Rick Welts

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, June 2nd

President & Chief Operating Officer of the Warriors joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs LIVE in-studio to discuss Game 1 from last night including the atmosphere in Oracle as well as the celebrity sightings. Then they discuss what's in store for the new Chase Center. 


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The president of the war Rick Welts joining Jolo on dibs on 957. Dobbs radio president well tell are you this morning good morning to Maureen on the tough commute I'm. How. Half a block away at locked down in the studio every morning so you guys know that when you do and I didn't know that I guess some are lawyers takes will be it shaded accordingly Natalie noted. Big Brother quote unquote as well. Nevada. Tried making that commute like lowliest do at 3 in the morning to detect light yet known but nothing that's how I. I was able to myself that they thought if I can Wear that T like you Wear that T shirt that would be I can do that Joseph boxing babies. He seemed to be on this. Told it was a xxx I'll. It's a leases to fill all those muscles is that doesn't work on. Things dribble get the president come on let's get back to ask Rick how do you personal thank you for joining us this morning. It's idea last night at 11 o'clock original Joe's I had no voice so the celebration was going strong so I'm I'm just happy to be here with the voices mark how do you do so how does the president of the worries even watch a game like how do you take it it. You know I had the best seat in the house last night I sit right behind the announce table for the national television broadcast and Wanda Kevin Durant smother it was a rule in front of me which was better and her team in the what was going on yeah. I Wanda was into it last night she had a guy she was dancing and every time out Chu is the happy as woman on the planet. And did the appeal of being there is so overwhelming with T shirts and just being their for an event like that but then. The wrist bands talk about the the whole idea of these glow wrist bands and where they controlled because stuffit to three and also the entire arena is lit up with these remote control the wrist band devices to incredible. We'd have to actually if we don't I mark if you think I understand I'm not gonna I. Your layoff but that was that's pretty cool Marico. Do you have fun. Do you turn your phone on the day before the game two days before the game come to a ticket I mean happily. She Prez is anyone calling. It. She. Is mentally did you look at the front row. Decent analyst there I mean and that all happened yesterday like daisy decides he's gonna come Rihanna decides she's income you know I was in great you know if yeah. Talk about that boys are bush on the suggesting. I can't imagine those tickets are just sitting there on warriors that count right. So jays he's not gonna call you six months in advance he obviously decides that a lot of very wealthy powerful people might be a last second sort of thing. How does that happen how does Joseph affordable call lob. And say Rick I need to on the court any to be reasonable well haven't checked your bank account. Not picking up that call and are now it's not the warriors sell those seats like you know people own those seats and so we have this amazing guy and our office by name brand and Schneider gets to call Kate Brandon wanna come to the game tonight what do we do so brand it's on the phone he tries to find a season ticket holder who has those seats. In the front row were willing to give mop for night and and sell the seat so there was there was some pretty pretty heavy duty transactions on on yesterday that brand and was orchestrating the that's at best selling out the seats. That's an interest in job geez he's on one phone shortly who gets it. I've got at least that picture hope it's got to take a picture right but you gotta give it a farce a picture that's an area there in the humid day here you'd say. Again I give message Iran to Rihanna wants four seeds can she get her friends she's brain with so maybe is too quick out. Great picture for the snap Chad so to speak other local celebrities that might have branded on speed dialing. Well you forties got and he's got his seats covered he's dialed in yet I don't Andre war will be available under an art yeah and you know we've been using Andre is our open. In each of these series she's done amazing you know his own little deal at the beginning of every game that we put on the video screens under his then. Awesome for the wars. Since being grade as an Oakland resident of the way the team has embraced Oakland and the way the networks are now embracing Oakland was it was images and all that and. How I ask you how difficult it is to not only stage a playoff game at a stage NBA finals game because. So many more trailers in the parking lot there's new entrances for the media there's basically. Knew everything like Jessica Lee how difficult is that even though you've done now three years in a row. Yeah it's an incredible undertaking on the NBA comes in with an army of people who are best at what they do right I I actually worked in the office for seventeen years you know markers so I I've seen it from the other side to swell and what the networks to. Actually what what happens on those grounds is pretty extraordinary and you know we've got the a's playing games next week too right so. You know we we're gonna we're gonna that we really have an amazing. Compound going their but think about. The distribution of this you know I think sixteen countries are watching this. Live I think we have 200 countries or so that are represented in the media corps that are here it's its. More than a Paris court from what I understand I think yeah I log on their action if I think I think yeah I mean is comments last night said one out of seven people in the world will be consuming the NBA finals so much cheaper flops how credible. So shall be in the president. What is it today have been present like in in what guy that you in this field and how's it oh work. Well there's no modern art note two days are the same believe me it's. In Allen what got me into this alone in the basket journal when I was sixteen years old we had a new team in town Seattle SuperSonics. My dad started taking me to games and I saw people will know Bill Russell playing basketball. My big break in my life full is the coolest kid at queen and high school that I used to hang out with was gonna have a name Earl Woods and an Earl came in one day and so are now man like I can't believe in my my family's moving out of town and I. In my arm around said Earl lets us I'm so sad feel hey could you again introduced its. Like a half tax at all. South my first job at sixteen years old wow boy for the Seattle SuperSonics and been doing it ever since. President it'll say where is Rick Welts would Joseph lo and did on 957 dobbs radio. Michael Buffer last night doing the introduction in game one whose idea was that because there's. I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and Dave Chappelle is performing on Friday night and Chappelle had buffer to the introduction and Andre Ward has had offered to the introduction. And then if you've never seen it in person and I know everyone here. I think I believe has yet but you never seen that person what that does to an arena to have Michael Buffer even if it's just for thirty seconds. It flips the switch for everyone in attendance. It was really cool president elect he but he looks like he's 35 years old are I don't quite know what's on our. I sat and again he's just he's. He was awesome I'll use obsolescence and you dig at the ground right beginning of the game we use his voice it's you know in a lot of are opened so you know people were. Everyone's familiar with what's generator I don't please don't say can move allies. OK it's an unbelievably protected France I I I won't be reading this I made the case that I don't believe Johnny Michael golfer. May be the most efficient human being to ever walked the planet and here's I mean by that. It's a few words but not only does he get paid a chino an exorbitant sum to say those few words he's got a team of lawyers that spend all year. Combing the Internet. TV radio for anyone who says those words. And then it's nothing but lawsuits the money he brings in from the lawsuits from people taking that phrase from him throughout the year is more than he makes. When he's out doing the actual what I mean he looks at hand he said he looks good he always gets ringside seats in courtside seats to go along with it. That's the most efficient human being of all time you Boston hats for sixty minutes. He says a few words about ten seconds and I would rather bay. Meet anyway right sorry I don't. What you're looking for a cheaper version and nobody open so he got here people pay you yeah yeah I won't say it. Word rumble or tumble or even talk about Brian Gumbel I just. This tomorrow. That's Leslie died thank you thank you can't skate now. If this sounds and compete with them than not I wanna ask you about the at the transition obviously San Francisco which is ongoing Joseph lives right by there and so he gives us. Constant up updates we all went down there for that to great cheeks and her experience which was. Mind blowing to see. Just how that building is going to be. What's the construction like in McKenna updates can you give us as far as time line and just how carvings on with what is right now just a giant hole in the ground. It is and we keep going down I'm that's Warren head is in the center with you guys and you know it it's amazing to actually see all the equipment on the site and see this thing actually starting to happen it's been a five your journey obviously but work. You know we're dig in a big hole right now we're we're actually creating a thing about it is the biggest bathtub ever created because we're actually going down three levels of parking which will be. 200 feet from San Francisco Bay so that's that water table it's right there and so you really literally have to go down inch by inch. Mentally down three stories but this summer probably August you'll start to seize steel start come up out of the ground and work. 100% on target and finishing in summer of nineteen in you know wool over first quarter's gain their in the fall of 1920 season. What you guys plan on doing with the area the focus is obviously on the stadium you're building this park across the street which. Had he ever ethernet mission rocker out time he had yeah I didn't even say that 'cause it's so great for Bryant's wife and I mean you you know the year that. The ramps down there he had done a dog patch smokestack Barbeque all of you can't really bring that up. To debut on the mayor because you know the dibs of the world don't need me downturn but. And I digress it's such a great neighborhood and the fact you're actually adding. An environmental elements of the footprint as well speaks volumes at least in my opinion tonight is coming in in doing something industrial to taking care of the surrounding landscape as well. Well. Part of that is heartened part of its necessity right because part of it is what we're trying to create this up or city blocks say we're so lucky to be able to find this parcel of land in San Francisco eleven a personal question that we're building upon. And that's before you get to a five and half acre park that's the only thing between the new chase senator arena and San Francisco Bay but on those eleven acres were building they'll be too office buildings but also a 100000 square feet of mostly restaurant retail. Now all those great restaurants that you mentioned. That's pretty much the list right around that immediate neighborhood so we're going to be able to create another a bunch of restaurant opportunities right on site you know it's. It's a Rockefeller senator union square sized plaza little little and are you into the building. But but I think everything else that's going on there and means it's at 365 day year. Event go to two were chase senator's gonna be located in mission bay in that neighborhood needs activation it's not sleeping at night. Ray you've got nothing but. People the tech industry. Apartment complex is but you've got cross McCovey cove and go into the city to find something to eat outside of the few places we named. There isn't any pretty eat or go out for a couple cocktail or south to dog pat Jeffs has become and lack of really have neighbors again it is amazing she was going on doc past three puts it down their dads my butchers Dahlia out all swing advised of fish tanks to 89 until I had been in between this is think about it it's a brand new master planned area of San Francisco and Waltz all new and it's all beautiful it's not yet a neighbor and I think what's really gonna happen with everything else in the development of chase senator. Is we're we're gonna create a neighbor that that people are gonna not distinct about what's going on chase senator deceived they wanna go to a gamer cons her family show they're gonna come down and and listen to the opera singers in the plaza on and I that we don't have an event and have you know dinner and a great restaurant that that doesn't exist right. You guys when it's. Yeah 40000 on the waiting list. What do cementing you guys do to keep them engaged and keep the fans you know the people maybe they think might get post season tickets in their lifetime but was cemented things that you guys do to keep them. A part of you part of the family that's requests and so you know why would you join the waiting list at number 40000 surely our. Are you sure you get seats no lead but he also get to do a lot of other things as my promo Hanna and right like you're gonna get advance sale opportunities when playoffs come around you're gonna get. Opportunities to go to events first that other people you know wait in line in advance were doing. We're gonna watch parties games three and four at ORACLE Arena which are gonna rock we we actually producing game. We just don't have the game there right you're watching on the screen but everything else and Evans and orders game's going to be happening games reinforce so to get that you get that opportunity to be in line before the people win when those things happen and and listen what what I think is you know we get asked all the time at camp Levy Evan asked him how you can replicate that am missed that amazing and is gonna narrow. We were we will no doubt it and get a whole plane you know we keep our questions in advance OK okay what the look fool you we are somewhat organized. Hard hitting soon yeah me that that's an athlete you know. You know what that that's been cool one right since since we announced we're coming to San back to San Francisco is that that we want to create that amazing atmosphere which is so. Much a part of the success of this this demon. You do it architecturally ray were creating a building this actually smaller. In the building were playing in now going from 191500. Seats to 181000 seats ration yourself if you were season tickets. In the new building them to chase senator than we're selling an oracle right now. Whirling and have one ring of a picture of sweets that separate the upper ball from the lower bolster the two that we have now or three at Staples Center which make these building so begging cavernous. So everything more and we decided not to make an NHL hockey building which compresses the seating area and too much smaller area. So always sings are designed to kind of maintain that mr. Bennett but none of that is what makes that noise when makes a noise is the people who were sitting in the seats right and over the last four years we've renewed over 95% every year averse season ticket holders they're coming with us straight and those are some people aren't the reason that oracle rocks where they are now most people are going to be with us we moved to San Francisco. How important is it for you to create the secondary and tertiary event such as watch parties and other community event so that. The fan base outside of the 181000 that'll be at chase senator so that the greater seven million in the Bay Area can feel like they're a part of. Yes well I think your year into well what they are our mission is really about ray were fortunate you know to baseball teams. Least for now two football teams. You know we will have there's ones NBA team in the Bay Area we've been the various team we played. You know we played a season in San Jose Lind went ORACLE Arena was being designed so we we came. To the Bay Area by playing in San Francisco we moved to Oakland we played in San Jose. We want a completely embrace all of that that's that's part of our Arab remove any miles we're not and I'm moving to another state we're not moving you know very far and you know because we actually think we have a place right now in San Francisco it's much more accessible to more people than we have right now I mean. You know it's a little it's a little nerdy to get into a talking about transfer to a. I love it plummeted since it now that this is like the blessing of the site that true or you describe her no it's true when he had his presentation of the chase and experience and he's laying out like. From Bilbray how long's it take eating its ride all the follow up question right now every fiber content Andre. It's it's actually the one of the real miracles this site is that we already have the third street Muni line on the spot on the site with a stop at our block grade. But we didn't create the idea of the central subway of what the central subway does is connect the whole Bay Area to the site because you if you have access to parked anywhere. You're gonna go to the Powell street station in not gonna leave the station you're just gonna switch from. Whatever Bart train you were on to this new central subway which is going to to come above ground in mission bay and literally to livery 300 feet from our front door so. In so many ways it's more accessible than than any other site we could depicted in the whole B and also future ferry terminal access as well all right and the man yeah out. You know merely has been great helping to promote this that sixteen street which is the southern boundary of our site where it connects to the water is where the port of San Francisco's decide it is the right place and thank goodness for fairy term us. So you know the idea that I mean it's great in the I don't know if you guys ever gone to a I'd giants game on the ferry but almost 2000 people game get across San Francisco Bay to come to a giants game by fairy and this time yeah right it's a one form of public transportation everybody actually loves to take and is unique. Wreck you don't. We miss you can't do this in Kansas City and and that's not to knock other cities but taking advantage of the natural surroundings too to have that unique experience that's one of the reasons the giants have had their success is just the view forget about the product on the field look at the view whereas a put yourself right now opposition is one. Well we will be not whether or not that's can be completely done by the time we open the building 2019 the regulatory hurdles you have to go through water transportation San Francisco Bay extraordinary itself. Like top talent that okay loud until I'm people did and I mean people yeah. It's a clinic bed you know the other thing is this amazing new park it's being created as part of this project now. It's not our land but it's also not a city park is part of the master plan admission today that when. A project on our site got. That started it triggers the construction this new five and a half acre park to biggest city park new city park in San Francisco in decades. That's being created. In conjunction with this project and you know it's gonna create a whole different feel for the entire mission Bay Area and into connects to the although a bite us in the city it connects to the running pass in the city it's it's it's this is this neighborhood is going to be discovered by so many people across the Bay Area who have no idea where it is right now. It's incredible is he's building bridge all the way through the southern part of the city some the net as a guy who grew up here fifty years almost. It's been badly needed that. Connecting that part of the city only down to candlestick. And beyond I think it's going to be incredible you used to go to raves in that part of kind of I'm not as this part of town back when you order of the NBA rink in the nineties it was a ghost towns south of market before the giants were here obviously before the warriors. Decided to move back here that was done in the warehouse and parties we again we tiger described ghost town would have been a compliment yeah that's a little rougher than all of those glass half full of guys. I do want to ask you about. Decided to near 957 does radio its outlook greater what it was really my idea wreck I had to pull credit thing here is pushing for kids radio did Israeli etiquette of the all wrong let's drop that you people tonight on youth. This whole thing it it's really. I guess emblematic of just how caught up in in the doves not only we are but everybody is it is that when you see something like this. The 957 dobbs radio does all the car flags and all the people gone crazy. It's gotta make you feel pretty good about going to war. It's it's amazing and I you know this is not blown smoke that you guys are or anybody who works in this building every day but we made we made a really big decision a year ago right the lockout a lot of people by surprise we said we wanna be on the game break in and the but the way you guys have treated the warriors com we felt at home from day one. And I think warriors fans now know this is the place you go your place you go if you wanna hear about what's the amazing story the Golden State Warriors right now and it's it's it's been amazing for our fans it's been great for our organization you guys and I. The terrific job in and gap when we walk around and and see the blue and gold that means a lot for a proud. As can be on this and as well to be affiliated with such a first class product president of the Golden State Warriors Rick Welts with Joseph lo and bids. On nine by seven dobbs radio thank you so much for coming in this morning we know how busy you are so this means a lot crisper. Night congratulations in advance if we can keep this thing move him over the boards and. Yeah we're looking forward to send it to the electricity in the building last night was in crown Holland. You know maybe the rest the country didn't think that game last night I was quite as exciting as we did that but I take three more about X yeah. Absolutely Rick Welts ladies and gentlemen we Joseph lo and did homer bat the hall of Famer Jamal Wilkes on 957 dobbs radio.