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Tuesday, January 2nd

Rick Tittle details the firing of Jack Del Rio, and talks about the prospect of Jon Gruden returning to Oakland with Bill Williamson.


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Five point. Now. Seven day. Welcome to the show I am original I'll take you solo for the next three hours. Plenty of time for you now have hearsay especially football fans out there are. Over the firing of Jack Dario. And each Iraqi rumors we will get to that in fact we're gonna bring in bill Williamson. Who's with that snake pit dot com formally with ESPN covers the raiders. We will take a look at what's going on with the the niners would Sherrod Brown a writer with niners wire. They'll be at 9 o'clock. This show's about you all's in your calls Guinea Q we'll talk to you triple A 9579578889579570. Penske auto sales doc contacts find is always available at 95795. Wanna say happy new year everyone out there. At say a pleasure to sit in this chair. As I was say in this chair in this stations started back in 2011 so it's nice facility here in the seven the year of the station. Also beginning in my thirtieth here in broadcasting today ouch. The only differences. Yeah we don't have tape anymore it's all dissolve weren't reading glasses I think that's really the only difference. And all that time but I wanna hear you you all's in your calls. AAA 957957. Have plenty to say about Jack Dario. I have plenty to say about John gruden. I don't know too many people. On the radio who are lifelong diehard raider fans like myself but I'm no apologist in fact you'll think I'm extra hard on the raiders and the reason is as I hold them to a championship standard. I hold every Bay Area team to championship standard I used to not hold the giants there while they won three World Series and sixers I hold on their my shark he's at least got to the Stanley Cup finally can unite against Pittsburgh but every Bay Area team. I'm not one of these guys who's thanks for the ride Billy being. I want championships. That's what I want to I'm I'm realistic and I can't win every year. By the whole situation and by the way I think I'm the last who lifelong raider fan that's on. The radio as well because they're moving to Vegas sun on the were an avenue in new ones. Let Jack Del Rio let let's start when him. And deter me. Even if he would beat the chargers GDR was BMW he was Dead Man Walking. At six and say I feel like hang in our lives and we pulled off four game losing streak. Rumors about gruden. And then he was out and don't feel bad for GDR he's laughing all the way to the bank market Davis owes him a lot of money. I don't think it's so much the abject disappointment and it's called unforced season flush down the toilet which is palpable. And massive. Are kind of liken it a little bit to the situation the Chicago Cubs are in three years ago where they had Ricky renteria as there's skipper. And Epstein and Hoyer went to Rick and they said yeah they're pretty good job as our manager we'd like to give you an extension he's like I'd love to stay. Yeah a couple of weeks later. A mini frat guy happens in Tampa and Joseph Maddon finds himself on the street. And you would you like imagine the cubs I'd love it so they go back to renteria and say well look we love you. But we got somebody better. He gave the cubs are regretting mountain. And I think that's kind of the situation here it's here because I do think Mark Davis does have a lot of love for Dario. And when he came in and Jack Dario I was at that press conference at raider headquarters and Alameda. Seems like they have one every couple years. And what Jack did was and the raiders. Usually I'm the Mike first thanks for that and I just said Jack listen so many men have sat up here over the years and promised. You know new changes send them back to the old cliche is of commitment axle and send. Football's dynamic organization and team of the decades and never works out why should we believe view and I think this is just another false dawn. And GDR Linear and the the many of losing as well Rick mutation. God god god god luck that's the thing is he may he called you by any like well Fallon well and marine whoever was well casing. Look around the room address everybody by the first name. You know and with that you know the Bob's big boy Superman solution. Territorial can be very charming. For a guy who played linebacker that many years. And I cannot believe that. And well after the a press conference before locking up introduce themselves other she's standing next to mark Davis and I don't go out of my way. To talk to Mark Davis. Is to brag to put toward it but you stand Iran action. And I said Kmart he's like oh hi guys I think you'd you'd pick the right guy and he does I think I did too. And the team that battle won eleven games. In the three years prior. And that first game under Del Rio. And that game yes I am and believe me if anyone and and knows the privilege of getting in for free in the press boxes mean. Someone who girl going to that stadium but a wanna be in the crowd I got tickets. Sit in the third act because in the press Washington where raider Jersey otherwise you're that guy your fan boy I wanted to be fan boy who wins everybody else and some sudden in the third act. And hue Jackson of all people designed to game plan especially with the tight ends and the raiders got ripped to shreds. And the radar operator of the fan that threats. Such does not a lot of that on long and it is because we were so sour. Jack Del Rio nothing has changed since the same mold lousy rader is we've had since 2002. Lousy. And I thought she's a lot of let down. But I handed to Del Rio he had an even keel. He had an even kill a car which highlights do it first. And I asked Jack one time when cartoon one of the most bonehead and interceptions and I give every quarterback one per game when Peyton Manning was unanimous on the phone VP he threw sixteen interceptions when he's checked the math. That's one per game. Saw a lot of times it bounces off for receivers hands I think that receiver should get really tagged with the INT but it doesn't work that way. And I said I notice you didn't buy cars had off when he said what good would that day. Biden has had off he knows he made a mistake. It's like how veggies Del Rio this time in Jacksonville and he was head coach she brought in this company started tighten it. In the locker room. And then is compound turn himself on the need. They may mission abroad that inside you can't handle an ax obviously. But this time in Denver all look at that look what a fantastic defensive coordinator and I Doug O'Dell really really matured. He's really matured since the last time the head coach. And I like that. No I did love the local angle. And when I interviewed Jack on these airwaves I said get the pinch yourself sometimes your head coach of the raiders and he told me no doubt. By anon on I don't care word guys frog hair she's from Timbuktu I don't care if he drove a bronco fan I'd she just wanted tamed a freight can win. I was the guy who said. I at the time on the a.'s flagship before it was clear after Braden perfect game I said please trade him now on everybody let's say nominee and I they know why. He's Rostock today and from my jazz career ERA is four and a half and he's he's always hurt trade him now while he has some value. I wanna win. Now I like Jack Daria I don't think Jack Dario is a genius I don't think he would tell you that he's Bill Walsh patty some kind of genius. But the whole thing about one fans go on spring and a offensive coach let's bring in a defensive coach. He brought in a defensive coach and Dario and his defense is work consistently. Putrid. Even what the best defensive player on the planet plan for that defense. But I'll play the cute things that bugged me about Dario. And I didn't call for his head I've never used radio airwaves to call for somebody's firing I might say someone's in over their head in my essays on the hot seat. But I don't think it's on the it's cool to call for sorry if are you talking about kids switching schools and all sorts of things going that. By the two things I really don't like about Dario. Is that he would blame as coordinators. Our rafter won a horrible game last year I said where you who called the defensive plays and he said Kenny had the headset. Why are you gonna blame Norton isn't Norton running your defense one you the star defensive coordinator. And the other one with which must grow. And they ran must dramatic talent even though they had top six offense and we see what a mistake that was now with downing who had just that petrified deer in the headlights. You you watch him called play his hands are literally shaking. He's so in over his head. And that's why is the most conservative play caller since when Jon Gruden was here and I'll get to that if you think Shockey is a roadmap to the super ball. But when he said the Dario. I wish we would have run the ball more armed. While that I had had it because you're the head coach you wanna run the ball moron. Goal pretty offensive coordinator are get on the horn if he's in the box and say hey run the ball more. You don't say after the game geez I wish ERU really that hands off. Old and buy a ticket and sit in the stands when the rest of us. I wish we had run more that killed me. The other thing is. Is that there was zero discipline this year the other three guys thrown out of games. And then that's Marchand cup it's not. You've got to control him we love Marsha on when he's breaking tackles we don't like it when he's getting himself thrown out of games. Editorials like JK did you look the tell me the book the worst was the Crabtree situation. And I love crab lovers ability. But he had a vendetta a personal vendetta that he put ahead of the team now was he was gonna get Talib he was gonna give him he knew he was gonna get thrown out. And Dario is like yeah you can't get and begin thrown out and they get suspended until they reduce don't want and Dario actually had the temerity the audacity doll say I didn't see anything out there that merited a suspension. What a guy throwing hay makers and catching air. I said at the time that they should give an internal one game suspension of Michael Trout for Michael Crabtree and then a week later what Andy Reid gave one markets Peters. I don't care what what Goodell says I'm giving you. A one game suspension. Zero discipline. And I said at the time to Crabtree deserved to refund. Everyone who bought a ticket he should take one of his fat game checks. And at least split that. What 50000 ways. Because you're gonna give yourself thrown out it's all about you both a thing. You know Dario in my way and do it caddie and brought out. I blame you coach and if somebody's got out of control. And you have to suspend him you don't say yeah I don't know why they would monoline I don't know what's going on right there. I'll take it all the elements about that I got to get the check you as well Tripoli and I'm 579578. Pence got a cells dot com techs are not 5795. Armored fiddle this is not a 57 again KG MC FM in HD one San Francisco. Well I watched him. What am I wanna I'm. Over there and ask him how. Rick it'll show on 95 point seven game. Jimmie welcome back 957 now that I can hammer fiddle and you nice to have you with us wherever your attendance whichever way. Way you can they're all sorts of ways to catch us our airwaves. And Zach coming up bill Williamson will join us from raiders snake pit dive down. When I was broadcasting at the army navy game in Philly a couple weeks ago actually at the superintendent of West Point in General. Counsel and AF three star general. And I said day you're the same job Robert. He's like well I I can on this guy's gonna rip my eyeballs out. There's an agreement was. But if you misbehaved as you did it by a snake. Greater snake bit of something. Getting back to the news the big news Dario is out Dario as a rich man and I like Del Rio personally but. I got said I don't I don't think you raiders lost some kind of genius soothsayer but if you look at what's out there there's not a lot out there. It's just not a lot. And so now we have the rumours and apparently it's. You know you looking at article on nfl.com today and and now. Currently being quoted from the Bay Area news group I think this is Jerry McDonald and Burton said quote my understanding is they're interviewing candidates this week in the gonna let everybody know. Sometime early next week or whenever they make their decision. And quote and then he was asked if he was a Kennedy agree and say well I think I'm being considered yes I hope I'm a candidate unquote. All these cause again did you and as a broadcaster. And the raiders need to do the Rooney rule as well. Which is to interview Dewey and same minority in Myanmar a person of color. That not a white guy. And I think it's interesting the Rooney rule which was put in buying the Rooney is a Pittsburgh. Andy member away and to our laughed and it was basically are they gonna get the job to Whisenhunt or Grimm who were both on the staff. And they are trying to decide and just for the Rooney rule they brought an act I from the vikings the coach. Position coach Mike Tomlin and they were overwhelmed. And I we we really high this guy Tomlin. And common to me. As a fantastic NFL head coach the results speak for themselves so. Nothing is set in Staten. Right now. But I I kind of wonder. If Jon Gruden at this point. It's like a caricature of himself you know everything he he puts his arms. You know like he's so if you throw mud bean bag chair. Like he grabbed it like this is is that is instead every finger extended why didn't. He's mad and ask at this point there are making a brand new video game at EA they would call gruden football. Absolutely would. And it's funny because I remember the coach. When he was in Oakland and going to practice and Alameda. And armour won the first time I saw parts are unbelievable little guy he and his like your much or colony is this little guy. And I thought this guy play quarterback in Dayton must be pretty tough per guy that teeny. But he would never make eye contact. And I harass him about Louis Riddick who is a linebacker for the raiders that they had just picked up finally announced he was they kick the tires on him for GM and Santa Clara this offseason that. Marry you look straight down we lacked lose we lag really we think he can fitted you good player we lack hand he dude. I can't defer any frank Cali candidate do good during. But I always thought that John gruden even though he would get a behind tackling dummy and throw himself around on the field. I always thought it was a little bit shot. Is not that way anymore. And I just wonder if if it's live the same guy coming in who is in his thirties the young kid though see from Philly. She now on this matter and asked to figure who's in his fifties now. Is that the guy we're gonna get. And when they brought him and doctor Jobe Hugo. Hence. Kill you all that press conference I knew it was all over at that press conference. Because it started off and Al Davis was like here's Joseph give all fantastic goal line coach with them. Redskins respected them a long time bomb bomb bomb. And then you'll be able said five times. I love affair with Al Davis he has a love affair with mean we've had a love affair so many years in this love affair in my dude too many times on the love affair. I'm off toward the romance was in his lexicon. But I you're looking at at all in a Jody we'll send love affair love affair love affair looking Allen and just you know you. You can always had that mum mum mum mum a poker face you never noticed thank you ever. At least I didn't. Maybe grade that. I never knew dollars and thinking and I thought this is already over and yeah they want foreign twelve. Horrifying. And I went to every game. I'm sure you didn't do. And that first. Brooding teen and I game Edwards Jeff shore urgent. Didn't knocked around by Kansas seeing you think she's what's changed. Raiders still stink. But to go late Nate and I remember that. Exciting play. Wade Wilson. And James Jack on the post. And BP hapless chargers. Seven to six. Or US flag and that is one of the last two times in twenty years more I've jumped up and down like a pogo stick I was sitting and wouldn't you too Tony eight. And I was with that tumor and and you couldn't get Iowa we have like we have Forte gets you like mothering and he'll let you know I'd album on the Bard bridge for ten bucks. No way below phase nobody wanted to go. I determined jumping up and down I composed take our cellular Tom I did that was when a ball that Hamilton dropped in center field. When the they've got a wildcard and they got the division. I jumped on the now like a posted at the coliseum out there as well. But they donate. Now the thing was. After that game I don't know everybody remembers this. I junger and got a deal why on the way home in Pleasanton and I remember the cops pull them over on six Sadie. Right at the center arena exit and I thought well that's convenient if they'd taken to senator Reid. And I think it's funny because the next year they go they made again. Let you got the pleasure I remember when you're a spoiler. That means your season is already spoiled. But you could take some show on Friday down and the fact that they knocked the chiefs out. Remembered on dirt finance chiefs in 99 they kept an extra roster spot out for eight barefoot kicker name and John Baker. And the guy kick it out of bounds not once but twice. And the raiders were able to win that game when the last second Joseph Nedney field goal knock the chiefs out of the playoffs. On the Cunningham got fired but stayed at defensive coordinator. He was fine coming back with a tail between his legs get a job and I remember when I like all the raiders looking at genachowski in my we got Nedney he's fine you don't need to drafting kicker. And another sparkling example of me being wrong my elder brother said they're gonna draft of the Florida State kicker in the first round. I got you us and understand how the draft works you don't draft kickers in the first trial well they did. And he's the all time leading scorer if you're gonna get drafted in the first round as a kicker you better be the raiders all time leading scorer and a carrying a draft in the first round as a punter like ray guy you better be the only contract offer for myself. Those worked out but the next year 2000. Here comes the former vikings and chiefs backup a Rich Gannon. And this is where one. Are now remember Jeff George led the AFC in passing but he didn't go to the Pope Paul because he was so hated by every other player and the players were voting and they didn't want him to go to Hawaiian hang out on them. So we knew gruden could schemes someplace because Jeff George was thrown to Rickey Dudley. And Kenny shedd. So we knew that what of gruden got some good players. Well again thing worked out has great move by Al. And I told them for a season. Getting the AFC title game in Oakland. City in the in the north and sound and I was. Furious when Jon Gruden and I again include chest chickened out. Prudent chickened out my game called the most conservative plays. He would not let it rip. And Jan and by that time he got hurt him like eighty yards passing and an iPod and hall being. But I just remember right in front of my face that north and sound there like on the six yard line and Dilfer hits shark on a look in and the time and goes all the way like 9496. Yards run and pass Anthony Doris said and mark has pulled. And they bring out a stage they went sixteen to three. And the ravens are celebrating. And we all knew whoever won that game was gonna win the Super Bowl because it was Jason C harness New York Giants who didn't scare anybody with Kerry Collins. Let's hope we can do the ANC was gonna win. The favorable. The next year and the final year for gruden. At eight and two. That's on the Notre Dame rumors began and I thought the Notre Dame rumors were garbage like who would wanna go to college when they were in the pros and Jim Harbaugh. When you're a success if you're like Mike Riley are Al groh I get it I can't work here I gotta go back to college. Also see great pop earlier on his show bond today. And great said those rumors were real. They were absolutely real. And had the AD at Notre Dame according to gray. Not insisted that gruden leave the team they couldn't do that he would have had Jon Gruden who by the way went to high school on South Bend. So those rumors were as we know it was the talk role. And I was in olde England during that playoff game in New England the raiders threw away any kind of home feel they're gonna have. And I remember trying to stay awake and remember at halftime there was a touchdown pass to James Chad and it was a night game annoying and it was about 3:45 in the morning and I passed out and I woke up in a panic. And I went on the Internet doesn't London. And it said raiders lose on the most bizarre play in history and and we already has her fans felt that we had been screwed a million times. And I read it. And I didn't understand. We didn't have instead highlights on our phones at that point. And I read it and I read it and I go so he brought the ball back and then he tucked it back end but it was considered a pass an incomplete pass. And I thought I just doesn't make any sense I I don't know what they're talking about no one has been probably no one can properly describe this. And when I got home my son I'd like I said you have to be kidding me that that was called an incomplete pass. That and listen what I want and I'm gonna might start punching computer monitors and here I don't want talk about too much but that was it. And then I'll put that valuation on I'm. Thinking noted matched the Buccaneers did. Glazer family matched and I was there isn't Tampa Bay the next year Callahan takes over. I was out some rubles 37 it was the worst sporting experience in my life. Together I am. 19 Charles Woodson got an interception on Brad Johnson the start again my thought we around our way like we always are like the you know the chance and blocked pond that Jack squire I can't I was that's normal fifteen. When that raiders beat the Eagles I thought we are on our way. And we know it didn't work out like that. And so now. The after that Super Bowl championship which really had to eat at all and about a million different ways. In Tampa Bay drew his last six years there he went 45 and 51. And you had and 012 record in the play offs. Now our hearing rumors. Now or hearing rumors. That's he wants all gone third DC and John Morton to be as OC boom pinch me. People with those guys. Man. Where's Jason Tarver and by the way Reggie. Must be bulletproof I got a lot more to say about Reggie. We have bill you said two minutes. I'll tell you get me until I thought that was two minutes we have no lawyer so whether she's a longtime friend of the station. NFL writer has been covering the raiders along timeline of stock common of course a new website raiders snake pit. Dot com let's just start without that some familiar doing what the stabler family. Yeah how are you happy new years thanks for having me. Yeah I saw how well what happened liberators they pay you do on what the actual stabler. Yeah Obama didn't pick all the risk that it got commons going to be myself and you Corcoran though longtime. Raiders beat writer just wrote a book and Al Davis and we can live. The echo echoes stable foundation and that's when it came better candor oldest daughter and a portion it's going to be a description side that's hooligans are going to. And a portion of every subscription then goes to straight to the foundation. And it's that are real honored to team with them kind of unique deal and you know the raiders are eighth. Oh real legacy. Fan base and and client side without be a perfect idea. We're gonna get we're gonna cover ten to eighteen. Also gonna give you a little bit. Of the past what would be nowhere snake and club and who is gonna benefit his foundation so we were really excited about. So you might talk a little Marty Feldman and Eddie hurdle out of town and. But it looks like supplant it could be any more as the the heyday in the seventh. But yet it's is but it certainly is also going to be. I can engage raiders will work just you know what some are remembrances and on marine who I think is dead the greatest name in franchise history. Well he's my favorite athlete of all time in any sport while his Trudeau where twellman finished or luckily enough to play twelve on I played college football's well all right let's gets you what's going on right now I was surprised by the Dario. Firing I didn't cry about it but I figured it would only go down if he thought gruden. Was there waiting and and he just gave Jack an extension that's a lot of money. TE did you see this coming. Tom Knoll yeah I don't think anybody really did it mean this thing. I guess the only kind of really cut my mind when Thursday or Friday when you know there's a lot of every target group was in talks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And he always keep in the back when that went away and then you know Saturday night my know if TM partners. As snookered could worsen throw out that bomb. And that wow and you know I mean we all know that he's groomed talks have been going on for years as far as speculation. And and mark went after him before he tired Del Rio and you know in January of 2015. It would never real glad when that story came out. It seemed real. It seemed like Jack was toast from that point nine. I think yeah. You know it is gruden didn't have disparate group needs what it says mark thanks but no. You know maybe down the line I don't think Jack Del Rio would have been fired a certain look that you have been fired two minutes after the season ended Kyle bush by the way that that was horrible. You know I've. I think Mark Davis is up maybe a little bit underrated as it. I know owner I think he does good things that people don't notice they'll give him credit score. Those are really. A lousy thing to do to fired Jack right after the game ended and make Jack great music and make check in now you don't fire ain't. Then they check in is lame ducks that fly home from LA with the team remain. Just didn't wasn't a good look any you know mark got his guy and in Grunin didn't really care about anything else at the moment then you know will seek when they do announced go to. Jon Gruden. Mark gators will certainly be there so I thought he should have been there when he fired Jack Del Rio. You know its interest thing is you'll try to dissect the season and hearing all there was no leader while that's an excuse and hearing all there was arrests are. Thinks so and it's an indictment on carnac there's no limit those guys post Italy's. Let this thing is is that he's still got to win this is the pros even if somebody is not a leader and then like the anthem thing it's like well there were an upset. Everyone's always look confer an excuse to mean the number one thing. And I talked about on these airwaves when everybody threw a party that they've fired musgrave what the sixth ranked offense to double it and a guy who had never done it before. And everyone establishes this offense is on rails and Derek loves them. But what word is down and downing stand at this point because obviously he's out in greens in. He had me yet he's gonna even be looking for a job of most that most of the staff to meet every amid. I would be surprised if two or three guys are retained. You know met that kinda happens around the league I don't want speculate and which ones but. Most of this stat is going to be looking for new jobs and they are ER. Speaking away as the bell Williamson. NFL writer Landon start comment now raiders snake pit. Dot com is is an alien in this more during the show but is is Reggie McKenzie truly bulletproof at this point. You know I don't know there's there's been no mood speculation about their it's been very quiet calm. I would send in and and then he's just my speculation not me recording this but I would think partly McCain needs. He he can't have the power that hey if you're gonna get Jon Gruden he's really ownership. I think he's got to have control over the roster you know what I mean so I would think I'm just suggest me connecting the dot that would fake. That read McCain he would lose some power undecided don't see any other way it would happen it and they may they may go on orbiting the same but. Jon Gruden is not going to come back. After ten years. Unless everything. Is perfect for him. I just don't know where GM who whether. That is would have more power than the head coach in this situation. You know I think about equity in a team and Lou wolves gave that to the GM at the time the president the gazes since been fired. Why do you think about giving Jon Gruden equity. In the team. And what about. The fact that maybe other owners who would have to approve this. With thank you sudden about precedent because now nobody gonna be like wars my slice of the team. Yeah and there's been a lot of talk about that and then they may have to do some bickered banker that may be dumber factor and and it Eminem is not have been confirmed. But. Certainly again. Semi quote jungle and call me a couple years ago you know the term will be in the marine. That is Jon Gruden life he's getting paid ridiculous amount of money and not really work that much. You know it's certainly a ace or working scene in Graham get a tremendous play so quote him to get. We want to come back. Everything has Salina forum. You know it's funny because we think this is a Dundee Ole time and we thought that when Larry Scott went to make the pac twelve is get in Texas and Oklahoma he came home with Vuitton Colorado. So what if John gruden goes you know what I was saying no I am so honored to at all and I do have a good life I don't wanna be your coach work and part of the raiders go from Lara. And then get that's possible. I think I think Jerry McDonald Barings group did a great job they kidding Jon Gruden. And Jon Gruden basically said yeah it on the insisted on the kind of Obama candidate how. That was the first time the media or oh we're missing was gluten showing that he's interest it and now he's shown that he insisted. As gay and never say never. But I would think this is about as close to a gun doesn't feel as possible now and on the ball court and it does holy Moly raiders. Our. Had people into laughing at them at this. Doesn't happen and you know still still still be an attractive job to people there's only 32 duke. And there's good players on this team and the quarterback in the very edit I have a a talk he didn't consider at least. He's still young twins pitcher that you can also varies. Then be attractive job but there ought to do right okay. Jack Del Rio got a pretty rod deal by the result and so I gotta be careful I don't know who would be unique most attractive job market. But again I think the percentage in this scenario happen. May be less than five. When you think about Lamar question for you build. You say Jack Dario got a a raw deal. We think about override. You know in the fact the way it was and. Okay the way it was handled may take a twelve and fourteen. And you have basically the same lineup in and Reggie didn't do much to can be found lead defense once again another awful draft which she's famous for his only have one good draft. And then Del Rio contrive to. Massive out or you could say they can try to mess it up by getting rid of musgrave but the bottom line is let's just say there's no gruden let's just say that there's no rumors. Who do you blame the seas and I'm would you say it's more Reggie or it's more Jack for having the same team and not having the same amount of wins. You know I think it's I think the blame me but the 2017. Blame is Andrea Yates on. Jackets on the players you know on the quarterback John Cooper it you know it's on all of the up and I didn't play up soon. It salary. All the receivers dropping the ball. People into coaching staff couldn't that the player is on everybody I think what I happy and I think. Let's really clear this seems sixteen let's pretty good at what it probably was. They won a lot a lot of close games. You know than I do greater podcasts that are required to use that as well raiders they can't appreciate the plug. And I caught a lot about LC and the thing that scares me it is. Pretty much everything that Abby got right there Ayers did last year very few injuries of course they know they have bigger car but that was sweet sixteen. There Brady injury career. A lot of calls went their way and the ball bounced away. But what scared me about. This year is Ted did have a whole lot of breaks go against them this year either. This is an incredible scene may have felt for major injuries. So later didn't get injured until late in the finger again they're ready healthy compared with I know that you are looking into the back we're out. That happened in the NFL Expedia had any top of the line major injuries some type in the quarterback Akaka Mac and darkened. Cooper in this one game you know almost family but it why should they could have major. Season ending injuries to your top. White guys and they cattle in this and then the US wasn't his cup that we thought it was going to be. And they put a lot of teens you know. Excited about Eli. The Broncos when they're trying to go pat and lands. He can oily black. Flowed game you know market to take a lot of 22. So Blake and he he's still got. A break here break there. If king could contend is that they really words it's fifteenth. So maybe the 2016. Team. Would more like 1089 win team understood if they took that at this step back. That's bill Williams and yeah I make sense to me hours of talk and raider football with you remember the new web site. Raiders snake pit that's two passes right raiders snake pit dot com. Raiders make. And snake pit dot com we're gonna launch next week and the Klan or blogs next week anyway. And it seemed that we're gonna have a lot of talk about next week so really excited about everything. All right hey bill always good talking attacks on my friend best of luck with a site. Yet anytime central avenue. I can stuff and the first 100 people who log and get a free snake. Why then. I know they down I read that wrong I come on back and a lot more to talk about triple A 9579578. Penske auto sales doc contacts on 95795. Armored total it is not 57 again and KG and Z. FM and HD ones Emma Cisco. The rich skills challenge on 95 point seven and gain removed because still only. The Colorado song. That Al west west mills the captain of the controls. We'll leave San draft the boys like in general had to put you on the air triple A 957957. Year a total of united 57 again and Sherrod Brown coming up in the segment in about ten minutes. From niners wire. And down. Just to let you know. There is. A song being played right now. Com after a six and ten season now on the other six and ten season you don't look at it two different ways. If you go down right now to niners headquarters in Santa Clara. This is the song that about their plan. They're doing the cabbage. She got John Lynch moon block game you got Kyle Shanahan. Still in the running man. First six send cash now. To apply because they have their franchise quarterback and they ended on a five game winning streak. Now there's also six and ten. In Alameda. At the headquarters this music's being piped in. Looking around in Rhode. Doing a lot of invitations. Oh new boom boom boom boom voodoo spirit we. Self flagellation. If this thanks left there's just two different ways you can look at six and ten. Away. She never left your own stuff that's the way these two teams are looking that. So wall gets you the niners here in the second but just to get back to Reggie. And Reggie McKenzie is a very likable guy. I've never seen him file for handle. Weekends every sentence by saying the word guy is twice tax tax. It's okay we did our due diligence. Well this guy accused the parade out of Ohio State guys guys know more about it everything's fine. You think about the draft that he's had MS in the first draft at what what's he gonna do. There aren't salary cap Powell had a horrible fact contracts that I gave to Stafford ground and yet Richard Seymour had Tommy Kelly and highest paid DT in the league. He had that picked this Seymour trade it away and so they compared to other third round Tony berg Strom. Miles Burris. But remember. Reggie also likes to show that he's crafty so he drafted a guy from England are hand chock full fledged from patents I eat. I remembered talking to him he's from Montel stock. Tron Kleiner Kris still below its unique. A penny. And I can keep. And they stay apart who made somebody else's team the way into the I'm not gonna point the finger branch and say how did you have a terrible draft was the end. But then he finally had that high pick let's see India. His first two picks he wanted to prove that he was smarter than everybody else. I'm taking a guy who should of died. Remember the doctor at the emergency room and said was this a car accident and I can't believe he lived. And it's great that DJ Hayden LU you got through it and Reggie said I would've taken him number one overall. And they face a former basketball player at Marist is also from England who played at saddleback JC when he switched sports. And they want to FSU a project and metal like Watson. Who is a swinging. Gate of a tackle. And then see Elmore said I'm gonna be the best linebacker in the draft he showed flashes in the beginning. Tyler Wilson the highest draft pick in the entire class of 32 teams that got cut America on that Jesse Tyler Wilson Alameda. At camp. And out already this is actually noticed for the Napa. And I said they always say no when you get to the pros of the game is so much faster and how Wilson Tony now it's not. Same speed as the SEC it's just that the players are better. I thought that was an honest answer but I also thought oops. I think it nick house says the defensive and we're gonna make him a tight end. The best pick was the tape trying who didn't get invited to the combined. Michael Rivera it looked like he might be all right wasn't. And then the next year this is where all came together you got hello Mac and you got Derek Karr without making any trade GI gave Jackson. Throwing jelly Ellis has been useful and the fourth round. He's Miguel has big size not that great I think he's the third the fourth now I'm by the way don't be the third or the fourth unless Europe hope. Hurricane and just like stupid. Especially when you're 29 years old and your Jersey says senior. Yeah I was gonna get you confused with your two year old less famous son thanks for saying your senior that's a pride thing I did it. TJ carrying storm that came out BellSouth. That draft Mac car. How can you and then gave Jackson. Great draft but after that market let's I'm not impressed when you hit on a first round pick. Okay you should hit on a first round pick and I'm glad they took mark remember Kevin why don't he was better to come out and remember we had cliff branch on these airlines saying please just take a marker for. And they did and I'm glad they did. Mario Edwards junior we're still waiting. Clive Wofford now such a disappointment that they went out and they had to get. And get the tide and Jared. Were armed assist man now Iran's gonna come back to my starting tight end leading receiver for the raiders west. Puck thank you and Sam Ross cook. Gonna Connor cut policing on how he means near on ball by the way and chemistry I made a neuron ball one time electrocuted. Max ballas I'm not mad about sixth and seventh round picks those are just a pot shots. If you if you hit in the seventh round and you get a Marquez Colston and and that's great but Carl Joseph. What a waste. John Ward is so far. Now they see why I wanted to use even on the team. You heard route especially Calhoun. Connor cut that to me it was a hubris pick. That's like all that's what they do in Seattle and Green Bay unlike all the raiders are that good that they can do picks to develop for other team and I kid had to start the playoff game. So then you look this year Gary on Conley and I was screaming for Ruben Foster. And now the guy with the rape allegations. And I'm going to camp Clinton straight down all or marine let me play game I'll leave off on a loom. Automatic he finally a sell them on a corner against scores I don't know what and Evander does. Does he does he made what one tackle again this is your third round pick. David shark had to fill and does he look like a future starter no. I mean who who's good they get out the strap that's any good. If you're if you're gonna rave about Eddie van or does things in your very easy to employees who are gonna rave about mark Kelly. Sure wall more additional loan Lawny and I listened swallowing the seventh round pick who made the team that's great. But these are up is small drafts. Abysmal. Track this horrible. And then you did the first day he ever had a job Reggie fire hue Jackson and then hires goes on a surcharge Dennis Allen. Didn't work out. They couldn't fire now for one you're like it sheds Hinske Reggie doesn't wanna be in the known as the guy oh he took overnight fires after one year. Jason Tarver who had never been a DC. Statistically the worst DC and the history of the raiders great Napoli said it takes three years. To learn the CBS army are one thing I'll give Dennis Holland he never lost his mind either when he could have he always had even keel. He had to do something that is just tragic beyond belief when he had to go back home and he had to make the decision to pull the plug on his doubters on life support I can't imagine how horrifying that was for him he came back and potion and actually. I admire the hell out of him for that. But not a great head coach but our member Greg Knapp did the at a press conference when when nine Allen was away I think this was found in Texas. Angry now because takes three years to learn the zone blocking system it takes three years to learn. So thing and Lego Derek car's gonna get another coordinator Alex went out of my car car. Listen just learn the offense you're here talking to the wrong guy if you want me to feel bad about the new coordinator or are you an idiot. You can't learn it in camp is it's too sophisticated. For you I understand if there's continuity and you don't have to think about it. I understand it's easier when you have the same coordinator in your run the same thing every year. That's great when Peyton Manning would get a call they lock on the line of scrimmage and inaudible only check off any change in every time that's great. You're talking on the wrong guy like all the other new coordinator all the pork baby how could he ever learned. That's just and I think our cars at a crossroads right now. You know is he going to be a leash as it is going to be good. Maybe even held get worse and just be a guy. His staff and as for you look at all the touchdown passes he's an Ali company is Derek Carr and Ali quarterback right now now. And the whole thing like well you know his back hurt me and again you're talking all right guys then don't go out there if you're gonna make stupid pass is because your back hurts their cars never gonna make that excused our car's gonna own that. I love that about their car. He is. About as sincere as they term. I'd who's gonna handle one now Todd downing failed. Failed miserably. Had taken car to the next level read aggression. And that's why. I am excited if gruden is the guy that maybe he can do something with him. I had you know you look at Reggie he's coaching decisions I mentioned membership are drawn out took over for Alan.