and so hello by Andy when our friends by. Chris Berman was there he went to pick either their questions. But one of them was in. Which is actually a dish owners like. He told me what tell me to their. And I thought you know it's kind of amazing. For a team that I like so much has to have that lack of success. People have said to me well campy turn it shook the hand. But you have to see and watch you we think of it is concerned you can get help but they don't look like. Fourteen that's right leader to turn it around. The crazy part about it. Who want the teams that are in first place. And look at the run differential Colorado. How they do not have even been back so and and only three other guys in the so I don't know how the Rockies are your put that together with Leo you'll. When you looked old driver and you know for the giants to really rebounds which lead to start playing better and you're addicted didn't mind. One more question for you set the EU EU you know told us that you will engaged. The aptly on social media you'll do like you know a sassy little jab out on Poole who over the years. That you had the biggest beef whiff when it comes to that kind of thing. Look requests. David Magee. In my gut. Why. How long I just thought music you've earned through I was young even through. But curiously what I can tell me here. But Alex Rodriguez and I we're all I knew that we had a he'd hate relationship. You know I I I couldn't stand him and it was partly because there was apparently reconciled. And you know real funny story we can run and like a lot of running and over the years. I could be a perfect example when he I was you walk here in Seattle. We get a deal. That we were gonna talk about it free agency. But at the end of the season he gets to stand there for as long as we I've noticed in the direction. And he did to his credit he did it. But that he gave that Alex Rodriguez only baloney they Seattle for a strongly. I'm gonna leave it would have to be he rich in tradition. League young pitcher I've become on. Floppy it's nonsense. But it was on paper beanie gets a ticket the card. And you know we we we we we got a nice senate from our radio station. And I went up leaving that year I never cover that 2001 banners and women to be worked through to work for me to a baseball and at that time the winter spring training when he signed his contract with the Rangers. Might station took that audio playback. It. Instead my old station and he got wind it because he wouldn't let the media he knew everything. And he knew that art station had done that. And he came over to me it was very funny because it was like my third period working for MLB. We were at Texas Rangers spring training but he slipped out. He'd eat you would have thought I stole these children like it was a it was unbelievable. And the crazy thing about it is all these years we tried to reconcile that we've had more blow up. The last conversation I ever had with him what eleven years ago. In 2009 at the World Series with the Yankees won. I went up to him and congratulated. Because you have a people he's now funny now it turned that he that it would be cheating but. I didn't know that it's hard and I went up to look you know for all we did drew you've really earned victory congratulations. The next spring in one hand he came over to me and said police are much that meant it. A month later the leader Robert came out with a book and I never spoken out. Are right that is Seth Everett of course chic in your money NBC Sports Radio WCBS eight AD AM. In New York I love the story is a love how fractious the balls and hit his back there and that we gotta have you on again since the good stuff thanks for your thanks for your time in year anecdotes and. Thanks for having me in terms. All right gets that we'll take a quick break when we come back we're gonna close it out for the night. Little's Acker I had at a time point seven Doug and now back tittle and Zack rye. On 95 point seven game. I dishonest from India locker cedar Saddam movies and no great movie yet check it out now or Kelly saw. I'm not sure actually I do I do know that those two park. Don't know what does. I don't know how are any amount of money we'll talk about a letter because we have John Dickinson on the line and he was attending the giants game over its. I AT&T park course John Dickinson are super reporter and of course co host of the NBA this week with mats diamond state I JD thanks for joining us and the reds ended up winning three to two and here you have span coming off the DL he. Yes forehead she gave your gold glove all star shortstop back and in Crawford and and maybe even more importantly you get a really good start. At a high block who's ER I it was over five the only gave up two earned and seven. It just is not a season for them they just found a way to lose it. He had me here today Iraq. Situation where they feel like closer to. Baseball stand back they'll go deep. The first Sunday. Market people the only hit. Oprah not run it. I want out but they're all so coached. It Cincinnati and it all that. He gave the outer Strickland. A decade been brought a couple of really pass code two connections. Including want that back codes are. That's all. Right out and it'll that are cut. And eat bank in the gap for a group Peta game when he doubtful. After another road to pitch in York you're connecting an awful. On the wider now that you went down and table where it out to right center field. Not to get on bait and yet yet at all on it or get closer and naked and start them up tomorrow or 26 games to go. Yeah at 1228 or I it is not not what people expect it. Even if you expect it giant BP. It ought not go a lot that I mean they're they're flat all. I'd pick him to win the division Saudia I'm a fumble that surprised. That the Cincinnati Reds in the last five years. At AT&T park fifteen at a time one he winds at 750 ball is that just one of those stats it's an aberration as there is a more to that. Well it it's they need to get up and they played very well welcome it seemed like it you echo that we keep out twelve are keen. Those were playing opting our report due out at work she. Rick actually went. A four game series ticket guy who was right I start to go bad you. I think at the beach unit and you know Richard Phillips hit a home run late that game at giants aren't and it. Got blown out and other game that was a sweet. And it was right at that point were the China that hit late. Great baseball well Biddle the year super accurate at all or. Couple months that it got talent toward the end did not at the wiped out so I'll regret it up edit an. One giant total overall it. They'll have great pitching kept coming days AT&T park. They're picture that got it up front from the giants struggle. On ballpark here and it just gives Richard the natural boot and I think he can yet. Really heating things up here yet seen it struck at stake get the boot repeated pitch better. And that's certainly ought that it'll. Some of them back picnic at the giant added they're capable in a game like it lost tonight. Two or 321. Score. They're 29 and runs scored JD their twenties 28 in. Team ERA is there a particular area and that that you would point to the most and why this team has struggled so much or is it just is it just all the way around JD. Well they're getting up and he'll pick it up but I better deal that I know about it and it or by Spann comes back to its orbit and I at all bra. What state they're not without elected at a at a seder meal branding crop next time he comes back beaches haven't had a complete wide out. And even when they attic we had to pay quarterly basis evaluated what they cat. Turn left heel position. You don't stand in the guy it's gonna be hurt and think it really and back at you they probably need to right into getting accurate player. It's updated. You know it's been a struggle or show that you could have been issued it why. And the networks are now. You know debate site critical care Parker in what he'll want to get it done or. Got interconnect at BP even deeper and it's that great that's open to that point already and I'm almost done much in the U factor in the fact that starting to. About or stated it's been awful thought he'd get so bark here and it you know it easier by not. The first or it would not. Bill and brought it that way. On the gain the picture as well looking like the giants don't score on the release score but he gives the a spot such an according to factor at the back at what it popped partner starts Butler wants to about it. Doodle on it and yeah I started. Before he went out the lancet save on opening gala opera silly game Carter restriction. Richard well they were trying to wait it out windows side. Helen Tucker I would John Dickinson from AT&T park a more questions for. JD and it do you think it's mostly from the fact that there is that the disappointment is from. A lot of these fans who you know these weren't caught a candlestick fancies her fans that came in and Tony tan with went Lincecum and be wheezing and all that. Party thing it's mostly that let this is the top five payroll a lot of people including me thought this would be a very good team. And yet on the other hand JD this is what happens to. How at least half the teams in baseball career people get heard and used tank and maybe they're just bound to do it because they've been so good and we've and so spoiled. Accommodation that the couple I mean that they need to meet at 1220. War but it it except RTE. Look up right now they're gonna be 620. You'd say okay. Bat you know that at two victories. Now that they might be very good team now that like to keep it at any. You know struggled behind soccer team right now the map. On on twelve and 24. I mean it's you that's. On paced away at what it. The unique in that war games. Are you on that and I panel opinion about that but that's a court appointed eat. You were a couple of you know after this weekend that and it it likely to date your core point that she took her core porn. Waited. Let's say I mean that you're not going to be otter or speak and it's built on that he's mind boggling. To think this team Icrc disappointment. It really poor and struck if you look at the fact that you know PPP. There were specific areas where you'd need to do at the and it Q and what fuel goes one on the pitch into center field that the back into the rotation you know finally. Arteries were about Matt KK. But their second best picture of the ball park at this point and feed it switched out out that. The market war. Have they added quite has been solid to that when it's dark and they'll let anybody else it's dark that it that it that it will. And it I'll answer they think I answered it by. OK while the closer to that ever be O line and it should Baltic States deputy opportunities. And the rest of the guys that are are not. Maybe it's good it bought it right everywhere you while you're certain that calculation that they also what they may be out. Well back. Yes just bizarre because they haven't been bitten terribly by the injury bug in a lot of the same names are and there and they normally. Find ways to win a lot of games that there. Finding ways to lose at what point JD or are we already there are where you start talking about maybe moving pieces specifically Puerto can opt out of his contract other guys. That other teams might be able the army unit you're not used to talk about the giants dealing not acquiring at the deadline but at what point do you start talking about trading guys or good or we already they're JD. Well there's no there's no chance right now that they. Are. Strong watched were spot on and get that 500 help ought to take that get that aren't on it or they would consider. Buyer. And it. We want it and I think it's what you got a lot Il so I. Or awkward. I think at that point hike stoked. Well on the track you can. And pieces that they that they want partly I think you have to up bat. Relief yet since Ed indicates a worried are now it states. But it's that secretly went head and grow our. On a street where it needed to begin at five under it'll park liquor at eight Buick. We eat and I don't there's any chance the intimate European buyer. That's a different definition of torture this year. John Dickinson Almonte interact JD John -- great stuff from the park as always my friend thanks in Iowa talking general soon. Now. Today gets up a few minutes and lines are open at two point 9579570. Penske ourselves stock context on 95795. Lucas is in Oakland go ahead Lucas. Rhetoric and the bait bill. Today. A lot of baseball. I think. You ought to all right. Computer while all factors that all third call it back out on the game. Hey you know like you or. Ebert let me play baseball deeper you know. In the purity of baseball. Well all. Right thanks guys. I appreciate the call Lucas. I I said years ago to you know here we are soccer I. In the Bay Area Silicon Valley and I see their house to be a twelve year old boy or girl up there that can invent like a floating orbit. That Ari GPS device that can do all the baseball calls. And a Samuel say don't you want the human element and my answer is no because humans make mistakes. I would love it if they can do it but I don't see how it's possible that. Then again necessity is the mother of invention and all those cliche. I'm not a fan of the robotics. Strike zone unlike when I get even if a guy as a bad zone even if it's good team and I'm rooting for the it's didn't squeeze there. Didn't hosed on a call I still prefer it. God to having robots out there are some the logistics of where they admitted the intimacy how likely that umpire is very demonstrative less Leo son. Colin Powell and dislike the guy out I love and all of when the guys churkin the guys for them for bad call I like the human element. Let me ask for the study you and it really should have been in the word couple minutes here. Tom Hanks course Oakland native skyline high ground he a's fan yeah he's also big raider fans not a silent for games. He said that he saw upset by the Vegas move that when they actually do move to Vegas he has announced today that he's gonna take it two year hiatus. He's gonna pretend like the NFL doesn't exist for those first two years. And any says he's gonna try and come back your thoughts. Yeah I think look I told Reuters fans obviously was a very emotional time. When that announcement came out I told Reuters fans very simply this as long as they are the Oakland Raiders and you're talking about a team that could win the Super Bowl. As long as they are the Oakland Raiders you root for them once they go to Vegas you can reassess from there. It sounds like that's what Tom Hanks is gonna do or not I agree with that and I think after that I think ultimately. It's too hard to change were you ever for the dolphins the one team that voted against the move. I mean we couldn't afford not to become a niners fan I think ultimately after the pain subside a little bit of brighter nations gonna come back. Well regardless of where they. That what I try to stress to people's everybody has to do a threat for them. If you're gonna boycott from this day on they go ahead but don't get mad at people who don't. That also if you're gonna keep going and don't get mad of the people. Want a boycott everybody has to do their own thing I can tell you because I was a senior Haskell last time they mouton there were hell of people who became effective. Really has they didn't feel betrayed they wanted to they wanted to keep delegating and a slow probably held that there were good too. Well they were just beginning their dynasty in no doubt. Jack always so much on dollars unpleasant comment and and for once you're gonna get actual day off tomorrow I am I am I already day off of the week I do yeah and acupuncture right. Sure. I'll try to Nils great working with you all right so all throughout the network programming for the other arrests and I'd Jolo and did at 6 AM is our necks a local show you Zach around armor totals in next I'm not a 57 again.