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Life. Rick tittle. Halfway done. Two hours in the books to my hours ago Rick villains out of Iraq right here on 95 point seven a game DG DG dot com state it's great to have you with us. Analyze as always feel free to chime in questions comments or concerns in the sporting world will play for the call triple A 957957. Need to write it down the aisle. Up 888957957. In a Penske auto sales dot com tax line is 95795. As advertised very happy new welcome back our good buddy Lincoln Kennedy of course the color commentator for the raiders on the sidelines right united front seven the game your home of the silver and black also does work for the pac twelve network being that he was a star. As you'd back in the day and and let other start with this I mean I don't I can't remember a draft. Where offensive linemen were virtually ignored I think to. Two went late in it and I think it was the first time in the history of the draft that you had the first fifteen mix without a tackle. What what what was the deal this years and just about free agency now. Well it's simple personal could be with you guys are you know secondly it's it's a little upgrade and ships the the talent pool was not very. It's called what is that can't sugarcoat it wasn't as good as it's banned in most parts of the teams at him in the top ten they have a lot of alt a line and should handle the last couple years you know Ian told. I'm like union address. When you pick first and most of the Dresser alt a salon issues. In the past that would. Attracted to bury slam Alex. Coming out in Asia will be very insular you know hide I went on to Apple's. All of but it built the latter of the first tackles were rather than the Euro changed. That's 'cause there was no big lake in the draft that's why nobody in early was a big. Well as some network so all of easily. No good boys good to hear your voice long time no talk a wanna ask you about the first round pick Gerry Connolly now I get Al. All right I asked Reggie McKenzie went to one of the press as I said look give you draft all defense I joked about it on air I wouldn't be Matty look to me and laughed and said. Don't be surprised by draft all offense now he did go to defense in the first round and I'm sure this is the case where. They didn't think Dave Connolly would fall as far as 24 but were you surprised based on the raiders history of not really drafting controversial guys that they rolled the dice on on on Gary and. The union you know what here's what are the year war college so closely. Large truck truck is discretionary duke had a top ten I'll. All of your hands. In so many ways whether it was Robert Foster. Or poly or you know double no change bill coming out this year strip peek at impact players that Sheldon Williams way so. Our trust discretion destruction blacker than one homework. So they trust it will be completely exonerated of these charges. And look what's basic. Eulogies putting a lot of state and as it is staff worked at it is now working its. Because you don't want your unit you know trader talk about quite old. Board comes down to a you know mostly know you talked couple picks in the draft because goals are true. Impact players. Connolly will be in the immediate starter. A little bit to speak Opel. Lake in talking about that David sharp fourth round pick out of Florida the the tackle and as soon as he was drafted to the stories that. He's legally blind like making it sound like it's both eyes actually a dinner gimbal for the draft turns out the raiders took them I talked him after the draft he had had a cataract when he was three years old it was removed he said the folded foggy. Everybody made a big deal out of that and I think about the responsibilities of attack boldly thing about Jeff Fisher who is the safety Wesley walker attic how he had one guy he was literally double those guys legally blind in one like they didn't. Even how two lines. As attack all. It does it matter if it's your good -- that I when your plan laughter right tackle I asked them about the foot work he says he can play either left or right of course she's gonna say that. How do you think that's gonna affect them because I think since he's seen that way his whole life it that he doesn't even know what point one division looks like anyway so I think he's going to be fine. I have I didn't think he's going to be fine now I'm taken back to my. Back plan. One tackle poster to play alongside Bob what about stamper had a very long illustrious where Bob Hispanic are one of the largest Hispanic I think it. On the honesty is right art are the equivalent of about one of those puzzles process you know a very small corner hysterical but the thing is you position yourself in which use polls to. No matter what your vision is to be in the shadow of the decider. To intersect that out but your wannabes are in place. Basic rule call phone book a full vote. I'll I don't know how will be reviewed it and so all's. You could imagine the picture of the job. Antarctic won't be solved the greatest need to go track or get chip and short you know that Portland. Now the one position that I've been screaming about since Nick Roach went out with unfortunately concussions is the linebacker position I consider that. The quarterback of the defense we all know Jack Del Rio was a linebacker Ken Norton junior was a linebacker I was actually surprised to see JD. Not really call out. A bomb to Reggie McKenzie but he did say that that position still needs to be addressed they did draft one in the fifth round mark kell Lee out of Wake Forest but how important is that position what do you think silver black we're gonna do with that. Well I mean look I think ago wrote them guys are really big sleeper molecule out he was one out watched while more arts. What is news transition from one of the past more press more importantly be impressed. What is purpose but I think she's going to be good that's the crane operators are doing such as division. As someone out but I know it was a load and you talk about it. First while we're all of those guys. There was some issues about it shoulder. Problem went well the guys but. But he did well what you probably more importantly. Marco religion got in Japan now totally eclipsed. I really like the way it is addressed to be one B Betts both at the straight you. Quarterback and the lab acquisition and duke gives credence to detour to tackle so I think they view of the job mr. Ernst. Got more questions for Lincoln Kennedy of course Lincoln with a 957 game also the Oakland Raiders traded on our part called network. I got a chance that I was a rookie mini camp and got to ask questions the first five picks and one of them was that he banner does that a UCLA. Somewhat local class are high in Auburn. And at the C a Mike may I comment trash the pick a little bit because he had ballooned up and kind of got serious and near the end and got kind of his fire back they said. Some scouting report tees are just reports now that he was kind of hobbled at UCLA he didn't get proper coaching they are the thing that struck me when I Solomon person. Link is how little they guy is he looked like he weighed about 260. When he was at 340 and so I asked MI said. EU really slammed down. Was that hard and he said no I'm discipline not think about a guy that needs them the play were Dan royals plan I almost wanna take and in and out and start feed them again. Well I don't know looked like he cares away a twenty it was a dark force I woke. Shiller data ballooned property management problems so note that his body blow away which you belonged to and so it's better start and now. And worked his way but muscles support that we were doing it out in. A mortar are much more darts will you have college. So you gotta be careful it's about earning pouch and understanding that while I think that he can be a little could force. And the not so much as a bloc leader and we were as we sometimes need the presence of the detox talk industrial. Real depressed talking. Pocket to pocket and fortunately was heavily involved in the terms and only. Got an outside urban back he's got to have somebody take the quarterbacks all the spot yet so. You really force chart. Let's get to my favorite sound byte in the history of players when it comes to the media more than TERRELL OWENS more than Chad Johnson more than Deion Sanders more than Michael Irvin. The one the only Oakland's finest Marshawn Lynch come into the silver and black I think it's not only perfect from a PR standpoint for the writers. After announcing that they're moving to Vegas having the hometown. Kid come back and play but I also think for the team link when you compliment guys like we're start in Washington I think Marshawn Lynch is not only gonna be great off the field for the silver black but also on the field. Well I agree with you here today you know you've addressed a need for power back to somebody to run between the tackles on any given day out. Someone is also a charming Chechnya back to. Now they've got three consists of back I think the workers that we need to place. Face an option that's screen and the belt history did a little transition but their car. He can do that now back to chill factor. But also as he says that he needed epic you'd you'd have march knowledge and personality. Looked like a war because certainly contract will cooperate. It you do what you make more money of course as you go other. But Abdul while. More importantly match you get that change of where you did that interested in the direct you are practical route for probable him for it and that somebody that's all gall. Who wants to beat their conduct and must be greater when. Lake and I want to ask is too because I'm a what you had to say about that Evander does make you fill up a lot better now. When when you're playing at tackle and let's say you were at 320s and now like we need you at 335. Could you feel. The difference between at 332 at 315 did it affect the way you played how how much is that new want surreal thing. It effects of longevity field structure belly. Clay at about. Heavy or the more aware take on your body wrapped sees the larger war is going to be out guys because perception. Does and that's certainly quick to reality so when you look at it got charities expert should look. He should probably be under while. Target reality I can't the just or buy make whatever it is I'm in my back to call well there are guys and play too savvy as a player. Lot of years and years actually two heavy equipment down don't because I want total much used to so yeah. The weight does affect you but most importantly inspection. Throughout the fourth quarter one or two she's got to be a good. We want hope going to be that we wanted to shore which strategy that's what it's called Eagleton compilation you know you buy back. To normal 21 have to wait you don't want loan opting you know locals are now too much stress and body art. Middling talk about how the game has changed from the times it dead that that you played when I was grown up. I remember is all about one in the ball now defense is a change to the point where you're not only need one safety but two safeties never really go higher in the draft now. That they're going early the raiders spent their second pick. Com on a safety OB Belafonte who and terror to match him along with Carl Joseph talk about how the game has changed and how important is that not only one but two safeties now. Well I mean it's so well you know vital part appreciate you played basically the likes of bill. Sideline to sideline can't absorb all the reason why they went all the short round was more important like this first round talent who followed took a short while because you know the portal mr. maps of each. And an ability Malaysia respectable but oldies one doubles tallest policy you look back last year are excellent couple years. Especially in the division play what has played the raiders worked all the targets. He did not have the ability covered chocolate trident effectively. Could put a lot. Because in crucial to small. And if you put Satan. Question one allotment box. And that he can take on what it will Cotto to plaster his shorts that you wouldn't you know really entered. Can be effective bombs so old it was probably it was our electric service. Took what four. Has polling has the athleticism. To cartwheels all targeted. At one Arab National Football League and more importantly a peak capacity in these so you. Each of war. What you don't happen that way. Yeah that LB kid I got the talk him and Alameda very convivial affable young man workout freak in. And I said I know it's simplistic but you're here to guard the tight ends and he says that's what everyone GM's me every team Alley goes I'm learning the entire scheme but he knows that there are Travis cal sees. And this division. One more question for you Lincoln I don't know if you know about this or not but. It does embryos urban wanna beat market market kings but is that real. I didn't hear anything about what you guys here. Well it was it was this Twitter thing where at the pro ball. Marquette had a like a necklace on and Aqib Talib pretended to pull on it may take a picture. And sir elect a mock what he did the crowd that's out game in Denver. And soul. Then you had to urban sand you know shaking my head no loyalty and and someone tweeted I guess yesterday. That about playing both ways in and he said I complaining I can even play punter and I want take pictures with the enemy. And then Marquette king tweeted out I know so the oval of the world we live and he points out. Permit drink in. You know lab did the key now mob business Fiat and then mark and then Aaron comes back with LO well don't get your ass beat trying to make your followers laugh that's where we stand right now. Well here's the thing you know look noble and just ought to be about. Our chair there there are our authorities don't understand why the trip sort of outburst. When championship so appalled that from the get on the court people marched. And these little while Marco Robles what has been on Twitter war. Because this race of this that the world we live on but in the news here is that. If they have any beast they need to handle in the mark or 0101. Basically went to give up their social media in the it's not this not cheap air lock trio were. Great points by a Lincoln Kennedy remembered a fall home on Twitter at L Kennedy 72 big leg man always aggregate your insights thanks for your time friend. Pleasant mine. All he needed to air pockets of which isn't. Brought on being like. Our headlines are open and AAA 957957. The as we continued talk a little bit more about the raiders I was gonna rookie mini camp. I didn't see these guys mark cal Lee I now you know it's in the thing is how how many Wake Forest games did you watch. He's zero via. Meet you knocked to pretend like I'm Al Ky ever hear and so I'm Reid in the reports as I always do greater Texan and it's said in a perfect world maybe he'll make kick game. But then you look at what he did it Wake Forest and some of the greats that some of the great highlights it was absolutely sun's out guns out the guy has he's you know he's of he's a big kid and I root reform because you look at the depth chart now and Mike linebacker. And it's Corey James who can't tackle and it's been he knew who can't tackle. Sell back and then you get July Jenkins that will all. They still you talk about they still need backers yeah absolutely I that was the that was the main position going into the draft that I was most concerned about. I wish there written you know I I I think they had a good draft we'll see what happens with Conley but armed I was hoping there would address the good that you know the linebacker position. Before the fifth round but I was encouraged to hear what links them because I know link well enough to know that he's not just blown smoke. Our you know what's it he likes a guy will say it if he doesn't he got ill say that also when he seems to be very encouraged. About mark Kelly so that's good well this is the thing about Conley too and I never judge anybody by their press conference otherwise here you can Nakajima was the greatest baseball player of all time at bat that well what a great press I got Billy Beane as sexy yeah cocoa teach me in the burn any idea. Any never played in the bigs in fact. He played a double play for three million dollar every measurable. Wow crazy got sent down to Gotti at Texas leaguer and up six mill at some butts down. I don't judge people on the press cars up all I want out of Connolly is to to play corner that's. That's all I want them but you know he came out to face oppressed in it in the contrast between LB. Who is just affable unlike what a dream come true put on an NFL helmet isn't so great. Connie came out had a helmet hair is kind of ornery as look at any kind of natural fire looking at the ground and people like yea you know when you get a clear name and he is like him to mumbled some answers. This is what I will say and link said that he you know I trust Reggie. And down in a Reggie has earned some good well he's dressed he's drafted four stallions since he's been GM. And and the thing is he said he went miles and miles a research they did their due diligence. And they didn't because the only way you could've done they're you're due diligence is if you talked to the girl. That was alleged to have been assaulted by Hamdan if she told the raiders look. I made it out or she says yes it happened but I'm not gonna pressed charges. Then you've covered everything. Now maybe they did I highly doubt it but if you just go to that guy. And say did you do it no yeah we've done our research has even charge nope yep we've done our research. He did a polygraph yep now and let you talk to the girl you haven't covered every base apple I think they. I think they do a little bit more madam and I'm sure they went to him and now as large part of and I agree with you go to the guy who's accused that's not doing your due diligence or your research has. Anybody's gonna senator innocent but I think they probably do a little bit more than that I'm sure they spoke with the authorities other people other witnesses that were there that night. My thing with that is this. And I could be wrong who knows. I find it hard to believe. Now unless you were there you don't know for certain but I find it hard to believe that MacKenzie made this pick without being 99. Point 99% sure that he's going to be exonerated and this is all gonna blow over because. You cannot waste. They first round pick you. You take him in the fourth the fifth right people won't forgive you that's why he was gonna fall out of first but the first round you cannot just afford to throw that away and MacKenzie look he's built up enough equity I think with the fans and with the organization and the players and the coaches at all that that I think he's gonna be far regardless but he's gonna get killed and getting killed for that. Right because last year's draft we thought it was good as everybody made the team there wasn't baggage now you can't really judge draft until three year old Joseph is pretty. Our first round pick out or were informed Walter was. Dreadful that's what I went and got cook. Well I groundless and the like they said the four Stein's we can you do any better than your first three picks a few years ago of Mac car gave Jackson who now. Now and then you get Cooper the host of the four stallions that he's strategy is also done great with undrafted free agents. Valued if you look at Josh are you look at rob Streeter you look at and I you gonna do you gonna throw caliber candidate Kerry a seventh round bigger with he and I know he was written his pick out of Ohio. And that's I think an F 47 round picks I'm never gonna hold out against the GM if they don't work out there. You know you might get a Marquez Colston like the saints did he's alternately receivers a seventh round pick that's just pure luck it if Alice around do you think. There would take taken on the I think some. I really yeah. I I think they're probably selling out don't live I mean I know specifically for domestic violence but in general don't they try to steer clear as much as they can't from anybody with any kind of show that's what mark said and this is the thing. Con Lee's camp needs to get on one story. As he had his friend are now saying not a good look no one touched here than you have an agent saying it was more of all the way until he says hole and then Yemen the lawyer saying no it was consensual I mean. Did if you have three different stories that is not a track is that look the least bit good. I was a kid out what about I'll have about ten different stories when I got in trouble believing I was always guilty and end his friend saying he never touched her wants us or the whole time and it's like you know what you're actually not helping yet when you say that yeah exactly yes I mean look. Hopefully it all blows over hopefully nothing happened in the first place because. You put the emphasis on the girl a faster more doubt more important and well yes yeah a starting quarterback without a doubt but. And to hopefully was just a situation where it was a misunderstanding nothing actually went down and is named it's clear because. Who by all accounts he was a top ten player. If this had not gone down the debt how many days before the draft of this happened was in number two or three did it was like right before half but he was posts ago in all the moxie was going top ten so. If he does fall down there are nothing happens Ford god bless the lord knows the rate is about secondary issues for how many years now. Over a deck for a decade and a half of it since Charles what's. And since not meet. You know this is the thing that I love about and I always I'm the guy who said nominee was overrated because I watched from through the binoculars and he would pretend to get blocked any wouldn't tackle was a good money move for him heavily when they went to the he went to the heels Lego they're gonna find out about what the steam that they have such a bad scheme for him and then they went climbing to got to play that. The thing is at about about old B that I like is just a guy who will come in and you know what he's gonna do is gonna play strong safety. And I wanna say I'm 62 humans like you is at least 65 yeah. And he was gonna get drafted because he was also annoy you played UConn. I'm on brash but he UConn still big school. At the at the combine he just dominated everything as far as athletically now. Look at joy Bozo who was horrible to come by because his dad said he's doing things that have nothing to do with football. And that Jolie both side even after the stupid contract. Frak out that he had with that span OC comes in he looks like an absolute stallion right now so I don't put too much into it. But that's why everyone thought that he was gonna go on late twenties because he was just such a freaky athlete and. I think the beauty and especially with the and it would mean it would but the raiders need so much on defense is versatility and he. He provides that he's got to ease ET there's a bunch of different roles of the raiders can place. Beat him in some excited about that but I want to ask you about Sean Smith them. Danced at certain points during the year did not have a good year got mark pretty consistently play but the dolphins and the chiefs. He had a lot of success there was also a bunch of times where. He was very vulnerable to given up the big play. Where do you think he's gonna have to step up but the rate is gonna have a good defense I think because it Conley can be eight starting productive. Cornerback yeah Joseph and you have OB but at any solace it's gonna have to play a big role on this team. Well he beat got a four year forty million dollar deal that was guarantee warning Oca saw half of it is guaranteed. And the funny thing is I remember going to Napa and nowadays TVs are so small mountain because you have to be an out also this agree to be the best athlete on the field because he you. Any small the thing I love the bottom though was that uses DBs are shorter than me and Johnson it was tall army and I thought wow this guy's proven he can play corner yeah he's tall so if you're going up against the deals are the mega console the world him deed to to Mary's thomas' you can cover yeah. What we didn't know. Was that he was so flat footed and all it took was one little juke move on to shake and the guys went right by. And his ball skills are so bad is some interceptions he gonna had his enormous safety I think yeah. I do I mean most DBs and a movie network I'm Ronnie Ronnie Lott and Charles Woodson they were corner you turn and safeties yeah. By the way were I'll get to this the in the next segment but to acquire Leonard that this is according to Michael Wright and his pink while Leonard is gonna plan Mother's Day. So what women wouldn't you be surprised if he wouldn't have some I was surprised employed and I told the media he was going to I think the philosophy there was let him rest up get close to a 100% and then if you have to play game seven at home which we both know. They don't have to do anymore but if they did he sees more healthy. On Sunday to play at home and close up the series but yeah I'd be shocked to be complacent no doubt about it it's too little and Zach are allowed to hear from you AAA at 9579 to 570 Penske ought to sell stock complex on 95795. To all black and not 57 again. Now Jack Rick tittle and Zack rye on 95 point seven game. Thank you Edward van how Flynn. Van Halen thank you very much original and Zach were oh with a view. Nine Swanee nine. Denied peeps are out the mammal lives have lifted big garbage bin doors have swung open. Commuting with deal pop some the skunk the rat the bat. Let's talk sports for girls 11 o'clock at night AAA 9579570. Penske ought to sell stock complex line. 95795. Tiger Breyer earlier today coming from Michael Lombardi via the ringer. He said there were rumors at the Sarah Cisco 49ers had been shopping a linebacker Navarro Bowman. The quote from maj general manager John Lynch is this. The report that we have been shopping Navarro Bowman is completely falls from the time we joined the organization Navarro has been the consummate professional. It is evident that he has been working very hard to prepare for the upcoming season. And we have been impressed by what we have already seen on the field we are looking forward to Navarro as future contributions to this team and quote now. Here's the thing. Last summer. And I'll always I'm not saying I defended trend balky but he did build a Super Bowl team so I was gonna say he's not the worst GM and in football history built a super bull team. What the dumbest thing he ever did. With a banged out out for the season linebacker who had three more years on this contract. He gave them a four year 77. Million dollar extension. So the niners are on the hook for six more years for this guy. I would Hala be shopping him right now because they're not going to the playoffs the next two years and I know you need veteran leadership. But they need dec contract Michael. Hole on the heads back. Yeah when I first saw this honestly I I'd look you can't. Openly say that your shopping somebody some teams do it when there's no no other recourse you have left put. To me of it makes a lot of sense to be shopping in the niners are rebuilding. Navarro Bowman is not a guy that you rebuild whip I think he still has a few years in them to be productive and if you were a team that was. You know. Possibly going to make the playoffs than search keep them why not unloading him for picks for next year you're going to be a playoff team next year you're probably not gonna be a playoff team. The year after that you still haven't figured out your quarterback situation all apologies to Brian Hoyer. On why not shop a guy like Navarro Bowman makes a lot of sense that ship them out and get assets back and then go wrong somebody that's way younger to eventually. Be there when you get good in a couple years. Right and I could see if you missed a lot of original three year deal you might say listen. We have to have a veteran here we got to have somebody lead by example we got that we we have to put a competitive team on the field. But being hamstrung now if this was baseball you know what who gives a down only via yet it's no cap. Yet to salary cap I don't feel sorry for you. But 77. Million dollar extension that will take him until 20/20 two at his age. And because he is a such an all out fantastic linebacker we know that he will sacrifices body. It was the most hare brained thing I've ever immediate you know worsened drafting guys like Marcus bottom or they seals. To lock up a guy like that if I'm lynch and I am Shanahan and we've they both have six year deals that thinking oh my gosh Navarro Bowman is going to be here. The entire time sell what they're doing with this statement is saying look. We're gonna go ahead and say we are going to let him be the bridge. We're gonna let him play through the next two stinking years now and then may be walked start competing in three years. And will still have them honor contracts so it looks to me from this statement that they're just gonna embrace it. Boy yeah I'd look again if you're the organization there is there is no good to come. From saying that that they're shopping Mal I don't know how credible the sources I don't know where they got a from Michael Lombardi okay well that's that seems pretty credible. But coming on denying it is on the you have to do if you're the niners because you can't first of all you lose. Some leverage when you say your shopping him because he did teams are gonna offer you less knowing that you wanna get rid of them and also if you don't end up getting a deal done. There and Navarre Obama's gonna be pissed off and who knows if he salts and and and wins the the chemistry in the clubhouse so it was an obvious move by the niners to deny it but I honestly about the niners. I would be entertaining any and all offers to get rid of them not only for the contract role reasons that you just listed but because there are rebuilding team and Navarro Bowman is not a guided to be on a rebuilding team we should be on a team that's contending. So for the use for the niners for you right now Zach yeah. They went out and got a lawyer to be a place or thing they did the Smart thing by not drafting a quarterback in this draft I didn't see franchise quarterback and and there are ten minutes trip to skis and every draft I really do. There are ten guys like that. Dish on Watson number infirm and Houston you know I have nothing against these kids think about my homes in Kansas City. Probably the worst but work of any quarterback ever but a golden arm and Andy Reid is thing and I can fix that for Wharton. By that it ties or second round pick in Cleveland so he doesn't have to come in and start. They did a wise I'm sure they kick the tires on cousins cousin said the only team that he would sign an extension with with San Francisco oddly enough because he really likes working with Shanahan. Next year's draft you have four quarterbacks who were better than anyone in this strapped in my opinion really when you got darn only USC got Browning at Washington you got. Rose and UCLA and you got the kid from Wyoming his name escapes who might be the best. Out of all content so imagining that we we can get Kirk cousins next series I think you're franchised again or we can get one of those four guys in next year's draft. Because they're on secure contracts that they could think like that most GMs like maybe the guy pace in Chicago didn't even doctor John Fox. After they gave Mike Glenn and all this money. Some of these GM's. They can even think about 2018 or 2019 because they have to win right now the niners their regime has that luxury because there's no way in hell York. It's gonna fire these guys and. 04 years in a row with a new head coach I would say that even if it's an absolute. All out unmitigated disaster total. That both. Lynch and Shanahan will be around for at least four year old and sixteen he's 40 one's sixteen their fine I agree and look I I don't know enough about. College football or the prospects to say whether or not they should of addressed the quarterback position but I do know this as long as you don't address it you are at least two years away from. Winning Bibi you eat your probably are gonna get a guy like injure look a patent hell even Peyton Manning at what one and fifteen as first year something. A Troy Aikman won a fifteen okay I think Peyton Manning a horrible we're here to but regardless you're not gonna get Smart just Waltz is on the scene and immediately makes you good. So you're gonna need to grow them at least a little bit and target and we all know it's the most important position in sports outside of maybe goalie in hockey. It. They're gonna have to figure that out and if you think there's a dud of a bunch of better quarterbacks next year than yeah they were better off. Getting better and other positions have been addressing that next year I know a lot of times in the draft John pew electrical Bill Walsh and why would use one of the greatest coaches of all time. The Bill Walsh had a saying. That every year you would draft a quarterback. Which I think is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my life what do the raiders would've drafted a quarterback when they have car and they have EJ Manuel he would have been throwing away a pay via allied with Connor cook last year yes you're throwing away a pick. So I hate that let me ask this about the niners because hearing. From Peter king and MM QB that he was embedded with them in the war room so to speak during the draft in San Francisco. That it was a rocket that was on the phone with these guys he was on the phone or Chicago sand. Can we move up one spot and I like three threes are throwing a foreign you gotta deal as long as you know this is about that as long as Garrett has that Garrett there will take him. I'm miles Garrett then they move up one spot and and Prague was a guy on the phone now is of course say an entire team effort that was Prague on the phone when Schneider. And now Seattle because they wanted to get back in the first round to give Foster. The jet York set a pick they had no business taking. And it was nineteen seconds on the clock in the Reno there keep going that they don't know the raiders are gonna take Foster all it Conley Alley out there jumping up and down. It keeps going Foster falls of them are at Seattle's pick nineteen seconds left then they put the card in but they needed believe they say don't celebrate yet. The league has to sign off on this and they got it in in times they get Foster in the mail started dog piling because. Oh my gosh I got Ali's extra first contradiction they got Solomon Thomas and the government Foster. Where you surprised. Up Rogge who seem to be marginalized a couple years ago when they say take care of the Sacramento reassigned soccer team and still do our contract you're an Ivy League guy. But to me that's that's Chad's boy. And it looks like lynch and Shanahan are fine with him were you surprised that he's still sort of front senator I mean he is the guy that had relationships even with these other GM some where you surprised at Prague still won't. Yeah absolutely and my guess would be that. I think York has been humbled. By the past. Whatever three or four years between Thompson lahood and Chip Kelly in the hold Jim horrible thing I think he has been humbled. To the point where I didn't think. He would ever fired turn balky and he did I think that was a sign of being humbled. I think that bringing in the guys that he did is a sign of being able so yeah I thought a part of that process was going to be Barack kind of getting. A more marginalized than he already was my guess is this total this was not. York pushing Barack. On mentioned Shanahan I mean this was legend Shanahan meeting with a rod and getting comfortable and then allowing him. Into that circle to where they were working with them and not bought him but yes I was surprised because I've figured once those who came in there we're gonna kind of clean house of anybody else that have been their prior what did you think about the quote. About a week ago were. Jed York said that he would be opened it. Any would actually welcome the chance to sit down and and have. Dinner with Jim Harbaugh your thought that you don't want me to go off on that yes I do get radio go I think it was an honest it's not contrived I think it was a complete job now it's Arkansas. It was a I think it was an absolute joke I think he was just doing that. At the same way up politician say I wanna meet with the UNL the John on it at all homeless community to try to target that the same way that just politically correct just so full of crap hate knowing this. Jim Harbaugh is never gonna have dinner Richard York I promise you that they will die not having dinner together I didn't and if I could bet on and I Wharton. It's a classic move of he knows he can say because never gonna happen and I that you Jed York would. Bleak his pants if I told him you're going to deal with Jim Harbaugh tomorrow night there's no way he would wanna do that and he said it simply because he knew it's never gonna happen right. Well as we know from from reports that was we knows we we hear from reports that. Harbaugh really dressed him down a few times and say get out of this meeting this is for men as he should not demand port but he should've said football the error to your employer. And we know that Google bit of a bully but sometimes you need to remember. The niners said that they passed one of the reasons now Alex Smith was fantastic under urban Meyer's spread offense and you talk then but that they didn't like talking to Aaron Rodgers. Get the body was kind of a jerk. Well sometimes she did need to be a little bit at a cocky guy I mean I think we know old a little bit from this business and I'm sure it's times. All hundred when it comes to professional sports or are being an actor or singer. Oftentimes the most talented people are not the easiest people to deal with and big case in point. Jim Harbaugh Shari was probably Iran a series bore out his welcome and other places that's been documented. But great coach great coach look we did I know I look is as as much as I hold Jim Harbaugh in higher regard. I did not think he was gonna turn Michigan around that quickly. How about this you and me on the street irascible jerks are going what does that mean you so much stuff that I. They'll and I just let it slide for that that when you actually asked me slap to ask you what the hell let's talk about it next on that if I stuff and again. Now Jack tittle and Zach awry on 95 point seven game. Dylan's actor Ryan of those blue. That's other plan the siren and I study with us not a 57 again coming up in the next say I'm always took another hour after this 10 o'clock we're gonna get back to the word. Exact staple always loved you in the world while in the whack in the world of sports a sometimes tales of rebel agree. And to will do that next in NASDAQ we'll take the hell home. Op by the way lines are open troubling 9579570. It's all about yells and your called in the Q we'll talk to you that rhymed. Dynamic pinned down under also Penske ourselves doc Comtex on 95795. Not Zach you mentioned this earlier with link in and I know your super fired up so I wanna talk a little bit more about you. You really are love in the beast mode Tikka. Absolutely not to give some large. For obvious reasons off the field he is from Oakland. The he's a Super Bowl championship be a two time over Super Bowl champion had they handed the damn ball often boring wouldn't have. Nine Dallas Super Bowl rings. And I will never get over that game com. So I think it's good from a PR standpoint a announcing that you moving to Vegas now you bring him in I'm sure a bunch of Lance jerseys are already sold and will continue to sell. Throughout the year so I think it's great from that standpoint also I think it's important to note general. He wouldn't of played for any other team. Lynch was not coming out of retirement for the raiders party for anybody but the raiders and number two. I don't think you would have even came out for the raiders if he didn't think he won a Super Bowl with the raiders like that's a good. Sign for raiders fans that lynch came out not only to play for his hometown team but I think for a team that beat Pete things can win at all right. And for me. It's funny when he got the when he signed that was think in. Yeah we need them I was kind of opened for AP about one and one of the two I actually wanted to be more than Marshal actually you when are in the minority there all right and but the thing is we wanted to lease one of them hmm. And I'm thinking and I I really don't care or guys from giving repeating patriot fans care that that Tom Brady is a niner fan. They don't care now but then when you see lynch for me anyway EC and go to the headquarters. He puts on the helmet and he's he's his giddy with laughter he wears a helmet into the parking lot and he drives home what the helmet on here. That's what you do a Christmas yep that's what we would do we've putted on and we sleep in that stuff. And then I started thinking in our idea it's cool that he's from here and not only that I think but first for all the obvious off the field reasons yes but. On the field that's what I was asking link about my our our don't wanna have rose colored glasses on your just being excited about it because nominees they kidneys from Albany splinters on daunting what does that actually mean. When they you know how do you think they'll use them. I think he's going to be AMD is going to be a closer. When they have a lead and they don't wanna kick it off that to allow the defense to give up a game winning score I think he's going to be a what do to run some clock. And then how many times to at all and I know you watch every second of every raiders game. And I do this with the a's all the time actually looked this up diddle dollars in longer sells sometimes I do have a tendency to exaggerate I always yell at the end is about not being able to get a runner home from third less than two outs and I I was guaranteeing of course about checking it that they must lead the league over the past five years when they're actually right in the middle of the pack up. I digress. Not how many times the last year or were they in. Short short yardage situations. And they would either do some stupid pass or try some screen or flank they'd won it not get it it was so frustrating. I think he's gonna be very important. In terms of picking up durden to fourth and 12. And inches whatever I think it's going to be very important Avant in the backfield than first thought a couple of things I never heard the term clothes are used a football but I like it. I like the way used it. Secondly I'm with you are wrong time I set on the earnest in the days that in the history of the a's every time I've ever intentionally walk someone the guy ended up scoring. Because it seemed like you and I thought it's got to be at least 99%. Sure I was exaggerating the way it fell yeah. Com I'm I'm with you I don't think if you look at some guy ran into some down the street recognized me is that what they a thousand yards now. Gonna ask him to do that. Can he do that I think he actually is capable of at the got a great line we know that. But I would view it's those it's those stories not going to be a bell cow I still think you'll get fifteen touches a game it's situations. When it's third and two. Everyone knew musgrave was gonna call hitch Europe they hate the fade fade off the fate tells the team we can't block it and can't get openness. And any court you and I can throw a fade you're asked and Derek Kerr to like not uses count here. Or a screen. Hitches a defeatist plane anyway the guy has always tackled in the back fail totally with you. And so now defense as well at least think. Well we have to respect the run because 2.4 back yes absolutely and I I drug boot between restarted Washington. For different reasons I don't think can carry a full load and nobody really doesn't anymore been running back wise in the NFL but those two guys are just a little bit too light a little bit too small of it would whatever the reason and Marchand probably based on age and having a year off. Ogden can't carry the load either but all three of them I think you've got something going right there and I guess what I wonder is. And part of the reason moderator is watered him in Alameda was the check them out and see what kind of shape he was and by all accounts he was in great shape our wonder. And football IRD I think for any other sport I would say taking a year off is not a good thing you're not the root senior night you're not in game shape you're not used to doing what football players that play every day do but in football. I think that's the one sport we're taking a year off might be. Might be good for you especially if you're at especially your bruising running down lesser at the Davis and you just figured I actually don't have the national war. It's funny in the history college football I think about guys that were so hard to tackle and you get that this squirming guys that Barry Sanders the sweetness Walter Payton those guys remains a Walter Payton could run over you to him. But the first guy noticed I am a thousand school that Herschel Walker Georgia. I knew it to the USF all the player for Trump's team you have and who in that league is gonna tackle him. Eddie George in Ohio State physical somehow suggest you always like Marshall Maher yes that's crease and I would rather fight. Michael or then Herschel Walker agreed. To is Herschel Walker will kill me in my oral just knock me out a act. You live to see another day where are so then as they get Eddie George in Ohio State with a big shoulder pads he just literally ran right to people mom and then it was marsh on account on our Washington game after game a cal. The guy I love guys that go kicking and screaming he would not be tackled he would not be denied and they are so many running backs out there. Purge of the Franco harris' that run out of bounds because their Howard media. And they wanna preserve their career. Every steeler fan just drove off the wrote about it. Then you have the guys who just literally you put a hand on them and they go down either because oh good I'm getting tackled softly or they're just not good enough and that knocked them off balance. Marsh on I love the will to win now hopefully when he jumps into the end zone he won't grab his crotch on the way in a hopefully we're past this kind of suspensions. Why don't then I'm sure there's going to be a lot of antiques from from marsh on his net. He's an enigma that way but in terms of breaking the that just think about that that epic run against the saints. That broke the sound barrier whatever the hell happened in Seattle. But there's so many times where. Nine out of ten running backs would go down and he keeps going and I think it's exactly what they need I think that's a perfect complement to restored Washington. And with cook at the tight ends Bobby's retired and spot was horrible last year. I think they've gotten it in amazing offense and that's why I joked of MacKenzie about drafting all defense which he pretty much did it will be interesting to see if the defense can just be good enough. To put the offense in a position a wink as having the offense is gonna be lethal Yahoo! will Lee Smith usually start because he's on the blocker and he got out for the season very very early yeah but clap Alford. Has some hand sometimes not a great blocker there when I got the guy cook from the Packers come in and Michael Rivera. It's funny because I thought he's always good for two drops a game he wasn't that bad but he's not a guy that you're gonna you gonna Keon anymore. The thing on askew Zach here is that that the raiders despite the fact that we all got to really very frustrated with. With musgrave as they still had a top five coffins and when you were placed offensive coordinator. Of a fantastic offense. That's something that you just can't say oh whatever that is still a huge thing in your putting and a guy like Todd downing has never done it before. They put in the Jason Tarver who had never done before he was statistically the worst defensive coordinator in the history of the raiders Google backed an AFL days and didn't go so big in the raft of finger people like them. Excel Todd downing. It Derek Carr loves him may think that this is gonna be great someone else was gonna harem. Derek Karr will now be unleashed to not just do the lottery. Other fade to. So I'm looking forward to that but. He's never done your thoughts on top down well I lucky there there were rumors about him going to multiple teams I think specifically though Denver though but he he was gonna get swooped up there and and hired by somebody else. He has not done it but he has been very close to doing it he's obviously very close with Derek carded rating gather he's seen all the offers I'm sure he's seen the good things. And the bad things. But as you say at top five offense. I can't remember coordinator. That got more criticized during the year taking phone calls of people wanting him fired even though they're lighting up the scoreboard that there were still people. Critiquing the hell out of him specifically his play calling down the street and someone else who got critiqued a lot of course was Ken Norton you're talking about a defense some that gave up 375. Yards per game. 26 this to me is the worst out of off here and stats. The raiders average per play six point one yards. That means you should get a first down on second down on average yes so they get this guy John put Donell. Who I'm not doing cartwheels over I know he had been. In San Diego forever they get on the farcical title. Assistant head coach yeah which is like prince of Wales who had actually the prince of Wales there. Solid they get this title to just sort of help now the thing I like about it is that they're trying to be proactive. And they're getting another voice in the air but so far same linebackers. I'm not convinced yet. Well the linebacker position I cannot talk enough about Al. Terrified I air about that seems like since built my house I really like Nick Roach but of course that the concussion thing. I'm worried about that position link was also encouraged about the got to the got in the fifth round so maybe that'll be shored up but yeah bringing ample gone out of service seemed like diddle it was day. Don't motion not demotion for Ken Norton junior another guy who got crossed. Mobbed by fans and the media in terms of his job as being a defensive coordinator seems like the kind of Cole defensive coordinators even three of them if you will if you throw in non. If you throw in Jed York are real quick let's go to my man Chris out in at annul it for an Andy spark what's up crest. Hello Chris. Yeah are you at Amber's. You're on the air you brought photos showed a screeching all your their body. Art. A good question which is all the while not a blow of the breeder or break. Of about careers are they root it out of the order or. There are a lot. And trying to sort of did not really I mean they brought him forgot like I said it did not really a full blown firing or demotion but it sure seems like they're going to be sharing the duties or in the very least God's gonna have a heavy influence. On again if I if I'm Ken Norton junior though I'm not liken it. No you're not liking it but you're a celebrity get jobs and they all medley music and musgrave what is he the QB coach in Denver and I knew that our. Coming up next it is the word we got another RD other titles like Iran and by selling amp.