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Tuesday, January 2nd

Rick Tittle talks about the College Football Playoff, and Lavar Ball's boys heading to Lithuania.


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Or are you looking at where you're one of the security guards that turns his back to the field. You hockey one of those guys. It is the top of the hour and station identification you're listening to 957 game KG MC FM and HT one San Francisco. That's FMI that was MM with some like this. We have another hour again to blame on 57957. Pence got to sell stock Comtex when I'm 5795. From 51 out. Danny gives crate inside as an announcer and on the radio I'd love the move may be car needs some tough love to be elite. That is said to be in the LBC. I hope you're right I said. I had a big problem way Joseph lake of hiring Mark Jackson and even coached a CYO team and he did the impossible he got the warriors to play defense which I hadn't done since Al Hamels was here. And then I was against hiring Steve Kerr a my way they got out of the blue and I know is dysfunctional. Every other coach who was recording practices. And the spine. Yes so or actually you know make sure that Bogut a coach can you talk in this carnation or a mile of home. Why can you just kick closer when you talk to this carnation. Andrew Bogut didn't like him. He set I was hurt I'm not heard might I reckon. Yeah I was just functional but I want Steve Kurt to come and he was also a guy he would never coach and Steve Kerr look at him for Steve Kerr is that. The godsend. Is fantastic in every way I just think it's too risky just like I said. When there are how when and when raider fans are having a parade that musgrave got fired I sit in this chair sand. It's risky. Her one caller actually call me up and got my back saying it was how risky yes I know we got fresher and musgrave we all did I got frustrated and musgrave. Tim any hitches and fades and given up on the running game to our league and and in a downing what was he gonna do you all other teams are gonna hire away. We don't Wallace Todd downing daily. Now he's gone now he's on his way out and as I said you know gruden coming in and he wants. All down there to be that defensive coordinator and John Morton. I'm the jets to be as offensive coordinator while he knows more about these guys and I didn't. But it's not like no way that's also on. Site who. That's fine. Has got to sell stock Comtex like 95795. Rick I've always wondered why do stations. Give the and Heidi at the top of the hour at SEC regulations. Federal Communications Commission yes. You also to do public service announcements but you can bury them at 3 AM if you want. Rick from the U 415 year. Rick what do you think about the hall of fame us yeah that's interesting the the will list started off that for the NFL. Honored inside then down to 27 now down to fifteen tonight the all pro football hall fame whittled down the class of 2018 the potential glass to fifteen greats. And the modern error list is headlined by. A couple of a first timers we should give them. And I'll give you my thumb now roll quick on these guys. And by the way the Tony agent class will be announced the day before Super Bowl BE Super Bowl 52. And remember the one dumb thing about Ken is they have a minimum of four. She's funny if you only have one good guy you take three scrubs. You get a as many as eight. Sell right now here's a list. And out and remember Amaral tough funnies guys who the hall to get in the hall of fame in my book you have to be majestic. Stallion beyond belief. Ray Lewis he's sent. Ray Lewis part of obstruction of doubt justice on a double murder that's very unsavory to say really is but he's and Brian Urlacher upon men. Edgerrin James now Randy Moss yes CEO should be an already. One of the greatest all times. All the numbers Isaac Bruce. I would have no problem with Isaac Bruce get Nan but now John Lynch have all now John Lynch. No way John Lynch rescue assault and a whatever John Lynch was a good player in the hall of Famer neither is Bryan law a Dawkins knee there is Tai long. Emerson walls. Will always be poster arrives. They ever so walls led the NCAA is interception and I Grambling and and and get drafted. As messed up. Wall snell poster eyes by Clark on the cash trying to sell yes Joseph Jacobi wise and an already. Steve Hutchinson and Nan Alan Faneca yes Kevin mall way. Net. Now then you think about the contributor finalist Bobby Beth third. Some the dumbest trades and history Robert brazile. And Jerry Kramer. Pride of the University of Idaho on agreement Packers. I Jerry Kramer do I see him awhile why isn't Jerry Kramer and already if you think about those gray Green Bay packer teams. I understand that soul. The consensus is. That you're going to be haven't EO Ray Lewis Alan Faneca and most people think John Lynch's room and aid counselor block. I John Lynch. Had an amazing for remembering what the staffer to be their quarterback. And he was the starting catcher. On the on the baseball team is a fantastic athlete and a guy who. Asked for a GM job out of the blue and and I'd get that. His chocolate so I think. Is going to be a good GM personally he's a hall of Famer and then of course from the the veterans committee Don Corey help. Now I just have too much personal paid for Don Korea on air Corey Allen Dan thousand Kellen Winslow and they can bird. I deciding on a social leader Harden trunk. I can't do it when that. From the 917 you're saying Brian Dawkins is not a hall of Famer are you kidding me yeah. Damn fine as I said I hold these guys to the super ridiculous high standard. Here and there and then there and a probably an Indian and they can take eight guys I'm gonna take a guys this year. Still irks me and Tom Flores is and then with two. To roll championships. Tony Dungy is and when one. I my friends tell me. As Mexican American and he said it's just racists against Latinos and I know what about Anthony Munoz goes all right well maybe not every case. But chocolate packed. I will be able say that pond get belongs. If you take on get on a statistical level doesn't belong and if you take them on a Super Bowl winning well yeah I mean as Eli Manning and get involved I am. This Casey rolled victories is Eli Manning going to get an all time. You look at all his numbers. Eli Manning has led the world and interceptions the last five years if Eli Manning gets in the hall of fame he'll get in because he played in New York. You can't putt any Eli Manning in the not an engine pocketed from winning two super balls. It's just that doesn't make any any sense to me Roger Craig mr. thousand dollars and is there. And he's not in yet either. But he's not on the list he did not make a fifteen from the 408 Rick what would be the first question you announced junger in a depressed parents you know another deal would be the same question I asked them sound the same question I asked you Jack black's he Jackson Massachusetts Obama calls on plays. I'm Rouse and in the second round how was glaring at me. It's funny that was the last of winning also a silent person. And I call Powell and call mr. Davis to his face. Bites you know it was his health was really deteriorating and though the muscles in his hands as fans are almost useless and it is sad to see him now why. By I've never seen a group of about forty grown men and women test. Absolutely like silent intimidated by guy. He called out when reporters and you don't know you're talking about and then we all want to leave. He called us all back as he was gonna break down why he wasn't gonna pay Tom Cable. Because tomorrow I'm not done yet and we all went back normally have pressed parents out move to questions people start leaving. I got what I need. Now. Al said everybody come back we all came back. No overhead projector because. Tom Cable brought his girlfriend on the road trip. If I had known about that Allen fired and immediately. And I knocked in a bomb are gonna pay him. And we won our whole thing. But I'd ask the same question last month she's coaches and that is what's different about eve. And everybody else he said brighter days are ahead and it's a false dawn. Red skies denied sailors tonight the life but prince as in the morning. In another arrest. Let's bit. That's a question I would ask. Why do what what he would do different this time. They said Shockey. Is no roadmap to success what I rather have John gruden and Jack Dario of course I would rather have Joseph hundred Jack Dario. Tiger in his own way better coach and my thing. Now I don't feel sorry for Dario because he's gonna be getting huge bank at this point. And Del Rio was a guy who. Point at his coordinators and blame them. Which I didn't like. Saying when Moscow I was there I wish you would have run the ball more. Now on and reporters went mustard and run the ball Morin dumb wheeled madam. Tell him you all the buck stops with you you're the head coach. You're the guy. I can tell you beyond the shadow of doubt if I'm the head coach. And I want my team to run more and you know and I do I know it's such a mystery. I tell those seeds to run the ball more I don't just sit there and watch it happen and then complain about it. And then you know the just food. The wasteful defense is for three years from the quote unquote defensive coach and isolation level tide coach we're gonna get an offensive on everything and often some. Doesn't really matter. If they just delegate to their. I mean it may it matters if you're going to be like. I'll Shanahan and offensive are on call all plays they're. That's one thing. That you hire a offense or defense of coach and he just delegates to is coordinators and just stands our go to hell I was a bad call. Like a what do you do then I throw the red flag who toes are there other red flag PI and sky tells me our I'd say you really don't make that decision neither did. How Kenny had the headset. Aaron Dario said that Kenny had the headset. Like well Kenny had the headset but isn't he running your defense. I tell me that Ken Norton junior designed his own defense that you don't know about. Our he was calling. From blitzes on every play and then the raiders were hung out to dry and the flat and the hug and the deep third of I know coaches don't play. I know coaches don't blocker and tackler forget to take it the pursuit angle or drop a pass. I understand that. But and I and I said Jack Dario outage they got to coaches hometown team for three years in one magical year and a card and break his leg who knows what the hell went out and it Cardin Reagan's play who knows what went out and I might have been a superb how old dot com. I'll never know now and now we have to make sure. That it is actually gruden coming back. Because of grinned as decides to change his mind. And lord help us sought to me that situation where Powell didn't wanna keep the Cabell who is in term. And he asked when's the hunt now he asked you ram now yes Pat Hill now. Yes Bobby Petrino now he has Steve sarge he's in no. It was the USC offensive coordinator all who's the assistant offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin will he say yes yeah I will say yes I only give him. And I want that to happen again. Come on back we got a nice meeting long segment on the other side Richard Lewis the united 57. An original well I'm not five point seven big game. And then yeah. Food can say when they say men and blue on the radio. Drew Rick always feel I 957 the game. And that we have a new clock. It's really nice and red and that makes a loud ticking sound now in the new lab. Walk on our station this segment is 36 minutes. Let's just do a deep dive. I thought I would take the next 36 minutes to. Talk about Bulgarian immigration intern mania 1865 to 1867. Let's start off with Sophia and my eyes are opened it on and then there's the great thing about this shows I'm sober now as I'll take any sporting copy would lie can this last segment. Which is thirties five and a half minutes now. Football basketball baseball much hurdle for the federation marching orders were troubled testers rugby cricket. AAA 957957. If you a question about the program I'm your guy. And the only guy and American radio Judy good soccer answer. Untie my tennis I'm here in it and it's 1019. If you listen and in new drew mute swan nineteenth. Listening in England. And at 6:19 in the morning and had. So that the latest poll I'm totally not 579578. Penske out of cells doc contacts on 957 on fire. From a 51 Al. Rick do you like hue Jackson do you think he should be retained. As head coach thank you for lack questions. Catch your first part I do like huge actually know somebody will say oh you know it's going to be great for the media scrutiny gets hired. I I don't care. You can the Dennis Fowler and lose in all I'm manic and you can either putt Teddy rocks spend whether rader how to on I don't care. But then but million Jackson especially in the in the Monday morning press conferences after game. And I think go to those because the timing worked out Dario I cinemanow weird time for me. But. Those huge action ones he come man and he wac and just all jocular or he loves food on the plane was bad pay you an organ had they had a good game no I like your sweater. And I just that's a huge accident. Sometimes I can get a straight answer out of him. It was supposed to cover that Thai man on my game winning touchdown a coach Jackson blew that play. Who blew the coverage about the safety into the strong safety peel off or was he supposed to fill out that he think he got held behind them. I coach Jackson messed up. Okay. Did you call that fake punt I call fake punt every time. Did you call a fake Phil go call fake field well every time. Big smile on aspects. I know you really do. You Jackson said I call a fake punt and a fake cake every time and that's up to the players whether they wanna do it or not. It was all fun and games when they had a winning record and helpful like they're gonna win the division. And they contrived to lose to the chargers and that they Nate Tim Tebow Broncos won the division and they beat the Steelers the defending Super Bowl champs and a first round and he Jackson and they gave me actually actually acts of course Reggie Reggie McKenzie did. I like hue Jackson here's the thing about going all on sixteen. It's almost impossible. To do and I and I think now rickets the browns now and a every. Season. When you are NFL team and I saw no conferred and what twelve years. Every season. There are at least two games where the other team. Tries as hard as they can Hannity where you can just says tests just hate it. Hate those victory. Now they either have a lot of injuries or they. Fumbled two ponds are they can't take a snap without putting them on the ground they throw bonehead interceptions are able drop passes. And they basically tell you just hate it we don't want it today. And even with teams count on that to the browns the browns said we won at the last. You don't want ON doll will show you the lack of winning desire. We invented it this is the factory of sadness here. And that's why this is an aside. Your report that and I'm all for it's true. That that Josh Rosen says for the browns don't draft me. It if I always gonna draft Josh Rosen and I'm not the browns I live Los interest them. I don't want that kid I don't care if you whereas an F Tom pat I don't care if he says being a student athlete is too hard when your football player and and I actually agree with them on that it is hard. Our whatever shenanigans he gets out to. Why did he tell the team don't draft me because I don't wanna go there. It's not like Eli like I don't wanna play in San Diego on the grass in the sun in front of pretty girls. I wanna go to girls' bundled up and park is on the artificial turf in the snow in new York and he got his way anyone to issue rules I guess she was right. John Elway I have to play by the beach. Chalet the beach in Denver. By cherry creek. So sometimes yes you'll. Danny change all player for the blue Jay news. I won't come. They can happen sometimes we know that. But if I'm quarterback. And the browns draft me I want I want that challenge I you know that that Jersey they have let all the name's. Kelly no come. Gradkowski. The list goes on and on Derek Anderson. I wanna be the last name on the list. And say I'm not Tim Couch I'm blanking blank non Josh Rosen and bring it on let me be that guy. So I have a big problem if he did say that. And honestly I'm so sour on just about every quarterback it's funny because they go oh my gosh last year saying next year's drought is gonna be chock full. Sam Arnold to me. Is not word for number one overall pick you really think you can coach of that guy and that guy is alive. With flaws. He needs more seasoning. He wanna take a baker made films are I and he's a leader he's a little guy but he's a leader. I understand that. You wanna take Mason Rudolph is he's a big big guy in wall solid Brock mansion. You wanna take Josh Rosen. If you just looked. At and highlight reel. I'm Josh Rosen you look at his ten best pleasure go all my gosh sign me up and if you watch him the whole game some of the stupid bone headed things that he does. And this isn't to say. That he's not going to be good in the NFL he might be the only quarterback that I love that right now as Lamar Jackson. And I did not think I was gonna feel that way to be any any air. By and maybe they comparison has vowed to. But he reminded me a lot of additional Watson do you think the Texans are regret making that trade British Tom Watson. I'm Lamar Jackson is fantastic. And you can call me whatever you want I would take him over any quarterback in this draft Lamar Jackson. That's the guy. We had a guy call about this golf any hung out. While he he he pumped up on himself. There was a column called saying you want to talk about frisbee golf stating only. And then he got the firewire. And about to go on the air and a talk about frisbee golf beauty moon. Burglary did you like to make your call please hang up and down again off off off. Back to the pens got us a by the way they number to call in. And don't call and then once and break him also rear room instant forty salute. No it's life. Must not and Tony sexton had as a rerun drivel a 957957. You'll pay for the call 888957957. Syrup has got to sell stock contacts and I'm 57 on fire. Rick speaking of Lamar ball I was quick. What do you think about putting his kids overseas. Now my gosh. I actually interview Lamar mauled. When his FaceBook showed came out. And my line of questioning mostly. Was about his time with the London monarchs. Because. Going to old Wembley Stadium and seeing the march I want to hear about him as a tight end. Take a different thing and try to keep him and he plan. You know it's funny a few months ago everybody was like in all of our ball might be horses I'll send via a self promoter. But it did that look he's in new sons and a lot of doubt should be that way and I thought yeah you know anything about it he has landed his sons and his son seem. You know well rounded and respectful and they seemed to love them so yeah I guess he's okay. Alison told this whole Lithuanian thing for those you seen this UA neon. Because you know here's this three package deal. Blondes no. Look mellow and Lee Angelo and they're all gonna go to UCLA and they're all gonna go one and done. Alonso does it I interviewed lawns O'Neal high school player and I like the fact when I said are you gonna me wanna Denny has yachts the plan because almost always. I talked my bride and grab some other than would the McDonald's all Americans energy human they're always like oh we'll see what happens. Alonso sat out one and done national park. I admired him for that played in a wild west around. Why did anybody in west was hopes up. And he's a high pick and he's planned for the latest everything worked out great congratulations to him I wish him luck in must are planned Warren. That's great and then we Angelo of those UCLA is a freshman they go to China. Still some sunglasses and a place where they probably want us under assault mine new hard labor for twenty years. And you have the president saying release some and they get thanked enough when he should have left you there. I can't believe I didn't get no low budget to lift you there. Great week. Soul you're suspended how long you know to by the way that you guys suspended indefinitely for one dollar off for the rest of seasonal start next year. Boulevard don't like it. So I said okay screw it I'm not wait around beyond porn I'm Paul moms and I'm oversees the way. Exactly. Oh like a manual mode IA program. It's like you don't have a great Siena College go to JC and then see if you get drafted or you can go to China for a couple mil penning a draft then let me think I got a couple Mel. So I thought lots of shame you know widely Angelo men know men and it's the thing about low Melo that kills me. Sixteen years old. Ollie wants to do is play affirmed what chino hills high go to list com. I go into a country worse the problem we have no problem we have backwards prom we have more. Or at McDonald's. On McDonald's go to fish monger. Rick O'Connell Lithuania is just bear with me. Trying to make a point here. Go to place for nominee people's being English and this is true apparently I'm while it's true who's actually been to these games. But the owner of the team and Lithuania after the game he sells meat and the parking lot. I think if you look back and check. Joseph lake of in the middle of the coliseum parking lot. Yeah we got tri tip tri tip get a mother rowdy gallery I tried tip it's a must read lots of money in the cast. Martin Davis. Or Davis probably could sell stuff. From PF Chang's well he's been there long enough. Why did you go there and go would you recommend a Mark Davis Decatur the whole thing for you in the he loves his PF checks. You're sending you take any kid at a high school. And you sending them to lift the U athenaeum the London or Paris or send a Lithuania. Former Soviet Baltic state I don't think Sharon and us Marshal on his serve sabonis sir Kirk deny this or any of those. Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead T sure guys are going to be hanging around. And need to head coach said all will play. And they'll be welcome with open arms what if you're the twelfth man. There. What do fear of the twelve man now you take my job I go back to coal mine now iPod Carter's son yeah. Back guy's gonna open you have open arms. And the fans the fans I think well. We got these guys from California. And they're young and then there there weren't big bowlers were those. They have another big dollars to go around I guess they would. Let that I mean that's that's theater of the absurd. That's said baby with the bath water and all the other. Examples you'd like to give them somebody's just. Overreacting. Oh you're not gonna let my kid playing well we might pull animal Lionel will let you now and ask her that I'm cinema mercies. And his brother. Can you imagine column amount amount. Emomali wanna push from pro ball. Obsolete that's my dream down I hope I can play on element in the Angelo and lawns on the lakers. Well you might someday but you wanna play pro ball before that. First movie. Bakersfield bucks now you're gonna actually go to Lithuania. As soon tight and I didn't sneeze that's a country. Well. Is that anywhere near and near New York City now by another 3500 miles away. I'll what's the biggest city though minera billionaires film the issue. What's the biggest city after that read get. 01 affection driving south Vivian Tallinn Estonia. Okay. That's a pretty good Joseph Maddon I hope you like the Rolls Royce Alonzo gave your progress. We can't. Exactly. Sol I'm making fun along but I feel I false. Although I would've said dad just let me and take my medicine. And I'll play for the browns next year. But I understand a Kwanzaa is like now he's got to plays on in the draft he's got plays got my eye and I understand you take a kid he's in high school he's sixteen years hole in your sound when his brother. To a place like Lithuania and I hope they have a good time there. I will say this about let's millennium. I went to a wedding of one of my childhood friends this was years ago they about Tony years ago I hadn't seen a guy since eighth grade. And you know he's kind of oh studious type let's say a little nerdy little short on classes come ball being nice guy. And he had done the most gorgeous. One and that was his wife I mean she knew machine by blew away supermodels. She does that gorgeous and I certainly this is my wife and we sent all while she's. Congratulations she's very beautiful lie and what happened and he's like. Went with the landing own house in the peace corps. And then my last week Paris and gone back to America once again Marion she said yes I came in one hour or shuffle market if they're beautiful women in Eastern Europe. No doubt about that but I don't think that's something the malice thinking about. You think about the creature comforts even when you are traveling in name quote unquote western world. In early in our heart is the a toilet seat in Italy and you gotta go to get a four star hotel. Even like in Germany or everything's clean up like a really clean version of America and I'm like gonna take a shower my relatives are like OK you give us half hour. Ali I'm sure some Miles Davis are now we have to go into the basement and stoke the fire was would do. Are you on animal water heater what's that. Yeah sell out and now they're probably gonna miss that I mean I guess old little Megan still go online and now and hopefully will have Wi-Fi where they are. Let's Gionta answered question. I think that's a that's a shame. To do that that kid. I'll flip that now what is he gonna do it out and do what's he gonna do the year after that he can't go on the draft. Z gonna try to go to UCL after that he can't he's a pronoun. Sell and it's not even like your plan for a real big team like ill message aero or rail Madrid. They're playing for a team that even people in Lithuania are like who. Who you play inform. AAA 9579570. Must come on man Ron in the four away what's up themselves thereon. They've had just got. Chimed in. Once again where the crucial. Time and his curator Nixon. Another juncture another cultural learn as trying to go to Las Vegas and the only thing that could stop of his area trump tax bill that all our. All the public on the off the table that blow leave. Slow it poorly you said earlier in the in the in the broadcast and and that's the only thing that keeps. The raiders Oakland Raiders should be gum and a lot liggett's whatever steps and although Matt got a seat till you get it do it you're you're like you're like the historian on the open. I've only been offensive to anyone. Country you've got the truck you know both taught by many years but it. Appreciate chip and the twisting we're better I really do they should be better right wouldn't you that. Well until we are all think Enron I appreciate the call the kind words it's very nice of you as Ron in San Jose triple A 9579857. Me and I come I'm not kind of spoil any Carson types of hopes say you have. But are going to Vegas. There is this does not send that's gonna stop that at this point and they're getting basically a free stadium. That brings in other point I want to get cute. As those watching narrator game against the chargers in Carson. And the galaxies and stadium and a less stadium. I was wondering what Dean Spanos was thinking. What was she happy. Being in. That barn a little barn for a couple years. Leaving is a perfectly good stadium in San Diego. They just had the Super Bowl there by ten years ago and you might not say it has all the creature comforts and maybe not the best parking lot and maybe not crystal chandeliers in the bathroom but for our. Eight games a year and you tell me Jack Murphy and site on stadium whatever you are caught you tell me you can play a football game are. And she'd just alienate your fan base and Sam why gonna stand if you build me a stadium here. If he's happy now. Dean Spanos. Is they guy who left his family for the stripper. And that's two years. She's more beautiful she's young. And then near new stripper has a cigarette pack. And you find out that you hate our guts. And she hates your guts. I remember coming in named Ron pierce I get ready when I got energy you ice cube when he and his movie that fist fight school really whoever was a Charlie day. I said when the chargers go to LA we'll anyone give a hot damn and he said no. Absolutely not. I just want or what what dean Reynolds was sitting there. You have all your fans your fans who loves you and you say all the are more raider fans that charger games and in San Diego that's because he had so alienated them. And other it always gonna be diehards I'm sure a few thousand drive out. It's not like driving across the planet. Is I'm sure a few thousand drive up to check it out. But you really look in the mirror and you think they really think you made the right call. You're playing at a soccer stadium in front of people who don't care about you. And in the long run you'll make more money and you're already a millionaire. I admire and these houses dad World War II that Stockton California. Started making his own sandwich is packaging and solemn sandwich is boarded the war. She American dream. L military that comes home from the Warren and becomes a self made millionaire and then his son. Not not getting enough money here among many stadium I'll move. And I just wonder. LaMarcus got thing. Because. It's one thing to say all the raiders' fans there worldwide the fan base is built and I think that's true when it comes to greater interest Arnold about die hard fans. I don't know about them. How die hard fans. Because. It's gonna be a what have you done for me lately kind of thing and I do think for the first couple years the raiders are gonna be like rock stars in Vegas I think they're going to be a huge hit. I really did. I don't think people I think I think the curiosity the you know and you had the gateway drug load. Las Vegas nights and now. Now worried about my A is moving there. Since the profit college. Even though there are gonna get millions and I'm by the way I'm now ashamed I want to Laney college for three units. I sleep product on the landing now I'm ashamed I want to land and wish I never happened so stupid. I would have made Laney a million times more better. All that money all the new parking all the facilities that would have got. And all I could think that was. Them that's our look around. Now I'm worried about what the basis of their. Just to finish the thought they just moved their front offices is Jack London square and hash tag rooted in Oakland but what are they thinking about now. Bay is. Vegas so what does MLB NSA and then the hockey in National Hockey League and NFL's donor. You know I think about Montreal. Base in for a team. In thinking about. Portland Oregon who knows. They're like just take over the coliseum. Build a new one in the south lot whatever. Play couple years and AT&T park for a new stadium mild of the deal that play anywhere for a couple seasons. Memo on their golden mound Davis. They played a Cashman and Vegas. Ernie young and assistant trouble playing. A clear direction that. I just I just wonder. What more what dean spouse was thinking and you know I see sitting there and it's just it was surreal. To watch the chargers played the raiders in that stadium it was really surreal when you take into account the raiders their first came back over twenty years in Los Angeles. And then there are moving. Like what am I looking at you know everything not to be a downer everything in life is temporary and yeah that's true but we like to think it's not but when you know it's temporary like the raiders staying here. Just try not to think about it. Foods like our mortality you you try not to think about it in us you get depressed. I think that's what I tried to do this whole year knowing the raiders are leaving this has put it on my mind. And one take I went to camp and now went to the games of the coliseum. There is dirt car there's Jack curry others Khalil Mac everything seems a sand. But it was that last game where at all can kind of crushing back to me that now and I know this is all for it in temporary. And you know I will cover from electing go Lawler hair. As grave and who who knows a says that that we might not be the flag should they wanna go to Vegas believe me. The raider games will be on the radio in the Bay Area. Just like they were when they are in LA. There's still going to be covered. By just wonder if if you're happy now. The other thing is for for mark he's gonna be they king in Vegas he's gonna have his own stadium. Begin revenue off the in the act gun shows on the woodland camera shows and hemp. Fair you can we're you can smooth commute. The boat shows all that. But for game span us he's going to be a tenant. In stand croc he's stating. And I just wonder if he has any regrets whatsoever he could've been the hero. I've San Diego. When he got a man all those threats and remember. When they said okay dean and you can you can you can mood LA till he's like well let me think about it are you of one year. And then if you don't want then mark get set for crate make a raider fans wait even more. And by the way those town hall meetings. Those were such a farcical waste of time. Just a charade I went to the one of the Paramount theater remember Saint Louis. And San Diego and Oakland they all put in there are a little. Sort of report. Saint Louis had a fifty page report. And San Diego I'd like a huge report and Oakland had a three page like excel spreadsheet. And it's double move some land around for able held whatever you want. And then they came to the Paramount theater and that guy Grubman but a great name. By the way they're doing what do you say digital media was not allowed to speak. So I wanna go to earned are yes I'm from all my name's Dick Hertz. Will they get and now. But it was funny when Mark Davis blocked out he got a standing ovation I found therein lies the dire economy. Other raider fan. We want so much to love the Davis famine if it wasn't for salary earners would still be a joke came like they were under any hurdle at sun. Marty Feldman. All was the guy the three trophies are now the mystique everything the sold on the black that's all I'll. We want to love the Davis family and I thought this is bizarre here is this guy Mark Davis trying his hardest. To move the team any guy standing ovation. It was weird let's go to Chris and oak land near I 957 again. They were always great to have gotten the radio man just chilly it is really great breath of fresh air men and dad you know that you I was I was with a little care about the here. I would understand that for Mark Davis who came out and had just it's unbelievably would think that way. It's you know it's it's you know talk about these guys coming up okay great becomes great lead into the eighth but we sent a forehand he'd have at least here in 22 when he poor. And you know it is frustrating that they need colleges and they begin. You know make it work there but you know the manager did not going anywhere at least 124 so. I hear you unabated and your Portland Charlie you know San Antonio on being near Oklahoma City name here you know great targets they didn't have been talking Montreal. Was that badly simulate Montreal but. Even going anywhere I don't think there's the foreseeable future and hope that we can political leadership in the city can get you know what together and and make some work. Architecture that Christian and I've always supplies are open triple A 9579578889579578. That's got to sell stock contacts on 95795. I never blamed politicians that's too easy of an out it takes an actual owner to pull the trigger on leaving it's nice when politicians actually understand. And as much as people did lie Jean Quan and Libby shout police they understand that sports are important. If you wanna compare armed Ron Dellums to. Religious stating term Bosporus she's just trying to get to Washington Elliott ariston novel football blog post Jerry Brown this one has bong. And Karen I'll spores. It's just it's the owners who decide. I'm moving unless you do this for me it's it's the kind of leverage I don't like so. I'm not gonna point and I mayor and say you let them go. It's just that's too shortsighted. Unless the guy litter if you're stadium is falling down it's falling into a swamp it's infested with asbestos and rats. And yes they have to move. The when you're selling out of the stadium. That's perfectly good and urgent urgently and fill all your poor baby. I'm just not endeared. Totally not 57957 events got to sell stock contacts when I'm 5795 from the 415 Rick. You see F goes thirteen you know and they don't get that title. Why not. Well you know why not. They're not power five. And the N in this is the thing and it's it's you know used to eat that you got Scott frost the former Stanford. Quarterback turned Nebraska safety who's now gone back to Nebraska new head coach in an amazing job what the golden knights of Central Florida. But going thirteen and now is the worst recruiting. Thing Mack had ever happened to them. They might say why. That's the worst thing that can happen UCL for recruiting. Because. If you're recruit. What's the best thing that can happen it just happened. You just beat Auburn. In the peach bowl. Which I predicted because Auburn was like oh my god through our own page ball and for you see I feel like we're gonna showroom on that we should have been the playoffs they had everything to play for. You just beat Auburn in the people went undefeated. That's as good as he gets at the University of Central Florida. So we're not going of the playoffs now you're not. So there were four teams are undefeated now every team and the plows out at least a loss. That's as good as it gets. Are you pull out because don't come here if you're not. And that's a shame but that's the way it works. And that's why in the playoffs that's gray whatever I. I came up with a promotion relegation system years ago and I just thought out and in just a that. You take 22 college teams. How do you get the Tony to what you start off 50% one of the memo last ten years had a percent what they've done in their history. Like Michigan Notre Dame you know anything about what they've done their history. The hot teams now what have they done you get twenty teams you put a man you have a draw and be like the World Cup driver but it will be around lose. You reach and this big bowl of ping pong balls and Eddie George pulls one out. And it says USC. There are in the whatever. Unite this division. And then in the Manning division is instinct you get eleven teams. In each division. They play each other one times that's ten games and in the we winner of each division play each other for national title. No computers. No voting. No playoffs. And no arguments. Have her. Now how do you get into that conference well the bottom two and he's conference they get relegated. And the winners. Of the conference below those two winners they get promoted all you wanna play the big boys down arrow in Hawaii and they were undefeated we should be you think so. While they are going in the right out Boise State why are we there are I will yearned to weigh in now what he India bunea relegated. And then for every other team to verses 23 vs three you can have your traditional ball the only thing that you're gonna mess. Our traditional rivalries or might not be a little brown jug earn Macs are territorial learn apple cup. Or an Iron Bowl but what you will get. As you'll get the human element out event and no one will ever vote and that's why Alabama. In November. Is playing Murr shirt college. That's the kind of thing that makes me sick and I talked to super sixteen pollsters the holier and I remember when Alabama was about Elizabeth is an is that oh my gosh they pulled it out. And I said of the order I don't what is obamacare they know there's still going to be in the title game all rolled their walled this little boy armor and blah blah blah. Ought to Alabama in the title game is got to be the biggest news or I've ever seen. And I'm not a Georgia fan but I will be rooting for Georgia just because I can't take the Crimson Tide anymore. Now best of success too hard for anybody who earns it. And they've earned their way and I didn't say they cheated. Because every team has a patsy a soft DR Colorado school of the minds. On their schedule cal once played presbyterian or that. And then they were in the action they're gonna play catholicism. And they're gonna play Islam and Judaism those are also on their schedule. What did what did you or golf or like seven touchdown passes tonight and as a sin can have those types against. By I just gave you the Crimson Tide are in there every year. And if you got the promotion relegation system and may you would never have anybody screaming we should be and like you see out. We should be and well like I said that's the best you can go and I know they printed up shirts that said champions. And that's great you can do it in your own mind. Number one USC said we're gone for three PUR. Yeah BA piece that we were champs know you lost in overtime taking Powell. LSU held up the BCS golden ball I remember less miles holding up Doug golden ball. Well crystal ball I should say. And if you are in the BCS like at the time the pac ten was how can USC claimed to be champions because of the university as well children. You can pretend Tommy covered all their undefeated now the first round backfill Jason Campbell Cadillac Williams Ronnie Brown. They would undefeated data into play in the town again. If you gain and it and you can't when it armored till then we'll see you tomorrow night at 57 again.