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Monday, January 22nd

Rick Tittle talks to Melissa Lockard about A's Baseball and the A's heading into Spring Training.


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I found out I won't ask to be reimbursed but it was only time in my life probably only time ever well in my life I get off the plane in this league guy holding on my name. Actually said Dick a little. Now Sedrick title but I had my name and his wire in the show first hat. By the way top of the hour station identification Ellison in 957 game KG MC FM in HD one at San Francisco. It wasn't an HD one who has some like this. There you go. But the guy. It's an escalade. Get a ride in on my Guam this is Colin I'm fired you know on the history guy and I'm looking on single days till their City Hall that the statue dad Billy Penn. He's down a rule. You couldn't build any building high. I head in the statue of Billy Penn but now that role as not here anymore. And I go that's where all my life I've been referring to him as William and he got Billy Penn. So I've learned that now for the fact that they can go back. And that's so it out all right. Love you and county another guy says what are you talking about on here for your calls. Triple A 9579570. Pence got so stuck on certain dot Comtex 095795. Greg what do you think about great bowl as head coach of the titans. Now it's Anderson situation now looks like all of this in Wilkes to Phoenix. To the Arizona Cardinals I should say and Mitch Daniels and I'm gonna go to Indianapolis you're gonna Patricia going to alliance. Looks like rich farmers kid is gonna take over. In. And we war. So basically all the jobs are gone now that we're able. With one year is DC in the Texans and they didn't have a great year but of course there's a team decimated by injuries on both sides of the ball JJ watt to Shawn Watson was. Steam rolling it's way too rookie of the year. May be an MVP in a permanent girlfriend. But remember Vrabel as the guy. Who turned down the San Francisco 49ers DC job. Eric couple years ago and I he wanted to stay a linebacker coach. And I thought you know when it was all those things just like bath. Now we let other people say noted an iron. Number Matt Weiner. You're gonna be the number one overall pick who has a number one overall choice the niners I'll go back to my senior year. I'm not gonna play for the niners. And so they drive and oxman that they would have been Mao honored and now we look about his career is gone yeah. But I remember question at the time and AM the niners were going to rebuild. It you are offered to be the defensive coordinator for one of the great franchises. In the NFL and even if you hate the niners you got to look in the trophy cabinet and see Lombardi trophies. None of those were one and black and white film. You look at that you think about how they were just in the Super Bowl and lost. You don't want it. And for me at that time ousting him and Vrabel thinks that the niners are the creepy guy at the dance. In other girls sitting there talking and all the sunny creepy guy across or and starts I am. Out now and I kind of licking her hair. Is now looking at us as if I think he's looking at us. I'll now is getting out he's not like he's walking over here what is this says something you wanna go prompt non good. I thought wow how times have changed where the niners were the creepy guy at the dance. And they can flip any air it it really can't. Put the new year than we lose Greg and Martinez. Now calming. Down okay. Totaling 9579 to five semi Penske outsells doc Comtex line 95795. From the 510 I love how Arizona hired the security guard from the Jerry Springer Show. Had some messed up stuff. Messed up stuff. From the 510 Rick Derek Carr going to the probe all your thoughts yeah that was. Not something that happened of course from all participants country can't go and and and our car got any kind of through the back door I. Think we were all kind of a little bit surprised by that. And dumb Derek Karr knows better than anyone that he didn't really play up to expectation and he was on earlier. Today during an afternoon delight and here's what he had to say about that. We have a lot of expectations card game and we obviously didn't people and we want to do it may well. Hello everyone else looks out I want to do we have here we are now I think that was Dugard had been let out a little Jordan basically completely change the culture depend on constantly and don't regret certain vision not pro ball players a lot of years and about Brad Pitt and that surprised at all not good not. Britain bags Perez they're an independent altered blood part will be good group. I was love that saying in sports culture. We used to be hunters and gatherers now we're going to make clay polyps are pots and run to plant crops. It's kind of a catch phrase another another one I don't like his identity. And here's what number four had to say about that. In these birds oh we could be. But it did not a hundred yards per packet color on that note represents triggered but a lot of alternate the first do we know and not their run and it had an open to all those bank and I doubt that one game but they don't really go well and I know what I'm below. It correctly. Kind of bitter about the injury problems labored underground mode could do it could be ability to correct a lot of welds and the good bad people. Our access say Yahoo! and we know that there has been huge coaching change and you go from a team that's a tall and four to the DC being fired mid mid season and then the head coach gets fired. It can all turn around very very rapidly we got some more quotes from Derrick and his brother David do on some things to say to Damon a little bit earlier let's go back with phone lines temple at 9570578. Let's go out to the the county seat of Contra Costa county Graham Martinez what's going on. Yeah. Cut. Management and patient column actually financially and do some actually had met her house right now let. Wanted to get your opinion you know there's there's an interest in south. Collapse raider game against San Diego they closest backwards red. Oh. We we broke the record for consecutive even that a hundred tilt even more. I know I hear other. I'm the New England get solid call the other breaks and you know Eddie Jordan roll but what I find interesting here. We got a lot of different culture during the last eighteen years a little under under straight generally are more. And they say you can throw a flag on every play any NFL. I tried hard to believe that a 130 some stature played yesterday. And New England got flagged launcher and art project I know about lactic country nearly a hundred. I actually believe. All of a conspiracy theory that we Al Davis shoot the NFL. It kind of just put it in just put a black target on us are like always you wanna say and and killed all the all the official had a Dallas game and a rapper black and make their first down marker all these weird calls go Accenture raiders. But yet everything goes and triggered a Cheap Trick and argue your perspective. On satellite you know on salty I motor saw here and to tuck open it. And as odd that there's any snaps and Newman only gets one can impeach and an under on the luge run around the edge. Definitely holding right on the head glad linebacker got held the whole way I would put New England action yard it would have been certain. Third nineteen. And Jack we'll have one more time out that would stop the clock and argued or perspective on that would each be what do you think. All right Greg thanks for the call Greg Martinez and we love you out here for mutual played 957957. And Penske auto shows our contacts on 95795. It was way before Al Davis sued to move the the raiders were getting screwed on calls before that and I I sort of thought the birth and that was when chuck and all. And Franco run out of bounds Harris and Lynn Swann please don't hurt me complain about the raiders. And then that they were the criminal element and then frank and then this is the thing about some. Monday Night Football. I'm gonna sound like a hundred and I'm only 98. But the only way you can see highlight NFL game was at halftime on Monday Night Football. That was the only way in the seventies I would go to a raider game and that I can't wait to see that touchdown again and then hope. Then Monday Night Football would Shalit and have you learned about them are answering the phone you there is no VHS. It's a it's a caption that. And there was one halftime. Orient Howard Cosell talking about the criminal element and the raiders served. It was basically just turn everybody against traders that we were some kind of we have as a fan I played for them nine years. At the raiders were a bunch of dirty sheets. That's where really began and yeah down malign them. Everything that happened. Where form of an LA you don't have the votes doesn't matter removing anyway we'll take you to court takes me a court. Whenever you're alioto it's a punch in my crotch to. Because I'll think of him as the mayor Joseph Sanchez got him out of Al lawyer who helped them move and then you add up shop. This is bizarre bedfellows upshot testifying that they had to get out all going. And Solomon who hated the raiders though owner of the patriots testified that Oakland was great when he despised openly and watch how they get LA. That's also why even though it all Farrakhan I'm never words you know shot Jersey I just I'll never forget them. After that I just there's just there's just no way. Buy it I'll say this to you. Ice and think it was just the raiders every team now gets screwed with ridiculous calls and that's because they're part time graphs. And then they also how they and itchy trigger finger what that flag and I hate it when one guy throws a fly and you see two more. And so that guy and why how beneficial walks over what you see any guys like holding 65. To go the other two guys yet meet U. I hated. You thing about these stories about unemployed NFL players why can't they be wraps why is that the vice principal in Wichita Kansas why is he either the wrath. I think every time I've said this over the years rallies give a lot of hate tax. If you're raft hero weirdo. Yeah and I'm not talking about kids' soccer but. If your professional raft first of all your such a fan boy that you just wanna be close the Tom Brady just so you can smell his mosque. And also you have to have that meter maid mentality where I'm gonna ruin somebody's day. And there's a guy. Whose sixty fighters all the Coke bottle glasses these can't pass her parents he has no idea about the spirit of the law the spirit a passer pharos means you don't. Kick somebody in the Adam's apple the ball's in the air but if his finger has the temerity to brush up against his Jersey I'll announce pass interference. And it's frustrating and there are many times probably majority in my time I wish I was that. Goat herder in and then in the steps of Asia and I had never heard of hope thought I'd be blissfully happy. Because football drives us all crazy. Like that it's not just the raiders and over the years we've seen a lot of teams complain about penalties. Are immersed in again monster Porsche nine years ago when Notre Dame came to USF is Jim rebellion digger Phelps and digger Phelps and like the fact that WCC refs called way more fouls. Notre Dame in the dons went online way more time. And digger went armor and her daughter was gonna shake hands after USF won all digger Phelps say it was issue longer valley. And then he starts walking away and our fax mikes picked this up. Number buzz like hey digger. Why give daycare blank you Pelosi complaining about he didn't get as many calls then the other. Continue this on the other side dribble and I'm 579570. Pence get so stock contacts on 95795 also catch up almost a lock guard tackle is baseball's while we're Tulowitzki on the Chris Townsend should not by summoning. Cain is in the building and and Chris Townsend show on 95715. How is his picture those dogs on the treadmill. The smaller song. Brake pedal infer Chris Townsend denied it's nice to have you with us where you're listening. If you're on hold all I'll get you this segment I promise that triple A 957. 9578888957957. In you can always issued new attacks over the Penske auto sales. Dot com tax line at 95795. It's always great to catch up with Melissa Block card from Oakland clubhouse she writes for the athletic covering the Oakland a's and she's been. B writer for the a's for many many years and I'm Melissa and I know we just had gone recently but dad you're so good week we had Leon again so back and thanks for coming. No problem and usually when my kids in my husband to get here but maybe Jon I expected it's. That streak. All right so why we we just stay yesterday talked about the rotation and catching situation. A lot of talk a little bit more. About the the outfield in the infield. Stephen Stephen Scotty when he is coming out of these man and Stanford. Such a great player and and it looked like you know that the cardinals what he didn't one playoff game they just looked like he was going to be. I had new bush forever but. Last year was a down here. We know that his mother was diagnosed they'll lasso one point he got sent to the miners. Sell I think what the a's are thinking and making this deal. Getting Stephen to Scotty home to be around his mom again. That they know that he's still very young and they look for him to go back to what he did two years ago without being fair. Yes definitely and in our he was banged up a little bit last kick it he had a knee issues that he was working through and I think he and ended up having a little bit of a cleanup surgery at the end of the year so. You know held Alltel will play a big factor and neck the legs underneath and the power should turn to their level but there are two years ago by. Obviously keep in mind and being close the cam ranh. You know being a lineup where you're unnecessarily. The focus them you know a huge bed they've got to expect you to be the number three hitter should relax quite a bit. I'm Matt Joyce actually in the second half hit pretty well. I especially after that Anaheim thing where he said something that I think a lot of people lot of made a mistake with he really came out after that and played well and he was under contract for another year so I think about. Satterfield. And I think about the corners we'll get the senator Phil in the second but you think. Matt Joyce and write the Scotty and laughed when Katie is the DH or vice Versa. Yeah I I put it to right. Did OK in right field I think it'll probably just depend on where the Saudi teams are comfortable and and you know how did mobility at people understand how the end and they even eat it stadium though. You know what I am outfield at different management and things like that I think either guy can probably be an either spot and I don't know that it would making a huge check and found. And you know you're the delicate and I'm like chat under and maybe even a march and I would come to an enclave from spot on the corners plot. Yeah I would rather have tendered but let's move on to US senator field we know that sack. I can't got an and I think Mark Hanna would admit he's not here a typical off Austin Jackson out there are. Smolinski who missed almost the whole season they went and they re acquired. A booby Powell had said at one point and he showed from a lament that he had okay about but. It looks like the guy they acquired in the sunny great trade doesn't Fowler is gonna be the center fielder and we know we all about his debut at. At the White Sox for the Yankees he only played half an inning he ripped up his knee and now I mean I guess he had a lawsuit. Against the stadium there as well but is it basically if our Fowler is completely healthy. And they hope that he'll be the everyday guy. Yeah I think that's how they feel it out again adding he did met quite a bit of time NNA if you had a very argue that recap up it would certainly be understandable people got a little lucky and are trading at eight bit a little bit of panic began to get ear to catch up with the red and I bet a you know at the time the Yankees brought him up he was one of the most well ordered declared the very fact that I'm actually they were gonna look at him to play quite regularly in the outfield at the laughed and ET Al. You know he certainly did include Gupta talent beats your everyday caterpillar couldn't it will be healthy and ready to go. But if they need to turn political pal to the everyday and I Gilder at the beginning at Seattle that would eat chips. I also wonder about Renato Nunez as well because. Mean guy and he's been any organ that he's only twenty threes in the organization what's she was sixteen years old out of Venezuela he. He got he got to a point where you put a little bit too much weight and I heard rumblings that they don't like the fact that he. He got fat and is his defense had suffered but he always raged at the the miners you know Lee in the minors in home runs and I know at the end of the year he finally did smack his first big league home run right before the the season got over but hearing that you know his side his options moreover they were gonna have to make a decision one way or another. What it would match Chapman at third or what's gonna happen whether Nunez now. Yeah you know I mean obviously he does not have a pass with their big body that's happened health CNET cut and that way pretty much its have been attacked itself. They've moved him out quite a Betty got some kind of hurt she got a lot of I'm a much Yelp last year it went national it all could be a discredit that Miley I'm not sure that really helped as. Dependant development at all but. You know even guy that has it quicker read than anybody in the entire that. They're legitimate power alt field. Either terrific hitter. You know when he really feeling it then and it kind of combat global play and he's very young adult though. If the kind of talent that they probably need to find a way to make room for but. At trying to figure out exactly where his at bats are gonna come in on that there rosters Cherokee but you know last August when I'd putt within the course keep that he's Larry have to figure out a solution for now. The fact haven't traded him at that point you know make you think they are and congratulated. Seeking get a pretty regular role somewhere and maybe it is attending a little bit with that giant. No doubt about it now for more questions here from us a lock part of the athletic and that old clubhouse she is. Joined us here to talk about the a's got a fan fest coming up here on Saturday chuck Clements square. I've Franklin Barreto got a lot of attention and they think about the Josh Donaldson deal and John Nolan now or are really working out an end and great men in my mind an imperfect rotation would be your fourth guy and I hear. Your first or second guy. Itself Franklin read those like the only guy standing out Brett Lawrie only was here for a year. Bombed he came up. And does the bat wasn't they're just he had and I was surprised that the defense wasn't there are forgot planned second base. And it's too much to expect a 21 year old had just come out. And do fantastically well. I'm sometimes it happens but I look now at Lowry who they didn't trade last year even though is having a good year he's got one more year left till probably start off that. At second I'm just wondering where is sport as Jorge Mateo. Fit into this do you think he's breathing down Sammy and Mac thirty think he's going to be breathing down eventually Barack does knack. I would predict didn't see years that you have Barreto a backhand and they are short but. You know a lot of things apple and entrapment including comic elk could end up in the up till that I'm quite by. They really Burt pleasantly surprised at how well he played shortstop and type of Palin and medlock last year it got a very strong army seems very quick he's athletic in fact that they had but I that's pretty you know. Typical for minor league infielder and wherever he called a down that chart up but he doesn't quite have the payload range at a bank and and certainly I think could be an above average at bay and at some point being he is young he's also had to make for our mistakes but I spent but he also got. That athleticism and the strength and you know in the armed vehicle that could be that that Eric I'm quite. You got started what started off slowly everything that every level Eddie played at camp. Without it I think you equating about 200 at the end of April spearheading while about 300 so. You know he's got to think take a little bit of time to warm up to a level about what he got that it it all systems go and Angie just sent an incredibly dynamic offense that Larry it works the opposite field really well. He can either leg deep bunt and hit the ball over the county SOE he'll be a lot of crime went because they're Miller but yeah I mean expecting anyone to come up at 21. With not even a full season at triple and there's all. And it's clicking and it's pretty rare day and night out will have a hundred feet everyday that you think here you're stuck though I'm glad that but I do think it is give people are patient with the Mac Greta VA are very odd that. Crack. Guided her the Rangers and at first base when they had done market share than they had Adrian Gonzales Senator Obama I'm Pena and some of these other guys says this and all that bad that's block and you know DA's would it would Chavez legal Eric Hinske that's blocked. I just wonder what's gonna I'm Michelle the noisy. Because say it became our from the naps in the the amounts and do little deal and and had a very good Arizona. Folly ideally play some shortstop. In college as well all I just wonder is he a guy that could be. A I utility infielder or he just that doesn't have that build for what what's gonna happen with noisy and do you think at this point he's ahead of Nunez. In the pecking order. I I don't think he had a communion because he hadn't had the upper level at bat when he got to actually eaten AAA has is it yes except that battle in an annoyed heat only half eat that apple led by. It ninety was. Really I mean it better than advertised when he got over here. I had body type doesn't look like a charged up at all but do you actually feel that the position I well it got a very chat is actually closer to Oklahoma so he can get back while in the mid ninety's if he's on the mound and if that had our strength so it certainly. Elect's side of the infield guy I think they'll probably try him at second base especially if he's in Midland that may not being. You know of course that don't play there with Greta on the narrow up the medal and national. I think you'll get them kind of back and I wouldn't be quite that he got I am left to right at college. You know maybe he turned and hit them lesser role as Chad tender about a guy that you know get a 12030. Intended ironically all of revealed. But the batted very would get with ham and yeah he did seem like a real quick learner everywhere you thought that it's not gonna want it to adjust to that option is a pretty exciting fight for that and the deal. Yes ever talk about the rotation and him and I as JC area over for a great many are over four and then. I am in Ellicott City are over six cotton ERA over five well Blackburn that. The kid from this blues will he be able to get back to where he did and a very short sample size was mangan was he the real deal. I did Jesse on experiment says that over Andrew Triggs can he stay healthy and I proclaimed. Much in my own shock gland that made a's have the worst rotation in baseball so you've had a data let that sink in. Do you agree with me at the a's have the war as a stands right now they is on the worst rotation in baseball. And I mean I think. There's some pretty bad application could take off. I make I think if you look at it you know being carried reject apps apple and you look at Mike Brey didn't return true you know started every airport apron on them a major injury than. You know I think. The potential for the eight to put together good education what they've got. Is an error but. He I don't think anyone can bet on them eating late and I think that's why they let it unfold because he got keeping get a lot of eight diet each starters or maybe just into the extending. And then have the bullpen trying to shout from there you're gonna probably find a lot out and try to check in the governor even into the eighth inning though. And you know I get them pregnant obviously it went data packet to look where he's ready to go. And that came to think a lot I think he Canada or in the Q do you put him at the top of her occasion with a shot I did that could be legitimately want to hear better. Once you left handed starting rotation you know guys fervor around the league but it didn't take a little bit and they get I think that the you're gonna have that answer for a lot of what theater putting together right now at that there's a lot of talent there and there's a lot of patients it's gonna need to happen in the next here. And he died sort of get Tex you know he got to that in the big league and they can't find their way but. I think it'll be more on the botched and that was in years past and what women really got talent so I am you know I think that that's that's our transition at and it's it's on. I led the metals and Matt Chapman KD forty and a hundred that's gonna get people look coliseum that's very exciting Lamar question for you. Alyssa we know that Bob Melvin and his giants connections bringing guys like Al dreading and scar Sony over the years. Very very weird I think a lot of people maybe even forgotten that Matt Williams is in the fold. And I think he's back because he might have probably be a manager. Again he was manager of the year one time for for Washington but I also think about it means the guys they came up as a shortstop. We know the a.'s defense has been abject the last few years. I just think about you know may be he can be like what wash was you know I really did did defensive guru for some of these guys especially some of the young guys. Yes definitely and I'm thinking about the ticket and saying you know he'd need a guy that had as part of background and coaching and looking good in Gilder as well. And I think they build a really great development staff and I turn to talk about that yucky and actually owed a lot of the guys that they have. Added to their coaching staff over the last two seasons has the pork out now and our guys that. Really made their bread into player development and I mean are are familiar with the players that are on that roster into JK coming over its familiarity declared that had been. And that that them and yeah I think there's there's a lot of sense that they understand how to coach diet up then maybe. Are you know needing a little more. You know in game coaching and then perhaps that we established a clear it would kill. Thing I think Madeleine there's a great addition I think I'll get integrated bishop Christians are gonna teach in are really great present back are out a lot of those guys. And horrified here's what lemon a minor league cup I think eight pound Bob Melvin great manager and it's gonna be and I staff eat at work. Great stuff from Melissa lock Carter Roberts you reader in the athletic follow on Twitter app open clubhouse Melissa thank you retire I promise I won't call you three days. Records that thank you for that. Melissa lock art of the lines are available and as I said the people who on hold I would get your promise and I will hear AAA 9579570. Getting back to some Super Bowl hype hype and maybe let's go to Paul is down in San Jose your 957 again. Yeah it it showed the ability student paperwork in this scenario. I'm. Other elevators to be tired but I really thought that. And yeah I mean what did there illegal not to look so I'm glad that brought the quarterback they don't have a cup the list. And dad went to be taken in India all the K. What a blended pollutants we got in unique and there are cleared to dig and acting weak and a lot better at it at this upper grapple. And that kind of went at it saw little walk in naked don't develop but with limited in Baku. Refuge type irons they're rude and again the problem I'm so sick MVP I'm really excited wait wait we get up what part old guys. It's his many good marketing on TV they did do that because that they're readily anybody. Pay attention then and there like an Indy well I mean it's been going on the next play way out jacked up. It that it's important vocal and every shredding quietly gotta stop but still at the rats he is at bat a tactic. Ha I thank you very much that I appreciated. I was ball down there in San Jose. Tom I know if would feel if they have AM age regulation. And first of all you can do it more point five years I think it's you can't do good I think it's aged fifteen and winding down. And they take him out on attractive to prove that your fifth. In the NFL there are guys out there that have to be. And then there are guys out there that voted for Taft. I have no doubt about that but they said it's the spirit of the law. And the letter of the law. You should understand what the spirit of the law is not politic the letter. And why some of these rules have been put in and there are some stupid rules NFL changes their mind every year the competition committee. And the dumbest one of all time was. The guy catches that you push him out of bounds while he would've landed in if you didn't push him out so he gets the catch Y forward. Progress of the Steve enroll. They're all done by the one that I hate the most I think is the ground can't cause a fumble why that is the epitome. I hope I make aboard air Don King lame mossy. If you fall down and then your elbow to run the ball pops out if you sting that bad well doesn't that doesn't count of the fumble why the hell not. The plane of the goal that this is magical vertical miss. And I got one little grain of leather across it not a touchdown. It's hard I know being a reference chart and as I said you have to be a freak. Wanna be NFL around. Let's go to mark in Roseville earlier on 957 again. Mark what's up in the 916 man. Hello mark Ohio mark. Was glued. Let puck mark I mark held all my timing then I hate keeping me I hate letting people holed out on an Islamic guess on my hand there. Mark called back and they'll throw you on all of Alaska got my Tommy wheeze though. Little. I think he can. My little a joke there. What he interval and I'm 579578. Pence got to sell stock Comtex on 95795. You're talking about. Derek Carr and he's going to the pro ball now and Amazon are we show earlier are on our airwaves they should say was on the afternoon delight. And there was some label or talking about pay. How Jon Gruden gonna do Adair car Derek Karr is very religious what is key here is swear words. That actually was set out loud and like Derek Karr has never heard a swear word in his life or if he did. They'll get the fetal position now start crying oh doesn't matter word on who you shouldn't say did. I'm dumb as that body was asked. Do you rule what's the situation going to be like when you do get way ahead of Chucky and Erica are said this. I'll be really hard driving up. Don't you both times I've been let it be good look at you know I love my regular I don't think you look what did our company or something I really do. All right he hopes that his heart on I. Are the way Jon Gruden and by the way that was almost Joseph bugle love affair I didn't want them a run Joseph knew about the job Al Davis and I love and prayers so long. I go to bed and I think about Al Davis the love of where like Glenn. Yeah I loves me loves them he loves me I love him. That's all good from hope it works out played. You know gruden is the kind of guy who's not gonna pull aside and say well you don't why did you throw out past. Now he's gonna be like hey Derek. RAA. Nines. Passe. LL tell you got that down there and Fresno Doug passing of the football you receive a football for they got them down there in Fresno heart. Are you getting crowded at the age of Big Brother near ended DG. You'll help pull out all the stops. As is khaki a poll out all stops and their car. He wants it he says that they're gonna have a great relationship just listen. Have a great relationship boarded a big part one another other but she better and I thought should be. Ben religion or another and it cannot do what he did it because you know and then here. Break my degrade Nordegren unity that it may have equity government. I'd go back to the phone lines go back to Roosevelt we have mark what's going on mark. Hey Rick Arum and we're bigger professional opinion. What happened raiders Tampa Bay's super bought soured on blow them now. Bullet Callahan called groups Glazer was it there Robin tortured books. This is like saying why did we lose the battle of brandywine and revolutionary war it's ancient history botched. Of course the UV the thing that everybody likes to say is that cal tech Callahan did not change. The auto bowls and so Derrick Brooks and John Lynch and warrants out there were all call now what was gonna happen before it happened. I don't blame the fact that Barrett Robbins had. A polar. Melt down with the booze and and Adam true the kid and I'm blessed to have the command and be the center of the raiders just flat out choked that's what happened. All marked your candidate go raiders. All right thank you very much that's market out there and and now Rosen Roseville. And got triple A 9579570. Which AAA and I'm 579578. Penske out of cells. I dot com. Tax line. Somebody is losing his mind on Twitter and I I don't whatever language that is I don't speak but if you wanna translated all trying to look into what it is. Rick do you think that fans chanting we want Brady is a Jenks got the end of the Eagles game pretty much in unison on Lincoln Financial Field. We want Brady we want Brady we laws and we have a careful what you wish for but I will also invest two Eagles fans. And and people who believe in the Sports Illustrated jinx. After the raiders beat the chargers and San Diego in the AFC championship game. Sports Illustrated cover. Mark Fannie and scoring a touchdown against the chargers and the cover of SI said. Bringing up on the Eagles. What happened operators be imminent Cyril. And you had the greatest MVP and three picks and he's not the MVP plug it was without why did he had a good game. A busted play that Kenny king touched down a cliff branch. But hey this is the deal chuck how leaves a rule five cowboy is on the losing team. A linebacker has to picks. So this is how works for some more on the peace if you lose the game and have two interceptions you're the MVP but if you win the game and you have three interceptions. Then you're not the MVP. With the crucial one I think. And that's the way it usually yeah. I'll works out that in the in the long run but yeah bring on the Eagles. You can say you buy you love their confidence. But for some reason. We keep a week fans media teams they keep putting chips on the patriot shoulders why do we need to put chips. On the patriot shoulders. I it's just you know whether it's rule I editor Seth wicker Sharma PSP and bill bella checked who left the meeting demoralize. That he had to trade Barack Palau eyelash about one like Bill Belichick came out. And you would describe almost the word demoralized. Like worst coach spell check and they hear whimpering coming from the about Germany's leaned over the porcelain goddess heads in the toilet what's wrong. I am demoralize. Look both sides not an opinion that work. Belichick's trying to win games. I want to have a great backup park she doesn't want to trade him. Crap is like I'm not gonna give that franchise that's got to be the backup we got a trade and we waited too long now I got a trade and both guys were right. And it's a disagreement at work. The patriots are going down the booms. And they never we always hear about the demise of the patriots and it never had pence. If you're on hole gets here right after this quake. Break armored Phil come on back. Not 57 again. Chris towns in jail on 957. Big game. Regularly Chris doesn't show an ID 57 the game. And as often happens in radio we've done a format change are going yeah Iraq it's. They always know the rest of the night. Now where we were talking sports and here until 11 o'clock at. Funny it's time for you to give yourself and then give yourself heard. We saw another guest on the docket that tend Tawny Logan Murdoch the warriors reporter for the Bay Area news group pull join us and talk about what's going on. With the the dogs. But just getting as we said the first. The first day of the first night now all of a Super Bowl hype in earnest it is a new week it's not Super Bowl week it's the week before the super wal what you know little bit weird. Let's there's never a shortage of hyper topics and without being said get in Tripoli and I'm 579578. And got to sell stock contacts on 95795. Without being sad. Let's go to an Eagles fan and will go out the 95 Susan they conquered your not 57 again. A first pop artist for the second go birch I don't think many people. There in Chile that I yesterday thought that they were gonna cheek kind of like they tips. And and for nick to come out crave the way he played this kid I mean think. Calm act you know I thought they would go without until the last quarter are actually going to read the current outfit and I am I report or teach you learn it's actually control. All of its long. But as far as the chance that would go on onyx that was ultra next weekend. She is even aware and went big and go against Brady each qatari man won't. After after what they did to bash guys limit and if you can't go big go home and actually actually able. When you see Santa when you see Santa coming down the chimney do you Bowen. Actually yeah. Every trick that the you'd rather now than me for my current. Let's say let's say here on broad street in Center City on one side of the street. He had Jerry Robinson the other side Ritchie waters and who do you go over and talk to your. Ricky water cooled. Our ability kids from the cardinal Newman myself the all American from UCLA. Oh you know our our run Linux. Despite my trunk for an am hoping he doesn't go to the cowboys initially com Barkley an addict and shaking as well. If he goes for the cowboys you know to have issues. I initiatives if tranche I hate anxious to show and I have always a pleasure here's your car ride home. And Kim K Goldberg. Okay. Well I heard I can tell I can tell you that 95%. Of the country it will be wearing green with you on Super Bowl Sunday and Ohio well. Thank you sir hate your agreement they can. All right thank you for that I say if this is an out there. And now Concord let's stay. In on the east side and now let's go do Dave who is in the home of a dozen Joseph DiMaggio. David Martinez was Sunday. Hey correctly strap me up wardrobe. Thought man also the whole Tug McGraw speaking in Philadelphia. I did not know that. They. Anyway Obama. So what one particular line on your real quick that I'd be quite here you can futures touched up on. It is so don't know we want to get beat that that Stanley Cup pop. We're ready roster that we don't poor soul once your take our out in the barracks. To be dead debt primary machine that it gave us. Those quality players to get in here because I mean. Clearly the goaltending will be getting that ought not doing the training what good goalies that big coming out is person with Mike Ricci yeah doing a lot of these you are trading or whatnot. We need. Do you think that because we're not necessarily getting bit to counter trades. That would give us sticker shock me get this bad edge that we can do like what he's doing making gold. It's beautiful and probably appear to take it that way what's your pick up. Actually call I appreciate it all mean that is the plan. And that's why they're not Muster anymore having their Worcestershire sauce. Because in the old days there are 3000 miles away and out there. HL team in in masks. And sell your literally in the same building now and remember the singular barracuda dung that a young gonna dung and wire and iron. It has worked a little bit. We think about whether Anaheim and that somehow left town ten he'd unprotected. He went down I think about the deal read ends the McCarthy's our usual bit older. Barkley good grow up and down if you're gonna send him down. Count on the bank he had to go back down and and now he's playing better be okay Mariah and the kid out of steady. To bring that Swede then that worked out well that is the plan team all Meyer course spent some time of course that. Barracuda how to run in the playoffs last year. That is the plan of course is to make trades but. The sharks do feel. Like day how a window that's a jar it's not a wide open giant window but they do feel like the windows ajar. When Jumbo coming back on a one year. And you look at at at Novell skiing and who chew. Their their curse kind of mirror each other what the the years on the contracts on them they're assigned like how like Patti and Joseph were about the same land. They just locked up burns fur hopefully the rest of his career. Are they locked up. Marc-Edouard classic Eddie. And his teammates call many of the fans home pickles. And I've I've never been as big on classic as most people and always seems like that it and I'm talking downers and ask you generous and asking knows more about the sharks and anybody. And he will he'll go in depth about how mark Edwards classic is one of the very best blue liners and all hockey. This only to Amazon plastic used to like and I'm yelling at the screen and Brendan Dolan got I'm sorry I just. I do sometimes. IA Justin brawn I'm always screaming and Justin Brown that's what you do and by the way I'm in the history of watching sports on TV. I've yet to see anyone up playing baseball or are golfing or tennis whatever that goes cloaked and looks into the camera. Turns out they actually can't hear you. Yeah old guys. I mean I think for awhile there we didn't enjoy award was going to be back. This year. On when you look around though for the most part the team is not that old. I wish patty was still here I wish they world. When you look at the air that foreign how last year. Why wouldn't you welcome him back just because he's old and believe me if if the barracuda was just. Saturated. With talent. They would be up. We'll ever whoever is ready is gonna go on as her centimeters Grozny was HL goalie of the year and he's not having migrating here right now. If he was still the HL goalie of the year than may be. And you know Jones got that more Boller Bonner body injury. Against the the land she is going to be out for a little bit. And we drought trade grows again there. I mean it the sharks a thing about the backups over the years. The the Poulter grass tell us cry send me to kipper soft jumper. And they and they have these backups that the long inane and it have a pretty good careers and that's fine and I and I I still love Martin Jones I do is an all star. I he has a ring as a back out but he's an all star and he's made some of the most incredible. Butterfly say is that you've ever seen his humble but the down time he went to the long stretch on the road where he didn't win on the king holiday when they won out LA. I think that was good for Jones he get back on the horse like that and I was kind of bad timing and he got hurt. But the castle Aron down. By the way to get a chance to visit the castle Aaron and Allen inning when you shouldn't they are you. And there and Elvis Aaron Dell's been planned very very well and then you need. You need out on hand. I mean just think about how close we got to maybe Brian Hoyer starting AFC championship. We traded bureau below tour Leo no old. That. Could have been like that. As well sell yes that's the plan. Two. That is the plan to how Fay. A situation where the barracuda is feeding. Right in. And we actually have a little cut. From my cabin curves earlier in the show and we talked just about that goalie situation I think right now down the shark tank. I think there's no way there's interest that we cannot portrayed on you know you you just look at that semen held court he's been lately aren't junk you know we'll lower body injury right now so they need and the common and they need and the winning team he had been lately of course and he outplayed Jones broke when you know last year and a half. All right so there it is so that I actually was a quote when I asked him about whether they think Darren Dell's going to be traded. Are not a nice and I didn't think so and in person you don't know you absolutely. Eyes not gonna get traded at this point. Our rights. Once the interplay and I'm 57 that if I seventy pence got to sell stock contacts line 957995. Off from the 51 no. Ricky do you think nick full house what it takes. He has what it takes I wouldn't bet the farm on and he shall I mean he's not only been a Pro Bowl quarterback he was a Pro Bowl MVP. I Solomon person. For a seven touchdown passes. At the coliseum that wasn't that long ago for the Eagles and Riley Cooper Macon. DJ Hayden look like Q is. Peewee football player was humiliating. Actually I left the press box is always pays game I can stretch out of the raider game it's it's submarine duty. You're literally shoulder to shoulder. Whether another fact guy so I actually went down the stands for the fourth quarter. And there was. It was horrifying to watch but I was almost like you get.