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Rick Tittle
Saturday, April 28th
Rick Tittle and Roxy Bernstein talk with guest Mark Ibanez, talk Warriors and Steph Curry's possible return. 

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We're saying and many think of it that the pelicans don't have the talent they have just more nice pieces. And I guess if you take that to the next step you could say. You know holiday averaged 28 points a game vs Portland. There's no way he does that against the warriors. Mirotic averaged eighteen points again the lawyers are gonna let him do that. Rondo where almost fourteen assists per game. Clay is not gonna let him do that cell. And the white has that there's no way these guys can stay this. Can't. You save that writes that Dan. Well it's all the barriers that it is acknowledged that Iraq or extinguish that it should Satan but in addition to news scoring. Holiday it. Let's not cast Google's 57%. Net sooners so let's Mirotic in merited its 46% outside ER for a holiday did shoot the three as well. As he was at 35%. But. They have that ability to stretch the Florida team they shot 40% from three in the series and against Portland in a lot of ways to meet. This isn't New Orleans is a better team without DeMarcus Cousins I really think so. And cousins clog things up when you're working with to post it can be difficult especially. The way the team is being played now with all the movement in the passing in the skill on display. Cousins. Can slow things down in a world wants to play fast and I get I've never been at a fan of cousins. In his game. Because. Look at Sacramento okay is a partisan kings team you can't blame it on him. But I look at DeMarcus Cousins ricks he's the deputy epitome to me. As somebody has to score points out of that team. And he has never been part of the team that as one yes he's a part of this team but he's not playing he's out with injury. And this team took off when he was that Salina. And under a minute to go make a throwback comparison to a former warrior. I look at the markets cousins. And I see Joseph Barry Carroll he's not that bad I deal involving the terror like dozens more and it is JB Terrell was not a lot of that warrior teams but he app. Average great numbers user number one overall pick of the draft. He averaged twenty apparently attic for Mikhail. But he was. He was the epitome of a guy somebody's got to score points out of that. I don't think coach K and Popovic pick cousins on teen USA and less they know he's gonna give a full effort and Joseph barely cares didn't so I think. That's a little bit too low of a smackdown there. Somebody has. That's how are actually I like dozens of more than you did but it's funny yesterday as I was on. Antawn Jamison was he was he when he was here somebody has a different position but I know it just her yacht sank. OK it's saved by one point that was Monday before staff got here he had to score very true art. Yesterday at a speaking what will gallery he's the pelicans V writer for Nolan Docomo is on last night and I've let them until midnight and I said the same thing you just said. Why do you want cousins back if he's gonna bog it down and he said you gotta understand there right before he got hurt. They were actually doing the running and gunning and you know brown on to every man on that team wants him signed even if it's a Max because. They will continue to do the exact same thing they're doing now even with cousins so you don't buy that. I don't I I don't because he commands the ball and it has to go through him. Okay yes other guys may get open looks but the ball has to also go out. And he is a pretty good passer but he's always looking to get hits so it's just the function of the offense slowing down when he's in there. And can he wants the basketball we're now yes anti Davis needs the ball but the ball moves it there's a flow. Others some creativity. It is pelicans offense right now under scheme. It's not there it's not the same what DeMarcus Cousins is out there because a lot of it stops the flow it comes to a grinding halt. It's not get the ball the low block and he'll back down back down paying it. And try to go up with a shot where. It's a little bit different now and you're seeing. All that peace is contribute and there is ball movement and Rondo is a serious because he keeps the ball movement. Now Mela said when I get healthy Lin sanity is gonna end and he was right they change right back to what they did before. Let's go to the phone lines that to believe 9579578. Matt in Santa Rosa looked up at the 707 buddy. And it worked out talent. I. Lipman I've heard a lot of good on them by Wayne being here. Wild and one of them and take deal on day for coming to my rescue. I laughed out loud. On one of the areas. Really intriguing matchup. My hunches I don't know ordering tighter appointment and I'm pleased to. Because. Of the competitor in him. But even with government that is going to be a 100% from the rough the playoffs. I think all leeway or a big. A big X-Factor is that the warriors. Have the same kind of hunger that you weren't beacons. New Orleans is obviously very hungry right now so if the warriors abducting hunger isn't playing a lot about the ball out warriors. I think I think deeply in this period but it took him down to who wanted more. All right thank you for the call Matt and rocks you're saying it doesn't come down to who wants a more because the wars are more talented and in the end they're gonna win. Well I think both sides you don't want it equally bad. And it look this is the time of the year where teams. Are fighting tooth and nail to amazing how much the intensity gets cranked up. When he gets this time of the year enough that it makes it regularly see us next regular season neglected jokes on time but the 82 games OK it's a little bit more of a flow to it and team is all right you get yours I get mine ha ha I get when he gets one in its dull. Where now all of a sudden. Every loose ball guys are diving on the floor everything means so much more than magnitude it's been elevated this time of the year that's. The weight teams battle and I think New Orleans has learned some lessons that I think there in store for another lesson ministers. By the way the caller when you're saying my hunch my hunch notice in my hunt mean I have to redevelop the cathedral. I didn't notice talking about their first second let's go to Doug in Oakland Doug Oliver Rich Little proxy Bernstein. What some guys are just won't tell you guys that that everything that's happened this year been the strategy. The rest have been Australia that Kurt assert but it not a sort of batted. Everyone thinks he would be welcome back to bite and I do predict this week so put some money ought go state. Our I think you for the call Doug says that and you know what there is a part of Iraqis that agrees that Doggett just like. On New Orleans you swept Portland. You got the you know brow well guess flat. You have no idea what's in store for you you got Dray you got clay you got Cady and oh guess what we might just throw in. The best guard on the planet and step Perry if we feel like it. And I kind of deep down as a lifelong warrior fan. Without product panic he Alice is a whole different ball game but because I'm still shell shocked or from game seven in funny sixteen I just. I really got to get over it I can't die then you really need to get over that. It's look I went right here seven let me throw I'm sure it drives them but you have to turn the page at some point. And you have to move on to the next and they did all right they went out got around. My point is is that I can't there're a lot of warrior fans did you say all it's no big deal went for sure. And now we know that's just not the case. It's Alec bases rolled up balls out a year ago now but at the same time. This it seemed that its use allude to flip the switch. But I I I think it's more than that I think that they understand. How. To pace themselves. To get themselves ready for when it really matters and that's what this team has done. Penske out of cells dot com text 195795. And 95 says warriors don't lose more than one game. They should win this series in five games Max well I would go to your math. Five analysis seven games are you kidding me Rick no way no how. And in the final analysis dubbed should keep her out until they lose now I'm against that if he's healthy you playing him. And once you go out there ought to wanna hear about 60% 70%. Ball if you're out there you are quotes 100% and it's not about Sam. Right that's the way the warriors you know look at it's about us and Wayne he is ready that regardless this scenario you put him back it if he's ready to go to nights. Then you play him tonight and no matter what the result is tonight you you put it in there when he's ready to go. And he's an integral part of this team and he will be he will be back when he is ready to play it tonight. Whether it's Tuesday whether it's game three whenever it happens to be a step. Is deemed as close a 100% as possible he'll be back it. When you heard Roxy that nor on had acquired. Mirotic and and it got some headlines that when you heard it did you think. All this is gonna shake up the whole conference because when cousins went to New Orleans actually said this is gonna shake up the last. Now I frankly didn't I thought it was a nice move. It was a sneaky move than turns out okay oh this is a nice peace day yet in the air but I didn't think that. Mirotic. Would have the impact that he's had he's a good player and there was no doubt in my mind he would make the pelicans a better team. But I didn't think that he would be is significant of a presence for a team now would at least get to the second round play. From the 601. Which I think is Neptune. Why can't Durant heal from the same injury. A white candor and hill for direct help from the same injury but staff can't I can say is it's not the same injury. Nothing is ever the same and that's when they say minor surgery. Minor surgery assertion of not having to use to exact whatever you'd get knocked out by at a steady can putt in Q that's not minor. If you spray Kearney and I sprained mining. They're not gonna bounce back the same. Well as David spades that they'll line he always tells anesthesiologist. If I wake up from the target it good review on Yelp. That would that would be my surgery. It's got to sell stock complex like 415 dogs and six New Orleans will be a very tough out. In this series for a late says it still hurts. Not talking about hearing abdominal cramps about peace that is talking about 73. Whenever I hear 73. It is a bunch of economic like if somebody is there is an frank Middleton nineteen. In 1973. That's whatever it's a punch in my eyes Dominic. And and that's why and say oh you know you should celebrate it now it's it's the whole thing looks like. We think about when that title last year at fifteen losses. Winning that title in fifty at fifteen laughter I was actually shooting up on the new more colleges but I have actually kind of shooting. That would that be nice if we have fifteen losses again rocks. It's all about winning that last game of the season I bet that's the way you have to look at it doesn't matter how you get there. And of course I know there's teams that win the last game of the season that don't make the playoffs are hot. You get the playoffs it's all link that last game of the season and that's the way you need to approach it and but the 73 wins his fantastic it was great. It's tremendous accomplishment for what was a great team. But it leaves a bitter taste in everybody's now because they did not win the last game. This is let's talk to mark a body is we will do that next Rick fiddle and Roxy Bernstein right here in the Crown Royal club that oracle bubble back on 957. In the game. Acton and little else. I'm not fight seven. Our ball club on these matches here at the ORACLE Arena again if Sanford game. Of the second round of the Western Conference NBA playoffs it is the warriors hosting the pelicans here. We will have warriors weren't up at 6 o'clock the tip ride around 730. In a match up that is mouth watering in many ways. And that we bring in good friend of ours market body is of course he's been ethnic hate TV channel two fox to. Produced about four decades going just as strong as ever. And yeah its it's funny mark because there are a lot of people who are supremely confident what's gone on and thinking you know that. There were were not Portland you know this is that a whole different Jeff fish to fry for the pelicans and yet here on sand. Not think this is going to seven and it's going to be tough. Who authorities there right now. What up. I have probably more trepidation about the series. Than any I've had. And the warriors began that's unbelievable run and I think a lot of appear. Put in the buyer what that pelicans have been able to accomplish. Ever had it immediately. The market cousin went out there become an incredible team and of course they split with the warriors during the regular season. And I knew I mean I've I've met six games that they warriors couldn't pick. Depending Mitt. On the condition that and the availability of course of a step curry. But I think stand have every right. A lot of old worry and concern about the series man I mean. The pelican and a plane. Supremely confident basketball. And I I think you know you'd you'd be really. Pile on up fool's gold if you try to convince me that the warriors. Our plan at their top level and I don't think they're confident despite what they might say I don't think there there at an all time high right now I've. I think it'd be really interest speeded tonight's game is it going to be so crucial to the competence of either or both teams. Mark. What it would did you see for the warriors maybe that was difference. In that series against senator noted that we saw the regular season. Well first of all let me say hey Iraq. It aug oh bloody. Good be on the air with yet. That you told everybody that you actually. Started your career kind of idea do you as an intern for market but yes it's eight CDO. Mark accurately and zap my wedding so yeah. The white Duca had ever it's everybody's good it's a good idea. But I like cared about the all time great wedding. But it's one of us remembers it well miles it's Elofsson. We are under the fact that we Decker wrote but yeah. You bet you know what what I see is the difference. That step curry make that night the warriors. Polished now. Antonio I'd been on the air. Oracle crowd was into it they were there were a lot of them the warriors looked focus. As they've been criticized for not being. Many times that year and they played pro Rocha. He meant and they barely want. That although they work him and get what. Big need. Step Currie who does nobody paying. The garden state in the floor of the competent. Pilot in the crowd. And that the only. That no matter what happens you get down but that he had eighteen point whatever you get that. You quit opt in the work of possibility. I don't think he had nobody dimensions. Tangible and on tangible. The warriors. Ed and I think it took that it's an incredible different that you make and not just that typically though. And that but I think they're really meant it right now attitude. You guys heard anything is going to be a game that they or. Any thing of late. Nothing LA leader spoke with Carla turn all the chronicle we haven't heard day anything definitive just yet and from workers said yesterday might. Even wait until they they go out parents are warm and optional saying. Yeah I you know to me the best case there is up. And the greedy selfish spam that I am picking up my you know neutral journalist from and it airs. Yeah I'd love it if they didn't play him tonight. Because I've always a proponent for you know restaurant you know heal the injury as much as possible. And an epic is a win tonight. That maybe they wouldn't be as the Islamic added in a week with two game. On the gap and I'd your home court in mid may he bring Amanda they would that the optima that'd be the first two games that wanna blow that the optical. The decree. Well I always say mark in less you are doing the player by player in the collar you don't have to be impartial. People I got us. Which our hearts our sleeves campaign. I mean we we all grew up. In the Bay Area immediately were root for what it with the sound down a march and a you know the Dodgers giant I'm not vote for blue right now you know after. You know what are we always like that throughout these cliches and sports you know we've been doing in your heart of the champion whose hungrier. Tom there there's no doubt that it. Maybe even subconsciously when you when you get that ring when you've been of the pot mountaintop when you have that parade and for some of these guys parades. Poehler all. That you can't stay as Hungary. Maybe Houston is maybe. New Orleans this but we still think that occur in these guys they have their eyes on the prize they're not gonna let that. Seat and do you think there's any danger of the wires being just a little bit fat and happy. Yeah I do and I'll give you the different that I think we're gonna find out a lot of about what the warriors are truly made of very fast. And how hungry they are and it is human nature that you're not going to be pushed as hard that you never attain to the champagne and seen the banner lab book your arena. And and I'll give you what I. Whether. What are those small things that maybe Emery too much into it but everybody goes back in the day you know. Michael Jordan they'd be out on the town may have a great time it. And everybody was doing it out but they never called opera practice Michael Jordan with a hungry most of added. Years. Want to win gas. I think you know nobody could be more so about ways that any but you know anybody. But they might have been equal but nobody hungrier. And I took it put me but it did it bugged me. On stepped curry thirtieth birthday when they had that big party that everybody the video online and blah blah and a mechanical practiced. The next day and they were playing good basketball and I just kind of Michael Jordan celebrated his birthday big time. But I bet you have encampment practiced the next day and I kind of see them like go to the little glimpse into. Hunger and and that kind of thing. Yet Dennis Robin back in the day flying off to Vegas a days in between games that he had BA finals salt like city. Will little bit different back then for them. Yeah yeah out for sure. It's it's one of those things where they absolutely. Apt to you have proved to us. That there are locked in a buckle down and and that's what those both teams did it then. And I am yet that's what pitch is six championship but I'm not and the warriors aren't capable of that I'm just stand. I wanna see it he I've sure what it. When you watch New Orleans Marc what concerns you about the matchup with the warriors. Well I a couple of saying what they're. And it felt for the heat it up eighty right there are the top and and I think there's a lot to be said for a just to complement. That airplane went right now I mean Jewish holidays and a Raj on Rondo. Rondo you remember. I mean he is capable of doing that. Exciting things in the pose these trees billionaire and whether a couple of years ago before he got injured work the polls up. 20. On on the Celtics when he went out and he just delivers. Nobody intangible. And so much veteran competent. That that those kind of things that scare me but you got you know Alvin Gentry who knows what the warriors like to do inside and out. And you know it should the combination of things but the one thing I will say. I conversely. Is there are young and inexperienced. Playoff teams that don't have a lot of mile. Quote eat lunch and they can get to them early and really not that competent down. So much of that but it's bad so that I've been. The warriors could prevail and I think it will prevail but just don't know how not gonna get rid of seven game but think. It is the real reasonable expectation and each. And I don't know if you guys have ever been to appellate and gave it the war on. The bad they're good. You know very good. It in a post season scenario. Let I don't need them look like huge difference makers. On the whole or in other words the warriors can go to Al bared and match the energy and and put it more if they get a good night's start early so. I don't I don't worry so much about. But there's just well a number of things that happened concerned because it. It but today. They get up on the warriors sneak one year oracle. You know of that that's gonna get their competence gone and it it could get ugly in a hurry. Repel Iraqi burns being alive and ORACLE Arena were speaking when mark about it from cape TV channel two fox to an open cup more questions. For mark and like I think as he said any AD is is getting in his knees get maybe have a triple double steal scored 35 having a fourteen boards. But it's hard for me to think that in a Rondo averaged over thirteen assists. Against Portland. Holliday was averaging 28 points. And that's series. Mirotic was hit and three is all over the place averaging nearly twenty points a game it's hard for me to think that. All four of those guys are gonna be just as hot against this warriors defense. Like you well what he's gonna get and then you're you're really clamp down on will it be would be play on holiday. Ed Ed you know really locked him down and make sure that get. And you know conversely what. What are the pelican planning to do. Too there's nobody. Different look that they can give Obama I mean. With the way they lock down on the two Portland guard and kept them from getting. On the war where they wanted to what their strategy if the warriors don't have. That curry and it just gonna focus on you know maybe let Durant. Again his points but denied trying to do exactly at the ball and where's that op that command prompt for the warriors I mean. It would not Canadian. And opposite. I think yeah problem they're real injury in my obviously. I take that re all night long and does most of the things. That you you worry about for me anyway that we're wears a warrior offense coming because. Wait a minute that you. But it's not up the bench and not that's why I think that is just absolutely crucial warriors from here on out. They need step curry at a very close proximity of the player that we bulk of the knowable how true you know. I marked prediction time how do you see this series playing now. I needed to lock me down on the out of Iraq you know all the time we spent together in these bodies on putting you on the spot now. If epic etiquette are you know I I'd be the warriors. Experience. And their common under pressure because they've been through it you know they've. They've been down 31 in the western semi final comeback win it they are the defending champ. And you know obviously the Couric thing at the big variable air but I think. Of the warriors that there. Chick game. And depth move it onto the web Western Conference final against the Utah idea. Of our. Finally there are actually has an intern was he asked sassy frat boy it was the bat at a shy little wet knows what kind of internalized the. And you know rock's view of the human gaffe machine. And in the camp that he can't pay package. And that would be as always go on form. You'd you'd see the guys who command there. That you'd go there just back to make it in the broadcast group book that I could say that that clearly right off the bat he knew he had the beaver or. And one way or another man view that he was always hungry and that's why is where you and do it. Yeah and yes RR I yeah speaking of passion did you just get a new Contra actually be saying congratulations. Well you out thank you I just. I just signed up for three more years that'll take me. In to opt forty. Two years that channeled through an article I think that's gonna epic that's gonna do it in a it's amazing it's in Italy you're only 35 years old it's the picnic. My entire life so that. In the confines of a spirit of but let up outlook by you know what Michael. You know the make it forty years that. And you know I still love it did I think that the that the big differentiator right there I don't I hope anyway of people consulted it about don't do the motion that Villa. Herbs some people like my wife cryptic it's crazy you get nervous but you can't let. I don't do it still fate might not get butterflies well I think that's what help give me there would still love and love shows we can tell every night we watch gutsy heated heartfelt congratulations mark early at orient. Outback aloud I appreciate it and that can graduation. On what you do in Iraq it wrecked. Always love talking to your bank of that though you in listening to Q&A that you always Euro deal on it for real two camps stake. It's a love fest that article body is a follow much litter of market body has to know and the am cores and see him. On channel two mark always appreciate. The candor that frankness you always sir our great interview on the radio so we look toward having him again real soon. Thanks guys that have a good one event but no one note and I. There. All right that sounds good to me you'll do all we can and I think turned generic. Kim Jordan new around downstairs and got us some game notes and Roxy I'm looking here the official sheet now it's just a piece of paper and nothing's official. But as we look right now number nine Andrei it would dollar is listed as the starting point guard your thoughts. GAAP and Elsa says if you read the top. Last game starters. So. Well thanks for I know you are telling me that I know here I know looking into that but I decide. That you know can read the whole thing. And exercise repeated. And you get the test in people to start not a test you know this is this is such and said. I don't still writing down after this. Notices this is because it you know me I'm always that at the a's games when they put up a lineup not the lineup but since that is three hours before tip. And yeah all right thank you tell me on the air but at the. Let me throw a couple of he also got us some things some numbers to know I'm I'm looking to see officials from last game series now the show's vs pelicans and I can say. Some numbers here twelve. Consecutive home playoff wins for Golden State a franchise best streak. The NBA record is fifteen by the balls six. Consecutive regular season series wins. For Golden State or New Orleans. Twelve and why and then record for Golden State in game ones since that's when he fifteen NBA playoffs including seven consecutive game one wins. Four and oh. Series sweeps for Golden State over New Orleans in the lone previous playoff matchup between the teams of course the first round Tony fifteen Telemar here. 24 went for the warriors over the pelicans and the last point six matchups. Both the regular season and playoffs including twelve well last thirteen dating back to point twelve. And 110. Points or more scored by Golden State in its last eleven regular season matchups. Vs New Orleans including seven outings of 120 points or more now to say. They did score a 140 points when they played them in the first week of April but they lost by six. Solve these are just numbers as I throw them out you and and mark said you're the walking Stratocaster at the abacus and a button down shirt. What do you think of these I can get through. All out the window to be us limit our Rush Limbaugh. They here because. On those numbers. To be us that via okay they're nice and if you wanna make an argument you could use him that support your argument but it the end of the day. They don't mean squat because delving numbers settle matter is what takes place and who ends up a more point to the indicate want to. Somebody just walked by an entire bottle of old spice of something gone and you get mad if I catch you know whip and and I'd rather have that than the bwi on Bart. That's stays with you longer is this thing on AAA 9579570. Rick that'll and Robert Burnett later joking and I thought. By the way move we are with you always until the top of the hour and in the 5 o'clock hour actually gonna do something. That we've never and you and I've been here since day one and 9579111. We're gonna do something that we've never done on this station we're gonna go off full hour without commercials. He's scared. I'm so scared I can't believe that they'll have it seemed that way anyway but so feel free to get and we have plenty of time we were gonna probably get that tell us that your surprise guest is going to be. Mark test series delete. VA voice on ESPN radio. Testy is here he is calling the game tonight nationally on ESPN radio where. What time warrior John Baer and so mark test sure will stop by in the 5 o'clock hour to help fill some of that commercial free radio. Dale south Spartan if I'm not here this along with Brent true scooter they're all built sells more scooter course that Kansas. And and actually his Rick's son canyon descended the one deal I don't know Kenny just graduate you describe yet he was a grad transfer at Florida. Fla I have street competed. Its first three seasons at the College of Charleston. I actually have named after him Monica told that store and you named after their eye off site looks funny because. Darryl all the Gary Johnson is named after Darryl Monica that's why bells at that funky way. Brody Brazil who used to work with here at 957 and course she's at that NBC sports do and days and sharks is youth named after John Brody. That big niner fan and I was actually going to be Roger. But my dad was a rookie Rick Ferris in my. You can Kareem Abdul depart hitters they're playing Russia on the fan of pirates I guess on now but the pretty sixties name Roger Roger stuff but. Not named after him but then yeah but Naval Academy and that's great and I've had the pleasure of interview with them a few times getting off on the side but. He's our political name now I. Fast forward to. When I'm in college and and Rick Barry we know can be a bit abrasive. Now a bit of a curmudgeon. Now costs may be a little bit of sand paper he is that a word doc I can't find it very artfully. So I was I was like I don't know 41. About the Oakland airport. And at the luggage carousel. Is you know how it can get pretty empty there Rick Barry is waiting for his luggage of luggage carousel by himself. And I'm thinking in delight land and I thought screw it I'm going in. I'll walked over noted critic kale I said excuse me mister Berry and right then. He rolled his eyes and he leaned his head back but I'll authority and even though I knew you thinking what do I have to talk to this rabble this this riff Raff. And I said I'm actually named after you my name's Rick to no response. Just now in the years past I've interviewed him countless times. The first double published and am I that namely after you and eleventh come back he said that was a nice thing for your dad to do. What sounds like a compliment for himself. But that's why lover it because York and a kid. In a member he grabbed the Mike went lake it was getting booed there and Molly's. Retirement for his Jersey because he traded as he said month. And it is making it about himself and then Rick said this guy's trying to bring your chair and number respect no one believed them that he was right user rights. How carried out there did you. We doubt it very I think a lot of at that time a lot of people thought we didn't need to know what lake that we thought maybe he didn't know what he was Dylan and now look. Gone back do you like to trade the time not at that time I did I like I didn't. I didn't you know why because it's so ought to get a good player. A Golden State and number Don Nelson song love what big many wanted Shawn Bradley and that I just as anybody at that micro fracture surgery. I'm now I decide at least Monta was a reason to go to the games. And so I was against that at the time and as a good trade everything they did as good hiring Mark Jackson I was against it was get it well hiring Steve Kirk hiring Bob Meyers had never been an agent. Will go on back to that trade. The only way the warriors we're gonna keep their draft pick in the have a chance that at Assam but to bring in Mora talents. Was to get rid of Monta. Intact. And okay you knew Andrew Bogut was hurt was going to be up to the rest of the year with an injury. But you had to take to make sure you state what was the tops eight I think at the state to keep the bar tech that depict where they got Harrison Barnes or you lost do you. To run so you think that was motivation let's get worse another still questionable we received people take a look look look what else is doing now. Teams there or why they got it finally Cuban actually kind of admitted it certified for being honest and Katie said no we're not taking every knew they weren't. Mean that's what did you join now. And you have to get that before you can get it that's the way the team that looked at it and the warriors were kind of OK where it if it's kinda. They weren't good but they weren't bad they were just kind of in the middle and you don't wanna be in the middle in this league you want to either. Be at the top or you wanna be at the bottom if you're in the middle you're in a worst possible spot you where you on board and. With the Steve Willis go back we onboard the Mark Jackson higher would never even coach Hugh I know I wasn't and a mark jacked up and hired now. All right. And even though his reign was a bit this function on two guys got fired and the one guy was recording meetings number he said to be in good hero the other staff that I yeah current speak in his carnation a mile up well. He had a religious ceremony area bad woman shaken him down the FBI got that he got the word of playing defense when he got hired it was during the lockout. And they had a season ticket event here. And I came as a media member and this is before Jackson was even allowed to talk to his players and he came out here and half of the problems here. And he should repeat after me. Defense yet the whole crowd crowned chanting defense he said we are gonna play defense. And I'm thinking in my head you are right then and played defense and stay in 1975. But he did get him to play defense. He he did give them an identity he did some good things for this organization you can't take that away from from that. Now there's some other stuff that he did attack I didn't agree wit and other things philosophically and basket bought dot you know offensively. They were limited. And it didn't really didn't put constant ball whole lot it weighs more plotting was and and it wasn't it wasn't a slowdown game or grind it out game. But there wasn't that freedom. That we c.'s Steve Kerr is taken known but the one thing. Bet it can't eat as you alluded to you can't take it away that he did he did give this team's toughness. And he gave down. The understanding of how to play if that into the floor and Iowa outplayed us in a lot of playoff series went around here look like a title. And the foundation was laid at steep curry cheers. Took what Mark Jackson it done. And just descended from there. And Kirk it is. He's phenomenal we know that and he's given the praised the Mark Jackson different I got deserves some credit for this organization making that step. But that's basically the genius occur with the talent of guys like curry and tops and and green and that have really taken this franchise. Up to the elites in the history this game and. I was had Curry's first MVP press currency peg where it Larry Riley for draft and thank you for bringing in. The splash wrote. But yes when Kurt came in another guy that hadn't been a coach you've done everything else from the in the game from TV to executive and a championship player. I had no idea that girl would be. So phenomenal that's the funny thing. Mark Jackson and Steve Kerr and Ira or all the same age were all classic eighty's reprisal. I never thought. I got my age I'd be so fascinated. Our guys in sports figure what he has to say. Politically the because usually I don't wanna hear any player coached get into you should vote for whatever I'm like am trying to watch sports their. But when Kurt talks and you think about everything he's been through little what happened to his dad. I eight I hanging on every word because I just think this guy is so Smart and he's so even keel. And he just he gets and he knows when to press buttons and he knows what not to press buttons. IA he's he's beyond anything I thought he would be I'd I was hoping he would be an upgrade for Mark Jackson I had no idea that he would be this. And just his personality which you alluded to in his experience. And OK he hadn't coach but he bit of a front office. He'd been around the game he was a championship level players to get the coaches that he's been around that he's been able to soak up. The information from you go on and on and on about his background in prepared him for this and it's that the perfect guy. And the perfect situation. And he's there at the right guy at the right tire what the warriors need. And even though he likes to complain about. Millennia old and he said this year that he considers the bench the grownups won the last and they were dollars on the livingstone's come in after their cars it tells the grown up for the room yes. And but it that firfer today's times and today's. Temperature went our culture. And what's going on with relations everyone's ethnic heritage and what's going on with. Protests and who's in the White House and who's invited and who has the invitation ripped away with social media. And how do you gauge social media and and players talking crap on social media. It's amazing to me that it seems that at every point and every different little scenario you can get and then oh by the way. X.s and o.s knowing your rotation. Knowing who to hug and knowing would kick in the butt especially drama on the way he presses those buttons on dram on his great. Curse seems to know how to do everything that I just mentioned. Well and you alluded to about curry and that draft not only to the lawyers UK take you to pick Harrison Barnes. How about the fact that there were two point guard taken right ahead occurred now wolf re all the other activities that drafting at Minnesota back to back picks and taken Ricky Rubio who's now actually turned NATO really good player with Utah. That Jonny Flynn near the two guys that went right in front of staff. She beat who really never enough to technically. Much wit. It drafted by Memphis but it Tyreke evidence you alluded to it was taken the war. It has rookie of the year yet is a very pick before and I thought when Sacramento was on the clock I thought they're taking very. I soccer I don't know you were their ox maybe you're doing the TV carries last knowledgeable about what it was at the keys and millions. I was there down the officer Mary is in the the niche the nit pick against Patty Mills yeah and and Delhi. I was Delhi gone by now I know are there L it was gone on he wasn't there because you have John doe was after mills. Threat there are both opted out of people's needs apparently go awfully religious right and that. That 2009 draft and the players. That came out and James Harden was in that drug DeMar DeRozan well. I think even more fascinating is we we knew curry and he was that the leading scorer volunteer about. So we knew he could score the one that fascinates me is if you go back Olympic plays draft. Because you know I ask play edits for every for his first media day why did you go to the wandering pollutes I mean good basketball players don't play. We don't want to for what that's exactly right he wanted to play in the pac ten at the time nobody wanted to about it at Washington State is the only school it gaming or for your right so what am I supposed to do so that's why in a global Pullman usually who players don't go Pullman. Very few at least that not many by Israel beautiful we've been the Pullman elected their ball far too many time to carry it. I triple A 957 not a 57 let's go to our friend Steve and pleasant and your own rhetoric and rocks. Why are direct. Do you bring about to let it get included on the court. You know. Warriors. And a little bit about what wrong and all right I want to help out games. They come out let it somewhat bad basketball but we'd. We backed up pretty good and that guy is Benadryl and take a quarter. Although it's pretty yet. It's got a patent. I don't let that be don't you bake with it no wonder like I dealt. And equity at about you know you talk about a pending branch did anybody put together better franchise over the years and Jerry. I think Jerry wet bad. Get out they could do it. The candidate like Turkic goal you know so why tiger and at that didn't do it. Like a bit about warrior I finally gotten ready were going to be good at getting out. Yes they've actually call. And I went him when I heard that he was tired I was I was overjoyed there was can't instant credibility right but we found out that he wasn't super involved. In personnel moves apparently we hear that he was a guy who championed not trading clay for Kevin Love. And we also heard though that when the U warriors signed the Andre Jordan to an offer sheet. Jerry West said I was surprised by that because I don't like the player and so for anyone thought that it would benefit the clippers. Aren't I so if anybody at that point I thought OK now we know that Jerry West does not make in the moves if he hears about it and then chimes in I don't like it. Felt we wanna give him credit for bringing. The logo that class and when you come into a building. And it's sort of like when chili Davis that you're hitting coach or Thai member Leo. I mean who who's gonna look better you lock in and there's logo I thought that was a master stroke Furl lake have been who were program sure. And again it gives the franchise instant credibility liquidity of the lakers is accomplishment and Memphis due out and as a player and remember. When he went to Memphis and then he traded Pao Gasol to the lakers for Marc Gasol. It people just not always just helping f.'s former team and why is ignorant of how desolate Martha Zoller we're gonna do well Marcus altered into a pretty good NBA player to. Jerry West clearly literally has a great eye for talent here he's shown that over and over and over. Marie and the rumor was with that he wanted to go to the warriors then. But there is something out and often with a low ball deal or what happened with Colin and but it didn't work out and I'm thinking and and we kind of had cherry blast and now look at the grid is and so it was kind of light up working out. Yeah it's got electorate are fans and I finally got crabs you know it's like this is what was supposed to have happened and course now he's gone. Penske out of cells dot com text line. 95795. To get over the 73 wins. They need to win 73 again and that title to go with that well and now it's different and by the way you don't really want. A cap on year when you know and I'm. That's not gonna make outflow for our skills they look like the Super Bowl. I protagonists meet in the regular yet you talk the second show will be different effort Ethel we have an hour. There was no commercials coming up next though aren't shots and now at that scare but until they its dominant Super Bowl protagonist played each other. And it's a month says hey it's a match up and there's gonna be revenge. Revenge when you beat them in the regular season. If you need extra motivation to witness of boulder something wrong with you write the Super Bowl should be motivation enough. Or the NBA finals should be motivation eat up. It to win a championship for the warriors last year in. I know that's been talked ad nauseam and is set it freeway and getting over 2016. But honestly. Kevin Durant probably got here at the lawyers once 73 the title. I would a lot of trade and a I would have traded back to back and taken my chances on the third year. That's the one good thing we're not I'm not gonna lie Democrat arguing that with our old buddy Zach arrive because he was glad. They lost because we got Katy and I concede that but I would have rather had back to back in and taken my chances with that team in the third year budget. It's that's a good point you know OK to win two in a row and look who knows how things would it turned out. And would would Harrison Bart still be here there's the thought that they absolutely itching to play that they'll the other would have played out. That money he turned down that was the bullet that they'd dodged when he said no because I don't I mean maybe this look at it Arcadia but there's somebody would've been sacrificed for that. Are coming up after a a quick break it'll be our last break until 6 o'clock. When we throw it over to the guys out warriors warmup remembered that tip off is at 730. Roxy Bernstein he's there. Pirate you read it will pull off a whole our ally India stand and in my head at seven hours like Jerry you stay on your head let's do the hour go to the go. It's a figure of speech. I thought you meant literally could do it standing well gets an inversion boots off think about it fiddle and Bernstein.