Rick Tittle Show - Hour 3

Rick Tittle
Sunday, January 21st

Rick talks a little puck with Chelena Goldman of YardBarker


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This is why mark Toney toiled and has allowed all those years. Yeah they actually have something that's good and so yeah Marcellus in all I would love the only way you're gonna get back at him. Is if you FDA's play the cardinals on the World Series. And then the jays beat Jose Nat and then say are you sure you're happy about that trade now. All are when they this and he's playing and it's a 112 degrees and east and then. Out there in the outfield that new bush. And SA you know by the way it's I'm not that hot it's just these little things this year and I I really I'm not looking for revenge. Any sort of way on Marcellus in a because I think a lot of a lot of players are thinking the same thing. I actually when David Lee agreed to the sign and trade to the warriors. I went on the air and I questioned his desire to win and I felt like dummy and what I want to do a sign and trade of the warriors at the time he set I'll always love the Bay Area. So your to your comment here because you like the area okay fine. Why would anyone who wanted to win and why would they wanna go to the warriors at that time in us is you know priest staff pretty clay all that. Now when you win everybody wants to play for you. Do you think the niners. When Deion Sanders I gotta be and I are Ken Norton junior rod Woodson got to be in niner. If they wanted to be nice because they really liked Candlestick Park. Now all because they want of that rain and hassle than one. And it was the same thing during the bash brother years. Everybody wanna play then Mike Moore the cobra. LA say how how can I get on the a's. Now it's the warriors. No the warriors had the one thing I love I love how honest. Zaza Pachulia is like at the parade last year he said. This is the greatest day of my life. While you standing there when his wife and his two sons does love does honestly. But I bring him out because he's said before the warriors acquired them he said my agent said the warriors. Are asking about you. And he said I can't believe they want me please make it happen. And why did he say that because the warriors obviously have a great thing going right now. That's what's gonna get people to come over. It's not O if you build a new stadium than the players will come the players don't give a rat's behind about the stadium. They don't they would like to have a nice clubhouse with air hockey and Donkey Kong. And ride there are skateboard to the trainers room and then why are bound to get hurt more. They would like to have all that stuff they would like to have free shot told Marie on incomes to sell ten day. And vegetables with a chutney reduction whatever people are in these days. It's always something that was garlic mashed potatoes than Poland now it's like cheeky race. For things and it keen law. You go to a solid place now would you like a leaf or brain and how can have a salad would you like green there. I guess I'm one MI a rooster are you talking about I don't know what's gone. Tell me without but if that's the perception within we have to fix it somehow someway we have to fix it. By the way my Mike was off the whole time was I going through him I guess was I on the air on all time. You getting a return OK as I said sometimes we'll include a law it. The Mike said it was off our who cares we are on the Erica that's good to now jubilation on 579570. Penske out of self dock on takes like 9579. To five. From these 650 ha ha ha good one. Yeah and you're talking about but thanks for that from the the 95. Rick. What was your story about the vikings stadium trying to change its name now what happened was when the vikings are building that brand new beautiful stadium that will host the Super Bowl without them. As the Eagles are up 38 to seven in the fourth. They it's on Chicago boulevard. Our avenue in the streets naming Chicago and so they went to the Minneapolis. City councilman said that's our blood enemy in the bears so we can very well how far rival. How they. How that said we can't build the stadium are Chicago avenue and the City Council said you just are behind because it's been Chicago avenue for over a hundred years and we're not change in his career. We were thinking about friend hurt in some way I don't know what they're gonna come up or how about vikings' way note Chicago avenue was. And I understand that it's been away for a hundred years. They want to and the thing is if further raiders built a new stadium. On Denver boulevard. It's a little bit of a kitchen a crouch I understand that. Or in the press you can always part out charger port. Complies. What was the line where they were just talking Melissa about the Lew Wolff. Center oh yeah I was. The name of I think it's still there unless they changed it down and made sure they built the little wolf senator the name of the street was last place. Well for that if I'm not making it out it was called last I don't know who is somebody's name. But last place. That's some those are some words of my encouragement right there. But then again you think maybe it's the opposite jinx as well. Also on the attacks line by the way and 95795. Actually think Goldman at 630 rhetorical sharks. 95795. Rick Ellis is from a farm fire break do you hate. Or lie to the Eagles fans wearing dog masks shouldn't they be wearing eagles' masks. The it's funny when you hear the dog masks are sold out on Amazon.com. And somebody keeps track of that all I could think of drilling. Was that once again. They Cleveland Browns don't get any love. And do you know what I'm saying that if you don't know are explaining the Cleveland Browns back in the day that new stadium called the dog pound. So like in other black hole and they get the people who sit there on the front few rose fell or those dog masks. You wouldn't it all down now. Rupp who look at all the call I've been and I do anymore. It's like some of the names like when a team was named the jets a jet was really cool now must like having a team named the cars. Forget me art titans. When you'll be at the shots. That's great power the electric Prius is a perfect. I inning as the man you know what the browns that's all they have now at the factory of sadness now you're gonna take their dog masks from them. And then hearing it has to be a German shepherd half a fast and whenever. Let's he we're going to be and just and we will let the two weeks of hype begin. At the end of this hour we go to the network. But we're looking at Philadelphia. Taken non New England of course and everyone outside of you know New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Maine and Vermont may billable by the Connecticut and Connecticut as on New York fans there everybody outside of that area. And maybe Serra high school on senate. Is gonna be rooting for the the Eagles and I want. And the Eagles are close 01 and Eagles warrants are all fifteen. You had jaws Ron Jaworski. Threw three interceptions 21 outside linebacker. And I still say in the history of MVPs of any kind of championship game in any spore Ron Maarten was the most cheated. Or is that an outside linebacker how many interceptions do you have in your career. I mean if you're outstanding maybe have a few. Not even gonna get three in a year not only there rob Martin have three inning game he how to get on the biggest stage. And all football he had three interceptions in the super ball. And he wasn't the MVP. The end of the pocket and we loved market and it's just that just shows you how focus everybody is our quarterbacks I think about chuck how Lee. Almost more or some world history when Baltimore are. O'Brien at the last second field goal and a hero watch the films a thing that always I've strikes me about that as one O'Brien kicked that field all. His chin strap was on Dunn and hanging to the side. It's almost like I told you have a mouthpiece and flag. But chuck how Lee. A linebacker for the cowboys. Had two picks. And he was on the losing team so the moral of the story is if you get two picks and lose you're the MVP if you get three picks and way and then you're just a guy. You're just another guy that's got so stuck around us and I'm 5795. From the four OH. Rick why do you hate WA are around people do listen to me yeah I hate I hate new nerds that's. There are a lot of things that I think if you taking into. Baseball Metrix and I think that you look at trends I think there are some things that you. I can find that can really help. You know like things that we never talked about who we were kids like on base percentage now that to me I think is a real thing like let's let's take in the consideration how many times he walks as well my go catwoman looks retroactively look at Ted Williams on dispersant. Yeah I had I believe in things like that. But if you give any baseball fan you and me fifteen minutes to sit down we'll come up with a dumps down. You know it's like instead of just looking to see how good a guy is. You need a math equation because your eyes couldn't and and the way you Sus things out you couldn't possibly be able to come to any kind of conclusion. Without math if that was true than on any any matter can be a manager. I see things like use ER the ultimate zone rating which doesn't even take into account every play one of the only guys on defense. You can't. Measure momentum there is no stat I can measure moment America's knows that they can measure of the guys have and give her a bad day if he's seeing the ball well if he's not. These are things you have to notice and time. Initially baseball you might remember. In the late days late eighties came out with a stack then they got rid of it. That was game winning RBIs and they thought we should give an award for whoever got that game winning RBIs and I should be a stacked. And then they had games. I didn't have game winning RBIs and are my friend was like that's not possible I got he had as he does explain to me why I go okay let's say you're winning fort another. All right. And then they scored two runs and then you score four more so now let's say to two and they get three when the game ended up beta five know when you took the lead yard had the lead in the air race the original lead so there was no game winning RBIs. No one was clutch in the game. And then it got so stupid weather like there's no game winning RBIs and I Ellis just get rid of it. Now so I understand people you know things like no one can figure out baseball I'm going to come up with a new stat that will explain baseball because. Our eyeballs do not work properly. On back on the other side ritual with the united 57 again. Then that welcome back TV show we're totally view. Last segment this is a big boys segment we're gonna take this Simon until the end of the hour. So you think got a slap in my against reform but elements unique New York you she fills he's shells but oh yeah. But they're all at the end of the hour. And after that we'll throw it to the network. I would like haven't your question answered over there you know why because they don't like keep on asking international come on any local with me here. And our own market here we love to hear from you AAA 95795. Semi plus it is the last. Segment of the day if you wanna go any which sporting direction you would like. Bubble basketball baseball cards girl tennis federation marching Olympics which are much instead of her degree get. I do wanna hear from you relationships. Holman garden investments. Not so much. Penske auto sales duck contest fun not 5795 actually goldmans coming up. And about twelve minutes and we'll talk some sharks were there a little counter programming. As we are wrapping up but I championship. Sunday here. From the 51 though glad you gave up on sank and a bomb I think I get that the only thing is is that. I'm erratic covered coffee in my life. I can't I can't get pass the stink of it there's a guesstimate on what my olfactory nerve. That. And coffee smells exactly like dude you so people going to Starbucks repeats her fills their life. And they get this is so dead to me that's like walking into the coliseum can. So yeah plus I don't like hot drinks and in turn should be refreshed. I'm going to take a stand against that they get a gold fund made to get rid of all hard to renounce violence and and also. From the 510 on the tax fund. Over 95 Rick tell the story about block Carl my gash. He stories com this is the story when I worked and it ten years and TV. As a technical director when sports channel first start and actually first person I've phenomenon called NBC sports Bay Area same entity. There was sports town hall and wasn't digital it was all. A three quarter inch in and beta cam tapes and these big one inch reel to real three. And Texas was the largest summer 48 states. By her ten years. I would take Bart and I would walk in there was a guy. On sand sun. There was a homeless gentleman. Bless him. But he laid Darren. And he had a cop and he never said a word. And it was an older gentleman he had every once while his beard get real long and then every blue moon his beard was shamed. Our air maybe once every two years you have new issues you can see somebody was trying to look out from. But literally. He never moved. And he never said a word. For like ten years that I was working in TV. And I would always. Like drop some not always been on and I dropped my recorder. Or something like when I think Jim Messina. A one hour drama Porter he would kind of look out at me. And try to Muster up a smile and may be the corner of his mouth would crack analysis is way of saying thanks. I gonna act like I'm some sort of saint Richard here. But you know I was a guy who would let's just say regularly give my quarter fifty cents whatever. As I would walk by and literally every day and much to my surprise you think that day travel was shocked when Peralta said W can't build a stadium here I was. Much more on non plus what else walking on the street and I saw this terrible Tyree going on this guy I was in the middle of sense and street screaming. Like a wild band she. Like running into people threatening like get choked down. And it was it was my and my guy. And I was like oh my gosh after ten years he's lost the plot. He's lost the bolt hole he's gone crazy. And saws like neon. So I start to walk mind. And I'm didn't want any part of that. And as I walked by him he runs up to me and is likely. And then he saw was me at golden goose of quarters. And he went I'm sorry I didn't know what you do and when he said you he's his spit when end in my mouth. And I never saw him again I don't know what happened but after his spare one in them one and two on my mouth. I took assault would shower and then I guard rolled lift peroxide and I slept face down in the pan am bleached. And I went to confession and I said father I am unclean and he said what are your sins and I said no I mean I'm literally on cleaning guy just been in my mouth. Let's yeah great story all right let's go to Don in San Francisco earlier on 957 against. They got it in there. OK or good evening good championships Sunday. I am attempted to go from New York's so I can think objectively. I. I'm a big fat pitch at jackets. Matt Syracuse fan so Paramount around the payroll. Some differences are watching football today and down. The first game. Between New England injection though orange. Could not what I expected. And then that the the second game it's turning into a blowout and I don't think it quite shall. Roger Goodell and the ratings disaster that he without ranch. And no way to to shake your account it's fallen into. Classic inspector rematch. That you are in charge of all. But I classic. Doing great in round Ortiz during demographic well thought out plan you know. Fan base and then more than people to target. Where yeah it whenever our gas so that's your point on your saying that it was say that that perhaps may be it was a conspiracy to make sure Jacksonville didn't win. Oh not not not a not a conspiracy I just think that Roger Goodell was very fortunate because. At the beginning of the day if everyone is collapsing at the small demographic being in. I didn't get home they built the final four and the worst case scenarios. You know the backup quarterback action authentication scenarios and it's Favre thing go I think physically got the best possible. Scenario they can ask for you know. All right Dong Dong thank you very much for the call I appreciate it. It only took three minutes but I appreciated. I love the the lethargy. First of all I'm from New York so I can think objectively. Already are and dive master mind. It's just kidding Don. I was getting a little bit low in America when you're talking. SS so often sides. Are expected. But listen I I don't I don't care about the NFL didn't arm their match out and charging more let the party to get a charge the same amount of money. For the commercials is just the amount of eyeballs they're gonna dead they're going to be more because you got Philadelphia which always rivals. The Bay Area whether there where the fourth so there are the fifth market. And then you're gonna get in of course New England Mangini and Tom Brady and he's always. A star these are problems for Madison avenue. And it always. Is weird for me. Oil and I put a piece of baloney in my shorts no it's always words for me when I see something in the sports page. That's close CBS for a small and I'll be run by Sean McManus I am not certain why does that on the sports page. That's a that's an executive. Who care about should be in the business section shouldn't sportsman in the sports page. Are like you know the people say well look at the rating. It always it always funny when some of those old dude that's a bold and get a good rating all our all that socked. There are like that I'll go to an a's game AA is Mariner's Tuesday night you're getting get 8000 and they are gonna announce twelve. Does that mean I had a bad time to do so no one cares. OK so I need a faceless. Mass of strangers. To also accompany me there. And then that all validate. The worst. Of the event. It's just a and I understand that thinking. And I'd be able brag. Dude our team got the highest ratings ever. Great. What do what does that mean for you are you and are you an executive are you. Are you an ad sales guy and that's great for them but that's that's not sports. That's not in between the lines that stuff outside the lines. And yes this is why we're all here this is not college radio this is not a Philanthropic get venture. Like jury duty and a MI see no way where you can like just let anybody on the Mike. I'd say commercial venture to guess that is the bottom line rock trying to make money I just always think it's weird. When that occurs to people like don't know the NFL's. Knocking me get Tom Brady what offensive vikings jags. Some want it. I remember in need than 94 World Cup which I worked out for the best two weeks in my life I think was working down at Stanford and just being. Amongst people and just talking soccer. If that that was my job and I was a volunteer there it took me a year and a half of interviews this is all pre 9/11 but still you are now than there used to make sure I wasn't insane. Our wasn't gonna plan a bomber sounding the bestseller knowledge but. That World Cup. England didn't go. And they were gonna send them to the San Francisco venue is that called. Because of the head. You release the English disease. And Graham Taylor the manager of England he managed to. Blogger not one. And Denmark just needed a hit a penalty against Spain and Michael allowed drowned her young Smart a lot of now Brian he missed some and Denmark are all these teams I wanted to come there weren't coming. And and one of the greatest shows of all time France. Had two home games laps of the park to prance and all they needed to do. Was tying. Israel or Bulgaria. Just once. They lost Israel which by the way was planning UEFA. And then Bulgaria. In the last minute of the game Dave original law took the ball down to the under in the pitch and instead of just taking it to the corner flag. And just standing there as time expired he put in a cross for some reason and mill custody and off of Bulgaria took at the length of the pitch. In absolute screamer. I'm 35 yards out got long goes in the whistle blows. And now France wasn't going. And by the way is your only a who has a manager France said David general Lott is a criminal to all of LaBelle frost and Janet Davison was grandfather had a heart attack. 'cause that when you lose and your head coach called you a criminal. Practices. That's something that you don't get a lot over here and you behind closed doors you might get that calls you a criminal. But then Frandsen go and I thought other sort of gonna sock. Romania. Bulgaria on. And Bulgaria and Romania were two other top ten teams they're fantastic entertainment but I quarterfinal. As staffer was Sweden and is fantastic. Entertainment demons rescue will pull pesky you young Medea I need at least pulse Deutsche Khan. Great entertainment. So I'm knocking whoever plays in the Super Bowl I was hoping it wasn't the patriots just because it's such a snooze or to see Tom Brady again and we're all gonna. Career against Germany's got a when we already know what's gonna happen right let's go to raider Rodney down in San Jose what some double our. Hey there are excited that day I said that I that he would call my bam I get the the might not let here. He has dark colored black book about they did. Okay you're up. Ice that that might. The way they're attracting and the way they're acting it backfired and that the exit apple that your I did not think we're gonna tank the way we did. They did but I doubt they're gonna do they surpass that by being there it went up its depth look at how the day better and there are. You got redeem. At a port that had a losing record last year but preamble or have a peak of the that is being what happened. We need that trap heat and the player and now we know we won't pick but it wouldn't hurt if all the jobs a lot of deep cut that player. To get us over the hump. Well that the first apex the first two picks were defense one of the matter rape allegation and played in one game and then the other guy was hurt. And he only played in a couple of games so if those guys come through it almost feel like we get another first round pick AM. Like I. Yet exactly but we get like two number one this year or next here. And this aircraft but you're right we're gonna have that Ed I called the stop before I don't know I'd say that but. It again came up the first Bob job. And I I told might that that I had that that got Georgia go to the raiders. Broke down. Broke why anyone but just a word I would love to see him and so remark. And you know at a gonna put him. They're gonna put him on the opposite side of Mac you'd think think they would back all of a bit of linebacker the defense the bat. Okay when you're juniors in a row and you're the bottom the worst of the worst the sacking a quarterback that got a change. What they're payment for. I had a rare Rodney I really appreciate the call yeah I would love did you see them especially if they're gonna go. Way with a 43 Obama 34 guy and that's how they won Super Bowls can law. At the nose a couple of middle linebackers but if he really is active on Mike linebacker and I know he played little outside from Georgia. I rather have a minute two point stance aren't it is time to talk a little hockey and we are very excited to welcome Ashley and Goldman and on a long time she is a sharks be Ryder. Three yard Mark Hurd and that surely you know let's just start off with something that I found a little bizarre. And that is out Paul Martin. The savvy that a guy who we thought and how might have been able to go on the expansion draft but he got down to she one caught up that Vegas was gonna take. Dylan but a guy who got a lot of credit for why. Burns he got the Norris last year well he gets turned Joaquim Ryan comes and plays great. Then they wave around and nobody wants them and they goes to the barracuda. Well what's going on when Paul Martin. 01 of the big things that happen and get and eight a lot of it helps you with the fact that he has been that he has an injured. Unlike you can't say he got so much credit for helping got burnt get his game together a couple feet. You know a couple people laid out. And and that you know it hard to find you know partner. When you're back on the Blue Line that helped to produce. And play he has he's hurt he's been out of the lineup for so long as he's rehabbing and you know with DR PA HL team. And it got down there looking at a and I want to think too we need young to kind of remember. Is also that if he carries the net four point 85 million dollar hit a that he expired on next year so looting Kimmel actually be hard as well. If that's what I'd change that you're into the banks compete amen. Protect spurred. Kjell. Still really well with the entire team not just burned so it's it's kinda. This kind of hard you know preemptive divorce that might happen. What about bringing somebody in that I mean we know this sharks listen I'm okay what's special teams. I'm actually okay blue line right now all but they just can't score and I'm looking at names like Evander Kane have you heard anything do you think it's going to be one of those deals work. Doug Wilson makes a big splash. RD think it's going to be one of those years where he just brings in a scrub. Well one of the big things that you at least certain for the most part no excluding you know last night when they wandered into the wind. The fact that finally didn't score even more attention goals per game which usually important that they are locked PC then. You know they had like a lot of scoring in the entire league you don't think it and I and other. Right now those that they still don't have. And they don't have a fourth line. And that's really hurting that man I see them make confirmed his dad wreckage of the cards pretty close to the fact. I don't even they confront and paper splashy. The fact that they don't hurt. By that in the last couple of seasons but and what ever it may be deep they need more they need more on how to fight unlike you said. A computer finally clicking of the Blue Line looks dead. Armed and elves doing well in the air right now so I'm good. Actually ready. I don't see them getting a big. You know you look at the the moon last year and it was. One of those assay calendar under the weight radar things and then Cendant is gold in Vancouver for the Dane. The EI can senator I was out his first game I got probably sit next to you out there. And he had an open Nedney missed we thought hey you know he's a grinder and and said the board knows him I'll look at that 26 games. Zero goals. Four points. Mom I know it's a team sport and I know the plus minus matters. But what end though I'm in it I thought Bob Kerr was a waste of space what is going on with the Janet Hanson. We don't regard that hint that that he has he had a couple game and then defend her what she looked really strong Q tip our unit that. All over the paint. And I kinda got there and how that okay he couldn't are trying to keep it. He you know and keep her bit on the LPL. On that hit all one of those guys say he can't accept a million. People Bork had no concept when not to fly and you know that you think back to when they first got similar compounding cookie how to knock on the top line with joke about the and Jeff Gordon. Base and he's kind of in new shuffle in and out of that bottom fixed and that. And they did this day is getting even though tech have been doing creek creek pretty well that first out if they're gonna go down the extraction and that deeper play out there and make it last year they you have a lot in the trigger on offense. When I look at that term but MJ as we say it Jones CJ owner as they say Martin Jones he's an all star he signs a contract extension. Along with you know classic burns think it's a good move he's going to be here a long time. And then gone through a stretch especially on the road where he just couldn't land and then he wins on then they king holiday and LA and and now you look at Dell and I thought well we're gonna trade Dell because they can just call out grows naked but now Dell so valuable and and now after the game against the Lance Jones is a little bit hurt. And dad tells the starter I almost feel like. They don't want to try to because in my in my didn't like it grapple a situation like oops we traded our back up purely. So what do you or what what is the deal do you think what Jones is just one of those it's a long season and he's there's ups and downs and is a sold down right now. I do you think about it more than one thing not. I personally I didn't think that it was something for the sharks to be worried about after the game last week against a coyote. Come without coming off a bye and he'd I I I could I look at that as a cable act ugly get. That COC which is typical one tired so graphic actually act then going into LA. And she played phenomenally. Now first big and battle it I would not in Colorado the guy that we're there's a big up and coming out Olympic. From the captain and so. And it in my case pending with something ailing him keep saying that it's not Ike's. It cannot same the play she had a problem Rick back in November we don't know if that's for sure our own it it means it. I don't think it's something where it's you've done. Completely. Played it is something where he got bird Q obviously not healthy he have to get back to a certain point that being said. Hey you know you've heard some things even beginning of January I know. I'll hold my and it didn't you know trade bait because they're cute cute he's doing well since he or she might be will likely happen when the sharks got Ryan Carr. In New Zealand team would want you know I'd create you know a great goalie like kemba and he jumped up and play well I haven't heard anything about golf. Politically leading you to too valuable right now. Right so let's chilling and almost we are murder sharks be Ryder. You know I a lot of times I think we're sort of calmed down only see the sharks shirt you know back in second place on Pacific but then it doesn't matter you know you look at the top eight teams. There in the last. And in the sharks would almost be almost be a last place team if they or. In the the central. On. Is as much as I talked to sharks fans and and my would have Canadian cousins who are diehard as well the kind of general feeling we have is. Died it's a season more rolled probably get 67 they'd see then maybe win I'll around. Maybe nine. But it doesn't seem like they're taken advantage of jump ball in this one year contract. Mom and day you know whether he's gonna walk or not says that do you think that there's a little bit more. Urgency to not just keep the status quo for Doug Wilson. I think it would permit urgency and I actually kind of go back to you and you and I talked about that we actually talked about it before they even started. There are plenty just from when you look at the end of blocker rigorously and they are just not in your pocket that I am I at one point she and they went through that month month of march and couldn't buy a game. If you know if it was where they at any day. They they get so bad and indifferent if you know hey I know there's this hall. And there's this whole thing in a lot of fans hold onto that keynote aching long and they get the clay got. And then they can't do it in wild scene and we can get out in March. And god it concern and you and I contacted earlier probably own keynote I don't. You know even eight. The central division when you look at those teams are much tighter look at when that Haiti would give national all of them are you know they're all within each at each other. Even though they charge for winning right now they're having to take advantage of the fact that that that the extreme had gone on a major skid. And though there is being committed to fiscal January but is golf and they have to keep in mind as we get cracking on the defeat them. Error few years ago in the days sound like eight guys from all star game in pencil Marge Lou was one of bomb and they were the best team in the first half and then. Are talking to our friend Brody Brazil and he brought out. Hey you know maybe that's too many and what if they get tired take out the ball and I'm like now all its not gonna hurt me thing. And he was gone awry because if you guys were the worst team in the second half without the says that as cell I was thinking about Brody is back comment when I saw that Josh Brent Burns is go all led a Florida. For the all star game at first I'm like why we only I want all star but I thought you know what made us a good thing. And in that Brody guy does sometimes know what he's talking about why else. Debra Hughes got it but. I think this. To see a little bit also the fact that not just what you have to one guy going up or take a little bit in Italy burned. Concede how that kind of a slow start the season doubt. Maybe it's better that he does go to the all star game and get you don't keep an air wraparound. Play you don't have a lot of prayer is going to be offered in Neil I don't have the Olympics agenda that come a lot of fan ballot that. I don't over there you know they don't get. A break. They come back they're tired at. They're not able to reduce lately he's been there are more likely to get hurt. I'm that's four years ago when auntie and he went should be allowed to actually didn't do much I can get it any time off and by the end of the seat that he would get. So I do you agree with that India is Crayton you know all her experiences and all these extra things. It is nice especially because coming out of the pie chart ever really. Schedule going into the all star break so I think in getting the present when do you have a veteran crew quite as getting that little bit of rest goes a long way. And we wanna make sure people know that he wasn't literally dead. Now outlet and then after that he was dead dad. Who put this on my serves and you know I see you let me to get say when I was gonna ask you about the Olympics because. Yes the NHL doesn't wanna send me doesn't shut down for her Byung Chang. Out here is the way I would do that I would do one of two ways and I'll do it the old way. Where was amateur is even though the Soviets. When there was a Soviet Union they sent pros. We would send our my Korea's Leone is sent our Jim Craig should send a college all star team and and gets banged and every once in awhile. I have the miracle on ice then. When the pros when I think about Jeremy Roenick trashing his hotel room in Nagano Japan. Do one or the other right. Why. And to send a bunch of scrubs and no offense to John McCarthy. And 249. Year old Brian Gionta. But to send a bunch NHL guys. That's ridiculous. You're sending bad then. Not to parity in May the compared to the top pros you're sending bad pros. Instead out of Bob. And to college guys and so what what's the use of sending a bunch at age old guys. All of I would that's it off in apple put somebody last night I do and I'm really surprised because. College Hockey to me that it typically grown up the last couple years we have a lot more people paying attention and ideally you you even if India. You feel a lot of guys coming out. You know a lot of out of India oddity but I'll get. And that I mean I don't have any say obviously but I would've preferred to feed you know a college team. Put together again like he just said they'd just totally crotch. Armed and I think that I think that it actually these are guys are gonna be going into the actually afterwards. I think technical mark I'm thinking that could affect. I'm a better product out onto the ice the people are going to be waking up at oh dark thirty to watch the peacock. Would probably wanna see that there. Well we know of the all star game is gonna be on the the 28 and over the years and I remember the years ago working again refer. Fox announced on TV and the NHL always tried to have something new they would try to skills competition they had. Internationals against North America that's like how about Canada against everybody else and then let's pick teams whoever's last gets a car that was. Pooch at that time of my favorite thing they did and I gave my word was Marty Turco the goal he has led the stars then he got might. And sell his idea anyway hold on I gotta make a save and I just. They're they're always on cutting edge it is there anything they're doing this year that's cutting edge outside of having Kid Rock saying. And Eric I haven't seen them show has something kind of splashy and they they're trying to really it actually execute the more I think they're not gonna be kind of gritty game a couple of years ago the big Jon Scott game. You know and so much can get Exelon was such a spectacle. I'm concerned about sound. All right there she is surely a gold man follow on Twitter actually and all manner that is what they CH three Hearn yard markers well. Covers the NHL like no one else thanks your time Michelle look at some of the not the time. I it's a good stuff and these games are over now. So we can get handle football talk here in the last. Ten minutes or so. We have Super Bowl 52 sat. We have of course a week where everybody wall talk about Tom Brady's hand and then we'll have media day. And I wonder if they'll let it will be there are saying come home to home he also way. This also food cooler job we'll have all if you could be any tree which tree would it be. And then all of a walk through and then we'll play the game. But for the next week you can just say three words Tom Brady's hand. Then we'll get in the next foals and by the way in the final on that. Second game the Eagles looked like a number one seamless home field advantage beating the vikings 38 to seven. The vikings and Eagles have a vaunted. Defense and the vikings defense didn't really show up today. And I was thinking. When you look back out that's the Fonda this digs a miracle. In Minneapolis play I was kind of think in May be because of that they are destined. So when this game I was wrong. I thought desk that I just think and if your saints fan and you watch that game did you think to yourself you know why it. We would've killed you. We wanna fly and I'm not to look into how the Eagles played defense. I sort of Harken back to 1985 when the raiders. Had home field advantage. And Sammy seal all fumbled a kick off in the end zone a New England jumped on that and the Tony Eason New England Patriots got to go to the Super Bowl. But they are running and an 85 bears. And are my friends said if the raiders would've gotten Super Bowl would have stomped on the bears are guys you know I've I don't think Sao. Yeah I believe me on I wish we would have gone we is raider fans I wish you would have gone. Lack the bears an 85 and Lou Richard Ben everybody in. Maybe that was. Maybe that was the one time that so losing might have actually. And a blessing. I know we've gotten pictures of Tom Brady's. Injured hand. They said that after what happened to dad and his me too many questions I was a much more interesting game. In the air the first game. Then the second game but it well as let the hype began how we get Mir pick now. That I called little rug out of the game and I said 67 did too cold and go to safety a toll would get. He then that's going to be the final score. Prime make a lot of money and how about the props the props I won't comment already the National Anthem how long as I can ago Ali Al hash tag two weeks about. Absolutely. The collar pointed out that Madison avenue life is better because of the metropolitan areas hardest thing about the Eagles. And their trips to the Super Bowl. Are coming up short. And I I think you that you know I've Carson once hostile planet probably be brimming with confidence but. After winning pretty emphatically I can't say very good team remember case came down. Has made himself a lot of money with the season he's had he's been there are pretty much since they get ago. Common fact even when now Bradford like Robert complain now you're now playing Teddy Bridgewater. Our first round pick known he's not playing either Tina was just too good. When you look at nick foals. And nick foals didn't look good down the stretch your moderator again what was that like in nineteen to ten game. That was my next fall we saw the policy and throw seven touchdown passes JJ hair and I was and that was not the same guy. Well literally. By tests and now we're gonna talk about. Philadelphia's defense. Stopping. The New England patriot offense. That's going to be the main point and then walk to contrast that and say well how about the Philly offense going up against the Patriots defense. I will be a less of a story but it still going to be just as important and all three phases of the game. AAA 9579570. Penske auto cells doctor Tom Daschle and I'm 57 on file let's go to out on the Oakland near I 957 again. Eric. Icelandic are I don't. Well it's up like an eagle eagle going to be patriot back has not been the you can do it again if you're not start out they go out this. Our idea after a no doubt about it it's but you know this is the thing if Tom Brady and it's a team sport but of Tom Brady wins another Super Bowl. For all the people out there that don't like Tom Brady or as a kid who say you heard Peter candidate for all the people that I don't like Tom Brady how do you not give him his due. Do not hand him bucket in his own do try to not do that the by the way Donald in the 82 way which I think is Mercury. He said that information on your show tonight for some reason because. Brian Gionta is not 49 he's 39. Do you really think Donald that I thought a 49 year old guy fourth was gonna go to the Olympics. I was putting and process on the wrong slob all I was trying to say I guess I should have made it more pronounced they should have set a hundred. And then you probably would attached to remote a hundred noon. Not a hundred. The HU it is North Carolina thank you that in the days of cell phones those Barcelona's other Donald anyway I'm sorry if I steered you wrong there now I know he's not actually. 49 years old. From the 95. Rick what can the raiders learned about these Super Bowl participants. They can learn how to win. They can learn how to play defense if you're from Minnesota. I what can they learn and I know that's that's too grandiose a question you can you can go any which direction when Barrett outside and it's gonna keep it more prosaic. And just say play defense. And play offense well. I know that's it's hard to break it down I'll try news layman's terms but that's probably what I would get and you know it's weird. At the beginning in the air I think a lot of us in the east bay were thinking and didn't. Twelve and four and their car broke his leg Connor cut cab to come and but if he's healthy and what if they actually do get some good defensive players. And continuing what if we go to the bowl inning man going to Minnesota and the and that went on a proper pretty quickly. So that's what. By ill laugh or cry and I guess all just a chuckle but at this point AAA not 579578. Pence Kelso stock Comtex 095795. What you care about how prolific now Brady in dollar check car loses a Super Bowl thing about the two he lost. To the giants and all what about David Tyree his finger on the helmet while what about the interception. On the goal line when what Russell Wilson know what about Vinatieri opponent out of the bag before. Like that it's not like the patriots went to the Super Bowl. I ever the niners the niners had played two close games against the Bengals. By the the donkeys. That charter hers I mean what will the Ron Amadon five touchdowns and they were scoring for fund and when and if that's not new England's back. Us that's not what they're gonna do. Mom. By the way this is from the 51 now. By the way the you've gotten me jazz to for the big game. And I hope. That by the way you've won text of the day and other prizes coming to you. And by the way as all 957 games if you want a prize of a 100000 dollars or more you're ineligible for a week of 50000 dollars more you are ineligible for three days. Putts when another prize. Actually I'm glad I I read it. From the the nine to five. Rick why do you think that those soon said thank god damn well like it's a lot disparaging things they're just talking about a team. That's famous now because the money ball for being cheap. That's probably why he thought that and the fact that he doesn't have you know donkey too long. And may a massage chair in the club house. That could be back to be part of it is well. Ricky. Does the check it dry out for the days this year you know let's begin our revenue sharing any ounce at three year plan incrementally and that's about to go away. Think one more year after this. You know I read this so take a for what it's worth but that. Band attack hospital that is a second bad contact was sold to Disney. And that every Major League Baseball team is gonna get a check for fifty million dollars. Then tag comes from ML BD. AM which was there media that they would stream on the app. And then they branched off and said we're so good at streaming will make a new company and just call onset of MLB analyst call a ban spam attack and then. HBO went to them can you stream our stuff. The NHL went to that continues Trimarche ESPN. And so now it's been sold to Disney. First streaming and every team gets fifty million dollars. Way India that armored 'til we'll talk to you next time right here on out of 57 again.